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The Red Book
Personalities from many different walks
of life are paired on stage with a psycho-
analyst and invited to personally respond to
the painted dreamscapes of Carl Jung’s Red
Book. The imagery and themes that emerge
from this interaction with Jung’s manuscripts
serve as the starting point for a freewheeling
dialogue between guest and analyst.

oct 19 robert thurman +jane selinske

oct 21 gloria vanderbilt + andrea fiuza hunt
oct 23 john patrick shanley + polly young-eisendrath
oct 26 siri hustvedt + beverley zabriskie
oct 28 robin chase + bruce g. parent
oct 30 sarah silverman + michael vannoy adams
nov 4 john boorman + christopher hauke
nov 5 albert maysles + laurie layton schapira
nov 7 charlie kaufman + john beebe
nov 8 sas carey + eric hollander
nov 8 linda gregg + beth darlington
nov 8 alice walker + harry fogarty
nov 11 andre gregory + sylvester wojtkowski
nov 15 kathleen chalfant + margaret klenck
nov 18 philip taaffe + diane fremont
nov 21 david byrne + sherry salman
nov 22 mike chico + michael marsman
nov 28 teenage dreams + robin stern
dec 3 marina abramovic + lee robbins
dec 5 pattie canova + ami ronnberg
dec 7 adam gopnik + margaret klenck
dec 16 andrew harvey + nathan schwartz-salant
dec 20 cornel west + ann ulanov
jan 6 stefan sagmeister + patricia llosa
jan 13 john adams + laurel morris
jan 24 tracy k. smith + lisa debenedittis

plus billy corgan | jack dorsey | james hillman

dates to be announced
the exhibition

the red book of c.g. jung robert a. f. thurman gloria vanderbilt

Creation of a New Cosmology Monday, October 19 Wednesday, October 21
October 7, 2009 – January 25, 2010 7 pm $25 7 pm $25

Robert A. F. Thurman is the Gloria Vanderbilt is the

During the First World War Carl Jung em- Jey Tsong Khapa Professor author of four memoirs
barked on an extended self-exploration he of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist and three novels. She
called a “confrontation with the unconscious.” Studies in the Department regularly contributes to
of Religion at Columbia publications such as the
At the heart of this exploration was The Red
University, and co-founder New York Times, Vanity Fair,
Book, a large, illuminated volume he created and president of Tibet and Elle, and has received
between 1914 and 1930. The manuscript, House in New York City. two honorary Doctorates
which consists of calligraphic script in both A close friend of the Dalai of Fine Arts. She lives in
Latin and Jung’s native German and incred- Lama, in 1997 Time maga- New York City.
ible painted illustrations, contains the kernel zine named him one of
“And it came to me, and I
the 25 Most Influential
of his later work. This exhibition marks the knew what I would have
first public presentation of Jung’s Red Book, to have before my soul
possibly the most influential unpublished “We have not yet tamed could rest. I would have to
our own demons of racism, become my own mother
work in the history of psychology.
nationalism, sexism, and and father and in so doing
The Red Book of C.G. Jung is made possible in part by contributions from materialism. We have not would be free to become
the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association, New York and the International
yet made peace with a land myself.”
Association for Analytical Psychology, and by grants from the Oswald Family
we took by force and have
Foundation and the Ann & Erlo Van Waveren Foundation, Inc.
only partly paid for.”

“the holy grail of “The knowledge of the heart is in no

book and is not to be found in the
the unconscious” mouth of any teacher, but grows
out of you like the green seed from
the dark earth. ”

