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John 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

n Foun ation

John 1
1 %b(

!" T#$ beginning %be&ore a'' time( )a* the +or ,%a(Chri*t-, an the +or )a* )ith .o , an the +or )a* .o #im*e'&/,02 1

#e )a* pre*ent origina''y )ith .o /

0'' thing* )ere ma e an came into e2i*tence through #im3 an )ithout #im )a* not e4en one thing ma e that ha* come into being/
4 5

!n #im )a* Li&e, an the Li&e )a* the Light o& men/

0n the Light *hine* on in the arkne**, &or the arkne** ha* ne4er o4erpo)ere it %put it out or ab*orbe it or appropriate it, an i* unrecepti4e to it(/
6 7

There came a man *ent &rom .o , )ho*e name )a* 5ohn/ ,6-

Thi* man came to )itne**, that he might te*ti&y o& the Light, that a'' men might be'ie4e in it %a here to it, tru*t it, an re'y upon it( through him/
8 9

#e )a* not the Light him*e'&, but came that he might bear )itne** regar ing the Light/

There it )a*77the true Light %)a* then( coming into the )or' %the genuine, per&ect, *tea &a*t Light( that i''umine* e4ery per*on/,C18 #e came into the )or' , an though the )or' )a* ma e through #im, the )or' not kno) #im(/

i not recogni9e #im % i

11 #e came to that )hich be'onge to #im %to #i* o)n77#i* omain, creation, thing*, )or' (, an they )ho )ere #i* o)n i not recei4e #im an i not )e'come #im/ 12 6ut to a* many a* i recei4e an )e'come #im, #e ga4e the authority ,po)er, pri4i'ege, right- to become the chi' ren o& .o , that i*, to tho*e )ho be'ie4e in ,a here to, tru*t in, an re'y on- #i* name77 ,:11 +ho o)e their birth neither to %c(b'oo * nor to the )i'' o& the &'e*h %that o& phy*ica' impu'*e( nor to the )i'' o& man %that o& a natura' &ather(, but to .o / %They are born o& .o ;( 14 0n the +or ,Chri*t- became &'e*h ,human, incarnate- an tabernac'e ,&i2e #i* tent o& &'e*h, 'i4e a)hi'eamong u*3 an )e %actua''y( *a) #i* g'ory ,#i* honor, #i* ma<e*ty-, *uch g'ory a* an on'y begotten *on recei4e* &rom hi* &ather, &u'' o& grace ,&a4or, 'o4ing7kin ne**- an truth/,$-

5ohn te*ti&ie about #im an crie out, Thi* )a* #e o& +hom ! *ai , #e +ho come* a&ter me ha* priority o4er me, &or #e )a* be&ore me/ %#e take* rank abo4e me, &or #e e2i*te be&ore ! i / #e ha* a 4ance be&ore me, becau*e #e i* my Chie&/(
15 16 For out o& #i* &u''ne** ,abun ance- )e ha4e a'' recei4e %a'' ha a *hare an )e )ere a'' *upp'ie )ith( one grace a&ter another an *piritua' b'e**ing upon *piritua' b'e**ing an e4en &a4or upon &a4or an gi&t %heape ( upon gi&t/ 17 For )hi'e the La) )a* gi4en through =o*e*, grace ,% (unearne , un e*er4e &a4or an *piritua' b'e**ing- an truth came through 5e*u* Chri*t/,F18 "o man ha* e4er *een .o at any time3 the on'y %e(uni>ue ?on, or %&(the on'y begotten .o , +ho i* in the bo*om %in the intimate pre*ence( o& the Father, #e ha* ec'are #im %#e ha* re4ea'e #im an brought #im out )here #e can be *een3 #e ha* interprete #im an #e ha* ma e #im kno)n(/ ,.-

0n thi* i* the te*timony o& 5ohn )hen the 5e)* *ent prie*t* an Le4ite* to him &rom 5eru*a'em to a*k him, +ho are you@
19 28 21

#e con&e**e ,a mitte the truth- an

i not try to concea' it, but ackno)'e ge , ! am not the Chri*t;

They a*ke him, +hat then@ 0re you $'i<ah@ 0n he *ai , ! am not; 0re you the Arophet@ 0n he an*)ere , "o;,#22 Then they *ai to him, +ho are you@ Te'' u*, *o that )e may gi4e an an*)er to tho*e )ho *ent u*/ +hat o you *ay about your*e'&@ 21 #e *ai , ! am the 4oice o& one crying a'ou in the )i' erne** %the 4oice o& one *houting in the e*ert(, Arepare the )ay o& the Lor %'e4e', *traighten out, the path o& the Lor (, a* the prophet !*aiah *ai / ,!24 25

The me**enger* ha been *ent &rom the Ahari*ee*/ 0n they a*ke him, +hy then are you bapti9ing i& you are not the Chri*t, nor $'i<ah, nor the Arophet@

26 5ohn an*)ere them, ! %on'y( bapti9e %g(in ,)ith- )ater/ 0mong you there *tan * Bne +hom you o not recogni9e an )ith +hom you are not ac>uainte an o& +hom you kno) nothing/ ,527 !t i* #e +ho, coming a&ter me, i* pre&erre be&ore me, the *tring o& +ho*e *an a' ! am not )orthy to un'oo*e/ 28 The*e thing* occurre in 6ethany ,6ethabara- acro** the 5or an %%h(at the 5or an cro**ing(, )here 5ohn )a* then bapti9ing/ 29 The ne2t ay 5ohn *a) 5e*u* coming to him an *ai , Look; There i* the Lamb o& .o , +ho take* a)ay the *in o& the )or' ;,C18 Thi* i* #e o& +hom ! *ai , 0&ter me come* a =an +ho ha* priority o4er me %+ho take* rank abo4e me( becau*e #e )a* be&ore me an e2i*te be&ore ! i / 11 0n ! i not kno) #im an i not recogni9e #im %my*e'&(3 but it i* in or er that #e *hou' be ma e mani&e*t an be re4ea'e to !*rae' %be brought out )here )e can *ee #im( that ! came bapti9ing %i(in ,)ith- )ater/ 12 5ohn ga4e &urther e4i ence, *aying, ! ha4e *een the ?pirit e*cen ing a* a o4e out o& hea4en, an it )e't on #im %ne4er to epart(/ 11 0n ! i not kno) #im nor recogni9e #im, but #e +ho *ent me to bapti9e %<(in ,)ith- )ater *ai to me, Dpon #im +hom you *ha'' *ee the ?pirit e*cen an remain, that Bne i* #e +ho bapti9e* )ith the #o'y ?pirit/ 14 15 16 17 18

0n ! ha4e *een %that happen77! actua''y i *ee it( an my te*timony i* that thi* i* the ?on o& .o ; 0gain the ne2t ay 5ohn )a* *tan ing )ith t)o o& hi* i*cip'e*, 0n he 'ooke at 5e*u* a* #e )a'ke a'ong, an *ai , Look; There i* the Lamb o& .o ; The t)o i*cip'e* hear him *ay thi*, an they &o''o)e #im/

6ut 5e*u* turne , an a* #e *a) them &o''o)ing #im, #e *ai to them, +hat are you 'ooking &or@ %0n )hat i* it you )i*h@( 0n they an*)ere #im, Eabbi77)hich tran*'ate i* Teacher77)here are Fou *taying@
%k( 19 #e *ai to them, Come an *ee/ ?o they )ent an *a) )here #e )a* *taying, an they remaine )ith #im that ay/ !t )a* then about the tenth hour ,about &our oGc'ock in the a&ternoon-/ 48 41

Bne o& the t)o )ho hear )hat 5ohn *ai an &o''o)e 5e*u* )a* 0n re), ?imon AeterG* brother/

#e &ir*t *ought out an &oun hi* o)n brother ?imon an *ai to him, +e ha4e &oun , i*co4ere - the =e**iah;77)hich tran*'ate i* the Chri*t ,the 0nointe Bne-/
42 0n re) then 'e ,brought- ?imon to 5e*u*/ 5e*u* 'ooke at him an *ai , Fou are ?imon *on o& 5ohn/ Fou *ha'' be ca''e Cepha*77)hich tran*'ate i* Aeter %?tone(/ 41 The ne2t ay 5e*u* e*ire an =y atten ant an &o''o) =e/ 44 45

eci e to go into .a'i'ee3 an #e &oun Ahi'ip an *ai to him, 5oin =e a*

"o) Ahi'ip )a* &rom 6eth*ai a, o& the *ame city a* 0n re) an Aeter/

Ahi'ip *ought an &oun "athanae' an to' him, +e ha4e &oun , i*co4ere - the Bne =o*e* in the La) an a'*o the Arophet* )rote about775e*u* &rom "a9areth, the %'ega'( *on o& 5o*eph;


"athanae' an*)ere him, %"a9areth;( Can anything goo come out o& "a9areth@ Ahi'ip rep'ie , Come an

47 5e*u* *a) "athanae' coming to)ar #im an *ai concerning him, ?ee; #ere i* an !*rae'ite in ee %a true e*cen ant o& 5acob(, in )hom there i* no gui'e nor eceit nor &a'*ehoo nor up'icity; 48 "athanae' *ai to 5e*u*, #o) o Fou kno) me@ %#o) i* it that Fou kno) the*e thing* about me@( 5e*u* an*)ere him, 6e&ore %e4er( Ahi'ip ca''e you, )hen you )ere *ti'' un er the &ig tree, ! *a) you/ 49 58

"athanae' an*)ere , Teacher, Fou are the ?on o& .o ; Fou are the Cing o& !*rae';

5e*u* rep'ie , 6ecau*e ! *ai to you, ! *a) you beneath the &ig tree, o you be'ie4e in an re'y on an tru*t in =e@ Fou *ha'' *ee greater thing* than thi*;
51 Then #e *ai to him, ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you a'', you *ha'' *ee hea4en opene , an the ange'* o& .o a*cen ing an e*cen ing upon the ?on o& =an;,L-


a. b. c.

5ohn 1H1 !n 5ohnG* 4i*ion ,Ee4/ 19-, he *ee* Chri*t returning a* +arrior7=e**iah7Cing, an Ithe tit'e by )hich #e i* ca''e i* The +or o& .o /// an Lor o& 'or *I ,Ee4/ 19H11, 16-/ 5ohn 1H1 Char'e* 6/ +i''iam*, The "e) Te*tamentH 0 Tran*'ation in the Language o& the Aeop'eH I.o I appear* &ir*t in the .reek )or or er in thi* phra*e, enoting empha*i*77*o I.o #im*e'&/I 5ohn 1H11 Litera' tran*'ation/

d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k.

5ohn 1H17 Eichar Trench, ?ynonym* o& the "e) Te*tament/ 5ohn 1H18 5ame* =ou'ton an .eorge =i''igan, The Jocabu'ary o& the .reek Te*tament/ 5ohn 1H18 =ar4in Jincent, +or ?tu ie* in the "e) Te*tamentH Thi* rea ing i* *upporte by Ia great ma** o& ancient e4i ence/I 5ohn 1H26 The .reek can be tran*'ate I)ithI or Iin3I a'*o in 4er*e* 11 an 11/ The C5J pre&er* I)ith,I )hi'e the 0?J pre&er* Iin/I 5ohn 1H28 .eorge =/ Lam*a, The "e) Te*tament 0ccor ing to the 0ncient Te2t/ 5ohn 1H11 ?ee &ootnote on 5ohn 1H26/ 5ohn 1H11 ?ee &ootnote on 5ohn 1H26/ 5ohn 1H19 .eorge =/ Lam*a, .o*pe' Light &rom the 0ramaicH !n accor ance )ith Brienta' ho*pita'ity, the gue*t* )ou' be in4ite to remain that night a'*o/

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John 2 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John 2

B" T#$ thir

2 1 4

ay there )a* a )e

ing at Cana o& .a'i'ee, an the mother o& 5e*u* )a* there/ ing/

5e*u* a'*o )a* in4ite )ith #i* i*cip'e* to the )e

0n )hen the )ine )a* a'' gone, the mother o& 5e*u* *ai to #im, They ha4e no more )ine;

5e*u* *ai to her, %%a(:ear( )oman, )hat i* that to you an to =e@ %+hat o )e ha4e in common@ Lea4e it to =e/( =y time ,hour to act- ha* not yet come/,05

#i* mother *ai to the *er4ant*, +hate4er #e *ay* to you, o it/

6 "o) there )ere *i2 )aterpot* o& *tone *tan ing there, a* the 5e)i*h cu*tom o& puri&ication ,ceremonia' )a*hing- eman e , ho' ing t)enty to thirty ga''on* apiece/ 7 8

5e*u* *ai to them, Fi'' the )aterpot* )ith )ater/ ?o they &i''e them up to the brim/

Then #e *ai to them, :ra) *ome out no) an take it to the manager o& the &ea*t %to the one pre*i ing, the *uperinten ent o& the ban>uet(/ ?o they took him *ome/
9 0n )hen the manager ta*te the )ater <u*t no) turne into )ine, not kno)ing )here it came &rom77though the *er4ant* )ho ha ra)n the )ater kne)77he ca''e the bri egroom 18 0n *ai to him, $4eryone e'*e *er4e* hi* be*t )ine &ir*t, an )hen peop'e ha4e runk &ree'y, then he *er4e* that )hich i* not *o goo 3 but you ha4e kept back the goo )ine unti' no); 11 Thi*, the &ir*t o& #i* *ign* ,mirac'e*, )on er)ork*-, 5e*u* per&orme in Cana o& .a'i'ee, an mani&e*te #i* g'ory %by it #e i*p'aye #i* greatne** an #i* po)er open'y(, an #i* i*cip'e* be'ie4e in #im %a here to, tru*te in, an re'ie on #im(/,612 0&ter that #e )ent o)n to Capernaum )ith #i* mother an brother* an on'y a &e) ay*/ 11 14

i*cip'e*, an they *taye there

"o) the Aa**o4er o& the 5e)* )a* approaching, *o 5e*u* )ent up to 5eru*a'em/ o4e*, an the

There #e &oun in the temp'e %%b(enc'o*ure( tho*e )ho )ere *e''ing o2en an *heep an money changer* *itting there %a'*o at their *tan *(/

15 0n ha4ing ma e a 'a*h ,a )hip- o& cor *, #e ro4e them a'' out o& the temp'e % %c(enc'o*ure(77both the *heep an the o2en77*pi''ing an *cattering the broker*G money an up*etting an to**ing aroun their tray* ,their *tan *-/ 16 Then to tho*e )ho *o' the o4e* #e *ai , Take the*e thing* a)ay ,out o& here-; =ake not =y FatherG* hou*e a hou*e o& merchan i*e ,a marketp'ace, a *a'e* *hop-;,C17 0n #i* i*cip'e* remembere that it i* )ritten %in the #o'y ?cripture*(, Kea' ,the &er4or o& 'o4e- &or Four hou*e )i'' eat =e up/ %! )i'' be con*ume )ith <ea'ou*y &or the honor o& Four hou*e/( ,:18 Then the 5e)* retorte , +hat *ign can % (Fou *ho) u*, *eeing Fou o the*e thing*@ %+hat *ign, mirac'e, token, in ication can Fou gi4e u* a* e4i ence that Fou ha4e authority an are commi**ione to act in thi* )ay@( 19 28

5e*u* an*)ere them, :e*troy ,un o- thi* temp'e, an in three ay* ! )i'' rai*e it up again/

Then the 5e)* rep'ie , !t took &orty7*i2 year* to bui' thi* temp'e ,*anctuary-, an )i'' Fou rai*e it up in three ay*@
21 22

6ut #e ha *poken o& the temp'e )hich )a* #i* bo y/

+hen there&ore #e ha ri*en &rom the ea , #i* i*cip'e* remembere that #e *ai thi*/ 0n *o they be'ie4e an tru*te an re'ie on the ?cripture an the )or ,me**age- 5e*u* ha *poken/ ,$21 6ut )hen #e )a* in 5eru*a'em uring the Aa**o4er Fea*t, many be'ie4e in #i* name %i enti&ie them*e'4e* )ith #i* party( a&ter *eeing #i* *ign* ,)on er*, mirac'e*- )hich #e )a* oing/ 24 25

6ut 5e*u* %&or #i* part( i not tru*t #im*e'& to them, becau*e #e kne) a'' %men(3

0n #e i not nee anyone to bear )itne** concerning man %nee e no e4i ence &rom anyone about men(, &or #e #im*e'& kne) )hat )a* in human nature/ %#e cou' rea menG* heart*/( %! ?am/ 16H7/(


a. b. c. d.

5ohn 2H4 ./ 0bbott7?mith, =anua' .reek Le2icon o& the "e) Te*tamentH Ia term o& re*pect an en earment/I 5ohn 2H14 Eichar Trench, ?ynonym* o& the "e) Te*tament/ 5ohn 2H15 Eichar Trench, ?ynonym* o& the "e) Te*tament/ 5ohn 2H18 Capita'i9e becau*e o& )hat #e i*, the *pot'e** ?on o& .o , not )hat the *peaker may ha4e thought #e )a*/

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John 3 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John 3
"B+ T#$E$ )a* a certain man among the Ahari*ee* name "ico emu*, a ru'er ,a 'ea er, an authority- among the 5e)*,
1 2 +ho came to 5e*u* at night an *ai to #im, Eabbi, )e kno) an are certain that Fou ha4e come &rom .o %a*( a Teacher3 &or no one can o the*e *ign* ,the*e )on er)ork*, the*e mirac'e*77an pro uce the proo&*- that Fou o un'e** .o i* )ith him/ 1 5e*u* an*)ere him, ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, that un'e** a per*on i* born again ,ane), &rom abo4e-, he cannot e4er *ee ,kno), be ac>uainte )ith, an e2perience- the king om o& .o / 4 "ico emu* *ai to #im, #o) can a man be born )hen he i* o' @ Can he enter hi* motherG* )omb again an be born@ 5 5e*u* an*)ere , ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, un'e** a man i* born o& )ater an % %a(e4en( the ?pirit, he cannot %e4er( enter the king om o& .o /,06 7 8

+hat i* born o& %&rom( the &'e*h i* &'e*h %o& the phy*ica' i* phy*ica'(3 an )hat i* born o& the ?pirit i* *pirit/ =ar4e' not % o not be *urpri*e , a*toni*he ( at =y te''ing you, Fou mu*t a'' be born ane) ,&rom abo4e-/

The )in b'o)* ,breathe*- )here it )i''*3 an though you hear it* *oun , yet you neither kno) )here it come* &rom nor )here it i* going/ ?o it i* )ith e4eryone )ho i* born o& the ?pirit/

"ico emu* an*)ere by a*king, #o) can a'' thi* be po**ib'e@

5e*u* rep'ie , 0re you the teacher o& !*rae', an yet o not kno) nor un er*tan the*e thing*@ %0re they *trange to you@(
18 11 ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, +e *peak on'y o& )hat )e kno) %)e kno) ab*o'ute'y )hat )e are ta'king about(3 )e ha4e actua''y *een )hat )e are te*ti&ying to %)e )ere eye)itne**e* o& it(/ 0n *ti'' you o not recei4e our te*timony %you re<ect an re&u*e our e4i ence77that o& =y*e'& an o& a'' tho*e )ho are born o& the ?pirit(/ 12 !& ! ha4e to' you o& thing* that happen right here on the earth an yet none o& you be'ie4e* =e, ho) can you be'ie4e ,tru*t =e, a here to =e, re'y on =e- i& ! te'' you o& hea4en'y thing*@ 11 0n yet no one ha* e4er gone up to hea4en, but there i* Bne +ho ha* come o)n &rom hea4en77the ?on o& =an %#im*e'&(, %b(+ho i* , )e''*, ha* #i* home- in hea4en/ 14 0n <u*t a* =o*e* 'i&te up the *erpent in the e*ert %on a po'e(, *o mu*t %*o it i* nece**ary that( the ?on o& =an be 'i&te up %on the cro**(,,615 !n or er that e4eryone )ho be'ie4e* in #im %)ho c'ea4e* to #im, tru*t* #im, an re'ie* on #im( may peri*h, but ha4e eterna' 'i&e an %actua''y( 'i4e &ore4er; %c(


16 For .o *o great'y 'o4e an ear'y pri9e the )or' that #e %e4en( ga4e up #i* on'y begotten , % (uni>ue?on, *o that )hoe4er be'ie4e* in ,tru*t* in, c'ing* to, re'ie* on- #im *ha'' not peri*h ,come to e*truction, be 'o*tbut ha4e eterna' ,e4er'a*ting- 'i&e/ 17 For .o i not *en the ?on into the )or' in or er to <u ge ,to re<ect, to con emn, to pa** *entence onthe )or' , but that the )or' might &in *a'4ation an be ma e *a&e an *oun through #im/ 18 #e )ho be'ie4e* in #im %)ho c'ing* to, tru*t* in, re'ie* on #im( i* not <u ge %he )ho tru*t* in #im ne4er come* up &or <u gment3 &or him there i* no re<ection, no con emnation77he incur* no amnation(3 but he )ho oe* not be'ie4e ,c'ea4e to, re'y on, tru*t in #im- i* <u ge a'rea y %he ha* a'rea y been con4icte an ha* a'rea y recei4e hi* *entence( becau*e he ha* not be'ie4e in an tru*te in the name o& the on'y begotten ?on o& .o / %#e i* con emne &or re&u*ing to 'et hi* tru*t re*t in Chri*tG* name/(

19 The %ba*i* o& the( <u gment ,in ictment, the te*t by )hich men are <u ge , the groun &or the *entence- 'ie* in thi*H the Light ha* come into the )or' , an peop'e ha4e 'o4e the arkne** rather than an more than the Light, &or their )ork* , ee *- )ere e4i'/,C28 For e4ery )rong oer hate* ,'oathe*, ete*t*- the Light, an )i'' not come out into the Light but *hrink* &rom it, 'e*t hi* )ork* ,hi* ee *, hi* acti4itie*, hi* con uct- be e2po*e an repro4e / 21 6ut he )ho practice* truth %)ho oe* )hat i* right( come* out into the Light3 *o that hi* )ork* may be p'ain'y *ho)n to be )hat they are77)rought )ith .o % i4ine'y prompte , one )ith .o G* he'p, in epen ence upon #im(/ 22 0&ter thi*, 5e*u* an #i* i*cip'e* )ent into the 'an ,the country*i e- o& 5u ea, )here #e remaine )ith them, an bapti9e / 21 6ut 5ohn a'*o )a* bapti9ing at 0enon near ?a'im, &or there )a* an abun ance o& )ater there, an the peop'e kept coming an being bapti9e / 24 25 26

For 5ohn ha not yet been thro)n into pri*on/ There&ore there aro*e a contro4er*y bet)een *ome o& 5ohnG* i*cip'e* an a 5e) in regar to puri&ication/

?o they came to 5ohn an reporte to him, Eabbi, the =an +ho )a* )ith you on the other *i e o& the 5or an %%e(at the 5or an cro**ing(77an to +hom you your*e'& ha4e borne te*timony77notice, here #e i* bapti9ing too, an e4erybo y i* &'ocking to #im;
27 5ohn an*)ere , 0 man can recei4e nothing %he can c'aim nothing, he can %&(take unto him*e'& nothing( e2cept a* it ha* been grante to him &rom hea4en/ %0 man mu*t be content to recei4e the gi&t )hich i* gi4en him &rom hea4en3 there i* no other *ource/( 28 Fou your*e'4e* are my )itne**e* %you per*ona''y bear me out( that ! *tate , ! am not the Chri*t ,the 0nointe Bne, the =e**iah-, but ! ha4e %on'y( been *ent be&ore #im %in a 4ance o& #im, to be #i* appointe &orerunner, #i* me**enger, #i* announcer(/,:-

