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“‘As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion...’ - Article ! of the "nglish te#t of the $reaty of $ri%oli& a%%roved 'y the U.S. Senate on (une )& *)+) and ratified 'y ,resident (ohn Adams on (une *-& *)+)..

/! have 'een 0anting to address this 1uote for some time no0& 2ust haven’t had the time& sorry.3 4o0 does this 1uote that Blancho uses fly in the face of other 1uotes 'y (ohn Adams5 6hat is the 'ac7ground to this treaty that caused such a signing to enter the record 'oo7s of our hallowed halls. 8et us first see a fe0 1uotes 'y Adams 'efore 0e enter into the %ro%er conte#t of this treaty. 9s%ea7ing on 0hy Christmas and the :ourth of (uly 0ere out t0o to% holidays; “!s it not that& in the chain of human events& the 'irthday of the nation is indissolu'ly lin7ed 0ith the 'irthday of the Saviour5 $hat it forms a leading event in the %rogress of the gos%el dis%ensation5 !s it not that the <eclaration of !nde%endence first organi=ed the social com%act on the foundation of the Redeemer’s mission u%on earth5 $hat it laid the cornerstone of human government u%on the first %rece%ts of Christianity5. “Religion and virtue are the only foundations> of re%u'licanism and of all free governments.. ?7ay& the $reaty of $ri%oli& one of several 0ith $ri%oli& 0as negotiated during the “Bar'ary ,o0ers Conflict&. 0hich 'egan shortly after the Revolutionary 6ar and continued through the ,residencies of 6ashington& Adams& (efferson& and @adison. $he @uslim Bar'ary ,o0ers /$unis& @orocco& Algiers& $ri%oli& and $ur7ey3 0ere 0arring against 0hat they claimed to 'e the “Christian. nations /"ngland& :rance& S%ain& <enmar7& and the United States3. !n *A-*& $ri%oli even declared 0ar against the United States& thus constituting AmericaBs first official 0ar as an esta'lished inde%endent nation. $hroughout this long conflict& the five Bar'ary ,o0ers regularly attac7ed undefended American merchant shi%s. Cot only 0ere their cargoes easy %rey 'ut the Bar'ary ,o0ers 0ere also ca%turing and enslaving 9i;“Christians.9Di; seamen in retaliation for 0hat had 'een done to them 'y the “Christians. of %revious centuries /e.g.& the Crusades and :erdinand and !sa'ella’s e#%ulsion of @uslims from Erenada3.

!n an attem%t to secure a release of ca%tured seamen and a guarantee of unmolested shi%%ing in the @editerranean& ,resident 6ashington dis%atched envoys to negotiate treaties 0ith the Bar'ary nations. /Concurrently& he encouraged the construction of American naval 0arshi%s to defend the shi%%ing and confront the Bar'ary “%irates. F a %lan not seriously %ursued until ,resident (ohn Adams created a se%arate <e%artment of the Cavy in *)+A.3 $he American envoys negotiated numerous treaties of “,eace and Amity. 0ith the @uslim Bar'ary nations to ensure “%rotection. of American commercial shi%s sailing in the @editerranean. 4o0ever& the terms of the treaty fre1uently 0ere unfavora'le to America& either re1uiring her to %ay hundreds of thousands of dollars of “tri'ute. /i.e.& official e#tortion3 to each country to receive a guarantee. of safety or to offer other “considerations. /e.g.& %roviding a 0arshi% as a gift to $ri%oli& a gift frigate to Algiers& %aying GHG&--- to ransom ca%tured American seamen from Algiers& etc.3 $he *)+) treaty 0ith $ri%oli 0as one of the many treaties in 0hich each country officially recogni=ed the religion of the other in an attem%t to %revent further escalation of a “4oly 6ar. 'et0een Christians and @uslims. Conse1uently& Article ! of that treaty stated: “As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion AS it has in itself no character of enmity 9hatred; against the la0s& religion or tran1uility of @usselmen 9@uslims; and as the said States 9America; have never entered into any 0ar or act of hostility against any @ahometan 9@ohammedan; nation& it is declared 'y the %arties that no %rete#t arising from religious o%inions shall ever %roduce an interru%tion of the harmony e#isting 'et0een the t0o countries.. $his article may 'e read in t0o manners. !t may& as its critics do& 'e concluded after the clause “Christian religion.I or it may 'e read in its entirety and concluded 0hen the %unctuation so indicates. But even if shortened and cut a'ru%tly /“the government of the united states is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion”3& this is not an untrue statement since it is referring to the :ederal government. Recall that 0hile the :ounders themselves o%enly descri'ed America as a Christian nation& they did include a constitutional %rohi'ition against a federal esta'lishmentI religion 0as a matter left solely to the individual states. $herefore& if the article is read as a declaration that the federal government of the United States 0as not in any sense founded on the Christian religion& such a statement is not a re%udiation of the fact that America 0as considered a Christian nation. Reading the clause of the treaty in its entirety also fails to 0ea7en this fact. Article ! sim%ly distinguished America from those historical strains of "uro%ean Christianity 0hich held an inherent hatred of @uslimsI it sim%ly assured the @uslims that the United States 0as not a Christian nation li7e those of %revious centuries /0ith 0hose %ractices the @uslims 0ere very familiar3 and thus 0ould not underta7e a religious holy 0ar against them. $his latter reading is& in fact& su%%orted 'y the attitude %revalent among numerous American leaders. $he Christianity %racticed in America 0as descri'ed 'y (ohn (ay as “enlightened&. 'y

