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We will surely cause him to live a good life. whether male or female. . He is driven by a strong passion for knowledge and growth. Now he is living life with intense happiness like never before.Nafs). human behaviour. while he is a believer . Leadership. until he worked his way up to happiness and success.waytogodproject. 15 courses. Just like all WayToGod members. WayToGod Team & The Author With the help of Allah and the contribution of other team members this book was created to relief emotional suffering. and We will surely give them their reward [in the Hereafter] according to the best of what they used to do. Muslims and non-Muslims.” Quran Our team consists of a group of people who united under a cause that we are certain of its victory. which is to fill the earth with justice and peace. strategic planning. The Author of this book is a member of the WayToGod Team.www. Therefore he made sure that he doesn’t write anything that comes close to exceed his current understanding and comprehension. Even though his reading about the topics of this book is extensive (hundreds of books.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Acknowledgement The WayToGod Team would like to dedicate this book to the ignored suffering faces all over the world. and over 200 lectures)) he still believes that his knowledge is so little. For years he has been studying personal development. “Whoever does righteousness. especially those who are in pain because of man’s greed and evil doing. those who unlike us cannot get the opportunity to better their lives and live happily. Just like many people his bliss in life wasn’t doing well. From a very young age he held different managerial positions in Britain. and the Islamic concept of Self Purification (Tazkiat Al. he likes to keep his Good Deeds and identity anonymous.

waytogodproject.waytogodproject. Soul Purification also leads to a powerful relationship with our God and Creator (Allah). and you are my availer and protector and best of aid. It diminishes evil and promotes goodness in the soul. "Oh Allah! Make useful for me what you have taught me and teach me knowledge that will be useful to me. Oh Allah! You do whatever you wish. Oh Allah! Make my tongue full of your remembrance and my heart with consciousness of you. Soul purification leads to the high levels of humanity. help ourselves.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 We are motivated by the Quranic Verse: “Indeed God will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.com to watch a Free series that will help you achieve self mastery and purify your soul from evil. Self Development leads us to develop every aspect of our lives in order to achieve success in this world and sustain a high level of satisfaction and productivity. furthermore it makes us take charge of our lives." Quran The way we change the world is by inspiring and providing people worldwide with knowledge that leads to soul purification and personal development. Please visit: www. and those nearest to you.www. through it we can achieve heaven in the hereafter." . Oh Allah! I ask you for the understanding of the prophets and the memory of the messengers. and help the world.

waytogodproject. the WayToGod Team aims to give you short. and inner power. straight to the point and effective techniques as well as knowledge that will help you understand the concept of Happiness in a way that anyone can relate to.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Introduction Throughout history until today the vast majority of people have been in search of happiness. researches have shown a significant amount of happiness occurs. Chapter 1 of this eBook will give you ways to grow your individuality. it leads us to a lot of emptiness and sadness. as if it is a treasure that only the “lucky” discover. While some believe that happiness is a choice. The techniques we are talking about are based on personal development and are backed up by Islamic teachings. Chapter 3 will teach you that as Muslims we have another need that when ignored. others believe it’s a matter of personal experiences and life incidents. With this book. Although this book contains Islamic teachings. This need is obeying Allah. There is no point in your life when you will be happy ever after. Growth and Contribution are not the only human needs. those two needs are the most fulfilling and lead to a longer period happiness. The process of happiness can be summarized by growth and contribution. This eBook will give you ways to satisfy two main needs of all human beings of which when satisfied. So you will learn that your process of Growing and Contributing can be much more rewarding if it is done for the sake of Allah. but what will happen is that your happy days will greatly outnumber your sad ones. What you will notice throughout your reading is that Happiness is not an end. personality. but according to personal development and Islam. Even sadness will become weak in front of your determination and emotional power. all the information given will benefit you regardless of whatever your faith may be. . hence you will be able to overcome sadness more easily. Chapter 2 will guide towards living a life of gratitude and contribution that is based on achieving your goals in life and at the same time using those goals to contribute to the world.www. but it is a process.

this means that people have different goals in life that make them happy. you will be offered help in a way that you don’t feel like you need to be someone else. for all books are fallible apart from one. we are liable to write fallible books. As we are fallible human beings. I am not trying to change your dreams. The book includes proven techniques. Certainty (comfort). So no matter what your faith is. . I would also like to apologize if there are any mistakes or wrong information given to you. but lays down powerful methods of how you can achieve your goals in ways that do not lead to emotional pain. character. and beliefs that can work on everyone including you.www. can also lead to happiness but they are less rewarding and last for short periods of time. This eBook aims to shift your focus towards satisfying the needs of Growth and Contribution. I encourage you to align your beliefs and philosophies with the information given to you here. as according to our faith the only true infallible book is the Quran.waytogodproject. or being loved.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Other human needs such as significance (attention). Though we don’t believe it is the only way to Happiness. or needs. Will this book work on you? We are different. If you want to truly benefit from this book and truly embrace every moment of your life. methods. so this eBook does not treat everyone the same. I believe it is the best way. but rather in a way that will help you be your true self and enjoy every moment of your life.

com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Materials and Happiness Do materials bring happiness? Yes and No. Y seeked materials to be better than who he was before due to the self growth and contribution he achieved. He then spends many years building his wealth. but for a very brief moment. Let’s say for example X is a poor man living in a rich environment. the materials you achieve will not make you happy as the process of developing yourself and helping others will. every time he becomes richer than one person he discovers that there is always one person richer than him. so he became determined to be richer than his peers in order to appear superior to them. It all depends on your intention. a poor man who regardless of his poverty he still felt content and happy with what he has because there are people who are poorer than him. he can own a car to facilitate an easier life for his family. Rather than living in small house.www. Let’s imagine Y. maybe starts compromising his integrity in the process. unlike X who seeked materials to be better than other people and become significant. No matter how rich you are. Do you think that his money made him happy? Off course. They used to treat him differently and arrogantly. So his goal was to make a capital and start his own business later on.waytogodproject. For many years he felt inferior to his peers..etc. after a few years he eventually succeeded and was able to use his money to help those who were poor.. Do you think his money made him happy? After spending years of hard work just to appear superior definitely didn’t make him happy. if you don’t feel content with what you have you will never be happy. At the same time when your intention is to improve yourself or your life. Y feels that he has the ability to learn new skills and work hard to create a better life for himself and his family. what would have made him happier is treating his feelings of inferiority and leaving the environment he was living in. and satisfying your ego by seeking materials will also make you happy. getting greedier and greedier. What you need to understand is that (happiness + materials) depend on your intent. he can get a bigger one. .

murder.  We should not seek to get materials from this world (Misunderstanding of Zuhd)  God has put me into calamities. oppression. nothing I can do about it. as long as we don’t overcome them. Arabia before Islam was a truly chaotic place. Their level of happiness decreased for one year and then went back to the same level it was on before the accident 1. Only the small minority who possessed the power at the time were “happy”. So it’s good to put ourselves in struggles.” Henry David Thoreau Furthermore there are studies that were made to analyze how happiness is affected by materials. For one year those people's happiness increased. God gave you Islam to make you live happily and fulfilled in this life.  Happiness is not created for us.etc.waytogodproject.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. the more reward we get from the hereafter. is that it’s concept of self purification is in harmony with the scientific point of view with regards of happiness (Psychology of Happiness). Islam and Happiness Sadly there are many misconceptions by Muslims regarding happiness. The list continues. and suffering. loss. but after the year was over their happiness went down to the same level it was on before winning the lottery. illegitimate relationships. The majority of people were living in sorrow. Until the Great Man Mohammad (P.U. These studies were conducted on people who won the lottery... pain.. we won’t be happy. in just 15 years it became a rich and prosperous place where all people were treated justly.B. disbelievers will enjoy this life and we will enjoy the one after. it was filled with theft. He knows that this world has many dangers. For example:  This life is a test so believers should be sad.H) delivered the message of God and relieved sadness from Arabia. The same study was conducted on people who lost their limbs due to accidents.www.. so He commanded you to abstain from some actions because they will make you suffer. helplessness. .  The more we struggle here. What’s astonishing about Islam.

automatically feelings of peace will glorify his/her life.B. If we ponder over the emotions that are associated with happiness.www. we conclude that most of them if not all are required by Islam. But as long as the person is close and obeying God.H) and many verses convey this reality. Ali-Imran 139 The required painful emotions in Islam are those which are related to some matters in the hereafter. For example the feeling of regret that is caused by sins and that leads to repentance. the Holy Prophet (P. is you having an uncontrolled feeling of happiness that makes you lose control over your behaviour and develop illogical reactions that lead to sin. The truth is repentance is one of the greatest happiness.U.” Holy Quran. or the feeling of fear that deters us from disobedience. I take refuge in You from anxiety and sorrow’ Prophet Mohammad PBUH “So do not weaken and do not grieve. and you will be superior if you are [true] believers. thirst for knowledge Excitement and passion Determination Flexibility Confidence Cheerfulness Vitality  Contribution2 Most feelings of Sadness are not required in Islam. For example: ‘O Allaah. because it ultimately channels itself into the happiness we feel when we are close to our Creator.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 What God doesn’t want.waytogodproject. . which are:          Love and warmth Appreciation and gratitude Curiosity.

the only one you can be and is free to be is You. powerful.etc. Growth is the process of growing your personal abilities.waytogodproject.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Create The Ultimate You True Happiness is the process of satisfying two basic needs in human beings. To be Happy. strong. and everything that has to do with you. You should use this concept as a means to grow your personal abilities and powers. you must master yourself. The idea of creating a new. You must embrace your individuality and uniqueness. You must lift yourself up to much higher levels of You. able. teach others. succeeding at work. But do you know who you are? Would you believe me if I tell you that you are created equal to all other happy people? God created you and has put inside you the potential to be and do wonders in this world.www. inadequate. it also applies to materials. So in order to be happy. or mentally weak most of the time can’t please Allah by seeking knowledge. You will never be happy if you want to be someone else. because this goal is unattainable and everyone else is taken. resilient You automatically brings satisfaction and joy to you. and master your being. first you must discover who you truly are and live as who you truly are. A man who believes that he is unable. morals. which are growth and contribution. Islam satisfies this need in you with the concept of Self Purification (TazkiatAlnafs).. character. “And is one who was dead and We gave him life and made for him light by which to walk among the people like one who is in darkness” Quran Al-'An`ām 122 . The first step towards happiness you should take is to be happy in your own skin..