#e )ho ha* the bri e i* the bri egroom3 but the groom*man )ho *tan * by an 'i*ten* to him re<oice* great'y an hearti'y on account o& the bri egroomG* 4oice/ Thi* then i* my p'ea*ure an <oy, an it i* no) comp'ete/ %?/ o& ?o'/ 5H1/(
29 18 11

#e mu*t increa*e, but ! mu*t ecrea*e/ %#e mu*t gro) more prominent3 ! mu*t gro) 'e** *o/( ,$-

#e +ho come* &rom abo4e ,hea4en- i* %&ar( abo4e a'' %other*(3 he )ho come* &rom the earth be'ong* to the earth, an ta'k* the 'anguage o& earth %hi* )or * are &rom an earth'y *tan point(/ #e +ho come* &rom hea4en i* %&ar( abo4e a'' other* %&ar *uperior to a'' other* in prominence an in e2ce''ence(/
12 !t i* to )hat #e ha* %actua''y( *een an hear that #e bear* te*timony, an yet no one accept* #i* te*timony %no one recei4e* #i* e4i ence a* true(/ 11 +hoe4er recei4e* #i* te*timony ha* *et hi* *ea' o& appro4a' to thi*H .o i* true/ %That man ha* e&inite'y certi&ie , ackno)'e ge , ec'are once an &or a'', an i* him*e'& a**ure that it i* i4ine truth that .o cannot 'ie(/ 14 For *ince #e +hom .o ha* *ent *peak* the )or * o& .o %proc'aim* .o G* o)n me**age(, .o gi4e #im #i* ?pirit *paring'y or by mea*ure, but boun 'e** i* the gi&t .o make* o& #i* ?pirit; ,F15 16

oe* not

The Father 'o4e* the ?on an ha* gi4en ,entru*te , committe - e4erything into #i* han /,.-

0n he )ho be'ie4e* in ,ha* &aith in, c'ing* to, re'ie* on- the ?on ha* ,no) po**e**e*- eterna' 'i&e/ 6ut )hoe4er i*obey* ,i* unbe'ie4ing to)ar , re&u*e* to tru*t in, i*regar *, i* not *ub<ect to- the ?on )i'' ne4er *ee ,e2perience- 'i&e, but %in*tea ( the )rath o& .o abi e* on him/ %.o G* i*p'ea*ure remain* on him3 #i* in ignation hang* o4er him continua''y/(,#-


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5ohn 1H5 The .reek IkaiI ,Ian I- may be ren ere Ie4en/I 5ohn 1H11 ?ome manu*cript* a 5ohn 1H15 ?ome manu*cript* a thi* phra*e/ thi* phra*e/

5ohn 1H16 5ame* =ou'ton an .eorge =i''igan, The Jocabu'ary/ 5ohn 1H26 .eorge =/ Lam*a, The "e) Te*tament/ 5ohn 1H27 5o*eph Thayer, 0 .reek7$ng'i*h Le2icon o& the "e) Te*tament/

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John 4 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John 4
"B+ +#$" the Lor kne) ,'earne , became a)are- that the Ahari*ee* ha been to' that 5e*u* )a* )inning an bapti9ing more i*cip'e* than 5ohn77
1 2 1 4 5

Though 5e*u* #im*e'& i not bapti9e, but #i* i*cip'e*77 #e 'e&t 5u ea an returne to .a'i'ee/ !t )a* nece**ary &or #im to go through ?amaria/

0n in oing *o, #e arri4e at a ?amaritan to)n ca''e ?ychar, near the tract o& 'an that 5acob ga4e to hi* *on 5o*eph/
6 0n 5acobG* )e'' )a* there/ ?o 5e*u*, tire a* #e )a* &rom #i* <ourney, *at o)n %to re*t( by the )e''/ !t )a* then about the *i2th hour ,about noon-/ 7 8 9

Are*ent'y, )hen a )oman o& ?amaria came a'ong to ra) )ater, 5e*u* *ai to her, .i4e =e a rink77 For #i* i*cip'e* ha gone o&& into the to)n to buy &oo 77

The ?amaritan )oman *ai to #im, #o) i* it that %a(Fou, being a 5e), a*k me, a ?amaritan %an a( )oman, &or a rink@77For the 5e)* ha4e nothing to o )ith the ?amaritan*77
18 5e*u* an*)ere her, !& you ha on'y kno)n an ha recogni9e .o G* gi&t an +ho thi* i* that i* *aying to you, .i4e =e a rink, you )ou' ha4e a*ke #im %in*tea ( an #e )ou' ha4e gi4en you 'i4ing )ater/ 11 ?he *ai to #im, ?ir, Fou ha4e nothing to ra) )ith %no ra)ing bucket( an the )e'' i* eep3 ho) then can Fou pro4i e 'i4ing )ater@ %+here o Fou get Four 'i4ing )ater@( 12 0re Fou greater than an *uperior to our ance*tor 5acob, )ho ga4e u* thi* )e'' an )ho u*e to rink &rom it him*e'&, an hi* *on* an hi* catt'e a'*o@ 11 14

5e*u* an*)ere her, 0'' )ho rink o& thi* )ater )i'' be thir*ty again/

6ut )hoe4er take* a rink o& the )ater that ! )i'' gi4e him *ha'' ne4er, no ne4er, be thir*ty any more/ 6ut the )ater that ! )i'' gi4e him *ha'' become a *pring o& )ater )e''ing up ,&'o)ing, bubb'ing- %continua''y( )ithin him unto ,into, &or- eterna' 'i&e/
15 The )oman *ai to #im, ?ir, gi4e me thi* )ater, *o that ! may ne4er get thir*ty nor ha4e to come %continua''y a'' the )ay( here to ra)/ 16 17

0t thi*, 5e*u* *ai to her, .o, ca'' your hu*ban an come back here/

The )oman an*)ere , ! ha4e no hu*ban / 5e*u* *ai to her, Fou ha4e *poken tru'y in *aying, ! ha4e no hu*ban /

18 For you ha4e ha &i4e hu*ban *, an the man you are no) 'i4ing )ith i* not your hu*ban / !n thi* you ha4e *poken tru'y/ 19 28

The )oman *ai to #im, ?ir, ! *ee an un er*tan that Fou are a prophet/

Bur &ore&ather* )or*hipe on thi* mountain, but you %5e)*( *ay that 5eru*a'em i* the p'ace )here it i* nece**ary an proper to )or*hip/
21 5e*u* *ai to her, +oman, be'ie4e =e, a time i* coming )hen you )i'' )or*hip the Father neither %mere'y( in thi* mountain nor %mere'y( in 5eru*a'em/ 22 Fou %?amaritan*( o not kno) )hat you are )or*hiping %you )or*hip )hat you o not comprehen (/ +e o kno) )hat )e are )or*hiping %)e )or*hip )hat )e ha4e kno)'e ge o& an un er*tan (, &or %a&ter a''( *a'4ation come* &rom %among( the 5e)*/ 21 0 time )i'' come, ho)e4er, in ee it i* a'rea y here, )hen the true ,genuine- )or*hiper* )i'' )or*hip the Father in *pirit an in truth ,rea'ity-3 &or the Father i* *eeking <u*t *uch peop'e a* the*e a* #i* )or*hiper*/ 24 .o i* a ?pirit ,a *piritua' 6eing- an tho*e )ho )or*hip #im mu*t )or*hip #im in *pirit an in truth ,rea'ity-/ 25 The )oman *ai to #im, ! kno) that =e**iah i* coming, #e +ho i* ca''e the Chri*t ,the 0nointe Bne-3 an )hen #e arri4e*, #e )i'' te'' u* e4erything )e nee to kno) an make it c'ear to u*/ 26 27

5e*u* *ai to her, ! +ho no) *peak )ith you am #e/

5u*t then #i* i*cip'e* came an they )on ere ,)ere *urpri*e , a*toni*he - to &in #im ta'king )ith a )oman %a marrie )oman(/ #o)e4er, not one o& them a*ke #im, +hat are Fou in>uiring about@ or +hat o Fou )ant@ or, +hy o Fou *peak )ith her@
28 29

Then the )oman 'e&t her )ater <ar an )ent a)ay to the to)n/ 0n *he began te''ing the peop'e,

Come, *ee a =an +ho ha* to' me e4erything that ! e4er i ; Can thi* be %i* not thi*( the Chri*t@ %=u*t not thi* be the =e**iah, the 0nointe Bne@(
18 11 12 11 14

?o the peop'e 'e&t the to)n an *et out to go to #im/ =ean)hi'e, the i*cip'e* urge #im *aying, Eabbi, eat *omething/ 6ut #e a**ure them, ! ha4e &oo ,nouri*hment- to eat o& )hich you kno) nothing an ha4e no i ea/ ?o the i*cip'e* *ai one to another, #a* *omeone brought #im *omething to eat@

5e*u* *ai to them, =y &oo ,nouri*hment- i* to o the )i'' ,p'ea*ure- o& #im +ho *ent =e an to accomp'i*h an comp'ete'y &ini*h #i* )ork/
15 :o you not *ay, !t i* *ti'' &our month* unti' har4e*t time come*@ Look; ! te'' you, rai*e your eye* an ob*er4e the &ie' * an *ee ho) they are a'rea y )hite &or har4e*ting/ 16 0'rea y the reaper i* getting hi* )age* %he )ho oe* the cutting no) ha* hi* re)ar (, &or he i* gathering &ruit ,crop- unto 'i&e eterna', *o that he )ho oe* the p'anting an he )ho oe* the reaping may re<oice together/ 17 18

For in thi* the *aying ho' * true, Bne *o)* an another reap*/

! *ent you to reap a crop &or )hich you ha4e not toi'e / Bther men ha4e 'abore an you ha4e *teppe in to reap the re*u't* o& their )ork/
19 "o) numerou* ?amaritan* &rom that to)n be'ie4e in an tru*te in #im becau*e o& )hat the )oman *ai )hen *he ec'are an te*ti&ie , #e to' me e4erything that ! e4er i / 48 41

?o )hen the ?amaritan* arri4e , they a*ke #im to remain )ith them, an #e i *tay there t)o ay*/

Then many more be'ie4e in an a here to an re'ie on #im becau*e o& #i* per*ona' me**age %)hat #e #im*e'& *ai (/
42 0n they to' the )oman, "o) )e no 'onger be'ie4e ,tru*t, ha4e &aith- <u*t becau*e o& )hat you *ai 3 &or )e ha4e hear #im our*e'4e* %per*ona''y(, an )e kno) that #e tru'y i* the ?a4ior o& the )or' , the Chri*t/ 41 44 45

6ut a&ter the*e t)o ay* 5e*u* )ent on &rom there into .a'i'ee77 0'though #e #im*e'& ec'are that a prophet ha* no honor in hi* o)n country/

#o)e4er, )hen #e came into .a'i'ee, the .a'i'ean* a'*o )e'come #im an took #im to their heart* eager'y, &or they ha *een e4erything that #e i in 5eru*a'em uring the Fea*t3 &or they too ha atten e the Fea*t/
46 ?o 5e*u* came again to Cana o& .a'i'ee, )here #e ha turne the )ater into )ine/ 0n there )a* a certain roya' o&&icia' )ho*e *on )a* 'ying i'' in Capernaum/ 47 #a4ing hear that 5e*u* ha come back &rom 5u ea into .a'i'ee, he )ent a)ay to meet #im an began to beg #im to come o)n an cure hi* *on, &or he )a* 'ying at the point o& eath/ 48 Then 5e*u* *ai to him, Dn'e** you *ee *ign* an mirac'e* happen, you %peop'e( ne4er )i'' be'ie4e ,tru*t, ha4e &aith- at a''/ 49

The kingG* o&&icer p'ea e )ith #im, ?ir, o come o)n at once be&ore my 'itt'e chi' i* ea ;

58 5e*u* an*)ere him, .o in peace3 your *on )i'' 'i4e; 0n the man put hi* tru*t in )hat 5e*u* *ai an *tarte home/ 51 52

6ut e4en a* he )a* on the roa going o)n, hi* *er4ant* met him an reporte , *aying, Four *on 'i4e*;

?o he a*ke them at )hat time he ha begun to get better/ They *ai , Fe*ter ay uring the *e4enth hour ,about one oGc'ock in the a&ternoon- the &e4er 'e&t him/
51 Then the &ather kne) that it )a* at that 4ery hour )hen 5e*u* ha *ai to him, Four *on )i'' 'i4e/ 0n he an hi* entire hou*eho' be'ie4e ,a here to, tru*te in, an re'ie on 5e*u*-/ 54 Thi* i* the *econ *ign ,)on er)ork, mirac'e- that 5e*u* per&orme a&ter #e ha come out o& 5u ea into .a'i'ee/



5ohn 4H9 Capita'i9e becau*e o& )hat #e i*, the *pot'e** ?on o& .o , not )hat the *peaker may ha4e thought #e )a*/

John 5 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John 5

L0T$E B" there )a* a 5e)i*h &e*ti4a' ,&ea*t- &or )hich 5e*u* )ent up to 5eru*a'em/

2 "o) there i* in 5eru*a'em a poo' near the ?heep .ate/ Thi* poo' in the #ebre) i* ca''e 6ethe* a, ha4ing &i4e porche* ,a'co4e*, co'onna e*, oor)ay*-/ 1 !n the*e 'ay a great number o& *ick &o'k77*ome b'in , *ome cripp'e , an *ome para'y9e ,*hri4e'e up-77 )aiting &or the bubb'ing up o& the )ater/


4 For an ange' o& the Lor )ent o)n at appointe *ea*on* into the poo' an mo4e an *tirre up the )ater3 )hoe4er then &ir*t, a&ter the *tirring up o& the )ater, *teppe in )a* cure o& )hate4er i*ea*e )ith )hich he )a* a&&'icte /

There )a* a certain man there )ho ha *u&&ere )ith a eep7*eate an 'ingering i*or er &or thirty7eight year*/
5 6 +hen 5e*u* notice him 'ying there %he'p'e**(, kno)ing that he ha a'rea y been a 'ong time in that con ition, #e *ai to him, :o you )ant to become )e''@ %0re you rea''y in earne*t about getting )e''@( 7 The in4a'i an*)ere , ?ir, ! ha4e nobo y )hen the )ater i* mo4ing to put me into the poo'3 but )hi'e ! am trying to come %into it( my*e'&, *omebo y e'*e *tep* o)n ahea o& me/ 8 9

5e*u* *ai to him, .et up; Aick up your be ,*'eeping pa - an )a'k;

!n*tant'y the man became )e'' an reco4ere hi* *trength an picke up hi* be an )a'ke / 6ut that happene on the ?abbath/
18 ?o the 5e)* kept *aying to the man )ho ha been hea'e , !t i* the ?abbath, an you ha4e no right to pick up your be %it i* not 'a)&u'(/ 11 #e an*)ere them, The up your be an )a'k; 12 11 %b(

=an +ho hea'e me an ga4e me back my *trength, #e #im*e'& *ai to me, Aick

They a*ke him, +ho i* the =an +ho to' you, Aick up your be an )a'k@

"o) the in4a'i )ho ha been hea'e i not kno) )ho it )a*, &or 5e*u* ha >uiet'y gone a)ay %ha pa**e on unnotice (, *ince there )a* a cro) in the p'ace/
14 0&ter)ar , )hen 5e*u* &oun him in the temp'e, #e *ai to him, ?ee, you are )e''; ?top *inning or *omething )or*e may happen to you/ 15 16

The man )ent a)ay an to' the 5e)* that it )a* 5e*u* +ho ha ma e him )e''/

For thi* rea*on the 5e)* began to per*ecute ,annoy, torment- 5e*u* oing the*e thing* on the ?abbath/

an *ought to ki'' #im, becau*e #e )a*

17 6ut 5e*u* an*)ere them, =y Father ha* )orke %e4en( unti' no), %#e ha* ne4er cea*e )orking3 #e i* *ti'' )orking( an !, too, mu*t be at % i4ine( )ork/ 18 Thi* ma e the 5e)* more etermine than e4er to ki'' #im %to o a)ay )ith #im(3 becau*e #e not on'y )a* breaking ,)eakening, 4io'ating- the ?abbath, but #e actua''y )a* *peaking o& .o a* being %in a *pecia' *en*e( #i* o)n Father, making #im*e'& e>ua' %putting #im*e'& on a 'e4e'( )ith .o / 19 ?o 5e*u* an*)ere them by *aying, ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, the ?on i* ab'e to o nothing o& #im*e'& ,o& #i* o)n accor -3 but #e i* ab'e to o on'y )hat #e *ee* the Father oing, &or )hate4er the Father oe* i* )hat the ?on oe* in the *ame )ay %in #i* turn(/ 28 The Father ear'y 'o4e* the ?on an i*c'o*e* to ,*ho)*- #im e4erything that #e #im*e'& oe*/ 0n #e )i'' i*c'o*e to #im ,'et #im *ee- greater thing* yet than the*e, *o that you may mar4e' an be &u'' o& )on er an a*toni*hment/ 21 5u*t a* the Father rai*e* up the ea an gi4e* them 'i&e %make* them 'i4e on(, e4en *o the ?on a'*o gi4e* 'i&e to )home4er #e )i''* an i* p'ea*e to gi4e it/

$4en the Father <u ge* no one, &or #e ha* gi4en a'' <u gment ,the 'a*t <u gment an the )ho'e bu*ine** o& <u ging- entire'y into the han * o& the ?on,
22 21 ?o that a'' men may gi4e honor ,re4erence, homage- to the ?on <u*t a* they gi4e honor to the Father/ %!n &act( )hoe4er oe* not honor the ?on oe* not honor the Father, +ho ha* *ent #im/ 24 ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, the per*on )ho*e ear* are open to =y )or * %)ho 'i*ten* to =y me**age( an be'ie4e* an tru*t* in an c'ing* to an re'ie* on #im +ho *ent =e ha* ,po**e**e* no)- eterna' 'i&e/ 0n he oe* not come into <u gment % oe* not incur *entence o& <u gment, )i'' not come un er con emnation(, but he ha* a'rea y pa**e o4er out o& eath into 'i&e/ 25 6e'ie4e =e )hen ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, the time i* coming an i* here no) )hen the ea *ha'' hear the 4oice o& the ?on o& .o an tho*e )ho hear it *ha'' 'i4e/ 26 For e4en a* the Father ha* 'i&e in #im*e'& an i* *e'&7e2i*tent, *o #e ha* gi4en to the ?on to ha4e 'i&e in #im*e'& an be *e'&7e2i*tent/ 27


% (

0n #e ha* gi4en #im authority an grante #im po)er to e2ecute ,e2erci*e, practice- <u gment becau*e #e a ?on o& man %4ery man(/

28 :o not be *urpri*e an )on er at thi*, &or the time i* coming )hen a'' tho*e )ho are in the tomb* *ha'' hear #i* 4oice, 29 0n they *ha'' come out77tho*e )ho ha4e practice oing goo %)i'' come out( to the re*urrection o& %ne)( 'i&e, an tho*e )ho ha4e one e4i' )i'' be rai*e &or <u gment %rai*e to meet their *entence(/ ,018 ! am ab'e to o nothing &rom =y*e'& %in epen ent'y, o& =y o)n accor 77but on'y a* ! am taught by .o an a* ! get #i* or er*(/ $4en a* ! hear, ! <u ge %! eci e a* ! am bi en to eci e/ 0* the 4oice come* to =e, *o ! gi4e a eci*ion(, an =y <u gment i* right ,<u*t, righteou*-, becau*e ! o not *eek or con*u't =y o)n )i'' %! ha4e no e*ire to o )hat i* p'ea*ing to =y*e'&, =y o)n aim, =y o)n purpo*e( but on'y the )i'' an p'ea*ure o& the Father +ho *ent =e/ 11 12

!& ! a'one te*ti&y in =y beha'&, =y te*timony i* not 4a'i an cannot be )orth anything/

There i* 0nother +ho te*ti&ie* concerning =e, an ! kno) an am certain that #i* e4i ence on =y beha'& i* true an 4a'i /
11 14

Fou your*e'4e* ha4e *ent %an in>uiry( to 5ohn an he ha* been a )itne** to the truth/

6ut ! o not recei4e %a mere( human )itne** %the e4i ence )hich ! accept on =y beha'& i* not &rom man(3 but ! *imp'y mention a'' the*e thing* in or er that you may be *a4e ,ma e an kept *a&e an *oun -/
15 5ohn )a* the 'amp that kept on burning an *hining %to *ho) you the )ay(, an you )ere )i''ing &or a )hi'e to e'ight ,*un- your*e'4e* in hi* 'ight/

6ut ! ha4e a* =y )itne** *omething greater ,)eightier, higher, better- than that o& 5ohn3 &or the )ork* that the Father ha* appointe =e to accomp'i*h an &ini*h, the 4ery *ame )ork* that ! am no) oing, are a )itne** an proo& that the Father ha* *ent =e/
16 17 0n the Father +ho *ent =e ha* #im*e'& te*ti&ie concerning =e/ "ot one o& you ha* e4er gi4en ear to #i* 4oice or *een #i* &orm ,#i* &ace77)hat #e i* 'ike-/ %Fou ha4e a')ay* been ea& to #i* 4oice an b'in to the 4i*ion o& #im/( 18 0n you ha4e not #i* )or ,#i* thought- 'i4ing in your heart*, becau*e you o not be'ie4e an a here to an tru*t in an re'y on #im +hom #e ha* *ent/ %That i* )hy you o not keep #i* me**age 'i4ing in you, becau*e you o not be'ie4e in the =e**enger +hom #e ha* *ent/( 19 Fou *earch an in4e*tigate an pore o4er the ?cripture* i'igent'y, becau*e you *uppo*e an tru*t that you ha4e eterna' 'i&e through them/ 0n the*e %4ery ?cripture*( te*ti&y about =e; 48 41

0n *ti'' you are not )i''ing %but re&u*e( to come to =e, *o that you might ha4e 'i&e/ ! recei4e not g'ory &rom men %! cra4e no human honor, ! 'ook &or no morta' &ame(,

42 41

6ut ! kno) you an recogni9e an un er*tan that you ha4e not the 'o4e o& .o in you/

! ha4e come in =y FatherG* name an )ith #i* po)er, an you o not recei4e =e %your heart* are not open to =e, you gi4e =e no )e'come(3 but i& another come* in hi* o)n name an hi* o)n po)er an )ith no other authority but him*e'&, you )i'' recei4e him an gi4e him your appro4a'/
44 #o) i* it po**ib'e &or you to be'ie4e %ho) can you 'earn to be'ie4e(, you )ho %are content to *eek an ( recei4e prai*e an honor an g'ory &rom one another, an yet o not *eek the prai*e an honor an g'ory )hich come &rom #im +ho a'one i* .o @ 45 Aut out o& your min * the thought an o not *uppo*e %a* *ome o& you are *uppo*ing( that ! )i'' accu*e you be&ore the Father/ There i* one )ho accu*e* you77it i* =o*e*, the 4ery one on )hom you ha4e bui't your hope* %in )hom you tru*t(/ 46 For i& you be'ie4e an re'ie on =o*e*, you )ou' be'ie4e an re'y on =e, &or he )rote about =e %per*ona''y(/ 47 6ut i& you o not be'ie4e an tru*t hi* )riting*, ho) then )i'' you be'ie4e an tru*t =y teaching*@ %#o) *ha'' you c'ea4e to an re'y on =y )or *@(


a. b. c. d. A.