the new york times from the red book

the dialogues
john patrick shanley siri hustvedt robin chase john boorman
Friday, October 23 Monday, October 26 Wednesday, October 28 Wednesday, November 4
7 pm $25 7 pm $25 7 pm $25 7 pm $25
John Patrick Shanley is a Siri Hustvedt is a novelist, Robin Chase is co-founder John Boorman is an
playwright, screenwriter, poet, and essayist who often and former CEO of internationally renowned
and director. In 1987 he won explores the themes of Zipcar, the largest car filmmaker known for such
the Academy Award for best social interaction, eroticism, sharing service in the movies as Point Blank,
original screenplay for his hysteria, and personal world. She is currently Deliverance, Excalibur, Hope
work on the film Moonstruck. identity through the use the CEO of, a and Glory, The General, and
Shanley’s play Doubt: A of symbols. Her novels venture combining online Zardoz. His films touch
Parable was awarded the include The Blindfold, The carpooling and social on themes ranging from
2005 Pulitzer Prize for Enchantment of Lily Dahl, networking. Known and mythology to ecology, from
Drama. In 2008 Shanley What I Loved, and The respected internationally primitivism to desperation.
directed a film version of the Sorrows of an American. for her expertise in the His next project, entitled
play starring Meryl Streep, She has also been published transportation sector, Memoirs of Hadrian, will be
Philip Seymour Hoffman, in The Best American Short Chase is frequently called a fictional account of the
and Amy Adams. Stories 1990 and 1991, The upon to discuss climate life of the Roman emperor
Paris Review, Yale Review, change and the future of Hadrian, written in the form
“You dream of outer space
and Modern Painters. transportation. This year of a letter from the dying
of distant seas of unknown
she was named one of leader to his successor.
people. What could be fur- “A lot of the thematic mate-
Time magazine’s 100
ther deeper more unknown rial, the repetitive thematic “I always think that
Most Influential People.
than your own tongue material, comes from places watching films is very
whispering the unlying I am not entirely aware of.” “Infrastructure is destiny.” like dreaming.”
truth in your own ear.”

Sarah Silverman is a
comedienne, writer, actress,
“Well, I’m not afraid to say singer, and musician. Her
something if I think it’s funny, satirical comedy addresses
social taboos and controver-
even if it’s harsh or racist.”
sial topics such as rac-
ism, sexism, and religion.
Silverman was first noticed
as a writer and occasional
sarah silverman performer on Saturday Night
Friday, October 30 Live. She now stars in and
7 pm $25 produces The Sarah Silverman
Program, which debuted in
2007 on Comedy Central.
the dialogues
albert maysles sas carey linda gregg alice walker
Thursday, November 5 Sunday, November 8 Sunday, November 8 Sunday, November 8
7 pm $25 2 pm $20 4:30 pm $20 7 pm $25
Albert Maysles and his Sas Carey is a holistic nurse Linda Gregg is the author Alice Walker is an author
brother David made up a and spiritual guide certi- of six poetry collections. and activist. She has
documentary filmmaking fied in traditional Tibetan She received the 2006 PEN/ written at length on issues
team whose works included and Mongolian medicine. Voelcker Award in Poetry of race and gender and
Salesman (1968), Gimme She will be engaging with for achievement across her is most famous for the
Shelter (1970), and Grey psychiatrist Eric Hollander career. She has written a critically acclaimed novel
Gardens (1976). Jean-Luc who is most well-known for number of books and her The Color Purple, for which
Godard called Maysles “the his work with autism. Carey work has appeared in a she won a National Book
best American cameraman.” has worked closely with a variety of literary maga- Award and the Pulitzer
In 2005 Maysles was given a Mongolian shaman who zines, including Plough- Prize for Fiction.
lifetime achievement award has been called upon to shares, The New Yorker, and
“I think we have to own
at the Czech film festival AFO treat an autistic child. Atlantic Monthly. Gregg’s
the fears that we have of
(Academia Film Olomouc). poetry is often inspired
“My hands are guided by a each other, and then, in
by travel and focuses on
“Part of what we’re dealing knowing force. I jolt with some practical way, some
themes of grief and loss.
with is the definition of en- energy. It is strong energy, daily way, figure out how
Presented with the Poetry
tertainment. You’ve never coming out or going in, I to see people differently
Society of America.
looked it up in the diction- don’t need to know which. than the way we were
ary. I’ll tell you what you’d Mine is a responsibility to “Left alone in the stillness / brought up to.”
find if you looked it up. Two be true to spiritual guid- in that pure silence married
definitions: diversion and ance, not to know or force / to the stillness of nature.”
engagement.” anything.”

