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PURPOSE OF STUDY To initiate efforts towards the learning process of knowing where abouts of the company for further running of the corporate sector. Keeping in mind the infrastructure of company ,its basics and the way it has evolved over the time expressing its value added services.

It started as a single company for cutting and polishing diamonds for the jewellery trade at Surat, Gujarat.Started in 1966, theGitanjali Group became, many times over, a pioneer among major diamond and jewellery houses.It is first major diamond and jewellery house ever to be launched and run by Modern Entrepreneurs other than the age old people dealing in jewellery. It is an authorized DTC (DIAMOND TRADING COMPANY) Sight holder and has a large loyal customer base. It has the characteristic of producing the world’s smallest heart shaped diamond of about 0.03 carat, and has developed some 25 patented facet patterns. The company believes in multibranding . So it has launched multiple brands for multiple markets and price segments by keeping in mind the market scenario. It has various superstores, department stores and other retail outlets at MRP, supported by international certifications of scientifically tested purity and authenticity, across India and in the world’s . Even some of its sites offer e-buying of jewellery . It works from rough diamond sourcing, cutting, polishing and distribution, to jewellery manufacture, to jewellery branding and retail, as well as global lifestyle brands, in India and abroad. The company has worked hard to bring diamond jewellery in reach of middle class people who could not afford to buy it in past.The first to offer diamond studded jewellery at affordable prices, of standardized designs, quality and pricing across locations – progressively precisionproducing replicable designs using the latest CAD(COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN) and CAM (COMPUTER AIDED MANUFACTURING) processes and equipment. It offers wide range of traditional, international classic, and casual jewellery. By this they provide customers variety to choose from.For consumers of all age groups, tastes and budgets. With a growing

hamper of brands, some already global, and each targeted in a different way.Thereby catering every need of hopefull customer. It has won over 50 awards from the Ministry of Commerce, India for outstanding exports of diamond and jewellery. Gitanjali is now $900 million multinational group, and a publicly listed entity.It works in USA, UK, Belgium, Italy and the Middle East to Thailand, South East Asia China, and Japan.

Gitanjali Gems Company Description
Gitanjali Gems doesn't do things the old fashioned way. In an industry known for tradition and family-owned firms like DeBeers, the Indian newcomer has set tradition at naught. It sources, machine cuts and sets, and retails diamond and gem jewelry offering a dozen brands (Gili, Asmi, D'Damas, Rivaaz) across several retail channels, instead of trying to build the prestige of one name. Gitanjali has production plants in India, Thailand, Vietnam, and China with marketing outposts in Europe, Japan, and the US. Retail outlets include Gitanjali Lifestyle stores (1,200+), Samuels and Rogers in the US, mass merchants, and catalogs. The company has also launched a designer apparel label under the Gitanjali name.

Gitanjali Gems Locations

Location Type: Headquarters
B-10, 2nd Fl. Plot C/25, G Block, Laxmi Towers, Bandra Kurla Complex Bandra (E), Mumbai 400 051, India Phone: +91-22-4010-2000 Fax: +91-22-4010-2003


Company’s profile
Gitanjali group mainly cover 4 aspects in business    DIAMOND JEWELLERY RETAIL AND LIFESTYLE INFRASTRUCTURE

Starting from diamond ,we will cover jewellery then retail and lifestyle and finally infrastructure.


It was started as in 1966 as a modest enterprise in diamond cutting and polishing .It is not a vendor anymore but a $ 900 million group of businesses. And it all started with diamonds. Diamonds got this company capital to venture into different business.

As one of the world’s leaders in the diamond and diamond-studded jewellery business, the Gitanjali Group principally sources its diamonds through DTC. With the development of independent sources globally, some part of its resources are also devoted to it. At Antwerp, Belgium, the world’s diamond capital, the Group runs a federal maneuver to deliver diamond for various purposes .

Here Diamonds are processed at the Group’s units at Surat and Borivli in India, Bangkok in Thailand, and Qingdao in China. Recently it has installed a unit at Hyderabad SEZ (SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONES) which has also gone main stream.

It delivers the major portion of the market the processed diamonds in loose form to merchant jewellers and jewellery houses worldwide. In the form of diamond-studded jewellery, it sells wholesale to marketers of branded jewellery. It also has brands of its own that are marketed only in B2B (Business to Business) mode. The Antwerp operation provides a two-way channel for processed diamonds The Group’s customers Own conversion to Jewellery.

It has developed state-of-the-art technology to process all classes and sizes of diamonds: the Group has the distinction of producing the world’s tiniest heart-shaped diamond – at 0.03 carats, as well as 25 patented facet-patterns. Besides technology for manufacture, it uses the very latest devices and metrics to assay and certify the quality of the gems it uses and sells – to the strictest international norms set by GLC(GOVERNMENT LAW COLLEGE).

Listing of Awards, international as well as GoI’s (GOVERNMENT OF INDIA) national exports awards

JEWELLERY Introduction
It deals in assorted range of jewellery: gold, silver, platinum and stainless steel, studded with diamond and other gems, natural and synthetic.

    Classic Indian Traditional Contemporary Ethnic and Casual designs

The design studio and workers are outfitted with the latest CAD/CAM processes and EDP(electronic data processing) for optimal efficiency in production and deliveries to its diverse markets. It also has a great lot of superb designers, in India and abroad, who work day and night around the globe to

produce master pieces as well as handmade jewellery of towering distinction.

