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DOCUMENT PTC 1-2004 (R2009) Discussion/ Resolution At the last meeting, it was agreed to review this item at the end of its 5-year cycle and that it should be reaffirmed in the meantime. At the last meeting, the Secretary reported that PTC 1 was reaffirmed on June 15, 2009. It was decided to reorganize the project team to start on the revision process, with the following Jeff Friedman, Mike McHale, Dave Keyser, and the Secretary. Reaffirmed on Feb. 24, 2009. At the June 09 meeting, the Secretary reported that F-W submitted some 40 comments to this revision. These were reviewed at the January 7-8, 2010 meeting resulting in changes to the code. Secretary to report. Secretary to report. Published on January 309, 2009. The Committee continues to make significant progress and meet on a regular basis. It met twice in 2009 (February 25-26, in Miami Beach and September 23-24, in Saratoga Springs, NY.) It last met in March 2010. The next meting will be held in September in Baltimore. Reaffirmed on February 24, 2009 Reaffirmed on February 24, 2009.

PTC 2-2001 (R2009), Definitions and Values PTC 4-2008 Fired Steam Generators

PTC 4.2-1969 (R2009) Coal Pulverizers PTC 4.3-1968 (R1991) Air Heaters PTC 4-4-2008 Gas Turbine HRSG PTC 6-2004 Steam Turbines

PTC 6A-2000 (R2009), Appendix to PTC 6 PTC 6S-1988 (R2009), Procedures for Routine Performance Tests of Steam turbines PTC 6.2 2004 Steam Turbines in Combined Cycle PTC 8.2-1990, Centrifugal Pumps

PTC 10-1997 (R2009) Compressors and Exhauster PTC 11-2008 Fans

The Committee is scheduled to meet the next day to complete the revision. It was previously reported that, although PTC 8.2 was no longer an American National Standard (ANS), it was being sold as an ASME Code. At the June 2009 meeting, Ray Henry said that he would review the document to determine if there is any need to revise it. Ray Henry to report Reaffirmed on February 13, 2009. Published on December 8, 2008. Sam Korellis/Steve Nuspl to reported on the fan test conducted at the Flaktwoods facility in Niles, Michigan. This program has been funded by EPRI. The purpose of this rest test is to determine the effect of inlet flow profile distortion on fan performance. The Secretary reported at the June 2009 that the PTC 12.1 Committee is being reactivated and a teleconference will be held in the near future. George Osolsobe to report.

PTC 12.1-2000 (R2005) Closed Feedwater Heaters

PTC 12.2 -1998 Steam Surface Condensers

The PTC 12.2 Committee was reactivated in June 2007. On May 2627, 2009 the Committee completed its review of the Industry Comments. [A total of eight face-to-face meetings have been held.] This is a remarkable achievement considering that the revision was a complete overhaul and a change in philosophy in conducting PTC 12.2 Code test. Secretary to report. PTC 12.3-1997 (R2009) Deaerators Reaffirmed June 25, 2009 PTC 12.4-1992 (R2009) MSRs Reaffirmed June 11, 2009 PTC 12.5-2000 (R2005) Single The Secretary reported at the June 2009 meeting that the Committee Phase Heat Exchangers held a Teleconference on June 30. It was agreed to have least the outline of the Example and have the Appendix circulated for comment before conducting a future meeting. George Osolsobe to report. PTC 17-1973 (R2003) Not an ANSI standard. Reciprocating Internal Combustion At the June 2009 meeting, the negatives on its reaffirmation were Engine discussed outdated document; not current with todays technology, instrumentation and engine design Joe Milton disagreed with the disapproved comments and he recommended that the reaffirmation be approved and that a new committee be formed (perhaps from current code buyers) to undertake its long-term revision. PTC 18-2002 Hydraulic Turbines and The Secretary reported at the June 2009 meeting that the Industry Pump-Turbines Review had been completed and that the PTC 18 Secretary hopes to have it submitted for Ballot approval in August 2009. George Osolsobe to report PTC 19.1-2005 Test Uncertainty The Secretary reported that the PTC 19.1Committee started the revision program in July 2007. They met several times since then and are making progress in revising this Supplement. George Osolsobe to report PTC 19.2-1987 (R2004) Revision completed. Pressure Measurement The Secretary to report. PTC 19.3-1974 (R2004) Work on PTC 19.3s revision has been tabled in order to work on the Temperature Measurement Themowell document, PTC 19.3 TW. The Secretary to report. PTC 19.3 TW NEW, Thermowells Revision completed. The Secretary to report. PTC 19.5-2004 Flow Measurement At the last meeting, it was reported that the revision of this Supplement is progressing satisfactorily. Committee is working on revising Chapters 4 (orifices) and 5 (nozzles). Mr. Keyser requested feedback on electromagnetic flow meters. The Committee voted to not include it in PTC 19.5. Instead, provide a reference and a link to the recently revised MFC16-2007, Measurement of Fluid Flow in Closed Conduits by Means of Electromagnetic Flowmeters. Dave Keyser reported that he wanted to submit the revised sections for review but was told that the whole document had to be submitted. The Secretary said that this was a misunderstanding. PTC 19.6 NEW, Electric Power At the June 2009 meeting, the Chair, Cary Campbell, reported that the Measurements Committee held a teleconference on June 11 and expects to complete an Industry Review Draft in August. Cary Campbell/George Osolsobe to report