Charlie Kaufman is a
two-time Academy Award,
“There really is only one ending to BAFTA, and Independent
any story. Human life ends in death. Spirit Award–winning
screenwriter, producer, and
Until then, it keeps going and gets
director. His works include
complicated and there’s loss. Every- Being John Malkovich,
thing involves loss; every relation- Eternal Sunshine of the
Spotless Mind, and Synecdo-
ship ends in one way or another.” che, New York. While known
charlie kaufman to be very protective of his
Saturday, November 7 privacy, Kaufman’s work will
7 pm $25 sometimes include fiction-
alized accounts of his life.
the dialogues
andre gregory philip taaffe david byrne mike chico
Wednesday, November 11 Wednesday, November 18 Saturday, November 21 Sunday, November 22
7 pm $25 7 pm $25 6 pm $25 6 pm $15
Andre Gregory is a theater Philip Taaffe is a painter David Byrne is a musician, Mike Chico is a single,
director and actor. During known for reinterpreting the visual artist, and filmmaker. 56-year-old gay man who
the 1960s and 1970s he imagery of other contem- He is co-founder of the threw a few things into a
directed a number of avant- porary artists. His work band Talking Heads and paper bag when he was
garde productions developed is often identifiable by a has released several solo 20 and moved to New York
through ensemble collabo- pattern-based approach albums and garnered an City. He has spent 32 of
ration, the most famous to composition and can be Academy Award for his his 36 years in the city as
of which was Alice (1970). found in the collections of score to The Last Emperor. a visiting superintendent,
Gregory has developed a many museums, including His art includes photogra- taking care of a number of
number of experimental the Museum of Modern Art phy and installation works brownstones in Greenwich
theatrical events for private and the Whitney Museum and has been published in Village.
audiences and spent several of American Art. five books, most recently
“Through my jobs I’ve
years in a variety of esoteric Arboretum. Last year he
“I’m interested in inviting made friends with numer-
spiritual communities. designed a series of artistic
the possibility for ecstatic ous people that I’ve met
bike racks to be installed
“I just directed an extremely experience, for getting on the street. I don’t even
throughout New York City.
successful play in London. outside of stasis. My know some of their names
Two hours before the roots are from Ireland, “Analysis is like a lobotomy. but still enjoy talking to
curtain went up, I discovered and I suppose a subtext Who wants to have all their them—everyone in this city
that my father, a Jew like to my work must relate to edges shaved off?” has a story to tell.”
myself, and his brother were these Celtic shamanistic
economic spies for Hitler.” traditions.”

Kathleen Chalfant is a
Tony Award–nominated
“think of all the control needed to main- and Obie and Drama Desk
tain that control and the fact that Award–winning actress
who came to prominence
we all teeter on the edge of madness
for her role in Tony Kush-
and the more energy required to make ner’s Angels in America:
things work the greater the stakes Millennium Approaches and
Margaret Edson’s Wit. This
and danger in losing control.” fall she can be seen in the
kathleen chalfant new NBC series Mercy.
Sunday, November 15
6 pm $25