jealous. A fearful night passed sleepless. what can you see? Do you see it a dark. “And they will say. your mind will dwell on that memory and recall the bad and negative feelings you had during that incident. hateful. On the other hand if I tell you to think of a time back in your life when you felt really happy your mind will recall happy feelings.waytogodproject. depressed. and that he must find another job. While a minor amount of negative thinking is healthy. be certain that you’re having unhealthy thoughts. If I ask you right now to think of a bad memory. What this means is that your thoughts play a huge role on how happy you can be in life. who has removed from us [all] sorrow. unknown. happiness. scary place? Or do you see success. To make it simple and brief. "Praise to Allah . and hope? At the end of his shift. angry. what prevent us from being so are negative thoughts that swing our moods (mood swings). Indeed.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Purify Your Thoughts Most people buy this book and similar ones because they think that they are not happy or they think they are happy. The man started to wonder why the CEO wants to meet him. If I ask you to think about your future. the man goes the next morning sad and depressed to the meeting. one man was told that the CEO of the company wants to have a meeting with him the next day. You might ask “How do I know if this thought is positive or negative?” Whenever you feel sad. selfish or any negative emotion. what did he do wrong? Did he forget to complete any work? He went home thinking that he will be fired the next day. indulging in negative thinking shatters your happiness. your state of happiness is highly determined by what you think most of the time. our Lord is Forgiving and Appreciative-“ Quran. but they think that they need to be happier. Fatir 34 . What this means is that our normal state is to be at peace.www.

so imagine how sad our lives could end up.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 The CEO looks at him joyfully as he welcomes him and says: “Congratulations. If this man was a positive thinker. he wouldn’t have spent a whole night sad and worried. In order to feel hopeful what should you think of? Positive thoughts of course. Similar incidents happen to us every day. develop the habit of thinking thoughts that boost your motivation. The First thing you should do when you wake up daily is to read/watch or do something that brings you happy thoughts and feelings.waytogodproject. For 10 days whenever you get a negative thought replace it with a positive one that bring you good feelings. The incident was positive but he thought about it negatively. tranquillity and peace. Rather than thinking thoughts that arouse your sadness and negative emotions. “Successful indeed are the believers” Quran. so he deprived himself from enjoying a whole night of sleep. Al-Mu’minoon 1 . you have been promoted”. Remember: the way you feel is determined by what you are thinking of. You must develop a habit of thinking positively about every aspect of your life. perform the following steps for 10 consecutive days: 1. but at the same time you must do something about it.www. what made the man restless on that night were the negative thoughts he was having. In order to be happy you must cultivate feelings of hope and optimism most of the time. Regardless of what is happening in the external world. To help you do this. The best way to do that is by believing that God holds all good things for you. Practical Exercise to eliminate negative thinking So the challenge for you now is to not think or dwell in any negative thought for more than 1 minute.

. “don’t play in the mud you will get sick”. This situation is a huge wall that blocks you from happiness.. Many times the defence mechanism guards us from harm. “don’t swim you will drown”. Nothing is more inhibiting and provoking to a life of fear than a limiting belief. 3. your mind utilizes a defence mechanism. Limiting beliefs are like the mother who is overly worried about her child.www. you say “I can’t be liked by everyone”. people’s opinions don’t matter much. In order to prevent this experience from happening again. for example: Sometimes in life we face some experiences that we interpret negatively so they highly destabilize us and give us severe pain. you start to form limiting beliefs that stop you from being happy. When you get a negative thought or emotion remove yourself quickly out of that state.etc”.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 2. The defence mechanism forms a belief in your mind that limits you from acting the same way that led you to face the same pain. “Even God is not loved by all people”. a negative limiting belief is a belief that limits you from what you can do and achieve as a being. don’t don’t don’t. “don’t run you will fall”. Whenever you fail and dwell on a negative thought for more than 1 minute start the challenge again. Diminish Limiting Beliefs After dwelling in many negative thoughts. spiritual. “As Long as I’m doing the right thing. it holds you back from taking steps that in most occasions can make you happy.waytogodproject. A repetitive negative thought becoming a “limiting belief” causes you to live by its rules and in turn dictates your mental. Keep finding ways to get over your negative thoughts within 1 minute maximum. . emotional and psychological processes within its limits and boundaries. for example: Rather than feeling sad because “This person hates me for no reason”. What this mother is not aware of is that she is limiting her child from trying and expanding. but sadly in many occasions it works against our happiness.     Success is luck Life is hard No pain no gain Only $1 Million will make me happy To be simple.

either to remain in denial about your limiting beliefs which will inevitably lead you to a spiritual and psychological collapse (emotional pain). whether they come from within. YOURSELF (Happy) The belief that: “I shouldn’t do something. There are NO limits (apart from God’s decree).www.” “I can’t trust ANYONE” caused you to go astray from people or to stay formal which left you no chance for mutual understanding and no harmony to be achieved. Or to rid yourself of these mental parasites that feed on your fear and uncertainty. I’ve failed before” caused you to skip on opportunities and miss chances thus missing out on wealth and success. and become and be what you were born to be. Satan. or from outside.” “I should be as good as my peers” made you compare yourself to others with different situations.waytogodproject. “Use no way as way. only limiting beliefs. to keep developing and evolving. regardless of our imperfections. we can do anything we want. We are ABLE. Those imperfections are what give us the urge to keep striving towards what’s better. also bringing life to your fear of being inferior” “I don’t deserve success unless I follow the exact steps that some successful people did” made you succumb to conformity and also believe that you can’t do things your own way” “I can’t afford to put in effort in caring how others feel” just cancelled all your chances of probably achieving any of your ambitions. “It is way too risky to be different as I’ll be looked at as weird or be abandoned for being non-confirmative” is understandable. upbringings etc… and caused you less selfconfidence and shattered your self-esteem. Have no limitation as limitation” – Bruce Lee The ultimate point to consider is that you have one of two choices. why are you upset today? . yet it is limiting and also damaging to your whole sphere of well-being… Another example of limiting beliefs is: Me: Salam Alaykom bro.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 God created us as able beings.

and I get no time to rest at all. X: Do you think we can push this box? Y: Definitely No. if he believes that “There are jobs that are fun to do” he would have found them.waytogodproject.” ------Limiting Belief. so in order to believe that you can be happy even though your past was ugly. my friend here has formed limiting beliefs that prevent him from taking action. You should find evidences and proofs to convince your subconscious mind that your limiting beliefs wrong. X regardless of the heavy look of the box has decided to go out and try pushing it. You might wonder how do I know if my beliefs are true or false? This is a common question that many people ask because limiting beliefs appear so real. The difference between X and Y is great. What if the box was empty from inside? Y would have been stuck on the road forever.Limiting Belief Me: !! As you can see. (Judging from the appearance) X: I’m going to try. Y however decides to not even try pushing the box because of its size and look.www. future seems unknown. Me: Why do you hate it? Brother: They give me long night shifts. they limit our potential. This is exactly the same with limiting beliefs. and in many cases can put us in hopeless situations when we have many ways . for example you can read about people who had terrible childhoods and past experiences and still went far beyond those limitations. This type of a person does not allow his mind to limit his achievements but goes beyond.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Brother in Islam: I really hate my job. Brother: But thank God for everything. Brother: All jobs are boring anyway. ------. what can I do. Let us assume there are two men named X and Y and they come across a seemingly heavy box blocking the road. “No one is happy with his job. present is not perfect. If he believes that “He can find a job that makes him happy”.

Not only happiness.www. . “Satan threatens you with poverty and orders you to immorality. at least 5) How did you develop those beliefs? (Think of experiences that made you believe that you can’t be happy now) Write down 3 reasons for why of your limiting beliefs are false and can be overcome. We will talk about the relationship between beliefs and achievements in the self-confidence section. Now write down of at least 5 new empowering beliefs that if you develop you can be happy now. why not? (Write down all the limiting beliefs you have. in order to convince myself that I am becoming a happier person? Note: You can use this model to diminish limiting beliefs in anything you want. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing. What can I do now. Just modify it so that it suits you and make sure that your new beliefs do not contradict your Islamic teachings.waytogodproject. while Allah promises you forgiveness from Him and bounty. Technique to Diminish Limiting Beliefs about happiness: Do you believe that you can be fully happy now? If not.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 out.” Quran Al-Baqara 268. What you need to learn from this is that one of the reasons that makes us sad is the limiting beliefs we adopt from our previous experiences.

then you will live your life . your body is notifying you that you might have eaten something harmful and you should treat it as soon as possible. This means that pain: 1. she adopts the beliefs of "I can’t live without him". Let me tell you why.waytogodproject.etc This emotional pain is telling her to take action. Do you remember the last time you felt regret because you disobeyed God? This bad feeling is motivating you to take action and protect you from greater harm.. When you get a stomach pain.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Get Over Bad Emotions One of the greatest blessings God has given is bad emotions.www.. and things that you do. the pain of the girl who used to love a guy and the guy she loved married another girl. Prevents us from harming our selves more. .God forbid .with one hand. Hell. 3. As a final example. If you don't get pain your hand would be in fire and burn and maybe then might need to be totally removed. things that happen externally. Another example is when you feel sad because your job does not suit you and you need a better one. Why Do We Get Bad Emotions? Do you know why we feel physical pain? If for example you touch fire your body automatically sends you a warning message to remove your hand from the fire so that you don’t burn your hand. If he's married already or he's gone. which we can learn from and not repeat. The action required in this case is repentance. Yes. 2. She feels helpless and unable to get over him. this pain is telling you that you have great abilities to find a better one. Drives us to take immediate action to solve our problems. There are other things that give you bad emotions. Same happens with emotional pain. I'm serious. This message is pain. then the logical solution for her is to patiently expect a new man in her life and she then makes sure that she doesn't give her heart to anyone but the one who is fully ready to marry her. either by finding a way to marry him or get over him. "I can never love anyone again". Notifies us when we have made a mistake.