(ohn Juincy Adams as “civili=ed&. and 'y (ohn Adams as “rational.. A clear distinction 0as dra0n 'et0een American Christianity and that of "uro%ean in earlier centuries. As Noah Webster e#%lained: “$he ecclesiastical esta'lishments of "uro%e 0hich serve to su%%ort tyrannical governments are not the Christian religion 'ut a'uses and corru%tion’s of it.. Daniel Webster similarly e#%lained that American Christianity 0as: “Christianity to 0hich the s0ord and the fagot 9'urning sta7e or hot 'randing iron; are un7no0n F general tolerant Christianity is the la0 of the landK. 6hile discussing the Bar'ary conflict 0ith (efferson& Adams declared: “$he %olicy of Christendom has made co0ards of all their sailors 'efore the standard of @ahomet. !t 0ould 'e heroical and glorious in us to restore courage to ours.. :urthermore& it 0as Adams 0ho declared: “$he general %rinci%les on 0hich the fathers achieved inde%endence 0ere> the general %rinci%les of Christianity>. ! 0ill avo0 that ! then 'elieved& and no0 'elieve& that those general %rinci%les of Christianity are as eternal and immuta'le as the e#istence and attri'utes of EodI and that those %rinci%les of li'erty are as unaltera'le as human nature.. Adams’ o0n 0ords confirm that he re2ected any notion that America 0as less than a Christian nation. Additionally& the 0riting’s of General William Eaton& a ma2or figure in the Bar'ary ,o0ers conflict& %rovide even more irrefuta'le testimony of ho0 the conflict 0as vie0ed at that time. "aton 0as first a%%ointed 'y ,resident (ohn Adams a “Consul to $unis&. and ,resident $homas (efferson later advanced him to the %osition of “U. S. Caval Agent to the Bar'ary States&. authori=ing him to lead a military e#%edition against $ri%oli. "aton’s official corres%ondence during his service confirms that the conflict 0as a @uslim 0ar against a Christian America. :or e#am%le& 0hen 0riting to Secretary of State $imothy ,ic7ering& "aton a%%rised him of 0hy the @uslims 0ould 'e such dedicated foes: “$aught 'y revelation 9the Loran; that 0ar 0ith the Christians 0ill guarantee the salvation of their souls& and finding so great secular advantages in the o'servance of this religious duty 9the secular advantage of 7ee%ing ca%tured cargo;& their 9the @uslims’; inducements to des%erate fighting are very %o0erful.. "aton later com%lained that after (efferson had a%%roved his %lan for military action& he sent him the o'solete 0arshi% “4ero.. "aton re%orted the im%ression of America made u%on the $unis @uslims 0hen they sa0 the old 0arshi% and its fe0 cannons:

“9$;he 0ea7& the cra=y situation of the vessel and e1ui%age 9armaments; tended to confirm an o%inion long since conceived and never fairly controverted among the $unisians& that the Americans are a fee'le sect of Christianity.. !n a letter to ,ic7ering& "aton re%orted ho0 %leased one Bar'ary ruler had 'een 0hen he received the e#tortion com%ensations from America 0hich had 'een %romised him in one of the treaties& he said: “$o s%ea7 truly and candidly>. 0e must ac7no0ledge to you that 0e have never received articles of the 7ind of so e#cellent a 1uality from any Christian nation.. 6hen (ohn @arshall 'ecame the ne0 Secretary of State& "aton informed him: “!t is a ma#im of the Bar'ary States& that ‘$he Christians 0ho 0ould 'e on good terms 0ith them must fight 0ell or %ay 0ell.. And 0hen Eeneral "aton finally commenced his military action against $ri%oli& his %ersonal 2ournal noted: “A%ril Ath. 6e find it almost im%ossi'le to ins%ire these 0ild 'igots 0ith confidence in us or to %ersuade then that& 'eing Christians& 0e can 'e other0ise than enemies to @usselmen. 6e have a difficult underta7ingK. @ay HMrd. 4assien Bey& the commander in chief of the enemy’s forces& has offered 'y %rivate insinuation for my head si# thousand dollars and dou'le the sum for me as %risonerI and NM%er head for Christians. 6hy don’t he come and ta7e it5.9Di;9Dlist;Shortly after the military e#cursion against $ri%oli 0as successfully terminated& its account 0as 0ritten and %u'lished. 6hat 0as the title5 • The Life of the Late Gen. William Eaton… commander of the Christian and other forces… which Led to the Treaty of Peace etween The !nited "tates and The #egency of Tri$oli

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