the dialogues
marina abramovic pattie canova adam gopnik andrew harvey
Thursday, December 3 Saturday, December 5 Monday, December 7 Wednesday, December 16
7 pm $25 6 pm $20 7 pm $25 7 pm $25
Yugoslav-born Marina Pattie Canova is a psycho- Adam Gopnik is a writer, Andrew Harvey is an author
Abramovic is a New York- logical intuitive, tarot read- essayist, and commentator, and scholar known primar-
based performance artist er, teacher, lecturer, writer, best known as a staff ily for his popular nonfic-
who has been active for and performer. As a tarot writer for The New Yorker tion books with spiritual
over three decades. With an reader Canova incorporates and as the author of Paris and mystical themes. He
often pronounced mystical dreams into her readings. to the Moon, an account was born in southern India
sensibility, Abramovic’s Informed by a background of the half-decade that he and moved to England at
work questions the in theater, mythology, spent in the French capital the age of nine. When he
performer/audience writing, metaphysics, and a with his family. He has returned more than 20
relationship and explores deep interest in spirituality, been honored with three years later he began to ex-
the limits of the body. Pattie incorporates keen National Magazine Awards plore the country’s different
analysis and constructive for Essay and Criticism and mystical traditions.
“I have very strange
insight into her work, fol- a George Polk Award for
dreams now from which “I believe the human race
lowing a “what you think is Magazine Reporting.
I wake up in complete will die out and destroy
what you’ll see” philosophy.
horror. They repeat during “The past is so often nature if it does not learn
different periods of my life. “Spirituality, if you’re doing unknowable not because again how to adore God,
I can’t explain them. They it right, is very entertain- it is befogged now but the God in all of us, God
have something to do with ing. In fact, it’s the greatest because it was befogged shining and living in na-
the disturbance of an order show in town. Actually it’s then, too, back when it was ture, and learn again how
that is not supposed to be the only show in town.” still the present.” to act from and in that
disturbed.” spirit of adoration.”

A group of inspirational
“Man belongs not only to an ordered and talented teenagers will
engage in dialogue with
world, he also belongs in the wonder- educator and psychotherapist
world of his soul.” Dr. Robin Stern. This pro-
from the red book gram, especially designed for
families of young audiences,
will feature a teen musician,
dancer, artist, and spelling
bee winner. Join us for a post-
teenage dreams
event family workshop where
Saturday, November 28
participants can paint their
1 pm $15

the dialogues
cornel west stefan sagmeister john adams tracy k. smith
Sunday, December 20 Wednesday, January 6 Wednesday, January 13 Sunday, January 24
6 pm $25 7 pm $25 7 pm $25 2:30 pm $20
Cornel Ronald West is a Stefan Sagmeister is a New John Adams occupies a Tracy K. Smith is a prize-
philosopher, author, critic, York-based graphic designer unique position in the winning poet who teaches
pastor, actor, and civil rights and typographer. He has world of classical music as at Princeton University. Her
activist. He is known for worked with the likes of Lou a composer, conductor, and poems have appeared in nu-
his combination of politi- Reed, the Rolling Stones, creative thinker. Among his merous journals, including
cal and moral insight and HBO, the Guggenheim most famous works are On Boulevard, Callaloo, Colum-
criticism and his contribu- Museum, and Time Warner. the Transmigration of Souls, bia: A Journal of Literature
tion to the post-1960s civil Solo shows of Sagmeister’s Nixon in China, and Doctor and Art, Post Road, and West
rights movement. The bulk work have been staged in Atomic. His newest work is Branch. She was a Wallace
of his work focuses upon Zurich, Vienna, New York, an orchestral piece entitled Stegner Fellow in poetry at
the role of race, gender, and Berlin, Japan, Osaka, Prague, City Noir. Stanford University from
class in American society, Cologne, and Seoul. 1997–1999. Presented with
“The image, strange and
and the means by which the Poetry Society of America.
“As I grew up, political whimsical and inexplicable
people act and react to
questions were part of my as dreams often can be, “Once I allowed myself
their “radical conditioned-
life. Naturally, I would like confirmed how the birth to enter into unknown
them to play some role in of a child can be an event territory with no clear
“Who wants to be well- my design work. But then of such intense power idea of how to get myself
adjusted to injustice? What there are times when I that it will cause the most through or out of it, I felt
kind of human being do think my whole involve- insurmountable walls of much freer and much more
you want to be?” ment is bullshit.” psychic resistance to come willing to engage with
tumbling down.” difficult material.”

As the vocalist, lead

“I’ve always been spiritual but I’ve guitarist, and song-
writer for The Smashing
never had a proper context, and it
Pumpkins, Billy Corgan
took me awhile to find the proper has established himself
context. It’s hard to realize you can as one of the most
compelling figures in
have any kind of relationship with rock music. In 2004
God you want... and so I now have a he published Blinking
with Fists, a book of
punk rock relationship with God.”
poetry that debuted
billy corgan Date to be announced on The New York Times
Bestseller list.

the dialogues
the analysts

Michael Vannoy Adams is a prominent Jungian analyst

who offers psychotherapy for individuals and couples in
New York City. He is the author of three books: The Fantasy
Principle, The Mythological Unconscious, and The Multicul-
tural Imagination.