can easily and peacefully be blocked. If you are not happy with your behaviour or attributes. write down a plan on how you will make $10000 in 3 months.. write a detailed plan on how you will find a better.” Al-Ankabut 33 The best method to avoid bad emotions from external circumstances is by not allowing any external incident to destabilize your inner peace. ". If you need more money. Fear 3. poor car. through criticism. you have to feel grateful for having them in the first place. to block the avoidable negative people out of your life if they are bringing you down. deception or lying.Fear not. new job in 3 months. As soon as you start writing a powerful plan that convinces your subconscious mind that you are solving the problem. Internal Sources of Bad Emotions Same story happens with the things you do internally. Hurt 4. Discomfort 2. Anger . Some of those people might be unavoidable like family members.. in other words to give no value to those who continuously insult you..www. If you don’t like your job. In conclusion whenever you get any of the following emotions.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 External sources of emotional pain Your life might involve some people who give you bad emotions. We will save you and your family. There are other external things that make you upset such as your job.. automatically the bad emotion will fade away. nor grieve.. or avoidable like friends. insults.. traffic jams. If you are sad because you’re not giving time to your family. Secondly you should write out a detailed plan on how to solve those problems. low salary. As for things that bother you like shortage of materials. write a plan and follow it by action. be certain that immediate action is required: 1. Just like social websites. anyone who bothers you and wishes harm to come to you. Indeed.etc. small house. write down a detailed plan on how you will boost your desired attributes.waytogodproject.

and certainly he will go to hell". What you need to understand is that depression is harmful. Depression= Unsolved Problem + No/Low Hope What this means is that the way to get over depression is to boost your hope and to solve your problem.” Al-Furqan 31 What happens if we ignore our problem? Get Over Depression Sadly. and that you can get over it easily by optimising your hope and Taking Action Now! .waytogodproject. and then he starts believing that "God will not forgive him. Guilt 8. if we ignore our problems and form limiting beliefs that make us lose hope. Frustration 6. and unable to marry him False belief= I can never love anyone again. because despair makes us not take any action. Allah strictly commanded us to not fall in despair and to continuously hope for His Mercy.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 5. Imagine a man who disobeyed God greatly. Do you think this man will ever repent? Surely Not.. What is the difference between bad emotions and Depression? Bad emotions are temporal because you can see some form of a solution to your problem. As Muslims we are so blessed to have the concept of hope.www. Problem= I love this man. overwhelm 10. Despair = Problem + False Belief. Loneliness3 “. For example: The man I love got married + I can never love anyone again. Inadequacy 9. Disappointment 7..But sufficient is your Lord as a guide and a helper. Overload. but if you accompany your problem with no solution. Depression occurs. depression will attack us with no mercy.

Or maybe the environment your in is not for you. If you did a mistake in the past that depresses you in the present.etc. then the way to get over it is by acceptance.www. it is He who is the Forgiving. Say. If you are depressed because you think you’re not modest enough. with hardship [will be] ease. Indeed. or you lost a loved one. object. At the same time you should convince your mind that this mistake will never happen again.waytogodproject. try again. I believe that God is with me and will surely help me”. but it still exists. You failed again. generous enough. Your belief must be “I keep trying until I succeed or die. Then acceptance will be their first solution. The parents who have a disabled child. The solution may be different than what you initially desired. “Indeed. Take action and boost those attributes with full hope that God eventually will bless you with those attributes. Try again. Indeed. spouse. You might be doing something wrong. But remember there is no problem without solution. "O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning].com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 If you are depressed because you failed in your business and need to pay your debts. What if there is no solution? If for example you were not successful to get a goal. courageous enough.” Ash-Sharĥ 6 If you are depressed because people don't like you. and there is only one of its kind. Allah forgives all sins."Az-Zumar 53 . your solution is to find ways to change your negative perception of the mistake and take it as a lesson to learn from. The way you can do so is by behaving in a way that opposes that mistake. and there’s no way to recover him. the Merciful. look deep inside and identify why.. do not despair of the mercy of Allah .. Either change yourself or your environment.

Al -Baqara 155-156 As Muslims we believe that one reason we were put in this world is trial. No one is safe from trials and tragedies. and indeed to Him we will return. or we live ungrateful (those are the sad and upset). At any time we might lose someone we love. How to Deal With Tragedies “And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits. It is up to us to choose which side we want to be on. joy. "Indeed we belong to Allah . and most of his liver was removed. but give good tidings to the patient. He never moans. I remember a friend of mine who was suffering from cancer. complains. Shock. It only means that you need to find alternatives. I am sure that you have met someone before who was tasting the severe pains of life.waytogodproject. Yet his attitude. he lost most of his weight. People who yet have no emotional endurance face what is called a grief cycle when they are struck with calamities. Acceptance means that you are truly happy and joyful with what God has given you. If there is no way you can achieve that goal you should accept and thank God for it. This doesn't mean that you stop taking action. because surely it is for your own benefit. but at the same time you see him/her in utmost joy and peace. and other blessings.The initial paralysis when hearing the bad news. joy and sorrow.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Acceptance is another attribute of a believer. At any time we might lose our health. So He made this life to be liable to ups and downs. If we truly understand this concept. we either live thankfully (those are the happy and joyful). so He divides us into heaven or hell.www. faith and disbelief. say. wealth. . Only few know about his illness. Allah wants to try us with good and bad. we will be able to maintain a high level of happiness in life regardless of the external incidents that strike us. smile. his skin was pale. The grief cycle consists of 5 stages: 1. Who. Pleasing his Lord is the centre that his whole life orbits around. faith in Allah was unbelievable. when disaster strikes them. let me tell you how most people deal with tragedies. or speaks about his suffering. Do you not wonder how? Before answering this question."” Holy Quran.

To be brief and straight to the point. No matter what happens in our lives. It is us who make ourselves happy or sad.www. as a lot of time of is taken by shock. The reason most people feel shocked when calamities happen is that their mindsets are not trained to face calamities. you will strengthen your character and resilience abilities. find a solution to the problem. this is step by step guide to dealing effectively with tragedies and to immune ourselves from being highly affected by them: 1. 4. Many people believe that they will not face any hurtful incidents. Take Responsibility to how you feel Emotions do not happen without control. until we start getting over our tragedies. one must be ready to accept it.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 2. Secondly. Children who have been brought up in excessive comfort where all their demands are satisfied immediately face this problem more than others.When people are ready to move forward. 2. He is our protector. Bargaining. They think that denying its existence will make them feel better. 2. Expect the best to happen. By just preparing for them. At . but be ready for the worst.Common when people try to avoid the problem. but will also accompany mean incidents that intend to weaken you.” Quran.anger is caused because of the frustration and repressed emotions. The key here is to always be optimistic that Allah will nourish your life with happy things.4 As you can see the grief cycle takes a long time to pass. or they can get everything they desire in life. "Never will we be struck except by what Allah has decreed for us. 3. Denial. The trick to dealing effectively with our tragedies is to: 1. Anger." And upon Allah let the believers rely. 5.Starts when people try to find a solution or alternative. we are the ones who choose how to respond to them.waytogodproject. Acceptance. denial and anger. “Say. but if the worst was to happen. You need to train your mind that this life is not full of joy. Accept them as soon as they occur.Tawba 51 .

automatically you will fall in the grief cycle mentioned earlier. Your only initial response to any calamity is to stay as calm as a smooth river. When the swimmer gets stuck in a rip tide. What he must do is to stay where he is. you can free yourself from sadness. but it means that sadness doesn't affect you drastically. Acceptance doesn't mean that you will never be emotionally sad or tired. jealousy. This man is called Husain.www. The thing that you most fear or don't ever wish to happen to you has just happened. You must also believe that the benefits of this incident will appear at some point in your life and may also be the reason behind a great amount of your success. It happened. hate and other negative emotions. “Catasrophizing is a distorted thinking which exaggerates the consequences of an action by thinking of it as a catastrophe. At the same time don't let the water drop you. but whenever you will. he is . accept it. it destabilizes your thoughts and takes you far from reality. Many people say "I am sad and I can't do anything about it". 3. This is the same with the rip tides of life. The best example of acceptance when dealing with tragedies can be learnt from a great man who existed in history. because God never brings evil to you.”5 If you fall into this habit.waytogodproject. What you should do is patiently wait and accept what Allah has put you through until you find a way to get over your problem. hence it will take a much longer time to get over the tragedy. never rebel against your personal problems. When it happens. and find a way to swim horizontally to free himself from the tide. he must never swim against it. Even the best swimmer in the world cannot swim against a rip tide. What do you do? Never catasrophize the incident. Just choose to take the lead. Unlike shock. You can do so much. The best motive to acceptance is to acknowledge that whatever happened is for your own benefit. never rebel against what Allah has put you through.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Satan would want you to fall in negative emotions. With acceptance your mind will be functioning in an efficient manner and gives you the ability to solve your problems creatively and wisely.

drawing." 4.www." Eventually the great leader was slaughtered after a long heroic fight. Once they all died. He marched with a handful of soldiers – no more than a hundred . Pray as much as you can so that Allah helps you.waytogodproject. but this battle was a remarkable incident that led to the destruction of an evil empire. We are winning more of a magnificent heaven and less of hell.U. Final Tip While going through hardships. at the end of the day we are still winning. sons. he then sincerely said "Oh Allah are you pleased now? If not take from me until you are pleased... his tragedy becomes easier for him. brothers. you should be writing a detailed plan on how you will get over your problem. The best thing to do is to pray. Like the Arabic proverb says "One who hears about the tragedies of others. reading. Husain found himself responsible to rise against the oppression and injustice that was spreading across the land only a few decades after the Prophet (P. Once fully written you are ready to move on happily. . Husain lost his closest loved ones including 17 members of his family. Many people say keep yourself busy so that you forget your problems. No matter how tough things get. Bargain. While doing so. None of us will face a worst tragedy than Husain’s in life. This is not good. painting.to a battle against a vast army of tens of thousands. keep the reward of heaven in mind. as this noble religion was being hijacked to serve those who wished to take power.Find a Solution Once you calmly accept the tragedy.H) had passed away. So stay alone for a few days and do things you love.etc.B. Prophet Mohammad Peace be upon him.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 the grandson of the most inspiring man ever born. take few days off work and rest alone in a place you find peaceful. and cousins. never keep yourself busy because this will leave your problem buried in your subconscious mind and will keep bothering you very often. Therefore we must model his behaviour when dealing with our problems. he found himself alone in the battlefield.