It include all courses and types of jewellery.

Rigorous international standards to test and certify the quality of its output are done on regular basis, with the metal Hallmarked and gems certified by the relevant global authority.

Progressively jewellery is being made by mass production methods using modern machines and equipment. Nowdays in jewellery factories, the traditional manual craft skills are mostly avoided to maintain the accuracy of design.

Discovering the massive transformation in consumer purchasing habits , it not only launched into production of machinemade jewellery using CAD/CAM processes.It even launched India’s first jewellery brand – Gili in diamond jewellery. After this it made an additional breach: it launched a mass distribution method by channelizing all its resources. Seeing the responsiveness of the consumers taste along with keeping up with increasing disposable incomes, the Group has worked to maintain new division units . Overcoming old world of neighbourhood proprietary jewellery stores, it has got its new-world branded jewellery into the new world of superstores and department stores, dedicated jewellery marts and chain stores. New consumer’s shopping experience of novel and global branded personal goods and accessories are given great thought by this company.It offers high-visibility positional branding in both mass and local classes.

By this the company has been successful into branded jewellery retail in the US, acquiring three up market store chains of exceptional status. And it signed up global designer brands to distribute along with its own brands .By this they have even nurtured new talent . And it optimized the synergy of its hamper of over 40 brands, owned and franchised, by launching its own umbrella branded retail chain, Gitanjali Lifestyle. This fits right in with the Group’s plans for extending its brands into a number of luxury lifestyle artifacts and accessories. With this multi-tiered mobilization of formats, the Gitanjali Group is well placed to advance and realize its vision of global leadership.


Hyderabad Gems SEZ Limited at Rajiv Gems Park
India’s first privately owned and managed Jewellery SEZ to be commissioned; this is slated to overcome one of the country’s largest Gems and Jewellery SEZs. The campus is expected to house about 75100 diamond, colour stones, pearl, semi-precious stones, jewellery and jewellery-watch manufacturing units. Construction of this Group company’s state-of-the-art factory, on a 100,000 sq. ft. plot is complete, and the diamond cutting and polishing units have commenced operations. Around 200,000 sq. ft. of construction will be completed for jewellery manufacture and around 130,000 sq. ft., keen for customers, by the end of second quarter of 08-09. Another 65,000 sq. ft. will be ready in the third quarter. The central administrative and service facility of 130,000 sq. ft will be ready by the end of year 08-09. Multi-tenant factories comprising 600,000 sq. ft. are on the drawing board. Hyderabad Gems has already developed a training centre to facilitate jewellery manufacture; diamond cutting and polishing; gold investment casting, and metal refining, besides gemology and assaying labs, CAD & Rapid Prototyping facilities for product development. These will also be available to other units in the SEZ. In the Pipeline Having gained enormous experience from this project, and considering the sizeable economic and unique benefits available to SEZs units, the Group has gone ahead aggressively to set up other SEZ projects. In-principle approvals have been secured from State and Central governments for various sector specific SEZs across India, for which a number of wholly owned subsidiaries have been formed as Special Purpose Vehicles to execute these projects. SEZ units in the gems & jewellery sector will be located at Raigad, Aurangabad, Nanded and Kolkata, besides one in the multi-service sector at Nashik, and one in the multi-products sector at Nagpur.

At Kolkata, the Group’s 9500 sq. ft. at Manikanchan SEZ will soon become operational, partly for manufacture of handmade plain and studded jewellery, and partly as a Training Centre for local artisans.

The Gitanjali Group own its technology company. Ivida provides all the support necessary to keep the Group’s processes at the cutting edge, in terms of operating efficiencies, productivity, cost control and risk management. As the Group grows, in India and across the continents, Ivida’s importance will grow in step, for the Group as well as external clientele.

Gitanjali Gems Executives
21 executives listed for Gitanjali Gems's Bandra (E) location.

Title Chairman and Managing Director Executive Director Finance Business Development - Retail

Name & Bio Mehul Choksi G. K. Nair Rahul Vira

Gitanjali Gems buys US co
Mumbai , Dec. 20’2006

Gitanjali Gems Ltd, a Rs 2,500-crore conglomerate, has acquired US-based Samuels Jewellers Inc and the country's eighth biggest jewellery retailer. The company has acquired a 97 per cent stake in the speciality retailer operating 97 stores spread across 18 States for Rs 100 crore and will be putting in another Rs 100 crore as working capital. The acquisition is being financed through internal accruals and proceeds from the recently concluded $110 million FCCB issue. The stake has been acquired from the majority owner and fund manager, DDJ Capital Management, LLC, a boutique investment manager specialising in private equity and debt financing. Samuels Jewellers has reported net sales of $97.16 million in 2006, a 1.31 per cent growth over last year. The acquisition is expected to add Rs 500 crore to the topline and Rs 30-40 crore to the bottom line of Gitanjali Gems Ltd by December 2007. The acquisition will help Gitanjali access the large US customer base accounting for 35 per cent of the global jewellery market. The stock price of Gitanjali closed at Rs 221.35 on Wednesday against its previous close of Rs 213.95.

