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Acts 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

n Foun ation

Acts 1
!" T#$ %ormer account &'hich ! prepare (, ) Theophi*u+, ! ma e &a continuou+ report( ea*ing 'ith a** the thing+ 'hich ,e+u+ began to o an to teach-./
1 2 0nti* the ay 'hen #e a+cen e , a%ter #e through the #o*y 1pirit ha in+tructe an comman e the apo+t*e+ -+pecia* me++enger+/ 'hom #e ha cho+en2 3 To them a*+o #e +ho'e #im+e*% a*i4e a%ter #i+ pa++ion -#i+ +u%%ering in the gar en an on the cro++/ by &a +erie+ o%( many con4incing emon+tration+ &un5ue+tionab*e e4i ence+ an in%a**ib*e proo%+(, appearing to them uring %orty ay+ an ta*king &to them( about the thing+ o% the king om o% 6o 2 4 .n 'hi*e being in their company an eating 'ith them, #e comman e them not to *ea4e ,eru+a*em but to 'ait %or 'hat the Father ha promi+e , )% 'hich &#e +ai ( you ha4e hear 7e +peak2-8/ 5 For ,ohn bapti9e 'ith 'ater, but not many ay+ %rom no' you +ha** be bapti9e 'ith - &a(p*ace in, intro uce into/ the #o*y 1pirit2 6 1o 'hen they 'ere a++emb*e , they a+ke #im, Lor , i+ thi+ the time 'hen :ou 'i** ree+tab*i+h the king om an re+tore it to !+rae*; 7 #e +ai to them, !t i+ not %or you to become ac5uainte 'ith an kno' &b('hat time bring+ &the thing+ an e4ent+ o% time an their e%inite perio +( or %i<e &c(year+ an +ea+on+ -their critica* niche in time/, 'hich the Father ha+ appointe -%i<e an re+er4e / by #i+ o'n choice an authority an per+ona* po'er2 8 8ut you +ha** recei4e po'er -abi*ity, e%%iciency, an might/ 'hen the #o*y 1pirit ha+ come upon you, an you +ha** be 7y 'itne++e+ in ,eru+a*em an a** ,u ea an 1amaria an to the en + -the 4ery boun +/ o% the earth2 9 .n 'hen #e ha +ai thi+, e4en a+ they 'ere *ooking &at #im(, #e 'a+ caught up, an a c*ou recei4e an carrie #im a'ay out o% their +ight2 1=


.n 'hi*e they 'ere ga9ing intent*y into hea4en a+ #e 'ent, beho* , t'o men & re++e ( in 'hite robe+ en*y +too be+i e them,

11 >ho +ai , 7en o% 6a*i*ee, 'hy o you +tan ga9ing into hea4en; Thi+ +ame ,e+u+, >ho 'a+ caught a'ay an *i%te up %rom among you into hea4en, 'i** return in &?u+t( the +ame 'ay in 'hich you +a' #im go into hea4en2 12 Then &the i+cip*e+( 'ent back to ,eru+a*em %rom the hi** ca**e )*i4et, 'hich i+ near ,eru+a*em, &on*y( a 1abbath ay@+ ?ourney -threeA5uarter+ o% a mi*e/ a'ay2 13 .n 'hen they ha entere &the city(, they mounte &the +tair+( to the upper room 'here they 'ere && (in e%inite*y( +tayingAABeter an ,ohn an ,ame+ an .n re'C Bhi*ip an Thoma+, 8artho*ome' an 7atthe'C ,ame+ +on o% .*phaeu+ an 1imon the Dea*ot, an ,u a+ &+on( o% ,ame+2 14 .** o% the+e 'ith their min + in %u** agreement e4ote them+e*4e+ +tea %a+t*y to prayer, &'aiting together( 'ith the 'omen an 7ary the mother o% ,e+u+, an 'ith #i+ brother+2 15 "o' on one o% tho+e ay+ Beter aro+e among the brethren, the 'ho*e number o% 'hom gathere together 'a+ about a hun re an t'enty2 16 8rethren, he +ai , it 'a+ nece++ary that the 1cripture be %u*%i**e 'hich the #o*y 1pirit %oreto* by the *ip+ o% Ea4i , about ,u a+ 'ho acte a+ gui e to tho+e 'ho arre+te ,e+u+2 17 18

For he 'a+ counte among u+ an recei4e &by i4ine a**otment( hi+ portion in thi+ mini+try2

"o' thi+ man obtaine a piece o% *an 'ith the &money pai him a+ a( re'ar %or hi+ treachery an 'icke ne++, an %a**ing hea *ong he bur+t open in the mi *e &o% hi+ bo y( an a** hi+ inte+tine+ poure %orth2
19 .n a** the re+i ent+ o% ,eru+a*em became ac5uainte 'ith the %act+, +o that they ca**e the piece o% *an in their o'n ia** ama, that i+, Fie* o% 8*oo 2 2= For in the book o% B+a*m+ it i+ 'ritten, Let hi+ p*ace o% re+i ence become e+erte an g*oomy, an *et there be no one to *i4e in itC an &again(, Let another take hi+ po+ition or o4er+eer+hip2 -C/ 21 1o one o% the &other( men 'ho ha4e accompanie u+ &apo+t*e+( uring a** the time that the Lor ,e+u+ 'ent in an out among u+, 22 From the bapti+m o% ,ohn at the out+et unti* the ay 'hen #e 'a+ taken up %rom among u+AAone o% the+e men mu+t ?oin 'ith u+ an become a 'itne++ to te+ti%y to #i+ re+urrection2 23 .n they accor ing*y propo+e -nominate / t'o men, ,o+eph ca**e 8ar+abba+, 'ho 'a+ +urname ,u+tu+, an 7atthia+2

24 .n they praye an +ai , :ou, Lor , >ho kno' a** heart+ -&e(their thought+, pa++ion+, e+ire+, appetite+, purpo+e+, an en ea4or+/, in icate to u+ 'hich one o% the+e t'o :ou ha4e cho+en 25 To take the p*ace in thi+ mini+try an recei4e the po+ition o% an apo+t*e, %rom 'hich ,u a+ %e** a'ay an 'ent a+tray to go &'here he be*onge ( to hi+ o'n &proper( p*ace2 26 .n they re' *ot+ &bet'een the t'o(, an the *ot %e** on 7atthia+C an he 'a+ a the e*e4en apo+t*e+ -+pecia* me++enger+/2

e to an counte 'ith


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.ct+ 1F5 Genneth >ue+t, >or 1tu ie+ in the 6reek "e' Te+tament2 .ct+ 1F7 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon o% the "e' Te+tament2 .ct+ 1F7 Hichar Trench, 1ynonym+ o% the "e' Te+tament2 .ct+ 1F13 ,ame+ 7ou*ton an 6eorge 7i**igan, The Iocabu*ary o% the 6reek Te+tament2 .ct+ 1F24 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2

Cross references: .ct+ 1F1 F Luke 1F1A4 .ct+ 1F4 F ,ohn 14F16, 26C 15F26 .ct+ 1F2= F B+ 69F25C 1=9F8

Acts 2 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 2

."E >#$" the ay o% Benteco+t ha %u**y come, they 'ere a** a++emb*e together in one p*ace,

2 >hen +u en*y there came a +oun %rom hea4en *ike the ru+hing o% a 4io*ent tempe+t b*a+t, an it %i**e the 'ho*e hou+e in 'hich they 'ere +itting2 3 .n there appeare to them tongue+ re+emb*ing %ire, 'hich 'ere +eparate an on each one o% them2 4

i+tribute an 'hich +ett*e

.n they 'ere a** %i**e - i%%u+e throughout their +ou*+/ 'ith the #o*y 1pirit an began to +peak in other - i%%erent, %oreign/ *anguage+ -tongue+/, a+ the 1pirit &a(kept gi4ing them c*ear an *ou e<pre++ion &in each tongue in appropriate 'or +(2
5 "o' there 'ere then re+i ing in ,eru+a*em ,e'+, e4out an 6o A%earing men %rom e4ery country un er hea4en2 6 .n 'hen thi+ +oun 'a+ hear , the mu*titu e came together an they 'ere a+toni+he an be'i* ere , becau+e each one hear them &the apo+t*e+( +peaking in hi+ o'n &particu*ar( ia*ect2 7 8 9

.n they 'ere be+i e them+e*4e+ 'ith ama9ement, +aying, .re not a** the+e 'ho are ta*king 6a*i*ean+; Then ho' i+ it that 'e hear, each o% u+, in our o'n -particu*ar/ ia*ect to 'hich 'e 'ere born;

Barthian+ an 7e e+ an $*amite+ an inhabitant+ o% 7e+opotamia, ,u ea an Cappa ocia, Bontu+ an &the pro4ince o%( .+ia,
1= Bhrygia an Bamphy*ia, $gypt an the part+ o% Libya about Cyrene, an the tran+ient re+i ent+ %rom Home, both ,e'+ an the pro+e*yte+ &to ,u ai+m %rom other re*igion+(, 11 Cretan+ an .rabian+ tooAA'e a** hear them +peaking in our o'n nati4e tongue+ &an te**ing o%( the mighty 'ork+ o% 6o J

12 .n a** 'ere be+i e them+e*4e+ 'ith ama9ement an 'ere pu99*e an be'i* ere , +aying one to another, >hat can thi+ mean; 13 14

8ut other+ ma e a ?oke o% it an

eri+i4e*y +ai , They are +imp*y runk an %u** o% +'eet &into<icating( 'ine2

8ut Beter, +tan ing 'ith the e*e4en, rai+e hi+ 4oice an a re++e themF :ou ,e'+ an a** you re+i ent+ o% ,eru+a*em, *et thi+ be &e<p*aine ( to you +o that you 'i** kno' an un er+tan C *i+ten c*o+e*y to 'hat ! ha4e to +ay2
15 16 17

For the+e men are not runk, a+ you imagine, %or it i+ &on*y( the thir hour -about 9F== a2m2/ o% the ayC 8ut &in+tea ( thi+ i+ &the beginning o%( 'hat 'a+ +poken through the prophet ,oe*F

.n it +ha** come to pa++ in the *a+t ay+, 6o ec*are+, that ! 'i** pour out o% 7y 1pirit upon a** mankin , an your +on+ an your aughter+ +ha** prophe+y &&b(te**ing %orth the i4ine coun+e*+( an your young men +ha** +ee 4i+ion+ -&c( i4ine*y grante appearance+/, an your o* men +ha** ream && ( i4ine*y +ugge+te ( ream+2
18 :e+, an on 7y men+er4ant+ a*+o an on 7y mai +er4ant+ in tho+e ay+ ! 'i** pour out o% 7y 1pirit, an they +ha** prophe+y &&e(te**ing %orth the i4ine coun+e*+ an &%(pre icting %uture e4ent+ pertaining e+pecia**y to 6o @+ king om(2 19 2=

.n ! 'i** +ho' 'on er+ in the +ky abo4e an +ign+ on the earth beneath, b*oo an %ire an +moking 4aporC

The +un +ha** be turne into arkne++ an the moon into b*oo be%ore the ob4iou+ ay o% the Lor come+AA that great an notab*e an con+picuou+ an reno'ne & ay(2
21 .n it +ha** be that 'hoe4er +ha** ca** upon the name o% the Lor &&g(in4oking, a oring, an 'or+hiping the Lor AAChri+t( +ha** be +a4e 2-./ 22 :ou men o% !+rae*, *i+ten to 'hat ! ha4e to +ayF ,e+u+ o% "a9areth, a 7an accre ite an pointe out an +ho'n %orth an commen e an atte+te to you by 6o by the mighty 'ork+ an &the po'er o% per%orming( 'on er+ an +ign+ 'hich 6o 'orke through #im &right( in your mi +t, a+ you your+e*4e+ kno'AA 23 Thi+ ,e+u+, 'hen e*i4ere up accor ing to the e%inite an %i<e purpo+e an +ett*e p*an an %orekno'*e ge o% 6o , you cruci%ie an put out o% the 'ay &ki**ing #im( by the han + o% *a'*e++ an 'icke men2 24 &8ut( 6o rai+e #im up, *iberating #im %rom the pang+ o% eath, +eeing that it 'a+ not po++ib*e %or #im to continue to be contro**e or retaine by it2 25 For Ea4i +ay+ in regar to #im, ! +a' the Lor con+tant*y be%ore me, %or #e i+ at my right han that ! may not be +haken or o4erthro'n or ca+t o'n &%rom my +ecure an happy +tate(2 26 There%ore my heart re?oice an my tongue e<u*te e<cee ing*yC moreo4er, my %*e+h a*+o 'i** 'e** in hope &'i** encamp, pitch it+ tent, an 'e** in hope in anticipation o% the re+urrection(2 27 For :ou 'i** not aban on my +ou*, *ea4ing it he*p*e++ in #a e+ -the +tate o% eparte +pirit+/, nor *et :our #o*y )ne kno' ecay or +ee e+truction &o% the bo y a%ter eath(2 28 :ou ha4e ma e kno'n to me the 'ay+ o% *i%eC :ou 'i** enrapture me & i%%u+ing my +ou* 'ith ?oy( 'ith an in :our pre+ence2-8/ 29 8rethren, it i+ permitte me to te** you con%i ent*y an 'ith %ree om concerning the patriarch Ea4i that he both ie an 'a+ burie , an hi+ tomb i+ 'ith u+ to thi+ ay2 3= 8eing ho'e4er a prophet, an kno'ing that 6o ha +ea*e to him 'ith an oath that #e 'ou* +et one o% hi+ e+cen ant+ on hi+ throne, &!! 1am2 7F12A16C B+2 132F112( 31 #e, %ore+eeing thi+, +poke &by %orekno'*e ge( o% the re+urrection o% the Chri+t -the 7e++iah/ that #e 'a+ not e+erte &in eath( an *e%t in #a e+ -the +tate o% eparte +pirit+/, nor i #i+ bo y kno' ecay or +ee e+truction2-C/ 32 33