John Beebe, a Jungian analyst in practice in San Francisco,

jack dorsey for updates to
has been writing and lecturing about popular culture for
Date to be announced the red book thirty years, concentrating particularly on the American
Jack Dorsey is an American dialogues schedule film. His most recent book is The Presence of the Feminine
software architect and visit our website: in Film.
businessperson best known
as the creator of Twitter. All tickets include Beth Darlington is a Jungian psychoanalyst with academic
interests in nineteenth-century British literature, depth
BusinessWeek called him admission to the
one of technology’s “best psychology, mythology, fairy tales, and various aspects of
museum’s galleries,
and brightest.” MIT’s embodied learning. She teaches at Vassar where she spe-
including the
Technology Review named cializes in English Romantic poetry.
exhibition The Red
him to the TR35, a listing
Book of C.G. Jung. Lisa DeBenedittis is Associate Dean for Curriculum and
of outstanding innovators
Instruction and Assistant Professor of Design Research
under the age of 35. This
at Parsons The New School for Design. She is currently a
dialogue will be published
postdoctoral candidate in psychoanalysis at the Jungian
live to the web in character-
Psychoanalytic Association.
limited Twitter postings,
known as “tweets.” Harry Fogarty is a Jungian analyst in New York City, a
“Twitter is focused around faculty member of the C. G. Jung Foundation, and a lectur-
the question: “What are er in psychiatry and religion at Union Theological Seminary.
you doing?” And that can He is a former president of the Jung Institute.
be interpreted in different
Diane Fremont is a Jungian analyst. She wrote The Visible
ways. It’s all about the
and the Invisible in Art: the Secret Space of the Image.
context that the reader
brings to the feed.” Christopher Hauke is a Jungian analyst in London and also
Senior Lecturer in Applied Psychoanalyst Studies at Gold-
smiths, University of London. His films include One Colour

“The wealth of the Red, Green Ray, and the new short drama Again.

soul exists in images”

James Hillman is the developer of archetypal psychology
and the author of almost twenty books including the Pulit-
zer Prize–nominated Re-visioning Psychology and The Soul’s
Code: In Search of Character and Calling.

Eric Hollander is an internationally recognized psychiatrist

from the red book and former Esther and Joseph Klingenstein Professor and
Chair of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center. He
is most well-known for his work with obsessive-compulsive
disorder and autism.