Gitanjali plans retail push for diamonds

Chennai , May 29’2006 The Gitanjali Group, a major player in the branded jewellery market, has drawn up plans for exclusive retail ventures. It is also launching an EzeeDiamonds scheme to allow people to invest in diamonds. Speaking to Business Line, Mr Anuj Rakyan, Vice-President, Gitanjali Group, said the company would roll out the EzeeDiamonds through distributors to retailers. Diamonds are as much a commodity as gold but consumers know little about the prices and their liquidity, he said.
Transparent pricing

To make pricing transparent and provide consumers with a benchmark, it would publish a price chart of diamonds every fortnight in the newspapers. Consumers could use the certified and sealed diamonds for gifting or investment, or for their own use. If they return the diamonds to the retailer for cash, they will get their money back within a week, he said. The retailers who would offer the EzeeDiamonds scheme could range from lifestyle stores to gift stores to sari stores.

By end-2006, Gitanjali aims to set up ten stores to exclusively retail its jewellery brands - Gili, D'damas, Nakshatra, Asmi and Sangini. It has set up Gitanjali Retail Ventures and its Infinity Fund will finance 50 per cent of the inventory as its contribution to the franchisee's investment, apart from management and marketing knowhow, Mr Rakyan said. Some of these retail stores would be owned and operated by the company, he added.

Gitanjali will also soon launch a new collection of international brands called Desire, which would include real and costume jewellery, watches and accessories from some of the biggest brands in the world, Mr Rakyan said.

Gitanjali ends at a discount

Mumbai , March 10’2006 Shares of Mumbai-based Gitanjali Gems made its debut on the stock markets on Friday at Rs 215 (on the BSE), but closed at a discount of 14.28 per cent at Rs 167.60, compared to the offer price of Rs 195 per share. On the NSE too, the shares listed at a premium at Rs 210, before slipping below the offer price to close at Rs 167.60. Dealers said the stock prices went down on profit booking. The company raised Rs 332 crore through the IPO last month for funding its expansion plans involving setting up retail stores across the country.

Gitanjali launches diamond jewellery 'Tesoro'
Saturday, June 02 2007 19:36(IST) Mumbai, Jun 2: Gitanjali, a major player in the diamond and jewellery retailing industry, launched its new range - 'Tesoro'. The range was unveiled by the beautiful Perizad Zorabi today. Tesoro, meaning treasure in Italian, will consist of a range of museum quality collectables like diamond encrusted key chains, paper knife sets and prayer beads to gold stands, diamond stuffed cricket ball and football. Speaking at the launch, spokesperson of the brand Ms Perizad said, ''Gitanjali has gone one

step further and the new range is more than an investment.'' She was presented with a diamond encrusted business card worth Rs 1 crore.

The company also announced it will be the associate sponsor for the upcoming International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards to be held at Yorkshire, England. Tesoro is the latest in line of Gitanjali's brands which includes ''Gili'', ''Nakshatra'', ''Asmi'', ''Sangini'', ''D'damas'' and ''Desire''.

Gitanjali Group buys Nakshatra
January 08, 2008

·Gitanjali buys De Beers Groups Flagship brand in India

Mumbai, January 8th 2008 - The Rs. 3500-crore Gitanjali Gems Ltd., India's largest integrated diamond and jewellery manufacturer and retailer, today announced the complete acquisition of Nakshatra Diamonds - DTC's most premium brand. Nakshatra was a brand owned by the DTC, with manufacturing, distribution and marketing rights held by done by Brightest Circle Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. (a joint venture between Gitanjali and two other companies.). This acquisition gives Gitanjali Group sole rights over the world's most supreme diamond jewellery brand and also 100 % stake in BCJPL.

The company now plans to extensively broaden the Nakshatra brand portfolio hitherto restricted only as a diamond jewellery brand. The group will soon introduce other lifestyle accessories like designer bags, watches, belts etc to complement the contemporary global citizen. Gitanjali aims to position Nakshatra as a Jewellery and Lifestyle brand worldwide and report sales worth Rs. 1000 crores over the next 5 years. With Aishwarya Rai, one of the most beautiful women on the planet, a rare achiever, & India's most recognised and loved film star as its brand ambassador, the brand has a great aspirational value attached to it. Gitanjali aims to blend this popularity to bring Nakshatra to the next level – a brand that truly speaks class. It desires to be at par with the international brands like Gucci, Louis Vitton, etc. hence positioning India as the house of luxury & premium brands.

This powerful acquisition will drive much more value to key stakeholders including end customers, and partners of Gitanjali Group. This all adds up to advantages including better deals for consumers and access to the world's most coveted brand than ever before.

Speaking on the momentous occasion, Mr. Mehul Choksi, Chairman Gitanjali Group said, ' We are aggressively pursuing opportunities that will synergies with the company's philosophy to

add incremental value at every level of the supply chain, thus ensuring greater shareholder value and boost to the bottom line. Also this acquisition brings unparalleled depth and breadth of lifestyle and product offerings to existing and prospective customers of Gitanjali." Gitanjali has a reputation of bringing world-class brands in the country. It may be recalled that the company has introduced renowned brands such as 'Asmi, D'Damas, Gili, Gianti and several others to establish itself as the pioneers in innovation and technology.

