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Mark 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

n Foun ation

Mark 1

T!" #"$%&&%&$ 'o( the (act)* o( the goo ne+) ,the $o)pe-. o( /e)u) Chri)t,


the 0on o( $o 1

/u)t a) it i) +ritten in the prophet %)aiah2 #eho- , % )en 3y me))enger be(ore 4our (ace, +ho +i-- make rea y 4our +ay55,6.

6 8oice o( one crying in the +i- erne)) ')houting in the e)ert*, 9repare the +ay o( the Lor , make !i) beaten track) )traight ,-e8e- an pa))ab-e.:,#.
7 '(*

4 /ohn the #apti)t appeare in the +i- erne)) , e)ert., preaching a bapti)m ' ' *ob-igating* repentance ,'e*a change o( one;) min (or the better, hearti-y amen ing one;) +ay), +ith abhorrence o( hi) pa)t )in). in or er obtain (orgi8ene)) o( an re-ea)e (rom )in)1


5 6n there kept going out to him 'continuou)-y* a-- the country o( /u ea an a-- the inhabitant) o( /eru)a-em< an they +ere bapti=e by him in the ri8er /or an, 'g*a) they +ere con(e))ing their )in)1 6 6n /ohn +ore c-othing +o8en o( came-;) hair an ha a -eather gir -e aroun hi) -oin) an ate -ocu)t) an +i- honey1 7 6n he preache , )aying, 6(ter me come) !e >ho i) )tronger ,more po+er(u- an more 8a-iant. than %, the )trap o( >ho)e )an a-) % am not +orthy or (it to )toop o+n an un-oo)e1 8 9

% ha8e bapti=e you +ith +ater, but !e +i-- bapti=e you +ith the !o-y 0pirit1 %n tho)e ay) /e)u) came (rom &a=areth o( $a-i-ee an +a) bapti=e by /ohn in the /or an1

6n +hen !e came up out o( the +ater, at once he '/ohn* )a+ the hea8en) torn open an the '!o-y* 0pirit -ike a o8e coming o+n ''h*to enter* 'i*into !im1,C.
1? 11 12 17

6n there came a 8oice


out (rom +ithin hea8en, 4ou are 3y #e-o8e 0on< in 4ou % am +e-- p-ea)e 1 ,A.

%mme iate-y the '!o-y* 0pirit '(rom +ithin* ro8e !im out into the +i- erne)) , e)ert.,

6n !e )taye in the +i- erne)) , e)ert. (orty ay), being tempte 'a-- the +hi-e* by 0atan< an !e +a) +ith the +i- bea)t), an the ange-) mini)tere to !im 'continua--y*1 &o+ a(ter /ohn +a) arre)te an put in pri)on, /e)u) came into $a-i-ee, preaching the goo ne+) ,the $o)pe-. o( the king om o( $o ,
14 15 6n )aying, The 'appointe perio o(* time i) (u-(i--e ,comp-ete ., an the king om o( $o i) at han < repent ,'k*ha8e a change o( min +hich i))ue) in regret (or pa)t )in) an in change o( con uct (or the better. an be-ie8e ,tru)t in, re-y on, an a here to. the goo ne+) ,the $o)pe-.1 16 6n pa))ing a-ong the )hore o( the 0ea o( $a-i-ee, !e )a+ 0imon '9eter* an 6n re+ the brother o( 0imon ca)ting a net 'to an (ro* in the )ea, (or they +ere (i)hermen1 17 18

6n /e)u) )ai to them, Come a(ter 3e an


be 3y i)cip-e), an % +i-- make you to become (i)her) o( men1

6n at once they -e(t their net) an ''m*yie- ing up a-- c-aim to them* (o--o+e '+ith* !im ''n*@oining !im a) i)cip-e) an )i ing +ith !i) party*1 !e +ent on a -itt-e (arther an )a+ /ame) the )on o( Bebe ee, an /ohn hi) brother, +ho +ere in 'their* boat putting their net) in or er1
19 2? 6n imme iate-y !e ca--e out to them, an ''o*aban oning a-- mutua- c-aim)* they -e(t their (ather Bebe ee in the boat +ith the hire men an +ent o(( a(ter !im ''p*to be !i) i)cip-e), )i e +ith !i) party, an (o--o+ !im*1 21 6n they entere into Capernaum, an imme iate-y on the 0abbath !e +ent into the )ynagogue an began to teach1 22 6n they +ere comp-ete-y a)toni)he at !i) teaching, (or !e +a) teaching a) Cne >ho po))e))e authority, an not a) the )cribe)1 27 /u)t at that time there +a) in their )ynagogue a man '+ho +a) in the po+er* o( an unc-ean )pirit< an no+ 'imme iate-y* he rai)e a eep an terrib-e cry (rom the epth) o( hi) throat, )aying,

>hat ha8e 4ou to o +ith u), /e)u) o( &a=arethD !a8e 4ou come to e)troy u)D % kno+ +ho 4ou are55the !o-y Cne o( $o :
24 25

6n /e)u) rebuke him, )aying, !u)h up ,be mu==-e , gagge ., an come out o( him:

26 6n the unc-ean )pirit, thro+ing the man into con8u-)ion) an him1


)creeching +ith a -ou 8oice, came out o(

27 6n they +ere a-- )o ama=e an 'r*a-mo)t terri(ie that they kept Eue)tioning an eman ing one o( another, )aying, >hat i) thi)D >hat ne+ ,(re)h. teaching: >ith authority !e gi8e) or er) e8en to the unc-ean )pirit) an they obey !im: 28 29

6n imme iate-y rumor) concerning !im )prea 'e8ery+here* throughout a-- the region )urroun ing $a-i-ee1

6n at once !e -e(t the )ynagogue an +ent into the hou)e o( 0imon '9eter* an 6n re+, accompanie by /ame) an /ohn1


&o+ 0imon;) mother5in5-a+


ha (or )ome time been -ying )ick +ith a (e8er, an at once they to- !im about

71 6n !e +ent up to her an took her by the han an rai)e her up< an the (e8er -e(t her, an )he began to +ait on them1 72 &o+ +hen it +a) e8ening, a(ter the )un ha )et, they brought to !im a-- +ho +ere )ick an tho)e un er the po+er o( emon), 77 74

Fnti- the +ho-e to+n +a) gathere together about the oor1

6n !e cure many +ho +ere a((-icte +ith 8ariou) i)ea)e)< an !e ro8e out many emon), but +ou- not a--o+ the emon) to ta-k becau)e they kne+ !im ''t*intuiti8e-y*1
75 76 77 78

6n in the morning, -ong be(ore ay-ight, !e got up an +ent out to a



e)erte p-ace, an there !e praye 1

6n 0imon '9eter* an tho)e +ho +ere +ith him (o--o+e !im ' pur)uing !im eager-y an hunting !im out*, 6n they (oun !im an )ai to !im, "8erybo y i) -ooking (or 4ou1

6n !e )ai to them, Let u) be going on into the neighboring country to+n), that % may preach there a-)o< (or that i) +hy % came out1
79 4?

'0o* !e +ent throughout the +ho-e o( $a-i-ee, preaching in their )ynagogue) an

ri8ing out emon)1

6n a -eper came to !im, begging !im on hi) knee) an )aying to !im, %( 4ou are +i--ing, 4ou are ab-e to make me c-ean1
41 6n being mo8e +ith pity an )ympathy, /e)u) reache out !i) han an touche him, an )ai to him, % am +i--ing< be ma e c-ean: 42 47

6n at once the -epro)y 'comp-ete-y* -e(t him an he +a) ma e c-ean 'by being hea-e *1

6n /e)u) charge him )tern-y ,)harp-y an threatening-y, an +ith earne)t a monition. an 'acting +ith eep (ee-ing thru)t him (orth an * )ent him a+ay at once,
44 6n )ai to him, 0ee that you te-- nothing 'o( thi)* to anyone< but begone, )ho+ your)e-( to the prie)t, an o((er (or your puri(ication +hat 3o)e) comman e , a) a proo( ,an e8i ence an +itne)). to the peop-e 'that you are rea--y hea-e *1,".

#ut he +ent out an began to ta-k )o (ree-y about it an b-a=e abroa the ne+) ')prea ing it e8ery+here* that '/e)u)* cou- no -onger open-y go into a to+n but +a) out)i e in '-one-y* e)ert p-ace)1 #ut the peop-e kept on coming to !im (rom '+*a-- )i e) an e8ery Euarter1


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Cross references: 3ark 122 2 3a- 721 3ark 127 2 %)a 4?27 3ark 121? 2 /ohn 1272 3ark 1211 2 9) 227< %)a 4221 3ark 1244 2 Le8 17249< 1422572

Mark 2 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Mark 2
6&A /"0F0 ha8ing returne to Capernaum, a(ter )ome ay) it +a) rumore about that !e +a) in the hou)e 'probab-y 9eter;)*1
1 2 6n )o many peop-e gathere together there that there +a) no -onger room '(or them*, not e8en aroun the oor< an !e +a) i)cu))ing the >or 1 7 4

Then they came, bringing a para-ytic to !im, +ho ha been picke up an +a) being carrie by (our men1

6n +hen they cou- not get him to a p-ace in (ront o( /e)u) becau)e o( the throng, they ug through the roo( abo8e !im< an +hen they ha 'a*)coope out an opening, they -et o+n the ''b*thick-y pa e * Eui-t or mat upon +hich the para-y=e man -ay1
5 6n +hen /e)u) )a+ their (aith 'their con(i ence in $o through !im*, !e )ai to the para-y=e man, 0on, your )in) are (orgi8en 'you* an put a+ay 'that i), the 'c*pena-ty i) remitte , the )en)e o( gui-t remo8e , an you are ma e upright an in right )tan ing +ith $o *1 6 &o+ )ome o( the )cribe) +ere )itting there, ho- ing a ia-ogue +ith them)e-8e) a) they Eue)tione in their heart),

7 >hy oe) thi) ' *3an ta-k -ike thi)D !e i) b-a)pheming: >ho can (orgi8e )in) ''e*remo8e gui-t, remit the pena-ty, an be)to+ righteou)ne)) in)tea * eIcept $o a-oneD 8 6n at once /e)u), becoming (u--y a+are in !i) )pirit that they thu) ebate +ithin them)e-8e), )ai to them, >hy o you argue , ebate, rea)on. about a-- thi) in your heart)D 9 >hich i) ea)ier2 to )ay to the para-y=e man, 4our )in) are (orgi8en an '(*put a+ay, or to )ay, Ji)e, take up your )-eeping pa or mat, an )tart +a-king about 'an 'g*keep on +a-king*D 1? #ut that you may kno+ po)iti8e-y an beyon a oubt that the 0on o( 3an ha) right an authority an po+er on earth to (orgi8e )in)55!e )ai to the para-y=e man, 11 12

% )ay to you, ari)e, pick up an carry your )-eeping pa or mat, an be going on home1

6n he aro)e at once an picke up the )-eeping pa or mat an +ent out be(ore them a--, )o that they +ere a-- ama=e an 'h* recogni=e an prai)e an thanke $o , )aying, >e ha8e ne8er )een anything -ike thi) be(ore:
17 '/e)u)* +ent out again a-ong the )ea)hore< an a-- the mu-titu e kept gathering about !im, an !e kept teaching them1 14 6n a) !e +a) pa))ing by, !e )a+ Le8i ,3atthe+. )on o( 6-phaeu) )itting at the taI o((ice, an !e )ai to him, Fo--o+ 3e: '#e 'i*@oine to 3e a) a i)cip-e, )i e +ith 3y party:* 6n he aro)e an @oine !im a) !i) i)cip-e an )i e +ith !i) party an accompanie !im1 15 6n a) /e)u), together +ith !i) i)cip-e), )at at tab-e in hi) 'Le8i;)* hou)e, many taI co--ector) an per)on) ''@* e(inite-y )taine * +ith )in +ere ining +ith !im, (or there +ere many +ho +a-ke the )ame roa ,(o--o+e . +ith !im1


6n the )cribe) 'be-onging to the party* o( the 9hari)ee), +hen they )a+ that !e +a) eating +ith 'tho)e e(inite-y kno+n to be e)pecia--y +icke * )inner) an taI co--ector), )ai to !i) i)cip-e), >hy oe) !e eat an rink +ith taI co--ector) an 'notoriou)* )inner)D

17 6n +hen /e)u) hear it, !e )ai to them, Tho)e +ho are )trong an +e-- ha8e no nee o( a phy)ician, but tho)e +ho are +eak an )ick< % came not to ca-- the righteou) one) to repentance, but )inner) ,the '-*erring one) an 'm*a-- tho)e not (ree (rom )in.1 18 &o+ /ohn;) i)cip-e) an the 9hari)ee) +ere ob)er8ing a (a)t< an ')ome peop-e* came an a)ke /e)u), >hy are /ohn;) i)cip-e) an the i)cip-e) o( the 9hari)ee) (a)ting, but 4our i)cip-e) are not oing )oD 19 /e)u) an)+ere them, Can the +e ing gue)t) (a)t ,ab)tain (rom (oo an +ith themD 6) -ong a) they ha8e the bri egroom +ith them, they cannot (a)t1 2? 21

rink. +hi-e the bri egroom i)

#ut the ay) +i-- come +hen the bri egroom +i-- be taken a+ay (rom them, an they +i-- (a)t in that ay1

&o one )e+) a patch o( un)hrunken ,ne+. goo ) on an o- garment< i( he oe), the patch tear) a+ay (rom it, the ne+ (rom the o- , an the rent ,tear. become) bigger an +or)e 'than it +a) be(ore*1
22 6n no one put) ne+ +ine into o- +ine)kin)< i( he oe), the +ine +i-- bur)t the )kin), an the +ine i) -o)t an the bott-e) e)troye < but ne+ +ine i) to be put in ne+ ,(re)h. +ine)kin)1 27 Cne 0abbath !e +a) going a-ong be)i e the (ie- ) o( )tan ing grain, an a) they ma e their +ay, !i) i)cip-e) began to 'n*pick o(( the grain)1,6. 24 25

6n the 9hari)ee) )ai to !im, Look: >hy are they oing +hat i) not permitte or -a+(u- on the 0abbathD i +hen he +a) in nee an +a) hungry, he

6n !e )ai to them, !a8e you ne8er 'e8en* rea +hat Aa8i an tho)e +ho +ere accompanying himD55

26 !o+ he +ent into the hou)e o( $o +hen 6biathar +a) the high prie)t, an ate the )acre -oa8e) )et (orth 'be(ore $o *, +hich it i) not permitte or -a+(u- (or any but the prie)t) to eat, an 'ho+ he* a-)o ga8e 'them* to tho)e +ho +ere +ith himD '% 0am1 212156< %% 0am1 82171* 27 6n /e)u) )ai to them, The 0abbath +a) ma e on account an (or the )ake o( man, not man (or the 0abbath<,#. 28

0o the 0on o( 3an i) Lor e8en o( the 0abbath1


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3ark 224 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 224 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 225 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 227 Capita-i=e becau)e o( +hat !e i), the )pot-e)) 0on o( $o , not +hat the )peaker) may ha8e thought !e +a)1 3ark 227 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1

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3ark 229 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 229 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 2212 !ermann Cremer, #ib-ico5Theo-ogica- LeIicon1 3ark 2214 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 2215 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 2216 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 2217 Jobert 4oung, 6na-ytica- Concor ance to the #ib-e1 3ark 2217 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 2227 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1

Cross references: 3ark 2227 2 Aeut 27225 3ark 2227 2 "Io 27212< Aeut 5214

Mark 3 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Mark 3
6$6%& /"0F0 +ent into a )ynagogue, an a man +a) there +ho ha one +ithere han ''a*a) the re)u-t o( acci ent or i)ea)e*1
1 2 6n 'the 9hari)ee)* kept +atching /e)u) 'c-o)e-y* to )ee +hether !e +ou- cure him on the 0abbath, )o that they might get a charge to bring again)t !im ''b*(orma--y*1 7 4

6n !e )ai to the man +ho ha the +ithere han , $et up 'an )tan here* in the mi )t1

6n !e )ai to them, %) it -a+(u- an right on the 0abbath to o goo or to o e8i-, to )a8e -i(e or to take itD #ut they kept )i-ence1
5 6n !e g-ance aroun at them +ith 8eIation an anger, grie8e at the har ening o( their heart), an )ai to the man, !o- out your han 1 !e he- it out, an hi) han +a) 'comp-ete-y* re)tore 1 6 Then the 9hari)ee) +ent out an imme iate-y he- a con)u-tation +ith the !ero ian) again)t !im, ho+ they might ' e8i)e )ome mean) to* put !im to eath1 7 8

6n /e)u) retire +ith !i) i)cip-e) to the -ake, an a great throng (rom $a-i-ee (o--o+e !im1 6-)o (rom /u ea

6n (rom /eru)a-em an % umea an (rom beyon the /or an an (rom about Tyre an 0i on55a 8a)t mu-titu e, hearing a-- the many thing) that !e +a) oing, came to !im1
9 6n !e to- !i) i)cip-e) to ha8e a -itt-e boat in 'con)tant* rea ine)) (or !im becau)e o( the cro+ , -e)t they pre)) har upon !im an cru)h !im1 1? For !e ha hea-e )o many that a-- +ho ha upon !im in or er that they might touch !im1

i)tre))ing bo i-y i)ea)e) kept (a--ing upon !im an pre))ing

6n the )pirit), the unc-ean one), out, 4ou are the 0on o( $o :


a) o(ten a) they might )ee !im, (e-- o+n be(ore !im an kept )creaming

12 6n !e charge them )trict-y an )e8ere-y un er pena-ty again an again that they )hou- not make !im kno+n1 17 6n !e +ent up on the hi--)i e an ca--e to !im '' *(or !im)e-(* tho)e +hom !e +ante an cho)e, an they came to !im1

14 6n !e appointe t+e-8e to apo)t-e) or )pecia- me))enger)* 15 16 17


continue to be +ith !im, an that !e might )en them out to preach 'a)

6n to ha8e authority an po+er to hea- the )ick an to ri8e out emon)2 'They +ere* 0imon, an !e )urname 'him* 9eter<

/ame) )on o( Bebe ee an /ohn the brother o( /ame), an !e )urname them #oanerge), that i), 0on) o( Thun er<
18 6n 6n re+, an 9hi-ip, an #artho-ome+ ,&athanie-., an 3atthe+, an Thoma), an /ame) )on o( 6-phaeu), an Tha aeu) ,/u a), not %)cariot., an 0imon the Cananaean 'a-)o ca--e Be-ote)*, 19 2?