the dialogues
the analysts

Andrea Fiuza Hunt studied fine arts in Brazil where she a filmmaker. She is the author of The Cassandra Complex:
was exposed to C. G. Jung’s book Man and His Symbols. The A Modern Perspective on Hysteria.
book’s impact caused her to leave art school and pursue
psychology. She is currently in training at the Jungian Psy- Nathan Schwartz-Salant was trained as a Jungian analyst
choanalytic Association. in Zurich and has a psychotherapy practice in New York
City and Princeton, New Jersey. He is the author of numer-
Margaret Klenck is a Jungian analyst and vice president of ous clinical papers and books, including The Mystery of
the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association, New York, where Human Relationships and The Borderline Personality.
she is on the faculty. She is also on the faculty and a mem-
ber of the Philadelphia Association of Jungian Analysts. Jane Selinske is a licensed Jungian analyst, a certified
teacher and trainer of mandala assessment, and a board
Patricia Llosa is a Jungian analyst in training who received certified music therapist. She is currently practicing in
her MFA from the School of Visual Arts. She is currently on New Jersey.
staff at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where she does
educational programming. Morgan Stebbins received a divinity degree from Union
Seminary and social work degree from Columbia before
Michael Marsman is a psychotherapist both in private being trained in Jungian psychoanalysis. He has a private
practice and at the Callen-Lorde Community Health Center. practice in New York and is a faculty member and Director
Michael is currently training to be a Jungian analyst at the of Training of the Jungian Psychoanalytic Institute.
Jungian Psychoanalytic Association’s training institute.
Robin Stern is a psychotherapist, educator, and author of
Laurel Morris is a Jungian analyst in private practice in The Gaslight Effect. She has developed, implemented, and
New York City. She is currently a teaching and supervising written about programs for personal and professional
member of the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association. Her growth, highlighting self-awareness, emotional compe-
writings include a paper relating Schumann’s life and work tence, and ethical leadership.
to Jungian principles.
Douglas G. Tompkins is a Jungian analyst and member of
Bruce G. Parent is a Jungian analyst and licensed art thera- the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association, New York. He has
pist in private practice in the East Village. He received an an interest in computer and internet technology and its
MA from New York University in Art Therapy and an MFA in application in organizations.
painting from the School of Visual Arts.
Ann Ulanov is a professor of psychiatry and religion at the
Lee Robbins is on the faculty of the Gallatin School of Indi- Union Theological Seminary. She is the author of several
vidualized Study at New York University and serves on the books, including Religion and the Spiritual in Carl Jung and
board of the International Association of Jungian Studies. She The Healing Imagination: The Meeting of Psyche and Soul.
has been a student of Theravada Buddhism for sixteen years.
Sylvester Wojtkowski is a Jungian analyst and clinical psy-
Ami Ronnberg is an expert on the psychological and chologist in private practice in New York City. He received
artistic significance of mythology and ritual and is curator his doctorate from the New School for Social Research.
and managing editor of ARAS, the Archive for Research in
Archetypal Symbolism’s publication project. Polly Young-Eisendrath is a psychologist, Jungian analyst,
and author. An experienced clinician and teacher, she has
Sherry Salman is a Jungian analyst and teacher based in published thirteen books that have been translated into
Rhinebeck, NY and New York City. Her film Look Both Ways: more than twenty languages.
Image and Imagination debuted in 2008 and her newest
book, Dreams of Totality, will be released in 2010. Beverley Zabriskie is a Jungian analyst, member of the Art
and Psyche Working Group, and president of the Jungian
Laurie Layton Schapira is a Jungian analyst practicing in Psychoanalytic Association, New York. She is writing a
New York City. She serves on the faculty and the board of book on emotion in myth, art, Jungian psychology, and
directors at the C. G. Jung Institute of New York and is also neuroscience.

October 16 December 4
the bitter tears of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde
cabaretcinema petra von kant Rouben Mamoulian, U.S.,
Where Movies and Martinis Mix Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1931 (96 min) Introduced by
Fridays at 9:30 pm Germany, 1972 (124 min) writer Michael Rips
Free with $7 bar minimum Introduced by humorist
Frank DeCaro December 11
This fall film series takes its inspiration from The Red repulsion
Book and explores Jungian themes, including the various October 23 Roman Polanski, UK, 1965
archetypes and the exploration of the self through bad education (104 min) Introduced by
fantasy. Pedro Almodóvar, Spain, Pulitzer Prize–winning
2004 (106 min) dramatist Doug Wright

October 30 December 18
lilith in a lonely place
Robert Rossen, U.S., 1964 Nicholas Ray, U.S., 1950
(114 min) Introduced by film (94 min) Introduced by
critic J. Hoberman filmmaker Ken Brown

November 6 January 8
the tales of hoffmann l’eclisse
Powell/Pressburger, UK, Michelangelo Antonioni,
1951 (127 min) Introduced Italy, 1962 (125 min)
by Academy Award– Introduced by novelist
winning editor Thelma Percival Everett
January 15
November 13 blue velvet
j’accuse David Lynch, U.S., 1986 (120
Abel Gance, France, 1919 min) Introduced by author
(166 min) Introduced by Nick Antosca
comic artist Kim Deitch
January 22
November 20 the face of another
vampyr Hiroshi Teshigahara, Japan,
Carl Theodor Dreyer, France/ 1966 (124 min) Introduced
Germany, 1932 (73 minutes) by filmmaker and essayist
Introduced by fantasy Harris Smith
novelist Ellen Kushner
January 29
November 27 jacob’s ladder
Early Start 8 pm Adrian Lyne, U.S., 1990 (115
October 9 star trek: min) Introduced by writer
belle de jour “the enemy within” and comedian Arie Kaplan
Luis Buñuel, U.S., 1967 (101 Leo Penn, U.S., 1966
min) Introduced by award- (50 minutes) Introduced
winning poet Mark Doty by graphic novelist
Bob Fingerman Wayne Titus, curator
film perfOrmance