"Nakshatra has been a key component in the rapid growth of the Indian diamond market since its launch in 2000. We are happy to see the successful conclusion of the transfer of the brand to Gitanjali Ventures, an important partner in its success to date,' commented David Rudlin, Director of International Markets, De Beers Group Marketing.

The acquisition is a significant step towards moving up the industry value chain and will offer a range of synergies to Gitanjali's existing operations. One of the brands under the Gitanjali fold, it can leverage the group's well-earned reputation for ethics and values in a business where such attributes are critical to win the trust of consumers. On the other hand Gitanjali will not only have access to the entire spectrum of Nakshatra but also leveraging its existing brand value that will give control over the entire value chain in the diamond jewellery business.

With 170% growth in value since its inception Nakshatra has retained its position as the most preferred brand in the Diamond Jewellery Segment. Nakshatra also manifolds over 11 times growth in terms of volume in the last three years, an achievement no other diamond jewellery brand can boast of. Such is the strength of Nakshatra that 70% of retail outlets stocking the brand credit it for playing a key role in boosting overall diamond jewellery sales and increasing consumer footfalls

The Halo of Nakshatra on floral sales is 1:4 i.e. for every one Nakshatra sold the retailer is able to sell 4 more pieces of floral jewellery.

About Gitanjali Gems & Jewellery:

Gitanjali Gems Limited, a DTC sightholder, is one of the largest integrated diamond and jewellery manufacturers and retailers in India. Its operations include sourcing of rough diamonds from primary and secondary source suppliers in the international market, cutting and polishing the rough diamonds for export to its international markets, and the sale of diamond and other jewellery through GGL's retail operations in India, as well as in international markets.

The company exports its cut and polished diamonds, and its diamond and other jewellery products to various international markets in Europe, including to Antwerp and Italy, the United States, the Middle East, as well as to markets in Asia, including Japan, China, Hong Kong and Thailand. GGL also sells its branded diamond and other jewellery products under brands, such as Nakshatra, Asmi, Gili, D'Damas, Sangini, Collection G, Gold Expressions and Vivaha Gold , in India through its network of approximately 840 outlets. The Gitanjali Group has extensive knowledge and experience with US product ranges for over two decades.

Gitanjali Gems Limited is also playing a key role in adding capabilities to the Jewellery industry in India by building two SEZs, including one across 200 acres in Hyderabad, one of the largest of its kind.

About Nakshatra

Launched in 2000 Nakshatra reached the iconic stage in just three years. The Nakshatra Collection has unique floral designs with multiple diamonds encircling a single large diamond to signify the constellation effect. Special Packaging and its own guarantee certificate promising the purity and sparkle of Diamond. Its available in three collections Nakshatra collection, Eternity Collection & Solitaire Collection. The brand is available in 18 Kt BIS Hallmarked Gold.

It's offered in superior quality diamonds of 4 Different Grades certified by the most reputed International Gemmological Institute.

Nakshatra has emerged, as one of India's leading brand in Diamond Jewellery Segment. The continued success of Nakshatra is a result of its constant metamorphosis. In its first year, Nakshatra was awarded the Effie (Silver) in 2001 and in the following year the Effie (Bronze). The Effie is the most significant award in advertising that recognize effectiveness and honours tangible results. In 2003, the Nakshatra Utsav was awarded the Best Trade Promotions award at the McDowell's Signature All India Promo Awards. In 2007 Nakshatra was awarded the Retail Jeweller Award for the best TV campaign of the year. The in-house designing team at Nakshatra is extremely innovative and comes up with fresh ideas and concepts which have received recognition at the JCK- New Delhi Gold Souk design award 2006, the IIGJ Awards 2007 and the Tahitian Pearl Awards 2005 and 2007.

Nakshatra is synonymous with trust and purity in a category that is fraught with questionable practices. It epitomizes the expression of love and affection in women's life. Nakshtra has established itself as an ethical player in the market as it comes with its certificates of authenticity and assuring transparency in the buying decision of the consumers Overt Nakshatra brand values include beauty, radiance, class, elegance and quality. Amongst the symbolic values are feminity, celestial splendour and mystery The Nakshatra Collection has unique Floral designs with multiple diamonds encircling a single large diamond to signify the constellation effect Special Packaging and its own guarantee certificate promising the purity and sparkle of Diamond.

The Brand factory:

In 1994 the group introduced India's first ever branded jewellery Gili. Rated as a super brand, the brand still ranks as one of the top ten jewellery brands in the country. Over the years the group has launched many other superior brands and today it successfully manages over five of

the ten best-known jewellery brands in India.

Gili's primary brand value is "Genuine diamond and gold jewellery at affordable prices". The first jewellery brand that brought diamond jewellery within the reach of masses.

Asmi in Sanskrit means, "I am". Every action of a woman is a passionate exposition of the intensity and drive with which she lives her life. The Asmi Diamond Jewellery Collection is carefully crafted to beautifully compliment and complete her.

Sangini is positioned as a brand that glorifies women in a relationship. Sangini diamond jewellery is characterized by a bezel set centre stone being slightly larger than the others in the same piece signifying the focal position of the woman in the man's life.

