2009_03_04 Minutes Jessica Bucholz - jessica@canyonsporthorses.com - 310-402-766 cell Dayna McLeran - saabgirl68@aim.

com - 310-228-0454 cell Peg Routledge - peg.routledge@gmail.com - 310-403-4733 cell Brian Flanagan - Bflanagan40@aol.com - 310-579-5636 cell Brad Langenberg - bradlangenberg@verizon.net - 310-450-6627 cell Emma Blackwood - buwho@verizon.net - 310-450-6627 cell Anne Blackwood - annedblackwood@verizon.net - 310-309-7489 cell Susan Kirchoff - susankirchoff@aol.com - 310-433-4087 cell Victoria Faerber Motion to approve minutes of meeting held 02/11/2009. Motion Passed. Motion to have Ron Johnson come to next board meeting. Motion Passed. Sue Kirchoff volunteers to act as Membership person to coordinate with the secretary in the inputing into database, sending emails, collecting new membership forms and payment from show attendees, and the secretary will keep hard copies of 2009 membership files. Tentative date of May 3rd to host an IEL show for Malibu High School with Compton Jr Posse. Anne and Emma Blackwood will run this show as a trial and if all goes well, they will continue to run the English shows. Brian Flanagan volunteered to help out. He suggested a judge acquaintance of his for the show. Sue Kirchoff had spoken to a journalist from Malibu Times who asked to have a calendar sent to him, and wanted to know if we would be interested in advertising. If board approved and there was enough money in budget, then it was deemed something to look into. It was decided to leave it open to the board to approve on a show by show basis. Emma Blackwood was contributing a lot of word of mouth promotion for TR&R shows from numerous barns through her friends at Malibu and Palisades High. Motion was made that Emma and Anne Blackwood would be appointed to be the hosts of the first show on May 3rd with the budget allocated not to exceed $900 Jessica Buchholz, Kim Fraser, Victoria Faerber and Brian Flanagan to host Dressage shows. Emma Blackwood has a friend who would possibly host some trail rides.

Patti Adair will host Play Day. Patti will host the Shrimp Show for a fee of $500 which is definitely the biggest and highest grossing show of the year. Conditional approval for Patti, motion to be made later. Victoria Faerber and Brian Flanagan to host Jumper shows. Show Reports are reminded to be completed on time. Horse Fair is tabled for next meeting. Suggestion to use European Equestrian parking lot. More discussion at next meeting. Discussion about the Western shows, how to possibly attract some professional classes such as Reining, Team Sorting or at least Western Pleasure. Whether we continue with Bonnie and Sharon and involve 4H or other programs they love, or do we make inquries about a pro host for Western disciplines. Jessica proposed that she have a meeting with Bonnie as a person who is objective to meet for coffee to find out what they would like to do. Suggestion that TR&R to host a Breed show. Jessica proposes in September 19th to host it with In-Hand, Confirmation and Exhibition. Motion passed. Jessica and Victoria propose May 16th for a schooling Dressage show, July 11th for a Dressage show with DASK recognition and Octber 17th. Brian Flanagan proposes June 7th for a Jumper show and also September 13th. Jessica, Dayna, Sue and Victoria will meet at Equestrian Center on Sunday March 8th to check out what needs to be done and for colors. Victoria Faerber suggests that TR&R buy a table at $200 for Compton Jr Posse benefit dinner. We should offer in the newsletter that the dinner places should be made available to them for anyone who would like to attend that otherwise couldn't.