5ohn 5H1 =any manu*cript* omit the 'a*t part o& 4er*e 1 an a'' o& 4er*e 4/ 5ohn 5H11 Capita'i9e becau*e o& )hat #e i*, the *pot'e** ?on o& .o , not )hat the *peaker may ha4e thought #e )a*/ 5ohn 5H16 ?ome manu*cript* a thi* phra*e/

5ohn 5H27 =ar4in Jincent, +or ?tu ie*/

Cross references: 5ohn 5H29 H :an 12H2


(Amplified Bible)

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation


0FT$E T#!?, 5e*u* )ent to the &arther *i e o& the ?ea o& .a'i'ee77that i*, the ?ea o& Tiberia*/

2 0n a great cro) )a* &o''o)ing #im becau*e they ha *een the *ign* ,mirac'e*- )hich #e %continua''y( per&orme upon tho*e )ho )ere *ick/ 1 4 5

0n 5e*u* )a'ke up the mountain*i e an *at o)n there )ith #i* i*cip'e*/ "o) the Aa**o4er, the &ea*t o& the 5e)*, )a* approaching/

5e*u* 'ooke up then, an *eeing that a 4a*t mu'titu e )a* coming to)ar #im, #e *ai to Ahi'ip, +here are )e to buy brea , *o that a'' the*e peop'e may eat@
6 7

6ut #e *ai thi* to pro4e ,te*t- him, &or #e )e'' kne) )hat #e )a* about to o/

Ahi'ip an*)ere #im, T)o hun re pennie*G ,&orty o''ar*- )orth o& brea i* not enough that e4eryone may recei4e e4en a 'itt'e/
8 9

0nother o& #i* i*cip'e*, 0n re), ?imon AeterG* brother, *ai to #im,

There i* a 'itt'e boy here, )ho ha* %)ith him( &i4e bar'ey 'oa4e*, an t)o *ma'' &i*h3 but )hat are they among *o many peop'e@
18 5e*u* *ai , =ake a'' the peop'e rec'ine ,*it o)n-/ "o) the groun ,a pa*ture- )a* co4ere )ith thick gra** at the *pot, *o the men thre) them*e'4e* o)n, about 5,888 in number/

11 5e*u* took the 'oa4e*, an )hen #e ha gi4en thank*, #e i*tribute %a(to the i*cip'e* an the i*cip'e* to the rec'ining peop'e3 *o a'*o %#e i ( )ith the &i*h, a* much a* they )ante / 12 +hen they ha a'' ha enough, #e *ai to #i* i*cip'e*, .ather up no) the &ragment* ,the broken piece* that are 'e&t o4er-, *o that nothing may be 'o*t an )a*te / 11 ?o accor ing'y they gathere them up, an they &i''e t)e'4e %%b(*ma'' han ( ba*ket* )ith &ragment* 'e&t o4er by tho*e )ho ha eaten &rom the &i4e bar'ey 'oa4e*/ 14 +hen the peop'e *a) the *ign ,mirac'e- that 5e*u* ha per&orme , they began *aying, ?ure'y an beyon a oubt thi* i* the Arophet +ho i* to come into the )or' ; ,015 Then 5e*u*, kno)ing that they meant to come an *ei9e #im that they might make #im king, )ith re) again to the hi''*i e by #im*e'& a'one/ 16 17

+hen e4ening came, #i* i*cip'e* )ent o)n to the *ea,

0n they took a boat an )ere going acro** the *ea to Capernaum/ !t )a* no) ark, an *ti'' 5e*u* ha not %yet( come back to them/
18 19

=ean)hi'e, the *ea )a* getting rough an ri*ing high becau*e o& a great an 4io'ent )in that )a* b'o)ing/

%#o)e4er( )hen they ha ro)e three or &our mi'e*, they *a) 5e*u* )a'king on the *ea an approaching the boat/ 0n they )ere a&rai ,terri&ie -/

6ut 5e*u* *ai to them, !t i* !3 be not a&rai ; %! 0=3 *top being &rightene ;(,6-

21 Then they )ere >uite )i''ing an g'a &or #im to come into the boat/ 0n no) the boat )ent at once to the 'an they ha *teere to)ar / %0n imme iate'y they reache the *hore to)ar )hich they ha been *'o)'y making their )ay/( 22 The ne2t ay the cro) %that *ti'' remaine ( *tan ing on the other *i e o& the *ea rea'i9e that there ha been on'y one *ma'' boat there, an that 5e*u* ha not gone into it )ith #i* i*cip'e*, but that #i* i*cip'e* ha gone a)ay by them*e'4e*/ 21 6ut no) *ome other boat* &rom Tiberia* ha come in near the p'ace )here they ate the brea a&ter the Lor ha gi4en thank*/ 24 ?o the peop'e, &in ing that neither 5e*u* nor #i* i*cip'e* )ere there, them*e'4e* got into the *ma'' boat* an came to Capernaum 'ooking &or 5e*u*/ 25 26

0n )hen they &oun #im on the other *i e o& the 'ake, they *ai to #im, Eabbi; +hen i Fou come here@

5e*u* an*)ere them, ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, you ha4e been *earching &or =e, not becau*e you *a) the mirac'e* an *ign* but becau*e you )ere &e )ith the 'oa4e* an )ere &i''e an *ati*&ie /
27 ?top toi'ing an oing an pro ucing &or the &oo that peri*he* an ecompo*e* %in the u*ing(, but *tri4e an )ork an pro uce rather &or the %'a*ting( &oo )hich en ure* %continua''y( unto 'i&e eterna'3 the ?on o& =an )i'' gi4e ,&urni*h- you that, &or .o the Father ha* authori9e an certi&ie #im an put #i* *ea' o& en or*ement upon #im/ 28 They then *ai , +hat are )e to o, that )e may %habitua''y( be )orking the )ork* o& .o @ %+hat are )e to o to carry out )hat .o re>uire*@( 29 5e*u* rep'ie , Thi* i* the )ork ,*er4ice- that .o a*k* o& youH that you be'ie4e in the Bne +hom #e ha* *ent %that you c'ea4e to, tru*t, re'y on, an ha4e &aith in #i* =e**enger(/ 18 There&ore they *ai to #im, +hat *ign ,mirac'e, )on er)ork- )i'' %c(Fou per&orm then, *o that )e may *ee it an be'ie4e an re'y on an a here to Fou@ +hat %*upernatura'( )ork ha4e Fou %to *ho) )hat Fou can o(@ 11 Bur &ore&ather* ate the manna in the )i' erne**3 a* the ?cripture *ay*, #e ga4e them brea out o& hea4en to eat/,C12 5e*u* then *ai to them, ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, =o*e* i not gi4e you the 6rea &rom hea4en %)hat =o*e* ga4e you )a* not the 6rea &rom hea4en(, but it i* =y Father +ho gi4e* you the true hea4en'y 6rea / 11 14 15

For the 6rea o& .o i* #e +ho come* o)n out o& hea4en an gi4e* 'i&e to the )or' / Then they *ai to #im, Lor , gi4e u* thi* brea a')ay* ,a'' the time-;

5e*u* rep'ie , ! am the 6rea o& Li&e/ #e )ho come* to =e )i'' ne4er be hungry, an he )ho be'ie4e* in an c'ea4e* to an tru*t* in an re'ie* on =e )i'' ne4er thir*t any more ,at any time-/
16 17

6ut %a*( ! to' you, a'though you ha4e *een =e, *ti'' you o not be'ie4e an tru*t an ha4e &aith/

0'' )hom =y Father gi4e* ,entru*t*- to =e )i'' come to =e3 an the one )ho come* to =e ! )i'' mo*t certain'y not ca*t out %! )i'' ne4er, no ne4er, re<ect one o& them )ho come* to =e(/
18 For ! ha4e come o)n &rom hea4en not to o =y o)n )i'' an purpo*e but to o the )i'' an purpo*e o& #im +ho *ent =e/

19 0n thi* i* the )i'' o& #im +ho *ent =e, that ! *hou' not 'o*e any o& a'' that #e ha* gi4en =e, but that ! *hou' gi4e ne) 'i&e an rai*e %them a''( up at the 'a*t ay/ 48 For thi* i* =y FatherG* )i'' an #i* purpo*e, that e4eryone )ho *ee* the ?on an be'ie4e* in an c'ea4e* to an tru*t* in an re'ie* on #im *hou' ha4e eterna' 'i&e, an ! )i'' rai*e him up %&rom the ea ( at the 'a*t ay/ 41 "o) the 5e)* murmure an &oun &au't )ith an grumb'e about 5e*u* becau*e #e *ai , ! am %=y*e'&( the 6rea that came o)n &rom hea4en/ 42 They kept a*king, !* not thi* 5e*u*, the #e *ay, ! ha4e come o)n &rom hea4en@ 41 44 % (

?on o& 5o*eph, +ho*e &ather an mother )e kno)@ #o) then can

?o 5e*u* an*)ere them, ?top grumb'ing an *aying thing* again*t =e to one another/ ra)* him an gi4e* him the e*ire

"o one i* ab'e to come to =e un'e** the Father +ho *ent =e attract* an to come to =e, an %then( ! )i'' rai*e him up %&rom the ea ( at the 'a*t ay/

45 !t i* )ritten in %the book o&( the Arophet*, 0n they *ha'' a'' be taught o& .o %ha4e #im in per*on &or their Teacher(/ $4eryone )ho ha* 'i*tene to an 'earne &rom the Father come* to =e77 ,:46 +hich oe* not imp'y that anyone ha* *een the Father %not that anyone ha* e4er *een #im( e2cept #e %+ho )a* )ith the Father( +ho come* &rom .o 3 #e %a'one( ha* *een the Father/ 47 ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, he )ho be'ie4e* in =e %)ho a here* to, tru*t* in, re'ie* on, an ha* &aith in =e( ha* ,no) po**e**e*- eterna' 'i&e/ 48 49 58 51

! am the 6rea o& Li&e %that gi4e* 'i&e77the Li4ing 6rea (/ Four &ore&ather* ate the manna in the )i' erne**, an %yet( they ie / %6ut( thi* i* the 6rea that come* o)n &rom hea4en, *o that %any(one may eat o& it an ne4er ie/

! %=y*e'&( am thi* Li4ing 6rea that came o)n &rom hea4en/ !& anyone eat* o& thi* 6rea , he )i'' 'i4e &ore4er3 an a'*o the 6rea that ! *ha'' gi4e &or the 'i&e o& the )or' i* =y &'e*h ,bo y-/
52 51

Then the 5e)* angri'y conten e )ith one another, *aying, #o) i* #e ab'e to gi4e u* #i* &'e*h to eat@

0n 5e*u* *ai to them, ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, you cannot ha4e any 'i&e in you un'e** you eat the &'e*h o& the ?on o& =an an rink #i* b'oo %un'e** you appropriate #i* 'i&e an the *a4ing merit o& #i* b'oo (/
54 #e )ho &ee * on =y &'e*h an the ea ( on the 'a*t ay/ 55 56

rink* =y b'oo ha* ,po**e**e* no)- eterna' 'i&e, an ! )i'' rai*e him up %&rom

For =y &'e*h i* true an genuine &oo , an =y b'oo i* true an genuine rink/ rink* =y b'oo )e''* continua''y in =e, an ! %in 'ike manner )e''

#e )ho &ee * on =y &'e*h an continua''y( in him/

57 5u*t a* the 'i4ing Father *ent =e an ! 'i4e by ,through, becau*e o&- the Father, e4en *o )hoe4er continue* to &ee on =e %)hoe4er take* =e &or hi* &oo an i* nouri*he by =e( *ha'' %in hi* turn( 'i4e through an becau*e o& =e/ 58 Thi* i* the 6rea that came o)n &rom hea4en/ !t i* not 'ike the manna )hich our &ore&ather* ate, an yet ie 3 he )ho take* thi* 6rea &or hi* &oo *ha'' 'i4e &ore4er/ 59 68

#e *ai the*e thing* in a *ynagogue )hi'e #e )a* teaching at Capernaum/

+hen #i* i*cip'e* hear thi*, many o& them *ai , Thi* i* a har an i&&icu't an *trange *aying ,an o&&en*i4e an unbearab'e me**age-/ +ho can *tan to hear it@ %+ho can be e2pecte to 'i*ten to *uch teaching@(
61 6ut 5e*u*, kno)ing )ithin #im*e'& that #i* i*cip'e* )ere comp'aining an prote*ting an grumb'ing about it, *ai to themH !* thi* a *tumb'ing b'ock an an o&&en*e to you@ %:oe* thi* up*et an i*p'ea*e an *hock an *can a'i9e you@( 62 +hat then %)i'' be your reaction( i& you *hou' *ee the ?on o& =an a*cen ing to %the p'ace( )here #e )a* be&ore@ 61 !t i* the ?pirit +ho gi4e* 'i&e %#e i* the Li&e7gi4er(3 the &'e*h con4ey* no bene&it )hate4er %there i* no pro&it in it(/ The )or * ,truth*- that ! ha4e been *peaking to you are *pirit an 'i&e/ 64 6ut %*ti''( *ome o& you &ai' to be'ie4e an tru*t an ha4e &aith/ For 5e*u* kne) &rom the &ir*t )ho i not be'ie4e an ha no &aith an )ho )ou' betray #im an be &a'*e to #im/ 65 0n #e *ai , Thi* i* )hy ! to' you that no one can come to =e un'e** it i* grante him %un'e** he i* enab'e to o *o( by the Father/ 66 0&ter thi*, many o& #i* i*cip'e* re) back ,returne to their o' a**ociation*- an no 'onger accompanie #im/ 67 68

5e*u* *ai to the T)e'4e, +i'' you a'*o go a)ay@ %0n

o you too e*ire to 'ea4e =e@(

?imon Aeter an*)ere , Lor , to )hom *ha'' )e go@ Fou ha4e the )or * ,the me**age- o& eterna' 'i&e/

69 0n )e ha4e 'earne to be'ie4e an tru*t, an %more( )e ha4e come to kno) %*ure'y( that Fou are the #o'y Bne o& .o , the Chri*t ,the 0nointe Bne-, the ?on o& the 'i4ing .o / 78 5e*u* an*)ere them, :i ! not choo*e you, the T)e'4e@ 0n %yet( one o& you i* a e4i' ,o& the e4i' one an a &a'*e accu*er-/ 71 #e )a* *peaking o& 5u a*, the *on o& ?imon !*cariot, &or he )a* about to betray #im, %a'though( he )a* one o& the T)e'4e/


a. b. c. d.

5ohn 6H11 ?ome manu*cript* a

thi* phra*e/

5ohn 6H11 ./ 0bbott7?mith, =anua' .reek Le2icon/ ?ee a'*o &ootnote on =att/ 14H28/ 5ohn 6H18 Capita'i9e becau*e o& )hat #e i*, the *pot'e** ?on o& .o , not )hat the *peaker may ha4e thought #e )a*/ 5ohn 6H42 Capita'i9e becau*e o& )hat #e i*, the *pot'e** ?on o& .o , not )hat the *peaker may ha4e thought #e )a*/

Cross references:

A. B. C. D.

5ohn 6H14 H :eut 18H15, 183 5ohn 1H213 0ct* 1H22 5ohn 6H28 H $2o 1H14 5ohn 6H11 H $2o 16H153 "eh 9H153 A* 78H24 5ohn 6H45 H !*a 54H11

John ! (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John !
0FT$E T#!?, 5e*u* )ent &rom p'ace to p'ace in .a'i'ee, &or #e )ou' not tra4e' in 5u ea becau*e the 5e)* )ere *eeking to ki'' #im/
1 2 1

"o) the 5e)i*h Fea*t o& Tabernac'e* )a* ra)ing near/


?o #i* brother* *ai to #im, Lea4e here an go into 5u ea, *o that )ork* that Fou o/ %Thi* i* no p'ace &or Fou/(

Four i*cip'e* %there( may a'*o *ee the

4 For no one oe* anything in *ecret )hen he )i*he* to be con*picuou* an *ecure pub'icity/ !& Fou %mu*t( o the*e thing* %i& Fou mu*t act 'ike thi*(, *ho) Four*e'& open'y an make Four*e'& kno)n to the )or' ; 5 6

For %e4en( #i* brother* i not be'ie4e in or a here to or tru*t in or re'y on #im either/

+hereupon 5e*u* *ai to them, =y time ,opportunity- ha* not come yet3 but any time i* *uitab'e &or you an your opportunity i* rea y any time %i* a')ay* here(/
7 The )or' cannot %be e2pecte to( hate you, but it oe* hate =e becau*e ! enounce it &or it* )icke )ork* an re4ea' that it* oing* are e4i'/ 8 .o to the Fea*t your*e'4e*/ ! am not %yet( going up to the Fe*ti4a', becau*e =y time i* not ripe/ %=y term i* not yet comp'ete 3 it i* not time &or =e to go/( 9

#a4ing *ai the*e thing* to them, #e *taye behin in .a'i'ee/

6ut a&ter)ar , )hen #i* brother* ha gone up to the Fea*t, #e )ent up a'*o, not pub'ic'y %not )ith a cara4an(, but by #im*e'& >uiet'y an a* i& #e i not )i*h to be ob*er4e /
18 11

There&ore the 5e)* kept 'ooking &or #im at the Fea*t an a*king, +here can #e be@ %+here i* that Fe''o)@(

12 0n there )a* among the ma** o& the peop'e much )hi*pere i*cu**ion an hot i*puting about #im/ ?ome )ere *aying, #e i* goo ; %#e i* a goo =an;( Bther* *ai , "o, #e mi*'ea * an ecei4e* the peop'e %gi4e* them &a'*e i ea*(; 11 14

6ut no one are *peak out bo' 'y about #im &or &ear o& %the 'ea er* o&( the 5e)*/ +hen the Fea*t )a* a'rea y ha'& o4er, 5e*u* )ent up into the temp'e %%b(court( an began to teach/

15 The 5e)* )ere a*toni*he / They *ai , #o) i* it that thi* =an ha* 'earning %i* *o 4er*e in the *acre ?cripture* an in theo'ogy( )hen #e ha* ne4er *tu ie @ 16 17

5e*u* an*)ere them by *aying, =y teaching i* not =y o)n, but #i* +ho *ent =e/

!& any man e*ire* to o #i* )i'' ,.o G* p'ea*ure-, he )i'' kno) ,ha4e the nee e i''umination to recogni9e, an can te'' &or him*e'&- )hether the teaching i* &rom .o or )hether ! am *peaking &rom =y*e'& an o& =y o)n accor an on =y o)n authority/
18 #e )ho *peak* on hi* o)n authority *eek* to )in honor &or him*e'&/ %#e )ho*e teaching originate* )ith him*e'& *eek* hi* o)n g'ory/( 6ut #e +ho *eek* the g'ory an i* eager &or the honor o& #im +ho *ent #im, #e i* true3 an there i* no unrighteou*ne** or &a'*ehoo or eception in #im/ 19 :i not =o*e* gi4e you the La)@ 0n yet not one o& you keep* the La)/ %!& that i* the truth( )hy o you *eek to ki'' =e %&or not keeping it(@ 28 21 22

The cro) an*)ere #im, Fou are po**e**e by a emon; %Fou are ra4ing;( +ho *eek* to ki'' Fou@ 5e*u* an*)ere them, ! i one )ork, an you a'' are a*toun e /,0-

"o) =o*e* e*tab'i*he circumci*ion among you77though it i not originate )ith =o*e* but )ith the pre4iou* patriarch*77an you circumci*e a per*on %e4en( on the ?abbath ay/
21 !&, to a4oi breaking the La) o& =o*e*, a per*on un ergoe* circumci*ion on the ?abbath ay, ha4e you any cau*e to be angry )ith ,in ignant )ith, bitter again*t- =e &or making a manG* )ho'e bo y )e'' on the ?abbath@ 24 6e hone*t in your <u gment an &air'y an righteou*'y/ 25 26

o not eci e at a g'ance ,*uper&icia''y an by appearance*-3 but <u ge

Then *ome o& the 5eru*a'em peop'e *ai , !* not thi* the =an they *eek to ki''@

0n here #e i* *peaking open'y, an they *ay nothing to #im; Can it be po**ib'e that the ru'er* ha4e i*co4ere an kno) that thi* i* tru'y the Chri*t@
27 "o, )e kno) )here thi* =an come* &rom3 )hen the Chri*t arri4e*, no one i* to kno) &rom )hat p'ace #e come*/ 28 +hereupon 5e*u* ca''e out a* #e taught in the temp'e %%c(porche*(, :o you kno) =e, an o you kno) )here ! am &rom@ ! ha4e not come on =y o)n authority an o& =y o)n accor an a* *e'&7appointe , but the Bne +ho *ent =e i* true ,rea', genuine, *tea &a*t-3 an #im you o not kno); 29 18

! kno) #im %=y*e'&( becau*e ! come &rom #i* %4ery( pre*ence, an it )a* #e %per*ona''y( +ho *ent =e/

There&ore they )ere eager to arre*t #im, but no one 'ai a han on #im, &or #i* hour ,time- ha not yet come/
11 0n be*i e*, many o& the mu'titu e be'ie4e in #im %a here to #im, tru*te in #im, re'ie on #im(/ 0n they kept *aying, +hen the Chri*t come*, )i'' #e o %can #e be e2pecte to o( more mirac'e* an pro uce more proo&* an *ign* than )hat thi* =an ha* one@ 12 The Ahari*ee* 'earne ho) the peop'e )ere *aying the*e thing* about #im un er their breath3 an the chie& prie*t* an Ahari*ee* *ent atten ant* ,guar *- to arre*t #im/ 11 14 15

There&ore 5e*u* *ai , For a 'itt'e )hi'e ! am %*ti''( )ith you, an then ! go back to #im +ho *ent =e/ Fou )i'' 'ook &or =e, but you )i'' not %be ab'e to( &in =e3 )here ! am, you cannot come/

Then the 5e)* *ai among them*e'4e*, +here oe* thi* =an inten to go that )e *ha'' not &in #im@ +i'' #e go to the 5e)* )ho are *cattere in the :i*per*ion among the .reek*, an teach the .reek*@
16 +hat oe* thi* *tatement o& #i* mean, Fou )i'' 'ook &or =e an not be ab'e to &in =e, an , +here ! am, you cannot come@ 17 "o) on the &ina' an mo*t important ay o& the Fea*t, 5e*u* *too , an #e crie in a 'ou 4oice, !& any man i* thir*ty, 'et him come to =e an rink; 18 #e )ho be'ie4e* in =e %)ho c'ea4e* to an tru*t* in an re'ie* on =e( a* the ?cripture ha* *ai , From hi* innermo*t being *ha'' &'o) %continuou*'y( *pring* an ri4er* o& 'i4ing )ater/ 19 6ut #e )a* *peaking here o& the ?pirit, +hom tho*e )ho be'ie4e ,tru*te , ha &aith- in #im )ere a&ter)ar to recei4e/ For the %#o'y( ?pirit ha not yet been gi4en, becau*e 5e*u* )a* not yet g'ori&ie ,rai*e to honor-/ 48 41

Li*tening to tho*e )or *, *ome o& the mu'titu e *ai , Thi* i* certain'y an beyon

oubt the Arophet; ,6-

Bther* *ai , Thi* i* the Chri*t ,the =e**iah, 0nointe Bne-; 6ut *ome *ai , +hat@ :oe* the Chri*t come out o& .a'i'ee@

42 :oe* not the ?cripture te'' u* that the Chri*t )i'' come &rom the o&&*pring o& :a4i an &rom 6eth'ehem, the 4i''age )here :a4i 'i4e @,C41 44 45

?o there aro*e a i4i*ion an

i**en*ion among the peop'e concerning #im/

?ome o& them )ante to arre*t #im, but no one %4enture an ( 'ai han * on #im/

=ean)hi'e the atten ant* ,guar *- ha gone back to the chie& prie*t* an Ahari*ee*, )ho a*ke them, +hy ha4e you not brought #im here )ith you@
46 The atten ant* rep'ie , "e4er ha* a man ta'ke a* thi* =an ta'k*; %"o mere man ha* e4er *poken a* #e *peak*;( 47 48 49 58 51 52

The Ahari*ee* *ai to them, 0re you a'*o e'u e an 'e a*tray@ %0re you a'*o *)ept o&& your &eet@( #a* any o& the authoritie* or o& the Ahari*ee* be'ie4e in #im@ 0* &or thi* mu'titu e ,rabb'e- that oe* not kno) the La), they are contemptib'e an Then "ico emu*, )ho came to 5e*u* be&ore at night an )a* one o& them, a*ke , :oe* our La) con4ict a man )ithout gi4ing him a hearing an &in ing out )hat he ha* one@ oome an accur*e ;

They an*)ere him, 0re you too &rom .a'i'ee@ ?earch %the ?cripture* your*e'&(, an you )i'' *ee that no prophet come* ,)i'' ri*e to prominence- &rom .a'i'ee/
51% (

0n they )ent %back(, each to hi* o)n hou*e/


a. b. c. d.