D'damas is a generic brand that combines international quality with Indian values. D'damas is about "Luxury and Aspirations," "Innovativeness," "Assurance" "Dynamism." D'damas has been recognized and awarded as a Jewellery Masterbrand. Under D'damas are numerous brands that have made a mark on the Indian milieu like Forevermark Solitaire, Damas Solitaire, Glitterati, Collection G, Gold Expressions, Vivaaha, Ballerina, Bollywood Gold, Inspirations.

Desire Desire Lifestyle is a diversified product range that addresses the lifestyle needs to reflect the style and upcoming trends among the masses. Capitalising on the strength and flexibility provided by Italy's industrial districts, world renown for their excellence in the development of luxury products. The Group's aim is to become one of the leading players in the accessible luxury market worldwide by further developing its product offering, its brand portfolio, and its global distribution network. With 170% growth in value since its inception Nakshatra has retained its position as the most preferred brand in the Diamond Jewellery Segment. Nakshatra also manifolds over 11 times growth in terms of volume in the last three years, an achievement no other diamond jewellery brand can boast of. Such is the strength of Nakshatra that 70% of retail outlets stocking the brand credit it for playing a key role in boosting overall diamond jewellery sales and increasing consumer footfalls The Halo of Nakshatra on floral sales is 1:4 i.e. for every one Nakshatra sold the retailer is able to sell 4 more pieces of floral jewellery.

Gitanjali Luxury Style Fest 2009
January 23rd, 2009

A dazzling line of collection by renowned designers like Rocky S and Vikram Phadnis, who are known for their sense of drama, flamboyance, panache and whose names are synonymous with style and luxury dazzled the audience at the

Gitanjali Luxury and Lifestyle Fest 2009 at the Turf Club, Mahalaxmi Race Course on 22nd January, 2009. The show kick started with the collection showed by Rocky S, Raima Sen being his show stopper. The collection had a summer touch in it. It was an eclectic mix of color, texture and style. Springy fabrics like linens, soft voiles, and cotton blends were ornamented with shimmer and shine by way of colorful sequin embroidery. And then the Grande Finale, by Vikram Phadnis, showcasing the Indian bridal wear. The bridal collection touched the middle ages and brought back the old Mughal era. Ornate luxurious lehengas kurtas, dupattas, saris, elaborate sherwanis and Achkans embellished with intricate zardosi, gota and bagh embroidery, velvet cutwork made each piece exquisite in its contemporary style. The show started with Katrina Kaif making a lavishing entry in her Vikram Phadnis’ bridal wear. The crowd went on their feet and could not stop applauding. The show finally came to an end by ‘band walas’ blowing their trumpets and drums on the famous beat of ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge’ and models taking their final walk of the night. Sameera Reddy and Celina Jaitley were Vikram’s show stoppers too.


First mover advantage In its manifold mission, the Gitanjali Group is overall ahead of rivals because it has been the first, or among the first, to make break new ground in many directions – an advantage of momentum it continues to build on. Integrated, multilocation operations The Group is active in all stages of the diamond jewellery business, from cutting polishing rough stones, to design and manufacture of finished jewellery. With manufacturing operations in India, China and Thailand, and distribution points across the country, and in the global orbit, on four continents. Skills and technology Gitanjali’s core strength is the expertise of its artisans in cutting and polishing diamonds, and its jewellery designers and marketing teams in developing market-friendly jewellery in tune with shifting user preferences worldwide, to which it gives shape using high precision CAD CAM processes and equipment. Product range and innovation Having brought diamonds and diamond-studded jewellery within reach of consumers previously unable to afford them, the Group offers a wide variety of products in classic, ethnic and modern patterns, suitable for consumers at differing price brackets, in line with market demand in various markets, in India and abroad.

At the same time, we continually press ahead with innovations in design and use of various metals – gold, silver, platinum and stainless steel: we not only keep up with changing fashions – we make fashions.

Market access and brand support The Group has quickly secured substantial market share. It has launched a growing hamper of targeted brands, with powerful communications and merchandising support. In line with each brand profile, multilayered distribution right down to the retail level, has ensured product delivery to each targeted consumer segment, whether at upmarket malls, department stores or exclusive retail jewellers’

WEAKNESS Lot of capital is used in brand endorsing via celebrity endorsement. Still measures are being taken for rural marketing.Its a hit in capital cities but have not been able to attract rural people.


Expanding geographical presence. Searching for new market around the globe and utilizing resources to sell jewellery to village people, as most of the population still resides in villages. This sector still has to be harnessed.

Emergence of Low-Cost Brands in the upcoming market. Increased Competition in core Markets .

Industrial profile
Financial Information: Gitanjali Gems Financials
In order to capture an historical perspective of the business, Hoover's includes Gitanjali Gems financial information for prior years. For example, subscribers have access to Gitanjali Gems financials that include up to a decade of revenue, employee, and stock data. Detailed Gitanjali Gems financials include annual and quarterly financial information, market data, and comparison data. View a summary of Gitanjali Gems's Historical Financial Information:

All amounts in millions of US Dollars

Yea Revenue Gross r Profit Mar 795.5 07 Mar 539.6 06 ---

Operating Total Diluted Income Net EPS (Net Income Income) 26.4 14.2 -----

Top Gitanjali Gems Competitors

Company Cartier Signet Tiffany & Co.