. so I must Act Now! Boost Your Self Esteem One reason that makes us sad is that we are not satisfied with who we are.. School teachers embarrassing children in front of their peers. We must be grateful to God for creating us as who we are. Your character is what will form your true identity. so it's not logical to be sad over things you can't change. Parents criticizing the child too much.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Never Despair. he doesn’t like his height.And if you should count the favor of Allah . you could not enumerate them. here are 3 simple techniques you can use to raise your self-esteem and be happy with who you are: 1. Self esteem is the ability to live happily with who you are. Ibrahim 34 . She doesn't like her nose. experience 20% more happiness than those who are not grateful. “. The media tends to show engineered beautiful women that make girls feel the need to raise their standards of physical beauty in order to match what they see in the media. giving the child names and labels such as: "you are useless". There are various reasons for this.” Holy Quran. People who are grateful for what they go through weekly. he wishes to be muscular. If you think about it. A. or who have to do with unpleasant circumstances that you don’t have to. According to an experiment done by the psychologist Dr. She wishes to be skinny... If there is anything you don't like about yourself. “You are ugly". accept and thank God for it. and thinking that we are worthless.waytogodproject. Most self esteem problems are caused due to incidents that happened in the childhood. Emmons. mankind is [generally] most unjust and ungrateful. but you must focus on your character most of all. Whatever God gives us is beautiful. Cultivate Gratitude The most effective way to boost your self esteem is by cultivating gratitude. is truly be content for what you have because there are a lot of people who have less. Tomorrow will always be better. especially girls. To be straight to the point. you can't really change everything in about the way you look. What you can do however. It is very healthy to improve your looks. So many people.www. "You are weak". Indeed. are not happy with who they are.

I believe that materials don’t make people better than others. Practice this exercise every night and you will start to feel your self-esteem begin to increase from the very first few days. Forget about those who are "better" than you and focus on those who are "worse" than you. so don’t expect yourself to be so. embrace all your flaws and mistakes because they are lessons for you to take from life. but sad because you’re poorer than him. What you need to focus on is your own self. Allah commanded us to always worship him from the state of thankfulness and gratitude and He exalted named this form of worship as the worship of the free. possessions. No one is perfect.www. write down everything you like about yourself as well as everything you liked that happened during your day.waytogodproject. or those who lost their beautiful faces from burns and accidents. attributes than you. perform the following exercise: Gratitude Exercise: Every night before you go to bed. and then Thank Allah for blessing you with them. automatically your self esteem decreases and jealousy enters. possessions.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Furthermore gratitude boosts the overall well-being and happiness of a person.” Al-Nisaa 5. Quran . but you have to fake it till you make it. You’re not sad because your ugly. The first few times may seem fake. Once you compare yourself to those who have "better" looks. You’re not sad because you’re poor. Even in Islam. Never feel inferior or superior to anyone.. you’re sad because your uglier than her. “Or do they envy people for what Allah has given them of His bounty?. 2. Whether it’s your looks. Stop Comparing yourself to others Another reason behind low self esteem is when we compare ourselves to others.. We are all equal. I'm using the terms "better" and "worse' to deliver the message. In order to boost your gratitude. Look at those who don’t have enough daily food. Also try to add the things you don’t really like about you and thank Allah with full gratitude for having them. or an embarrassing past experience.

I always maintain stable content feelings of happiness”.waytogodproject." Ash-Shuraa 62. Self Talk Have you ever been late for work. This is why the great boxer Mohammed Ali used to repeat while training "I am the greatest".com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Stop comparing yourself to others. such as: "I am bad". "I am weak". rushed down to your car and realized that you forgot the keys in the house? If you didn't experience this situation surely you have with a similar situation. This is self talk. He is reprogramming his subconscious mind to believe that he is the greatest boxer. He will guide me. Whatever you say within yourself about yourself is taken by your mind to be true. "God is with me and supporting me" “No matter what happens in my life. Other than that.www. Once programmed the mind will automatically support you with everything you need to live up to this identity. So in order to boost your self esteem you must never say a negative destructive description. "No! Indeed. "I am ugly" "I hate my job" "I’m not good enough" “I can’t”. “[Moses] said. what you need to say is "I like myself" "I am happy to be me". with me is my Lord. the first thing you say to yourself is "oh. Quran . “I will fail”. "I like people and people like me". I'm so stupid". Improve yourself daily to be a better person than you were the day before until you create the Ultimate You. “I feel sad” The only time you should talk about your weaknesses is when you are seeking Allah’s help and forgiveness. and focus on competing with the You of yesterday. "I continuously grow and learn new things". Once you repeat it many times your mind will take it as a fact and identify you by it.

but so will your self-confidence. it is difficult except for the humbly submissive [to Allah]” Holy Quran. What you will notice is that once you start talking positively about yourself and improving your weaknesses.www.waytogodproject. and indeed. whenever you say something negative about yourself your mood negatively changes. Al-Baqara 45 . “And seek help through patience and prayer. You need to repeat those phrases with powerful emotions at least 100 times a day. Positive self talk regulates your moods. But they will not work unless you eventually learn to truly say them with genuine emotions and feelings that are true. not only will your self-esteem increase. so in order to be happy in life you must always talk and focus about your positives while improving your negatives.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 This positive self talk is a powerful way to maintain a positive attitude and self esteem.

You will feel happy. Mr.waytogodproject. Self confidence is the trust in one's own abilities to do a task (offcourse with the power Allah has given you). With self confidence you can expand and grow to reach your potential. Your life will have many opportunities and achievements. You name it. of course. Ad-Dhariyat 20 . quit all the addictions you have. because fear is the enemy of happiness. The more courageous you are the happier you will be in life. get the wife/husband you like. “And on the earth are signs for those who have Faith with certainty” Quran.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Boost Your Self Confidence How would you feel if you came to know that you are able to do everything you want to do in life? You will be able to achieve all the success you need. have a strong relationship with God. But why? Because you just satisfied one of your basic human needs which is Certainty.www. Anthony Robbins who is one of the best self development experts in the world explained how certainty helps you achieve greater outcome. This is exactly what self confidence is. Self confidence is a form of courage. You became certain that you can get what you desire.

www. What amount of potential will he use? Little potential. The third and most important factor that contributes to your desired results is Certainty. Certainty means that you believe without a shadow of a doubt in what you are seeking. and at the same time he doesn’t believe that it can really happen for him. and most importantly Certainty. the Actions you take. Indeed.waytogodproject. The results you achieve in life highly depend on your potential. So his belief system will say “see. Allah loves those who rely [upon Him]. You know exactly what you want and you are certain that nothing will stop you from achieving it. I told you real success is not really for you”. Hence the result he will achieve is little. he is selling himself short as his certainty may be used as an early indicator to the level of success he will achieve. and most importantly Certainty. If one person wants to be successful in his career. Even people who are looked at as disabled still have great potential to utilize their strengths to better their lives and be happy. Actions you take. Secondly.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 What the diagram of Mr. If you wish to achieve great results with little action. Robbins is trying to say is that the results you achieve in life highly depend on your potentials. the amount of Action you take in life highly affect the results you are seeking. you need to acknowledge that you have a great potential to achieve that result. then rely upon Allah. if he believes with absolute certainty that he will get all the results he wants…How much potential will he use? Big potential. The first thing you should think of is the potential. On the other hand however. which leads to little action.And when you have decided. “.. the principles of this world will work against you. Hence the result he will achieve is Big Results.” Ali-Imran 159 . Firstly. What is the potential of a human being? As mentioned earlier every human being has the potential to be happy and achieve whatever he/she wants to achieve. which then leads to big action.. in order to achieve the results you desire.

waytogodproject. We must trust God and be certain that He will help. aid. give. Putting your trust in Allah is the main step to self confidence. care. “When two parties among you were about to lose courage. We start to see our weaknesses as strengths and so we fail in what we are doing. support. Only the mistakes have been mine. We notice our weaknesses. heal. and nourish us with all His goodness. and upon Allah the believers should rely. The more Certain we are about His existence. the Creator of everything. We might start to overestimate ourselves and develop a superiority complex when it comes to others. forgive. and success will give you a better chance to achieve them. What you need to understand is that self confidence is the most effective way to boost your certainty in life.www. having exposed any meaningful truth – then. “And if I can die having brought any light. Self confidence based on God makes us see ourselves as we really are.” Holy Quran. We analyse our strengths and use them productively to help ourselves and others. reward. In fact. God (Allah): As Muslims we have a great concept that boosts our self confidence which is the trust in God. punishment. So how can you boost your self confidence? 1. your self-confidence must be mainly based on the source of all powers which is Allah.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 This is exactly why Allah commanded us to Believe in Him with Certainty. but Allah was their ally. and hence drive us further away from our goals. Being confident that you will gain religiousness. happiness. all of the credit is due to Allah. aid. so we improve them. Ali-Imran 122 If we don't base our confidence on God we might be liable to become over confident in our abilities and give birth to an ego-centric form of confidence that makes us live an illusion away from our reality.” Malcolm X . the more inner power we will gain to use all our potential to take more Action that gets us closer to Him. We must believe that Allah has given us great potential to achieve and gain everything we need.

com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 2. extend your connections. Treat all people equally but at the same time never compromise your beliefs. Being socially active expands your comfort zone.www. The ability to love and be loved is a vital need for humans. or suffer from lonliness due to their weak social skills. This will not only boost your happiness but will also increase your chances of success in life. Unfortunately there are some people who might influence us negatively by encouraging us to do immoral things. or status.waytogodproject. new experiences. Having a positive outlook on people and seeing the positive aspects of their characters is the quickest way to befriend them. Be More Social Becoming more social improves your social skills and emotional intelligence. developing your social network helps you understand people more. and teaches you the beauty of people. the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Allah is Knowing and Acquainted. Try not to judge those you don’t understand. indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Accept people as people regardless of their religion. Indeed. as knowing more people will equal more links and hence more opportunities.” Al-hujurat 13 To boost you self-confidence and happiness go out and meet new people. look at them as closed books. Therefore. You need to also be careful with who you socially interact with. ethnicity. Every person you know teaches you new things in life. do the following:        Boost your empathy Listen more than you speak Never show off or treat them with superiority Give when they are in need Genuinely compliment the things you like about them Treat them exactly how you like them to treat you Be truly interested in them We are all different so accept people as they are. Many people develop social phobias. and at the same time understand yourself. In order to boost your social skills. Indeed. You need to be cautious with those . People are amazing. “O mankind.