Thi+ ,e+u+ 6o rai+e up, an o% that a** 'e &#i+ i+cip*e+( are 'itne++e+2

8eing there%ore *i%te high by an to the right han o% 6o , an ha4ing recei4e %rom the Father &h(the promi+e &b*e++ing 'hich i+ the( #o*y 1pirit, #e ha+ ma e thi+ outpouring 'hich you your+e*4e+ both +ee an hear2
34 For Ea4i i not a+cen into the hea4en+C yet he him+e*% +ay+, The Lor +ai to my Lor , 1it at 7y right han an +hare 7y throne 35

0nti* ! make :our enemie+ a %oot+too* %or :our %eet2 -E/

36 There%ore *et the 'ho*e hou+e o% !+rae* recogni9e beyon a** oubt an ackno'*e ge a++ure *y that 6o ha+ ma e #im both Lor an Chri+t -the 7e++iah/AAthi+ ,e+u+ >hom you cruci%ie 2 37 "o' 'hen they hear thi+ they 'ere +tung -cut/ to the heart, an they +ai to Beter an the re+t o% the apo+t*e+ -+pecia* me++enger+/, 8rethren, 'hat +ha** 'e o; 38 .n Beter an+'ere them, Hepent -change your 4ie'+ an purpo+e to accept the 'i** o% 6o in your inner +e*4e+ in+tea o% re?ecting it/ an be bapti9e , e4ery one o% you, in the name o% ,e+u+ Chri+t %or the %orgi4ene++ o% an re*ea+e %rom your +in+C an you +ha** recei4e the gi%t o% the #o*y 1pirit2

39 For the promi+e &o% the #o*y 1pirit( i+ to an %or you an your chi* ren, an to an %or a** that are %ar a'ay, &e4en( to an %or a+ many a+ the Lor our 6o in4ite+ an bi + to come to #im+e*%2 -$/ 4= .n &Beter( &i(+o*emn*y an earne+t*y 'itne++e -te+ti%ie / an a moni+he -e<horte / 'ith much more continuou+ +peaking an 'arne -repro4e , a 4i+e , encourage / them, +aying, 8e +a4e %rom thi+ crooke -per4er+e, 'icke , un?u+t/ generation2 41 There%ore tho+e 'ho accepte an 'e*come hi+ me++age 'ere bapti9e , an there 'ere a about 3,=== +ou*+2

e that ay

42 .n they +tea %a+t*y per+e4ere , e4oting them+e*4e+ con+tant*y to the in+truction an %e**o'+hip o% the apo+t*e+, to the breaking o% brea &inc*u ing the Lor @+ 1upper( an prayer+2 43 .n a +en+e o% a'e -re4erentia* %ear/ came upon e4ery +ou*, an many 'on er+ an +ign+ 'ere per%orme through the apo+t*e+ -the +pecia* me++enger+/2 44 .n a** 'ho be*ie4e -'ho a here to an tru+te in an re*ie on ,e+u+ Chri+t/ 'ere unite an &together( they ha e4erything in commonC 45 .n they +o* their po++e++ion+ -both their *an e property an their mo4ab*e goo +/ an price among a**, accor ing a+ any ha nee 2

i+tribute the

46 .n ay a%ter ay they regu*ar*y a++emb*e in the temp*e 'ith unite purpo+e, an in their home+ they broke brea &inc*u ing the Lor @+ 1upper(2 They partook o% their %oo 'ith g*a ne++ an +imp*icity an generou+ heart+, 47 Con+tant*y prai+ing 6o an being in %a4or an goo 'i** 'ith a** the peop*eC an the Lor kept a their number( ai*y tho+e 'ho 'ere being +a4e &%rom +piritua* eath(2

ing &to


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.ct+ 2F4 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+ in the "e' Te+tament2 .ct+ 2F17 62 .bbottA1mith, 7anua* 6reek Le<icon o% the "e' Te+tament2 .ct+ 2F17 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 2F17 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 2F18 62 .bbottA1mith, 7anua* 6reek Le<icon2 .ct+ 2F18 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 2F21 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 2F33 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 2F4= 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+F The prepo+ition ia gi4e+ thi+ %orce2

Cross references: .ct+ 2F21 F ,oe* 2F28A32 .ct+ 2F28 F B+ 16F8A11 .ct+ 2F31 F B+ 16F1= .ct+ 2F35 F B+ 11=F1 .ct+ 2F39 F !+a 57F19C ,oe* 2F32

Acts 3 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 3
")> B$T$H an ,ohn 'ere going up to the temp*e at the hour o% prayer, the ninth hour -three o@c*ock in the a%ternoon/,
1 2 &>hen( a certain man cripp*e %rom hi+ birth 'a+ being carrie a*ong, 'ho 'a+ *ai each ay at that gate o% the temp*e &'hich i+( ca**e 8eauti%u*, +o that he might beg %or charitab*e gi%t+ %rom tho+e 'ho entere the temp*e2 3 4 5 6

1o 'hen he +a' Beter an ,ohn about to go into the temp*e, he a+ke them to gi4e him a gi%t2 .n Beter irecte hi+ ga9e intent*y at him, an +o i ,ohn, an +ai , Look at u+J .n &the man( pai attention to them, e<pecting that he 'a+ going to get +omething %rom them2

8ut Beter +ai , 1i*4er an go* -money/ ! o not ha4eC but 'hat ! o ha4e, that ! gi4e to youF in &the the name o% ,e+u+ Chri+t o% "a9areth, 'a*kJ

u+e o%(

7 Then he took ho* o% the man@+ right han 'ith a %irm grip an rai+e him up2 .n at once hi+ %eet an ank*e bone+ became +trong an +tea y, 8 .n *eaping %orth he +too an an prai+ing 6o 2 9 &b(

began to 'a*k, an he 'ent into the temp*e 'ith them, 'a*king an *eaping

.n a** the peop*e +a' him 'a*king about an prai+ing 6o ,

.n they recogni9e him a+ the man 'ho u+ua**y +at &begging( %or a*m+ at the 8eauti%u* 6ate o% the temp*eC an they 'ere %i**e 'ith 'on er an ama9ement -be'i* erment, con+ternation/ o4er 'hat ha occurre to him2
1= 11 "o' 'hi*e he &+ti**( %irm*y c*ung to Beter an ,ohn, a** the peop*e in utmo+t ama9ement ran together an cro' e aroun them in the co4ere porch -'a*k/ ca**e 1o*omon@+2 12 .n Beter, +eeing it, an+'ere the peop*e, :ou men o% !+rae*, 'hy are you +o +urpri+e an 'on ering at thi+; >hy o you keep +taring at u+, a+ though by our &o'n in i4i ua*( po'er or &acti4e( piety 'e ha ma e thi+ man &ab*e( to 'a*k; 13 The 6o o% .braham an o% !+aac an o% ,acob, the 6o o% our %ore%ather+, ha+ g*ori%ie #i+ 1er4ant an 1on ,e+u+ & oing #im thi+ honor(, >hom you in ee e*i4ere up an enie an re?ecte an i+o'ne in the pre+ence o% Bi*ate, 'hen he ha etermine to *et #im go2-./ &c( 14 8ut you enie an re?ecte an i+o'ne the Bure an #o*y, the ,u+t an 8*ame*e++ )ne, an &the par on o%( a mur erer to be grante to you2 15 16

eman e

8ut you ki**e the 4ery 1ource -the .uthor/ o% *i%e, >hom 6o rai+e %rom the ea 2 To thi+ 'e are 'itne++e+2

.n #i+ name, through an by %aith in #i+ name, ha+ ma e thi+ man 'hom you +ee an recogni9e 'e** an +trong2 &:e+( the %aith 'hich i+ through an by #im &,e+u+( ha+ gi4en the man thi+ per%ect +oun ne++ &o% bo y( be%ore a** o% you2
17 .n no', brethren, ! kno' that you acte in ignorance &not a'are o% 'hat you 'ere oing(, a+ i your ru*er+ a*+o2 18 Thu+ ha+ 6o %u*%i**e 'hat #e %oreto* by the mouth o% a** the prophet+, that #i+ Chri+t -the 7e++iah/ +hou* un ergo i** treatment an be a%%*icte an +u%%er2 19 1o repent -change your min an purpo+e/C turn aroun an return &to 6o (, that your +in+ may be era+e -b*otte out, 'ipe c*ean/, that time+ o% re%re+hing -o% reco4ering %rom the e%%ect+ o% heat, o% & (re4i4ing 'ith %re+h air/ may come %rom the pre+ence o% the Lor C 2= .n that #e may +en &to you( the Chri+t -the 7e++iah/, >ho be%ore 'a+ e+ignate an appointe %or youAA e4en ,e+u+, 21 >hom hea4en mu+t recei4e &an retain( unti* the time %or the comp*ete re+toration o% a** that 6o +poke by the mouth o% a** #i+ ho*y prophet+ %or age+ pa+t &%rom the mo+t ancient time in the memory o% man(2 22 Thu+ 7o+e+ +ai to the %ore%ather+, The Lor 6o 'i** rai+e up %or you a Brophet %rom among your brethren a+ &#e rai+e up( meC #im you +ha** *i+ten to an un er+tan by hearing an hee in a** thing+ 'hate4er #e te**+ you2 23 .n it +ha** be that e4ery +ou* that oe+ not *i+ten to an un er+tan by hearing an hee that Brophet +ha** be utter*y &e(e<terminate %rom among the peop*e2 -8/ 24 !n ee , a** the prophet+ %rom 1amue* an tho+e 'ho came a%ter'ar +, a+ many a+ ha4e +poken, a*+o promi+e an %oreto* an proc*aime the+e ay+2 25 :ou are the e+cen ant+ -+on+/ o% the prophet+ an the heir+ o% the co4enant 'hich 6o ma e an ga4e to your %ore%ather+, +aying to .braham, .n in your 1ee -#eir/ +ha** a** the %ami*ie+ o% the earth be b*e++e an bene%ite 2-C/ 26 !t 'a+ to you %ir+t that 6o +ent #i+ 1er4ant an 1on ,e+u+, 'hen #e rai+e #im up & &%(pro4i e an ga4e #im %or u+(, to b*e++ you in turning e4ery one o% you %rom your 'icke ne++ an e4i* 'ay+2 -E/


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.ct+ 3F6 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 3F8 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 3F13 The 6reek 'or u+e here mean+ both K1er4antK an KChi* K -K1onK/2 .ct+ 3F19 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 3F23 .*e<an er 1outer, Bocket Le<icon o% the 6reek "e' Te+tament2 .ct+ 3F26 Hobert ,amie+on, .2H2 Fau+ett an Ea4i 8ro'n, . Commentary on the )* an "e' Te+tament+2

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Acts 4 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 4
."E >#!L$ they &Beter an ,ohn( 'ere ta*king to the peop*e, the high prie+t+ an the mi*itary comman er o% the temp*e an the 1a ucee+ came upon them,
1 2 8eing 4e<e an in ignant through an through becau+e they 'ere teaching the peop*e an proc*aiming in &the ca+e o%( ,e+u+ the re+urrection %rom the ea 2 3 1o they *ai han + on them -arre+te them/ an put them in pri+on unti* the %o**o'ing ay, %or it 'a+ a*rea y e4ening2 4 8ut many o% tho+e 'ho hear the me++age be*ie4e -a here to an tru+te in an re*ie on ,e+u+ a+ the Chri+t/2 .n their number gre' an came to about 5,===2 5 6

Then on the %o**o'ing ay, their magi+trate+ an e* er+ an +cribe+ 'ere a++emb*e in ,eru+a*em,

!nc*u ing .nna+ the high prie+t an Caiapha+ an ,ohn an .*e<an er an a** other+ 'ho be*onge to the high prie+t*y re*ation+hip2
7 .n they +et the men in their mi +t an repeate *y eman e , 8y 'hat +ort o% po'er or by 'hat kin o% authority i &+uch peop*e a+( you o thi+ &hea*ing(; 8 Then Beter, &becau+e he 'a+( %i**e 'ith &an contro**e by( the #o*y 1pirit, +ai to them, Hu*er+ o% the peop*e an member+ o% the counci* -the 1anhe rin/, 9 !% 'e are being put on tria* &here( to ay an e<amine concerning a goo -he*p*e++/ cripp*e, by 'hat mean+ thi+ man ha+ been re+tore to hea*th,


one to bene%it a %eeb*e

1= Let it be kno'n an un er+too by a** o% you, an by the 'ho*e hou+e o% !+rae*, that in the name an through the po'er an authority o% ,e+u+ Chri+t o% "a9areth, >hom you cruci%ie , &but( >hom 6o rai+e %rom the ea , in #im an by mean+ o% #im thi+ man i+ +tan ing here be%ore you 'e** an +oun in bo y2 11 Thi+ &,e+u+( i+ the 1tone 'hich 'a+ e+pi+e an re?ecte by you, the bui* er+, but 'hich ha+ become the #ea o% the corner &the Corner+tone(2-./