Location Paris, France Hamilton, Bermuda New York, NY

Other than these are
Lytham St. Annes, United Kingdom Montreal, Canada Seattle, WA Paris, France Nishi Tokyo, Japan New York, NY Braunstone, United Kingdom North Kansas City, MO Paris, France Dallas, TX Wilmington, NC New York, NY Hamilton, Bermuda

New York, NY Bentonville, AR Irving, TX Tanishq is its only competitor with 58 outlets since it has no collaboration with retailers and is a one shop brand.

Major Partner of this Brand are

Bombay, India—The Morellato and Sector Group, an international jewelry and watch manufacturer, has partnered with Gitanjali Gems, one of India's largest integrated diamond and jewelry manufacturers and retailers, to create Morellato India Ltd. The newly created company, located in Bombay, is a joint venture of equal terms with Gitanjali Gems, a group quoted on the Bombay Stock Exchange as a leader in India's jewelry market, both in terms of the brands in its portfolio and its sales, which were roughly $300 million in 2006. The agreement between the two companies allows for the distribution of all Morellato and Sector Group's watch and jewelry brands (John Galliano, Just Cavalli Jewels, Just Cavalli Time, Miss Sixty Jewels, Miss Sixty Time, Molecole, Morellato, Philip Watch, Pirelli Pzero Tempo, Roberto Cavalli Timewear and Sector) in both jewelry and watch shops in India and in dedicated stores. Over the next three years, 50 new Morellato point-of-sale stores will be opened in India.

2,Dubai's Damas partners with Gitanjali to tap Indian gold jewellery demand
UAE. Dubai-based jewellery retailing group Damas International will open up to 60 stores in India in the next five years in a joint venture with Gitanjali Gems to tap into rising jewellery demand in India. Nasdaq Dubai-listed Damas said in a regulatory filing it won approval to set up a joint venture with diamond and jewellery maker Gitanjali to trade jewelleries and related accessories.

3,Gitanjali Lifestlye partners Force India for `Speed Nights Vip Access`
On September 01, 2009

Gitanjali Lifestlye partnered Force India Formula One team for a star-studded exclusive evening titled ‘Speed Nights VIP Access’. The event was hosted at Hyatt Regency, Mumbai, on August 30. Besides the Belgian Grand Prix (Formula One race) screening, guests witnessed the launches of Bliss, an Italian Jewellery brand, and designer Nishka Lulla’s new sports line. The event was managed by Gitanjali's in-house events team.

4,Gitanjali Group was the associate sponsor of Lakme Fashion Week
Gitanjali Jewellery brands (Asmi, D’Damas, Nakshatra, Sangini, Desire) have come on board as the Associate sponsors for Lakme Fashion Week.

5,Gitanjali Gems Acquires Samuels Jewelers Inc.
MUMBAI, India & AUSTIN, Texas -- Gitanjali Gems Ltd. (Gitanjali) has acquired a majority ownership interest in Samuels Jewelers Inc. (Samuels) from funds managed by DDJ Capital Management (DDJ).
Samuels operates 97 retail jewelry stores in 18 states throughout the United States. The company will remain headquartered in Austin, Texas. Gitanjali CFO, G.K. Nair, stated, "This acquisition is consistent with Gitanjali's objective to conform to a vertically integrated model, one that benefits from all the efficiencies that are realized through control of the entire supply chain,

inclusive of retail. To that end, Samuels is an ideal match to complement Gitanjali's strengths in manufacturing diamonds and jewelry products." Mehul Choksi, Gitanjali's Chairman, added that, "Gitanjali is always seeking business opportunities which are consistent with its philosophy of adding incremental value at every level of the supply chain, thus ensuring greater shareholder value and bottom line profits. Gitanjali's 11.5 million square foot Hyderabad Special Economic Zone will provide a tremendous support system for product development and jewelry manufacturing and will offer unparalleled economic benefits to Gitanjali's customers worldwide, including Samuels." Nehal Modi, CEO of Gitanjali's U.S. affiliated companies, Diamlink and JMC, commented that "the industry is prime for consolidation and we viewed this opportunity with Samuels' stores and management team as an ideal compliment to our ongoing operations in the U.S. By combining Gitanjali's extensive industry resources with Samuels' rich network of retail stores, this transaction represents an exciting and unique endeavor for all those associated with Gitanjali and Samuels."

Gitanjali Group’s Continuing Association with Lakme Fashion Week To showcase six hi-end jewellery brands at premium show The Gitanjali Group will continue its ongoing association with the Lakme Fashion Week that is being held in Mumbai from September 1822, 2009, showcasing its premier jewellery brands Stefan Hafner, Giantti, Nakshatra Eternity and Parineeta at the Neeta Lulla Show, and Gili and Bliss at the Nishka Lulla Show during the event. Speaking at a Press Conference to announce the LFW, Mr. Gilles Moutounet, Vice President – International Business, Gitanjali Group said, 'It gives us immense pleasure to be a part of the Lakme Fashion Week once again. This is the fourth season of our association with Lakme Fashion Week. In the last few years’ jewellery has become an integral part of fashion. LFW is an orchestrated endeavor to develop a common platform for leading fashion and luxury brands to come together and create a memorable experience around a niche audience. Gitanjali Luxury this year will be showcasing an exclusive collection. Gitanjali brands like Giantti, Stefan Hafner, Nakshatra Eternity and Parineeta with Neeta Lulla and Bliss and Gili with Nishka Lulla will be showcased on this fashionable platform. Gitanjali has always displayed a long standing association and deep rooted commitment towards the

development of the fashion industry and we look forward to a long and mutually fulfilling association with the LFW in the years to come".