you need to understand that there are some people who might actually help to decrease your self-confidence. A great way to leave that dependence on the love of the people is through rejecting both the positive and the negative. if we leave the compliments that we rely on to make us happy. and you don’t need disrespect to feel bad. You want to build relationships that help you grow as a human. you say that’s great. You don’t rely on that or take it to heart. you’re glad this person has been affected positively but you know that you’re just doing you.” Holy Quran. wonderful to know and hear. If those people were family members all you can do is speak to them nicely to respect you. you say that sucks to know you feel that way. extrinsic is then abandoned for the intrinsic. For those people. unless you are confident enough you can help them without being influenced negatively. but hey. If they don't. you know you’re just doing you. but we do not totally rely on them for our happiness and success. You leave both the comments. When I say reject.waytogodproject. You see. We learn from the people we meet. all you can do is to never take what they say personal or seriously. I mean to leave it there and not allow it to enter inside. because we aren’t relying on any comments. “That man can have nothing but what he strives for. If someone comes to you. telling you how much you inspired them and changed their life.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 people by not having close relationships with them. You don’t need praise to feel good. that you’re a fake or a hypocritical person. You won’t get upset when this happens. thanking you. we won’t be upset by the negative comments. Hear what they are saying but don't listen to it. the best solution would be to forgive them yet block them out of your life totally unless they are seeking help. if they are not open to halting their offensive ways. not to rely on either type of comment. If someone comes to you and tells you how much they dislike what you do. We are doing us because it is us. An-Najm 39 . or degrade you. Finally.www. people who disrespect. because you don’t rely on the extrinsic to control your emotions.

the people around them or even the world at large. X or Y? Most of the time X will be more confident.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 3. we will be confident enough in knowing how to deal with it. increase me in knowledge. and fail because of their lack of knowledge. talk about. “Say. as well as consider their solutions. "My Lord. research and learn about different fields to know what suits you best. you need to learn and read. If we learn and study about life. We can learn from those who came before us. and persuade. because most people fear the unknown. So to develop more confidence.www. While X will be sure about what he needs to wear. Taha 114 . These stories and life events can help to inspire and aid you in believing in yourself. to know what you love. cities. you need to learn more about parenting. Y will still be wondering and doubting if he is wearing the right clothes. behave.waytogodproject. Your self confidence is boosted by learning. Both have a job interview for the first time. learn more about businesses and apply your knowledge. As you are noticing we are going back to the concept of taking Action Now! The first step to create a plan to solve your problems is seeking knowledge. not only about events or concepts but to read about great people who impacted their towns. This is the same with life in its various aspects. If your business is not doing well. If you are a mother who feels sad because your child is not behaving. Most of the time it is not the child's but the parents' fault If you are sad because you don't know what career to choose. Y didn't read anything and has no idea what to expect from a job interview. study their lives and experiences. X read 5 books on how to deal with job interviews. Who do you think will be more confident."” Quran. Lifelong Learning Let’s assume there is X and Y. You must be thirsty for knowledge.

break it anyway. or mocked. you endanger your self confidence. we don’t want to be part of that crew. and once you stop growing.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 4. it’s all around us. Ghafir 60 . "Call upon Me. Newspaper articles are always about people who have messed up their lives.waytogodproject. So you failed at something. Take calculated risks daily. There should be nothing fearful to you in this world."” Quran. Don't fear appearing inferior. If you want to do something but held by fear. do it anyway. Do what you must do to live happily. Close your eyes and storm into it.www. so what? Doesn’t that show you how shallow it is? “And your Lord says. fear of failure? We don’t want to risk losing love. In many occasions a lot of people give high value to the opinions people hold. You should follow the advice and opinion of a few people you admire and know for their sincerity and wisdom. The best method to develop your courage is by doing what you fear anyway. rejected. If you love to preach but you fear public speaking. Develop Courage As mentioned earlier the enemy of happiness is your fear. but you don't need validation from others to please them. If you are being abused in a relationship but you fear to be lonely. Your fears and doubts put a halt to your growth. Never let anything stop you from doing what you love. I get it. Knowing that you are fearless brings immense joy. and lost some of your status. expand your comfort zone and every moment of your life becomes a wonderful adventure. If you want to be a doctor but you think it’s too hard. do it anyway. People around us are always getting judged. do it anyway. If you want to study in university but you think it’s too late. It is never too late. Why do you think we are so afraid to take that step. Failure will lead to judgement or ridicule. As long as God is pleased with it… Do it. do it anyway. the one that everyone now also sees as ‘losers’. I will respond to you.

and self-hygiene gives you a better outlook onto yourself. demanding you to take action and disregard paralysis by analysis. it is you who are superior. In this field. it is pointing to private victory. There is nothing to be paralysed or intimidated by when you are not seeking the love of others but are seeking to improve yourself with every step. Cleaning and organizing your working place. What you want to achieve. Getting organized also means that you create a detailed plan of your life.’ There is great wisdom behind this philosophy. the sacrifice of what you want now for the better you want later. and death of fear is certain. 5. why would you so badly want to be this person’s friend or want them to think highly of you? Why would you want this person. Taha 68 . Later in this book you will get a powerful template to plan every aspect of your life.” Quran. Part of being organized also is to learn more about time management. to ultimately define you? What’s wrong with you defining you? There is no need to fear failure. Fail again.www. Let us use every moment to build our lives on this earth and heaven. They can sleep fewer hours to study better and achieve more results. The difference between happy people and not so happy people is sacrifice.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 These failures and mistakes can be used as filters if anything. Get Organised: Another technique that will help you boost your self esteem and self confidence is getting organised. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: ‘Do the thing you fear. home.waytogodproject. “Allah said. Indeed. Fail. Naturally it makes you feel good. With every failure you will learn something new. Let us not waste time at all on things that don't bring us any benefit. "Fear not. there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. because they have more important work to do. when and how. Fail again. In other words one can miss a good night out with friends. The amount of things we can do in every 24 hours is huge. something intrinsic. those people who look at you differently after finding out about your past or because of a grade or anything similar.

the boy bent down. 'Well. 'I am saving the starfish that have been stranded on the beach. they will die'. 'I made a difference for that one.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Making the Difference “One day a man was walking along the beach when he notices a small boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean. Approaching the boy. picked up another starfish. The surf is up and tide is going out and if I don't throw them back. 'What are you doing?' The little boy replied. you won't make much of a difference. He looked at the beach again and then at the boy and said. will you?' After listening politely. he asked. The man looked around and noticed that there were miles and miles of beach and literally thousands of starfish.” 6 . Then looking up the boy smiled and said to the man.www. and threw it back into the sea.waytogodproject.

then it could make a lasting difference.. love.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Contribution is Happiness You see everything taught in this book before this section. happiness occupies the giver in a way that is remarkable. appreciation. the more responsibility you will develop towards other people. “Whoever does righteousness. and when you give. whether male or female. or obliged to. Social psychologist Elizabeth Dunn proved in her studies that people who give charity experience more happiness than those who spend their money on themselves.Elizabeth Dunn When someone gives out of sincere desire to. while he is a believer .waytogodproject. At the end of her experiments. not because the person feels guilty. give just for the sake of Allah without wanting anything back. When the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was a merchant. and nourishing happiness you can ever experience. he built an unbelievably huge amount of wealth. The more you give the more satisfied you will become. but give as much as you would like to receive.etc. Do you know why he gave it up? There are many reasons..” Quran. I am not saying that you should give up everything you have.www.We will surely cause him to live a good life. but the main reason is to teach us a secret that only few discover. you don’t want fame. the happier you become. He gave all his wealth to the poor and needy people of Mecca who were not even Muslims yet. The purpose of improving yourself and becoming the “Ultimate You” is not only to improve your life and be happy. immense. and as mentioned earlier the more you contribute. but if it becomes a way of living. praise.. she concluded that: “Giving once might make a person happy for a day. Do you know what this great man did with his wealth? He gave it up. but to have a great ability to make others happy too. Al-Nahl 97 . was to prepare you for what you need to do now. when choosing with his/her freewill that 'I truly desire to give'. The more powerful you become." .. Giving is an act that will bring you the most intense.

the stars. Yet wrapped up inside of you is the greatest universe. or that spreading knowledge will allow people to overtake your ‘status’. you must have something to give. And what is it that He has placed in you? The human potential.www. though you do not know. “Your sickness is within you. yet you do not see. You are the clear book. those who made the impossible possible. though you do not realize. something I believe in with all my heart. You can achieve this by empowering yourself with knowledge. the solar systems. skills. So in order to be happy.”– Imam Ali (as) . we can’t comprehend the ‘infinite’ space of the universe. for this universe that leaves us feeling humble and small. We sometimes think of the universe and find ourselves in awe of the thought. At the same time you cannot give what you lack.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Never think that giving will reduce your wealth. the galaxies.. through whose letters… All that is secret is revealed and made known. and never let anyone tell you otherwise. It truly is. Your consciousness is within you. whether they did good or bad. be certain that the more you give. is unimaginable. As mentioned earlier you are a masterpiece of Allah. And your cure is within. So you have no need for anything outside of you. think of those who travelled to space. if you don't have money you can't give it. wealth. uplifted themselves from poverty to prosperity. You can do anything you want to do. we get used to the roof and forget there’s a sky outside. talents or anything that you enjoy doing and are good at. If you don’t love and appreciate yourself you can't love others. were they not humans just like you are? Sometimes we become so accustomed to our comfortable beds and warm houses. and see.waytogodproject. You have great abilities to do the impossible. If you don't have knowledge you can't teach others. ruled the world. Little do we pay attention to ourselves. Truly. You claim that you are nothing but a tiny entity. is also within us. Open your eyes. the more Allah will give you. or that giving credit to other people's work will reduce your credit.