12 .n there i+ +a*4ation in an through no one e*+e, %or there i+ no other name un er hea4en gi4en among men by an in 'hich 'e mu+t be +a4e 2 13 "o' 'hen they +a' the bo* ne++ an un%ettere e*o5uence o% Beter an ,ohn an percei4e that they 'ere un*earne an untraine in the +choo*+ &common men 'ith no e ucationa* a 4antage+(, they mar4e*e C an they recogni9e that they ha been 'ith ,e+u+2 14 .n +ince they +a' the man 'ho ha been cure +tan ing there be+i e them, they cou* not contra ict the %act or +ay anything in oppo+ition2 15 8ut ha4ing or ere &the pri+oner+( to go a+i e out o% the counci* &chamber(, they con%erre - ebate / among them+e*4e+, 16 1aying, >hat are 'e to o 'ith the+e men; For that an e<traor inary mirac*e ha+ been per%orme by -through/ them i+ p*ain to a** the re+i ent+ o% ,eru+a*em, an 'e cannot eny it2 17 8ut in or er that it may not +prea %urther among the peop*e an the nation, *et u+ 'arn an %orbi them 'ith a +tern threat to +peak any more to anyone in thi+ name &or about thi+ Ber+on(2 18 &1o( they +ummone them an imperati4e*y in+tructe them not to con4er+e in any 'ay or teach at a** in or about the name o% ,e+u+2 19 8ut Beter an ,ohn rep*ie to them, >hether it i+ right in the +ight o% 6o to *i+ten to you an obey you rather than 6o , you mu+t eci e -?u ge/2 2= 21

8ut 'e &our+e*4e+( cannot he*p te**ing 'hat 'e ha4e +een an hear 2

Then 'hen &the ru*er+ an counci* member+( ha %urther threatene them, they *et them go, not +eeing ho' they cou* +ecure a con4iction again+t them becau+e o% the peop*eC %or e4erybo y 'a+ prai+ing an g*ori%ying 6o %or 'hat ha occurre 2
22 23

For the man on 'hom thi+ +ign -mirac*e/ o% hea*ing 'a+ per%orme 'a+ more than %orty year+ o* 2

.%ter they 'ere permitte to go, &the apo+t*e+( returne to their o'n &company( an to* a** that the chie% prie+t+ an e* er+ ha +ai to them2
24 .n 'hen they hear it, *i%te their 4oice+ together 'ith one unite min to 6o an +ai , ) 1o4ereign Lor , :ou are #e >ho ma e the hea4en an the earth an the +ea an e4erything that i+ in them, -8/ 25 >ho by the mouth o% our %ore%ather Ea4i , :our +er4ant an chi* , +ai through the #o*y 1pirit, >hy i the heathen -6enti*e+/ become 'anton an in+o*ent an rage, an the peop*e imagine an +tu y an p*an 4ain -%ruit*e++/ thing+ &that 'i** not +uccee (; 26 The king+ o% the earth took their +tan in array &%or attack( an the ru*er+ 'ere a++emb*e an combine together again+t the Lor an again+t #i+ .nointe -Chri+t, the 7e++iah/2-C/ 27 For in thi+ city there actua**y met an p*otte together again+t :our ho*y Chi* an 1er4ant ,e+u+, >hom :ou con+ecrate by anointing, both #ero an Bontiu+ Bi*ate 'ith the 6enti*e+ an peop*e+ o% !+rae*, -E/ 28 29

To carry out a** that :our han an :our 'i** an purpo+e ha pre e+tine -pre etermine / +hou* occur2

.n no', Lor , ob+er4e their threat+ an grant to :our bon +er4ant+ &%u** %ree om( to ec*are :our me++age %ear*e++*y,
3= >hi*e :ou +tretch out :our han to cure an to per%orm +ign+ an 'on er+ through the authority an by the po'er o% the name o% :our ho*y Chi* an 1er4ant ,e+u+2 31 .n 'hen they ha praye , the p*ace in 'hich they 'ere a++emb*e 'a+ +hakenC an they 'ere a** %i**e 'ith the #o*y 1pirit, an they continue to +peak the >or o% 6o 'ith %ree om an bo* ne++ an courage2 32 "o' the company o% be*ie4er+ 'a+ o% one heart an +ou*, an not one o% them c*aime that anything 'hich he po++e++e 'a+ &e<c*u+i4e*y( hi+ o'n, but e4erything they ha 'a+ in common an %or the u+e o% a**2 33 .n 'ith great +trength an abi*ity an po'er the apo+t*e+ e*i4ere their te+timony to the re+urrection o% the Lor ,e+u+, an great grace -*o4ingAkin ne++ an %a4or an goo 'i**/ re+te rich*y upon them a**2 34 "or 'a+ there a e+titute or nee y per+on among them, %or a+ many a+ 'ere o'ner+ o% *an + or hou+e+ procee e to +e** them, an one by one they brought -ga4e back/ the amount recei4e %rom the +a*e+ 35 .n *ai it at the %eet o% the apo+t*e+ -+pecia* me++enger+/2 Then i+tribution 'a+ ma e accor ing a+ anyone ha nee 2 36 "o' ,o+eph, a Le4ite an nati4e o% Cypru+ 'ho 'a+ +urname 8arnaba+ by the apo+t*e+, 'hich interprete mean+ 1on o% $ncouragement, 37

1o* a %ie* 'hich be*onge to him an brought the +um o% money an *ai it at the %eet o% the apo+t*e+2

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Acts 5 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 5

80T . certain man name .nania+ 'ith hi+ 'i%e 1apphira +o* a piece o% property,

2 .n 'ith hi+ 'i%e@+ kno'*e ge an conni4ance he kept back an 'rong%u**y appropriate +ome o% the procee +, bringing on*y a part an putting it at the %eet o% the apo+t*e+2 3 8ut Beter +ai , .nania+, 'hy ha+ 1atan %i**e your heart that you +hou* *ie to an attempt to ecei4e the #o*y 1pirit, an +hou* &in 4io*ation o% your promi+e( 'ith ra' +ecret*y an appropriate to your o'n u+e part o% the price %rom the +a*e o% the *an ; 4 .+ *ong a+ it remaine un+o* , 'a+ it not +ti** your o'n; .n &e4en( a%ter it 'a+ +o* , 'a+ not &the money( at your i+po+a* an un er your contro*; >hy then, i+ it that you ha4e propo+e an purpo+e in your heart to o thi+ thing; &#o' cou* you ha4e the heart to o +uch a ee ;( :ou ha4e not &+imp*y( *ie to men &p*aying %a*+e an +ho'ing your+e*% utter*y eceit%u*( but to 6o 2 5 0pon hearing the+e 'or +, .nania+ %e** o'n an hear o% it2 6 7 8 9

ie 2 .n great rea an terror took po++e++ion o% a** 'ho

.n the young men aro+e an 'rappe up &the bo y( an carrie it out an burie it2 "o' a%ter an inter4a* o% about three hour+ hi+ 'i%e came in, not ha4ing *earne o% 'hat ha happene 2 .n Beter +ai to her, Te** me, i you +e** the *an %or +o much; :e+, +he +ai , %or +o much2

Then Beter +ai to her, #o' cou* you t'o ha4e agree an con+pire together to try to ecei4e the 1pirit o% the Lor ; Li+tenJ The %eet o% tho+e 'ho ha4e burie your hu+ban are at the oor, an they 'i** carry you out &a*+o(2
1= .n in+tant*y +he %e** o'n at hi+ %eet an ie C an the young men entering %oun her ea , an they carrie her out an burie her be+i e her hu+ban 2 11


.n the 'ho*e church an a** other+ 'ho hear o% the+e thing+ 'ere appa**e &great a'e an +trange terror rea +ei9e them(2

12 "o' by the han + o% the apo+t*e+ -+pecia* me++enger+/ numerou+ an +tart*ing +ign+ an 'on er+ 'ere being per%orme among the peop*e2 .n by common con+ent they a** met together &at the temp*e( in the co4ere porch -'a*k/ ca**e 1o*omon@+2

.n none o% tho+e 'ho 'ere not o% their number are to ?oin an a++ociate 'ith them, but the peop*e he* them in high regar an prai+e an ma e much o% them2
13 14 7ore an more there 'ere being a e to the Lor tho+e 'ho be*ie4e &tho+e 'ho ackno'*e ge ,e+u+ a+ their 1a4ior an e4ote them+e*4e+ to #im ?oine an gathere 'ith them(, cro' + both o% men an o% 'omen, 15 1o that they &e4en( kept carrying out the +ick into the +treet+ an p*acing them on couche+ an +*eeping pa +, &in the hope( that a+ Beter pa++e by, at *ea+t hi+ +ha o' might %a** on +ome o% them2 16 .n the peop*e gathere a*+o %rom the to'n+ an ham*et+ aroun ,eru+a*em, bringing the +ick an tho+e troub*e 'ith %ou* +pirit+, an they 'ere a** cure 2 17 8ut the high prie+t ro+e up an a** 'ho 'ere hi+ +upporter+, that i+, the party o% the 1a %i**e 'ith &a(?ea*ou+y an in ignation an rage, 18 19 2=

ucee+, an being

They +ei9e an arre+te the apo+t*e+ -+pecia* me++enger+/ an put them in the pub*ic ?ai*2 8ut uring the night an ange* o% the Lor opene the pri+on oor+ an , *ea ing them out, +ai , ec*are to the peop*e the 'ho*e octrine concerning thi+ Li%e

6o, take your +tan in the temp*e court+ an -the eterna* *i%e 'hich Chri+t re4ea*e /2

21 .n 'hen they hear thi+, they accor ing*y 'ent into the temp*e about aybreak an began to teach2 "o' the high prie+t an hi+ +upporter+ 'ho 'ere 'ith him arri4e an ca**e together the counci* -1anhe rin/, e4en a** the +enate o% the +on+ o% !+rae*, an they +ent to the pri+on to ha4e &the apo+t*e+( brought2 22 23

8ut 'hen the atten ant+ arri4e there, they %ai*e to %in them in the ?ai*C +o they came back an reporte ,

>e %oun the pri+on 5uite +a%e*y *ocke up an the guar + 'ere on uty out+i e the oor+, but 'hen 'e opene &it(, 'e %oun no one on the in+i e2
24 "o' 'hen the mi*itary *ea er o% the temp*e area an the chie% prie+t+ hear the+e %act+, they 'ere much perp*e<e an thorough*y at a *o++ about them, 'on ering into 'hat thi+ might gro'2 25 8ut +ome man came an reporte to them, +aying, Li+tenJ The men 'hom you put in ?ai* are +tan ing &right here( in the temp*e an teaching the peop*eJ 26 Then the mi*itary *ea er 'ent 'ith the atten ant+ an brought &the pri+oner+(, but 'ithout 4io*ence, %or they rea e the peop*e *e+t they be +tone by them2 27 1o they brought them an +et them be%ore the counci* -1anhe rin/2 .n the high prie+t e<amine them by 5ue+tioning, 28 1aying, >e e%inite*y comman e an +trict*y charge you not to teach in or about thi+ "ameC yet here you ha4e %*oo e ,eru+a*em 'ith your octrine an you inten to bring thi+ &b(7an@+ b*oo upon u+2 29 3= 31

Then Beter an the apo+t*e+ rep*ie , >e mu+t obey 6o rather than men2 The 6o o% our %ore%ather+ rai+e up ,e+u+, >hom you ki**e by hanging #im on a tree -cro++/2 -./

6o e<a*te #im to #i+ right han to be Brince an Lea er an 1a4ior an Ee*i4erer an Bre+er4er, in or er to grant repentance to !+rae* an to be+to' %orgi4ene++ an re*ea+e %rom +in+2
32 .n 'e are 'itne++e+ o% the+e thing+, an the #o*y 1pirit i+ a*+o, >hom 6o ha+ be+to'e on tho+e 'ho obey #im2 33 34

"o' 'hen they hear thi+, they 'ere cut to the heart an in%uriate an 'ante to ki** the i+cip*e+2

8ut a certain Bhari+ee in the counci* -1anhe rin/ name 6ama*ie*, a teacher o% the La', high*y e+teeme by a** the peop*e, +tan ing up, or ere that the apo+t*e+ be taken out+i e %or a *itt*e 'hi*e2
35 Then he a re++e them &the counci*, +aying(F 7en o% !+rae*, take care in regar to 'hat you propo+e to o concerning the+e men2 36 For be%ore our time there aro+e Theu a+, a++erting him+e*% to be a per+on o% importance, 'ith 'hom a number o% men a**ie them+e*4e+, about 4==C but he 'a+ ki**e an a** 'ho ha *i+tene to an a here to him 'ere +cattere an brought to nothing2 37 .n a%ter thi+ one ro+e up ,u a+ the 6a*i*ean, &'ho *e an upri+ing( uring the time o% the cen+u+, an a'ay a popu*ar %o**o'ing a%ter himC he a*+o peri+he an a** hi+ a herent+ 'ere +cattere 2


38 "o' in the pre+ent ca+e *et me +ay to you, +tan o%% -'ith ra'/ %rom the+e men an *et them a*one2 For i% thi+ octrine or purpo+e or un ertaking or mo4ement i+ o% human origin, it 'i** %ai* -be o4erthro'n an come to nothing/C 39 8ut i% it i+ o% 6o , you 'i** not be ab*e to +top or o4erthro' or e+troy themC you might e4en be %oun %ighting again+t 6o J 4= 1o, con4ince by him, they took hi+ a 4iceC an +ummoning the apo+t*e+, they %*ogge them an +tern*y %orba e them to +peak in or about the name o% ,e+u+, an a**o'e them to go2 41 1o they 'ent out %rom the pre+ence o% the counci* -1anhe rin/, re?oicing that they 'ere being counte 'orthy & igni%ie by the in ignity( to +u%%er +hame an be e<po+e to i+grace %or &the +ake o%( #i+ name2 42 :et &in +pite o% the threat+( they ne4er cea+e %or a +ing*e ay, both in the temp*e area an at home, to teach an to proc*aim the goo ne'+ -6o+pe*/ o% ,e+u+ &a+( the Chri+t -the 7e++iah/2


a. b.