5ohn 7H1 Capita'i9e becau*e o& )hat #e i*, the *pot'e** ?on o& .o , not )hat the *peaker may ha4e thought #e )a*/ 5ohn 7H14 Eichar Trench, ?ynonym* o& the "e) Te*tament/ 5ohn 7H28 Eichar Trench, ?ynonym* o& the "e) Te*tament/ 5ohn 7H51 5ohn 7H51 to 8H11 i* ab*ent &rom mo*t o& the o' er manu*cript*, an tho*e that ha4e it *ometime* p'ace it e'*e)here/ The *tory may )e'' be authentic/ !n ee , Chri*tG* re*pon*e o& compa**ion an mercy i* *o much in keeping )ith #i* character that )e accept it a* authentic, an &ee' that to omit it )ou' be mo*t un&ortunate/

Cross references:

A. B. C.

5ohn 7H21 H 5ohn 5H179 5ohn 7H48 H :eut 18H15, 183 5ohn 1H213 6H143 0ct* 1H22 5ohn 7H42 H A* 89H1, 43 =ic 5H2

John " (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John "

6DT 5$?D? )ent to the =ount o& B'i4e*/

2 $ar'y in the morning ,at a)n-, #e came back into the temp'e %%a(court(, an the peop'e came to #im in cro) */ #e *at o)n an )a* teaching them, 1 +hen the *cribe* an Ahari*ee* brought a )oman )ho ha been caught in a u'tery/ They ma e her *tan in the mi 'e o& the court an put the ca*e be&ore #im/ 4

Teacher, they *ai , Thi* )oman ha* been caught in the 4ery act o& a u'tery/

5 "o) =o*e* in the La) comman e u* that *uch %)omen77o&&en er*( *ha'' be *tone to eath/ 6ut )hat o Fou *ay %to o )ith her77)hat i* Four *entence(@,06 Thi* they *ai to try ,te*t- #im, hoping they might &in a charge on )hich to accu*e #im/ 6ut 5e*u* *toope o)n an )rote on the groun )ith #i* &inger/ 7 #o)e4er, )hen they per*i*te )ith their >ue*tion, #e rai*e #im*e'& up an *ai , Let him )ho i* )ithout *in among you be the &ir*t to thro) a *tone at her/ 8 9

Then #e bent o)n an )ent on )riting on the groun )ith #i* &inger/

They 'i*tene to #im, an then they began going out, con*cience7*tricken, one by one, &rom the o' e*t o)n to the 'a*t one o& them, ti'' 5e*u* )a* 'e&t a'one, )ith the )oman *tan ing there be&ore #im in the center o& the court/
18 +hen 5e*u* rai*e #im*e'& up, #e *ai to her, +oman, )here are your accu*er*@ #a* no man con emne you@ 11 ?he an*)ere , "o one, Lor ; 0n 5e*u* *ai , ! o not con emn you either/ .o on your )ay an &rom no) on *in no more/ 12 Bnce more 5e*u* a re**e the cro) / #e *ai , ! am the Light o& the )or' / #e )ho &o''o)* =e )i'' not be )a'king in the ark, but )i'' ha4e the Light )hich i* Li&e/ 11 +hereupon the Ahari*ee* to' #im, Fou are te*ti&ying on Four o)n beha'&3 Four te*timony i* not 4a'i an i* )orth'e**/ 14 5e*u* an*)ere , $4en i& ! o te*ti&y on =y o)n beha'&, =y te*timony i* true an re'iab'e an 4a'i , &or ! kno) )here ! came &rom an )here ! am going3 but you o not kno) )here ! come &rom or )here ! am going/ 15 Fou %*et your*e'4e* up to( <u ge accor ing to the &'e*h ,by )hat you *ee-/ %Fou con emn by e2terna', human *tan ar */( ! o not %*et =y*e'& up to( <u ge or con emn or *entence anyone/ 16 Fet e4en i& ! o <u ge, =y <u gment i* true %=y eci*ion i* right(3 &or ! am not a'one %in making it(, but %there are t)o o& D*( ! an the Father, +ho *ent =e/ 17

!n your %o)n( La) it i* )ritten that the te*timony ,e4i ence- o& t)o per*on* i* re'iab'e an 4a'i / ,6-

18 ! am Bne %o& the T)o( bearing te*timony concerning =y*e'&3 an =y Father, +ho *ent =e, #e a'*o te*ti&ie* about =e/ 19 Then they *ai to #im, +here i* thi* %b(Father o& Four*@ 5e*u* an*)ere , Fou kno) =y Father a* 'itt'e a* you kno) =e/ !& you kne) =e, you )ou' kno) =y Father a'*o/ 28 5e*u* *ai the*e thing* in the trea*ury )hi'e #e )a* teaching in the temp'e %%c(court(3 but no one 4enture to arre*t #im, becau*e #i* hour ha not yet come/ 21 There&ore #e *ai again to them, ! am going a)ay, an you )i'' be 'ooking &or =e, an you )i'' ie in ,un er the cur*e o&- your *in/ +here ! am going, it i* not po**ib'e &or you to come/ 22 0t thi* the 5e)* began to a*k among them*e'4e*, +i'' #e ki'' #im*e'&@ !* that )hy #e *ay*, +here ! am going, it i* not po**ib'e &or you to come@ 21 #e *ai to them, Fou are &rom be'o)3 ! am &rom abo4e/ Fou are o& thi* )or' ,o& thi* earth'y or er-3 ! am not o& thi* )or' / 24 That i* )hy ! to' you that you )i'' ie in ,un er the cur*e o&- your *in*3 &or i& you o not be'ie4e that ! am #e %+hom ! c'aim to be77i& you o not a here to, tru*t in, an re'y on =e(, you )i'' ie in your *in*/ 25 Then they *ai to #im, +ho are Fou any)ay@ 5e*u* rep'ie , %+hy o ! e4en *peak to you;( ! am e2act'y )hat ! ha4e been te''ing you &rom the &ir*t/ 26 ! ha4e much to *ay about you an to <u ge an con emn/ 6ut #e +ho *ent =e i* true ,re'iab'e-, an ! te'' the )or' %on'y( the thing* that ! ha4e hear &rom #im/ 27 28

They i not percei4e ,kno), un er*tan - that #e )a* *peaking to them about the Father/

?o 5e*u* a e , +hen you ha4e 'i&te up the ?on o& =an %on the cro**(, you )i'' rea'i9e ,kno), un er*tan that ! am #e %&or +hom you 'ook( an that ! o nothing o& =y*e'& ,o& =y o)n accor or on =y o)n authority-, but ! *ay %e2act'y( )hat =y Father ha* taught =e/
29 18 11

0n #e +ho *ent =e i* e4er )ith =e3 =y Father ha* not 'e&t =e a'one, &or ! a')ay* o )hat p'ea*e* #im/ 0* #e *ai the*e thing*, many be'ie4e in #im %tru*te , re'ie on, an a here to #im(/

?o 5e*u* *ai to tho*e 5e)* )ho ha be'ie4e in #im, !& you abi e in =y )or %ho' &a*t to =y teaching* an 'i4e in accor ance )ith them(, you are tru'y =y i*cip'e*/
12 11

0n you )i'' kno) the Truth, an the Truth )i'' *et you &ree/

They an*)ere #im, +e are 0brahamG* o&&*pring , e*cen ant*- an ha4e ne4er been in bon age to anybo y/ +hat o Fou mean by *aying, Fou )i'' be *et &ree@

14 5e*u* an*)ere them, ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, +hoe4er commit* an practice* *in i* the *'a4e o& *in/ 15 "o) a *'a4e oe* not remain in a hou*eho' permanent'y ,&ore4er-3 the *on %o& the hou*e( oe* remain &ore4er/ 16 17

?o i& the ?on 'iberate* you %make* you &ree men(, then you are rea''y an un>ue*tionab'y &ree/

%Fe*( ! kno) that you are 0brahamG* o&&*pring3 yet you p'an to ki'' =e, becau*e =y )or ha* no entrance ,make* no progre**, oe* not &in any p'ace- in you/
18 ! te'' the thing* )hich ! ha4e *een an 'earne at =y FatherG* *i e, an your action* a'*o re&'ect )hat you ha4e hear an 'earne &rom your &ather/ 19 They retorte , 0braham i* our &ather/ 5e*u* *ai , !& you )ere %tru'y( 0brahamG* chi' ren, then you )ou' the )ork* o& 0braham %&o''o) hi* e2amp'e, o a* 0braham i (/ 48 6ut no) %in*tea ( you are )anting an *eeking to ki'' =e, a =an +ho ha* to' you the truth )hich ! ha4e hear &rom .o / Thi* i* not the )ay 0braham acte / 41 Fou are oing the )ork* o& your %o)n( &ather/ They *ai to #im, +e are not i''egitimate chi' ren an born out o& &ornication3 )e ha4e one Father, e4en .o / 42 5e*u* *ai to them, !& .o )ere your Father, you )ou' 'o4e =e an re*pect =e an )e'come =e g'a 'y, &or ! procee e ,came &orth- &rom .o %out o& #i* 4ery pre*ence(/ ! i not e4en come on =y o)n authority or o& =y o)n accor ,a* *e'&7appointe -3 but #e *ent =e/ 41 +hy o you mi*un er*tan )hat ! *ay@ !t i* becau*e you are unab'e to hear )hat ! am *aying/ %Fou cannot bear to 'i*ten to =y me**age3 your ear* are *hut to =y teaching/( 44 Fou are o& your &ather, the e4i', an it i* your )i'' to practice the 'u*t* an grati&y the e*ire* %)hich are characteri*tic( o& your &ather/ #e )a* a mur erer &rom the beginning an oe* not *tan in the truth, becau*e there i* no truth in him/ +hen he *peak* a &a'*ehoo , he *peak* )hat i* natura' to him, &or he i* a 'iar %him*e'&( an the &ather o& 'ie* an o& a'' that i* &a'*e/ 45 46

6ut becau*e ! *peak the truth, you o not be'ie4e =e % o not tru*t =e, o not re'y on =e, or a here to =e(/

+ho o& you con4ict* =e o& )rong oing or &in * =e gui'ty o& *in@ Then i& ! *peak truth, )hy o you not be'ie4e =e %tru*t =e, re'y on, an a here to =e(@
47 +hoe4er i* o& .o 'i*ten* to .o / %Tho*e )ho be'ong to .o hear the )or * o& .o /( Thi* i* the rea*on that you o not 'i*ten %to tho*e )or *, to =e(H becau*e you o not be'ong to .o an are not o& .o or in harmony )ith #im/ 48 The 5e)* an*)ere #im, 0re )e not right )hen )e *ay Fou are a ?amaritan an that Fou ha4e a emon %that Fou are un er the po)er o& an e4i' *pirit(@ 49 5e*u* an*)ere , ! am not po**e**e by a emon/ Bn the contrary, ! honor an re4erence =y Father an you i*honor , e*pi*e, 4i'i&y, an *corn- =e/ 58 #o)e4er, ! am not in *earch o& honor &or =y*e'&/ %! o not *eek an am not aiming &or =y o)n g'ory/( There i* Bne +ho %'ook* a&ter that3 #e( *eek* %=y g'ory(, an #e i* the 5u ge/ 51 ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, i& anyone ob*er4e* =y teaching %'i4e* in accor ance )ith =y me**age, keep* =y )or (, he )i'' by no mean* e4er *ee an e2perience eath/ 52 The 5e)* *ai to #im, "o) )e kno) that Fou are un er the po)er o& a emon ,% (in*ane-/ 0braham ie , an a'*o the prophet*, yet Fou *ay, !& a man keep* =y )or , he )i'' ne4er ta*te o& eath into a'' eternity/ 51 0re Fou greater than our &ather 0braham@ #e ie , an a'' the prophet* ie ; +ho o Fou make Four*e'& out to be@ 54 5e*u* an*)ere , !& ! )ere to g'ori&y =y*e'& ,magni&y, prai*e, an honor =y*e'&-, ! )ou' ha4e no rea' g'ory, &or =y g'ory )ou' be nothing an )orth'e**/ %=y honor mu*t come to =e &rom =y Father/( !t i* =y Father +ho g'ori&ie* =e %+ho e2to'* =e, magni&ie*, an prai*e* =e(, o& +hom you *ay that #e i* your .o / 55 Fet you o not kno) #im or recogni9e #im an are not ac>uainte )ith #im, but ! kno) #im/ !& ! *hou' *ay that ! o not kno) #im, ! )ou' be a 'iar 'ike you/ 6ut ! kno) #im an keep #i* )or %obey #i* teaching*, am &aith&u' to #i* me**age(/ 56 Four &ore&ather 0braham )a* e2treme'y happy at the hope an pro*pect o& *eeing =y ay ,=y incarnation-3 an he i *ee it an )a* e'ighte /,C57 58 59

Then the 5e)* *ai to #im, Fou are not yet &i&ty year* o' , an ha4e Fou *een 0braham@ 5e*u* rep'ie , ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, be&ore 0braham )a* born, ! 0=/,:-

?o they took up *tone* to thro) at #im, but 5e*u*, by mi2ing )ith the cro) , concea'e #im*e'& an )ent out o& the temp'e %%e(enc'o*ure(/


a. b. c. d. e. A. B. C. D.

5ohn 8H2 Eichar Trench, ?ynonym* o& the "e) Te*tament/ 5ohn 8H19 Capita'i9e becau*e o& +ho #e i*, the e4er'a*ting Father, not )ho the *peaker may ha4e thought #e )a*/ 5ohn 8H28 Eichar Trench, ?ynonym* o& the "e) Te*tament/ 5ohn 8H52 5o*eph Thayer, 0 .reek7$ng'i*h Le2icon/ 5ohn 8H59 Eichar Trench, ?ynonym* o& the "e) Te*tament/

Cross references: 5ohn 8H5 H :eut 22H22724 5ohn 8H17 H :eut 19H15 5ohn 8H56 H #eb 11H11 5ohn 8H58 H $2o 1H14

John # (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John #

0? #$ pa**e a'ong, #e notice a man b'in &rom hi* birth/

2 1

#i* i*cip'e* a*ke #im, Eabbi, )ho *inne , thi* man or hi* parent*, that he *hou' be born b'in @

5e*u* an*)ere , !t )a* not that thi* man or hi* parent* *inne , but he )a* born b'in in or er that the )orking* o& .o *hou' be mani&e*te , i*p'aye an i''u*trate - in him/
4 +e mu*t )ork the )ork* o& #im +ho *ent =e an be bu*y )ith #i* bu*ine** )hi'e it i* ay'ight3 night i* coming on, )hen no man can )ork/ 5 6

0* 'ong a* ! am in the )or' , ! am the )or' G* Light/

+hen #e ha *ai thi*, #e *pat on the groun an ma e c'ay ,mu - )ith #i* *a'i4a, an #e *prea it %a* ointment( on the manG* eye*/
7 0n #e *ai to him, .o, )a*h in the Aoo' o& ?i'oam77)hich mean* ?ent/ ?o he )ent an )a*he , an came back *eeing/ 8 +hen the neighbor* an tho*e )ho u*e to kno) him by *ight a* a beggar *a) him, they *ai , !* not thi* the man )ho u*e to *it an beg@ 9

?ome *ai , !t i* he/ Bther* *ai , "o, but he 'ook* 4ery much 'ike him/ 6ut he *ai , Fe*, ! am the man/ ?o they *ai to him, #o) )ere your eye* opene @

18 11

#e rep'ie , The =an ca''e 5e*u* ma e mu an *meare it on my eye* an *ai to me, .o to ?i'oam an )a*h/ ?o ! )ent an )a*he , an ! obtaine my *ight;
12 11 14 15

They a*ke him, +here i* #e@ #e *ai , ! o not kno)/ Then they con ucte to the Ahari*ee* the man )ho ha &ormer'y been b'in / "o) it )a* on the ?abbath ay that 5e*u* mi2e the mu an opene the manG* eye*/

?o no) again the Ahari*ee* a*ke him ho) he recei4e hi* *ight/ 0n he *ai to them, #e *meare mu on my eye*, an ! )a*he , an no) ! *ee/
16 Then *ome o& the Ahari*ee* *ai , Thi* =an %5e*u*( i* not &rom .o , becau*e #e oe* not ob*er4e the ?abbath/ 6ut other* *ai , #o) can a man )ho i* a *inner ,a ba man- o *uch *ign* an mirac'e*@ ?o there )a* a i&&erence o& opinion among them/

17 0ccor ing'y they *ai to the b'in man again, +hat o you *ay about #im, *eeing that #e opene your eye*@ 0n he *ai , #e i* %#e mu*t be( a prophet; 18 #o)e4er, the 5e)* i not be'ie4e that he ha %rea''y( been b'in an that he ha recei4e hi* *ight unti' they ca''e ,*ummone - the parent* o& the man/ 19 They a*ke them, !* thi* your *on, )hom you reporte a* ha4ing been born b'in @ #o) then oe* he *ee no)@ 28 21

#i* parent* an*)ere , +e kno) that thi* i* our *on, an that he )a* born b'in /

6ut a* to ho) he can no) *ee, )e o not kno)3 or )ho ha* opene hi* eye*, )e o not kno)/ #e i* o& age/ 0*k him3 'et him *peak &or him*e'& an gi4e hi* o)n account o& it/
22 #i* parent* *ai thi* becau*e they &eare %the 'ea er* o&( the 5e)*3 &or the 5e)* ha a'rea y agree that i& anyone *hou' ackno)'e ge 5e*u* to be the Chri*t, he *hou' be e2pe''e an e2c'u e &rom the *ynagogue/ 21 24

Bn that account hi* parent* *ai , #e i* o& age3 a*k him/

?o the *econ time they *ummone the man )ho ha been born b'in , an *ai to him, "o) gi4e .o the g'ory ,prai*e-/ Thi* %a(Fe''o) )e kno) i* on'y a *inner ,a )icke per*on-/ Then he an*)ere , ! o not kno) )hether #e i* a *inner an )icke or not/ 6ut one thing ! o kno), that )herea* ! )a* b'in be&ore, no) ! *ee/
25 26 27

?o they *ai to him, +hat i #e %actua''y( o to you@ #o) i #e open your eye*@

#e an*)ere , ! a'rea y to' you an you )ou' not 'i*ten/ +hy o you )ant to hear it again@ Can it be that you )i*h to become #i* i*cip'e* a'*o@
28 0n they *torme at him %they <eere , they *neere , they re4i'e him( an retorte , Fou are #i* i*cip'e your*e'&, but )e are the i*cip'e* o& =o*e*/ 29 +e kno) &or certain that .o *poke )ith =o*e*, but a* &or thi* Fe''o), )e kno) nothing about )here #e hai'* &rom/ 18 The man rep'ie , +e'', thi* i* a*toni*hing; #ere a =an ha* opene my eye*, an yet you o not kno) )here #e come* &rom/ %That i* ama9ing;( 11 +e kno) that .o oe* not 'i*ten to *inner*3 but i& anyone i* .o 7&earing an a )or*hiper o& #im an #i* )i'', #e 'i*ten* to him/ 12 11 14


?ince the beginning o& time it ha* ne4er been hear that anyone opene the eye* o& a man born b'in / !& thi* =an )ere not &rom .o , #e )ou' not be ab'e to o anything 'ike thi*/ o you %pre*ume to( teach u*@ ?o they

They retorte , Fou )ere )ho''y born in *in %&rom hea to &oot(3 an ca*t him out %thre) him c'ear out*i e the *ynagogue(/

16 17 18 19

5e*u* hear that they ha put him out, an meeting him #e *ai , :o you be'ie4e in an a here to the ?on o& %b( or the ?on o& .o @ #e an*)ere , +ho i* #e, ?ir@ Te'' me, that ! may be'ie4e in an a here to #im/ 5e*u* *ai to him, Fou ha4e *een #im3 %in &act( #e i* ta'king to you right no)/ #e ca''e out, Lor , ! be'ie4e; %! re'y on, ! tru*t, ! c'ea4e to Fou;( 0n he )or*hipe #im/

Then 5e*u* *ai , ! came into thi* )or' &or <u gment %a* a ?eparator, in or er that there may be %c( *eparation bet)een tho*e )ho be'ie4e on =e an tho*e )ho re<ect =e(, to make the *ight'e** *ee an to make tho*e )ho *ee become b'in /
48 41

?ome Ahari*ee* )ho )ere near, hearing thi* remark, *ai to #im, 0re )e a'*o b'in @

5e*u* *ai to them, !& you )ere b'in , you )ou' ha4e no *in3 but becau*e you no) c'aim to ha4e *ight, your *in remain*/ %!& you )ere b'in , you )ou' not be gui'ty o& *in3 but becau*e you in*i*t, +e o *ee c'ear'y, you are unab'e to e*cape your gui't/(


a. b. c.