Al-Layl 18-21 . Not anxious hope. and you don’t have to travel the world to do it. or worrying hope. every breath you take. “[He] who gives [from] his wealth to purify himself. You are elevated in humility. or ‘I will try it from Monday’.www. you can.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 With a universe inside you. it is to live your real life. Alhamdulillah. your true life. I’m telling you the opposite. that you have the potential to believe. And not [giving] for anyone who has [done him] a favor to be rewarded. or tell you that you can’t do something? Or tell you who you are or the limit of what you can do? How can you tell yourself that? I’m not telling you to inflate your ego. the hope of trust in the Beloved.” Quran. how can you allow someone to put you down. without letting your past or future afflictions bring you down. You can make a difference in this world. there is only a doing point. you become everything. This isn’t unrealistic at all. Believe in yourself. realise you are nothing. In realising how dependant you are on the One that created you. Alhamdulillah. It’s all from within. you just be. You just have to believe in it to begin seeing it. but hopeful hope. And he is going to be satisfied. If there’s anything to take from this. Live your dreams. there is no starting point.waytogodproject. So start making the difference in your life until you are ready. There’s no ‘I will start tomorrow’. Always believe. But only seeking the countenance of his Lord. you embrace the universe inside of you. or stressed hope. The hope of knowing there is always light in the darkness. anything you happen to be doing. and once ready unleash your powers by helping and giving. or stopping point. in becoming nothing. Most High. The hope that if you get what you want. I’m telling you to be confident in your abilities whilst putting your trust in your Creator and in gratitude of this gift you possess. You just do. and never let your hope fade. it’s very real. and if you don’t get what you want. Become nothing. I promise you. cherish it. I’m telling you to believe in yourself. Every single moment you live. You don’t have to do that.

ask yourself: Why do I love this thing? Can I please God with it? (As our purpose of existence is to worship God) In what ways can I make a living out of it? Forget about what exists in the market today and focus on what you love to do. “Then we caused to inherit the Book those We have chosen of Our servants. career. to social activism.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Create a Mission In order to start making a change you need to create a mission statement for your life. Every time you write something. to bungee jumping. and a mong them is he who wrongs himself. alongside what you love doing now. Step 1. to an hour. or a cause you’re passionate about. It might be something you felt like you were born for.waytogodproject. and don't force it. Keep writing down what you love doing until you write down the thing that brings tears to your eyes. and among them is he who is foremost in good deeds by permission of Allah . you can write anything from reading. whether inner tears from your heart or outer tears from your eyes. Write them down without judging them. Remember your childhood activities. No matter how small or big. Fatir 32 .www. know that this is what you are meant to be doing. but once you begin to tear.” Quran. it can take anything from a few minutes. to 2 weeks. Mission statement answers the questions of: “Why was I really created?” “How can I contribute?” “How should I be spending my life?” Do the following steps to create your mission. That [inheritance] is what is the great bounty. and among them is he who is moderate. do it. A mission statement gives you a sense of identity and reason to live for. it can be a hobby. to planning. You can write up to 500 phrases. Do this when you are in a relaxed good mood. to teaching. Start with what you love Every one of us loves to do something. it helps you set a direction on how you are going to make a difference to yourself and the world.

Make what you love your passion Once you recognize what you love doing most. Step 3.  My Mission as a housewife is to nourish my family with a positive loving environment. And Allah is Knowing of the righteous.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 So find a way you can make a living out of it. For example a person might have a public speaking talent.waytogodproject.never will it be removed from them.  Using my skills and knowledge in engineering I create products that facilitate an easier life for humanity.  I continuously seek knowledge and learn new things about Islam to help people adopt an empowering and inspiring religious lifestyle. and prepare my children to do wonders of good deeds towards their community. Do the absolute impossible to achieve. you need to make it your passion and live it. As long as we are breathing our mission must continue. Remember that our mission in life will only end when we die. “And whatever good they do . and his passion is Islam so he relates his talent with his passion to become a Muslim Preacher.Write your mission Once you understand what you love.  With the power of my words.” Quran. One man might have a talent in business and his passion is to help the needy so he starts a business to support the needy.www. Step 2. Examples of Mission Statements:  I spend my life improving and utilizing my business skills to please Allah by supporting the needy. find ways you can utilize it to help other people and please God. Try and interconnect what you love doing with your talents and skills. Ali-Imran 115 . I make a living by delivering speeches that inspire people worldwide to quit drugs. because doing it to high standards requires you to do exhausting and hard work. You can write your mission statement. Giving brings the ultimate happiness.

” Holy Quran. or Islam in your life mission. If you don’t have a higher purpose and a reason to overcome obstacles of life. He was a leader and governor of a big nation. Happiness doesn't come from watching T. and as mentioned earlier personal growth and development is a vital need for every human. “I but fulfil towards you the duties of my Lord's mission: Sincere is my advice to you. It makes you grow effectively. Physical 5.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 There are so many things we can do to reform the world. Hence the reason to survive and keep fighting is greater. Spiritual 2. If you put your family.waytogodproject. at the same time he was a husband. you must make a detailed plan on how you will follow it. or socializing all day. all day. country. All we have to do is find what we love and do it in a way that makes us and other people win. This is the sort of life we should adopt. Al-Araaf 62 Plan your life: Once you have set your life mission. Financial The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was a great example to the balance we are talking about. and spent a lot of time worshipping and socializing. . it seems hard but once we master our time this balance avalanches our lives. it would be about many more people than you. A life mission gives you a purpose and a meaning. your work wouldn’t be about you only. It gives you fulfilment like no other thing. Once achieved it brings a lot of satisfaction to your life. you would be easily defeated.V. Career/Mental 3. and I know from Allah something that ye know not. This plan gives you the ability to take charge and lead your own life.www. We must create a balance between these 5 aspects of our lives: 1. This is an amazingly beautiful way towards immense happiness in life. Social 4.

” Holy Quran. because it: 1.Attainable.waytogodproject. rewarding. Furthermore setting goals is a very crucial habit that organizations and successful people develop. To be truly satisfied in our lives we need to Grow and Contribute.time-bound.Waqi’a 10-12 . So you need to think big and set big goals that will enable you to grow into them. reasonable.Relevant. In order to change our condition as a nation. motivational A . stretching M . realistic. Improves clarity and sharpens focus 2. In Goal setting it’s important to set big goals. results-oriented T .com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 In order to be happy in life. meaningful. Note on Goal Setting: As you have set your mission in life. significant. the forerunners . agreed upon. You already know that growth brings satisfaction to life. We should not waste our days doing the same things and being the same people. we need to change ourselves. acceptable.Those are the ones brought near [to Allah ].www. Improves productivity However only 3% of the people do it. not what you think you can get. timely.Specific. we need to be productive. action-oriented R . you need to start heading towards goals and achievement in order to complete you mission. In the Gardens of Pleasure. Many people set their goals too small because they think they can't do any better. time-based. Al.Measurable. Improves performance 4. Increases Motivation and confidence 3. when you set a goal it is important to pay attention to the following characteristics of an effective goal: S . However the purpose of setting goals is that you get what you really want. This is true. trackable “And the forerunners. tangible. You have probably heard about setting SMART goals. achievable.

” “I achieve. This goal when written down will have a much more power impact on your mind to drive you towards achieving that goal. attainable. or with seeking knowledge.” “I find... The ‘why’ is before the ‘how and the ‘what’. Vision statements direct you towards why you do what you do. I want to raise my standard of living" As you are noticing this goal is specific..” – Ralph Waldo Emerson .” Note on Setting Visions You will use this section when you are filling the Life Plan Template later on. Your whole life story should start with the end.waytogodproject.www. not allowing yourself to be intimidated by anything in the process. know WHY you are doing it. The SMART Goal of this example should be "By dd/mm/year I lose 10 kg of weight by joining the gym and working out 4 times a week"... However there is a high probability that they will not achieve it. Furthermore you already know that the secret to happiness is Taking Action Now. measurable.. If you say "I will make money" the mind doesn't take any action for it now. because the mind only acts now. and timely. like the heart is so important in Islam because it is the centre the ‘why’ acts as the centre of the driving force.. The SMART example: "I make $200000 by DD/MM/YEAR to buy a 2 bedroom house on the coast.” “I am. Finally it is important to set your goal in the present tense. or with academic studies. “Every action is measured by the depth of the sentiment from which it proceeds. or with physical sports.. because I want to get married.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Many people set their goal as "My Goal is to lose weight". I want to please Allah. or spirituality. and become deep rooted in that worthy sentiment. Another bad example: "My goal is to make money". but you will fall prey to procrastination. or financially. the heart of it. So you use present tense verbs and commands such as: “I make . rewarding. or career-wise. What is the purpose behind all your work in life? Whether you want to refine yourself in terms of discipline.