Gitanjali Lifestyle partners with Force India Formula One team to present Speed Night VIP Access
Celebrating Speed & Glamour Force India/Gitanjali style Force India Formula One, India’s team at the pinnacle of motorsports Formula One along with Gitanjali Lifestyle, India’s premier jewellery and lifestyle retailer, bring alive the excitement, style and glamour of Formula One in a glamourous and star-studded exclusive evening‘Speed Nights VIP Access’ at Hyatt Regency on August 30, 2009. The evening flags off on an adrenaline pumping note as speed-crazy fans root for the Force India team following which Bliss - an Italian jewellery

brand from the Damiani Group, brought to India by Gitanjali Lifestyle, will be launched

With speedstar Giancarlo Fisichella on pole position the action at the Belgian Grand Prix took the excitement to a higher level as the race was beamed live on a massive screen. The gathering of Formula One fans closely resembled a race paddock with all eyes glued to the screen so as to not miss a single moment of the blinkand-you-miss-it excitement. The live race screening was followed by a celebration of the slice of high life with the launch of Bliss along with designer Nishka Lulla’s latest sports collection. Her label Nisshk is an unusual combination of feminine, sporty and glamorous attire. Bliss, an Italian jewellery brand for which “Everything becomes Possible”, is for the youth of today who are stylish, funky, bold, risk takers and are here to leave an impression. The brand targets men and women who prefer designer jewellery made of offbeat materials such as steel along with traditional gold and diamonds. It is targeted at young girls who are bold, unpredictable, confident and always look at doing things out of the box. The Bliss girl embodies the aura of a modern fashion icon – part of the fun-loving, jet setting high society whirl which is both dynamic and has its own elegant style.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Gilles Moutounet, Vice President – International Business, Gitanjali Group said, “We are glad to be

A sneak peek into the existin g brands under Gitanj ali Lifesty le:
Giantti - Creations from Giantti are superior, stylized and stunning – a fascinating fusion of global influences including classic diamond and colored stone jewellery World of Solitaire - The World of Solitaire store offers an exciting range of solitaire jewellery addressing every need of every age and

Gitanjali Gems Limited Press release – Quarterly results June 2009.
Jewellery segment continues to surge ahead, driven by domestic demand for retail brands Double digit growth in profits Mumbai – July 29, 2009 Gitanjali Gems Limited, one of India’s leading integrated diamond and jewellery retailing and manufacturing companies announced its unaudited financial results for the quarter ended 30th June, 2009. The Company’s effective cost control policies and efficient strategy resulted in improvement in its profit margins.

Highlights Quarter June 09

Consolida ted

Revenues increased by 11% from Rs. 1218.14 crores for the quarter ended 30th June, 2008 to Rs. 1352.16 crores for the quarter ended 30th June, 2009. Jewellery sales went up from Rs. 482.42 crores in the previous quarter to Rs. 661 crores in the current quarter, representing a 37.51% per cent growth. The share of jewellery in the total turnover went up from 40 per cent to 49 per cent. Despite the economic downturn, operating profits before interest and exceptional items grew from 66.30 crores to Rs. 86.30 crores representing a 30 per cent growth. The net profit for the year stood at Rs. 45.45 crores for the quarter ended 30th June, 2009, as compared to the Rs. 41.77 crores in the previous quarter. Standalone Revenues registered a 2% growth from Rs. 711.43 cr. for the quarter ended 30th June, 2008 to Rs. 728.45 crores for the quarter ended 30th June, 2009. Profit after tax stood at Rs. 37.96 crores, as compared to previous quarter profit of Rs. 33.54 crores. Operating profits registered a 13% increase to Rs. 37.96 crores for the quarter ended 30th June 2009 from Rs. 33.54 crores for the quarter ended 30th June, 2008. Management comment Mr. G.K. Nair, Executive Director, Gitanjali Gems Limited, commented on the results,” The quarter ended 30th June, 2009 has witnessed consistent growth in the jewellery segment. We are focused on leveraging on our domestic retail brands to strengthen our international presence. Our resilience and improvement in profit margins can be attributed to effective cost control policies and efficient strategies. However, our diamond segment revenues were adversely impacted due to the overall slowdown in the diamond industry. “

About Gitanja li Gems Limite d
Gitanjali Gems Ltd., part of the Gitanjali Group of Companies promoted by Mr. Mehul Choksi, is one of the largest and fastest growing diamond and jewellery businesses in the world. The Group has been the pioneers of the jewellery retail revolution, with several of their brands enjoying strong equity amongst consumers, including Gili, Asmi, D’Dam as, Maya Sangini . Gitanjali’s brands are thus, the most visible jewellery brands in the

1 - Successful Jewellery Retailing in Rural India 2 - Natural Colored Diamonds & Advantages 3 - Lessons from China’s gold Jewellery growth 4 - Identifying Diamond Treatments 5 - E-Selling (Free Seminar) 6 - “Ocean of Colours” : Gemstones 7 - World of Designers 8 - Optimizing Manufacturing of Jewellery 9 - Utilization of the capital to achieve maximum goals KEY POINT-"Brand Valuation: Relevance, Scope & Future Potential for the Indian Jewellery Industry" THEORY-