.ct+ 5F17 62 .bbottA1mith, 7anua* 6reek Le<icon2 .ct+ 5F28 Capita*i9e becau+e o% 'hat #e i+, the +pot*e++ 1on o% 6o , not 'hat the +peaker+ may ha4e thought #e 'a+2

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Acts 6 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 6
")> .8)0T thi+ time, 'hen the number o% the i+cip*e+ 'a+ great*y increa+ing, comp*aint 'a+ ma e by the #e**eni+t+ -the 6reekA+peaking ,e'+/ again+t the &nati4e( #ebre'+ becau+e their 'i o'+ 'ere being o4er*ooke an neg*ecte in the ai*y mini+tration - i+tribution o% re*ie%/2
1 2 1o the T'e*4e &apo+t*e+( con4ene the mu*titu e o% the i+cip*e+ an +ai , !t i+ not +eem*y or e+irab*e or right that 'e +hou* ha4e to gi4e up or neg*ect &preaching( the >or o% 6o in or er to atten to +er4ing at tab*e+ an +uperinten ing the i+tribution o% %oo 2 3 There%ore +e*ect out %rom among your+e*4e+, brethren, +e4en men o% goo an atte+te character an repute, %u** o% the &#o*y( 1pirit an 'i+ om, 'hom 'e may a++ign to *ook a%ter thi+ bu+ine++ an uty2 4 5

8ut 'e 'i** continue to e4ote our+e*4e+ +tea %a+t*y to prayer an the mini+try o% the >or 2

.n the +ugge+tion p*ea+e the 'ho*e a++emb*y, an they +e*ecte 1tephen, a man %u** o% %aith -a +trong an 'e*come be*ie% that ,e+u+ i+ the 7e++iah/ an %u** o% an contro**e by the #o*y 1pirit, an Bhi*ip, an Brochoru+, an "icanor, an Timon, an Barmena+, an "ico*au+, a pro+e*yte -con4ert/ %rom .ntioch2
6 7

The+e they pre+ente to the apo+t*e+, 'ho a%ter prayer *ai their han + on them2

.n the me++age o% 6o kept on +prea ing, an the number o% i+cip*e+ mu*tip*ie great*y in ,eru+a*emC an &be+i e+( a *arge number o% the prie+t+ 'ere obe ient to the %aith &in ,e+u+ a+ the 7e++iah, through >hom i+ obtaine eterna* +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o (2
8 "o' 1tephen, %u** o% grace - i4ine b*e++ing an %a4or/ an po'er -+trength an abi*ity/ 'orke great 'on er+ an +ign+ -mirac*e+/ among the peop*e2 9 #o'e4er, +ome o% tho+e 'ho be*onge to the +ynagogue o% the Free men -%ree ,e'i+h +*a4e+/, a+ it 'a+ ca**e , an &o% the +ynagogue+( o% the Cyrenian+ an o% the .*e<an rian+ an o% tho+e %rom Ci*icia an &the pro4ince o%( .+ia, aro+e &an un ertook( to ebate an i+pute 'ith 1tephen2 1= 8ut they 'ere not ab*e to re+i+t the inte**igence an the 'i+ om an &the in+piration o%( the 1pirit 'ith 'hich an by >hom he +poke2 11 1o they &+ecret*y( in+tigate an in+tructe men to +ay, >e ha4e hear thi+ man +peak, u+ing +*an erou+ an abu+i4e an b*a+phemou+ *anguage again+t 7o+e+ an 6o 2 12 &Thu+( they incite the peop*e a+ 'e** a+ the e* er+ an the +cribe+, an they came upon 1tephen an arre+te him an took him be%ore the counci* -1anhe rin/2 13 .n they brought %or'ar %a*+e 'itne++e+ 'ho a++erte , Thi+ man ne4er +top+ making +tatement+ again+t thi+ +acre p*ace an the La' &o% 7o+e+(C 14 For 'e ha4e hear him +ay that thi+ ,e+u+ the "a9arene 'i** tear o'n an the in+titution+ an u+age+ 'hich 7o+e+ tran+mitte to u+2

e+troy thi+ p*ace, an 'i** a*ter

15 Then a** 'ho +at in the counci* -1anhe rin/, a+ they ga9e intent*y at 1tephen, +a' that hi+ %ace ha the appearance o% the %ace o% an ange*2

Acts 7 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 7

."E T#$ high prie+t a+ke &1tephen(, .re the+e charge+ true;

.n he an+'ere , 8rethren an %ather+, *i+ten to meJ The 6o o% g*ory appeare to our %ore%ather .braham 'hen he 'a+ +ti** in 7e+opotamia, be%ore he &'ent to( *i4e in #aran, -./

3 .n #e +ai to him, Lea4e your o'n country an your re*ati4e+ an come into the *an -region/ that ! 'i** point out to you2-8/ 4 1o then he 'ent %orth %rom the *an o% the Cha* ean+ an +ett*e in #aran2 .n %rom there, a%ter hi+ %ather ie , &6o ( tran+%erre him to thi+ country in 'hich you are no' 'e**ing2-C/ 5 :et #e ga4e him no inheritab*e property in it, &no( not e4en enough groun to +et hi+ %oot onC but #e promi+e that #e 'ou* gi4e it to #im %or a &a(permanent po++e++ion an to hi+ e+cen ant+ a%ter him, e4en though &a+ yet( he ha no chi* 2-E/ 6 .n thi+ i+ &in e%%ect( 'hat 6o to* himF That hi+ e+cen ant+ 'ou* be a*ien+ -+tranger+/ in a *an be*onging to other peop*e, 'ho 'ou* bring them into bon age an i**Atreat them 4== year+2 7 8ut ! 'i** ?u ge the nation to 'hom they 'i** be +*a4e+, +ai 6o , an a%ter that they 'i** e+cape an come %orth an 'or+hip 7e in thi+ &4ery( p*ace2-$/ 8 .n &6o ( ma e 'ith .braham a co4enant -an agreement to be re*igiou+*y ob+er4e / &b(o% 'hich circumci+ion 'a+ the +ea*2 .n un er the+e circum+tance+ &.braham( became the %ather o% !+aac an circumci+e him on the eighth ayC an !+aac & i +o( 'hen he became the %ather o% ,acob, an ,acob &'hen each o% hi+ +on+ 'a+ born(, the t'e*4e patriarch+2-F/ 9 .n the patriarch+ &,acob@+ +on+(, boi*ing 'ith en4y an hatre an anger, +o* ,o+eph into +*a4ery in $gyptC but 6o 'a+ 'ith him,-6/ 1= .n e*i4ere him %rom a** hi+ i+tre++ing a%%*iction+ an 'on him goo 'i** an %a4or an 'i+ om an un er+tan ing in the +ight o% Bharaoh, king o% $gypt, 'ho ma e him go4ernor o4er $gypt an a** hi+ hou+e2 -#/ 11 Then there came a %amine o4er a** o% $gypt an Canaan, 'ith great i+tre++, an our %ore%ather+ cou* %in no %o er &%or the catt*e( or 4egetab*e +u+tenance &%or their hou+eho* +(2-!/ 12 8ut 'hen ,acob hear that there 'a+ grain in $gypt, he +ent %orth our %ore%ather+ &to go there on their( %ir+t trip2-,/

.n on their +econ 4i+it ,o+eph re4ea*e him+e*% to hi+ brother+, an the %ami*y o% ,o+eph became kno'n to Bharaoh an hi+ origin an race2-G/
13 14 .n ,o+eph +ent an in4itation ca**ing to him+e*% ,acob hi+ %ather an a** hi+ kin re , +e4entyA%i4e per+on+ in a**2-L/ 15

.n ,acob 'ent o'n into $gypt, 'here he him+e*% ie , a+ i &a*+o( our %ore%ather+C -7/

16 .n their &c(bo ie+ &,acob@+ an ,o+eph@+( 'ere taken back to 1hechem an *ai in the tomb 'hich .braham ha purcha+e %or a +um o% &+i*4er( money %rom the +on+ o% #amor in 1hechem2 -"/ 17 8ut a+ the time %or the %u*%i**ment o% the promi+e re' near 'hich 6o ha ma e to .braham, the &#ebre'( peop*e increa+e an mu*tip*ie in $gypt, 18 0nti* &the time 'hen( there aro+e o4er $gypt another an a i%%erent king 'ho i not kno' ,o+eph &neither kno'ing hi+ hi+tory an +er4ice+ nor recogni9ing hi+ merit+(2 -)/ 19 #e ea*t treacherou+*y 'ith an e%rau e our raceC he abu+e an oppre++e our %ore%ather+, %orcing them to e<po+e their babie+ +o that they might not be kept a*i4e2-B/ 2= .t thi+ ?uncture 7o+e+ 'a+ born, an 'a+ e<cee ing*y beauti%u* in 6o @+ +ight2 For three month+ he 'a+ nurture in hi+ %ather@+ hou+eC-L/ 21 Then 'hen he 'a+ e<po+e &to peri+h(, the aughter o% Bharaoh re+cue him an took him an reare him a+ her o'n +on2-H/ 22 1o 7o+e+ 'a+ e ucate in a** the 'i+ om an cu*ture o% the $gyptian+, an he 'a+ mighty -po'er%u*/ in hi+ +peech an ee +2 23 .n 'hen he 'a+ in hi+ %ortieth year, it came into hi+ heart to 4i+it hi+ kin+men the chi* ren o% !+rae* & & (to he*p them an to care %or them(2 24 .n on +eeing one o% them being un?u+t*y treate , he e%en e the oppre++e man an a4enge him by +triking o'n the $gyptian an +*aying &him(2 25 #e e<pecte hi+ brethren to un er+tan that 6o 'a+ granting them e*i4erance by hi+ han &taking it %or grante that they 'ou* accept him(C but they i not un er+tan 2 26 Then on the ne<t ay he &e(+u en*y appeare to +ome 'ho 'ere 5uarre*ing an %ighting among them+e*4e+, an he urge them to make peace an become reconci*e , +aying, 7en, you are brethrenC 'hy o you abu+e an 'rong one another; 27 >hereupon the man 'ho 'a+ abu+ing hi+ neighbor pu+he &7o+e+( a+i e, +aying, >ho appointe you a ru*er -umpire/ an a ?u ge o4er u+; 28 29

Eo you inten to +*ay me a+ you +*e' the $gyptian ye+ter ay;

.t that rep*y 7o+e+ +ought +a%ety by %*ight an he 'a+ an e<i*e an an a*ien in the country o% 7i ian, 'here he became the %ather o% t'o +on+2-1/

3= .n 'hen %orty year+ ha gone by, there appeare to him in the 'i* erne++ - e+ert/ o% 7ount 1inai an ange*, in the %*ame o% a burning bramb*ebu+h2 31 >hen 7o+e+ +a' it, he 'a+ a+toni+he an mar4e*e at the +ightC but 'hen he 'ent c*o+e to in4e+tigate, there came to him the 4oice o% the Lor , +aying, 32 ! am the 6o o% your %ore%ather+, the 6o o% .braham an o% !+aac an o% ,acob2 .n 7o+e+ tremb*e an 'a+ +o terri%ie that he i not 4enture to *ook2 33 Then the Lor +ai to him, Hemo4e the +an a*+ %rom your %eet, %or the p*ace 'here you are +tan ing i+ ho*y groun an 'orthy o% 4eneration2 34 8ecau+e ! ha4e mo+t a++ure *y +een the abu+e an oppre++ion o% 7y peop*e in $gypt an ha4e hear their +ighing an groaning, ! ha4e come o'n to re+cue them2 1o, no' comeJ ! 'i** +en you back to $gypt &a+ 7y me++enger(2-T/ 35 !t 'a+ thi+ 4ery 7o+e+ 'hom they ha enie - i+o'ne an re?ecte /, +aying, >ho ma e you our ru*er -re%eree/ an ?u ge; 'hom 6o +ent to be a ru*er an e*i4erer an re eemer, by an 'ith the &protecting an he*ping( han o% the .nge* that appeare to him in the bramb*ebu+h2-0/ 36 #e it 'a+ 'ho *e them %orth, ha4ing 'orke 'on er+ an +ign+ in $gypt an at the He 1ea an %orty year+ in the 'i* erne++ - e+ert/2-I/

uring the

37 !t 'a+ thi+ &4ery( 7o+e+ 'ho +ai to the chi* ren o% !+rae*, 6o 'i** rai+e up %or you a Brophet %rom among your brethren a+ #e rai+e me up2->/ 38 Thi+ i+ he 'ho in the a++emb*y in the 'i* erne++ - e+ert/ 'a+ the goAbet'een %or the .nge* 'ho +poke to him on 7ount 1inai an our %ore%ather+, an he recei4e *i4ing orac*e+ -'or + that +ti** *i4e/ to be han e o'n to u+2 -M/ 39 &.n yet( our %ore%ather+ etermine not to be +ub?ect to him &re%u+ing to *i+ten to or obey him(C but thru+ting him a+i e they re?ecte him, an in their heart+ yearne %or an turne back to $gypt2 -:/