.waytogodproject. so they work even harder to accomplish more good deeds. To make things easy for you.www. Shut all external disturbances. The Life Plan Template You have now learnt about the importance of creating a balanced life. “.” Holy Quran. some other Muslims aim for a very high level in Heaven.. financial. and intellectual aspects. Now you are ready to create a detailed plan in order to achieve fulfilment and happiness in every aspect of your life.Allah intends for you ease and does not intend for you hardship. Close your eyes and breath deeply. Where do I really want to be by ‘this Date’? What do I really want to achieve throughout my whole existence? What do I want to be known for? Who do I want to become? Think of current people in the world. and listen to the signals from your soul. write every thought that comes to your mind.. It starts by finding ways to improve every aspect of your life and then setting SMART goals to achieve those improvements. Put yourself and mind into a very relaxed state. as a beginner’s template for example. While in this state answer the following questions.. and understood how to set your goals. To do so you must set goals for your spiritual. health. and focus on your inner voice. and some purely for their love of Allah.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 As Muslims of course it is to please Allah. Al-Baqara 185 . social. we created an easy and straight forward template. those who inspire you most.

on Him do I rely.Allah is sufficient for me.. physics. write them down even if you think they are impossible (examples have been included): Have A 5 bedroom house 3 children Financial freedom £100000 Do Travel the world Perform Hajj Get married Build a charitable organization Become Faithful to God Honest Rich “.” Quran. Do. there is no god but He. and He is the Lord of mighty power. journalism. and Become within the next 20 years.): Write down 3 to 10 big things you would love to HAVE.. Islamic.. At-Tawba 129 ..etc.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Name: Mission: Date: Field of work: (E. politics.g.www.waytogodproject.

integrity. good/bad deeds.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Spirituality: As Muslims we need to have a spiritual vision. courage. You can fill in the blanks and add more goals to reach your vision and add more to it so that it perfectly suits you.www. how do you see the best spiritual “You” in one year? Consider your moral values. I memorize _________ of the Quran by _______(Date) I do______ (amount) thikr daily. wisdom.. set the goals you need to achieve in order to make your vision a reality. and everything we do in life contribute in a way or another towards building a better Muslim character. Write down you Spiritual vision in one year: Now. I visit (haj/umrah) by ______(Date) . I do ______(amount) Nafila daily. (Self purification) is a main reason behind the Message of God. the vision must show you the end of what you are doing and why you are doing it.etc.waytogodproject.. I stop the following bad traits and committing those sins: I develop the following traits and good deeds: I read ____ pages of the Quran daily. Example: My spiritual vision in one year is to have a strong relationship with Allah by being empowered with moral attributes and good deeds that get me closer to Allah and Heaven. as a Muslim. Spiritual Vision: As a human.

www.waytogodproject.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013

Social Vision: Planning our social life is essential, because there are some people who contribute positively to our lives, while others negatively. The aim of this planning is to surround yourself with people who encourage you, and refrain from those who damage your life. Example: I become an influential social person who develops healthy relationships based on honestly and respect, at the same time I treat people equally like the Prophet PBUH. Furthermore I and they help each other reach our goals. Goals: Write one or more goals for every one of the following: Relationship with your parents:
example: I contact my parents everyday to please Allah and support their needs

Relationship with Husband/Wife: Relationship with Children: Relationship with Relatives:
Example: I check up on my relatives every Friday.

Relationship with Friends: Relationship with your Boss or Employees: To improve my social life I should be careful from (list the types of people who damage you. Examples: Time wasters, liars, arrogant...etc.) To improve my social life I should develop strong relationships with those types of people: (practicing believers in Allah, knowledgeable people. honest people, positive people, people who have an interest in “X” field of work...etc.)

www.waytogodproject.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013

Health Vision: Your health plays a powerful role in your mood, the more healthy you are the more your brain will support you. Example: My vision is to enjoy a healthy and fit body that enables me to live actively and happily. Goals: 1. Your Weight:
Example: I weigh no more than 70 kg by (date).

2. Food/Drinks: I abstain from eating and drinking the following:    3. I make sure to eat and drink the following:    4. Workout: Example: I workout for 1 hr daily.

5. Illnesses/weaknesses: I make sure to treat the following things in my body: Example: Migraine, acne...etc.   

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Career/ Work: This section will help you expand and grow in your field of work. As Muslims we must be professional in our work. So we should always improve our skills and knowledge in what we do. Career/Work Vision: Think of where you want to be in 1 year in your work, what kind of business, what position you want to hold, think of how you will contribute to your company or organisation. 1. Skills Development: Career Vision: My vision in one year is to become a master of my field and be able to use my expertise to contribute positively to the world. In the table below, ask yourself what skills are needed in order to become better in your field, and how you can improve those skills. For example a manager needs to possess good communication skills and task delegations. Security personnel need to have the ability to multi task and manage conflicts...etc. List the skills you need to master in order to work more professionally in your career. Skills needed in your field of work How can you develop in (book, course, finding a mentor...etc)

2. Intellect I read ___(amount) of Books monthly

Tip: 50% of your reading should be in your field

find a way to make this amount of money. with deep thinking. and then set your income. If you desire to make $100000 a year. Remember that charity will never reduce your wealth. The more money you make the more you are able to give. and currently you only have $4000. and showed.waytogodproject. don’t base your goal on your current state now. as individuals it is very beneficial to set our own financial goals.www. Now Monthly Charity Monthly Income Net Worth Investments Now write down a specific financial plan on how you can achieve your financial goals: Goal in 1 year Goal in 5 years . When it comes to setting financial goals. nothing is impossible.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Financial Goals: Just like business companies. as the Prophet Mohammad PBUH said. A very effective method to set your financial income is to start with how much you wish to give yearly. and work towards achieving them. You can creatively. So ask how much charity I would like to give.

www.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Summary of all goals: Now summarize all your goals into SMART goal sentences below: 1. 7. The best thing to do is to keep this piece of paper with you at all times. . This way you program your mind to give you enough driving force to be consistent. Make sure you review your list of Goals every day. 5. you can never achieve those goals. 2. Hence You will not really get happiness you planned for. 4. 8. 3. 6. After every single prayer take it out and ask Allah to help you achieve your goals in life. At the same time if you don’t work hard enough. 9. there may be a high chance that you will not be able to achieve them. If you don't review the paper daily.waytogodproject. 10. while doing so visualize yourself already blessed by achieving them.

you need to understand something that is extremely important. and touch the magnificent creation of Allah. and how much you contribute to the outer world. the stars. Be the reason behind people's happiness and you will be the happiest of all people. go out to a peaceful natural place and experience the amazing feeling of being in the now. and all of creation.waytogodproject. Living in the future brings worries. I slept and dreamed that life was joy. So whatever is bothering you. Look. Whatever you gain in this world. When we get back to it. I acted. you begin to analyse your life and your existence. which is happiness. hence nature is our mother. The past has passed. The only time you can experience happiness is in the NOW. and whatever you lose will have no significant importance to you. living in the past brings depression. Once you start contemplating. then you have nothing to worry about. Look to nature. see. So to find peace you must decide to be happy now regardless of everything that is happening. and behold duty was joy. the future is still to come. and in order to get there you must feel gratitude and happiness now. it has been handled and with the Help of God things will be better. What you made earlier is a plan for the future. I awoke and saw that life was duty. Let go of your worries and regrets. pondering. as a Muslim. the world. Many of your questions will be answered. it feels like we have gone back home. How can you live in the now? Thank and appreciate everything God has given you. and take a walk.www. True happiness happens when you detach your heart from the external world. until the most truthful happiness is revealed to you. nature never lies. smell. Winning and losing will then have the same impact on you. you must find it now. We were made from clay. You have just made a plan that will fix your entire life from all its aspects. if you’re looking for happiness. -Rabindranath Tagore . As long as you have a meal that will help you survive the day. and reflecting over yourself.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Happiness is Now with Allah (SWT) After finishing your life plan. The only thing that matters is how much you grow as a person.

which means to behave in a way that contradicts your personal values. Obey Allah in everything you do. If we fail to live up to those beliefs automatically we will be sad and unhappy with our lives. because of (His) love –this is the worship of the free man. What makes us different than from a child who does his chores to earn pocket money? Islam isn’t this superficial. in other words fully repent for your sins. For example we believe that if we disobey God. Everything you learned before now will never work if Allah wishes them not to. or anything similar. Without repentance we live in what psychology calls "Inner Conflict". In reality the One who makes you happy and relieves your pains is God.www. occurs. So as long as we are disobeying God we will be scared of the punishment.” Prophet Mohammad PBUH . and a group worships Allah. Blessed and High is He. 2. and it is the most excellent worship. “Worship is of three kinds: some people worship Allah. we do not worship simply for something in return. So in order to make all the above work you need to do the following: 1. and a group worships Allah. He is powerful beyond measure. to seek reward – so it is the worship of the merchants…. I want to stress.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Real Happiness Will Never Happen Without Allah The reason this section was written last is because we tend to remember the things we read last more. Pray so that Allah blesses you with a happy and content life.waytogodproject. This change they talk about is repentance. because they fear Him – so it is the worship of slaves. Allah is One who has no equal. or out of fear alone. All the information given is nothing but a means to be happy. Repentance is Happiness As Muslims we are brought up by our parents with certain moral values. Whatever He wills. we will be punished. Mighty and Great is He. This is why you hear most Muslims say that we need a change.

his mount was [standing] right beside his head: on it was his food. desolate land. his drink. When Allah set our Islamic rules. Allah is more happy with the repentance of His slave than a man who stops in a barren. which is the greatest Jihad. Gradually the sinner jumps from lust. He then goes to sleep. This way we can lead a more peaceful life. He searches for it until he is on the verge of dying. When he woke up. Allah is more happy with the repentance of his believing slave than the aforementioned man when he finds his mount and his provisions. every action he forbidden us to do. with him he has his riding animal. 50 Tips For The Repenters Tip 1: Thank God: The First thing you should do is to thank God for granting you the opportunity to repent and did not seize your soul while you were disobeying Him. Muslim: 2744] Tip 4: Your sins are being replaced with Good ones: . Repentance makes you unable to tolerate disobedience. and the things he needed. and we can be content with the fact that we are doing our best to please Allah.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 In order to be fully happy according to our Muslim beliefs. Repentance however happens when your conscience starts to wake up again. So to prevent us from negative emotions He commanded us to repent for our sins and obey His rules. please read the next 40 tips for a true repentance. all this happens without feelings of regret. ‘I will return to the place wherein I lost it.waytogodproject.’ He went to that place. He then says.www. we must repent our sins and control our evil emotions and desires (Jihad Alnafs). hence we feel peace when hell is mentioned and hopeful when heaven is mentioned. this makes the human emotionally and spiritually cold.” [al-Bukhaari: 6308 . [he realizes that] his mount is gone. To aid you with repentance. and I will die there. to cheating. When he wakes up. because this would have been an awful loss. Tip 3: Know that you just made God happy: Ibn Mas'ud narrated that the Prophet said: “Indeed. to lying. shakes your entire existence from within and encourages you to resurrect from the darkness of sin to the light of obedience. and he was then overcome by sleep. his provisions. hides behind it sadness and sorrow. Tip 2: Know that you just came back to life: Piling crimes and sins drains the human soul and eventually causes the heart to die.