6n /u a) %)cariot, he +ho betraye !im1

Then !e +ent to a hou)e 'probab-y 9eter;)*, but a throng came together again, )o that /e)u) an !i) i)cip-e) cou- not e8en take (oo 1
21 6n +hen tho)e '(*+ho be-onge to !im ,'g*!i) kin)men. hear it, they +ent out to take !im by (orce, (or they kept )aying, !e i) out o( 'h*!i) min ,be)i e !im)e-(, erange .: 22 6n the )cribe) +ho came o+n (rom /eru)a-em )ai , !e i) po))e))e by #ee-=ebub, an , #y 'the he-p o(* the prince o( emon) !e i) ca)ting out emon)1 27 6n !e )ummone them to !im an )ai to them in parab-e) ,i--u)tration) or compari)on) put be)i e truth) to eIp-ain them., !o+ can 0atan ri8e out 0atanD 24 25 26

6n i( a king om i) i8i e an rebe--ing again)t it)e-(, that king om cannot )tan 1 6n i( a hou)e i) i8i e ,)p-it into (action) an rebe--ing. again)t it)e-(, that hou)e +i-- not be ab-e to -a)t1

6n i( 0atan ha) rai)e an in)urrection again)t him)e-( an i) i8i e , he cannot )tan but i) ')ure-y* coming to an en 1
27 #ut no one can go into a )trong man;) hou)e an ran)ack hi) hou)eho- goo ) right an -e(t an )ei=e them a) p-un er un-e)) he (ir)t bin ) the )trong man< then in ee he may 'thorough-y* p-un er hi) hou)e1 ,6.

Tru-y an )o-emn-y % )ay to you, a-- )in) +i-- be (orgi8en the )on) o( men, an +hate8er abu)i8e an b-a)phemou) thing) they utter<
28 29 #ut +hoe8er )peak) abu)i8e-y again)t or ma-iciou)-y mi)repre)ent) the !o-y 0pirit can ne8er get (orgi8ene)), but i) gui-ty o( an i) in the gra)p o( 'i*an e8er-a)ting tre)pa))1 7? 71

For they


per)i)te in )aying,


!e ha) an unc-ean )pirit1

Then !i) mother an !i) brother) came an , )tan ing out)i e, they )ent +or to !im, ca--ing '(or* !im1

72 6n a cro+ +a) )itting aroun !im, an they )ai to !im, 4our mother an 4our brother) an 4our )i)ter) are out)i e a)king (or 4ou1 77 74

6n !e rep-ie , >ho are 3y mother an 3y brother)D

6n -ooking aroun on tho)e +ho )at in a circ-e about !im, !e )ai , 0ee: !ere are 3y mother an 3y brother)<

For +hoe8er oe) the thing) $o +i--) i) 3y brother an )i)ter an mother:


a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i.

3ark 721 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 722 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 7211 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 7217 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 7214 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 7221 >i--iam Tyn a-e, The Tyn a-e #ib-e1 3ark 7221 /ohn >yc-i((e, The >yc-i((e #ib-e1 3ark 7221 Capita-i=e (or +hat !e i), the )pot-e)) 0on o( $o , not +hat the )peaker) may ha8e thought !e +a)1 3ark 7229 /ohn >yc-i((e, The >yc-i((e #ib-e1

j. k.

3ark 727? 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 727? Capita-i=e (or +hat !e i), the )pot-e)) 0on o( $o , not +hat the )peaker) may ha8e thought !e +a)1

Cross references:


3ark 7227 2 %)a 49224, 25

Mark 4 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Mark 4
6$6%& /"0F0 began to teach be)i e the -ake1 6n a 8ery great cro+ gathere about !im, )o that !e got into a )hip in or er to )it in it on the )ea, an the +ho-e cro+ +a) at the -ake)i e on the )hore1

6n !e taught them many thing) in parab-e) ,i--u)tration) or compari)on) put be)i e truth) to eIp-ain them., an in !i) teaching !e )ai to them2
2 7 4 5

$i8e attention to thi): #eho- , a )o+er +ent out to )o+1 6n a) he +a) )o+ing, )ome )ee (e-- a-ong the path, an the bir ) came an ate it up1

Cther )ee 'o( the )ame kin * (e-- on groun (u-- o( rock), +here it ha not much )oi-< an at once it )prang up, becau)e it ha no epth o( )oi-<
6 7

6n +hen the )un came up, it +a) )corche , an becau)e it ha not taken root, it +ithere a+ay1

Cther )ee 'o( the )ame kin * (e-- among thorn p-ant), an the thi)t-e) gre+ an pre))e together an utter-y choke an )u((ocate it, an it yie- e no grain1 6n other )ee 'o( the )ame kin * (e-- into goo ,+e--5a apte . )oi- an brought (orth grain, gro+ing up an increa)ing, an yie- e up to thirty time) a) much, an )iIty time) a) much, an e8en a hun re time) a) much a) ha been )o+n1
8 9

6n !e )ai , !e +ho ha) ear) to hear, -et him be hearing 'an -et him


con)i er, an comprehen *1

6n a) )oon a) !e +a) a-one, tho)e +ho +ere aroun !im, +ith the T+e-8e 'apo)t-e)*, began to a)k !im about the parab-e)1
1? 11 6n !e )ai to them, To you ha) been entru)te the my)tery o( the king om o( $o 'that i), 'b*the )ecret coun)e-) o( $o +hich are hi en (rom the ungo -y*< but (or tho)e out)i e ' 'c*o( our circ-e* e8erything become) a parab-e, 12 %n or er that they may 'in ee * -ook an -ook but not )ee an percei8e, an may hear an hear but not gra)p an comprehen , ' *-e)t hap-y they )hou- turn again, an it ''e*their +i--(u- re@ection o( the truth* )hou- be (orgi8en them1,6. 17 6n !e )ai to them, Ao you not i)cern an un er)tan thi) parab-eD !o+ then i) it po))ib-e (or you to i)cern an un er)tan a-- the parab-e)D 14 15

The )o+er )o+) the >or 1

The one) a-ong the path are tho)e +ho ha8e the >or )o+n 'in their heart)*, but +hen they hear, 0atan come) at once an 'by (orce* take) a+ay the me))age +hich i) )o+n in them1
16 6n in the )ame +ay the one) )o+n upon )tony groun are tho)e +ho, +hen they hear the >or , at once recei8e an accept an +e-come it +ith @oy< 17 6n they ha8e no rea- root in them)e-8e), an )o they en ure (or a -itt-e +hi-e< then +hen troub-e or per)ecution ari)e) on account o( the >or , they imme iate-y are o((en e ,become i)p-ea)e , in ignant, re)ent(u-. an they )tumb-e an (a-- a+ay1 18

6n the one) )o+n among the thorn) are other) +ho hear the >or <

19 Then the care) an anIietie) o( the +or- an i)traction) o( the age, an the p-ea)ure an e-ight an (a-)e g-amour an eceit(u-ne)) o( riche), an the cra8ing an pa))ionate e)ire (or other thing) creep in an choke an )u((ocate the >or , an it become) (ruit-e))1 2? 6n tho)e )o+n on the goo ,+e--5a apte . )oi- are the one) +ho hear the >or an recei8e an accept an +e-come it an bear (ruit55)ome thirty time) a) much a) +a) )o+n, )ome )iIty time) a) much, an )ome 'e8en* a hun re time) a) much1 21 6n !e )ai to them, %) the -amp brought in to be put un er a put* on the -amp)tan D '(*

peck mea)ure or un er a be , an not 'to be

22 'g* ' Thing) are hi en temporari-y on-y a) a mean) to re8e-ation1* For there i) nothing hi en eIcept to be re8ea-e , nor i) anything 'temporari-y* kept )ecret eIcept in or er that it may be ma e kno+n1 27 24

%( any man ha) ear) to hear, -et him be -i)tening an -et him percei8e an comprehen 1

6n !e )ai to them, #e care(u- +hat you are hearing1 The mea)ure 'h*'o( thought an )tu y* you gi8e 'to the truth you hear* +i-- be the mea)ure '@*'o( 8irtue an kno+-e ge* that come) back to you55an more 'be)i e)* +i-- be gi8en to you +ho hear1
'i* 25 For to him +ho ha) +i-- more be gi8en< an (rom him +ho ha) nothing, e8en +hat he ha) +i-- be taken a+ay ''k*by (orce*, 26 27

6n !e )ai , The king om o( $o i) -ike a man +ho )catter) )ee upon the groun , ay +hi-e the )ee )prout) an gro+) an

6n then continue) )-eeping an ri)ing night an kno+) not ho+1

28 29


The earth pro uce) 'acting* by it)e-(55(ir)t the b-a e, then the ear, then the (u-- grain in the ear1

#ut +hen the grain i) ripe an permit), imme iate-y he becau)e the har8e)t )tan ) rea y1

)en ) (orth 'the reaper)* an put) in the )ick-e,

7? 6n !e )ai , >ith +hat can +e compare the king om o( $o , or +hat parab-e )ha-- +e u)e to i--u)trate an eIp-ain itD 71 %t i) -ike a grain o( mu)tar )ee , +hich, +hen )o+n upon the groun , i) the )ma--e)t o( a-- )ee ) upon the earth< 72 4et a(ter it i) )o+n, it gro+) up an become) the greate)t o( a-- gar en herb) an put) out -arge branche), )o that the bir ) o( the air are ab-e to make ne)t) an +e-- in it) )ha e1 77 >ith many )uch parab-e) '/e)u)* )poke the >or to them, a) they +ere ab-e to hear an an un er)tan 1 'n*

to comprehen

74 !e i not te-- them anything +ithout a parab-e< but pri8ate-y to !i) i)cip-e) , 'o*tho)e +ho +ere pecu-iar-y !i) o+n. !e eIp-aine e8erything '(u--y*1 75 76

Cn that )ame ay '+hen* e8ening ha come, !e )ai to them, Let u) go o8er to the other )i e 'o( the -ake*1

6n -ea8ing the throng, they took !im +ith them, '@u)t* a) !e +a), in the boat 'in +hich !e +a) )itting*1 6n other boat) +ere +ith !im1
77 6n a (uriou) )torm o( +in ''p*o( hurricane proportion)* aro)e, an the +a8e) kept beating into the boat, )o that it +a) a-rea y becoming (i--e 1 78 #ut !e '!im)e-(* +a) in the )tern 'o( the boat*, a)-eep on the '-eather* cu)hion< an they a+oke !im an )ai to !im, 3a)ter, o 4ou not care that +e are peri)hingD 79 6n !e aro)e an rebuke the +in an )ai to the )ea, !u)h no+: #e )ti-- ,mu==-e .: 6n the +in cea)e ,'E*)ank to re)t a) i( eIhau)te by it) beating. an there +a) 'imme iate-y* a great ca-m , 'r*a per(ect peace(u-ne)).1 4? !e )ai to them, >hy are you )o timi an (ear(u-D !o+ i) it that you ha8e no (aith ,no tru)t.D 41 6n they +ere (i--e +ith great a+e an e8en +in an )ea obey !imD 't* ')*

(irm-y re-ying

(eare eIcee ing-y an )ai one to another, >ho then i) thi), that


a. b. c. d.

3ark 429 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 4211 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 4211 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 4212 61T1 Jobert)on, >or 9icture)1

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Cross references: 3ark 4212 2 %)a 629, 1?< 3att 17217515

Mark 5 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Mark 5

T!"4 C63" to the other )i e o( the )ea to the region o( the $era)ene)1

2 6n a) )oon a) !e got out o( the boat, there met !im out o( the tomb) a man 'un er the po+er* o( an unc-ean )pirit1 7 4

Thi) man


continua--y -i8e among the tomb), an no one cou- )ub ue him any more, e8en +ith a chain<

For he ha been boun o(ten +ith )hack-e) (or the (eet an 'b*han cu((), but the han cu(() o( '-ight* chain) he +renche apart, an the )hack-e) he rubbe an groun together an broke in piece)< an no one ha )trength enough to re)train or tame him1
' * 5 &ight an ay among the tomb) an on the mountain) he +a) a-+ay) beating an brui)ing an 'e*cutting him)e-( +ith )tone)1 6 7 'c*

)hrieking an )creaming an

6n +hen (rom a i)tance he )a+ /e)u), he ran an (e-- on hi) knee) be(ore !im in homage,

6n crying out +ith a -ou 8oice, he )ai , >hat ha8e 4ou to o +ith me, /e)u), 0on o( the 3o)t !igh $o D '>hat i) there in common bet+een u)D* % '(*)o-emn-y imp-ore you by $o , o not begin to torment me:

For /e)u) +a) comman ing, Come out o( the man, you unc-ean )pirit:

6n !e a)ke him, >hat i) your nameD !e rep-ie , 3y name i) Legion, (or +e are many1 6n he kept begging !im urgent-y not to )en them 'him)e-( an the other emon)* a+ay out o( that region1 &o+ a great her o( hog) +a) gra=ing there on the hi--)i e1 6n the emon) begge !im, )aying, 0en u) to the hog), that +e may go into them:

1? 11 12 17

0o !e ga8e them permi))ion1 6n the unc-ean )pirit) came out 'o( the man* an entere into the hog)< an the her , numbering about 2,???, ru)he hea -ong o+n the )teep )-ope into the )ea an +ere ro+ne in the )ea1
14 The hog (ee er) ran a+ay, an to- 'it* in the to+n an in the country1 6n 'the peop-e* came to )ee +hat it +a) that ha taken p-ace1 15 6n they came to /e)u) an -ooke intent-y an )earching-y at the man +ho ha been a emoniac, )itting there, c-othe an in hi) right min , 'the )ame man* +ho ha ha the -egion 'o( emon)*< an they +ere 'g* )ei=e +ith a-arm an )truck +ith (ear1 16 6n tho)e +ho ha )een it re-ate in (u-- +hat ha happene to the man po))e))e by emon) an to the hog)1 17 18

6n they began to beg '/e)u)* to -ea8e their neighborhoo 1

6n +hen !e ha )teppe into the boat, the man +ho ha been contro--e by the unc-ean )pirit) kept begging !im that he might be +ith !im1
19 #ut /e)u) re(u)e to permit him, but )ai to him, $o home to your o+n '(ami-y an re-ati8e) an (rien )* an bring back +or to them o( ho+ much the Lor ha) one (or you, an 'ho+ !e ha)* ha )ympathy (or you an mercy on you1 2?


6n he eparte an began to pub-ic-y proc-aim in Aecapo-i) 'the region o( the ten citie)* ho+ much /e)u) one (or him, an a-- the peop-e +ere a)toni)he an mar8e-e 1,6.