.n they +ai to .aron, 7ake u+ go + 'ho +ha** &be our *ea er+ an ( go be%ore u+C a+ %or thi+ 7o+e+ 'ho *e u+ %orth %rom the *an o% $gyptAA'e ha4e no kno'*e ge o% 'hat ha+ happene to him2 -D/
4= 41 .n they &e4en( ma e a ca*% in tho+e ay+, an o%%ere +acri%ice to the i o* an ma e merry an e<u*te in the 'ork o% their &o'n( han +2-../ 42 8ut 6o turne &a'ay %rom them( an e*i4ere them up to 'or+hip an +er4e the ho+t -+tar+/ o% hea4en, a+ it i+ 'ritten in the book o% the prophet+F Ei you &rea**y( o%%er to 7e +*ain bea+t+ an +acri%ice+ %or %orty year+ in the 'i* erne++ - e+ert/, ) hou+e o% !+rae*;-.8/ 43 &"oJ( :ou took up the tent -the portab*e temp*e/ o% 7o*och an carrie it &'ith you(, an the +tar o% the go Hephan, the image+ 'hich you &your+e*4e+( ma e that you might 'or+hip themC an ! 'i** remo4e you &carrying you a'ay into e<i*e( beyon 8aby*on2-.C/ 44 )ur %ore%ather+ ha the tent -tabernac*e/ o% 'itne++ in the 'i* erne++, e4en a+ #e >ho irecte 7o+e+ to make it ha or ere , accor ing to the pattern an mo e* he ha +een2 -.E/ 45 )ur %ore%ather+ in turn brought it &thi+ tent o% 'itne++( in &'ith them into the *an ( 'ith ,o+hua 'hen they i+po++e++e the nation+ 'hich 6o ro4e out be%ore the %ace o% our %ore%ather+2 &1o it remaine here( unti* the time o% Ea4i ,-.$/ 46 >ho %oun grace -%a4or an +piritua* b*e++ing/ in the +ight o% 6o an praye that he might be a**o'e to %in a 'e**ing p*ace %or the 6o o% ,acob2 &!! 1am2 7F8A16C B+2 132F1A52( 47 48

8ut it 'a+ 1o*omon 'ho bui*t a hou+e %or #im2 &! Ging+ 62( #o'e4er, the 7o+t #igh oe+ not 'e** in hou+e+ an temp*e+ ma e 'ith han +C a+ the prophet +ay+, -.F/

49 #ea4en &i+( 7y throne, an earth the %oot+too* %or 7y %eet2 >hat &kin o%( hou+e can you bui* %or 7e, +ay+ the Lor , or 'hat i+ the p*ace in 'hich ! can re+t; 5= 51

>a+ it not 7y han that ma e a** the+e thing+;-.6/


:ou +tubborn an +ti%%Anecke peop*e, +ti** heathen an uncircumci+e in heart an ear+, you are a*'ay+ acti4e*y re+i+ting the #o*y 1pirit2 .+ your %ore%ather+ &'ere(, +o you &are an +o you o(J -.#/

52 >hich o% the prophet+ i your %ore%ather+ not per+ecute; .n they +*e' tho+e 'ho proc*aime be%orehan the coming o% the Highteou+ )ne, >hom you no' ha4e betraye an mur ere AA 53 :ou 'ho recei4e the La' a+ it 'a+ or aine an +et in or er an obey itJ

e*i4ere by ange*+, an &yet( you i not

54 "o' upon hearing the+e thing+, they &the ,e'+( 'ere cut to the heart an in%uriate , an they groun their teeth again+t &1tephen(2

8ut he, %u** o% the #o*y 1pirit an contro**e by #im, ga9e into hea4en an +a' the g*ory -the +p*en or an ma?e+ty/ o% 6o , an ,e+u+ +tan ing at 6o @+ right han C
55 56

.n he +ai , LookJ ! +ee the hea4en+ opene , an the 1on o% man +tan ing at 6o @+ right han J

57 58

8ut they rai+e a great +hout an put their han + o4er their ear+ an ru+he together upon him2

Then they ragge him out o% the city an began to +tone him, an the 'itne++e+ p*ace their garment+ at the %eet o% a young man name 1au*2-.!/
59 6=

.n 'hi*e they 'ere +toning 1tephen, he praye , Lor ,e+u+, recei4e an accept an 'e*come my +piritJ

.n %a**ing on hi+ knee+, he crie out *ou *y, Lor , %i< not thi+ +in upon them &*ay it not to their charge(J .n 'hen he ha +ai thi+, he %e** a+*eep &g(&in eath(2


a. b. c. d. e. f. g. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. P. Q. R. S. T.

.ct+ 7F5 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 7F8 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 7F16 1tephen great*y compre++e+ )* Te+tament account+ o% t'o *an purcha+e+ an t'o buria* p*ace+ -at #ebron an 1hechem/2 1ee 6en2 23F17A18 an 6en2 33F192 .ct+ 7F23 62 .bbottA1mith, 7anua* 6reek Le<icon2 .ct+ 7F26 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 7F51 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 7F6= #ermann Cremer, 8ib*icoATheo*ogica* Le<icon o% "e' Te+tament 6reek2

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EE. .ct+ 7F45 F Eeut 32F49C ,o+h 3F14A17 FF. .ct+ 7F48 F !+a 66F1, 2 GG. HH. II.
.ct+ 7F5= F !+a 66F1, 2 .ct+ 7F51 F $<o 33F3, 5C "um 27F14C !+a 63F1=C ,er 6F1=C 9F26

.ct+ 7F58 F .ct+ 22F2=


(Amplified Bible)

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

."E 1.0L 'a+ &not on*y( con+enting to &1tephen@+( eath &he 'a+ &a(p*ea+e an &b(entire*y appro4ing(2 )n that ay a great an +e4ere per+ecution broke out again+t the church 'hich 'a+ in ,eru+a*emC an they 'ere a** +cattere throughout the region+ o% ,u ea an 1amaria, e<cept the apo+t*e+ -+pecia* me++enger+/2
1 2 &. party o%( e4out men him2 &c(

'ith other+ he*pe to carry out an bury 1tephen an ma e great *amentation o4er

3 8ut 1au* +hame%u**y treate an *ai 'a+te the church continuou+*y &'ith crue*ty an 4io*ence(C an entering hou+e a%ter hou+e, he ragge out men an 'omen an committe them to pri+on2 4 "o' tho+e 'ho 'ere +cattere abroa 'ent about &through the *an %rom p*ace to p*ace( preaching the g*a ti ing+, the >or && (the octrine concerning the attainment through Chri+t o% +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o (2

Bhi*ip &the eacon, not the apo+t*e( 'ent o'n to the city o% 1amaria an proc*aime the Chri+t -the 7e++iah/ to them &the peop*e(C-./
5 6 .n great cro' + o% peop*e 'ith one accor *i+tene to an hee e 'hat 'a+ +ai by Bhi*ip, a+ they hear him an 'atche the mirac*e+ an 'on er+ 'hich he kept per%orming &%rom time to time(2 7 For %ou* +pirit+ came out o% many 'ho 'ere po++e++e by them, +creaming an +houting 'ith a *ou 4oice, an many 'ho 'ere +u%%ering %rom pa*+y or 'ere cripp*e 'ere re+tore to hea*th2 8 9

.n there 'a+ great re?oicing in that city2

8ut there 'a+ a man name 1imon, 'ho ha %ormer*y practice magic art+ in the city to the utter ama9ement o% the 1amaritan nation, c*aiming that he him+e*% 'a+ an e<traor inary an i+tingui+he per+on2

1= They a** pai earne+t attention to him, %rom the *ea+t to the greate+t, +aying, Thi+ man i+ that e<hibition o% the po'er o% 6o 'hich i+ ca**e great -inten+e/2 11 .n they 'ere attenti4e an ma e much o% him, becau+e %or a *ong time he ha ama9e an be'i* ere an a99*e them 'ith hi+ +ki** in magic art+2 12 8ut 'hen they be*ie4e the goo ne'+ -the 6o+pe*/ about the king om o% 6o an the name o% ,e+u+ Chri+t -the 7e++iah/ a+ Bhi*ip preache it, they 'ere bapti9e , both men an 'omen2 13 $4en 1imon him+e*% be*ie4e &he a here to, tru+te in, an re*ie on the teaching o% Bhi*ip(, an a%ter being bapti9e , e4ote him+e*% con+tant*y to him2 .n +eeing +ign+ an mirac*e+ o% great po'er 'hich 'ere being per%orme , he 'a+ utter*y ama9e 2 14 "o' 'hen the apo+t*e+ -+pecia* me++enger+/ at ,eru+a*em hear that &the country o%( 1amaria ha accepte an 'e*come the >or o% 6o , they +ent Beter an ,ohn to them, 15 16 17 18

.n they came o'n an praye %or them that the 1amaritan+ might recei4e the #o*y 1piritC For #e ha not yet %a**en upon any o% them, but they ha on*y been bapti9e into the name o% the Lor ,e+u+2 Then &the apo+t*e+( *ai their han + on them one by one, an they recei4e the #o*y 1pirit2

#o'e4er, 'hen 1imon +a' that the &#o*y( 1pirit 'a+ imparte through the *aying on o% the apo+t*e+@ han +, he brought money an o%%ere it to them,
19 1aying, 6rant me a*+o thi+ po'er an authority, in or er that anyone on 'hom ! p*ace my han + may recei4e the #o*y 1pirit2 2= 8ut Beter +ai to him, Ee+truction o4ertake your money an you, becau+e you imagine you cou* obtain the &%ree( gi%t o% 6o 'ith moneyJ 21 :ou ha4e neither part nor *ot in thi+ matter, %or your heart i+ a** 'rong in 6o @+ +ight &it i+ not +traight%or'ar or right or true be%ore 6o (2-8/ 22 1o repent o% thi+ epra4ity an 'icke ne++ o% your+ an pray to the Lor that, i% po++ib*e, thi+ thought an purpo+e o% your heart may be remo4e an i+regar e an %orgi4en you2 23 &e(


For ! +ee that you are in the ga** o% bitterne++ an in


a bon %orge by ini5uity &to %etter +ou*+(2-C/

24 .n 1imon an+'ere , Bray %or me &be+eech the Lor , both o% you(, that nothing o% 'hat you ha4e +ai may be%a** meJ 25 "o' 'hen &the apo+t*e+( ha borne their te+timony an preache the me++age o% the Lor , they 'ent back to ,eru+a*em, proc*aiming the g*a ti ing+ -6o+pe*/ to many 4i**age+ o% the 1amaritan+ &on the 'ay(2 26 8ut an ange* o% the Lor +ai to Bhi*ip, Hi+e an procee +outh'ar or at mi ,eru+a*em o'n to 6a9a2 Thi+ i+ the e+ert &&g(route(2

ay on the roa that run+ %rom

27 1o he got up an 'ent2 .n beho* , an $thiopian, a eunuch o% great authority un er Can ace the 5ueen o% the $thiopian+, 'ho 'a+ in charge o% a** her trea+ure, ha come to ,eru+a*em to 'or+hip2 28 29 3=

.n he 'a+ &no'( returning, an +itting in hi+ chariot he 'a+ rea ing the book o% the prophet !+aiah2 Then the &#o*y( 1pirit +ai to Bhi*ip, 6o %or'ar an ?oin your+e*% to thi+ chariot2

.ccor ing*y Bhi*ip, running up to him, hear &the man( rea ing the prophet !+aiah an a+ke , Eo you rea**y un er+tan 'hat you are rea ing;
31 .n he +ai , #o' i+ it po++ib*e %or me to o +o un*e++ +omeone e<p*ain+ it to me an gui e+ me &in the right 'ay(; .n he earne+t*y re5ue+te Bhi*ip to come up an +it be+i e him2 32 "o' thi+ 'a+ the pa++age o% 1cripture 'hich he 'a+ rea ingF Like a +heep #e 'a+ *e to the +*aughter, an a+ a *amb be%ore it+ +hearer i+ umb, +o #e open+ not #i+ mouth2 33 !n #i+ humi*iation &h( #e 'a+ taken a'ay by i+tre++ing an oppre++i4e ?u gment an ?u+tice 'a+ enie #im &cau+e to cea+e(2 >ho can e+cribe or re*ate in %u** &i(the 'icke ne++ o% #i+ contemporarie+ -generation/; For #i+ *i%e i+ taken %rom the earth an &?(a b*oo y eath in%*icte upon #im2-E/ 34 .n the eunuch +ai to Bhi*ip, ! beg o% you, te** me about 'hom oe+ the prophet +ay thi+, about him+e*% or about +omeone e*+e; 35 Then Bhi*ip opene hi+ mouth, an beginning 'ith thi+ portion o% 1cripture he announce to him the g*a ti ing+ -6o+pe*/ o% ,e+u+ an about #im2 36 .n a+ they continue a*ong on the 'ay, they came to +ome 'ater, an the eunuch e<c*aime , 1ee, &here i+( 'aterJ >hat i+ to hin er my being bapti9e ; 37&k( .n Bhi*ip +ai , !% you be*ie4e 'ith a** your heart &i% you ha4e &*(a con4iction, %u** o% ?oy%u* tru+t, that ,e+u+ i+ the 7e++iah an accept #im a+ the .uthor o% your +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o , gi4ing #im your obe ience, then( you may2 .n he rep*ie , ! o be*ie4e that ,e+u+ Chri+t i+ the 1on o% 6o 2 38 .n he or ere that the chariot be +toppe C an both Bhi*ip an the eunuch 'ent o'n into the 'ater, an &Bhi*ip( bapti9e him2

39 .n 'hen they came up out o% the 'ater, the 1pirit o% the Lor &&m(+u eunuch +a' him no more, an he 'ent on hi+ 'ay re?oicing2

en*y( caught a'ay Bhi*ipC an the

4= 8ut Bhi*ip 'a+ %oun at .9otu+, an pa++ing on he preache the goo ne'+ -6o+pe*/ to a** the to'n+ unti* he reache Cae+area2


a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. &. '. (. ). A. B. C. D.