reflections: the stuff dreams are made on

lunch matters Sunday, January 24
6 pm $20
Wednesdays at 1 pm
$10 / Free for members Gil Morgenstern, artistic director and violin
Donald Berman, piano
Ticket prices include gallery admission and a
post-program tour This Reflections concert, directed by violinist Gil
Morgenstern, will explore the integral role dreams play
This weekly lunchtime documentary series will show
in our culture, from music to mythology to literature.
rarely-seen films about Jung and his work, including
Selections to be performed include Pauline Oliveros’s
interviews with Sir Laurens van der Post, Gerhard Adler,
Edge of Dreams, George Crumb’s Night Music, and Franz
and Liliane Frey-Rohn.
Schubert’s Fantasy, all of which will be accompanied by
readings from the works of Sylvia Plath, F. Scott Fitzgerald,
and Truman Capote.

October 7 October 28
performance by karen finley
face to face: remembering jung
Monday, January 25
professor jung An interview with Gerhard
7 pm $25
C.G. Jung interviewed on Adler, one of the most rep-
the BBC’s popular 1960s resentative disciples of Jung Karen Finley interprets Jung’s dreams in a new perfor-
television chat show. and the author of, among mance piece. This is not new territory for this controversial
Discussion moderated by many other works, Studies performance artist. Her works have in some ways always
Armin Wanner. in Analytical Psychology. addressed the unconscious, including The Dreams of Laura
Courtesy BBC Worldwide Americas, Inc. Discussion moderated by Bush/The Passion of Terri Schiavo at the Boulder Museum
Sylvester Wojtkowski. of Art (2008); Pooh Unplugged, detailing the psychological
October 14 disorders of Winnie the Pooh and his friends; and, pictured
c.g. jung at bollingen November 4 below, Shut Up and Love Me. Her visceral work was at the
tower retreat remembering jung center of the culture wars of the 1990s. She teaches at
Excerpts from an uncom- An interview with Liliane New York University.
pleted documentary by Frey-Rohn, the author of
Jerome Hill about Jung’s From Freud to Jung:
life. Discussion moderated A Comparative Study of
by Jane Selinske. the Psychology of the
Courtesy Jerome Foundation,
Unconscious. Discussion
St. Paul, Minnesota
moderated by Royce
October 21
remembering jung
Sir Laurens van der Post Programs are presented
offers a candid description in association with the
of Jung’s discovery of the C.G. Jung Foundation for
need to heal the rejected Analytical Psychology.
feminine aspect in men
and women and how this
contributes to the positive
evolution of modern
culture. Discussion moder-
ated by Harry Fogarty.

family programs
Saturdays at 2 pm
$10 per child / $5 for members

Explore The Red Book, Tibetan mandalas, and the art of

illumination in these fun, interactive family art-making

November 28 January 2
paint your dreams tree of life
Do you dream in color? Discover the mystical
Come paint your dreams tree of life in Asian
and create a collaborative art—a symbol of the
volume inspired by the interconnectedness of life
95-year-old Red Book. on earth. Turn a new leaf in
the new year by “growing” a
December 5 tree of new beginnings.
dreams of gold
Learn how medieval monks January 9
“illuminated” manuscripts my mandala charm
on gilded paper and create Design your own block-
a book to stand the test of printed spiritual diagram
time. and transform it into a
protective mandala amulet.
December 12
palace of dreams January 23
Are you brave enough sacred geometry
to step through the ring Unlock the secrets hidden

“Dreams pave the

of fire? Then enter the in sacred geometric
mysterious world of Tibetan patterns. Create a private

way for life... ”

mandalas by building your mandala to help you seek
own miniature dream out your own inner secrets.