21 6n +hen /e)u) ha recro))e in the boat to the other )i e, a great throng gathere about !im, an !e +a) at the -ake)hore1

Then one o( the ru-er) o( the )ynagogue came up, /airu) by name< an )eeing !im, he pro)trate him)e-( at !i) (eet
22 27 6n begge !im earne)t-y, )aying, 3y -itt-e aughter i) at the point o( eath1 Come an -ay 4our han ) on her, )o that )he may be hea-e an -i8e1 24 6n /e)u) +ent +ith him< an a great cro+ kept (o--o+ing !im an pre))e !im a-mo)t to )u((ocate !im*1 25 26 'h*

(rom a-- )i e) ')o a)

6n there +a) a +oman +ho ha ha a (-o+ o( b-oo (or t+e-8e year),

6n +ho ha en ure much 'i*)u((ering un er 'the han ) o(* many phy)ician) an ha )pent a-- that )he ha , an +a) no better but in)tea gre+ +or)e1
27 0he ha hear the report) concerning /e)u), an )he came up behin !im in the throng an touche !i) garment, 28 29

For )he kept )aying, %( % on-y touch !i) garment), % )ha-- be re)tore to hea-th1 en-y* )he (e-t in her bo y that )he

6n imme iate-y her (-o+ o( b-oo +a) rie up at the )ource, an ''@*)u +a) hea-e o( her ''k* i)tre))ing* ai-ment1

7? 6n /e)u), recogni=ing in !im)e-( that the po+er procee ing (rom !im ha gone (orth, turne aroun imme iate-y in the cro+ an )ai , >ho touche 3y c-othe)D 71 6n the i)cip-e) kept )aying to !im, 4ou )ee the cro+ pre))ing har aroun 4ou a)k, >ho touche 3eD 72 77 '-*

(rom a-- )i e), an 4ou

0ti-- !e kept -ooking aroun to )ee her +ho ha

one it1

#ut the +oman, kno+ing +hat ha been one (or her, though a-arme an (rightene an tremb-ing, (e-o+n be(ore !im an to- !im the +ho-e truth1
74 6n !e )ai to her, Aaughter, your (aith ,your 'm*tru)t an con(i ence in 3e, )pringing (rom (aith in $o . ha) re)tore you to hea-th1 $o in 'n*,into. peace an be continua--y hea-e an (ree (rom your ''o* i)tre))ing bo i-y* i)ea)e1 75 >hi-e !e +a) )ti-- )peaking, there came )ome (rom the ru-er;) hou)e, +ho )ai 'to /airu)*, 4our aughter ha) ie 1 >hy bother an i)tre)) the Teacher any (urtherD 76'p* C8erhearing but ignoring +hat they )ai , /e)u) )ai to the ru-er o( the )ynagogue, Ao not be )ei=e +ith a-arm an )truck +ith (ear< on-y keep on be-ie8ing1 77 78

6n !e permitte no one to accompany !im eIcept 9eter an /ame) an /ohn the brother o( /ame)1

>hen they arri8e at the hou)e o( the ru-er o( the )ynagogue, !e at 'the* tumu-t an the peop-e +eeping an +ai-ing -ou -y1

-ooke 'care(u--y an +ith un er)tan ing*

79 6n +hen !e ha gone in, !e )ai to them, >hy o you make an uproar an +eepD The -itt-e gir- i) not ea but i) )-eeping1 4? 6n they -aughe an 'r*@eere at !im1 #ut !e put them a-- out, an , taking the chi- ;) (ather an mother an tho)e +ho +ere +ith !im, !e +ent in +here the -itt-e gir- +a) -ying1 41 $ripping her '(irm-y* by the han , !e )ai to her, Ta-itha cumi55+hich tran)-ate i), Litt-e gir-, % )ay to you, ari)e '')*(rom the )-eep o( eath*: 42 6n in)tant-y the gir- got up an )tarte +a-king aroun 55(or )he +a) t+e-8e year) o- 1 6n they +ere utter-y a)toni)he an o8ercome +ith ama=ement1 47 6n !e )trict-y comman e an +arne them that no one )hou- kno+ thi), an !e ' 't*eIpre))-y* to- them to gi8e her ')omething* to eat1


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Cross references: 3ark 522? 2 3att 4225


(Amplified Bible)

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

/"0F0 >"&T a+ay (rom there an came to !i) 'o+n* country an hometo+n '&a=areth*, an !i) i)cip-e) (o--o+e '+ith* !im1
1 2 6n on the 0abbath !e began to teach in the )ynagogue< an many +ho -i)tene to !im +ere utter-y a)toni)he , )aying, >here i thi) 'a*3an acEuire a-- thi)D >hat i) the +i) om 'the broa an (u-- inte--igence +hich ha) been* gi8en to !imD >hat mighty +ork) an eIhibition) o( po+er are +rought by !i) han ): 7 %) not thi) the Carpenter, the )on o( 3ary an the brother o( /ame) an /o)e) an /u a) an 0imonD 6n are not !i) )i)ter) here among u)D 6n they took o((en)e at !im an 'b*+ere hurt 'that i), they 'c* i)appro8e o( !im, an it hin ere them (rom ackno+-e ging !i) authority* an they +ere cau)e to )tumb-e an (a--1 4 #ut /e)u) )ai to them, 6 prophet i) not +ithout honor , e(erence, re8erence. eIcept in hi) 'o+n* country an among 'hi)* re-ati8e) an in hi) 'o+n* hou)e1 5 6n !e +a) not ab-e to o peop-e 'an * cure them1 ' *

e8en one +ork o( po+er there, eIcept that !e -ai !i) han ) on a (e+ )ick-y

6 6n !e mar8e-e becau)e o( their unbe-ie( ,their -ack o( (aith in !im.1 6n !e +ent about among the )urroun ing 8i--age) an continue teaching1 7 6n !e ca--e to !im the T+e-8e 'apo)t-e)* an began to )en them out 'a) !i) amba))a or)* t+o by t+o an ga8e them authority an po+er o8er the unc-ean )pirit)1

!e charge them to take nothing (or their @ourney eIcept a +a-king )tick55no brea , co--ection bag, no money in their be-t) ,gir -e), pur)e).55
8 9


no +a--et (or a

#ut to go +ith )an a-) on their (eet an not to put on t+o tunic) ,un ergarment).1 6n !e to- them, >here8er you go into a hou)e, )tay there unti- you -ea8e that p-ace1

1? 11

6n i( any community +i-- not recei8e an accept an +e-come you, an they re(u)e to -i)ten to you, +hen you epart, )hake o(( the u)t that i) on your (eet, (or a te)timony again)t them1 '(*Tru-y % te-- you, it +i-- be more to-erab-e (or 0o om an $omorrah in the @u gment ay than (or that to+n1
12 0o they +ent out an preache that men )hou- repent ''g*that they )hou- change their min ) (or the better an hearti-y amen their +ay), +ith abhorrence o( their pa)t )in)*1 17 14

6n they ro8e out many unc-ean )pirit) an anointe +ith oi- many +ho +ere )ick an cure them1

Ging !ero hear o( it, (or '/e)u);* name ha become +e-- kno+n1 'h*!e an they 'o( hi) court* )ai , /ohn the #apti)t ha) been rai)e (rom the ea < that i) +hy the)e mighty po+er) ''i*o( per(orming mirac-e)* are at +ork in !im1
15 16

'#ut* other) kept )aying, %t i) "-i@ah: 6n other) )ai , %t i) a prophet, -ike one o( the prophet) 'o( o- *1

#ut +hen !ero hear 'o( it*, he )ai , ''@*Thi) 8ery* /ohn, +hom % behea e , ha) been rai)e '(rom the ea *1
17 For 'thi)* !ero him)e-( ha )ent an )ei=e /ohn an boun him in pri)on (or the )ake o( !ero ia), hi) brother 9hi-ip;) +i(e, becau)e he '!ero * ha marrie her1 18 19

For /ohn ha to- !ero , %t i) not -a+(u- an you ha8e no right to ha8e your brother;) +i(e1

6n !ero ia) +a) angry ,enrage . +ith him an he- a gru ge again)t him an +ante to ki-- him< but )he cou- not,
2? For !ero ha ''k*a re8erentia-* (ear o( /ohn, kno+ing that he +a) a righteou) an ho-y man, an 'continua--y* kept him )a(e ''-*un er guar *1 >hen he hear ,6., he +a) much perp-eIe < an 'yet* he hear him g-a -y1 21 #ut an opportune time came '(or !ero ia)* +hen !ero on hi) birth ay ga8e a banEuet (or hi) nob-e) an the high mi-itary comman er) an chie( men o( $a-i-ee1 22 For +hen the aughter 'm*o( !ero ia) her)e-( came in an ance , )he p-ea)e an 'n*(a)cinate !ero an hi) gue)t)< an the king )ai to the gir-, 6)k me (or +hate8er you e)ire, an % +i-- gi8e it to you1 27 6n he put him)e-( un er oath to her, >hate8er you a)k me, % +i-- gi8e it to you, e8en to the ha-( o( my king om1,#. 24 Then )he -e(t the room an )ai to her mother, >hat )ha-- % a)k (or 'my)e-(*D 6n )he rep-ie , The hea o( /ohn the #apti)t: 25 6n )he ru)he back in)tant-y to the king an reEue)te , )aying, % +i)h you to gi8e me right no+ the hea o( /ohn the #apti)t on a p-atter1

26 6n the king +a) eep-y paine an grie8e an eIcee ing-y )orry, but becau)e o( hi) oath) an hi) gue)t), he i not +ant to )-ight her 'by breaking (aith +ith her*1 27 6n imme iate-y the king )ent o(( one 'o( the )o- ier)* o( hi) bo yguar an ga8e him or er) to bring '/ohn;)* hea 1 !e +ent an behea e him in the pri)on 28 29 7?

6n brought hi) hea on a p-atter an han e it to the gir-, an the gir- ga8e it to her mother1 >hen hi) i)cip-e) -earne o( it, they came an took '/ohn;)* bo y an -ai it in a tomb1 The apo)t-e) ')ent out a) mi))ionarie)* came back an gathere together to /e)u), an to- !im a-- that they one an taught1


71 6n !e )ai to them, ''o*6) (or you* come a+ay by your)e-8e) to a e)erte p-ace, an re)t a +hi-e55(or many +ere 'continua--y* coming an going, an they ha not e8en -ei)ure enough to eat1 72 77

6n they +ent a+ay in a boat to a )o-itary p-ace by them)e-8e)1

&o+ many 'peop-e* )a+ them going an recogni=e them, an they ran there on (oot (rom a-- the )urroun ing to+n), an they got there ahea 'o( tho)e in the boat*1
74 6) /e)u) -an e , !e )a+ a great cro+ +aiting, an !e +a) mo8e +ith compa))ion (or them, becau)e they +ere -ike )heep +ithout a )hepher < an !e began to teach them many thing)1 75 6n +hen 'p*the ay +a) a-rea y (ar gone, !i) i)cip-e) came to !im an )ai , Thi) i) a e)o-ate an i)o-ate p-ace, an the hour i) no+ -ate1 76 77

0en the cro+ ) a+ay to go into the country an 8i--age) roun about an buy them)e-8e) )omething to eat1 #ut !e rep-ie to them, $i8e them )omething to eat your)e-8e)1 6n they )ai to !im, 0ha-- +e go an buy 'E* enarii 'about (orty o--ar)* +orth o( brea an gi8e it to them to eatD '%% Ging) 42425441*


78 6n !e )ai to them, !o+ many -oa8e) o you ha8eD $o an )ee1 6n +hen they 'ha -ooke an * kne+, they )ai , Fi8e '-oa8e)* an t+o (i)h1 79 4?

Then !e comman e the peop-e a-- to rec-ine on the green gra)) by companie)1

0o they thre+ them)e-8e) o+n in rank) o( hun re ) an (i(tie) '+ith the be ) o( herb), -ooking ')*-ike )o many gar en p-ot)*1

regu-arity o( an arrangement o(

41 6n taking the (i8e -oa8e) an t+o (i)h, !e -ooke up to hea8en an , prai)ing $o , ga8e thank) an broke the -oa8e) an kept on gi8ing them to the i)cip-e) to )et be(ore the peop-e< an !e 'a-)o* i8i e the t+o (i)h among 'them* a--1 42 47 44 45

6n they a-- ate an +ere )ati)(ie 1 6n they took up t+e-8e ''t*)ma-- han * ba)ket) (u-- o( broken piece) '(rom the -oa8e)* an o( the (i)h1 6n tho)e +ho ate the -oa8e) +ere 5,??? men1

6n at once !e in)i)te that the i)cip-e) get into the boat an go ahea o( !im to the other )i e to #eth)ai a, +hi-e !e +a) )en ing the throng a+ay1
46 47 48

6n a(ter !e ha taken -ea8e o( them, !e +ent o(( into the hi--) to pray1 &o+ +hen e8ening ha come, the boat +a) out in the mi -e o( the -ake, an !e +a) by !im)e-( on the -an 1

6n ha8ing )een that they +ere troub-e an tormente in 'their* ro+ing, (or the +in +a) again)t them, about the (ourth +atch o( the night 'bet+een 72??562?? a1m1* !e came to them, +a-king ' irect-y* on the )ea1 6n !e acte a) i( !e meant to pa)) by them,
49 #ut +hen they )a+ !im +a-king on the )ea they thought it +a) a gho)t, an o( terror1 5? For they a-- )a+ !im an +ere agitate ,troub-e an (i--e +ith (ear an +ith them an )ai , Take heart: % 63: 0top being a-arme an a(rai 1 ,C. 'u*

rai)e a ' eep, throaty* )hriek

rea .1 #ut imme iate-y !e ta-ke

51 6n !e +ent up into the boat +ith them, an the +in cea)e ,'8*)ank to re)t a) i( eIhau)te by it) o+n beating.1 6n they +ere a)toni)he eIcee ing-y 'beyon mea)ure*, 52 For they (ai-e to con)i er or un er)tan 'the teaching an meaning o( the mirac-e o(* the -oa8e)< 'in (act* their heart) ha '+*gro+n ca--ou) 'ha become u-- an ha 'I*-o)t the po+er o( un er)tan ing*1 57 54

6n +hen they ha cro))e o8er, they reache the -an o( $enne)aret an 6) )oon a) they got out o( the boat, 'the peop-e* recogni=e !im,


came to 'anchor at* the )hore1

55 6n they ran about the +ho-e country)i e, an began to carry aroun )ick peop-e on their )-eeping pa ) or mat) to any p-ace +here they hear that !e +a)1 56 6n +here8er !e came into 8i--age) or citie) or the country, they +ou- -ay the )ick in the marketp-ace) an beg !im that they might touch e8en the (ringe o( !i) outer garment, an a) many a) touche !im +ere re)tore to hea-th1


a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. n. o. p. q. r. s. t. u. v. w. x. . A. B. C.

3ark 622 Capita-i=e becau)e o( +hat !e i), the )pot-e)) 0on o( $o , not +hat the )peaker) may ha8e thought !e +a)1 3ark 627 >i--iam Tyn a-e, The Tyn a-e #ib-e1 3ark 627 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 625 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 628 /ame) 3ou-ton an $eorge 3i--igan, The Hocabu-ary1 3ark 6211 0ome manu)cript) o not contain the -a)t )ection o( 8er)e 111 3ark 6212 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 6214 0ome ancient manu)cript) rea Khe,K +hi-e other) rea Kthey1K 3ark 6214 $1 6bbott50mith, 3anua- $reek LeIicon1 3ark 6216 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 622? $1 6bbott50mith, 3anua- $reek LeIicon1 3ark 622? 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 6222 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 6222 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 6271 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 6275 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 6277 The u)ua- pay (or a ay;) +ork +a) one enariu)1 3ark 624? /ame) 3ou-ton an $eorge 3i--igan, The Hocabu-ary1 3ark 624? Jichar Trench, &ote) on the 3irac-e) o( our Lor 1 3ark 6247 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 0ee a-)o (ootnote on 3att1 1422?1 3ark 6249 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 6251 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 6252 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 6252 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 6257 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1

Cross references: 3ark 622? 2 /ohn )peak 3ark 6227 2 ")th 527, 6 3ark 625? 2 "Io 7214

Mark ! (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP)

Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Mark !

&C> T!"J" gathere together to '/e)u)* the 9hari)ee) an )ome o( the )cribe) +ho ha come (rom /eru)a-em,

2 For they ha )een that )ome o( !i) i)cip-e) ate +ith 'a*common han ), that i), un+a)he '+ith han ) e(i-e an unha--o+e , becau)e they ha not gi8en them a 'b*ceremonia- +a)hing*55 7 For the 9hari)ee) an a-- o( the /e+) o not eat un-e)) 'mere-y (or ceremonia- rea)on)* they +a)h their han ) ' i-igent-y 'c*up to the e-bo+* +ith c-enche (i)t, a hering 'care(u--y an (aith(u--y* to the tra ition o( 'practice) an cu)tom) han e o+n to them by* their (ore(ather) 'to be ob)er8e *1 4 6n '+hen they come* (rom the marketp-ace, they o not eat un-e)) they puri(y them)e-8e)< an there are many other tra ition) 'ora-, man5ma e -a+) han e o+n to them, +hich they ob)er8e (aith(u--y an i-igent-y, )uch a)*, the +a)hing o( cup) an +oo en pitcher) an +i emouthe @ug) an uten)i-) o( copper an ' *be )55 5 6n the 9hari)ee) an )cribe) kept a)king '/e)u)*, >hy o 4our i)cip-e) not or er their +ay o( -i8ing accor ing to the tra ition han e o+n by the (ore(ather) 'to be ob)er8e *, but eat +ith han ) un+a)he an ceremonia--y not puri(ie D 6 #ut !e )ai to them, "Ice--ent-y an tru-y ''e*)o that there +i-- be no room (or b-ame* i %)aiah prophe)y o( you, the preten er) an hypocrite), a) it )tan ) +ritten2 The)e peop-e 'con)tant-y* honor 3e +ith their -ip), but their heart) ho- o(( an are (ar i)tant (rom 3e1

%n 8ain ,(ruit-e))-y an +ithout pro(it. o they +or)hip 3e, or ering an teaching 'to be obeye * a) octrine) the comman ment) an precept) o( men1,6.
7 8 4ou i)regar an gi8e up an a)k to epart (rom you the comman ment o( $o an c-ing to the tra ition o( men 'keeping it care(u--y an (aith(u--y*1 9 6n !e )ai to them, 4ou ha8e a (ine +ay o( re@ecting 'thu) th+arting an nu--i(ying an comman ment o( $o in or er to keep your tra ition ,your o+n human regu-ation).:

oing a+ay +ith* the

1? For 3o)e) )ai , !onor ,re8ere +ith ten erne)) o( (ee-ing an e(erence. your (ather an your mother, an , !e +ho cur)e) or re8i-e) or )peak) e8i- o( or abu)e) or treat) improper-y hi) (ather or mother, -et him )ure-y ie1 ,#. 11 #ut 'a) (or you* you )ay, 6 man i) eIempt i( he te--) 'hi)* (ather or 'hi)* mother, >hat you +ou- other+i)e ha8e gaine (rom me 'e8erything % ha8e that +ou- ha8e been o( u)e to you* i) Corban, that i), i) a gi(t 'a-rea y gi8en a) an o((ering to $o *, 12 Then you no -onger are permitting him to o anything (or 'hi)* (ather or mother 'but are -etting him o(( (rom he-ping them*1 17 Thu) you are nu--i(ying an making 8oi an o( no e((ect 'the authority o(* the >or o( $o through your tra ition, +hich you 'in turn* han on1 6n many thing) o( thi) kin you are oing1 14 6n !e ca--e the peop-e to '!im* again an )ai to them, Li)ten to 3e, a-- o( you, an un er)tan '+hat % )ay*1 15 There i) not 'e8en* one thing out)i e a man +hich by going into him can po--ute an e(i-e him< but the thing) +hich come out o( a man are +hat e(i-e him an make him unha--o+e an unc-ean1 16'(* 17