.ct+ 8F1 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 8F1 .*e<an er 1outer, Bocket Le<icon2 .ct+ 8F2 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 8F4 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 8F22 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 8F23 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 8F26 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 8F33 . am C*arke, The #o*y 8ib*e 'ith . Commentary2 .ct+ 8F33 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 8F33 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 8F37 7any manu+cript+ o not contain thi+ 4er+e2 .ct+ 8F37 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 8F39 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2

Cross references: .ct+ 8F5 F .ct+ 6F5 .ct+ 8F21 F B+ 78F37 .ct+ 8F23 F !+a 58F6 .ct+ 8F33 F !+a 53F7, 8

Acts ! (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts !
7$.">#!L$ 1.0L, &a(+ti** ra'ing hi+ breath har %rom threatening an mur erou+ e+ire again+t the i+cip*e+ o% the Lor , 'ent to the high prie+t
1 2 .n re5ue+te o% him *etter+ to the +ynagogue+ at Eama+cu+ &authori9ing him(, +o that i% he %oun any men or 'omen be*onging to the >ay &o% *i%e a+ etermine by %aith in ,e+u+ Chri+t(, he might bring them boun &'ith chain+( to ,eru+a*em2 3 4

"o' a+ he tra4e*e on, he came near to Eama+cu+, an +u

en*y a *ight %rom hea4en %*a+he aroun him,

.n he %e** to the groun 2 Then he hear a 4oice +aying to him, 1au*, 1au*, 'hy are you per+ecuting 7e &hara++ing, troub*ing, an mo*e+ting 7e(;

5 .n 1au* +ai , >ho are :ou, Lor ; .n #e +ai , ! am ,e+u+, >hom you are per+ecuting2 &b(!t i+ angerou+ an it 'i** turn out ba *y %or you to keep kicking again+t the goa &to o%%er 4ain an peri*ou+ re+i+tance(2 6 Tremb*ing an a+toni+he he a+ke , Lor , 'hat o :ou e+ire me to o; The Lor +ai to him, 8ut ari+e an go into the city, an you 'i** be to* 'hat you mu+t o2 7 8

The men 'ho 'ere accompanying him 'ere unab*e to +peak &%or terror(, hearing the 4oice but +eeing no one2

Then 1au* got up %rom the groun , but though hi+ eye+ 'ere opene , he cou* +ee nothingC +o they *e him by the han an brought him into Eama+cu+2

.n he 'a+ unab*e to +ee %or three ay+, an he neither ate nor rank &anything(2

"o' there 'a+ in Eama+cu+ a i+cip*e name .nania+2 The Lor +ai to him in a 4i+ion, .nania+2 .n he an+'ere , #ere am !, Lor 2
1= 11 .n the Lor +ai to him, 6et up an go to the +treet ca**e 1traight an a+k at the hou+e o% ,u a+ %or a man o% Tar+u+ name 1au*, %or beho* , he i+ praying &there(2 12 .n he ha+ +een in a 4i+ion a man name .nania+ enter an *ay hi+ han + on him +o that he might regain hi+ +ight2

8ut .nania+ an+'ere , Lor , ! ha4e hear many peop*e te** about thi+ man, e+pecia**y ho' much e4i* an 'hat great +u%%ering he ha+ brought on :our +aint+ at ,eru+a*emC
13 14 15

"o' he i+ here an ha+ authority %rom the high prie+t+ to put in chain+ a** 'ho ca** upon :our name2

8ut the Lor +ai to him, 6o, %or thi+ man i+ a cho+en in+trument o% 7ine to bear 7y name be%ore the 6enti*e+ an king+ an the e+cen ant+ o% !+rae*C
16 17

For ! 'i** make c*ear to him ho' much he 'i** be a%%*icte an mu+t en ure an +u%%er %or 7y name@+ +ake2

1o .nania+ *e%t an 'ent into the hou+e2 .n he *ai hi+ han + on 1au* an +ai , 8rother 1au*, the Lor ,e+u+, >ho appeare to you a*ong the 'ay by 'hich you came here, ha+ +ent me that you may reco4er your +ight an be %i**e 'ith the #o*y 1pirit2
18 .n in+tant*y +omething *ike +ca*e+ %e** %rom &1au*@+( eye+, an he reco4ere hi+ +ight2 Then he aro+e an 'a+ bapti9e , 19 .n a%ter he took +ome %oo , he 'a+ +trengthene 2 For +e4era* ay+ &a%ter'ar ( he remaine 'ith the i+cip*e+ at Eama+cu+2 2= 21

.n imme iate*y in the +ynagogue+ he proc*aime ,e+u+, +aying, #e i+ the 1on o% 6o J

.n a** 'ho hear him 'ere ama9e an +ai , !+ not thi+ the 4ery man 'ho hara++e an o4erthre' an e+troye in ,eru+a*em tho+e 'ho ca**e upon thi+ "ame; .n he ha+ come here %or the e<pre++ purpo+e o% arre+ting them an bringing them in chain+ be%ore the chie% prie+t+2
22 8ut 1au* increa+e a** the more in +trength, an continue to con%oun an put to con%u+ion the ,e'+ 'ho *i4e in Eama+cu+ by comparing an e<amining e4i ence an pro4ing that ,e+u+ i+ the Chri+t -the 7e++iah/2 23 24

.%ter con+i erab*e time ha e*ap+e , the ,e'+ con+pire to put 1au* out o% the 'ay by +*aying him,

8ut &the kno'*e ge o%( their p*ot 'a+ ma e kno'n to 1au*2 They 'ere guar ing the &city@+( gate+ ay an night to ki** him,
25 8ut hi+ i+cip*e+ took him at night an *et him o'n through the &city@+( 'a**, *o'ering him in a ba+ket or hamper2 26 .n 'hen he ha arri4e in ,eru+a*em, he trie to a++ociate him+e*% 'ith the i+cip*e+C but they 'ere a** a%rai o% him, %or they i not be*ie4e he rea**y 'a+ a i+cip*e2 27 #o'e4er, 8arnaba+ took him an brought him to the apo+t*e+, an he e<p*aine to them ho' a*ong the 'ay he ha +een the Lor , >ho +poke to him, an ho' at Eama+cu+ he ha preache %ree*y an con%i ent*y an courageou+*y in the name o% ,e+u+2 28 29

1o he 'ent in an out &a+ one( among them at ,eru+a*em, i+cu++e 'ith an

Breaching %ree*y an con%i ent*y an bo* *y in the name o% the Lor 2 .n he +poke an i+pute again+t the #e**eni+t+ -the 6recian ,e'+/, but they 'ere +eeking to +*ay him2

3= .n 'hen the brethren %oun it out, they brought him o'n to Cae+area an +ent him o%% to Tar+u+ &hi+ home to'n(2 31 1o the church throughout the 'ho*e o% ,u ea an 6a*i*ee an 1amaria ha peace an 'a+ e i%ie &gro'ing in 'i+ om, 4irtue, an piety( an 'a*king in the re+pect an re4erentia* %ear o% the Lor an in the con+o*ation an e<hortation o% the #o*y 1pirit, continue to increa+e an 'a+ mu*tip*ie 2 32 33 34

"o' a+ Beter 'ent here an there among them a**, he 'ent o'n a*+o to the +aint+ 'ho *i4e at Ly There he %oun a man name .enea+, 'ho ha been be %a+t %or eight year+ an 'a+ para*y9e 2


.n Beter +ai to him, .enea+, ,e+u+ Chri+t -the 7e++iah/ &no'( make+ you 'ho*e2 6et up an make your be J .n imme iate*y &.enea+( +too up2

35 Then a** the inhabitant+ o% Ly to the Lor 2

a an the p*ain o% 1haron +a' &'hat ha happene to( him an they turne

36 "o' there 'a+ at ,oppa a i+cip*e &a 'oman( name &in .ramaic( Tabitha, 'hich &in 6reek( mean+ Eorca+2 1he 'a+ aboun ing in goo ee + an act+ o% charity2 37 38

.bout that time +he %e** +ick an

ie , an 'hen they ha c*ean+e her, they *ai &her( in an upper room2

1ince Ly a 'a+ near ,oppa &ho'e4er(, the i+cip*e+, hearing that Beter 'a+ there, +ent t'o men to him begging him, Eo come to u+ 'ithout e*ay2
39 1o Beter &imme iate*y( ro+e an accompanie them2 .n 'hen he ha arri4e , they took him to the upper room2 .** the 'i o'+ +too aroun him, crying an i+p*aying un er+hirt+ -tunic+/ an &other( garment+ +uch a+ Eorca+ 'a+ accu+tome to make 'hi*e +he 'a+ 'ith them2 4= 8ut Beter put them a** out &o% the room( an kne*t o'n an praye C then turning to the bo y he +ai , Tabitha, get upJ .n +he opene her eye+C an 'hen +he +a' Beter, +he rai+e her+e*% an +at upright2 41 .n he ga4e her hi+ han an *i%te her up2 Then ca**ing in 6o @+ peop*e an the 'i o'+, he pre+ente her to them a*i4e2 42 .n thi+ became kno'n throughout a** ,oppa, an many came to be*ie4e on the Lor &to a here to an tru+t in an re*y on #im a+ the Chri+t an a+ their 1a4ior(2 43

.n Beter remaine in ,oppa %or con+i erab*e time 'ith a certain 1imon a tanner2


a. b.

.ct+ 9F1 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 9F5 7any manu+cript+ o not contain thi+ portion o% 4er+e 5 an the %ir+t part o% 4er+e 62

Acts 1" (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 1"
")> &*i4ing( at Cae+area there 'a+ a man 'ho+e name 'a+ Corne*iu+, a centurion -captain/ o% 'hat 'a+ kno'n a+ the !ta*ian Hegiment,
1 2 . e4out man 'ho 4enerate 6o an treate #im 'ith re4erentia* obe ience, a+ i a** hi+ hou+eho* C an he ga4e much a*m+ to the peop*e an praye continua**y to 6o 2

.bout the ninth hour -about 3F== p2m2/ o% the ay he +a' c*ear*y in a 4i+ion an ange* o% 6o entering an +aying to him, Corne*iu+J
3 4 .n he, ga9ing intent*y at him, became %rightene an +ai , >hat i+ it, Lor ; .n the ange* +ai to him, :our prayer+ an your &generou+( gi%t+ to the poor ha4e come up &a+ a +acri%ice( to 6o an ha4e been remembere by #im2 5 6 7

.n no' +en men to ,oppa an ha4e them ca** %or an in4ite here a certain 1imon 'ho+e +urname i+ BeterC #e i+ *o ging 'ith 1imon a tanner, 'ho+e hou+e i+ by the +ea+i e2

>hen the ange* 'ho +poke to him ha *e%t, Corne*iu+ ca**e t'o o% hi+ +er4ant+ an a 6o A%earing +o* ier %rom among hi+ o'n per+ona* atten ant+2
8 9

.n ha4ing rehear+e e4erything to them, he +ent them to ,oppa2

The ne<t ay a+ they 'ere +ti** on their 'ay an 'ere approaching the to'n, Beter 'ent up to the roo% o% the hou+e to pray, about the +i<th hour -noon/2
1= 8ut he became 4ery hungry, an 'ante +omething to eatC an 'hi*e the mea* 'a+ being prepare a trance came o4er him, 11 .n he +a' the +ky opene an +omething *ike a great +heet *o'ere by the %our corner+, e+cen ing to the earth2

12 13 14

!t containe a** kin + o% 5ua rupe + an 'i* bea+t+ an creeping thing+ o% the earth an bir + o% the air2 .n there came a 4oice to him, +aying, Hi+e up, Beter, ki** an eat2

8ut Beter +ai , "o, by no mean+, Lor C %or ! ha4e ne4er eaten anything that i+ common an unha**o'e or &ceremonia**y( unc*ean2 .n the 4oice came to him again a +econ time, >hat 6o ha+ c*ean+e an pronounce c*ean, o not you e%i*e an pro%ane by regar ing an ca**ing common an unha**o'e or unc*ean2
15 16 17

Thi+ occurre three time+C then imme iate*y the +heet 'a+ taken up to hea4en2

"o' Beter 'a+ +ti** in'ar *y perp*e<e an oubte a+ to 'hat the 4i+ion 'hich he ha +een cou* mean, 'hen &?u+t then( beho* the me++enger+ that 'ere +ent by Corne*iu+, 'ho ha ma e in5uiry %or 1imon@+ hou+e, +toppe an +too be%ore the gate2
18 19

.n they ca**e out to in5uire 'hether 1imon 'ho 'a+ +urname Beter 'a+ +taying there2

.n 'hi*e Beter 'a+ &a(earne+t*y re4o*4ing the 4i+ion in hi+ min an me itating on it, the &#o*y( 1pirit +ai to him, 8eho* , three men are *ooking %or youJ
2= 6et up an go be*o' an accompany them 'ithout any oubt &about it+ *ega*ity( or any i+crimination or he+itation, %or ! ha4e +ent them2 21 22

Then Beter 'ent o'n to the men an +ai , ! am the man you +eekC 'hat i+ the purpo+e o% your coming;