Research Methodology:

The research methodology that I undertook for the purpose of this study is enumerated belowPRIMARY RESEARCH: This consisted questionnaire and interaction from various people. A focus group study will be conducted to design the customer survey questionnaire with a sample size of 50 respondents. The survey was conducted in Delhi/NCR


Sources of secondary data were primarily the Internet , journals , newspaper, annual report, database available in catalogues and presentations. RESEARCH DESIGN: DESCRIPTIVE Descriptive studies are well structured, they tend to be rigid and its approach can not be changed every now and then. Descriptive study can be divided in two categories: Cross sectional Longitudinal Descriptive study are undertaken in many circumstances: When the researcher is interested in knowing the characteristics of certain groups such as age, profession. When the researcher is interested in knowing the proportion of people in given population who have behaved in a particular manner, making projection of certain things. The objective of this kind of study is to answer the why, who, what, when and how of the subject under consideration. I will be taking descriptive because my research includes the knowing the behavior of customer towards advertisement. I will be working on to know how people of various age group respond to different advertising or there perception towards advertisement. Also my survey is related to two companies Air Tel and Vodafone.

TYPES OF QUESTIONS: OPEN ENDED: They give the respondents complete freedom to decide the form, length and detail of the answer. Open questions are preferred when the researchers is interested in knowing what is upper most in the mind of respondents. DICHOTOMOUS: This type of questions have only two type of answer, yes or no. true or false etc. MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS: In the case of multiple choice question the respondents is offered two or more choices. The researcher exhausts all the possible choices and the respondent has to indicate which one is applicable in this case.



Gitanjali SEZs on stream: Group Chairman New Delhi, Mar 29: The Rs 1,500 crore SEZs of Gitanjali Group, leading gems and jewellery retailer, are proceeding as scheduled as the company did not face any problems on land acquisition. ''We have not faced any problems to acquire land for our SEZs as both of them are located in old areas of the cities. Infact, the work on Hyderabad SEZ has started and is on full stream,'' Gitanjali Group Chairman Mehul Choksi told reporters here today. The Rs 2,500-crore company is setting up two gems and jewellery special economic zones (SEZs) at Hyderabad and Maharashtra. While the first SEZ at Shamshabad, Hyderabad, will be spread over 200 acres of land, the second at Panvel will be built on over 25.23 acres of area. The Hyderabad SEZ, being built in a phased manner, is expected to be operational in three years.

1. Problem definition and recognition. A research generally begins with a question. That question is the synonym for problem definition. It is the base of a research. Based on that problem a researcher formulates the objectives and scope of the study. Clearly stated objectives keep a research project focused. The research question can also be stated as hypothesis. It is simply the researcher’s belief about a problem, which he develops during the review of literature.

2. Creating Research design

The researcher chooses the research design based on how he would like to come to a conclusion and whether that research type would satisfy his thirst meet the objectives and goals for the study undertaken. For this research exploratory research design has been chosen. 3. Sampling It involves defining the target population. Types of sampling are random, stratified, systematic, convenience, judgment, quota and snowball sampling. Convenience sampling would serve the purpose of this research. 4. Data collection A research project uses a data collection technique appropriate to the particular research methodology.Quantitative study employs deductive logic, where the researcher starts with a hypothesis, and then collects data to confirm or refute the hypothesis. Qualitative studies use inductive logic, where the researcher first designs a study and then develops a hypothesis or theory to explain the results of the analysis. For this research qualitative study would be adopted. 5. Data analysis These days’ computer software has made the analysis of quantitative data a very easy task. It is no longer incumbent on the researcher to know the formulas needed to calculate the desired statistics. Data analysis then leads to findings and conclusion of the research. 6. Reporting the result The purpose of reporting is to communicate information, and therefore, the report should be prepared specifically for the readers of the report

7. Validity and reliability It refers to the accuracy or truthfulness of a measurement. Reliability is synonymous with repeatability. A measurement that yields consistent results over time is said to be reliable. 8. Variability and error Most research is an attempt to understand and explain variability. . When a measurement lacks variability, no statistical tests can be performed. When a researcher finds differences between respondents, they are due to true difference on the variable being measured.

Problem definition/Hyothesis
GITANJAL GROUP has evolved itself over the time and has arranged great infrastructure with enormous capital. They even have great workforce to maintain their dignity in the trade

of jewellery,selling of loose diamonds, and manufacturing the same. They believe in wholesale marketing retailing and have even prefer e-retailing. GITANJALI jewellery is easily available for purchase on and They must have faced problems in starting in building the brand name. But now they are the most saleable item in market creating transparency in cost. This way they have made enormous loyalty among customers.


Gitanjali group has emerged as a great enterprise. They have trade relationship with USA ,EUROPE and being the top most brand for jewellery in INDIA. They have loyal customer base. Company provides transparency in the dealing with the customer. Over the time they have carved their own niche in the world by being 3500 crore enterprise and having further important dealings in the pipeline to further raise their standard from being diamond merchants to other sectors of retail and infrastructure.