%( any man ha) ear) to hear, -et him be -i)tening 'an -et him


percei8e an comprehen by hearing*1

6n +hen !e ha -e(t the cro+ an ha gone into the hou)e, !i) i)cip-e) began a)king !im about the parab-e1
18 6n !e )ai to them, Then are you a-)o uninte--igent an u-- an +ithout un er)tan ingD Ao you not i)cern an )ee that +hate8er goe) into a man (rom the out)i e cannot make him unha--o+e or unc-ean, 19 0ince it oe) not reach an enter hi) heart but 'on-y hi)* ige)ti8e tract, an )o pa))e) on 'into the p-ace e)igne to recei8e +a)te*D Thu) !e +a) making an ec-aring a-- (oo ) 'ceremonia--y* c-ean 'that i), 'h* abo-i)hing the ceremonia- i)tinction) o( the Le8itica- La+*1 2? 21

6n !e )ai , >hat come) out o( a man i) +hat make) a man unc-ean an ren er) 'him* unha--o+e 1

For (rom +ithin, 'that i)* out o( the heart) o( men, come ba)e an +icke thought), )eIua- immora-ity, )tea-ing, mur er, a u-tery,
22 Co8eting ,a gree y e)ire to ha8e more +ea-th., angerou) an e)tructi8e +icke ne)), eceit< unre)traine ,in ecent. con uct< an e8i- eye ,en8y., )-an er ,e8i- )peaking, ma-iciou) mi)repre)entation, '@* abu)i8ene))., pri e , the )in o( an up-i(te heart again)t $o an man., (oo-i)hne)) ,(o--y, -ack o( )en)e, reck-e))ne)), thought-e))ne)).1 'i*

27 6-- the)e e8i- 'purpo)e) an unha--o+e 1

e)ire)* come (rom +ithin, an they make the man unc-ean an ren er him

24 6n /e)u) aro)e an +ent a+ay (rom there to the region o( Tyre an 0i on1 6n !e +ent into a hou)e an i not +ant anyone to kno+ 'that !e +a) there*< but it +a) not po))ib-e (or !im to be hi en '(rom pub-ic notice*1 25 %n)tea , at once, a +oman +ho)e -itt-e aughter ha ,+a) un er the contro- o(. an unc-ean )pirit hear about !im an came an (-ung her)e-( o+n at !i) (eet1 26 &o+ the +oman +a) a $reek ,$enti-e., a 0yrophoenician by nationa-ity1 6n )he kept begging !im to ri8e the emon out o( her -itt-e aughter1 27 6n !e )ai to her, Fir)t -et the chi- ren be (e , (or it i) not becoming or proper or right to take the chi- ren;) brea an thro+ it to the '-itt-e hou)e* og)1 28 #ut )he an)+ere !im, 4e), Lor , yet e8en the )ma-- pup) un er the tab-e eat the -itt-e chi- ren;) )crap) o( (oo 1 29 6n !e )ai to her, #ecau)e o( thi) )aying, you may go your +ay< the emon ha) gone out o( your aughter 'permanent-y*1 7? 71

6n )he +ent home an (oun the chi- thro+n on the couch, an the emon eparte 1

0oon a(ter thi), /e)u), coming back (rom the region o( Tyre, pa))e through 0i on on to the 0ea o( $a-i-ee, through the region o( Aecapo-i) 'the ten citie)*1
72 6n they brought to !im a man +ho +a) ea( an ha !i) han upon him1

i((icu-ty in )peaking, an they begge /e)u) to p-ace

77 6n taking him a)i e (rom the cro+ 'pri8ate-y*, !e thru)t !i) (inger) into the man;) ear) an )pat an touche hi) tongue< 74 75 76

6n -ooking up to hea8en, !e )ighe a) !e )ai , "phphatha, +hich mean), #e opene : 6n hi) ear) +ere opene , hi) tongue +a) -oo)e , an he began to )peak i)tinct-y an a) he )hou- 1

6n /e)u) ''k*in !i) o+n intere)t* a moni)he an or ere them )tern-y an eIpre))-y to te-- no one< but the more !e comman e them, the more =ea-ou)-y they proc-aime it1
77 6n they +ere o8er+he-ming-y a)toni)he , )aying, !e ha) one e8erything eIce--ent-y ,commen ab-y an nob-y.: !e e8en make) the ea( to hear an the umb to )peak:


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3ark 722 >i--iam Tyn a-e, The Tyn a-e #ib-e1 3ark 722 Char-e) #1 >i--iam), The &e+ Te)tament2 6 Tran)-ation1 3ark 727 $1 6bbott50mith, 3anua- $reek LeIicon1 3ark 724 /ame) 3ou-ton an $eorge 3i--igan, The Hocabu-ary an Jobert 4oung, 6na-ytica- Concor ance agree +ith mo)t -eIicon) in rea ing Kbe )K here1 0ome manu)cript) en 8er)e 4 a(ter Kuten)i-) o( copper1K 3ark 726 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 7216 3any manu)cript) o not contain thi) 8er)e1 3ark 7216 $1 6bbott50mith, 3anua- $reek LeIicon1 3ark 7219 >1 Jobert)on &ico--, e 1, The "Ipo)itor;) $reek &e+ Te)tament1 3ark 7222 6-eIan er 0outer, 9ocket LeIicon o( the $reek &e+ Te)tament1 3ark 7222 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 7276 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)2 The $reek u)e) the mi i) gi8en +ith the )peaker;) per)ona- intere)t in 8ie+1 -e 8oice here to )ho+ that the charge

Cross references:

A. B.

3ark 727 2 %)a 29217 3ark 721? 2 "Io 2?212< 21217< Le8 2?29< Aeut 5216

Mark " (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Mark "

%& T!C0" ay) +hen 'again* an immen)e cro+ ha gathere an they ha nothing to eat, /e)u) ca--e !i) i)cip-e) to !im an to- them,

2 % ha8e pity an )ympathy (or the peop-e an 3y heart goe) out to them, (or they ha8e been +ith 3e no+ three ay) an ha8e nothing '-e(t* to eat< 7 6n i( % )en them a+ay to their home) hungry, they +i-- be (eeb-e through eIhau)tion an (aint a-ong the roa < an )ome o( them ha8e come a -ong +ay1 4 6n !i) i)cip-e) rep-ie to !im, !o+ can anyone (i-- an )ati)(y 'the)e peop-e* +ith -oa8e) o( brea here in 'thi)* e)o-ate an uninhabite regionD 5 6

6n !e a)ke them, !o+ many -oa8e) ha8e youD They )ai , 0e8en1

6n !e comman e the mu-titu e to rec-ine upon the groun , an !e 'then* took the )e8en -oa8e) 'o( brea * an , ha8ing gi8en thank), !e broke them an kept on gi8ing them to !i) i)cip-e) to put be(ore 'the peop-e*, an they p-ace them be(ore the cro+ 1
7 6n they ha a (e+ )ma-- (i)h< an +hen !e ha 'a*prai)e $o an gi8en thank) an a)ke !im to b-e)) them 'to their u)e*, !e or ere that the)e a-)o )hou- be )et be(ore 'them*1 8 6n they ate an +ere )ati)(ie < an they took up )e8en ' 'b*-arge pro8i)ion* ba)ket) (u-- o( the broken piece) -e(t o8er1 9

6n there +ere about 4,??? peop-e1 6n !e i)mi))e them, 6n at once !e got into the boat +ith !i) i)cip-e) an +ent to the i)trict o( Aa-manutha ,or 3ag a-a.1

1? 11

The 9hari)ee) came an began to argue +ith an Eue)tion !im, eman ing (rom !im a )ign ,an atte)ting mirac-e (rom hea8en. 'ma-iciou)-y* to te)t !im1
12 6n !e groane an )ighe eep-y in !i) )pirit an )ai , >hy oe) thi) generation eman a )ignD 9o)iti8e-y % )ay to you, no )ign )ha-- be gi8en thi) generation1 17 14

6n !e +ent a+ay an -e(t them an , getting into the boat again, !e eparte to the other )i e1 &o+ they ha ''c*comp-ete-y* (orgotten to bring brea , an they ha on-y one -oa( +ith them in the boat1

15 6n /e)u) 'repeate -y an eIpre))-y* charge an a moni)he them, )aying, Look out< keep on your guar an be+are o( the -ea8en o( the 9hari)ee) an the -ea8en o( !ero ' *an the !ero ian)1 16 17

6n they i)cu))e it an rea)one +ith one another, %t i) becau)e +e ha8e no brea 1

6n being a+are 'o( it*, /e)u) )ai to them, >hy are you rea)oning an )aying it i) becau)e you ha8e no brea D Ao you not yet i)cern or un er)tan D 6re your heart) in 'a )ett-e )tate o(* har ne))D ,6.
18 !a8ing eye), o you not )ee '+ith them*, an ha8ing ear), o you not hear an percei8e an un er)tan the )en)e o( +hat i) )ai D 6n o you not rememberD

>hen % broke the (i8e -oa8e) (or the 5,???, ho+ many ''e*)ma-- han * ba)ket) (u-- o( broken piece) i you take upD They )ai to !im, T+e-8e1
19 2? 6n '+hen % broke* the )e8en -oa8e) (or the 4,???, ho+ many ''(*-arge pro8i)ion* ba)ket) (u-- o( broken piece) i you take upD 6n they )ai to !im, 0e8en1 21 22

6n !e


kept repeating, Ao you not yet un er)tan D

6n they came to #eth)ai a1 6n 'peop-e* brought to !im a b-in man an begge !im to touch him1

27 6n !e 'h*caught the b-in man by the han an -e him out o( the 8i--age< an +hen !e ha )pit on hi) eye) an put !i) han ) upon him, !e a)ke him, Ao you ''i*po))ib-y* )ee anythingD 24 25

6n he -ooke up an )ai , % )ee peop-e, but 'they -ook* -ike tree), +a-king1

Then !e put !i) han ) on hi) eye) again< an the man -ooke intent-y 'that i), (iIe hi) eye) on e(inite ob@ect)*, an he +a) re)tore an )a+ e8erything i)tinct-y 'e8en +hat +a) '@*at a i)tance*1

26 27

6n !e )ent him a+ay to hi) hou)e, te--ing 'him*, Ao not 'e8en* enter the 8i--age


or te-- anyone there1

6n /e)u) +ent on +ith !i) i)cip-e) to the 8i--age) o( Cae)area 9hi-ippi< an on the +ay !e a)ke !i) i)cip-e), >ho o peop-e )ay that % amD
28 29

6n they an)+ere '!im*, /ohn the #apti)t< an other) ')ay*, "-i@ah< but other), one o( the prophet)1

6n !e a)ke them, #ut +ho o you your)e-8e) )ay that % amD 9eter rep-ie to !im, 4ou are the Chri)t ,the 3e))iah, the 6nointe Cne.1
7? 71

6n !e charge them )harp-y to te-- no one about !im1

6n !e began to teach them that the 0on o( 3an mu)t o( nece))ity )u((er many thing) an be te)te an i)appro8e an re@ecte by the e- er) an the chie( prie)t) an the )cribe), an be put to eath, an a(ter three ay) ri)e again ''-*(rom eath*1
72 6n !e )ai thi) (ree-y ,(rank-y, p-ain-y, an eIp-icit-y, making it unmi)takab-e.1 6n 9eter took !im han an -e !im a)i e an then '(acing !im* began to rebuke !im1 'm*

by the

77 #ut turning aroun '!i) back to 9eter* an )eeing !i) i)cip-e), !e rebuke 9eter, )aying, $et behin 3e, 0atan: For you o not ha8e a min 'n*intent on promoting +hat $o +i--), but +hat p-ea)e) men 'you are not on $o ;) )i e, but that o( men*1 74 6n /e)u) ca--e 'to !im* the throng +ith !i) i)cip-e) an )ai to them, %( anyone inten ) to come a(ter 3e, -et him eny him)e-( '(orget, ignore, i)o+n, an 'o*-o)e )ight o( him)e-( an hi) o+n intere)t)* an take up hi) cro)), an ''p*@oining 3e a) a i)cip-e an )i ing +ith 3y party* (o--o+ 'E*+ith 3e 'continua--y, c-ea8ing )tea (a)t-y to 3e*1 75 For +hoe8er +ant) to )a8e hi) ''r*higher, )piritua-, eterna-* -i(e, +i-- -o)e it 'the ')*-o+er, natura-, tempora- -i(e +hich i) -i8e on-y on earth*< an +hoe8er gi8e) up hi) -i(e '+hich i) -i8e on-y on earth* (or 3y )ake an the $o)pe-;) +i-- )a8e it 'hi) 'u*higher, )piritua- -i(e '8*in the eterna- king om o( $o *1 't* 76

For +hat oe) it pro(it a man to gain the +ho-e +or- , an (or(eit hi) -i(e ' '+*in the eterna- king om o( $o *D

77 For +hat can a man gi8e a) an eIchange ,'I*a compen)ation, a ran)om, in return. (or hi) 'b-e))e * -i(e ''y*in the eterna- king om o( $o *D 78 For +hoe8er '=*i) a)hame 'here an no+* o( 3e an 3y +or ) in thi) a u-terou) ,un(aith(u-. an 'preeminent-y* )in(u- generation, o( him +i-- the 0on o( 3an a-)o be a)hame +hen !e come) in the g-ory ,)p-en or an ma@e)ty. o( !i) Father +ith the ho-y ange-)1


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3ark 827 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 828 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 0ee a-)o (ootnote on 3att1 1422?1 3ark 8214 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 8215 0ome ancient manu)cript) a Kan the !ero ian)1K

3ark 8219 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 0ee a-)o (ootnote on 3att1 1422?1 3ark 822? 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 0ee a-)o (ootnote on 3att1 1422?1 3ark 8221 >1 Jobert)on &ico--, e 1, The "Ipo)itor;) $reek &e+ Te)tament1 3ark 8227 >i--iam Tyn a-e, The Tyn a-e #ib-e1 3ark 8227 >1 Jobert)on &ico--, e 1, The "Ipo)itor;) $reek &e+ Te)tament1 3ark 8225 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 8226 0ome manu)cript) a thi) phra)e1

3ark 8271 !ermann Cremer, #ib-ico5Theo-ogica- LeIicon1 3ark 8272 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 8277 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 8274 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 8274 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1

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3ark 8274 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 8275 Jobert /amie)on, 61J1 Fau)ett an Aa8i #ro+n, 6 Commentary on the C- an &e+ Te)tament)1 3ark 8275 Jobert /amie)on, 61J1 Fau)ett an Aa8i #ro+n, 6 Commentary on the C- an &e+ Te)tament)1 3ark 8275 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 8275 Jobert /amie)on, 61J1 Fau)ett an Aa8i #ro+n, 6 Commentary on the C- an &e+ Te)tament)1 3ark 8275 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 8276 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 8277 !ermann Cremer, #ib-ico5Theo-ogica- LeIicon1 3ark 8277 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 8278 61T1 Jobert)on, >or 9icture)1

Cross references: 3ark 8217 2 %)a 629, 1?< /er 5221

Mark # (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Mark #

6&A /"0F0 )ai to them, Tru-y an )o-emn-y % )ay to you, there are )ome )tan ing here +ho +i-- in no +ay ta)te eath be(ore they )ee the king om o( $o come in 'it)* po+er1

2 0iI ay) a(ter thi), /e)u) took +ith !im 9eter an /ame) an /ohn an -e them up on a high mountain apart by them)e-8e)1 6n !e +a) tran)(igure be(ore them an became re)p-en ent +ith i8ine brightne))1 7 6n !i) garment) became g-i)tening, inten)e-y +hite, a) no (u--er ,c-oth re))er, -aun erer. on earth coub-each them1 4 6n "-i@ah appeare 'there* to them, accompanie by 3o)e), an they +ere con8er)ation +ith /e)u)1 'a*

ho- ing 'a protracte *

5 6n 'b*9eter took up the con8er)ation, )aying, 3a)ter, it i) goo an )uitab-e an beauti(u- (or u) to be here1 Let u) make three booth) ,tent).55one (or 4ou an one (or 3o)e) an one (or "-i@ah1 6 7

For he i not 'rea--y* kno+ +hat to )ay, (or they +ere in a 8io-ent (right ,'c*agha)t +ith rea .1

6n a c-ou thre+ a )ha o+ upon them, an a 8oice came out o( the c-ou , )aying, Thi) i) 3y 0on, the '' *mo)t ear+orthy* #e-o8e Cne1 #e 'e*con)tant-y -i)tening to an obeying !im:
8 9

6n -ooking aroun , they )u

en-y no -onger )a+ anyone +ith them eIcept /e)u) on-y1

6n a) they +ere coming back o+n the mountain, !e a moni)he an '(*eIpre))-y or ere them to te-- no one +hat they ha )een unti- the 0on o( 3an )hou- ri)e (rom among the ea 1 0o they care(u--y an (aith(u--y kept the matter to them)e-8e), Eue)tioning an about +hat ri)ing (rom among the ea meant1
1? 11

i)puting +ith one another

6n they a)ke !im, >hy o the )cribe) )ay that it i) nece))ary (or "-i@ah to come (ir)tD ,6.