.n they +ai , Corne*iu+, a centurion -captain/ 'ho i+ ?u+t an upright an in right +tan ing 'ith 6o , being 6o A%earing an obe ient an 'e** +poken o% by the 'ho*e ,e'i+h nation, ha+ been in+tructe by a ho*y ange* to +en %or you to come to hi+ hou+eC an he &b(ha+ recei4e in an+'er &to prayer( a 'arning to *i+ten to an act upon 'hat you ha4e to +ay2
23 1o Beter in4ite them in to be hi+ gue+t+ &%or the night(2 The ne<t ay he aro+e an 'ent a'ay 'ith them, an +ome o% the brethren %rom ,oppa accompanie him2 24 .n on the %o**o'ing ay they entere Cae+area2 Corne*iu+ 'a+ 'aiting %or an e<pecting them, an he ha in4ite together hi+ re*ati4e+ an hi+ intimate %rien +2

.+ Beter arri4e , Corne*iu+ met him, an %a**ing o'n at hi+ %eet he ma e obei+ance an pai 'or+hip%u* re4erence to him2
25 26 27 28

8ut Beter rai+e him up, +aying, 6et upC ! my+e*% am a*+o a man2 .n a+ &Beter( +poke 'ith him, he entere the hou+e an %oun a *arge group o% per+on+ a++emb*e C

.n he +ai to them, :ou your+e*4e+ are a'are ho' it i+ not *a'%u* or permi++ib*e %or a ,e' to keep company 'ith or to 4i+it or &e4en( to come near or to +peak %ir+t to anyone o% another nationa*ity, but 6o ha+ +ho'n an taught me by 'or + that ! +hou* not ca** any human being common or unha**o'e or &ceremonia**y( unc*ean2
29 There%ore 'hen ! 'a+ +ent %or, ! came 'ithout he+itation or ob?ection or mi+gi4ing+2 1o no' ! a+k %or 'hat rea+on you +ent %or me2 3= .n Corne*iu+ +ai , Thi+ i+ no' the %ourth ay +ince about thi+ time ! 'a+ ob+er4ing the ninth hour -three o@c*ock in the a%ternoon/ o% prayer in my *o ging p*aceC &+u en*y( a man +too be%ore me in a99*ing appare*, 31 .n he +ai , Corne*iu+, your prayer ha+ been hear an harkene to, an your onation+ to the poor ha4e been kno'n an &c(pre+er4e be%ore 6o &+o that #e hee + an i+ about to he*p you(2 32 1en there%ore to ,oppa an a+k %or 1imon 'ho i+ +urname BeterC he i+ +taying in the hou+e o% 1imon the tanner by the +ea+i e2 33 1o at once ! +ent %or you, an you &being a ,e'( ha4e one a kin an & (courteou+ an han +ome thing in coming2 "o' then, 'e are a** pre+ent in the +ight o% 6o to *i+ten to a** that you ha4e been in+tructe by the Lor to +ay2 34 .n Beter opene hi+ mouth an +ai F 7o+t certain*y an thorough*y ! no' percei4e an un er+tan that 6o +ho'+ no partia*ity an i+ no re+pecter o% per+on+,

8ut in e4ery nation he 'ho 4enerate+ an ha+ a re4erentia* %ear %or 6o , treating #im 'ith 'or+hip%u* obe ience an *i4ing upright*y, i+ acceptab*e to #im an &e(+ure o% being recei4e an 'e*come &by #im(2
35 36 :ou kno' the content+ o% the me++age 'hich #e +ent to !+rae*, announcing the goo ne'+ -6o+pe*/ o% peace by ,e+u+ Chri+t, >ho i+ Lor o% a**AA 37 The &+ame( me++age 'hich 'a+ proc*aime throughout a** ,u ea, +tarting %rom 6a*i*ee a%ter the bapti+m preache by ,ohnAA 38 #o' 6o anointe an con+ecrate ,e+u+ o% "a9areth 'ith the &#o*y( 1pirit an 'ith +trength an abi*ity an po'erC ho' #e 'ent about oing goo an , &%(in particu*ar, curing a** 'ho 'ere hara++e an oppre++e by &the po'er o%( the e4i*, %or 6o 'a+ 'ith #im2 39 .n 'e are &eye an ear( 'itne++e+ o% e4erything that #e i both in the *an o% the ,e'+ an in ,eru+a*em2 .n &yet( they put #im out o% the 'ay -mur ere #im/ by hanging #im on a treeC

4= 41

8ut 6o rai+e #im to *i%e on the thir

ay an cau+e #im to be mani%e+t -to be p*ain*y +een/,

"ot by a** the peop*e but to u+ 'ho 'ere cho+en - e+ignate / be%orehan by 6o a+ 'itne++e+, 'ho ate an rank 'ith #im a%ter #e aro+e %rom the ea 2
42 .n #e charge u+ to preach to the peop*e an to bear +o*emn te+timony that #e i+ the 6o Aappointe an 6o Aor aine ,u ge o% the *i4ing an the ea 2 43 To #im a** the prophet+ te+ti%y -bear 'itne++/ that e4eryone 'ho be*ie4e+ in #im &'ho a here+ to, tru+t+ in, an re*ie+ on #im, gi4ing him+e*% up to #im( recei4e+ %orgi4ene++ o% +in+ through #i+ name2 44 45

>hi*e Beter 'a+ +ti** +peaking the+e 'or +, the #o*y 1pirit %e** on a** 'ho 'ere *i+tening to the me++age2

.n the be*ie4er+ %rom among the circumci+e &the ,e'+( 'ho came 'ith Beter 'ere +urpri+e an ama9e , becau+e the %ree gi%t o% the #o*y 1pirit ha been be+to'e an poure out *arge*y e4en on the 6enti*e+2
46 For they hear them ta*king in &unkno'n( tongue+ -*anguage+/ an e<to**ing an magni%ying 6o 2 Then Beter a+ke , 47 Can anyone %orbi or re%u+e 'ater %or bapti9ing the+e peop*e, +eeing that they ha4e recei4e the #o*y 1pirit ?u+t a+ 'e ha4e;

.n he or ere that they be bapti9e in the name o% ,e+u+ Chri+t -the 7e++iah/2 Then they begge him to +tay on there %or +ome ay+2


a. b. c. d. e. f.

.ct+ 1=F19 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 1=F22 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 1=F31 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 1=F33 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 1=F35 >eb+ter@+ "e' !nternationa* Eictionary o%%er+ thi+ phra+e a+ a e%inition o% Kacceptab*e2K .ct+ 1=F38 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2

Acts 11 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 11
")> T#$ apo+t*e+ -+pecia* me++enger+/ an the brethren 'ho 'ere throughout ,u ea hear &'ith a+toni+hment( that the 6enti*e+ -heathen/ a*+o ha recei4e an accepte an 'e*come the >or o% 6o &the octrine concerning the attainment through Chri+t o% +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o (2

1o 'hen Beter 'ent up to ,eru+a*em, the circumci+ion party &certain ,e'i+h Chri+tian+( %oun %au*t 'ith him &+eparating them+e*4e+ %rom him in a ho+ti*e +pirit, oppo+ing an i+puting an conten ing 'ith him(,
2 3 4

1aying, >hy i you go to uncircumci+e men an &e4en( eat 'ith them;

8ut Beter began &at the beginning( an narrate an e<p*aine to them +tep by +tep &the 'ho*e *i+t o% e4ent+(2 #e +ai F
5 ! 'a+ in the to'n o% ,oppa praying, an &%a**ing( in a trance ! +a' a 4i+ion o% +omething coming o'n %rom hea4en, *ike a huge +heet *o'ere by the %our corner+C an it e+cen e unti* it came to me2 6 6a9ing intent*y an c*o+e*y at it, ! ob+er4e in it &a 4ariety o%( %ourA%oote anima*+ an 'i* bea+t+ an repti*e+ o% the earth an bir + o% the air, 7 8

.n ! hear a 4oice +aying to me, 6et up, BeterC ki** an eat2

8ut ! +ai , "o, by no mean+, Lor C %or nothing common or unha**o'e or &ceremonia**y( unc*ean ha+ e4er entere my mouth2

9 8ut the 4oice an+'ere a +econ time %rom hea4en, >hat 6o ha+ c*ean+e an pronounce c*ean, o not you e%i*e an pro%ane by regar ing or ca**ing it common or unha**o'e or unc*ean2 1= 11 12

Thi+ occurre three time+, an then a** 'a+ ra'n up again into hea4en2 .n right then the three men +ent to me %rom Cae+area arri4e at the hou+e in 'hich 'e 'ere2

.n the &#o*y( 1pirit in+tructe me to accompany them 'ithout &the *ea+t( he+itation or mi+gi4ing+ or i+crimination2 1o the+e +i< brethren accompanie me a*+o, an 'e 'ent into the man@+ hou+e2
13 .n he re*ate to u+ ho' he ha +een the ange* in hi+ hou+e 'hich +too an +ai to him, 1en men to ,oppa an bring 1imon 'ho i+ +urname BeterC 14 #e 'i** gi4e an e<p*ain to you a me++age by mean+ o% 'hich you an a** your hou+eho* &a+ 'e**( 'i** be +a4e &&a(%rom eterna* eath(2 15 16

>hen ! began to +peak, the #o*y 1pirit %e** on them ?u+t a+ #e i on u+ at the beginning2 -./

Then ! reca**e the ec*aration o% the Lor , ho' #e +ai , ,ohn in ee bapti9e 'ith 'ater, but you +ha** be bapti9e 'ith -&b(be p*ace in, intro uce into/ the #o*y 1pirit2
17 !% then 6o ga4e to them the +ame 6i%t &e5ua**y( a+ #e ga4e to u+ 'hen 'e be*ie4e in -a here to, tru+te in, an re*ie on/ the Lor ,e+u+ Chri+t, 'ho 'a+ ! an 'hat po'er or authority ha ! to inter%ere or hin er or %orbi or 'ith+tan 6o ; 18 >hen they hear thi+, they 'ere 5uiete an ma e no %urther ob?ection2 .n they g*ori%ie 6o , +aying, Then 6o ha+ a*+o grante to the 6enti*e+ repentance &c(unto &rea*( *i%e &a%ter re+urrection(2 19 7ean'hi*e tho+e 'ho 'ere +cattere becau+e o% the per+ecution that aro+e in connection 'ith 1tephen ha tra4e*e a+ %ar a'ay a+ Bhoenicia an Cypru+ an .ntioch, 'ithout e*i4ering the me++age &concerning & ( the attainment through Chri+t o% +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o ( to anyone e<cept ,e'+2 2= 8ut there 'ere +ome o% them, men o% Cypru+ an Cyrene, 'ho on returning to .ntioch +poke to the 6reek+ a*+o, proc*aiming &to them( the goo ne'+ -the 6o+pe*/ about the Lor ,e+u+2 21 .n the pre+ence o% the Lor 'a+ 'ith them 'ith po'er, +o that a great number &*earne ( to be*ie4e -to a here to an tru+t in an re*y on the Lor / an turne an +urren ere them+e*4e+ to #im2 22 The rumor+ o% thi+ came to the ear+ o% the church -a++emb*y/ in ,eru+a*em, an they +ent 8arnaba+ to .ntioch2 23 >hen he arri4e an +a' 'hat grace -%a4or/ 6o 'a+ be+to'ing upon them, he 'a+ %u** o% ?oyC an he continuou+*y e<horte -'arne , urge , an encourage / them a** to c*ea4e unto an remain %aith%u* to an e4ote to the Lor 'ith &re+o*ute an +tea y( purpo+e o% heart2 24 For he 'a+ a goo man &&e(goo in him+e*% an a*+o at once %or the goo an the a 4antage o% other peop*e(, %u** o% an contro**e by the #o*y 1pirit an %u** o% %aith -o% hi+ &%(be*ie% that ,e+u+ i+ the 7e++iah, through >hom 'e obtain eterna* +a*4ation/2 .n a *arge company 'a+ a e to the Lor 2 25 26

&8arnaba+( 'ent on to Tar+u+ to hunt %or 1au*2

.n 'hen he ha %oun him, he brought him back to .ntioch2 For a 'ho*e year they a++emb*e together 'ith an &g('ere gue+t+ o% the church an in+tructe a *arge number o% peop*eC an in .ntioch the i+cip*e+ 'ere %ir+t ca**e Chri+tian+2
27 .n uring the+e ay+ prophet+ -in+pire teacher+ an interpreter+ o% the i4ine 'i** an purpo+e/ came o'n %rom ,eru+a*em to .ntioch2 28 .n one o% them name .gabu+ +too up an prophe+ie through the &#o*y( 1pirit that a great an +e4ere %amine 'ou* come upon the 'ho*e 'or* 2 .n thi+ i occur uring the reign o% C*au iu+2 29 1o the i+cip*e+ re+o*4e to +en re*ie%, each accor ing to hi+ in i4i ua* abi*ity &in proportion a+ he ha pro+pere (, to the brethren 'ho *i4e in ,u ea2 3=

.n +o they i , +en ing &their contribution+( to the e* er+ by the han o% 8arnaba+ an 1au*2


a. b. c. d. e. f.

.ct+ 11F14 #ermann Cremer, 8ib*icoATheo*ogica* Le<icon2 .ct+ 11F16 Genneth >ue+t, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 11F18 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 11F19 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 11F24 #ermann Cremer, 8ib*icoATheo*ogica* Le<icon2 .ct+ 11F24 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2

g. A.