5ohn 9H24 Capita'i9e becau*e o& )hat #e i*, the *pot'e** ?on o& .o , not )hat the *peaker may ha4e thought #e )a*/ 5ohn 9H15 =any ancient manu*cript* rea Ithe ?on o& .o /I 5ohn 9H19 =ar4in Jincent, +or ?tu ie*/

John 1$ (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John 1$
! 0??DE$ you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, he )ho oe* not enter by the oor into the *heep&o' , but c'imb* up *ome other )ay ,e'*e)here, &rom *ome other >uarter- i* a thie& an a robber/
1 2 1

6ut he )ho enter* by the oor i* the *hepher o& the *heep/

The )atchman open* the oor &or thi* man, an the *heep 'i*ten to hi* 4oice an hee it3 an he ca''* hi* o)n *heep by name an bring* ,'ea *- them out/
4 +hen he ha* brought hi* o)n *heep out*i e, he )a'k* on be&ore them, an the *heep &o''o) him becau*e they kno) hi* 4oice/ 5 They )i'' ne4er %on any account( &o''o) a *tranger, but )i'' run a)ay &rom him becau*e they o not kno) the 4oice o& *tranger* or recogni9e their ca''/ 6 7 8

5e*u* u*e thi* parab'e ,i''u*tration- )ith them, but they i not un er*tan )hat #e )a* ta'king about/ ?o 5e*u* *ai again, ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, that ! =y*e'& am the :oor

&or the *heep/

0'' other* )ho came %a* *uch( be&ore =e are thie4e* an robber*, but the %true( *heep i not 'i*ten to an obey them/ ! am the :oor3 anyone )ho enter* in through =e )i'' be *a4e ,)i'' 'i4e-/ #e )i'' come in an he )i'' go out %&ree'y(, an )i'' &in pa*ture/
9 18 The thie& come* on'y in or er to *tea' an ki'' an ha4e it in abun ance ,to the &u'', ti'' it %b(o4er&'o)*-/ 11

e*troy/ ! came that they may ha4e an en<oy 'i&e, an

! am the .oo ?hepher / The .oo ?hepher ri*k* an 'ay* o)n #i* %o)n( 'i&e &or the *heep/ ,0-

12 6ut the hire *er4ant ,he )ho mere'y *er4e* &or )age*- )ho i* neither the *hepher nor the o)ner o& the *heep, )hen he *ee* the )o'& coming, e*ert* the &'ock an run* a)ay/ 0n the )o'& cha*e* an *natche* them an *catter* %the &'ock(/ 11 "o) the hire'ing &'ee* becau*e he mere'y *er4e* &or )age* an i* not him*e'& concerne about the *heep %care* nothing &or them(/ 14 15

! am the .oo ?hepher 3 an ! kno) an recogni9e =y o)n, an =y o)n kno) an recogni9e =e77

$4en a* %tru'y a*( the Father kno)* =e an ! a'*o kno) the Father77an ! am gi4ing =y %4ery o)n( 'i&e an 'aying it o)n on beha'& o& the *heep/
16 0n ! ha4e other *heep %be*i e the*e( that are not o& thi* &o' / ! mu*t bring an %c(impe' tho*e a'*o3 an they )i'' 'i*ten to =y 4oice an hee =y ca'', an *o there )i'' be %they )i'' become( one &'ock un er one ?hepher / ,617 18

For thi* %rea*on( the Father 'o4e* =e, becau*e ! 'ay o)n =y %o)n( 'i&e77to take it back again/

"o one take* it a)ay &rom =e/ Bn the contrary, ! 'ay it o)n 4o'untari'y/ %! put it &rom =y*e'&/( ! am authori9e an ha4e po)er to 'ay it o)n ,to re*ign it- an ! am authori9e an ha4e po)er to take it back again/ The*e are the in*truction* ,or er*- )hich ! ha4e recei4e %a* =y charge( &rom =y Father/
19 28

Then a &re*h i4i*ion o& opinion aro*e among the 5e)* becau*e o& #i* *aying the*e thing*/

0n many o& them *ai , #e ha* a emon an #e i* ma ,in*ane77#e ra4e*, #e ramb'e*-/ +hy o you 'i*ten to #im@
21 Bther* argue , The*e are not the thought* an the 'anguage o& one po**e**e / Can a emon7po**e**e per*on open b'in eye*@ 22 0&ter thi* the Fea*t o& :e ication %o& the recon*ecration o& the temp'e( )a* taking p'ace at 5eru*a'em/ !t )a* )inter, 21 24

0n 5e*u* )a* )a'king in ?o'omonG* Aorch in the temp'e area/

?o the 5e)* *urroun e #im an began a*king #im, #o) 'ong are Fou going to keep u* in oubt an *u*pen*e@ !& Fou are rea''y the Chri*t ,the =e**iah-, te'' u* *o p'ain'y an open'y/ 5e*u* an*)ere them, ! ha4e to' you *o, yet you o not be'ie4e =e %you o not tru*t =e an re'y on =e(/ The 4ery )ork* that ! o by the po)er o& =y Father an in =y FatherG* name bear )itne** concerning =e %they are =y cre entia'* an e4i ence in *upport o& =e(/
25 26 6ut you o not be'ie4e an tru*t an re'y on =e becau*e you o not be'ong to =y &o' %you are no *heep o& =ine(/

27 28

The *heep that are =y o)n hear an are 'i*tening to =y 4oice3 an ! kno) them, an they &o''o) =e/

0n ! gi4e them eterna' 'i&e, an they *ha'' ne4er 'o*e it or peri*h throughout the age*/ %To a'' eternity they *ha'' ne4er by any mean* be e*troye /( 0n no one i* ab'e to *natch them out o& =y han /
29 =y Father, +ho ha* gi4en them to =e, i* greater an mightier than a'' %e'*e(3 an no one i* ab'e to *natch %them( out o& the FatherG* han / 18 11 12

! an the Father are Bne/ 0gain the 5e)*

% (

brought up *tone* to *tone #im/ ee */ %! ha4e *ho)n many act* o& mercy in

5e*u* *ai to them, =y Father ha* enab'e =e to o many goo your pre*ence/( For )hich o& the*e o you mean to *tone =e@

11 The 5e)* rep'ie , +e are not going to *tone Fou &or a goo act, but &or b'a*phemy, becau*e Fou, a mere =an, make Four*e'& %out to be( .o / 14

5e*u* an*)ere , !* it not )ritten in your La), ! *ai , Fou are go *@,C-

15 ?o men are ca''e go * %by the La)(, men to )hom .o G* me**age came77an the ?cripture cannot be *et a*i e or cance''e or broken or annu''e 77 16 %!& that i* true( o you *ay o& the Bne +hom the Father con*ecrate an e icate an *et apart &or #im*e'& an *ent into the )or' , Fou are b'a*pheming, becau*e ! *ai , ! am the ?on o& .o @ 17 !& ! am not oing the )ork* %per&orming the ee *( o& =y Father, then o not be'ie4e =e % o not a here to =e an tru*t =e an re'y on =e(/ 18 6ut i& ! o them, e4en though you o not be'ie4e =e or ha4e &aith in =e, %at 'ea*t( be'ie4e the )ork* an ha4e &aith in )hat ! o, in or er that you may kno) an un er*tan %c'ear'y( that the Father i* in =e, an ! am in the Father %Bne )ith #im(/ 19 48

They *ought again to arre*t #im, but #e e*cape &rom their han */

#e )ent back again acro** the 5or an to the 'oca'ity )here 5ohn )a* )hen he &ir*t bapti9e , an there #e remaine /
41 0n many came to #im, an they kept *aying, 5ohn i not per&orm a %*ing'e( *ign or mirac'e, but e4erything 5ohn *ai about thi* =an )a* true/ 42

0n many %peop'e( there became be'ie4er* in #im/ %They a here to an tru*te in an re'ie on #im/(


a. b. c. d. e.

5ohn 18H7 =ar4in Jincent, +or ?tu ie*/ 5ohn 18H18 0'e2an er ?outer, Aocket Le2icon o& the .reek "e) Te*tament/ 5ohn 18H16 ./ 0bbott7?mith, =anua' .reek Le2icon/ 5ohn 18H11 =ar4in Jincent, +or ?tu ie*/ 5ohn 18H11 Capita'i9e becau*e o& )hat #e i*, the *pot'e** ?on o& .o , not )hat the *peaker may ha4e thought #e )a*/

Cross references:

A. B. C.

5ohn 18H11 H A* 21 5ohn 18H16 H $9ek 14H21 5ohn 18H14 H A* 82H6

John 11 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John 11
"B+ 0 certain man name La9aru* )a* i''/ #e )a* o& 6ethany, the 4i''age )here =ary an her *i*ter =artha 'i4e /
1 2 Thi* =ary )a* the one )ho anointe the Lor )ith per&ume an )ipe #i* &eet )ith her hair/ !t )a* her brother La9aru* )ho )a* %no)( *ick/ 1 4

?o the *i*ter* *ent to #im, *aying, Lor , he )hom Fou 'o4e %*o )e''( i* *ick/

+hen 5e*u* recei4e the me**age, #e *ai , Thi* *ickne** i* not to en in eath3 but %on the contrary( it i* to honor .o an to promote #i* g'ory, that the ?on o& .o may be g'ori&ie through ,by- it/
5 "o) 5e*u* 'o4e =artha an her *i*ter an La9aru*/ %They )ere #i* ear &rien *, an #e he' them in 'o4ing e*teem/( 6 There&ore %e4en( )hen #e hear that La9aru* )a* *ick, #e *ti'' *taye t)o ay* 'onger in the *ame p'ace )here #e )a*/ 7 8

Then a&ter that inter4a' #e *ai to #i* i*cip'e*, Let u* go back again to 5u ea/

The i*cip'e* *ai to #im, Eabbi, the 5e)* on'y recent'y )ere inten ing an trying to *tone Fou, an are Fou %thinking o&( going back there again@
9 5e*u* an*)ere , 0re there not t)e'4e hour* in the ay@ 0nyone )ho )a'k* about in the aytime oe* not *tumb'e, becau*e he *ee* %by( the 'ight o& thi* )or' / 18 6ut i& anyone )a'k* about in the night, he oe* *tumb'e, becau*e there i* no 'ight in him %the 'ight i* 'acking to him(/ 11 #e *ai the*e thing*, an then a may a)aken him out o& hi* *'eep/ 12 11

e , Bur &rien La9aru* i* at re*t an *'eeping3 but ! am going there that !

The i*cip'e* an*)ere , Lor , i& he i* *'eeping, he )i'' reco4er/

#o)e4er, 5e*u* ha *poken o& hi* eath, but they thought that #e re&erre to &a''ing into a re&re*hing an natura' *'eep/
14 15

?o then 5e*u* to' them p'ain'y, La9aru* i* ea ,

0n &or your *ake ! am g'a that ! )a* not there3 it )i'' he'p you to be'ie4e ,to tru*t an re'y on =e-/ #o)e4er, 'et u* go to him/
16 Then Thoma*, )ho )a* ca''e the T)in, *ai to hi* &e''o) i*cip'e*, Let u* go too, that )e may ie %be ki''e ( a'ong )ith #im/ 17 18 19

?o )hen 5e*u* arri4e , #e &oun that he %La9aru*( ha a'rea y been in the tomb &our ay*/ 6ethany )a* near 5eru*a'em, on'y about t)o mi'e* a)ay,

0n a con*i erab'e number o& the 5e)* ha gone out to *ee =artha an =ary to con*o'e them concerning their brother/
28 21 22 21 24 25

+hen =artha hear that 5e*u* )a* coming, *he )ent to meet #im, )hi'e =ary remaine *itting in the hou*e/ =artha then *ai to 5e*u*, =a*ter, i& Fou ha been here, my brother )ou' not ha4e ie / 0n e4en no) ! kno) that )hate4er Fou a*k &rom .o , #e )i'' grant it to Fou/ 5e*u* *ai to her, Four brother *ha'' ri*e again/ =artha rep'ie , ! kno) that he )i'' ri*e again in the re*urrection at the 'a*t ay/

5e*u* *ai to her, ! am %=y*e'&( the Ee*urrection an the Li&e/ +hoe4er be'ie4e* in ,a here* to, tru*t* in, an re'ie* on- =e, a'though he may ie, yet he *ha'' 'i4e3
26 0n )hoe4er continue* to 'i4e an be'ie4e* in ,ha* &aith in, c'ea4e* to, an re'ie* on- =e *ha'' ne4er %actua''y( ie at a''/ :o you be'ie4e thi*@ 27 ?he *ai to #im, Fe*, Lor , ! ha4e be'ie4e %! o be'ie4e( that Fou are the Chri*t ,the =e**iah, the 0nointe Bne-, the ?on o& .o , %e4en #e( +ho )a* to come into the )or' / %!t i* &or Four coming that the )or' ha* )aite /( 28 0&ter *he ha *ai thi*, *he )ent back an ca''e her *i*ter =ary, pri4ate'y )hi*pering to her, The Teacher i* c'o*e at han an i* a*king &or you/ 29 18

+hen *he hear thi*, *he *prang up >uick'y an )ent to #im/ "o) 5e*u* ha not yet entere the 4i''age, but )a* *ti'' at the *ame *pot )here =artha ha met #im/

11 +hen the 5e)* )ho )ere *itting )ith her in the hou*e an con*o'ing her *a) ho) ha*ti'y =ary ha ari*en an gone out, they &o''o)e her, *uppo*ing that *he )a* going to the tomb to pour out her grie& there/ 12 +hen =ary came to the p'ace )here 5e*u* )a* an *a) #im, *he roppe Lor , i& Fou ha been here, my brother )ou' not ha4e ie /

o)n at #i* &eet, *aying to #im,

11 +hen 5e*u* *a) her *obbing, an the 5e)* )ho came )ith her %a'*o( *obbing, #e )a* eep'y mo4e in *pirit an troub'e / %#e cha&e in *pirit an *ighe an )a* i*turbe /( 14 15 16 17 18

0n #e *ai , +here ha4e you 'ai him@ They *ai to #im, Lor , come an *ee/ 5e*u* )ept/ The 5e)* *ai , ?ee ho) %ten er'y( #e 'o4e him; 6ut *ome o& them *ai , Cou' not #e +ho opene a b'in manG* eye* ha4e pre4ente thi* man &rom ying@

"o) 5e*u*, again *ighing repeate 'y an eep'y i*>uiete , approache the tomb/ !t )a* a ca4e ,a ho'e in the rock-, an a bou' er 'ay again*t %the entrance to c'o*e( it/
19 5e*u* *ai , Take a)ay the *tone/ =artha, the *i*ter o& the ea man, e2c'aime , 6ut Lor , by thi* time he %i* ecaying an ( thro)* o&& an o&&en*i4e o or, &or he ha* been ea &our ay*; 48 5e*u* *ai to her, :i ! not te'' you an *ee the g'ory o& .o @ 41 %a(

promi*e you that i& you )ou' be'ie4e an re'y on =e, you )ou'


?o they took a)ay the *tone/ 0n 5e*u* 'i&te up #i* eye* an *ai , Father, ! thank Fou that Fou ha4e hear

42 Fe*, ! kno) Fou a')ay* hear an 'i*ten to =e, but ! ha4e *ai thi* on account o& an &or the bene&it o& the peop'e *tan ing aroun , *o that they may be'ie4e that Fou i *en =e %that Fou ha4e ma e =e Four =e**enger(/ 41 44

+hen #e ha *ai thi*, #e *houte )ith a 'ou 4oice, La9aru*, come out;

0n out )a'ke the man )ho ha been ea , hi* han * an &eet )rappe in buria' c'oth* ,'inen *trip*-, an )ith a %buria'( napkin boun aroun hi* &ace/ 5e*u* *ai to them, Free him o& the buria' )rapping* an 'et him go/
45 Dpon *eeing )hat 5e*u* ha one, many o& the 5e)* )ho ha come )ith =ary be'ie4e in #im/ %They tru*te in #im an a here to #im an re'ie on #im/( 46 47

6ut *ome o& them )ent back to the Ahari*ee* an to' them )hat 5e*u* ha


?o the chie& prie*t* an Ahari*ee* ca''e a meeting o& the counci' ,the ?anhe rin- an *ai , +hat are )e to o@ For thi* =an per&orm* many *ign* ,e4i ence*, mirac'e*-/
48 !& )e 'et #im a'one to go on 'ike thi*, e4eryone )i'' be'ie4e in #im an a here to #im, an the Eoman* )i'' come an *uppre** an e*troy an take a)ay our %ho'y( p'ace an our nation %%b(our temp'e an city an our ci4i' organi9ation(/ 49 58

6ut one o& them, Caiapha*, )ho )a* the high prie*t that year, ec'are , Fou kno) nothing at a'';

"or o you un er*tan or rea*on out that it i* e2pe ient an better &or your o)n )e'&are that one man *hou' ie on beha'& o& the peop'e than that the )ho'e nation *hou' peri*h ,be e*troye , ruine -/
51 "o) he i not *ay thi* *imp'y o& hi* o)n accor %he )a* not *e'&7mo4e (3 but being the high prie*t that year, he prophe*ie that 5e*u* )a* to ie &or the nation,,052 0n not on'y &or the nation but a'*o &or the purpo*e o& uniting into one bo y the chi' ren o& .o )ho ha4e been *cattere &ar an )i e/,651 54

?o &rom that ay on they took coun*e' an p'otte together ho) they might put #im to eath/

For that rea*on 5e*u* no 'onger appeare pub'ic'y among the 5e)*, but 'e&t there an retire to the i*trict that bor er* on the )i' erne** ,the e*ert-, to a 4i''age ca''e $phraim, an there #e *taye )ith the i*cip'e*/
55 "o) the 5e)i*h Aa**o4er )a* at han , an many &rom the country )ent up to 5eru*a'em in or er that they might puri&y an con*ecrate them*e'4e* be&ore the Aa**o4er/ 56 ?o they kept 'ooking &or 5e*u* an >ue*tione among them*e'4e* a* they )ere *tan ing about in the temp'e %%c(area(, +hat o you think@ +i'' #e not come to the Fea*t at a''@ 57 "o) the chie& prie*t* an Ahari*ee* ha gi4en or er* that i& anyone kne) )here #e )a*, he *hou' report it to them, *o that they might arre*t #im/


a. b.

5ohn 11H48 Char'e* 6/ +i''iam*, The "e) Te*tamentH 0 Tran*'ation/ 5ohn 11H48 =ar4in Jincent, +or ?tu ie*/

c. A. B.

5ohn 11H56 Eichar Trench, ?ynonym* o& the "e) Te*tament/

Cross references: 5ohn 11H51 H !*a 51H8 5ohn 11H52 H !*a 49H6

John 12 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John 12
?B ?!L ay* be&ore the Aa**o4er Fea*t, 5e*u* came to 6ethany, )here La9aru* )a*, )ho ha ha rai*e &rom the ea /
1 2 1

ie an )hom #e

?o they ma e #im a *upper3 an =artha *er4e , but La9aru* )a* one o& tho*e at the tab'e )ith #im/

=ary took a poun o& ointment o& pure 'i>ui nar %a rare per&ume( that )a* 4ery e2pen*i4e, an *he poure it on 5e*u*G &eet an )ipe them )ith her hair/ 0n the )ho'e hou*e )a* &i''e )ith the &ragrance o& the per&ume/
4 5

6ut 5u a* !*cariot, the one o& #i* i*cip'e* )ho )a* about to betray #im, *ai ,

+hy )a* thi* per&ume not *o' &or 188 enarii %a yearG* )age* &or an or inary )orkman( an that %money( gi4en to the poor ,the e*titute-@
6 "o) he i not *ay thi* becau*e he care &or the poor but becau*e he )a* a thie&3 an ha4ing the bag ,the money bo2, the pur*e o& the T)e'4e-, he took &or him*e'& )hat )a* put into it %pi'&ering the co''ection*(/ 7 6ut 5e*u* *ai , Let her a'one/ !t )a* %inten e ( that *he *hou' keep it &or the time o& =y preparation &or buria'/ %?he ha* kept it that *he might ha4e it &or the time o& =y %a(emba'ming/( 8 9

Fou a')ay* ha4e the poor )ith you, but you o not a')ay* ha4e =e/

"o) a great cro) o& the 5e)* hear that #e )a* at 6ethany, an they came there, not on'y becau*e o& 5e*u* but that they a'*o might *ee La9aru*, )hom #e ha rai*e &rom the ea /
18 11

?o the chie& prie*t* p'anne to put La9aru* to eath a'*o,

6ecau*e on account o& him many o& the 5e)* )ere going a)ay %)ere )ith ra)ing &rom an 'ea4ing the 5u ean*( an be'ie4ing in an a hering to 5e*u*/
12 The ne2t ay a 4a*t cro) o& tho*e )ho ha come to the Aa**o4er Fea*t hear that 5e*u* )a* coming to 5eru*a'em/ 11 ?o they took branche* o& pa'm tree* an )ent out to meet #im/ 0n a* they )ent, they kept *houting, #o*anna; 6'e**e i* #e an prai*e to #im +ho come* in the name o& the Lor , e4en the Cing o& !*rae'; ,014 15 16

0n 5e*u*, ha4ing &oun a young onkey, ro e upon it, %<u*t( a* it i* )ritten in the ?cripture*, :o not &ear, B :aughter o& Kion; Look; Four Cing i* coming, *itting on a onkeyG* co't; ,6-

#i* i*cip'e* i not un er*tan an cou' not comprehen the meaning o& the*e thing* at &ir*t3 but )hen 5e*u* )a* g'ori&ie an e2a'te , they remembere that the*e thing* ha been )ritten about #im an ha been one to #im/
17 The group that ha been )ith 5e*u* )hen #e ca''e La9aru* out o& the tomb an rai*e him &rom among the ea kept te''ing it %bearing )itne**( to other*/ 18 !t )a* &or thi* rea*on that the cro) )ent out to meet #im, becau*e they ha hear that #e ha per&orme thi* *ign ,proo&, mirac'e-/ 19 Then the Ahari*ee* *ai among them*e'4e*, Fou *ee ho) &uti'e your e&&ort* are an ho) you accomp'i*h nothing/ ?ee; The )ho'e )or' i* running a&ter #im; 28

"o) among tho*e )ho )ent up to )or*hip at the Fea*t )ere *ome .reek*/

21 The*e came to Ahi'ip, )ho )a* &rom 6eth*ai a in .a'i'ee, an they ma e thi* re>ue*t, ?ir, )e e*ire to *ee 5e*u*/ 22 21 24

Ahi'ip came an to' 0n re)3 then 0n re) an Ahi'ip together %)ent( an to' 5e*u*/ 0n 5e*u* an*)ere them, The time ha* come &or the ?on o& =an to be g'ori&ie an e2a'te /

! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, Dn'e** a grain o& )heat &a''* into the earth an ie*, it remain* %<u*t one grain3 it ne4er become* more but 'i4e*( by it*e'& a'one/ 6ut i& it ie*, it pro uce* many other* an yie' * a rich har4e*t/
25 0nyone )ho 'o4e* hi* 'i&e 'o*e* it, but anyone )ho hate* hi* 'i&e in thi* )or' )i'' keep it to 'i&e eterna'/ %+hoe4er ha* no 'o4e &or, no concern &or, no regar &or hi* 'i&e here on earth, but e*pi*e* it, pre*er4e* hi* 'i&e &ore4er an e4er/( 26 !& anyone *er4e* =e, he mu*t continue to &o''o) =e %%b(to c'ea4e *tea &a*t'y to =e, con&orm )ho''y to =y e2amp'e in 'i4ing an , i& nee be, in ying( an )here4er ! am, there )i'' =y *er4ant be a'*o/ !& anyone *er4e* =e, the Father )i'' honor him/ 27 "o) =y *ou' i* troub'e an i*tre**e , an )hat *ha'' ! *ay@ Father, *a4e =e &rom thi* hour %o& tria' an agony(@ 6ut it )a* &or thi* 4ery purpo*e that ! ha4e come to thi* hour %that ! might un ergo it(/ 28 %Eather, ! )i'' *ay,( Father, g'ori&y ,honor an e2to'- Four %o)n( name; Then there came a 4oice out o& hea4en *aying, ! ha4e a'rea y g'ori&ie it, an ! )i'' g'ori&y it again/ 29 The cro) o& by*tan er* hear the *oun an *ai that it ha thun ere 3 other* *ai , 0n ange' ha* *poken to #im; 18 11

5e*u* an*)ere , Thi* 4oice ha* not come &or =y *ake, but &or your *ake/

"o) the <u gment ,cri*i*- o& thi* )or' i* coming on %*entence i* no) being pa**e on thi* )or' (/ "o) the ru'er ,e4i' geniu*, prince- o& thi* )or' *ha'' be ca*t out ,e2pe''e -/
12 0n !, i& an )hen ! am 'i&te up &rom the earth %on the cro**(, )i'' ra) an attract a'' men %.enti'e* a* )e'' a* 5e)*( to =y*e'&/ 11 14

#e *ai thi* to *igni&y in )hat manner #e )ou'