PTC 19.7-1980 (R1988) Measurement of Shaft Power

PTC 19.10-1981 Flue & Exhaust Gas Analysis

PTC 19.11-2008 Steam and Water Sampling, Conditioning, and Analysis in the Power Cycle. PTC 19.22-2008 Digital Data Acquisition Systems PTC 22-2005, Gas Turbines PTC 23-2003 (R2009), Atmospheric Water Cooling Equipment PTC 24-1976 (R1982) Ejectors PTC 25-2008, Pressure Relief Devises PTC 29-2005, Speed-Governing Systems for Hydraulic Turbine Generating Units PTC 30-1991 (R2005) Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers PTC 30.1-2007, Air Cooled Steam Condensers PTC 31-1973 (1991), current title Ion Exchange Equipment. To be changed to High-Purity Water Treatment Systems PTC 34-2007, Waste Combined with Energy Recovery

Not an ANSI standard At the June 2009 meeting, the Secretary said that he had issued a ballot for sunsetting the PTC 19.7 Supplement. However, the proposal was defeated. At the June 2009 meeting, the Secretary reported that new committee was being formed. Steve Scavuzzo, the alternate to Tom Heil, has volunteered in being the liaison to the reorganized committee. Steve Scavuzzo/George Osolsobe to report Published August 6, 2008.

Published June 30, 2008. Ryan Crane/Roy Allen to report Reaffirmed February 24, 2009. Not an ANSI standard The committee last met on February 2, 2010. Reaffirmed on May 27, 2010.

Reaffirmation required in 2010. Published on June 24, 2008. The Committee last met on April 8-9, 2010

PTC 36-2004, Measurement of Industrial Sound

PTC 38-1980 (R1985)) PTC 39-2005, Steam Traps PTC 40-1991, Flue Gs Desulfurization Units

The Committee is planning to meet later this year to consider revising the document to address performance guarantees, especially corrections to boiler efficiency for Reference Waste ultimate analysis. It was previously reported that PTC PTC 36 Committee has discussed whether B133.8, Gas Turbine Installation Sound Emissions, should be revised as a separate Standard or subsumed in a revised version of the PTC 36 Code and voted to proceed with the development of a separate Standard. Once it is revised, PTC 36 will implement in its Revision what had been learned in the course of the development of the Revision of B133.8. The Committee last met on April 20, 2010 George Osolsobe to report. Not an ANSI standard Reaffirmation required this year. At the last meeting, it was reported that a preliminary draft has been completed. However, work has been stalled for the past year. At the June 2009 meeting, it was reported that a Teleconference was held and a draft was in preparation. Also, a Industry Review Draft

PTC 46-1996, Overall Plant Performance PTC-47 2006, Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Generation Plants PTC-50-2002, Fuel Cell Power Systems Performance PTC-51 NEW, Gas Turbine Compressor Inlet Air Conditioning Equipment PTC 52 NEW Solar Performance Tests PTC-55 NEW, Gas Turbine Aircraft Engines PTC 70-2009, Ramp Rates PTC 100 NEW Power Plant Performance O&M Activites PTC PM-2010, Performance monitoring Guidelines for Steam Power Plants

would be available after Labor Day. Bill Wood/George Osolsobe to report. A brief teleconference was held last month to determine status of unfinished items. The Secretary reported that work is progressing at an acceptable level for the four decimal codes: PTC 47.1, ASU, PTC 47.2, Gasification, PTC 47.3, Gas Clean-up, and PTC 47.4 Power Block Reaffirmed on February 24, 2009. Industry review completed. Keith Kirkpatrick/George Osolsobe to report Last meeting held on May 18, 2010 in Phoenix Secretary to report The Secretary reported that the Committee is working on the Industry Review comments. Most have tem have been addressed. Published on April, 15, 2009. Sam Korellis and Tina Toburen to report on PTC 101 and PTC 102, respectively. Published April 30, 2010