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From the photo collection of the Los Angeles Public Library:

( 3!.jpg" #aption: $ennis %ice& suspect in the '(onolulu (amburger #ase'& as it )as *ubbe* by the ne)spapers& is le* to jail as he turns himself in. $ennis ha* a rap sheet that )ent bac+ to !,-. an* ha* been con/icte* of offenses ranging from narcotics possession to in*ecent e0posure. (e )as currently on probation for assaulting a police officer. 1hought ne) to the Family& he became one of its most har*2core members. 1he '(onolulu (amburger #ase' )as an attempte* mur*er on 3arbara (oyt )ho )as a )itness on the 1ate case& an* former Family member. 4he ha* been shippe* off to (a)aii along )ith %uth Ann an* ha* been gi/en a lethal *ose of L4$. %ice ha* *ri/en %uth an* 3arbara to the airport.