12 6n !e )ai to them, "-i@ah, it i) true, oe) come (ir)t to re)tore a-- thing) an 'g*)et them to right)1 6n ho+ i) it +ritten o( the 0on o( 3an that !e +i-- )u((er many thing) an be utter-y e)pi)e an be treate +ith contempt an re@ecte D,#. 17 #ut % te-- you that "-i@ah ha) a-rea y come, an 'peop-e* i to him +hate8er they e)ire , a) it i) +ritten o( him1 14


6n +hen they came to the 'nine* i)cip-e), they )a+ a great cro+ aroun them an )cribe) Eue)tioning i)puting +ith them1

15 6n imme iate-y a-- the cro+ , +hen they )a+ /e)u) ''h*returning (rom the ho-y mount, !i) (ace an per)on yet g-i)tening*, they +ere great-y ama=e an ran up to !im 'an * greete !im1 16 17

6n !e a)ke them, 6bout +hat are you Eue)tioning an

i)cu))ing +ith themD

6n one o( the throng rep-ie to !im, Teacher, % brought my )on to 4ou, (or he ha) a umb )pirit1

18 6n +here8er it -ay) ho- o( him ')o a) to make him it) o+n*, it a)he) him o+n an con8u-)e) him, an he (oam) 'at the mouth* an grin ) hi) teeth, an he ''i*(a--) into a motion-e)) )tupor an * i) +a)ting a+ay1 6n % a)ke 4our i)cip-e) to ri8e it out, an they +ere not ab-e 'to o it*1 19 6n !e an)+ere them, C unbe-ie8ing generation '+ithout any (aith*: !o+ -ong youD !o+ -ong am % to bear +ith youD #ring him to 3e1 '@*

)ha-- % 'ha8e to o* +ith

2? 0o they brought 'the boy* to !im, an +hen the )pirit )a+ !im, at once it comp-ete-y con8u-)e the boy, an he (e-- to the groun an kept ro--ing about, (oaming 'at the mouth*1 21 22

6n '/e)u)* a)ke hi) (ather, !o+ -ong ha) he ha thi)D 6n he an)+ere , From the time he +a) a -itt-e boy1

6n it ha) o(ten thro+n him both into (ire an into +ater, inten ing to ki-- him1 #ut i( 4ou can o anything, o ha8e pity on u) an he-p u)1
27 6n /e)u) )ai , '4ou )ay to 3e*, %( 4ou can o anythingD '>hy,* a-- thing) can be ,are po))ib-e. to him +ho be-ie8e): 24 6t once the (ather o( the boy ga8e 'an 'k*eager, be-ie8e: 'Con)tant-y* he-p my 'm*+eakne)) o( (aith: '-*

piercing, inarticu-ate* cry +ith tear), an he )ai , Lor , %

25 #ut +hen /e)u) notice that a cro+ 'o( peop-e* came running together, !e rebuke the unc-ean )pirit, )aying to it, 4ou umb an ea( )pirit, % charge you to come out o( him an ne8er go into him again1 26 6n a(ter gi8ing a 'hoar)e, c-amoring, (ear5)tricken* )hriek o( angui)h an con8u-)ing him terrib-y, it came out< an the boy -ay 'pa-e an motion-e))* -ike a corp)e, )o that many o( them )ai , !e i) ea 1 27 28 29 7? 71

#ut /e)u) took ''n*a )trong grip o(* hi) han an began -i(ting him up, an he )too 1 6n +hen !e ha gone in oor), !i) i)cip-e) a)ke !im pri8ate-y, >hy cou- not +e ri8e it outD 6n !e rep-ie to them, Thi) kin cannot be ri8en out by anything but prayer

an (a)ting1

They +ent on (rom there an pa))e a-ong through $a-i-ee1 6n !e i not +i)h to ha8e anyone kno+ it,

For !e +a) 'engage (or the time being in* teaching !i) i)cip-e)1 !e )ai to them, The 0on o( 3an i) being e-i8ere into the han ) o( men, an they +i-- put !im to eath< an +hen !e ha) been ki--e , a(ter three ay) !e +i-- ri)e ''p*(rom eath*1
72 #ut they i not comprehen +hat !e +a) )aying, an they +ere a(rai to a)k !im '+hat thi) )tatement meant*1 77 6n they arri8e at Capernaum< an +hen 'they +ere* in the hou)e, !e a)ke them, >hat +ere you i)cu))ing an arguing about on the roa D 74 #ut they kept )ti--, (or on the roa they ha greate)t1

i)cu))e an

i)pute +ith one another a) to +ho +a) the

75 6n !e )at o+n an ca--e the T+e-8e 'apo)t-e)*, an !e )ai to them, %( anyone e)ire) to be (ir)t, he mu)t be -a)t o( a--, an )er8ant o( a--1 76 6n !e took a -itt-e chi- an put him in the center o( their group< an taking him in '!i)* arm), !e )ai to them, 77 >hoe8er in 3y name an (or 3y )ake accept) an recei8e) an +e-come) one )uch chi- a-)o accept) an recei8e) an +e-come) 3e< an +hoe8er )o recei8e) 3e recei8e) not on-y 3e but !im >ho )ent 3e1 78 /ohn )ai to !im, Teacher, +e )a+ a man +ho oe) not (o--o+ a-ong +ith u) ri8ing out emon) in 4our name, an +e (orba e him to o it, becau)e he 'E*i) not one o( our ban 'o( 4our i)cip-e)*1 79 #ut /e)u) )ai , Ao not re)train or hin er or (orbi him< (or no one +ho oe) a mighty +ork in 3y name +i-)oon a(ter+ar be ab-e to )peak e8i- o( 3e1 4? 41

For he +ho i) not again)t u) i) (or u)1,C.

For % te-- you tru-y, +hoe8er gi8e) you a cup o( +ater to rink becau)e you be-ong to an bear the name o( Chri)t +i-- by no mean) (ai- to get hi) re+ar 1

42 6n +hoe8er cau)e) one o( the)e -itt-e one) ,the)e be-ie8er). +ho 'r*ackno+-e ge an c-ea8e to 3e to )tumb-e an )in, it +ou- be better ,more pro(itab-e an +ho-e)ome. (or him i( a 'huge* mi--)tone +ere hung about hi) neck, an he +ere thro+n into the )ea1 47 6n i( your han put) a )tumb-ing b-ock be(ore you an cau)e) you to )in, cut it o((: %t i) more pro(itab-e an +ho-e)ome (or you to go into -i(e '')*that i) rea--y +orth+hi-e* maime than +ith t+o han ) to go to he-,$ehenna., into the (ire that cannot be put out1 't* 45 6n i( your (oot i) a cau)e o( )tumb-ing an )in to you, cut it o((: %t i) more pro(itab-e an +ho-e)ome (or you to enter into -i(e 'that i) rea--y +orth+hi-e* cripp-e than, ha8ing t+o (eet, to be ca)t into he-- ,$ehenna. 'u*1 47 6n i( your eye cau)e) you to )tumb-e an )in, p-uck it out: %t i) more pro(itab-e an +ho-e)ome (or you to enter the king om o( $o +ith one eye than +ith t+o eye) to be thro+n into he-- ,$ehenna., 48 >here their +orm ''8*+hich prey) on the inhabitant) an i) a )ymbo- o( the +oun ) in(-icte on the man him)e-( by hi) )in)* oe) not ie, an the (ire i) not put out1,A. 49 5?

For e8eryone )ha-- be )a-te +ith (ire1

0a-t i) goo ,bene(icia-., but i( )a-t ha) -o)t it) )a-tne)), ho+ +i-- you re)tore 'the )a-tne)) to* itD !a8e )a-t +ithin your)e-8e), an be at peace an -i8e in harmony +ith one another1


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3ark 924 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 925 !16161 Genne y, 0ource) o( &e+ Te)tament $reek1 3ark 926 /ohn >yc-i((e, The >yc-i((e #ib-e1 3ark 927 /ohn >yc-i((e, The >yc-i((e #ib-e1 3ark 927 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 929 $1 6bbott50mith, 3anua- $reek LeIicon1 3ark 9212 3atthe+ !enry, Commentary on the !o-y #ib-e1 3ark 9215 Jichar Trench, &ote) on the 3irac-e)1 3ark 9218 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 9219 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 9224 >1 Jobert)on &ico--, e 1, The "Ipo)itor;) $reek &e+ Te)tament1 3ark 9224 !enry 0+ete, The $o)pe- 6ccor ing to 0aint 3ark1 3ark 9224 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 9227 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 9229 0ome manu)cript) a Kan (a)ting1K

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Cross references:

A. B. C. D.

3ark 9211 2 3a- 425, 6 3ark 9212 2 %)a 5727 3ark 924? 2 &um 11227529 3ark 9248 2 %)a 66224

Mark 1$ (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Mark 1$
6&A '/e)u)* -e(t there 'Capernaum* an +ent to the region o( /u ea an beyon 'ea)t o(* the /or an< an cro+ ) 'con)tant-y* gathere aroun !im again, an a) +a) !i) cu)tom, !e began to teach them again1
1 2 6n )ome 9hari)ee) came up, an , in or er to te)t !im an try to (in a +eakne)) in !im, a)ke , %) it -a+(u(or a man to 'a* i)mi)) an repu iate an i8orce hi) +i(eD 7 4

!e an)+ere them, >hat i 3o)e) comman youD They rep-ie , 3o)e) a--o+e a man to +rite a bi-- o( i8orce an to put her a+ay1 ,6.

5 #ut /e)u) )ai to them, #ecau)e o( your har ne)) o( heart ''b*your con ition o( in)en)ibi-ity to the ca-- o( $o * he +rote you thi) 'c*precept in your La+1 6 7

#ut (rom the beginning o( creation $o ma e them ma-e an (ema-e1 ,#.

' *

For thi) rea)on a man )ha-- -ea8e 'behin * hi) (ather an hi) mother c-o)e-y to her permanent-y,
8 9

an be


@oine to hi) +i(e an c-ea8e

6n the t+o )ha-- become one (-e)h, )o that they are no -onger t+o, but one (-e)h1 ,C. >hat there(ore $o ha) unite ,@oine together., -et not man )eparate or i8i e1 6n in oor) the i)cip-e) Eue)tione !im again about thi) )ub@ect1

1? 11

6n !e )ai to them, >hoe8er a u-tery again)t her<

12 17

i)mi))e) ,repu iate) an

i8orce). hi) +i(e an marrie) another commit)

6n i( a +oman i)mi))e) ,repu iate) an

i8orce). her hu)ban an marrie) another, )he commit) a u-tery1

6n they kept bringing young chi- ren to !im that !e might touch them, an the i)cip-e) +ere repro8ing them '(or it*1
14 #ut +hen /e)u) )a+ 'it*, !e +a) in ignant an 'g*paine an )ai to them, 6--o+ the chi- ren to come to 3e55 o not (orbi or pre8ent or hin er them55(or to )uch be-ong) the king om o( $o 1 15 Tru-y % te-- you, +hoe8er oe) not recei8e an accept an +e-come the king om o( $o -ike a -itt-e chi' oe)* po)iti8e-y )ha-- not enter it at a--1 16 6n !e took them 'the chi- ren up han ) upon them1 'h*

one by one* in !i) arm) an ''i*(er8ent-y in8oke a* b-e))ing, p-acing !i)

17 6n a) !e +a) )etting out on !i) @ourney, a man ran up an kne-t be(ore !im an a)ke !im, Teacher, '4ou are '@*e))entia--y an per(ect-y 'k*mora--y* goo , +hat mu)t % o to inherit eterna- -i(e 'that i), '-*to partake o( eterna- )a-8ation in the 3e))iah;) king om*D 18 6n /e)u) )ai to him, >hy o you ca-- 3e ''m*e))entia--y an per(ect-y ''o*e))entia--y an per(ect-y 'p*mora--y* goo 55eIcept $o a-one1 'n*

mora--y* goo D There i) no one

19 4ou kno+ the comman ment)2 Ao not ki--, o not commit a u-tery, o not )tea-, o not bear (a-)e +itne)), o not e(rau , honor your (ather an mother1,A. 2? 6n he rep-ie to !im, Teacher, % ha8e care(u--y guar e an ob)er8e a-- the)e an taken care not to 8io-ate them (rom my boyhoo 1

21 6n /e)u), -ooking upon him, -o8e him, an !e )ai to him, 4ou -ack one thing< go an )e-- a-- you ha8e an gi8e 'the money* to the poor, an you +i-- ha8e trea)ure in hea8en< an come 'an * accompany 3e ' 'E*+a-king the )ame roa that % +a-k*1 22 6t that )aying the man;) countenance (e-- an +a) g-oomy, an he +ent a+ay grie8e an )orro+ing, (or he +a) ho- ing great po))e))ion)1 27 6n /e)u) -ooke aroun an )ai to !i) i)cip-e), >ith +hat i((icu-ty +i-- tho)e +ho po))e)) +ea-th an keep on ho- ing it enter the king om o( $o :


24 6n the i)cip-e) +ere ama=e an be+i- ere an perp-eIe at !i) +or )1 #ut /e)u) )ai to them again, Chi- ren, ho+ har it i) ')*(or tho)e +ho tru)t ,p-ace their con(i ence, their )en)e o( )a(ety. in riche) to enter the king om o( $o : 25 26

%t i) ea)ier (or a came- to go through the eye o( a nee -e than (or a rich man to enter the king om o( $o 1

6n they +ere )hocke an eIcee ing-y a)toni)he , an )ai to !im an )a8e D

to one another, Then +ho can be

27 /e)u) g-ance aroun at them an )ai , >ith men 'it i)* impo))ib-e, but not +ith $o < (or a-- thing) are po))ib-e +ith $o 1 28 9eter )tarte to )ay to !im, #eho- , +e ha8e 'u*yie- e up an aban one e8erything 'once an (or a-- an @oine 4ou a) 4our i)cip-e), )i ing +ith 4our party* an accompanie 4ou ' '+*+a-king the )ame roa that 4ou +a-k*1 '8* 29 /e)u) )ai , Tru-y % te-- you, there i) no one +ho ha) gi8en up an -e(t hou)e or brother) or )i)ter) or mother or (ather or chi- ren or -an ) (or 3y )ake an (or the $o)pe-;) 7? >ho +i-- not recei8e a hun re time) a) much no+ in thi) time55hou)e) an brother) an )i)ter) an mother) an chi- ren an -an ), +ith per)ecution)55an in the age to come, eterna- -i(e1 71 72

#ut many '+ho are no+* (ir)t +i-- be -a)t 'then*, an many '+ho are no+* -a)t +i-- be (ir)t 'then*1

They +ere on the +ay going up to /eru)a-em, an /e)u) +a) +a-king on in (ront o( them< an they +ere be+i- ere an perp-eIe an great-y a)toni)he , an tho)e '+ho +ere )ti--* (o--o+ing +ere )ei=e +ith a-arm an +ere a(rai 1 6n !e took the T+e-8e 'apo)t-e)* again an began to te-- them +hat +a) about to happen to !im,
77 '0aying*, #eho- , +e are going up to /eru)a-em, an the 0on o( 3an +i-- be turne o8er to the chie( prie)t) an the )cribe)< an they +i-- con emn an )entence !im to eath an turn !im o8er to the $enti-e)1 74 6n they +i-- mock !im an )pit on !im, an +hip !im an put !im to eath< but a(ter three ay) !e +i-ri)e again ''I*(rom eath*1 75 6n /ame) an /ohn, the )on) o( Bebe ee, approache !im an )ai to !im, Teacher, +e e)ire 4ou to o (or u) +hate8er +e a)k o( 4ou1 76 77

6n !e rep-ie to them, >hat o you e)ire 3e to o (or youD

6n they )ai to !im, $rant that +e may )it, one at 4our right han an one at '4our* -e(t han , in 4our g-ory ,4our ma@e)ty an )p-en or.1
78 #ut /e)u) )ai to them, 4ou o not kno+ +hat you are a)king1 6re you ab-e to rink the cup that % rink or be bapti=e +ith the bapti)m 'o( a((-iction* +ith +hich % am bapti=e D 79 6n they rep-ie to !im, >e are ab-e1 6n /e)u) to- them, The cup that % rink you +i-- rink, an you +i-be bapti=e +ith the bapti)m +ith +hich % am bapti=e , 4? #ut to )it at 3y right han or at 3y -e(t han i) not 3ine to gi8e< but 'it +i-- be gi8en to tho)e* (or +hom it i) or aine an prepare 1 41 42

6n +hen the other ten 'apo)t-e)* hear it, they began to be in ignant +ith /ame) an /ohn1

#ut /e)u) ca--e them to '!im* an )ai to them, 4ou kno+ that tho)e +ho are recogni=e a) go8erning an are )uppo)e to ru-e the $enti-e) ,the nation). -or it o8er them 'ru-ing +ith ab)o-ute po+er, ho- ing them in )ub@ection*, an their great men eIerci)e authority an ominion o8er them1
47 44 45

#ut thi) i) not to be )o among you< in)tea , +hoe8er e)ire) to be great among you mu)t be your )er8ant, 6n +hoe8er +i)he) to be mo)t important an (ir)t in rank among you mu)t be )-a8e o( a--1

For e8en the 0on o( 3an came not to ha8e )er8ice ren ere to !im, but to )er8e, an to gi8e !i) -i(e a) a ran)om (or ,'y*in)tea o(. many1
46 Then they came to /ericho1 6n a) !e +a) -ea8ing /ericho +ith !i) i)cip-e) an a great cro+ , #artimaeu), a b-in beggar, a )on o( Timaeu), +a) )itting by the roa )i e1 47 6n +hen he hear that it +a) /e)u) o( &a=areth, he began to )hout, )aying, /e)u), 0on o( Aa8i , ha8e pity an mercy on me ''=*no+*: 48 6n many 'aa*)e8ere-y cen)ure an repro8e him, te--ing him to keep )ti--, but he kept on )houting out a-- the more, 4ou 0on o( Aa8i , ha8e pity an mercy on me 'no+*:

49 6n /e)u) )toppe an )ai , Ca-- him1 6n they ca--e the b-in man, te--ing him, Take courage: $et up: !e i) ca--ing you1 5? 51

6n thro+ing o(( hi) outer garment, he -eape up an came to /e)u)1

6n /e)u) )ai to him, >hat o you +ant 3e to o (or youD 6n the b-in man )ai to !im, 3a)ter, -et me recei8e my )ight1
52 6n /e)u) )ai to him, $o your +ay< your (aith ha) hea-e you1 6n at once he recei8e hi) )ight an accompanie /e)u) on the roa 1,".