0t thi* the peop'e an*)ere #im, +e ha4e 'earne &rom the La) that the Chri*t i* to remain &ore4er3 ho) then can Fou *ay, The ?on o& =an mu*t be 'i&te up %on the cro**(@ +ho i* thi* ?on o& =an@ ,C15 ?o 5e*u* *ai to them, Fou )i'' ha4e the Light on'y a 'itt'e )hi'e 'onger/ +a'k )hi'e you ha4e the Light %keep on 'i4ing by it(, *o that arkne** may not o4ertake an o4ercome you/ #e )ho )a'k* about in the ark oe* not kno) )here he goe* %he i* ri&ting(/ 16 +hi'e you ha4e the Light, be'ie4e in the Light %ha4e &aith in it, ho' to it, re'y on it(, that you may become *on* o& the Light an be &i''e )ith Light/ 5e*u* *ai the*e thing*, an then #e )ent a)ay an hi #im*e'& &rom them %)a* 'o*t to their 4ie)(/ 17 $4en though #e ha one *o many mirac'e* be&ore them ,right be&ore their eye*-, yet they *ti'' i not tru*t in #im an &ai'e to be'ie4e in #im77 18 ?o that )hat !*aiah the prophet *ai )a* &u'&i''e H Lor , )ho ha* be'ie4e our report an our me**age@ 0n to )hom ha* the arm ,the po)er- o& the Lor been *ho)n ,un4ei'e an re4ea'e -@ ,:19 48

There&ore they cou' not be'ie4e %they )ere unab'e to be'ie4e(/ For !*aiah ha* a'*o *ai ,

#e ha* b'in e their eye* an har ene an benumbe their %ca''ou*, egenerate ( heart* %#e ha* ma e their min * u''(, to keep them &rom *eeing )ith their eye* an un er*tan ing )ith their heart* an min * an repenting an turning to =e to hea' them/
41 42

!*aiah *ai thi* becau*e he *a) #i* g'ory an *poke o& #im/,$-

0n yet %in *pite o& a'' thi*( many e4en o& the 'ea ing men ,the authoritie* an the nob'e*- be'ie4e an tru*te in #im/ 6ut becau*e o& the Ahari*ee* they i not con&e** it, &or &ear that %i& they *hou' ackno)'e ge #im( they )ou' be e2pe''e &rom the *ynagogue3
41 For they 'o4e the appro4a' an the prai*e an the g'ory that come &rom men %in*tea o& an ( more than the g'ory that come* &rom .o / %They 4a'ue their cre it )ith men more than their cre it )ith .o /( 44 6ut 5e*u* 'ou 'y ec'are , The one )ho be'ie4e* in =e oe* not %on'y( be'ie4e in an tru*t in an re'y on =e, but %in be'ie4ing in =e he be'ie4e*( in #im +ho *ent =e/ 45 46

0n )hoe4er *ee* =e *ee* #im +ho *ent =e/

! ha4e come a* a Light into the )or' , *o that )hoe4er be'ie4e* in =e %)hoe4er c'ea4e* to an tru*t* in an re'ie* on =e( may not continue to 'i4e in arkne**/
47 !& anyone hear* =y teaching* an &ai'* to ob*er4e them % oe* not keep them, but i*regar * them(, it i* not ! )ho <u ge* him/ For ! ha4e not come to <u ge an to con emn an to pa** *entence an to in&'ict pena'ty on the )or' , but to *a4e the )or' /

48 0nyone )ho re<ect* =e an per*i*tent'y *et* =e at naught, re&u*ing to accept =y teaching*, ha* hi* <u ge %ho)e4er(3 &or the %4ery( me**age that ! ha4e *poken )i'' it*e'& <u ge an con4ict him at the 'a*t ay/ 49 Thi* i* becau*e ! ha4e ne4er *poken on =y o)n authority or o& =y o)n accor or a* *e'&7appointe , but the Father +ho *ent =e ha* #im*e'& gi4en =e or er* %concerning( )hat to *ay an )hat to te''/,F58 0n ! kno) that #i* comman ment i* ,mean*- eterna' 'i&e/ ?o )hate4er ! *peak, ! am *aying %e2act'y( )hat =y Father ha* to' =e to *ay an in accor ance )ith #i* in*truction*/


a. b. A. B. C. D. E. F.

5ohn 12H7 =ar4in Jincent, +or ?tu ie*/ 5ohn 12H26 5o*eph Thayer, 0 .reek7$ng'i*h Le2icon/

Cross references: 5ohn 12H11 H A* 118H26 5ohn 12H15 H Kech 9H9 5ohn 12H14 H A* 118H4 5ohn 12H18 H !*a 51H1 5ohn 12H41 H !*a 6H9, 18 5ohn 12H49 H :eut 18H18, 19

John 13 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John 13
%"B+( 6$FBE$ the Aa**o4er Fea*t began, 5e*u* kne) ,)a* &u''y a)are- that the time ha come &or #im to 'ea4e thi* )or' an return to the Father/ 0n a* #e ha 'o4e tho*e )ho )ere #i* o)n in the )or' , #e 'o4e them to the 'a*t an %a(to the highe*t egree/
1 2 ?o %it )a*( uring *upper, ?atan ha4ing a'rea y put the thought o& betraying 5e*u* in the heart o& 5u a* !*cariot, ?imonG* *on, 1 %That( 5e*u*, kno)ing ,&u''y a)are- that the Father ha put e4erything into #i* han *, an that #e ha come &rom .o an )a* %no)( returning to .o , 4 5

.ot up &rom *upper, took o&& #i* garment*, an taking a %*er4antG*( to)e', #e &a*tene it aroun #i* )ai*t/

Then #e poure )ater into the )a*hba*in an began to )a*h the i*cip'e*G &eet an to )ipe them )ith the %*er4antG*( to)e' )ith )hich #e )a* gir e /
6 +hen #e came to ?imon Aeter, %Aeter( *ai to #im, Lor , are my &eet to be )a*he by Fou@ %!* it &or Fou to )a*h my &eet@( 7 8

5e*u* *ai to him, Fou o not un er*tan no) )hat ! am oing, but you )i'' un er*tan 'ater on/

Aeter *ai to #im, Fou *ha'' ne4er )a*h my &eet; 5e*u* an*)ere him, Dn'e** ! )a*h you, you ha4e no part )ith ,%b(in- =e %you ha4e no *hare in companion*hip )ith =e(/

?imon Aeter *ai to #im, Lor , %)a*h( not on'y my &eet, but my han * an my hea too;

5e*u* *ai to him, 0nyone )ho ha* bathe nee * on'y to )a*h hi* &eet, but i* c'ean a'' o4er/ 0n you %=y i*cip'e*( are c'ean, but not a'' o& you/
18 11

For #e kne) )ho )a* going to betray #im3 that )a* the rea*on #e *ai , "ot a'' o& you are c'ean/

12 ?o )hen #e ha &ini*he )a*hing their &eet an ha put on #i* garment* an ha *at o)n again, #e *ai to them, :o you un er*tan )hat ! ha4e one to you@ 11 14

Fou ca'' =e the Teacher ,=a*ter- an the Lor , an you are right in oing *o, &or that i* )hat ! am/

!& ! then, your Lor an Teacher ,=a*ter-, ha4e )a*he your &eet, you ought %it i* your uty, you are un er ob'igation, you o)e it( to )a*h one anotherG* &eet/
15 16

For ! ha4e gi4en you thi* a* an e2amp'e, *o that you *hou'

o %in your turn( )hat ! ha4e one to you/

! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, 0 *er4ant i* not greater than hi* ma*ter, an no one )ho i* *ent i* *uperior to the one )ho *ent him/
17 !& you kno) the*e thing*, b'e**e an happy an accor ing'y an rea''y o them(/ %c(

to be en4ie are you i& you practice them %i& you act

18 ! am not *peaking o& an ! o not mean a'' o& you/ ! kno) )hom ! ha4e cho*en3 but it i* that the ?cripture may be &u'&i''e , #e )ho eat* % (=y brea )ith =e ha* rai*e up hi* hee' again*t =e/,019 ! te'' you thi* no) be&ore it occur*, *o that )hen it oe* take p'ace you may be per*ua e an be'ie4e that ! am #e %+ho ! *ay ! am77the Chri*t, the 0nointe Bne, the =e**iah(/

! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, he )ho recei4e* an )e'come* an take* into hi* heart any me**enger o& =ine recei4e* =e %in <u*t that )ay(3 an he )ho recei4e* an )e'come* an take* =e into hi* heart recei4e* #im +ho *ent =e %in that *ame )ay(/
28 21 0&ter 5e*u* ha *ai the*e thing*, #e )a* troub'e , i*turbe , agitate - in *pirit an *ai , ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, one o& you )i'' e'i4er =e up %one o& you )i'' be &a'*e to =e an betray =e(; 22 21

The i*cip'e* kept 'ooking at one another, pu99'e a* to )hom #e cou' mean/ e'ighte in(, )a* rec'ining %ne2t to #im( on

Bne o& #i* i*cip'e*, )hom 5e*u* 'o4e %)hom #e e*teeme an 5e*u*G bo*om/
24 25 26

?o ?imon Aeter motione to him to a*k o& )hom #e )a* *peaking/ Then 'eaning back again*t 5e*u*G brea*t, he a*ke #im, Lor , )ho i* it@

5e*u* an*)ere , !t i* the one to )hom ! am going to gi4e thi* mor*e' ,bit- o& &oo a&ter ! ha4e ippe it/ ?o )hen #e ha ippe the mor*e' o& brea %into the i*h(, #e ga4e it to 5u a*, ?imon !*cariotG* *on/
27 Then a&ter %he ha taken( the bit o& &oo , ?atan entere into an took po**e**ion o& %5u a*(/ 5e*u* *ai to him, +hat you are going to o, o %e(more *)i&t'y than you *eem to inten an %&(make >uick )ork o& it/ 28 29

6ut nobo y rec'ining at the tab'e kne) )hy #e *poke to him or )hat #e meant by te''ing him thi*/

?ome thought that, *ince 5u a* ha the money bo2 ,the pur*e-, 5e*u* )a* te''ing him, 6uy )hat )e nee &or the Fe*ti4a', or that he *hou' gi4e *omething to the poor/
18 11

?o a&ter recei4ing the bit o& brea , he )ent out imme iate'y/ 0n it )a* night/

+hen he ha 'e&t, 5e*u* *ai , "o) i* the ?on o& =an g'ori&ie ; %"o) #e ha* achie4e #i* g'ory, #i* honor, #i* e2a'tation;( 0n .o ha* been g'ori&ie through an in #im/
12 0n i& .o i* g'ori&ie through an in #im, .o )i'' a'*o g'ori&y #im in #im*e'&, an #e )i'' g'ori&y #im at once an not e'ay/ 11 %:ear( 'itt'e chi' ren, ! am to be )ith you on'y a 'itt'e 'onger/ Fou )i'' 'ook &or =e an , a* ! to' the 5e)*, *o ! te'' you no)H you are not ab'e to come )here ! am going/ 14 ! gi4e you a ne) comman mentH that you *hou' 'o4e one another/ 5u*t a* ! ha4e 'o4e you, *o you too *hou' 'o4e one another/ 15 6y thi* *ha'' a'' %men( kno) that you are =y i*cip'e*, i& you 'o4e one another %i& you keep on *ho)ing 'o4e among your*e'4e*(/ 16 ?imon Aeter *ai to #im, Lor , )here are Fou going@ 5e*u* an*)ere , Fou are not ab'e to &o''o) =e no) )here ! am going, but you *ha'' &o''o) =e a&ter)ar */ 17 18

Aeter *ai to #im, Lor , )hy cannot ! &o''o) Fou no)@ ! )i'' 'ay o)n my 'i&e &or Fou/

5e*u* an*)ere , +i'' you %rea''y( 'ay o)n your 'i&e &or =e@ ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, be&ore a roo*ter cro)*, you )i'' eny =e %comp'ete'y i*o)n =e( three time*/


a. b.

5ohn 11H1 ?aint 5ohn Chry*o*tom, cite by 5o*eph Thayer, 0 .reek7$ng'i*h Le2icon/ 5ohn 11H8 Brigen ,the greate*t theo'ogian o& the ear'y .reek Church-3 0 am C'arke, The #o'y 6ib'e )ith 0 Commentary3 an other* *o interpret thi* pa**age/ "otice the Iin =eI empha*i* in 5ohn 15, e*pecia''y in 4er*e* 479, )or * *poken concerning the *ame *ub<ect, an on the *ame e4ening/

c. d. e. f. A.

5ohn 11H17 0'e2an er ?outer, Aocket Le2icon/ 5ohn 11H18 =any ancient manu*cript* rea I)ith =e/I 5ohn 11H27 5o*eph Thayer, 0 .reek7$ng'i*h Le2icon/ 5ohn 11H27 Char'e* 6/ +i''iam*, The "e) Te*tamentH 0 Tran*'ation/

Cross references: 5ohn 11H18 H A* 41H9

John 14 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John 14
:B "BT 'et your heart* be troub'e , i*tre**e , agitate -/ Fou be'ie4e in an a here to an tru*t in an re'y on .o 3 be'ie4e in an a here to an tru*t in an re'y a'*o on =e/
1 2 !n =y FatherG* hou*e there are many )e''ing p'ace* ,home*-/ !& it )ere not *o, ! )ou' ha4e to' you3 &or ! am going a)ay to prepare a p'ace &or you/ 1 0n )hen ,i&- ! go an make rea y a p'ace &or you, ! )i'' come back again an )i'' take you to =y*e'&, that )here ! am you may be a'*o/ 4 5 6

0n %to the p'ace( )here ! am going, you kno) the )ay/ Thoma* *ai to #im, Lor , )e o not kno) )here Fou are going, *o ho) can )e kno) the )ay@

5e*u* *ai to him, ! am the +ay an the Truth an the Li&e3 no one come* to the Father e2cept by ,through=e/
7 !& you ha kno)n =e %ha 'earne to recogni9e =e(, you )ou' a'*o ha4e kno)n =y Father/ From no) on, you kno) #im an ha4e *een #im/ 8 Ahi'ip *ai to #im, Lor , *ho) u* the Father %cau*e u* to *ee the Father77that i* a'' )e a*k(3 then )e *ha'' be *ati*&ie / 9 5e*u* rep'ie , #a4e ! been )ith a'' o& you &or *o 'ong a time, an o you not recogni9e an kno) =e yet, Ahi'ip@ 0nyone )ho ha* *een =e ha* *een the Father/ #o) can you *ay then, ?ho) u* the Father@

:o you not be'ie4e that ! am in the Father, an that the Father i* in =e@ +hat ! am te''ing you ! o not *ay on =y o)n authority an o& =y o)n accor 3 but the Father +ho 'i4e* continua''y in =e oe* the , %a(#i*- )ork* ,#i* o)n mirac'e*, ee * o& po)er-/
18 11 6e'ie4e =e that ! am in the Father an the Father in =e3 or e'*e be'ie4e =e &or the *ake o& the %4ery( )ork* them*e'4e*/ %!& you cannot tru*t =e, at 'ea*t 'et the*e )ork* that ! o in =y FatherG* name con4ince you/( 12 ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, i& anyone *tea &a*t'y be'ie4e* in =e, he )i'' him*e'& be ab'e to o the thing* that ! o3 an he )i'' o e4en greater thing* than the*e, becau*e ! go to the Father/ 11 0n ! )i'' o %! =y*e'& )i'' grant( )hate4er you a*k in =y "ame %a* Father may be g'ori&ie an e2to''e in ,through- the ?on/,014 15 %b(

pre*enting a'' that ! 0=(, *o that the


%Fe*( ! )i'' grant %! =y*e'& )i'' o &or you( )hate4er you *ha'' a*k in =y "ame %a* !& you %rea''y( 'o4e =e, you )i'' keep ,obey- =y comman */

pre*enting a'' that ! 0=(/

16 0n ! )i'' a*k the Father, an #e )i'' gi4e you another Com&orter ,Coun*e'or, #e'per, !nterce**or, 0 4ocate, ?trengthener, an ?tan by-, that #e may remain )ith you &ore4er77 17 The ?pirit o& Truth, +hom the )or' cannot recei4e ,)e'come, take to it* heart-, becau*e it oe* not *ee #im or kno) an recogni9e #im/ 6ut you kno) an recogni9e #im, &or #e 'i4e* )ith you %con*tant'y( an )i'' be in you/ 18

! )i'' not 'ea4e you a* orphan* %com&ort'e**, e*o'ate, berea4e , &or'orn, he'p'e**(3 ! )i'' come %back( to you/

19 5u*t a 'itt'e )hi'e no), an the )or' )i'' not *ee =e any more, but you )i'' *ee =e3 becau*e ! 'i4e, you )i'' 'i4e a'*o/ 28 0t that time %)hen that ay come*( you )i'' kno) %&or your*e'4e*( that ! am in =y Father, an you %are( in =e, an ! %am( in you/ 21 The per*on )ho ha* =y comman * an keep* them i* the one )ho %rea''y( 'o4e* =e3 an )hoe4er %rea''y( 'o4e* =e )i'' be 'o4e by =y Father, an ! %too( )i'' 'o4e him an )i'' *ho) ,re4ea', mani&e*t- =y*e'& to him/ %! )i'' 'et =y*e'& be c'ear'y *een by him an make =y*e'& rea' to him/( 22 5u a*, not !*cariot, a*ke #im, Lor , ho) i* it that Fou )i'' re4ea' Four*e'& %make Four*e'& rea'( to u* an not to the )or' @ 21 5e*u* an*)ere , !& a per*on %rea''y( 'o4e* =e, he )i'' keep =y )or %obey =y teaching(3 an =y Father )i'' 'o4e him, an +e )i'' come to him an make Bur home ,abo e, *pecia' )e''ing p'ace- )ith him/ 24 0nyone )ho oe* not %rea''y( 'o4e =e oe* not ob*er4e an obey =y teaching/ 0n the teaching )hich you hear an hee i* not =ine, but %come*( &rom the Father +ho *ent =e/ 25 26

! ha4e to' you the*e thing* )hi'e ! am *ti'' )ith you/

6ut the Com&orter ,Coun*e'or, #e'per, !nterce**or, 0 4ocate, ?trengthener, ?tan by-, the #o'y ?pirit, +hom the Father )i'' *en in =y name %in =y p'ace, to repre*ent =e an act on =y beha'&(, #e )i'' teach you a'' thing*/ 0n #e )i'' cau*e you to reca'' ,)i'' remin you o&, bring to your remembrance- e4erything ! ha4e to' you/
27 Aeace ! 'ea4e )ith you3 =y %o)n( peace ! no) gi4e an be>ueath to you/ "ot a* the )or' gi4e* o ! gi4e to you/ :o not 'et your heart* be troub'e , neither 'et them be a&rai / %?top a''o)ing your*e'4e* to be agitate an i*turbe 3 an o not permit your*e'4e* to be &ear&u' an intimi ate an co)ar 'y an un*ett'e /( 28 Fou hear =e te'' you, ! am going a)ay an ! am coming %back( to you/ !& you %rea''y( 'o4e =e, you )ou' ha4e been g'a , becau*e ! am going to the Father3 &or the Father i* greater an mightier than ! am/ 29 0n no) ! ha4e to' you %thi*( be&ore it occur*, *o that )hen it oe* take p'ace you may be'ie4e an ha4e &aith in an re'y on =e/ 18 ! )i'' not ta'k )ith you much more, &or the prince ,e4i' geniu*, ru'er- o& the )or' i* coming/ 0n he ha* no c'aim on =e/ %#e ha* nothing in common )ith =e3 there i* nothing in =e that be'ong* to him, an he ha* no po)er o4er =e/( 11 6ut %% (?atan i* coming an ( ! o a* the Father ha* comman e =e, *o that the )or' may kno) ,be con4ince - that ! 'o4e the Father an that ! o on'y )hat the Father ha* in*tructe =e to o/ %! act in &u'' agreement )ith #i* or er*/( Ei*e, 'et u* go a)ay &rom here/


a. b. c. d. A.

5ohn 14H18 ?e4era' ancient manu*cript* rea I#i* )ork*/I 5ohn 14H11 #ermann Cremer, 6ib'ico7Theo'ogica' Le2icon/ 5ohn 14H14 #ermann Cremer, 6ib'ico7Theo'ogica' Le2icon/ 5ohn 14H11 =ar4in Jincent, +or ?tu ie*/

Cross references: 5ohn 14H11 H $2o 1H14

John 15 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John 15

! 0= the True Jine, an =y Father i* the Jine re**er/

2 0ny branch in =e that oe* not bear &ruit %that *top* bearing( #e cut* a)ay ,trim* o&&, take* a)ay-3 an #e c'ean*e* an repeate 'y prune* e4ery branch that continue* to bear &ruit, to make it bear more an richer an more e2ce''ent &ruit/ 1 Fou are c'ean*e an prune a'rea y, becau*e o& the )or )hich ! ha4e gi4en you %the teaching* ! ha4e i*cu**e )ith you(/ 4 :)e'' in =e, an ! )i'' )e'' in you/ %Li4e in =e, an ! )i'' 'i4e in you/( 5u*t a* no branch can bear &ruit o& it*e'& )ithout abi ing in ,being 4ita''y unite to- the 4ine, neither can you bear &ruit un'e** you abi e in =e/ 5 ! am the Jine3 you are the branche*/ +hoe4er 'i4e* in =e an ! in him bear* much ,abun ant- &ruit/ #o)e4er, apart &rom =e %cut o&& &rom 4ita' union )ith =e( you can o nothing/ 6 !& a per*on oe* not )e'' in =e, he i* thro)n out 'ike a %broken7o&&( branch, an )ither*3 *uch branche* are gathere up an thro)n into the &ire, an they are burne / 7 !& you 'i4e in =e %abi e 4ita''y unite to =e( an =y )or * remain in you an continue to 'i4e in your heart*, a*k )hate4er you )i'', an it *ha'' be one &or you/ 8 +hen you bear ,pro uce- much &ruit, =y Father i* honore an g'ori&ie , an you *ho) an pro4e your*e'4e* to be true &o''o)er* o& =ine/ 9

! ha4e 'o4e you, %<u*t( a* the Father ha* 'o4e =e3 abi e in =y 'o4e %%a(continue in #i* 'o4e )ith =e(/

!& you keep =y comman ment* %i& you continue to obey =y in*truction*(, you )i'' abi e in =y 'o4e an 'i4e on in it, <u*t a* ! ha4e obeye =y FatherG* comman ment* an 'i4e on in #i* 'o4e/
18 11 ! ha4e to' you the*e thing*, that =y <oy an o& &u'' mea*ure an comp'ete an o4er&'o)ing/ 12 11

e'ight may be in you, an that your <oy an g'a ne** may be

Thi* i* =y comman mentH that you 'o4e one another %<u*t( a* ! ha4e 'o4e you/

"o one ha* greater 'o4e %no one ha* *ho)n *tronger a&&ection( than to 'ay o)n ,gi4e up- hi* o)n 'i&e &or hi* &rien */
14 15

Fou are =y &rien * i& you keep on oing the thing* )hich ! comman you to o/

! o not ca'' you *er4ant* ,*'a4e*- any 'onger, &or the *er4ant oe* not kno) )hat hi* ma*ter i* oing ,)orking out-/ 6ut ! ha4e ca''e you =y &rien *, becau*e ! ha4e ma e kno)n to you e4erything that ! ha4e hear &rom =y Father/ %! ha4e re4ea'e to you e4erything that ! ha4e 'earne &rom #im/(
16 Fou ha4e not cho*en =e, but ! ha4e cho*en you an ! ha4e appointe you %! ha4e p'ante you(, that you might go an bear &ruit an keep on bearing, an that your &ruit may be 'a*ting %that it may remain, abi e(, *o that )hate4er you a*k the Father in =y "ame %a* %b(pre*enting a'' that ! 0=(, #e may gi4e it to you/ 17 18 19

