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The traditional temple jewelry

The traditional temple jewelry adorned the Hindu Gods and Goddesses.Latter these intricate style Indian ornaments were worn by Maharanis or Devadasis in the ancient times. Now days they have become fashionable to be worn for special occasions and Indian dance forms li e !haratanatyam " #dissi" $uchupudi" $atha . %nd most importantly they are part of theIndian woman&s bridal jewelry trousseau. 'or purchases clic vadaamalarThe stones used in Indian temple ornaments are called $emp stones. (n)cut polished stones in red * +reen" alon+ with precious and semi)precious stones. They stones are used in nec laces" pendent&s" hip chains" earrin+s" cho ers" nose rin+s etc.

The temple jewellery comes in different +rades and are made in ,, $ +old" silver with - +m +old plated as well as metal with imitation +old finish. Temple jewelry is considered to be auspicious and that.s why durin+ festivals and occasions of worship of Gods" Indian females li e to wear temple jewelry. They are supposed to brin+ +ood luc to the wearer.$emp stone temple jewellery jhum a style earrin+ is very popular with women and also little +irls. These jhum is come in different si/es. vadaamalarTrans+ressin+ throu+h time and history" Indian jewellery has not remained just a craft" but evolved into an art ) both in desi+n and wor manship. 'or the rulers" jewels were a statement of power" prosperity and presti+e. !ut for the Indian woman" jewellery was and is" even today in many parts considered as a security" the value of which will almost always accentuate" never depreciate.0ith around -1 desi+ns in three different colours 2 blue" +reen and red 2 " traditional temple jewellery has been redesi+ned and meticulously handcrafted to suit modern tastes and poc ets. The price ran+es between 3s.,44 and 3s.5444 6for a full set7.0ith its roots in the epics and history" temple jewellery was initially made to adorn the deities of temples. Made in pure +old and studded with rubies" uncut diamonds and emeralds" they were a si+ht to

behold. %s life revolved around temples in the those days" and with the classical dances" especially !haratnatyam" evolvin+ in the temples"this jewellery" often called as the $emp set" were patronised by royalty and the court dancers .The passa+e of time" however" has brou+ht some chan+es in the craftsmanship of this ind of jewellery. The ori+inal temple jewelly itself has under+one chan+es. The affordability factor has forced artisans to replace +old for silver. The precious stones are set on silver and then it is either dipped in +old or +old leaf is used to cover the silver. Temple 8ewelry The jewelry used for !haratanatyam dance and uchipudi dance is commonly nown as Temple 8ewelry. There are different types of temple jewlery. The most authentic and e9pensive is made in the southern part of India by %rtisans who&s family is doin+ this for centuries. This is made of real :ilver and plated;coated with Gold. 0e also have imitation temple jewelry which is less e9pensive than real temple jewellery. Instead of :ilver" basemetal or <opper is used in this type of jewelry. Imitation temple jewelry made of basemetal is britle and should be handled with care. In the recent past" many imitation temple jewelry manufacturers are usin+ fiber+lass as base material for some ornamants li e belts" jada and headset. This material is very li+ht and stron+ and easy to handle. :ome jewelry manufacturers use <opper as the base material" but it is heavy and e9pensive. :ome dancers use stone jewelry" anti=ue desi+n jewelry and artificial pearl jewelry for dance performances instead of Temple 8ewelry. $uchipudi dancers and some $atha dancers use Temple jewelry for their dance performances also. >lease visit us for all your Indian traditional Temple jewelry needs. Da//le <ontemporary 8ewellery ?9hibitions is dedicated to showin+ the best of contemporary desi+ner jewellery. 0e or+anise four e9hibitions a year in Glas+ow" ?dinbur+h" London and Manchester" showin+ wor in a wide ran+e of materials from +old and silver to paper and plastics. 0e are committed to showin+ youn+ ma ers at the point of +raduation alon+side internationally renowned desi+ners.