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3ark 1?22 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 1?25 !enry 0+ete, The $o)pe- 6ccor ing to 0aint 3ark1 3ark 1?25 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 1?27 0ome manu)cript) o not contain thi) -a)t )ection o( 8er)e 71 3ark 1?27 /ame) 3ou-ton an $eorge 3i--igan, The Hocabu-ary1 3ark 1?211 !enry 0+ete, The $o)pe- 6ccor ing to 0aint 3ark1 3ark 1?214 61T1 Jobert)on, >or 9icture)1 3ark 1?216 >1 Jobert)on &ico--, e 1, The "Ipo)itor;) $reek &e+ Te)tament1 3ark 1?216 !enry 6-(or , The $reek &e+ Te)tament1 3ark 1?217 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 1?217 !ermann Cremer, #ib-ico5Theo-ogica- LeIicon1 3ark 1?217 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 1?218 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 1?218 !ermann Cremer, #ib-ico5Theo-ogica- LeIicon1 3ark 1?218 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 1?218 !ermann Cremer, #ib-ico5Theo-ogica- LeIicon1 3ark 1?221 Litera- tran)-ation1 3ark 1?227 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 1?224 0ome manu)cript) o not contain thi) phra)e1 3ark 1?226 3any ancient manu)cript) a 3ark 1?228 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 1?228 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 1?228 Litera- tran)-ation1 3ark 1?274 !ermann Cremer, #ib-ico5Theo-ogica- LeIicon1 3ark 1?245 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 1?247 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)2 The $reek aori)t ,pa)t ten)e. imperati8e1 3ark 1?248 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 Kto one another1K

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Mark 11 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Mark 11
>!"& T!"4 +ere getting near to /eru)a-em, to #ethphage an #ethany at the 3ount o( C-i8e), !e )ent ahea t+o o( !i) i)cip-e)
1 2 6n in)tructe them, $o into the 8i--age in (ront o( you, an a) )oon a) you enter it, you +i-- (in a co-t tie , +hich ha) ne8er been ri en by anyone< un(a)ten it an bring it 'here*1 7 %( anyone a)k) you, >hy are you oing thi)D an)+er, The Lor nee ) it, an !e +i-- )en it back here pre)ent-y1 4 5 6 7 8

0o they +ent a+ay an (oun a co-t tie at the oor out in the '+in ing* open )treet, an they -oo)e it1 6n )ome +ho +ere )tan ing there )ai to them, >hat are you oing, untying the co-tD 6n they rep-ie a) /e)u) ha irecte them, an they a--o+e them to go1

6n they brought the co-t to /e)u) an thre+ their outer garment) upon it, an !e )at on it1

6n many 'o( the peop-e* )prea their garment) on the roa , an other) ')cattere a -ayer o(* -ea(y branche) +hich they ha cut (rom the (ie- )1
9 6n tho)e +ho +ent be(ore an tho)e +ho (o--o+e crie out ''a*+ith a cry o( happine))*, !o)anna: '#e graciou)-y inc-ine an propitiou) to !im:* 9rai)e an b-e))e i) !e >ho come) in the name o( the Lor : ,6. 1? 9rai)e an b-e))e in the name o( the Lor i) the coming king om o( our (ather Aa8i : !o)anna ,C )a8e u). in the highe)t 'hea8en*: 11 6n /e)u) +ent into /eru)a-em an entere the temp-e ''b*enc-o)ure*< an +hen !e ha -ooke aroun , )ur8eying an ob)er8ing e8erything, a) it +a) a-rea y -ate, !e +ent out to #ethany together +ith the T+e-8e 'apo)t-e)*1 12 17

Cn the ay (o--o+ing, +hen they ha come a+ay (rom #ethany, !e +a) hungry1

6n )eeing in the i)tance a (ig tree 'co8ere * +ith -ea8e), !e +ent to )ee i( !e cou- (in any '(ruit* on it ''c*(or in the (ig tree the (ruit appear) at the )ame time a) the -ea8e)*1 #ut +hen !e came up to it, !e (oun nothing but -ea8e), (or the (ig )ea)on ha not yet come1
14 6n !e )ai to it, &o one e8er again )ha-- eat (ruit (rom you1 6n !i) i)cip-e) +ere -i)tening 'to +hat !e )ai *1 15 6n they came to /eru)a-em1 6n !e +ent into the temp-e 'area, the ' *porche) an court)* an began to ri8e out tho)e +ho )o- an bought in the temp-e area, an !e o8erturne the ''e*(our5(oote * tab-e) o( the money changer) an the )eat) o( tho)e +ho ea-t in o8e)<

6n !e +ou- not permit anyone to carry any hou)eho- eEuipment through the temp-e enc-o)ure 'thu) making the temp-e area a )hort5cut tra((ic -ane*1
16 17 6n !e taught an )ai to them, %) it not +ritten, 3y hou)e )ha-- be ca--e a hou)e o( prayer (or a-- the nation)D #ut you ha8e turne it into a en o( robber)1 ,#. 18 6n the chie( prie)t) an the )cribe) hear 'o( thi)* an kept )eeking )ome +ay to e)troy !im, (or they (eare !im, becau)e the entire mu-titu e +a) )truck +ith a)toni)hment at !i) teaching1 19

6n +hen e8ening came on, !e an


!i) i)cip-e), a) accu)tome , +ent out o( the city1

2? %n the morning, +hen they +ere pa))ing a-ong, they notice that the (ig tree +a) +ithere 'comp-ete-y* a+ay to it) root)1 21 22 27

6n 9eter remembere an )ai to !im, 3a)ter, -ook: The (ig tree +hich 4ou oome ha) +ithere a+ay: 6n /e)u), rep-ying, )ai to them, !a8e (aith in $o 'con)tant-y*1 oe) not oubt at

Tru-y % te-- you, +hoe8er )ay) to thi) mountain, #e -i(te up an thro+n into the )ea: an a-- in hi) heart but be-ie8e) that +hat he )ay) +i-- take p-ace, it +i-- be one (or him1

24 For thi) rea)on % am te--ing you, +hate8er you a)k (or in prayer, be-ie8e ,tru)t an be con(i ent. that it i) grante to you, an you +i-- 'get it*1 25 6n +hene8er you )tan praying, i( you ha8e anything again)t anyone, (orgi8e him an 'g*-et it rop ,-ea8e it, -et it go., in or er that your Father >ho i) in hea8en may a-)o (orgi8e you your 'o+n* (ai-ing) an )hortcoming) an -et them rop1 26'h* 27

#ut i( you o not (orgi8e, neither +i-- your Father in hea8en (orgi8e your (ai-ing) an )hortcoming)1

6n they came again to /eru)a-em1 6n +hen /e)u) +a) +a-king about in the ''i*court) an porche) o( the* temp-e, the chie( prie)t) an the )cribe) an the e- er) came to !im, 6n they kept )aying to !im, #y +hat ')ort o(* authority are 4ou oing the)e thing), or +ho ga8e 4ou thi) authority to o themD
28 29 /e)u) to- them, % +i-- a)k you a Eue)tion1 6n)+er 3e, an then % +i-- te-- you by +hat ')ort o(* authority % o the)e thing)1 7? 71

>a) the bapti)m o( /ohn (rom hea8en or (rom menD 6n)+er 3e1

6n they rea)one an argue +ith one another, %( +e )ay, From hea8en, !e +i-- )ay, >hy then i you not be-ie8e himD
72 #ut 'on the other han * can +e )ay, From menD For they +ere a(rai o( the peop-e, becau)e e8erybo y con)i ere an he- /ohn actua--y to be a prophet1 77 0o they rep-ie to /e)u), >e o not kno+1 6n /e)u) )ai to them, &either am % going to te-- you +hat ')ort o(* authority % ha8e (or oing the)e thing)1


a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. A. B.

3ark 1129 6-eIan er 0outer, 9ocket LeIicon1 3ark 11211 Jichar Trench, 0ynonym) o( the &e+ Te)tament1 3ark 11217 /ame) Crr et a-1, e )1, The %nternationa- 0tan ar #ib-e "ncyc-ope ia1 3ark 11215 Jichar Trench, 0ynonym) o( the &e+ Te)tament1 3ark 11215 /ame) 3ou-ton an $eorge 3i--igan, The Hocabu-ary1 3ark 11219 0ome manu)cript) rea Kthey1L 3ark 11225 /ame) 3ou-ton an $eorge 3i--igan, The Hocabu-ary1 3ark 11226 0ome manu)cript) o not contain 8er)e 261 3ark 11227 Jichar Trench, 0ynonym) o( the &e+ Te)tament1

Cross references: 3ark 1129 2 9) 118226 3ark 11217 2 %)a 5627< /er 7211

Mark 12 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Mark 12
6&A '/e)u)* )tarte to )peak to them in parab-e) '+ith compari)on) an i--u)tration)*1 6 man p-ante a 8ineyar an put a he ge aroun it an ug a pit (or the +inepre)) an bui-t a to+er an -et it out '(or rent* to 8ine re))er) an +ent into another country1
1 2 >hen the )ea)on came, he )ent a bon )er8ant to the tenant) to co--ect (rom them )ome o( the (ruit o( the 8ineyar 1 7 4

#ut they took him an beat him an )ent him a+ay +ithout anything1

6gain he )ent to them another bon )er8ant, an they )tone him an +oun e him in the hea an treate him )hame(u--y ')en ing him a+ay +ith in)u-t)*1
5 6n he )ent another, an that one they ki--e < then many other)55)ome they beat, an )ome they put to eath1 6 !e ha )ti-- one -e(t 'to )en *, a be-o8e )on< -a)t o( a-- he )ent him to them, )aying, They +i-- re)pect my )on1 7 #ut tho)e tenant) )ai to one another, !ere i) the heir< come on, -et u) put him to eath, an 'then* the inheritance +i-- be our)1 8 9

6n they took him an ki--e him, an thre+ 'hi) bo y* out)i e the 8ineyar 1 oD !e +i-- come an e)troy the tenant), an gi8e the 8ineyar to

&o+ +hat +i-- the o+ner o( the 8ineyar other)1

1? !a8e you not e8en rea thi) 'pa))age o(* 0cripture2 The 8ery 0tone +hich ''a*a(ter putting %t to the te)t* the bui- er) re@ecte ha) become the !ea o( the corner 'Corner)tone*< 11

Thi) i) (rom the Lor an i) !i) oing, an it i) mar8e-ou) in our eye)D,6.

12 6n they +ere trying to get ho- o( !im, but they +ere a(rai o( the peop-e, (or they kne+ that !e )poke thi) parab-e +ith re(erence to an again)t them1 0o they -e(t !im an eparte 1,#. 17 #ut they )ent )ome o( the 9hari)ee) an o( the !ero ian) to !im (or the purpo)e o( entrapping !im in !i) )peech1 14 6n they came up an )ai to !im, Teacher, +e kno+ that 4ou are 'b*)incere an +hat 4ou pro(e)) to be, that 4ou cannot -ie, an that 4ou ha8e no per)ona- bia) (or anyone< (or 4ou are not in(-uence by partia-ity an ha8e no 'c*regar (or anyone;) eIterna- con ition or po)ition, but in 'an on the ba)i) o(* truth 4ou teach the +ay o( $o 1 %) it -a+(u- ,permi))ib-e an right. to gi8e tribute ,' *po-- taIe). to Cae)ar or notD 15 0hou- +e pay 'them* or )hou- +e not pay 'them*D #ut kno+ing their hypocri)y, !e a)ke them, >hy o you put 3e to the te)tD #ring 3e a coin ,a enariu)., )o % may )ee it1 16 6n they brought '!im one*1 Then !e a)ke them, >ho)e image ,picture. i) thi)D 6n +ho)e )uper)cription ,'e*tit-e.D They )ai to !im, Cae)ar;)1 17 /e)u) )ai to them, 9ay to Cae)ar the thing) that are Cae)ar;) an to they 'g*)too mar8e-ing an great-y ama=e at !im1 18 6n ')ome* 0a Eue)tion, )aying, '(*

$o the thing) that are $o ;)1 6n

ucee) came to !im, 'o( that party* +ho )ay there i) no re)urrection, an they a)ke !im a

19 Teacher, 3o)e) ga8e u) 'a -a+* that i( a man;) brother ie , -ea8ing a +i(e but no chi- , the man mu)t marry the +i o+ an rai)e up o(()pring (or hi) brother1,C. 2? 21 22 27 24

&o+ there +ere )e8en brother)< the (ir)t one took a +i(e an 6n the )econ 'brother* marrie her, an

ie , -ea8ing no chi- ren1 i the )ame<

ie , -ea8ing no chi- ren< an the thir

6n a-- )e8en, -ea8ing no chi- ren1 La)t o( a--, the +oman ie a-)o1 &o+ in the re)urrection, +ho)e +i(e +i-- )he beD For the )e8en +ere marrie to her1

/e)u) )ai to them, %) not thi) +here you +an er out o( the +ay an go +rong, becau)e you kno+ neither the 0cripture) nor the po+er o( $o D
25 For +hen they ari)e (rom among the ea , 'men* o not marry nor are '+omen* gi8en in marriage, but are -ike the ange-) in hea8en1 26 #ut concerning the ea being rai)e 55ha8e you not rea in the book o( 3o)e), 'in the pa))age* about the 'burning* bu)h, ho+ $o )ai to him, % am the $o o( 6braham an the $o o( %)aac an the $o o( /acobD ,A. 27

!e i) not the $o o( 'the* ea , but o( 'the* -i8ing: 4ou are 8ery +rong1

28 Then one o( the )cribe) came up an -i)tene to them i)puting +ith one another, an , noticing that /e)u) an)+ere them (it-y an a mirab-y, he a)ke !im, >hich comman ment i) (ir)t an mo)t important o( a-- ' 'h*in it) nature*D 29 7?

/e)u) an)+ere , The (ir)t an principa- one o( a-- comman ) i)2 !ear, C %)rae-, The Lor our $o i) one Lor <

6n you )ha-- -o8e the Lor your $o 'i*out o( an +ith your +ho-e heart an out o( an +ith a-- your )ou,your '@*-i(e. an out o( an +ith a-- your min ,+ith 'k*your (acu-ty o( thought an your mora- un er)tan ing. an out o( an +ith a-- your )trength1 '-*Thi) i) the (ir)t an principa- comman ment1,".
71 The )econ i) -ike it an i) thi), 4ou )ha-- -o8e your neighbor a) your)e-(1 There i) no other comman ment greater than the)e1,F. 72 6n the )cribe )ai to !im, "Ice--ent-y an (it-y an a mirab-y an)+ere , Teacher: 4ou ha8e )ai tru-y that !e i) Cne, an there i) no other but !im< 77 6n to -o8e !im out o( an +ith a-- the heart an +ith a-- the un er)tan ing '+ith the 'm*(acu-ty o( Euick apprehen)ion an inte--igence an keenne)) o( i)cernment* an +ith a-- the )trength, an to -o8e one;) neighbor a) one)e-(, i) much more than a-- the +ho-e burnt o((ering) an )acri(ice)1 '% 0am1 15222< !o)1 626< 3ic1 62658< !eb1 1?281* 74 6n +hen /e)u) )a+ that he an)+ere inte--igent-y , i)creet-y an 'n*ha8ing hi) +it) about him., !e )ai to him, 4ou are not (ar (rom the king om o( $o 1 6n a(ter that no one 8enture or are to a)k !im any (urther Eue)tion1 75 6n a) /e)u) taught in 'a Aa8i ;) 0onD 'o*

porch or court o(* the temp-e, !e )ai , !o+ can the )cribe) )ay that the Chri)t i)

76 Aa8i him)e-(, 'in)pire * in the !o-y 0pirit, ec-are , The Lor )ai to my Lor , 0it at 3y right han unti- % make 4our enemie) 'a (oot)too-* un er 4our (eet1,$. 77 Aa8i him)e-( ca--) !im Lor < )o ho+ can it be that !e i) hi) 0onD &o+ the great ma)) o( the peop-e hear '/e)u)* g-a -y '-i)tening to !im +ith e-ight*1 78 6n in 'the cour)e o(* !i) teaching, !e )ai , #e+are o( the )cribe), +ho -ike to go aroun in -ong robe) an 'to get* greeting) in the marketp-ace) 'pub-ic (orum)*, 79 4?

6n 'ha8e* the (ront )eat) in the )ynagogue) an the


chie( couche) ,p-ace) o( honor. at (ea)t),

>ho e8our +i o+); hou)e) an to co8er it up make -ong prayer)1 They +i-- recei8e the hea8ier ')entence o(* con emnation1
41 6n !e )at o+n oppo)ite the trea)ury an )a+ ho+ the cro+ +a) ca)ting money into the trea)ury1 3any rich 'peop-e* +ere thro+ing in -arge )um)1 42 6n a +i o+ +ho +a) po8erty5)tricken came an put in t+o copper mite) 'the )ma--e)t o( coin)*, +hich together make 'E*ha-( o( a cent1

6n !e ca--e !i) i)cip-e) 'to !im* an )ai to them, Tru-y an )ure-y % te-- you, thi) +i o+, ')he +ho i)* po8erty5)tricken, ha) put in more than a-- tho)e contributing to the trea)ury1
47 44 For they a-- thre+ in out o( their abun ance< but )he, out o( her eep po8erty, ha) put in e8erything that )he ha 55'e8en* a-- )he ha on +hich to -i8e1


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3ark 1221? Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 12214 !ermann Cremer, #ib-ico5Theo-ogica- LeIicon1 3ark 12214 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 12214 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 12216 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 12217 6 rebuke o( emperor +or)hip1 3ark 12217 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 12228 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 1227? 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 1227? !ermann Cremer, 6 #ib-ico5Theo-ogica- LeIicon1

k. l. m. n. o. p. q. A. B. C. D. E. ". #.