waytogodproject. Your behaviour is highly dependent on the people you spend your time with. phone numbers. CD's. but the sufficient amount of it can definitely block you from sinning. For them Allah will replace their evil deeds with good. university.www. Allah loves those who are constantly repentant and loves those who purify themselves. regardless of their outer appearances and worldly possessions.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Have you ever imagined a sin that leads to heaven? Those who repent truthfully. In this world there are people who encourage you to be with God.. therefore you should use it as mean to refrain from sin. specific places. internet. but He will transform those mountains of sins into good deeds. posters. whether they are people you watch on T. films. believe and do righteous work." Al-Kahf 28. or work. Tip 6: Stay away from who influence you negatively: Many people especially men like to believe that they are absolutely independent and no one can really affect their decisions and actions. No matter what hoping the best from God is what leads you to love Him. seeking His countenance. not only God will not punish them for their misconduct. The source of all will power comes from God. And let not your eyes pass beyond them... and those who influence you to stay away from him. . “Except for those who repent. Fear is very powerful emotion people have. however his punishment is painful. Over fearing God is unhealthy. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful. so invocate and ask God to give you a daily motivation capsule that will enable you to finish your day with full obedience. But religion and researches have proved the opposite.” Surah: AlFurqan 70 Tip 5: Know that you are one of those who God loves: ". Never allow your fear to outbalance your hope. Make sure that you surround yourself with those who remind you of God by just looking at their faces. Tip 8: Live in between fear and hope. Indeed." Surah Al-Baqara 222.V. and do not obey one whose heart We have made heedless of Our remembrance and who follows his desire and whose affair is ever [in] neglect. "And keep yourself patient [by being] with those who call upon their Lord in the morning and the evening. This can happen directly but most of the time it happens indirectly. Tip 7: Ask God for assistance. God Almighty is the source of love and mercy. Tip 9: Totally disconnect yourself from sins Get rid of anything that reminds you of the sins you committed before. The most difficult part of repenting is finding sufficient determination to not repeat the sin again. desiring adornments of the worldly life. clothes.

and prophets. Reading those stories daily will inspire and motivate you to keep moving forward.etc. Tip 19: Practice secret worshipping. as Islam is perfect but people aren't. The very first people you should change your behaviour with your family.He will make for him a way out” Holy Quran. your business partners might attack you. Lectures. great Muslim achievers. When you want to wear a hijab and your husband tries to stop you. If you were aggressive or unhelpful towards your parents and siblings. Sometimes they might not respond positively in the beginning but with time everything will fixed.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Tip 10: Always feel that what you’re doing is not enough. If your young and refuse to do what your class mates do. or life style. From this very moment take a decision to be determined and serious. behaviour. You might face people who do mistakes and sometimes terrible mistakes. start to recover your relationship with them. No matter where you are.. regardless of the consequences feel the fear and do the halal anyway. Tip 13: Unleash your goodness towards your family first. Tip 18: Use the internet as a mean to get closer to God. Strive to do more every day.waytogodproject. Visit websites that promote and grows your faith. Tip 14: Be serious and determined from the beginning. books. Tip 15: Read the stories of true believers and repenters Make sure your read daily stories about those who repented. At-Talaq 2 Tip 12: Religious people are infallible. Pain and discomfort will eventually subside. stay firm. especially the story of the Prophet Muhammad and his family.. however remember that it takes 21 to 40 days to adapt to a new habit. When you repent some people might start to criticize you or reject you. Tip 11: Its going to be hard in the beginning but stand firm. When you pray in a public place and everyone looks at you as a mental case. Change can sometimes be hard in the beginning. Don’t allow anything to make you lose focus on your goal. Tip 17: Some people might criticise you.www. Never feel satisfied with your good deeds. At work when you refuse to allow cheating. short films. . “And whoever fears Allah . but don’t blame religion. When you change your environment and become closer to people in the mosques and Islamic work.

The most satisfied people in the world are those who maintain a strong relationship with God who is eternal not on materials which are temporal. Manage your time in a way that keeps you busy doing productive things.waytogodproject. liar. Tip 21: Know that this world is not worth doing any haram Remember that this world is worthless for those who truely understand its essence. When you worship alone you will be more faithful and focused. don’t waste one hour of your life doing nothing. The most basic advice I can give you. therefore the impact will be multiplied. www. because once the first step has been taken it would be hard to abstain from sin. This act can definitely lead to hate among people and can lead the accuser to hell! Tip 24: Be cautious with judging what haram is. evil will find a place to fit in your calendar. Sadly some Muslims start to judge others without any logical and rational basis. pride might enter your heart giving you the feeling of superiority towards other people and Muslims. Even in spirituality and Islam it is highly favourable to find a truthful and knowledgably mentor to guide you towards God. Tip 22: Find a mentor If we study the lives of those who really succeed in this life. No matter what you gain or lose in this world maintain the same state of mind. Don't base your mood and feelings on worldly gains or losses. Satan is extremely patient. Tip 23: Beware of Satan and his Tricks. To do so you can watch Episode 2 of the WayToGod series. You need to learn about his tricks and tactics he uses to deceive people. Don't rationalize you actions.com Tip 24: Don’t ever judge anyone When you start practicing more. but also allow time for you to rest. Forget this world and allow your soul to travel far towards salvation. you might have numerous questions and concerns. Don't make things that are permissible actions forbidden. is to just not take the first "innocent" step towards sin. the mentor can be your guidance.www. we will notice that the majority of them had in one way or another.. Tip 25: Learn from your mistakes.etc. a teacher who guided them and inspired them to reach this state of success.waytogodproject. Tip 20: Make use of your free time for good: If you don’t keep yourself busy with good. NEVER call anyone a Kafer.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Dedicate some time daily to be alone with God. thief. . shrewd and strategic..

Your story can be very inspiring for others and in return you will get rewarded by God for guiding people to Him. Look how he was before and after Islam. Tip 27: Understand what being religious is You can always have fun and enjoy doing things you love. Tip 33: Live everyday as if it’s your last. Death is near to everyone on this earth. Rule2: Sincerely regret your sins Rule3: Return to God asking for forgiveness Rule 4: Strong intention that you will not commit the sin again. Some people mistakenly believe that because of their huge sins.. anger. for example: beaches. Be careful. Make sure you study them before you actually speak in the name of religion. people die every second. they can't be great believers and achievers.waytogodproject. friends.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Study exactly what encouraged you commit mistakes in the past (wrong thinking. in many occasions is not the Imam of your local mosque. bars. Tip 29: Write your story of repentance. As long as it is Halal keep doing it..) and take them as lessons to not fall again in the same or similar mistakes. We should never exclude the fact that we might be next. Tip 28: Beware of places of fitnah Don't visit places where sinning becomes easier. whether it is sports or just hobbies.etc. Tip 30: Don’t call people towards religion before knowing its conditions Call people towards religion and God has rules and conditions. the uncle of the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him and His Family). Remembering death diminishes your evil desires and helps you seek materials as means to worship God.www. clubs. Tip 32: Know the conditions of Repentance: Rule 1: Stop wishing and committing your sins. specific areas known for their immorality. Tip 26: Your mistakes cannot prevent you from becoming a Great person. Tip 31: Find the right source of knowledge Make sure that you get the Fatwas from the most knowledgably and sincere scholars. I'd say look at where Hamza was. Tip 34: Keep God in your mind all the time . It could be helpful for you and others if you write your journey from disobedience to repentance.

Also give yourself time daily to do what you enjoy (reading. Tip 36: Develop a balanced life Create a balance in your life. Tip 40: Visit places that soften the heart. . love. Give time for Ritual worshiping. Visit cities where the Prophets of God lived in and feel how amazing it is to actually see the verses of the Quran on the ground. family. but also it will nourish your life with growth. Also visit the graveyard and ill people..etc. Tip 35: Strive to get married early. Be careful from being alone and doing nothing..www. and words will be based on what God wants from you. friends. this may allow evil thought and memories to strike back. Tip 39: Don’t go back to your friends calling them to God until you’re truly strong Don't try to convince your friends to repent until you’re confident that they no longer influence you in any way. and work. change your contact details to prevent evil to reoccur. All your thoughts.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Remember God in everything you do. sports.) Tip 37: Change your contact details If you are being contacted by people who you used to sin with. actions. don’t focus on only thing. Tip 38: Be careful from being alone. Striving to get married early not only will protect you and enable you to attain chastity. meditating. decisions. Witnessing illness and death soften the heart and recovers the soul from heedlessness. Set this as a yearly goal. this way your whole life will be orbitted around God. it is also recommended to take someone else with you to help you.waytogodproject. Visiting spiritual places like Makkah and holy places is unbelievably helpful for your soul and behaviour. and interdependence with your spouse. A great number of sins are caused by sexual desires.

The secret to happiness is knowing how to deal with anything life gives us. fight the oppressor of the world.waytogodproject. 6. you start with yourself. Self confidence. in order to live a fulfilling and happy life. 3. help the oppressed of the world. we will always be tested with things we like and dislike. 5. Rather than fall into self pity. To summarize what's been taught. Get over your bad emotions by Taking Action Now to solve all your problems. accept them as blessings from God and then immediately solve them. Unlock your potential. through your tongue or through your heart. Allah. In conclusion happiness is a process. the dream that one day this world will no longer know grief. Contribute positively to the world by Setting Big SMART Goals for your life to make your dreams come true and satisfy your human need of contribution. You must eradicate your hatred. and self esteem. you can use your pain and hurt to do so much good on this Earth. be it through physical means. you should: 1. Empower yourself with Optimism. be ready for them before they happen. Live in the Now and Create a powerful and special relationship with your Creator. When tested with tragedies. and let every action you do in life be a mean to get closer to Him. . Those people who don't even have the opportunity to read a book about happiness. Channel your pain and hurt into good. 2.com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 Conclusion We would like to use the conclusion to remind all the readers about those people who suffer everyday because of mans greed and injustice. forgive the wrongs to end the circles of spite and pain in the world. Let us all grow and prepare for the dream. because the purpose of our existence is to please and worship Him. 4.www. You can end it. When they do happen. Create a balance to fulfil all the aspects of your life.

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com to watch a Free series that will help you achieve self mastery and purify your soul from evil.waytogodproject. Dr. Sh. .com The Ultimate Source for Self Purification & Development Copyright © 2013 3.Qarni 5. Publishings by Al-Maaref institution.waytogodproject. Tareq Al Suwaydan 4. Aaidh ibn Abdullah al. Please visit: www.www.

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