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Preparation of Papers for Olimpiade Karya Tulis Ilmiah (OKTI 2013)


Ika Hapsari, 1Faradina Salsabil

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Tax Administration, Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara Tax Administration, Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara

Abstract. UNICEFs publication on The State of The Worlds Children (2005) stated that most of childhood phase around the world are under threat. Spending childhood in poverty is a root cause of poverty in adulthood. Based on UNICEF, childhood is a critical period that defines the childrens growth quality to be well-prepared human resources in the future. The failure and negligence in optimizing childrens potential growth in this period create fatal effects. Based on those urgencies to protect childhood, Authors come up with the basic idea to recreate a good atmosphere of childhood, especially in Indonesia. We offer our project in two separate major areas, remote area and suburbs area. We focus on remote area children who have several crucial problems: poverty, limited access to catch up with globalization era, poor of understanding and experience in technology, and also the inseparable cause with the lack of facilities at school. Besides, the lack of hygiene water supply is our concern too. Despite the better facilities to the sophisticated world that the suburbs children have, many of them still suffer in poverty and minimum chance to have livable residences. Furthermore, the poverty forced them to be underage workers after school time. They lose their childhood as they are supposed to play around with their friends, instead of working. Our project will involve children with ages 6-12 years old. The action itself will be learning English for fun, stimulating their creativity and entrepreneur-minded by creating handicraft for sale, inviting their parents to take part by sharing session to develop childrens mental and character, providing mini-library to fulfill their need of knowledge, and bringing them to the educative recreation area. We will make a mechanism to embrace their sprit to engage with this program as well e.g. giving rewards. Authors believe the result of this project will open up the childrens hidden potency by providing a comfortable childhood equally for children in both remote and suburbs area so that the children will have good foundation as they grow up. At least, they can fix familys poverty cycle then develop their own familys wealth (financial freedom). Particularly, our project will gain the childrens skill in English and digital technology, strengthen their independence, and stimulate their confidence to face global world. Finally, in the next 15 years they will be a national precious assets, young generations with global mind that ready to build powerful Indonesia.

Keywords: Childhood, children, education, poverty, technology, globalization.