3ark 1227? 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 1227? 0ome manu)cript) o not contain thi) part o( 8er)e 7?1 3ark 12277 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 12274 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 12275 Jichar Trench, 0ynonym) o( the &e+ Te)tament1 3ark 12279 Jichar Trench, 0ynonym) o( the &e+ Te)tament1 3ark 12242 /ohn A1 Aa8i), 6 Aictionary o( the #ib-e1

Cross references: 3ark 12211 2 9) 118222, 27 3ark 12212 2 %)a 52157 3ark 12219 2 Aeut 2525 3ark 12226 2 "Io 72256 3ark 1227? 2 Aeut 624, 5 3ark 12271 2 Le8 19218 3ark 12276 2 9) 11?21

Mark 13 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Mark 13
6&A 60 '/e)u)* +a) coming out o( the temp-e ''a*area*, one o( !i) i)cip-e) )ai to !im, Look, Teacher: &otice the )ort an Eua-ity o( the)e )tone) an bui- ing):
1 2 6n /e)u) rep-ie to him, 4ou )ee the)e great bui- ing)D There +i-- not be -e(t here one )tone upon another that +i-- not be -oo)ene an torn o+n1 7 6n a) !e )at on the 3ount o( C-i8e) oppo)ite the temp-e ' 'b*enc-o)ure*, 9eter an /ame) an /ohn an 6n re+ a)ke !im pri8ate-y, 4 Te-- u) +hen i) thi) to take p-ace an +hat +i-- be the )ign +hen the)e thing), a-- 'o( them*, are about to be accomp-i)he D 5 6

6n /e)u) began to te-- them, #e care(u- an +atch(u- that no one mi)-ea ) you 'about it*1

3any +i-- come in ''c*appropriating to them)e-8e)* the name 'o( 3e))iah* +hich be-ong) to 3e '' *ba)ing their c-aim) on the u)e o( 3y name*, )aying, % am '!e*: 6n they +i-- mi)-ea many1
7 6n +hen you hear o( +ar) an rumor) o( +ar), o not get a-arme ,troub-e an (rightene .< it i) nece))ary 'that the)e thing)* take p-ace, but the en i) not yet1 8 For nation +i-- ri)e again)t nation, an king om again)t king om1 There +i-- be earthEuake) in 8ariou) p-ace)< there +i-- be (amine) an ca-amitie)1 Thi) i) but the beginning o( the 'e*into-erab-e angui)h an )u((ering 'on-y the (ir)t o( the '(*birth pang)*1 9 #ut -ook to your)e-8e)< (or they +i-- turn you o8er to counci-), an you +i-- be beaten in the )ynagogue), an you +i-- )tan be(ore go8ernor) an king) (or 3y )ake a) a te)timony to them1 1?

6n the goo ne+) ,the $o)pe-. mu)t (ir)t be preache to a-- nation)1

11 &o+ +hen they take you 'to court* an put you un er arre)t, o not be anIiou) be(orehan about +hat you are to )ay 'g*nor 'e8en * me itate about it< but )ay +hate8er i) gi8en you in that hour an at 'h*the moment, (or it i) not you +ho +i-- be )peaking, but the !o-y 0pirit1 12 6n brother +i-- han o8er brother to eath, an the (ather hi) chi- < an chi- ren +i-- take a )tan again)t their parent) an 'ha8e* them put to eath1 17 6n you +i-- be hate an ete)te by e8erybo y (or 3y name;) )ake, but he +ho patient-y per)e8ere) an en ure) to the en +i-- be )a8e ,'i*ma e a partaker o( the )a-8ation by Chri)t, an e-i8ere '@*(rom )pirituaeath.1 14 #ut +hen you )ee the abomination o( e)o-ation mentione by Aanie- the prophet )tan ing +here it ought not to be55'an * -et the one +ho rea ) take notice an con)i er an un er)tan an hee 'thi)*55then -et tho)e +ho are in /u ea (-ee to the mountain)1,6. 15 16 17 18 19

Let him +ho i) on the hou)etop not go o+n into the hou)e nor go in)i e to take anything out o( hi) hou)e< 6n -et him +ho i) in the (ie- not turn back again to get hi) mant-e ,c-oak.1 6n a-a) (or tho)e +ho are pregnant an (or tho)e +ho ha8e nur)ing babie) in tho)e ay): 9ray that it may not occur in +inter,

For at that time there +i-- be )uch a((-iction ,oppre))ion an tribu-ation. a) ha) not been (rom the beginning o( the creation +hich $o create unti- thi) particu-ar time55an 'k*po)iti8e-y ne8er +i-- be 'again*1
2? 6n un-e)) the Lor ha )hortene the ay), no human being +ou- be )a8e ,re)cue .< but (or the )ake o( the e-ect, !i) cho)en one) ,tho)e +hom !e '-*picke out (or !im)e-(., !e ha) )hortene the ay)1,#. 21 22

6n then i( anyone )ay) to you, 0ee, here i) the Chri)t ,the 3e))iah.: or, Look, there !e i): o not be-ie8e it1

Fa-)e Chri)t) ,3e))iah). an (a-)e prophet) +i-- ari)e an )ho+ )ign) an '+ork* mirac-e) to ecei8e an -ea a)tray, i( po))ib-e, e8en the e-ect ,tho)e $o ha) cho)en out (or !im)e-(.1
27 24

#ut -ook to your)e-8e) an be on your guar < % ha8e to- you e8erything be(orehan 1 i)tre)) o(* that tribu-ation, the )un +i-- be

#ut in tho)e ay), a(ter 'the a((-iction an oppre))ion an arkene , an the moon +i-- not gi8e it) -ight<,C.

6n the )tar) +i-- be (a--ing (rom the )ky, an the po+er) in the hea8en) +i-- be )haken1 ,A.

26 6n then they +i-- )ee the 0on o( 3an coming in c-ou ) +ith great ,king-y. po+er an g-ory ,ma@e)ty an )p-en or.1,". 27 6n then !e +i-- )en out the ange-) an +i-- gather together !i) e-ect ,tho)e !e ha) 'm*picke out (or !im)e-(. (rom the (our +in ), (rom the (arthe)t boun ) o( the earth to the (arthe)t boun ) o( hea8en1 28 &o+ -earn a -e))on (rom the (ig tree2 a) )oon a) it) branch become) ten er an it put) (orth it) -ea8e), you recogni=e an kno+ that )ummer i) near1 29 0o a-)o, +hen you )ee the)e thing) happening, you may recogni=e an kno+ that !e i) near, at 'the 8ery* oor1 7? 0ure-y % )ay to you, thi) generation ,'n*the +ho-e mu-titu e o( peop-e -i8ing at that one time. po)iti8e-y +i-not peri)h or pa)) a+ay be(ore a-- the)e thing) take p-ace1 71 72

!ea8en an earth +i-- peri)h an pa)) a+ay, but 3y +or ) +i-- not peri)h or pa)) a+ay1

#ut o( that ay or that hour not a ')ing-e* per)on kno+), not e8en the ange-) in hea8en, nor the 0on, but on-y the Father1
77 74

#e on your guar 'con)tant-y a-ert*, an +atch



an pray< (or you o not kno+ +hen the time +i-- come1

%t i) -ike a man ' a-rea y* going on a @ourney< +hen he -ea8e) home, he put) hi) )er8ant) in charge, each +ith hi) particu-ar ta)k, an he gi8e) or er) to the oorkeeper to be con)tant-y a-ert an on the +atch1
75 There(ore +atch ,gi8e )trict attention, be cautiou) an a-ert., (or you o not kno+ +hen the 3a)ter o( the hou)e i) coming55in the e8ening, or at mi night, or at cockcro+ing, or in the morning55 76 77

'>atch, % )ay* -e)t !e come )u

en-y an uneIpecte -y an (in you a)-eep1

6n +hat % )ay to you % )ay to e8erybo y2 >atch ,gi8e )trict attention, be cautiou), acti8e, an a-ert.:


a. b. c.

3ark 1721 Jichar Trench, 0ynonym) o( the &e+ Te)tament1 3ark 1727 Jichar Trench, 0ynonym) o( the &e+ Te)tament1 3ark 1726 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1

d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. n. o. p. A. B. C. D. E.

3ark 1726 3ar8in Hincent, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 1728 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 1728 Litera- meaning1 3ark 17211 3o)t manu)cript) o not contain thi) phra)e1 3ark 17211 /ame) 3ou-ton an $eorge 3i--igan, The Hocabu-ary1 3ark 17217 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 17217 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 17219 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 1722? $1 6bbott50mith, 3anua- $reek LeIicon1 3ark 17227 $1 6bbott50mith, 3anua- $reek LeIicon1 3ark 1727? !ermann Cremer, #ib-ico5Theo-ogica- LeIicon< /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon< an $1 6bbott50mith, 3anua- $reek LeIicon1 3ark 17277 0ome manu)cript) a Kan pray1K

3ark 17274 /ohn >yc-i((e, The >yc-i((e #ib-e< >i--iam Tyn a-e, The Tyn a-e #ib-e1

Cross references: 3ark 17214 2 Aan 9227< 11271< 12211 3ark 1722? 2 Aan 1221 3ark 17224 2 %)a 1721? 3ark 17225 2 %)a 7424 3ark 17226 2 Aan 7217, 14

Mark 14 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Mark 14
%T >60 no+ t+o ay) be(ore the 9a))o8er an the Fea)t o( Fn-ea8ene #rea , an the chie( prie)t) an the )cribe) +ere a-- the +hi-e )eeking to arre)t '/e)u)* by )ecrecy an eceit an put '!im* to eath,
1 2 7

For they kept )aying, %t mu)t not be uring the Fea)t, (or (ear that there might be a riot o( the peop-e1

6n +hi-e !e +a) in #ethany, 'a gue)t* in the hou)e o( 0imon the -eper, a) !e +a) rec-ining 'at tab-e*, a +oman came +ith an a-aba)ter @ar o( ointment ,'a*per(ume. o( pure nar , 8ery co)t-y an preciou)< an )he broke the @ar an poure 'the per(ume* o8er !i) hea 1
4 #ut there +ere )ome +ho +ere mo8e +ith in ignation an )ai to them)e-8e), To +hat purpo)e +a) the ointment ,'b*per(ume. thu) +a)te D 5 For it +a) po))ib-e to ha8e )o- thi) 'per(ume* (or more than 7?? enarii 'a -aboring man;) +age) (or a year* an to ha8e gi8en 'the money* to the poor1 6n they cen)ure an repro8e her1 6 #ut /e)u) )ai , Let her a-one< +hy are you troub-ing herD 0he ha) one a goo an beauti(u- thing to 3e 'prai)e+orthy an nob-e*1

7 For you a-+ay) ha8e the poor +ith you, an +hene8er you +i)h you can o goo to them< but you +i-- not a-+ay) ha8e 3e1,6. 8 9

0he ha) one +hat )he cou- < )he came be(orehan to anoint 3y bo y (or the buria-1

6n )ure-y % te-- you, +here8er the goo ne+) ,the $o)pe-. i) proc-aime in the entire +or- , +hat )he ha) one +i-- be to- in memory o( her1
1? Then /u a) %)cariot, +ho +a) one o( the T+e-8e 'apo)t-e)*, +ent o(( to the chie( prie)t) in or er to betray an han !im o8er to them1 11 6n +hen they hear it, they re@oice an +ere e-ighte , an they promi)e to gi8e him money1 6n he 'bu)ying him)e-( continua--y* )ought an opportunity to betray !im1 12 Cn the (ir)t ay 'o( the Fea)t* o( Fn-ea8ene #rea , +hen 'a) +a) cu)tomary* they ki--e the 9a))o8er -amb, '/e)u);* i)cip-e) )ai to !im, >here o 4ou +i)h u) to go 'an * prepare the 9a))o8er ')upper* (or 4ou to eatD 17 6n !e )ent t+o o( !i) i)cip-e) an )ai to them, $o into the city, an a man carrying an 'earthen* @ar or pitcher o( +ater +i-- meet you< (o--o+ him1 14 6n +hate8er 'hou)e* he enter), )ay to the ma)ter o( the hou)e, The Teacher )ay)2 >here i) 3y gue)t room, +here % may eat the 9a))o8er ')upper* +ith 3y i)cip-e)D 15 6n he +i-- 'him)e-(* )ho+ you a -arge upper room, (urni)he '+ith carpet) an +ith ining couche) proper-y )prea * an rea y< there prepare (or u)1 16 Then the i)cip-e) )et out an came to the city an (oun 'e8erything* @u)t a) !e ha to- them< an they prepare the 9a))o8er1 17 18

6n +hen it +a) e8ening, !e came +ith the T+e-8e 'apo)t-e)*1

6n +hi-e they +ere at the tab-e eating, /e)u) )ai , 0ure-y % )ay to you, one o( you +i-- betray 3e, 'one* +ho i) eating 'here* +ith 3e1,#.
19 6n they began to )ho+ that they +ere )a an hurt, an to )ay to !im one a(ter another, %) it %D or, %t i) not %, i) itD

!e rep-ie to them, %t i) one o( the T+e-8e 'apo)t-e)*, one +ho i) ipping 'brea * into the ')ame eep* i)h +ith 3e1
2? 21 For the 0on o( 3an i) going a) it )tan ) +ritten concerning !im< but +oe to that man by +hom the 0on o( 3an i) betraye : %t +ou- ha8e been goo ,pro(itab-e an +ho-e)ome. (or that man i( he ha ne8er been born1 ,C. 22 6n +hi-e they +ere eating, !e took a -oa( 'o( brea *, prai)e $o an ga8e thank) an a)ke !im to b-e)) it to their u)e1 'Then* !e broke 'it* an ga8e to them an )ai , Take1 "at1 Thi) i) 3y bo y1 27 !e a-)o took a cup 'o( the @uice o( grape)*, an +hen !e ha gi8en thank), !e ga8e 'it* to them, an they a-rank o( it1 24 6n !e )ai to them, Thi) i) 3y b-oo '+hich rati(ie)* the ne+ co8enant, 'the b-oo * +hich i) being poure out (or ,on account o(. many1,A.

0o-emn-y an )ure-y % te-- you, % )ha-- not again rink o( the (ruit o( the 8ine ti-- that ay +hen % rink it ne+ an a higher Eua-ity in $o ;) king om1
25 26 27


o( a

6n +hen they ha )ung a hymn, they +ent out to the 3ount o( C-i8e)1

6n /e)u) )ai to them, 4ou +i-- a-- (a-- a+ay thi) night 'that i), you +i-- be cau)e to )tumb-e an +i-- begin to i)tru)t an e)ert 3e*, (or it )tan ) +ritten, % +i-- )trike the 0hepher , an the )heep +i-- be )cattere 1 ,".
28 29

#ut a(ter % am rai)e 'to -i(e*, % +i-- go be(ore you into $a-i-ee1 i)tru)t an e)ert 4ou, yet %

#ut 9eter )ai to !im, "8en i( they a-- (a-- a+ay an are cau)e to )tumb-e an +i-- not ' o )o*:

7? 6n /e)u) )ai to him, Tru-y % te-- you, thi) 8ery night, be(ore a cock cro+) t+ice, you +i-- utter-y eny 3e ' i)c-aiming a-- connection +ith 3e* three time)1 71 #ut '9eter* )ai more 8ehement-y an repeate -y, '"8en* i( it )hou- be nece))ary (or me to ie +ith 4ou, % +i-- not eny or i)o+n 4ou: 6n they a-- kept )aying the )ame thing1 72 77

Then they +ent to a p-ace ca--e $eth)emane, an !e )ai to !i) i)cip-e), 0it o+n here +hi-e % pray1
' *

6n !e took +ith !im 9eter an /ame) an /ohn, an began to be eep-y troub-e an epre))e 1

)truck +ith terror an ama=ement an

74 6n !e )ai to them, 3y )ou- i) eIcee ing-y )a ,o8er+he-me +ith grie(. )o that it a-mo)t ki--) 3e: Jemain here an keep a+ake an be +atching1 75 6n going a -itt-e (arther, !e (e-- on the groun an kept praying that i( it +ere po))ib-e the ' 'e*(ata-* hour might pa)) (rom !im1

6n !e +a) )aying, 6bba, '+hich mean)* Father, e8erything i) po))ib-e (or 4ou1 Take a+ay thi) cup (rom 3e< yet not +hat % +i--, but +hat 4ou '+i--*1

77 6n !e came back an (oun them )-eeping, an !e )ai to 9eter, 0imon, are you a)-eepD !a8e you not the )trength to keep a+ake an +atch '+ith 3e (or* one hourD 78 Geep a+ake an +atch an pray 'con)tant-y*, that you may not enter into temptation< the )pirit in ee i) +i--ing, but the (-e)h i) +eak1 79 4?

!e +ent a+ay again an praye , )aying the )ame +or )1

6n again !e came back an (oun them )-eeping, (or their eye) +ere 8ery hea8y< an they i not kno+ +hat an)+er to gi8e !im1
41 6n !e came back a thir time an )ai to them, 6re you )ti-- )-eeping an re)tingD %t i) enough 'o( that*: The hour ha) come1 The 0on o( 3an i) betraye into the han ) o( )in(u- men ,men '(*+ho)e +ay or nature i) to act in oppo)ition to $o .1 42 47

$et up, -et u) be going: 0ee, 3y betrayer i) at han :

6n at once, +hi-e !e +a) )ti-- )peaking, /u a) came, one o( the T+e-8e 'apo)t-e)*, an +ith him a cro+ o( men +ith )+or ) an c-ub), '+ho came* (rom the chie( prie)t) an the )cribe) an the e- er) 'o( the 0anhe rin*1
44 &o+ the betrayer ha gi8en them a )igna-, )aying, The Cne % )ha-- ki)) i) 'the 3an*< )ei=e !im an -ea '!im* a+ay )a(e-y ')o a) to pre8ent !i) e)cape*1 45 6n +hen he came, he +ent up to /e)u) imme iate-y an )ai , 3a)ter: 3a)ter: an he ki))e !im (er8ent-y1 46 47 48 'g*

embrace !im an

6n they thre+ their han ) on !im an arre)te !im1 #ut one o( the by)tan er) re+ hi) )+or an )truck the bon )er8ant o( the high prie)t an cut o(( hi) ear1

6n /e)u) )ai to them, !a8e you come out +ith )+or ) an c-ub) a) 'you +ou- * again)t a robber to capture 3eD
49 % +a) +ith you ai-y in the temp-e ''h*porche) an court)* teaching, an you i not )ei=e 3e< but 'thi) ha) happene * that the 0cripture) might be (u-(i--e 1 5? 51

Then '!i) i)cip-e)*, (or)aking !im, (-e , a-- 'o( them*1

6n a young man +a) (o--o+ing !im, +ith nothing but a -inen c-oth ,'i*)heet. thro+n about 'hi)* nake 'bo y*< an they -ai ho- o( him,
52 57

#ut, -ea8ing behin the -inen c-oth ,'@*)heet., he (-e (rom them nake 1

6n they -e /e)u) a+ay to the high prie)t, an a-- the chie( prie)t) an the e- er) an the )cribe) +ere gathere together1
54 6n 9eter (o--o+e !im at a i)tance, e8en right into the courtyar o( the high prie)t1 6n he +a) )itting ' 'k*in the (ire-ight* +ith the guar ) an +arming him)e-( at the (ire1 55 &o+ the chie( prie)t) an the entire counci- ,the 0anhe rin. +ere con)tant-y )eeking 'to get* te)timony again)t /e)u) +ith a 8ie+ to con emning !im an putting !im to eath, but they i not (in any1 56 57 58

For many +ere repeate -y bearing (a-)e +itne)) again)t !im, but their te)timonie) i not agree1 6n )ome )too up an +ere bearing (a-)e +itne)) again)t !im, )aying,

>e hear !im )ay, % +i-- e)troy thi) temp-e ,)anctuary. +hich i) ma e +ith han ), an in three ay) % +i-bui- another, ma e +ithout han )1
59 6?