Thi* i* )hat ! comman youH that you 'o4e one another/ !& the )or' hate* you, kno) that it hate =e be&ore it hate you/

!& you be'onge to the )or' , the )or' )ou' treat you )ith a&&ection an )ou' 'o4e you a* it* o)n/ 6ut becau*e you are not o& the )or' %no 'onger one )ith it(, but ! ha4e cho*en ,*e'ecte - you out o& the )or' , the )or' hate* , ete*t*- you/
28 Eemember that ! to' you, 0 *er4ant i* not greater than hi* ma*ter %i* not *uperior to him(/ !& they per*ecute =e, they )i'' a'*o per*ecute you3 i& they kept =y )or an obeye =y teaching*, they )i'' a'*o keep an obey your*/ 21 6ut they )i'' o a'' thi* to you %in&'ict a'' thi* *u&&ering on you( becau*e o& %your bearing( =y name an on =y account, &or they o not kno) or un er*tan the Bne +ho *ent =e/ 22 !& ! ha not come an *poken to them, they )ou' not be gui'ty o& *in %)ou' be b'ame'e**(3 but no) they ha4e no e2cu*e &or their *in/ 21 24

+hoe4er hate* =e a'*o hate* =y Father/

!& ! ha not one ,accomp'i*he - among them the )ork* )hich no one e'*e e4er i , they )ou' not be gui'ty o& *in/ 6ut %the &act i*( no) they ha4e both *een %the*e )ork*( an ha4e hate both =e an =y Father/
25 26

6ut %thi* i* *o( that the )or )ritten in their La) might be &u'&i''e , They hate =e )ithout a cau*e/ ,0-

6ut )hen the Com&orter ,Coun*e'or, #e'per, 0 4ocate, !nterce**or, ?trengthener, ?tan by- come*, +hom ! )i'' *en to you &rom the Father, the ?pirit o& Truth +ho come* ,procee *- &rom the Father, #e %#im*e'&( )i'' te*ti&y regar ing =e/

6ut you a'*o )i'' te*ti&y an be =y )itne**e*, becau*e you ha4e been )ith =e &rom the beginning/


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5ohn 15H9 #ermann Cremer, 6ib'ico7Theo'ogica' Le2icon/ 5ohn 15H16 #ermann Cremer, 6ib'ico7Theo'ogica' Le2icon/

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5ohn 15H25 H A* 15H193 69H4

John 1

(Amplified Bible)

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John 1
! #0J$ to' you a'' the*e thing*, *o that you *hou' not be o&&en e ,taken una)are* an &a'ter, or be cau*e to *tumb'e an &a'' a)ay-/ %! to' you to keep you &rom being *can a'i9e an repe''e /(
1 2 They )i'' put you out o& ,e2pe' you &rom- the *ynagogue*3 but an hour i* coming )hen )hoe4er ki''* you )i'' think an c'aim that he ha* o&&ere *er4ice to .o / 1 4

0n they )i'' o thi* becau*e they ha4e not kno)n the Father or =e/

6ut ! ha4e to' you the*e thing* no), *o that )hen they occur you )i'' remember that ! to' you o& them/ ! i not *ay the*e thing* to you &rom the beginning, becau*e ! )a* )ith you/
5 6

6ut no) ! am going to #im +ho *ent =e, yet none o& you a*k* =e, +here are Fou going@

6ut becau*e ! ha4e *ai the*e thing* to you, *orro) ha* &i''e your heart* %taken comp'ete po**e**ion o& them(/
7 #o)e4er, ! am te''ing you nothing but the truth )hen ! *ay it i* pro&itab'e ,goo , e2pe ient, a 4antageou*- &or you that ! go a)ay/ 6ecau*e i& ! o not go a)ay, the Com&orter ,Coun*e'or, #e'per, 0 4ocate, !nterce**or, ?trengthener, ?tan by- )i'' not come to you %into c'o*e &e''o)*hip )ith you(3 but i& ! go a)ay, ! )i'' *en #im to you %to be in c'o*e &e''o)*hip )ith you(/ 8 0n )hen #e come*, #e )i'' con4ict an con4ince the )or' an bring emon*tration to it about *in an about righteou*ne** ,uprightne** o& heart an right *tan ing )ith .o - an about <u gmentH 9

0bout *in, becau*e they o not be'ie4e in =e %tru*t in, re'y on, an a here to =e(3

0bout righteou*ne** ,uprightne** o& heart an right *tan ing )ith .o -, becau*e ! go to =y Father, an you )i'' *ee =e no 'onger3
18 11 0bout <u gment, becau*e the ru'er ,e4i' geniu*, prince- o& thi* )or' %?atan( i* <u ge an con emne an *entence a'rea y i* pa**e upon him/ 12 ! ha4e *ti'' many thing* to *ay to you, but you are not ab'e to bear them or to take them upon you or to gra*p them no)/ 11 6ut )hen #e, the ?pirit o& Truth ,the Truth7gi4ing ?pirit- come*, #e )i'' gui e you into a'' the Truth ,the )ho'e, &u'' Truth-/ For #e )i'' not *peak #i* o)n me**age %on #i* o)n authority(3 but #e )i'' te'' )hate4er #e hear* %&rom the Father3 #e )i'' gi4e the me**age that ha* been gi4en to #im(, an #e )i'' announce an ec'are to you the thing* that are to come %that )i'' happen in the &uture(/ 14 #e )i'' honor an g'ori&y =e, becau*e #e )i'' take o& ,recei4e, ra) upon- )hat i* =ine an )i'' re4ea' , ec'are, i*c'o*e, tran*mit- it to you/

$4erything that the Father ha* i* =ine/ That i* )hat ! meant )hen ! *ai that #e %the ?pirit( )i'' take the thing* that are =ine an )i'' re4ea' , ec'are, i*c'o*e, tran*mit- it to you/
15 16 17

!n a 'itt'e )hi'e you )i'' no 'onger *ee =e, an again a&ter a *hort )hi'e you )i'' *ee =e/

?o *ome o& #i* i*cip'e* >ue*tione among them*e'4e*, +hat oe* #e mean )hen #e te''* u*, !n a 'itt'e )hi'e you )i'' no 'onger *ee =e, an again a&ter a *hort )hi'e you )i'' *ee =e, an , 6ecau*e ! go to =y Father@
18 19

+hat oe* #e mean by a 'itt'e )hi'e@ +e o not kno) or un er*tan )hat #e i* ta'king about/

5e*u* kne) that they )ante to a*k #im, *o #e *ai to them, 0re you )on ering an in>uiring among your*e'4e* )hat ! meant )hen ! *ai , !n a 'itt'e )hi'e you )i'' no 'onger *ee =e, an again a&ter a *hort )hi'e you )i'' *ee =e@
28 ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, that you *ha'' )eep an grie4e, but the )or' )i'' re<oice/ Fou )i'' be *orro)&u', but your *orro) )i'' be turne into <oy/

21 0 )oman, )hen *he gi4e* birth to a chi' , ha* grie& ,angui*h, agony- becau*e her time ha* come/ 6ut )hen *he ha* e'i4ere the chi' , *he no 'onger remember* her pain ,troub'e, angui*h- becau*e *he i* *o g'a that a man ,a chi' , a human being- ha* been born into the )or' / 22 ?o &or the pre*ent you are a'*o in *orro) ,in i*tre** an epre**e -3 but ! )i'' *ee you again an %then( your heart* )i'' re<oice, an no one can take &rom you your <oy ,g'a ne**, e'ight-/ 21 0n )hen that time come*, you )i'' a*k nothing o& =e %you )i'' nee to a*k =e no >ue*tion*(/ ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, that =y Father )i'' grant you )hate4er you a*k in =y "ame %a* %a(pre*enting a'' that ! 0=(/,024 Dp to thi* time you ha4e not a*ke a %*ing'e( thing in =y "ame %a* %b(pre*enting a'' that ! 0=(3 but no) a*k an keep on a*king an you )i'' recei4e, *o that your <oy ,g'a ne**, e'ight- may be &u'' an comp'ete/ 25 ! ha4e to' you the*e thing* in parab'e* ,4ei'e 'anguage, a''egorie*, ark *aying*-3 the hour i* no) coming )hen ! *ha'' no 'onger *peak to you in &igure* o& *peech, but ! *ha'' te'' you about the Father in p'ain )or * an open'y ,)ithout re*er4e-/

0t that time you )i'' a*k ,pray- in =y "ame3 an ! am not *aying that ! )i'' a*k the Father on your beha'& %&or it )i'' be unnece**ary(/
26 27 For the Father #im*e'& %ten er'y( 'o4e* you becau*e you ha4e 'o4e =e an ha4e be'ie4e that ! came out &rom the Father/ 28 ! came out &rom the Father an ha4e come into the )or' 3 again, ! am 'ea4ing the )or' an going to the Father/ 29 #i* i*cip'e* *ai , 0h, no) Fou are *peaking p'ain'y to u* an not in parab'e* ,4ei'e 'anguage an &igure* o& *peech-; 18 "o) )e kno) that Fou are ac>uainte )ith e4erything an ha4e no nee to be a*ke >ue*tion*/ 6ecau*e o& thi* )e be'ie4e that you %rea''y( came &rom .o / 11 12

5e*u* an*)ere them, :o you no) be'ie4e@ %:o you be'ie4e it at 'a*t@(

6ut take notice, the hour i* coming, an it ha* arri4e , )hen you )i'' a'' be i*per*e an *cattere , e4ery man to hi* o)n home, 'ea4ing =e a'one/ Fet ! am not a'one, becau*e the Father i* )ith =e/
11 ! ha4e to' you the*e thing*, *o that in =e you may ha4e %per&ect( peace an con&i ence/ !n the )or' you ha4e tribu'ation an tria'* an i*tre** an &ru*tration3 but be o& goo cheer %take courage3 be con&i ent, certain, un aunte (; For ! ha4e o4ercome the )or' / %! ha4e epri4e it o& po)er to harm you an ha4e con>uere it &or you/(


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5ohn 16H21 #ermann Cremer, 6ib'ico7Theo'ogica' Le2icon/ 5ohn 16H24 #ermann Cremer, 6ib'ico7Theo'ogica' Le2icon/

Cross references: 5ohn 16H21 H $2o 1H14

John 1! (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John 1!
+#$" 5$?D? ha *poken the*e thing*, #e 'i&te up #i* eye* to hea4en an *ai , Father, the hour ha* come/ .'ori&y an e2a't an honor an magni&y Four ?on, *o that Four ?on may g'ori&y an e2to' an honor an magni&y Fou/
1 2 %5u*t a*( Fou ha4e grante #im po)er an authority o4er a'' &'e*h ,a'' humankin -, %no) g'ori&y #im( *o that #e may gi4e eterna' 'i&e to a'' )hom Fou ha4e gi4en #im/

1 0n thi* i* eterna' 'i&eH %it mean*( to kno) ,to percei4e, recogni9e, become ac>uainte )ith, an un er*tan Fou, the on'y true an rea' .o , an %'ike)i*e( to kno) #im, 5e*u* %a* the( Chri*t ,the 0nointe Bne, the =e**iah-, +hom Fou ha4e *ent/ 4 5

! ha4e g'ori&ie Fou o)n here on the earth by comp'eting the )ork that Fou ga4e =e to o/

0n no), Father, g'ori&y =e a'ong )ith Four*e'& an re*tore =e to *uch ma<e*ty an honor in Four pre*ence a* ! ha )ith Fou be&ore the )or' e2i*te /
6 ! ha4e mani&e*te Four "ame %! ha4e re4ea'e Four 4ery ?e'&, Four rea' ?e'&( to the peop'e )hom Fou ha4e gi4en =e out o& the )or' / They )ere Four*, an Fou ga4e them to =e, an they ha4e obeye an kept Four )or / 7 8

"o) %at 'a*t( they kno) an un er*tan that a'' Fou ha4e gi4en =e be'ong* to Fou %i* rea''y an tru'y Four*(/

For the %uttere ( )or * that Fou ga4e =e ! ha4e gi4en them3 an they ha4e recei4e an accepte %them( an ha4e come to kno) po*iti4e'y an in rea'ity %to be'ie4e )ith ab*o'ute a**urance( that ! came &orth &rom Four pre*ence, an they ha4e be'ie4e an are con4ince that Fou i *en =e/
9 ! am praying &or them/ ! am not praying ,re>ue*ting- &or the )or' , but &or tho*e Fou ha4e gi4en =e, &or they be'ong to Fou/ 18 0'' %thing* that are( =ine are Four*, an a'' %thing* that are( Four* be'ong to =e3 an ! am g'ori&ie in ,through- them/ %They ha4e one =e honor3 in them =y g'ory i* achie4e /( 11 0n %no)( ! am no more in the )or' , but the*e are %*ti''( in the )or' , an ! am coming to Fou/ #o'y Father, keep in Four "ame %%a(in the kno)'e ge o& Four*e'&( tho*e )hom Fou ha4e gi4en =e, that they may be one a* +e %are one(/ 12 +hi'e ! )a* )ith them, ! kept an pre*er4e them in Four "ame %%b(in the kno)'e ge an )or*hip o& Fou(/ Tho*e Fou ha4e gi4en =e ! guar e an protecte , an not one o& them ha* peri*he or i* 'o*t e2cept the *on o& per ition %5u a* !*cariot77the one )ho i* no) oome to e*truction, e*tine to be 'o*t(, that the ?cripture might be &u'&i''e /,011 0n no) ! am coming to Fou3 ! *ay the*e thing* )hi'e ! am *ti'' in the )or' , *o that =y <oy may be ma e &u'' an comp'ete an per&ect in them %that they may e2perience =y e'ight &u'&i''e in them, that =y en<oyment may be per&ecte in their o)n *ou'*, that they may ha4e =y g'a ne** )ithin them, &i''ing their heart*(/ 14 ! ha4e gi4en an e'i4ere to them Four )or ,me**age- an the )or' ha* hate them, becau*e they are not o& the )or' % o not be'ong to the )or' (, <u*t a* ! am not o& the )or' / 15 ! o not a*k that Fou )i'' take them out o& the )or' , but that Fou )i'' keep an protect them &rom the e4i' one/ 16 17

They are not o& the )or' ,)or' 'y, be'onging to the )or' -, %<u*t( a* ! am not o& the )or' /

?ancti&y them %puri&y, con*ecrate, *eparate them &or Four*e'&, make them ho'y( by the Truth3 Four +or i* Truth/
18 19

5u*t a* Fou *ent =e into the )or' , ! a'*o ha4e *ent them into the )or' /

0n *o &or their *ake an on their beha'& ! *ancti&y , e icate, con*ecrate- =y*e'&, that they a'*o may be *ancti&ie , e icate , con*ecrate , ma e ho'y- in the Truth/
28 "either &or the*e a'one o ! pray %it i* not &or their *ake on'y that ! make thi* re>ue*t(, but a'*o &or a'' tho*e )ho )i'' e4er come to be'ie4e in ,tru*t in, c'ing to, re'y on- =e through their )or an teaching, 21 That they a'' may be one, %<u*t( a* Fou, Father, are in =e an ! in Fou, that they a'*o may be one in D*, *o that the )or' may be'ie4e an be con4ince that Fou ha4e *ent =e/ 22 ! ha4e gi4en to them the g'ory an honor )hich Fou ha4e gi4en =e, that they may be one %e4en( a* +e are oneH

! in them an Fou in =e, in or er that they may become one an per&ect'y unite , that the )or' may kno) an % e&inite'y( recogni9e that Fou *ent =e an that Fou ha4e 'o4e them %e4en( a* Fou ha4e 'o4e =e/
21 24 Father, ! e*ire that they a'*o )hom Fou ha4e entru*te to =e %a* Four gi&t to =e( may be )ith =e )here ! am, *o that they may *ee =y g'ory, )hich Fou ha4e gi4en =e %Four 'o4e gi&t to =e(3 &or Fou 'o4e =e be&ore the &oun ation o& the )or' / 25 B <u*t an righteou* Father, a'though the )or' ha* not kno)n Fou an ha* &ai'e to recogni9e Fou an ha* ne4er ackno)'e ge Fou, ! ha4e kno)n Fou %continua''y(3 an the*e men un er*tan an kno) that Fou ha4e *ent =e/ 26 ! ha4e ma e Four "ame kno)n to them an re4ea'e Four character an Four 4ery %c(?e'&, an ! )i'' continue to make %Fou( kno)n, that the 'o4e )hich Fou ha4e be*to)e upon =e may be in them %&e't in their heart*( an that ! %=y*e'&( may be in them/


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5ohn 17H11 0'bert 6arne*, "ote* on the "e) Te*tament/ 5ohn 17H12 0'bert 6arne*, "ote* on the "e) Te*tament/ 5ohn 17H26 5o*eph Thayer, 0 .reek7$ng'i*h Le2icon/

Cross references: 5ohn 17H12 H A* 41H93 5ohn 6H78

John 1" (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John 1"
#0J!". ?0!: the*e thing*, 5e*u* )ent out )ith #i* i*cip'e* beyon ,acro**- the )inter torrent o& the Ci ron %in the ra4ine(/ There )a* a gar en there, )hich #e an #i* i*cip'e* entere /
1 2 0n 5u a*, )ho )a* betraying #im an retire there )ith #i* i*cip'e*/

e'i4ering #im up, a'*o kne) the p'ace, becau*e 5e*u* ha o&ten

1 ?o 5u a*, obtaining an taking charge o& the ban o& *o' ier* an *ome guar * ,atten ant*- o& the high prie*t* an Ahari*ee*, came there )ith 'antern* an torche* an )eapon*/ 4 Then 5e*u*, kno)ing a'' that )a* about to be&a'' #im, )ent out to them an *ai , +hom are you *eeking@ %+hom o you )ant@( 5 They an*)ere #im, 5e*u* the "a9arene/ 5e*u* *ai to them, ! am #e/ 5u a*, )ho )a* betraying #im, )a* a'*o *tan ing )ith them/ 6 +hen 5e*u* *ai to them, ! am #e, they )ent back)ar * , re) back, 'urche back)ar - an &e'' to the groun / 7 8

Then again #e a*ke them, +hom are you *eeking@ 0n they *ai , 5e*u* the "a9arene/

5e*u* an*)ere , ! to' you that ! am #e/ ?o, i& you )ant =e %i& it i* on'y ! &or +hom you are 'ooking(, 'et the*e men go their )ay/
9 ,018 Then ?imon Aeter, )ho ha a *)or , re) it an *truck the high prie*tG* *er4ant an cut o&& hi* right ear/ The *er4antG* name )a* =a'chu*/ 11 There&ore, 5e*u* *ai to Aeter, Aut the *)or %back( into the *heath; The cup )hich =y Father ha* gi4en =e, *ha'' ! not rink it@ 12 11

Thu* )hat #e ha *ai )a* &u'&i''e an 4eri&ie , B& tho*e )hom Fou ha4e gi4en =e, ! ha4e not 'o*t e4en one/

?o the troop* an their captain an the guar * ,atten ant*- o& the 5e)* *ei9e 5e*u* an boun #im,

0n they brought #im &ir*t to 0nna*, &or he )a* the &ather7in7'a) o& Caiapha*, )ho )a* the high prie*t that year/
14 !t )a* Caiapha* )ho ha coun*e'e the 5e)* that it )a* e2pe ient an &or their )e'&are that one man *hou' ie &or ,in*tea o&, in beha'& o&- the peop'e/,615 "o) ?imon Aeter an another i*cip'e )ere &o''o)ing 5e*u*/ 0n that i*cip'e )a* kno)n to the high prie*t, an *o he entere a'ong )ith 5e*u* into the court o& the pa'ace o& the high prie*t3 16 6ut Aeter )a* *tan ing out*i e at the oor/ ?o the other i*cip'e, )ho )a* kno)n to the high prie*t, )ent out an *poke to the mai )ho kept the oor an brought Aeter in*i e/ 17 Then the mai )ho )a* in charge at the oor *ai to Aeter, Fou are not a'*o one o& the i*cip'e* o& thi* =an, are you@ #e *ai , ! am not;


18 "o) the *er4ant* an the guar * ,the atten ant*- ha ma e a &ire o& coa'*, &or it )a* co' , an they )ere *tan ing an )arming them*e'4e*/ 0n Aeter )a* )ith them, *tan ing an )arming him*e'&/ 19

Then the high prie*t >ue*tione 5e*u* about #i* i*cip'e* an about #i* teaching/

28 5e*u* an*)ere him, ! ha4e *poken open'y to the )or' / ! ha4e a')ay* taught in a *ynagogue an in the temp'e %area(, )here the 5e)* %habitua''y( congregate ,a**emb'e-3 an ! ha4e *poken nothing *ecret'y/ 21 22

+hy o you a*k =e@ 0*k tho*e )ho ha4e hear %=e( )hat ! *ai to them/ ?ee; They kno) )hat ! *ai /

6ut )hen #e *ai thi*, one o& the atten ant* )ho *too by *truck 5e*u*, *aying, !* that ho) the high prie*t@

Fou an*)er

21 5e*u* rep'ie , !& ! ha4e *ai anything )rong %i& ! ha4e *poken abu*i4e'y, i& there )a* e4i' in )hat ! *ai ( te'' )hat )a* )rong )ith it/ 6ut i& ! *poke right'y an proper'y, )hy o you *trike =e@ 24 25

Then 0nna* *ent #im boun to Caiapha* the high prie*t/

6ut ?imon Aeter %*ti''( )a* *tan ing an )a* )arming him*e'&/ They *ai to him, Fou are not a'*o one o& #i* i*cip'e*, are you@ #e enie it an *ai , ! am not;
26 Bne o& the high prie*tG* *er4ant*, a re'ati4e o& the man )ho*e ear Aeter cut o&&, *ai , :i ! not *ee you in the gar en )ith #im@ 27 28

0n again Aeter enie it/ 0n imme iate'y a roo*ter cro)e /

Then they brought 5e*u* &rom Caiapha* into the Araetorium ,<u gment ha'', go4ernorG* pa'ace-/ 0n it )a* ear'y/ They them*e'4e* i not enter the Araetorium, that they might not be e&i'e ,become ceremonia''y unc'ean-, but might be &it to eat the Aa**o4er %*upper(/
29 18 11

?o Ai'ate )ent out to them an *ai , +hat accu*ation o you bring again*t thi*



They retorte , !& #e )ere not an e4i' oer ,crimina'-, )e )ou' not ha4e han e #im o4er to you/

Ai'ate *ai to them, Take #im your*e'4e* an <u ge an *entence an puni*h #im accor ing to your %o)n( 'a)/ The 5e)* an*)ere , !t i* not 'a)&u' &or u* to put anyone to eath/
12 Thi* )a* to &u'&i'' the )or )hich 5e*u* ha *poken to *ho) ,in icate, pre ict- by )hat manner o& eath #e )a* to ie/,C11 ?o Ai'ate )ent back again into the <u gment ha'' an ca''e 5e*u* an a*ke #im, 0re Fou the Cing o& the 5e)*@ 14 15

5e*u* rep'ie , 0re you *aying thi* o& your*e'& %on your o)n initiati4e(, or ha4e other* to' you about =e@

Ai'ate an*)ere , 0m ! a 5e)@ Four %o)n( peop'e an nation an their chie& prie*t* ha4e e'i4ere Fou to me/ +hat ha4e Fou one@
16 5e*u* an*)ere , =y king om ,king*hip, roya' po)er- be'ong* not to thi* )or' / !& =y king om )ere o& thi* )or' , =y &o''o)er* )ou' ha4e been &ighting to keep =e &rom being han e o4er to the 5e)*/ 6ut a* it i*, =y king om i* not &rom here ,thi* )or' -3 %it ha* no *uch origin or *ource(/ 17 Ai'ate *ai to #im, Then Fou are a Cing@ 5e*u* an*)ere , Fou *ay it; %Fou *peak correct'y;( For ! am a Cing/ %Certain'y ! am a Cing;( Thi* i* )hy ! )a* born, an &or thi* ! ha4e come into the )or' , to bear )itne** to the Truth/ $4eryone )ho i* o& the Truth %)ho i* a &rien o& the Truth, )ho be'ong* to the Truth( hear* an 'i*ten* to =y 4oice/

Ai'ate *ai to #im, +hat i* Truth@ Bn *aying thi* he )ent out to the 5e)* again an to' them, ! &in no &au't in #im/
18 19 6ut it i* your cu*tom that ! re'ea*e one %pri*oner( &or you at the Aa**o4er/ ?o *ha'' ! re'ea*e &or you the Cing o& the 5e)*@ 48

Then they a'' *houte back again, "ot #im %not thi* =an(, but 6arabba*; "o) 6arabba* )a* a robber/


a. b. c.