Participating children must be accompanied by at least one adult at

all times. For tickets, registration, and information, call the Box Office
at 212.620.5000 x344. Ticket fees: $10 per child ($5 for children of RMA from the red book
members); Free for accompanying adults, children 12 months and younger,
and Cool Culture members. Tickets include gallery admission and are non-
refundable and non-exchangeable. All programs are subject to change.
how to buy tickets
the shop and cafe@rma online
Visit to purchase your tickets
himalayan happy hour Wednesdays from 5 to 7 pm and get all of the most up-to-date information on Red
Coming to a Red Book program on a Wednesday night? Book programming.
Be sure to arrive a little early and stop by the Café @ RMA phone
to take advantage of a special mid-week happy hour. Enjoy Box Office: 212.620.5000, ext. 344
great discounts on selected wines, specialty teas, Hours: 11 am–5 pm, Monday through Friday
and snacks.
in person
Visit the Rubin Museum of Art and purchase your tickets
purchase your own copy of the red book
at the admissions desk during the museum’s open hours.
The Red Book of C. G. Jung
150 West 17th Street mon 11 am–5 pm
exhibition celebrates the first-ever
New York, NY 10011 tue closed
publication of Jung’s manuscript
wed 11 am–7 pm
by W.W. Norton & Company. This
thu 11 am–5 pm
reproduction includes an additional
fri 11 am–10 pm
200 pages of supplementary
sat/sun 11 am–6 pm
material and will be available for
purchase at the Shop @ RMA for the advantages of membership
$195. Members of RMA receive a RMA members receive a 10% discount on program tickets
10% discount. automatically. If six or more tickets for any combination
of programs are purchased at one time, a 25% discount
applies to all of those tickets. Annual membership starts at
acknowledgments just $35. See for details.
Particular thanks go to Beverley Zabriskie of the Jungian sold out?
Psychoanalytic Association, and further thanks to all those Even if a program is sold out, Chairman’s Circle members
who donated their time and talent in helping assemble ($1,000 and higher) have the privilege of purchasing house
the Red Book Dialogues, including Robin Brown and Janet seats as they become available.
Careswell. –Tim McHenry, Producer, Rubin Museum of Art

all programs are subject to change getting to the rubin museum of art
The Rubin Museum of Art is located in the Chelsea district
of New York City at the corner of 17th Street and 7th Ave.

photo credits public transportation

By Subway The museum is located within walking
Robert Thurman by Sergei Bermeniev; Linda Gregg by Hal
distance of the following train stations: A, C, and E to 14th
Lum; Adam Gopnik by Brigitte Lacombe; Karen Finley by
Street (8th Avenue); 1 to 18th Street (7th Avenue); 1, 2, and
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders; David Byrne courtesy Todo
3 to 14th Street (7th Avenue); F and V to 14th Street (6th
Mundo, 2009; John Adams by Margaretta Mitchell;
Avenue); L to 14th Street (6th Avenue); N, R, Q, W, 4, 5 ,and 6
Marina Abramovic performing Lips of Thomas at the
to 14th Street Union Square
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, November
By Bus B20 to the corner of 7th Avenue and 18th Street.
14, 2005. Courtesy of the artist and Sean Kelly Gallery, New
York; John Patrick Shanley on the set of Doubt, courtesy parking
Miramax Films; Siri Hustvedt by Marion Ettlinger; There are a number of parking garages along 17th Street
Belle de Jour and Excalibur courtesy The Kobal Collection between 6th Avenue and Broadway.
Nonprofit Org.
Find out what David Byrne, Charlie U.S. Postage
Kaufman, Robert Thurman, Alice PAID
New York, NY
Walker, Cornel West, and many Permit No.
others have to say about the book 5436

the New York Times Magazine dubbed

150 W. 17th Street at 7th Avenue
“the holy grail of the unconScious”

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red book dialogues

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