0ti-- not e8en 'in thi)* i their te)timony agree1

6n the high prie)t )too up in the mi )t an a)ke /e)u), !a8e 4ou not e8en one an)+er to makeD >hat 'about thi) +hich* the)e 'men* are te)ti(ying again)t 4ouD
61 #ut !e kept )ti-- an i not an)+er at a--1 6gain the high prie)t a)ke !im, 6re 4ou the Chri)t ,the 3e))iah, the 6nointe Cne., the 0on o( the #-e))e D 62 6n /e)u) )ai , % 63< an you +i-- 'a--* )ee the 0on o( 3an )eate at the right han o( 9o+er , '-*the 6-mighty. an coming on the c-ou ) o( hea8en1,F. 67

Then the high prie)t tore hi) garment) an )ai , >hat nee ha8e +e (or more +itne))e)D ,$.

64 4ou ha8e hear !i) b-a)phemy1 >hat i) your eci)ionD 6n they a-- con emne !im a) being gui-ty an e)er8ing o( eath1,!. 65 6n )ome o( them began to )pit on !im an to b-in (o- !im an to )trike !im +ith their (i)t), )aying to !im, 9rophe)y: 6n the guar ) recei8e !im +ith b-o+) an by )-apping !im1 66 67

>hi-e 9eter +a) o+n be-o+ in the courtyar , one o( the ')er8ing* mai ) o( the high prie)t came<

6n +hen )he )a+ 9eter +arming him)e-(, )he ga=e intent-y at him an )ai , 4ou +ere +ith /e)u) o( &a=areth too1
68 #ut he enie it 'm*(a-)e-y an i)o+ne !im, )aying, % neither kno+ nor un er)tan +hat you )ay1 Then he +ent out)i e 'the courtyar an +a)* into the 'n*8e)tibu-e1 'o*6n a cock cro+e 1

69 7?

6n the mai )er8ant )a+ him, an began again to )ay to the by)tan er), Thi) 'man* i) 'one* o( them1

#ut again he enie it 'p*(a-)e-y an i)o+ne !im1 6n a(ter a )hort +hi-e, again the by)tan er) )ai to 9eter, 'E*Jea--y, you are one o( them, (or you are a $a-i-ean 'r*an your ia-ect )ho+) it1
71 Then he commence in8oking a cur)e on him)e-( ')hou- he not be te--ing the truth* an )+earing, % o not kno+ the 3an about >hom you are ta-king: 72 6n at once (or the )econ time a cock cro+e 1 6n 9eter remembere ho+ /e)u) )ai to him, #e(ore a cock cro+) t+ice, you +i-- ')*utter-y eny 3e ' i)c-aiming a-- connection +ith 3e* three time)1 6n 't*ha8ing put hi) thought upon it 'an remembering*, he broke o+n an +ept a-ou an 'u*-amente 1


a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. n. o. p. q. r. s. t. u. A. B. C. D. E. ".

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#. $.

3ark 14267 2 &um 1426 3ark 14264 2 Le8 24216

Mark 15 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Mark 15
6&A %33"A%6T"L4 +hen it +a) morning, the chie( prie)t), +ith the e- er) an )cribe) an the +ho-e counci-, he- a con)u-tation< an +hen they ha boun /e)u), they took !im a+ay ''a*8io-ent-y* an han e !im o8er to 9i-ate1,6.
1 2 7 4

6n 9i-ate inEuire o( !im, 6re 4ou the Ging o( the /e+)D 6n !e rep-ie , %t i) a) you )ay1 6n the chie( prie)t) kept accu)ing !im o( many thing)1

6n 9i-ate again a)ke !im, !a8e 4ou:

5 6 7

4ou no an)+er to makeD 0ee ho+ many charge) they are bringing again)t

#ut /e)u) ma e no (urther an)+er at a--, )o that 9i-ate +on ere an mar8e-e 1,#. &o+ at the Fea)t he '+a) accu)tome to* )et (ree (or them any one pri)oner +hom they reEue)te 1

6n among the rioter) in the pri)on +ho ha committe mur er in the in)urrection there +a) a man name #arabba)1
8 9

6n the throng came up an began a)king 9i-ate to o a) he u)ua--y i (or them1 6n he rep-ie to them, Ao you +i)h me to )et (ree (or you the Ging o( the /e+)D e-i8ere

For he +a) a+are that it +a) ''c*becau)e they +ere prompte * by en8y that the chie( prie)t) ha !im up1
1? 11 12 17 14

#ut the chie( prie)t) )tirre up the cro+ to get him to re-ea)e (or them #arabba) in)tea 1 6n again 9i-ate )ai to them, Then +hat )ha-- % o +ith the 3an >hom you ca-- the Ging o( the /e+)D 6n they )houte back again, Cruci(y !im:

#ut 9i-ate )ai to them, >hyD >hat ha) !e one that i) e8i-D #ut they )houte +ith a-- their might a-- the more, Cruci(y !im '' *at once*:
15 0o 9i-ate, +i)hing to )ati)(y the cro+ , )et #arabba) (ree (or them< an a(ter ha8ing /e)u) +hippe , he han e '!im* o8er to be cruci(ie 1,C. 16 Then the )o- ier) -e !im a+ay to the courtyar in)i e the pa-ace, that i), the 9raetorium, an they ca--e the entire etachment o( )o- ier) together1 17 18 19

6n they re))e !im in 'a* purp-e 'robe*, an , +ea8ing together a cro+n o( thorn), they p-ace it on !im1 6n they began to )a-ute !im, !ai- ,greeting), goo hea-th to 4ou, -ong -i(e to 4ou., Ging o( the /e+):

6n they )truck !i) hea +ith a )ta(( ma e o( a 'bamboo5-ike* ree an )pat on !im an kept bo+ing their knee) in homage to !im1,A.
2? 6n +hen they ha '(ini)he * making )port o( !im, they took the purp-e 'robe* o(( o( !im an put !i) o+n c-othe) on !im1 6n they -e !im out 'o( the city* to cruci(y !im1 21 6n they (orce a pa))erby, 0imon o( Cyrene, the (ather o( 6-eIan er an Ju(u), +ho +a) coming in (rom the (ie- ,country., to carry !i) cro))1 22 27 24

6n they -e !im to $o-gotha 'in Latin2 Ca-8ary*, meaning The 9-ace o( a 0ku--1 6n they 'attempte to* gi8e !im +ine ming-e +ith myrrh, but !e +ou- not take it1 i)tribute them among them)e-8e), thro+ing

6n they cruci(ie !im< an they i8i e !i) garment) an -ot) (or them to eci e +ho )hou- take +hat1,".
25 26

6n it +a) the thir hour ,about nine o;c-ock in the morning. +hen they cruci(ie !im1 ,F. 6n the in)cription o( the accu)ation again)t !im +a) +ritten abo8e, The Ging o( the /e+)1


6n +ith !im they cruci(ie t+o robber), one on '!i)* right han an one on !i) -e(t1 6n the 0cripture +a) (u-(i--e +hich )ay), !e +a) counte among the tran)gre))or)1,$.


29 6n tho)e +ho pa))e by kept re8i-ing !im an reproaching !im abu)i8e-y in har)h an in)o-ent -anguage, +agging their hea ) an )aying, 6ha: 4ou >ho +oue)troy the temp-e an bui- it in three ay), 7?

&o+ re)cue


4our)e-( ''g*(rom eath*, coming o+n (rom the cro)):

71 0o a-)o the chie( prie)t), +ith the )cribe), ma e )port o( !im to one another, )aying, !e re)cue other) ''h*(rom eath*< !im)e-( !e i) unab-e to re)cue1,!. 72 Let the Chri)t ,the 3e))iah., the Ging o( %)rae-, come o+n no+ (rom the cro)), that +e may )ee 'it* an tru)t in an re-y on !im an a here to !im: Tho)e +ho +ere cruci(ie +ith !im a-)o re8i-e an reproache !im ')peaking abu)i8e-y, har)h-y, an in)o-ent-y*1 77 6n +hen the )iIth hour ,about mi hour ,about three o;c-ock.1

ay. ha come, there +a) arkne)) o8er the +ho-e -an unti- the ninth

74 6n at the ninth hour /e)u) crie +ith a -ou 8oice, "-oi, "-oi, -ama )abachthaniD55+hich mean), 3y $o , 3y $o , +hy ha8e 4ou (or)aken 3e ''i* e)erting 3e an -ea8ing 3e he-p-e)) an aban one *D,%. 75 76

6n )ome o( tho)e )tan ing by, 'an * hearing it, )ai , 0ee: !e i) ca--ing "-i@ah:

6n one man ran, an , (i--ing a )ponge +ith 8inegar ,a '@*miIture o( )our +ine an +ater., put it on a )ta(( ma e o( a 'bamboo5-ike* ree an ga8e it to !im to rink, )aying, !o- o((: Let u) )ee +hether "-i@ah ' oe)* come to take !im o+n1,/.
77 78 79

6n /e)u) uttere a -ou cry, an breathe out !i) -i(e1 6n the curtain 'o( the !o-y o( !o-ie)* o( the temp-e +a) torn in t+o (rom top to bottom1

6n +hen the centurion +ho )too (acing !im )a+ !im eIpire thi) +ay, he )ai , 0on:

Jea--y, thi) 3an +a) $o ;)

4? &o+ )ome +omen +ere there a-)o, -ooking on (rom a i)tance, among +hom +ere 3ary 3ag a-ene, an 3ary the mother o( /ame) the younger an o( /o)e), an 0a-ome, 41 >ho, +hen '/e)u)* +a) in $a-i-ee, +ere in the habit o( accompanying an mini)tering to !im< an 'there +ere* a-)o many other '+omen* +ho ha come up +ith !im to /eru)a-em1 42 47

6) e8ening ha a-rea y come, )ince it +a) the ay o( 9reparation, that i), 'the ay* be(ore the 0abbath, ,G.

/o)eph, he o( 6rimathea, nob-e an honorab-e in rank an a re)pecte member o( the counci- ,0anhe rin., +ho +a) him)e-( +aiting (or the king om o( $o , aring the con)eEuence), took courage an 8enture to go to 9i-ate an a)ke (or the bo y o( /e)u)1
44 #ut 9i-ate +on ere +hether !e +a) ea )o )oon, an , ha8ing ca--e the centurion, he a)ke him +hether '/e)u)* +a) a-rea y ea 1 45 46

6n +hen he -earne (rom the centurion 'that !e +a) in ee

ea *, he ga8e the bo y to /o)eph1

6n /o)eph bought a '(ine* -inen c-oth ''-*(or )+athing ea bo ie)*, an , taking !im o+n (rom the cro)), he 'm* ro--e !im up in the '(ine* -inen c-oth an p-ace !im in a tomb +hich ha been he+n out o( a rock1 Then he ro--e a '8ery -arge* )tone again)t the oor o( the tomb1 ,L.

6n 3ary 3ag a-ene an 3ary 'the mother* o( /o)e) +ere ''n*attenti8e-y* ob)er8ing +here !e +a) -ai 1


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3ark 1521 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 1524 Capita-i=e becau)e o( +hat !e i), the )pot-e)) 0on o( $o , not +hat the )peaker may ha8e thought !e +a)1 3ark 1521? /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 15214 Genneth >ue)t, >or 0tu ie)1 3ark 15228 3any manu)cript) o not contain thi) 8er)e1 3ark 1527? Capita-i=e becau)e o( +hat !e i), the )pot-e)) 0on o( $o , not +hat the )peaker) may ha8e thought !e +a)1 3ark 1527? !ermann Cremer, #ib-ico5Theo-ogica- LeIicon1 3ark 15271 !ermann Cremer, #ib-ico5Theo-ogica- LeIicon1

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Mark 1

(Amplified Bible)

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Mark 1
6&A >!"& the 0abbath +a) pa)t 'that i), a(ter the )un ha )et*, 3ary 3ag a-ene, an 3ary 'the mother* o( /ame), an 0a-ome purcha)e )+eet5)me--ing )pice), )o that they might go an anoint '/e)u); bo y*1
1 2 7

6n 8ery ear-y on the (ir)t ay o( the +eek they came to the tomb< 'by then* the )un ha ri)en1

6n they )ai to one another, >ho +i-- ro-- back the )tone (or u) out o( 'the groo8e acro)) the (-oor at* the oor o( the tombD
4 5

6n +hen they -ooke up, they ' i)tinct-y* )a+ that the )tone +a) a-rea y ro--e back, (or it +a) 8ery -arge1

6n going into the tomb, they )a+ a young man )itting 'there* on the right ')i e*, c-othe in a ' 'a*-ong, )tate-y, )+eeping* robe o( +hite, an they +ere utter-y ama=e an )truck +ith terror1
6 6n he )ai to them, Ao not be ama=e an terri(ie < you are -ooking (or /e)u) o( &a=areth, >ho +a) cruci(ie 1 !e ha) ri)en< !e i) not here1 0ee the p-ace +here they -ai !im1,6. 7 #ut be going< te-- the i)cip-e) an 9eter, !e goe) be(ore you into $a-i-ee< you +i-- )ee !im there, '@u)t* a) !e to- you1,#.

8 Then they +ent out 'an * (-e (rom the tomb, (or tremb-ing an be+i- erment an con)ternation ha )ei=e them1 6n they )ai nothing about it to anyone, (or they +ere he- by a-arm an (ear1 9'b* &o+ /e)u), ha8ing ri)en ''c*(rom eath* ear-y on the (ir)t ay o( the +eek, appeare (ir)t to 3ary 3ag a-ene, (rom +hom !e ha ri8en out )e8en emon)1 1? 11 12

0he +ent an reporte it to tho)e +ho ha been +ith !im, a) they grie8e an +ept1 6n +hen they hear that !e +a) a-i8e an that )he ha )een !im, they i not be-ie8e it1

6(ter thi), !e appeare in a i((erent (orm to t+o o( them a) they +ere +a-king 'a-ong the +ay* into the country1
17 14

6n they returne 'to /eru)a-em* an to- the other), but they i not be-ie8e them either1

6(ter+ar !e appeare to the "-e8en 'apo)t-e) them)e-8e)* a) they rec-ine at tab-e< an !e repro8e an reproache them (or their unbe-ie( ,their -ack o( (aith. an their har ne)) o( heart, becau)e they ha re(u)e to be-ie8e tho)e +ho ha )een !im an -ooke at !im attenti8e-y a(ter !e ha ri)en ' ' *(rom eath*1
15 6n !e )ai to them, $o into a-- the +or- an preach an pub-i)h open-y the goo ne+) ,the $o)pe-. to e8ery creature 'o( the +ho-e 'e*human race*1

!e +ho be-ie8e) '+ho a here) to an tru)t) in an re-ie) on the $o)pe- an !im >hom it )et) (orth* an i) bapti=e +i-- be )a8e ''(*(rom the pena-ty o( eterna- eath*< but he +ho oe) not be-ie8e '+ho oe) not a here to an tru)t in an re-y on the $o)pe- an !im >hom it )et) (orth* +i-- be con emne 1
16 17 6n the)e atte)ting )ign) +i-- accompany tho)e +ho be-ie8e2 in 3y name they +i-- ri8e out emon)< they +i-- )peak in ne+ -anguage)< 18 They +i-- pick up )erpent)< an 'e8en* i( they rink anything ea -y, it +i-- not hurt them< they +i-- -ay their han ) on the )ick, an they +i-- get +e--1 19 0o then the Lor /e)u), a(ter !e ha )poken to them, +a) taken up into hea8en an !e )at o+n at the right han o( $o 1,C. 2? 6n they +ent out an preache e8ery+here, +hi-e the Lor kept +orking +ith them an con(irming the me))age by the atte)ting )ign) an mirac-e) that c-o)e-y accompanie 'it*1 6men ,)o be it.1


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3ark 1625 Jichar Trench, 0ynonym) o( the &e+ Te)tament1 3ark 1629 0ome o( the ear-ie)t manu)cript) o not contain 8er)e) 952?1 3ark 1629 !ermann Cremer, #ib-ico5Theo-ogica- LeIicon1 3ark 16214 !ermann Cremer, #ib-ico5Theo-ogica- LeIicon1 3ark 16215 /o)eph Thayer, 6 $reek5"ng-i)h LeIicon1 3ark 16216 !ermann Cremer, #ib-ico5Theo-ogica- LeIicon1

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