5ohn 18H17 Capita'i9e becau*e o& )hat #e i*, the *pot'e** ?on o& .o , not )hat the *peaker may ha4e thought #e )a*/ 5ohn 18H22 Capita'i9e becau*e o& )hat #e i*, the *pot'e** ?on o& .o , not )hat the *peaker may ha4e thought #e )a*/ 5ohn 18H29 Capita'i9e becau*e o& )hat #e i*, the *pot'e** ?on o& .o , not )hat the *peaker may ha4e thought #e )a*/

Cross references:

A. B. C.

5ohn 18H9 H 5ohn 6H193 17H12 5ohn 18H14 H 5ohn 11H49, 58 5ohn 18H12 H 5ohn 12H12714

John 1# (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John 1#

?B T#$" Ai'ate took 5e*u* an *courge ,&'ogge , )hippe - #im/

2 0n the *o' ier*, ha4ing t)i*te together a cro)n o& thorn*, put it on #i* hea , an thre) a purp'e c'oak aroun #im/ 1 0n they kept coming to #im an *aying, #ai', Cing o& the 5e)*; %.oo hea'th to you; Aeace to you; Long 'i&e to you, Cing o& the 5e)*;( 0n they *truck #im )ith the pa'm* o& their han */ ,04 Then Ai'ate )ent out again an *ai to them, ?ee, ! bring #im out to you, *o that you may kno) that ! &in no &au't ,crime, cau*e &or accu*ation- in #im/ 5 ?o 5e*u* came out )earing the thorny cro)n an purp'e c'oak, an Ai'ate *ai to them, ?ee, %here i*( the =an;


6 +hen the chie& prie*t* an atten ant* ,guar *- *a) #im, they crie out, Cruci&y #im; Cruci&y #im; Ai'ate *ai to them, Take #im your*e'4e* an cruci&y #im, &or ! &in no &au't ,crime- in #im/ 7 The 5e)* an*)ere him, +e ha4e a 'a), an accor ing to that 'a) #e *hou' ma e #im*e'& out to be the ?on o& .o / 8 9

ie, becau*e #e ha* c'aime an

?o, )hen Ai'ate hear thi* *ai , he )a* more a'arme an a)e*tricken an a&rai than be&ore/ o Fou be'ong@(

#e )ent into the <u gment ha'' again an *ai to 5e*u*, +here are Fou &rom@ %To )hat )or' 6ut 5e*u* i not an*)er him/

18 ?o Ai'ate *ai to #im, +i'' Fou not *peak %e4en( to me@ :o Fou not kno) that ! ha4e po)er ,authority- to re'ea*e Fou an ! ha4e po)er to cruci&y Fou@ 11 5e*u* an*)ere , Fou )ou' not ha4e any po)er or authority )hat*oe4er again*t ,o4er- =e i& it )ere not gi4en you &rom abo4e/ For thi* rea*on the *in an gui't o& the one )ho e'i4ere =e o4er to you i* greater/ 12 Dpon thi*, Ai'ate )ante ,*ought, )a* an2iou*- to re'ea*e #im, but the 5e)* kept *hrieking, !& you re'ea*e thi* =an, you are no &rien o& Cae*ar; 0nybo y )ho make* him*e'& %out to be( a king *et* him*e'& up again*t Cae*ar %i* a rebe' again*t the emperor(; 11 #earing thi*, Ai'ate brought 5e*u* out an *at o)n on the <u gment *eat at a p'ace ca''e the Aa4ement %the =o*aic Aa4ement, the ?tone A'at&orm(77in #ebre), .abbatha/ 14 "o) it )a* the ay o& Areparation &or the Aa**o4er, an it )a* about the *i2th hour ,about t)e'4e oGc'ock noon-/ #e *ai to the 5e)*, ?ee, %here i*( your Cing; 15 6ut they *houte , 0)ay )ith #im; 0)ay )ith #im; Cruci&y #im; Ai'ate *ai to them, Cruci&y your Cing@ The chie& prie*t* an*)ere , +e ha4e no king but Cae*ar; 16 17

Then he e'i4ere #im o4er to them to be cruci&ie /

0n they took 5e*u* an 'e %#im( a)ay3 *o #e )ent out, bearing #i* o)n cro**, to the *pot ca''e The A'ace o& the ?ku''77in #ebre) it i* ca''e .o'gotha/

There they cruci&ie #im, an )ith #im t)o other*77one on either *i e an 5e*u* bet)een them/ ,6-

19 0n Ai'ate a'*o )rote a tit'e ,an in*cription on a p'acar - an put it on the cro**/ 0n the )riting )a*H 5e*u* the "a9arene, the Cing o& the 5e)*/ 28 0n many o& the 5e)* rea thi* tit'e, &or the p'ace )here 5e*u* )a* cruci&ie )a* near the city, an it )a* )ritten in #ebre), in Latin, %an ( in .reek/ 21 Then the chie& prie*t* o& the 5e)* *ai to Ai'ate, :o not )rite, The Cing o& the 5e)*, but, #e *ai , ! am Cing o& the 5e)*/ 22 21

Ai'ate rep'ie , +hat ! ha4e )ritten, ! ha4e )ritten/

Then the *o' ier*, )hen they ha cruci&ie 5e*u*, took #i* garment* an ma e &our part*, one *hare &or each *o' ier, an a'*o the tunic ,the 'ong *hirt'ike un ergarment-/ 6ut the tunic )a* *eam'e**, )o4en %in one piece( &rom the top throughout/

24 ?o they *ai to one another, Let u* not tear it, but 'et u* ca*t 'ot* to eci e )ho*e it *ha'' be/ Thi* )a* to &u'&i'' the ?cripture, They parte =y garment* among them, an &or =y c'othing they ca*t 'ot*/ ?o the *o' ier* i the*e thing*/,C25 6ut by the cro** o& 5e*u* *too #i* mother, #i* motherG* *i*ter, =ary the %)i&e( o& C'opa*, an =ary =ag a'ene/ 26 ?o 5e*u*, *eeing #i* mother there, an the i*cip'e )hom #e 'o4e *tan ing near, *ai to #i* mother, %%b(:ear( )oman, ?ee, %here i*( your *on; 27 Then #e *ai to the i*cip'e, ?ee, %here i*( your mother; 0n &rom that hour, the i*cip'e took her into hi* o)n %keeping, o)n home(/ 28

0&ter thi*, 5e*u*, kno)ing that a'' )a* no) &ini*he ,en e -, *ai in &u'&i''ment o& the ?cripture, ! thir*t/ ,:-

29 0 4e**e' ,<ar- &u'' o& *our )ine ,4inegar- )a* p'ace there, *o they put a *ponge *oake in the *our )ine on %a *ta'k, ree o&( hy**op, an he' it to %#i*( mouth/ 18 +hen 5e*u* ha recei4e the *our )ine, #e *ai , !t i* &ini*he ; 0n #e bo)e #i* hea an ga4e up #i* *pirit/ 11 ?ince it )a* the ay o& Areparation, in or er to pre4ent the bo ie* &rom hanging on the cro** on the ?abbath77&or that ?abbath )a* a 4ery *o'emn an important one77the 5e)* re>ue*te Ai'ate to ha4e the 'eg* broken an the bo ie* taken a)ay/ 12 11 14 15

?o the *o' ier* came an broke the 'eg* o& the &ir*t one, an o& the other )ho ha been cruci&ie )ith #im/ 6ut )hen they came to 5e*u* an they *a) that #e )a* a'rea y ea , they i not break #i* 'eg*/ 6ut one o& the *o' ier* pierce #i* *i e )ith a *pear, an imme iate'y b'oo an )ater came ,&'o)e - out/

0n he )ho *a) it ,the eye)itne**- gi4e* thi* e4i ence, an hi* te*timony i* true3 an he kno)* that he te''* the truth, that you may be'ie4e a'*o/
16 For the*e thing* took p'ace, that the ?cripture might be &u'&i''e ,4eri&ie , carrie out-, "ot one o& #i* bone* *ha'' be broken3,$17

0n again another ?cripture *ay*, They *ha'' 'ook on #im +hom they ha4e pierce /,F-

18 0n a&ter thi*, 5o*eph o& 0rimathea77a i*cip'e o& 5e*u*, but *ecret'y &or &ear o& the 5e)*77a*ke Ai'ate to 'et him take a)ay the bo y o& 5e*u*/ 0n Ai'ate grante him permi**ion/ ?o he came an took a)ay #i* bo y/ 19 0n "ico emu* a'*o, )ho &ir*t ha come to 5e*u* by night, came bringing a mi2ture o& myrrh an a'oe*, %)eighing( about a hun re poun */ 48 ?o they took 5e*u*G bo y an boun it in 'inen c'oth* )ith the *pice* ,aromatic*-, a* i* the 5e)*G cu*tomary )ay to prepare &or buria'/ 41 "o) there )a* a gar en in the p'ace )here #e )a* cruci&ie , an in the gar en a ne) tomb, in )hich no one ha e4er %yet( been 'ai / 42

?o there, becau*e o& the 5e)i*h ay o& Areparation %an ( *ince the tomb )a* near by, they 'ai 5e*u*/


a. b. A. B. C. D. E. F.

5ohn 19H5 Capita'i9e becau*e o& )hat #e i*, the *pot'e** ?on o& .o , not )hat the *peaker may ha4e thought #e )a*/ 5ohn 19H26 ./ 0bbott7?mith, =anua' .reek Le2iconH I0 term o& re*pect an en earment/I

Cross references: 5ohn 19H1 H !*a 51H1, 5, 7 5ohn 19H18 H !*a 51H12 5ohn 19H24 H A* 22H18 5ohn 19H28 H A* 69H21 5ohn 19H16 H $2o 12H463 "um 9H123 A* 14H28 5ohn 19H17 H Kech 12H18

John 2$ (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John 2$
"B+ B" the &ir*t ay o& the )eek, =ary =ag a'ene came to the tomb ear'y, )hi'e it )a* *ti'' ark, an *a) that the *tone ha been remo4e &rom ,'i&te out o& the groo4e acro** the entrance o&- the tomb/
1 2 ?o *he ran an )ent to ?imon Aeter an the other i*cip'e, )hom 5e*u* %ten er'y( 'o4e , an *ai to them, They ha4e taken a)ay the Lor out o& the tomb, an )e o not kno) )here they ha4e 'ai #im; 1 4 5 6 7

Dpon thi*, Aeter an the other i*cip'e came out an they )ent to)ar the tomb/ 0n they came running together, but the other i*cip'e outran Aeter an arri4e at the tomb &ir*t/ 0n *tooping o)n, he *a) the 'inen c'oth* 'ying there, but he i not enter/ Then ?imon Aeter came up, &o''o)ing him, an )ent into the tomb an *a) the 'inen c'oth* 'ying there3

6ut the buria' napkin ,kerchie&- )hich ha been aroun 5e*u*G hea , )a* not 'ying )ith the other 'inen c'oth*, but )a* %*ti''( %a(ro''e up ,)rappe roun an roun - in a p'ace by it*e'&/
8 Then the other i*cip'e, )ho ha reache the tomb &ir*t, )ent in too3 an he *a) an )a* con4ince an be'ie4e / 9 ,018 11

For a* yet they i not kno) ,un er*tan - the *tatement o& ?cripture that #e mu*t ri*e again &rom the ea / Then the i*cip'e* )ent back again to their home* ,'o ging p'ace*-/ o)n %an 'ooke ( into the

6ut =ary remaine *tan ing out*i e the tomb *obbing/ 0* *he )ept, *he *toope tomb/

12 0n *he *a) t)o ange'* in )hite *itting there, one at the hea an one at the &eet, )here the bo y o& 5e*u* ha 'ain/ 11 0n they *ai to her, +oman, )hy are you *obbing@ ?he to' them, 6ecau*e they ha4e taken a)ay my Lor , an ! o not kno) )here they ha4e 'ai #im/ 14 Bn *aying thi*, *he turne aroun an *a) 5e*u* *tan ing %there(, but *he i not kno) ,recogni9e- that it )a* 5e*u*/ 15 5e*u* *ai to her, +oman, )hy are you crying %*o(@ For +hom are you 'ooking@ ?uppo*ing that it )a* the gar ener, *he rep'ie , ?ir, i& you carrie #im a)ay &rom here, te'' me )here you ha4e put #im an ! )i'' take #im a)ay/ 16 5e*u* *ai to her, =ary; Turning aroun *he *ai to #im in #ebre), Eabboni;77)hich mean* Teacher or =a*ter/ 17 5e*u* *ai to her, :o not c'ing to =e % o not ho' =e(, &or ! ha4e not yet a*cen e to the Father/ 6ut go to =y brethren an te'' them, ! am a*cen ing to =y Father an your Father, an to =y .o an your .o / 18 0)ay came =ary =ag a'ene, bringing the i*cip'e* ne)* ,)or - that *he ha *een the Lor an that #e ha *ai the*e thing* to her/ 19 Then on that *ame &ir*t ay o& the )eek, )hen it )a* e4ening, though the i*cip'e* )ere behin c'o*e &or &ear o& the 5e)*, 5e*u* came an *too among them an *ai , Aeace to you; 28 ?o *aying, #e *ho)e them #i* han * an #i* *i e/ 0n )hen the i*cip'e* *a) the Lor , they )ere &i''e )ith <oy , e'ight, e2u'tation, ec*ta*y, rapture-/ 21 22 21


Then 5e*u* *ai to them again, Aeace to you; %5u*t( a* the Father ha* *ent =e &orth, *o ! am *en ing you/ 0n ha4ing *ai thi*, #e breathe on them an *ai to them, Eecei4e the #o'y ?pirit;

%"o) ha4ing recei4e the #o'y ?pirit, an being %b('e an irecte by #im( i& you &orgi4e the *in* o& anyone, they are &orgi4en3 i& you retain the *in* o& anyone, they are retaine /
24 25

6ut Thoma*, one o& the T)e'4e, ca''e the T)in, )a* not )ith them )hen 5e*u* came/

?o the other i*cip'e* kept te''ing him, +e ha4e *een the Lor ; 6ut he *ai to them, Dn'e** ! *ee in #i* han * the mark* ma e by the nai'* an put my &inger into the nai' print*, an put my han into #i* *i e, ! )i'' ne4er be'ie4e %it(/

26 $ight ay* 'ater #i* i*cip'e* )ere again in the hou*e, an Thoma* )a* )ith them/ 5e*u* came, though they )ere behin c'o*e oor*, an *too among them an *ai , Aeace to you; 27 Then #e *ai to Thoma*, Eeach out your &inger here, an *ee =y han *3 an put out your han an p'ace %it( in =y *i e/ :o not be &aith'e** an incre u'ou*, but %*top your unbe'ie& an ( be'ie4e; 28 29

Thoma* an*)ere #im, =y Lor an my .o ;

5e*u* *ai to him, 6ecau*e you ha4e *een =e, Thoma*, o you no) be'ie4e ,tru*t, ha4e &aith-@ 6'e**e an happy an %c(to be en4ie are tho*e )ho ha4e ne4er *een =e an yet ha4e be'ie4e an a here to an tru*te an re'ie on =e/
18 There are a'*o many other *ign* an mirac'e* )hich 5e*u* per&orme in the pre*ence o& the i*cip'e* )hich are not )ritten in thi* book/ 11 6ut the*e are )ritten ,recor e - in or er that you may be'ie4e that 5e*u* i* the Chri*t ,the 0nointe Bne-, the ?on o& .o , an that through be'ie4ing an c'ea4ing to an tru*ting an re'ying upon #im you may ha4e 'i&e through ,in- #i* name %% (through +ho #e i*(/,6-


a. b. c. d. A. B.

5ohn 28H7 =ar4in Jincent, +or ?tu ie*/ 5ohn 28H21 =atthe) #enry, Commentary on the #o'y 6ib'e/ 5ohn 28H29 0'e2an er ?outer, Aocket Le2icon/ 5ohn 28H11 #ermann Cremer, 6ib'ico7Theo'ogica' Le2icon/

Cross references: 5ohn 28H9 H A* 16H18 5ohn 28H11 H A* 2H7, 12

John 21 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

John 21
0FT$E T#!?, 5e*u* 'et #im*e'& be *een an re4ea'e %#im*e'&( again to the i*cip'e*, at the ?ea o& Tiberia*/ 0n #e i it in thi* )ayH
1 2 There )ere together ?imon Aeter, an Thoma*, ca''e the T)in, an "athanae' &rom Cana o& .a'i'ee, a'*o the *on* o& Kebe ee, an t)o other* o& #i* i*cip'e*/ 1 ?imon Aeter *ai to them, ! am going &i*hing; They *ai to him, 0n )e are coming )ith you; ?o they )ent out an got into the boat, an throughout that night they caught nothing/ 4 =orning )a* a'rea y breaking )hen 5e*u* came to the beach an *too there/ #o)e4er, the i*cip'e* i not kno) that it )a* 5e*u*/ 5 ?o 5e*u* *ai to them, %a(6oy* ,chi' ren-, you o not ha4e any meat ,&i*h-, o you@ %#a4e you caught anything to eat a'ong )ith your brea @( They an*)ere #im, "o; 6 0n #e *ai to them, Ca*t the net on the right *i e o& the boat an you )i'' &in %*ome(/ ?o they ca*t the net, an no) they )ere not ab'e to hau' it in &or *uch a big catch ,ma**, >uantity- o& &i*h %)a* in it(/ 7 Then the i*cip'e )hom 5e*u* 'o4e *ai to Aeter, !t i* the Lor ; ?imon Aeter, hearing him *ay that it )a* the Lor , put ,gir e - on hi* upper garment ,hi* &i*hermanG* coat, hi* outer tunic-77&or he )a* *trippe %&or )ork(77 an *prang into the *ea/ 8 0n the other i*cip'e* came in the *ma'' boat, &or they )ere not &ar &rom *hore, on'y *ome hun re yar * a)ay, ragging the net &u'' o& &i*h/

9 +hen they got out on 'an ,the beach-, they *a) a &ire o& coa'* there an &i*h 'ying on it %cooking(, an brea / 18 11

5e*u* *ai to them, 6ring *ome o& the &i*h )hich you ha4e <u*t caught/

?o ?imon Aeter )ent aboar an hau'e the net to 'an , &u'' o& 'arge &i*h, 151 o& them3 an %though( there )ere *o many o& them, the net )a* not torn/
12 5e*u* *ai to them, Come %an ( ha4e break&a*t/ 6ut none o& the i*cip'e* 4enture or are to a*k #im, +ho are Fou@ becau*e they %)e''( kne) that it )a* the Lor / 11 14

5e*u* came an took the brea an ga4e it to them, an *o a'*o %)ith( the &i*h/

Thi* )a* no) the thir time that 5e*u* re4ea'e #im*e'& ,appeare , )a* mani&e*t- to the i*cip'e* a&ter #e ha ri*en &rom the ea /
15 +hen they ha eaten, 5e*u* *ai to ?imon Aeter, ?imon, *on o& 5ohn, o you 'o4e =e more than the*e %other* o77)ith rea*oning, intentiona', *piritua' e4otion, a* one 'o4e* the Father(@ #e *ai to #im, Fe*, Lor , Fou kno) that ! 'o4e Fou %that ! ha4e eep, in*tincti4e, per*ona' a&&ection &or Fou, a* &or a c'o*e &rien (/ #e *ai to him, Fee =y 'amb*/ 16 0gain #e *ai to him the *econ time, ?imon, *on o& 5ohn, o you 'o4e =e %)ith rea*oning, intentiona', *piritua' e4otion, a* one 'o4e* the Father(@ #e *ai to #im, Fe*, Lor , Fou kno) that ! 'o4e Fou %that ! ha4e a eep, in*tincti4e, per*ona' a&&ection &or Fou, a* &or a c'o*e &rien (/ #e *ai to him, ?hepher ,ten - =y *heep/ 17 #e *ai to him the thir time, ?imon, *on o& 5ohn, o you 'o4e =e %)ith a eep, in*tincti4e, per*ona' a&&ection &or =e, a* &or a c'o*e &rien (@ Aeter )a* grie4e ,)a* *a ene an hurt- that #e *hou' a*k him the thir time, :o you 'o4e =e@ 0n he *ai to #im, Lor , Fou kno) e4erything3 Fou kno) that ! 'o4e Fou %that ! ha4e a eep, in*tincti4e, per*ona' a&&ection &or Fou, a* &or a c'o*e &rien (/ 5e*u* *ai to him, Fee =y *heep/ 18 ! a**ure you, mo*t *o'emn'y ! te'' you, )hen you )ere young you gir e your*e'& %put on your o)n be't or gir 'e( an you )a'ke about )here4er you p'ea*e to go/ 6ut )hen you gro) o' you )i'' *tretch out your han *, an *omeone e'*e )i'' put a gir 'e aroun you an carry you )here you o not )i*h to go/ 19


#e *ai thi* to in icate by )hat kin o& eath Aeter )ou' g'ori&y .o / 0n a&ter thi*, #e *ai to him, Fo''o)

28 6ut Aeter turne an *a) the i*cip'e )hom 5e*u* 'o4e , &o''o)ing77the one )ho a'*o ha 'eane back on #i* brea*t at the *upper an ha *ai , Lor , )ho i* it that i* going to betray Fou@ 21 22

+hen Aeter *a) him, he *ai to 5e*u*, Lor , )hat about thi* man@

5e*u* *ai to him, !& ! )ant him to *tay ,*ur4i4e, 'i4e- unti' ! come, )hat i* that to you@ %+hat concern i* it o& your*@( Fou &o''o) =e;
21 ?o )or )ent out among the brethren that thi* i*cip'e )a* not going to ie3 yet 5e*u* i not *ay to him that he )a* not going to ie, but, !& ! )ant him to *tay ,*ur4i4e, 'i4e- ti'' ! come, )hat i* that to you@

!t i* thi* *ame i*cip'e )ho i* bearing )itne** to the*e thing* an )ho ha* recor e ,)ritten- them3 an )e %)e''( kno) that hi* te*timony i* true/
24 25 0n there are a'*o many other thing* )hich 5e*u* i / !& they *hou' be a'' recor e one by one %in etai'(, ! *uppo*e that e4en the )or' it*e'& cou' not contain ,ha4e room &or- the book* that )ou' be )ritten/



5ohn 21H5 0'e2an er ?outer, Aocket Le2icon/

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