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From the photo collection of the Los Angeles Public Library:

( 0 .jpg! "aption: Paul #at$ins% &itness at 'ate trial% also testifie( concerning the (isappearance of )onal( *erome +hay. Paul ha( often ser,e( as -anson.s secon( in comman(.

( / .jpg! "aption: Paul #at$ins as &itness at 'ate trial. #at$ins% a goo( loo$ing youth &ith a &ay &ith &omen% ha( been -anson.s chief procurer of young girls. 0ften he acte( as -anson.s secon( in comman(. #hile on his trips to an( from the 1ar$er 2anch in 3nyo "ounty% #at$ins o,er &hom -anson ha( a ,ice4li$e hol( on &as successfully (eprogramme( from -anson.s &ay of thin$ing by a local miner% Paul "roc$ett an( &as therefore able to ser,e as a &itness at the trial. 5ere% 20 year ol( Paul testifie( on 0ctober 26% /760 in the 'ate/La1ianca mur(er trial. 5e tol( of con,ersations he ha( &ith "harles -anson an( of -anson.s 85elter +$elter8 philosophy.

( /9.jpg! "aption: +ame as of the picture abo,e.