.ct+ 11F26 .*ternate tran+*ation2

Cross references: .ct+ 11F15 F .ct+ 2F1A4

Acts 12 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 12
.8)0T T#.T time #ero the king +tretche %orth hi+ han + to a%%*ict an oppre++ an torment +ome 'ho be*onge to the church -a++emb*y/2
1 2 3

.n he ki**e ,ame+ the brother o% ,ohn 'ith a +'or C

.n 'hen he +a' that it 'a+ p*ea+ing to the ,e'+, he procee e %urther an arre+te Beter a*+o2 Thi+ 'a+ uring the ay+ o% 0n*ea4ene 8rea &the Ba++o4er 'eek(2
4 .n 'hen he ha +ei9e &Beter(, he put him in pri+on an e*i4ere him to %our +5ua + o% +o* ier+ o% %our each to guar him, purpo+ing a%ter the Ba++o4er to bring him %orth to the peop*e2 5 1o Beter 'a+ kept in pri+on, but %er4ent prayer %or him 'a+ per+i+tent*y ma e to 6o by the church -a++emb*y/2 6 The 4ery night be%ore #ero 'a+ about to bring him %orth, Beter 'a+ +*eeping bet'een t'o +o* ier+, %a+tene 'ith t'o chain+, an +entrie+ be%ore the oor 'ere guar ing the pri+on2 7 .n +u en*y an ange* o% the Lor appeare &+tan ing be+i e him(, an a *ight +hone in the p*ace 'here he 'a+2 .n the ange* gent*y +mote Beter on the +i e an a'akene him, +aying, 6et up 5uick*yJ .n the chain+ %e** o%% hi+ han +2 8 .n the ange* +ai to him, Tighten your be*t an bin on your +an a*+2 .n he i +o2 .n he +ai to him, >rap your outer garment aroun you an %o**o' me2 9 .n &Beter( 'ent out &a*ong( %o**o'ing him, an he 'a+ not con+ciou+ that 'hat 'a+ apparent*y being one by the ange* 'a+ rea*, but thought he 'a+ +eeing a 4i+ion2 1= >hen they ha pa++e through the %ir+t guar an the +econ , they came to the iron gate 'hich *ea + into the city2 )% it+ o'n accor &the gate( +'ung open, an they 'ent out an pa++e on through one +treetC an at once the ange* *e%t him2 11 Then Beter came to him+e*% an +ai , "o' ! rea**y kno' an am +ure that the Lor ha+ +ent #i+ ange* an e*i4ere me %rom the han o% #ero an %rom a** that the ,e'i+h peop*e 'ere e<pecting &to o to me(2 12 >hen he, at a g*ance, became a'are o% thi+ &&a(comprehen ing a** the e*ement+ o% the ca+e(, he 'ent to the hou+e o% 7ary the mother o% ,ohn, 'ho+e +urname 'a+ 7ark, 'here a *arge number 'ere a++emb*e together an 'ere praying2 13 14

.n 'hen he knocke at the gate o% the porch, a mai name Hho a came to an+'er2

.n recogni9ing Beter@+ 4oice, in her ?oy +he %ai*e to open the gate, but ran in an to* the peop*e that Beter 'a+ +tan ing be%ore the porch gate2
15 They +ai to her, :ou are cra9yJ 8ut +he per+i+tent*y an +trong*y an con%i ent*y a%%irme that it 'a+ the truth2 They +ai , !t i+ hi+ ange*J 16 17

8ut mean'hi*e Beter continue knocking, an 'hen they opene the gate an +a' him, they 'ere ama9e 2

8ut motioning to them 'ith hi+ han to keep 5uiet an *i+ten, he re*ate to them ho' the Lor ha e*i4ere him out o% the pri+on2 .n he +ai , Heport a** thi+ to ,ame+ &the Le++( an to the brethren2 Then he *e%t an 'ent to +ome other p*ace2
18 "o' a+ +oon a+ it 'a+ ay, there 'a+ no +ma** i+turbance among the +o* ier+ o4er 'hat ha become o% Beter2

19 .n 'hen #ero ha *ooke %or him an cou* not %in him, he p*ace the guar + on tria* an comman e that they +hou* be *e a'ay &to e<ecution(2 Then &#ero ( 'ent o'n %rom ,u ea to Cae+area an +taye on there2 2= "o' &#ero ( cheri+he bitter animo+ity an ho+ti*ity %or the peop*e o% Tyre an 1i onC an &their eputie+( came to him in a unite bo y, an ha4ing ma e 8*a+tu+ the king@+ chamber*ain their %rien , they a+ke %or peace, becau+e their country 'a+ nouri+he by an epen e on the king@+ &country( %or %oo 2 21 )n an appointe an oration to them2 22 23

ay #ero arraye him+e*% in hi+ roya* robe+, took hi+ +eat upon &hi+( throne, an a


.n the a++emb*e peop*e +houte , !t i+ the 4oice o% a go , an not o% a manJ

.n at once an ange* o% the Lor +mote him an cut him o'n, becau+e he i not gi4e 6o the g*ory -the preeminence an king*y ma?e+ty that be*ong to #im a+ the +upreme Hu*er/C an he 'a+ eaten by 'orm+ an ie 2
24 8ut the >or o% the Lor &concerning the attainment through Chri+t o% +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o ( continue to gro' an +prea 2 25 .n 8arnaba+ an 1au* came back %rom ,eru+a*em 'hen they ha comp*ete their mi++ion, bringing 'ith them ,ohn 'ho+e +urname 'a+ 7ark2-./


a. A.

.ct+ 12F12 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2

Cross references: .ct+ 12F25 F .ct+ 11F28A3=

Acts 13 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 13
")> !" the church -a++emb*y/ at .ntioch there 'ere prophet+ -in+pire interpreter+ o% the 'i** an purpo+e+ o% 6o / an teacher+F 8arnaba+, 1ymeon 'ho 'a+ ca**e "iger &8*ack(, Luciu+ o% Cyrene, 7anaen a member o% the court o% #ero the tetrarch, an 1au*2
1 2 >hi*e they 'ere 'or+hiping the Lor an %a+ting, the #o*y 1pirit +ai , 1eparate no' %or 7e 8arnaba+ an 1au* %or the 'ork to 'hich ! ha4e ca**e them2 3 4

Then a%ter %a+ting an praying, they put their han + on them an +ent them a'ay2

1o then, being +ent out by the #o*y 1pirit, they 'ent o'n to 1e*eucia, an %rom &that port( they +ai*e a'ay to Cypru+2
5 >hen they arri4e at 1a*ami+, they preache the >or o% 6o &concerning the attainment through Chri+t o% +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o ( in the +ynagogue+ o% the ,e'+2 .n they ha ,ohn &7ark( a+ an atten ant to a++i+t them2 6 >hen they ha pa++e through the entire i+*an o% Cypru+ a+ %ar a+ Bapho+, they came upon a certain ,e'i+h 'i9ar or +orcerer, a %a*+e prophet name 8arA,e+u+2 7 #e 'a+ c*o+e*y a++ociate 'ith the procon+u*, 1ergiu+ Bau*u+, 'ho 'a+ an inte**igent an +en+ib*e man o% +oun un er+tan ingC he +ummone to him 8arnaba+ an 1au* an +ought to hear the >or o% 6o &concerning +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o attaine through Chri+t(2 8 8ut $*yma+ &a(the 'i+e manAA%or that i+ the tran+*ation o% hi+ name &&b('hich he ha gi4en him+e*%(AAoppo+e them, +eeking to keep the procon+u* %rom accepting the %aith2 9

8ut 1au*, 'ho i+ a*+o ca**e Bau*, %i**e 'ith an contro**e by the #o*y 1pirit, *ooke +tea i*y at &$*yma+(

1= .n +ai , :ou ma+ter in e4ery %orm o% eception an reck*e++ne++, un+crupu*ou+ne++, an 'icke ne++, you +on o% the e4i*, you enemy o% e4erything that i+ upright an goo , 'i** you ne4er +top per4erting an making crooke the +traight path+ o% the Lor an p*otting again+t #i+ +a4ing purpo+e+;-./ 11 .n no', beho* , the han o% the Lor i+ upon you, an you 'i** be b*in , &+o b*in that you 'i** be( unab*e to +ee the +un %or a time2 !n+tant*y there %e** upon him a mi+t an a arkne++, an he grope about +eeking per+on+ 'ho 'ou* *ea him by the han 2 12


Then the procon+u* be*ie4e -became a Chri+tian/ 'hen he +a' 'hat ha occurre , %or he 'a+ a+toni+he eep*y touche at the teaching concerning the Lor an %rom #im2

13 "o' Bau* an hi+ companion+ +ai*e %rom Bapho+ an came to Berga in Bamphy*ia2 .n ,ohn &7ark( +eparate him+e*% %rom them an 'ent back to ,eru+a*em, 14 8ut they &them+e*4e+( came on %rom Berga an arri4e at .ntioch in Bi+i ia2 .n on the 1abbath ay they 'ent into the +ynagogue there an +at o'n2 15 .%ter the rea ing o% the La' an the Brophet+, the *ea er+ &o% the 'or+hip( o% the +ynagogue +ent to them +aying, 8rethren, i% you ha4e any 'or o% e<hortation or con+o*ation or encouragement %or the peop*e, +ay it2 16 17

1o Bau* aro+e, an motioning 'ith hi+ han +ai , 7en o% !+rae* an you 'ho re4erence an %ear 6o , *i+tenJ

The 6o o% thi+ peop*e !+rae* +e*ecte our %ore%ather+ an ma e thi+ peop*e great an important uring their +tay in the *an o% $gypt, an then 'ith an up*i%te arm #e *e them out %rom there2-8/
18 .n %or about %orty year+ beha4ior2-C/ &c(

*ike a %ather*y nur+e #e care %or them in the 'i* erne++ an en ure their

19 >hen #e ha e+troye +e4en nation+ in the *an o% Canaan, #e ga4e them &the #ebre'+( their *an a+ an inheritance & i+tributing it to them by *otC a** o% 'hich took( about 45= year+2-E/ 2= 21

.%ter that, #e ga4e them ?u ge+ unti* the prophet 1amue*2

Then they a+ke %or a kingC an 6o ga4e them 1au* +on o% Gi+h, a man o% the tribe o% 8en?amin, %or %orty year+2
22 .n 'hen #e ha epo+e him, #e rai+e up Ea4i to be their kingC o% him #e bore 'itne++ an +ai , ! ha4e %oun Ea4i +on o% ,e++e a man a%ter 7y o'n heart, 'ho 'i** o a** 7y 'i** an carry out 7y program %u**y2 &! 1am2 13F14C B+2 89F2=C !+a2 44F282( 23 )% thi+ man@+ e+cen ant+ 6o ha+ brought to !+rae* a 1a4ior &in the per+on o% ,e+u+(, accor ing to #i+ promi+e2 24 25

8e%ore #i+ coming ,ohn ha &a*rea y( preache bapti+m o% repentance to a** the peop*e o% !+rae*2

.n a+ ,ohn 'a+ en ing hi+ cour+e, he a+ke , >hat or & ('ho o you +ecret*y think that ! am; ! am not #e &the Chri+t2 "o(, but note that a%ter me )ne i+ coming, the +an a*+ o% >ho+e %eet ! am not 'orthy to untieJ
26 8rethren, +on+ o% the %ami*y o% .braham, an a** tho+e other+ among you 'ho re4erence an %ear 6o , to u+ ha+ been +ent the me++age o% thi+ +a*4ation &the +a*4ation obtaine through ,e+u+ Chri+t(2-$/ 27 For tho+e 'ho 'e** in ,eru+a*em an their ru*er+, becau+e they i not kno' or recogni9e #im or un er+tan the utterance+ o% the prophet+ 'hich are rea e4ery 1abbath, ha4e actua**y %u*%i**e the+e 4ery pre iction+ by con emning an +entencing &#im(2 28 .n a*though they cou* %in no cau+e e+er4ing eath 'ith 'hich to charge #im, yet they a+ke Bi*ate to ha4e #im e<ecute an put out o% the 'ay2 29 .n 'hen they ha %ini+he an %u*%i**e e4erything that 'a+ 'ritten about #im, they took #im o'n %rom the tree an *ai #im in a tomb2 3= 31

8ut 6o rai+e #im %rom the ea 2

.n %or many ay+ #e appeare to tho+e 'ho came up 'ith #im %rom 6a*i*ee to ,eru+a*em, an they are #i+ 'itne++e+ to the peop*e2
32 33

1o no' 'e are bringing you the goo ne'+ -6o+pe*/ that 'hat 6o promi+e to our %ore%ather+,

Thi+ #e ha+ &e(comp*ete*y %u*%i**e %or u+, their chi* ren, by rai+ing up ,e+u+, a+ it i+ 'ritten in the +econ p+a*m, :ou are 7y 1onC to ay ! ha4e begotten :ou & &%(cau+e :ou to ari+e, to be bornC &g(%orma**y +ho'n :ou to be the 7e++iah by the re+urrection(2-F/
34 .n a+ to #i+ ha4ing rai+e #im %rom among the ea , no' no more to return to &un ergo( putre%action an i++o*ution &o% the gra4e(, #e +poke in thi+ 'ay, ! 'i** %u*%i** an gi4e to you the ho*y an +ure mercy an b*e++ing+ &that 'ere promi+e an a++ure ( to Ea4i 2-6/ 35 For thi+ rea+on #e +ay+ a*+o in another p+a*m, :ou 'i** not a**o' :our #o*y )ne to +ee corruption &to un ergo putre%action an i++o*ution o% the gra4e(2-#/ 36 For Ea4i , a%ter he ha +er4e 6o @+ 'i** an purpo+e an coun+e* in hi+ o'n generation, %e** a+*eep & &h(in eath( an 'a+ burie among hi+ %ore%ather+, an he i +ee corruption an un ergo putre%action an i++o*ution &o% the gra4e(2

37 8ut #e >hom 6o rai+e up &to *i%e( +a' no corruption & i not e<perience putre%action an the gra4e(2

i++o*ution o%

38 1o *et it be c*ear*y kno'n an un er+too by you, brethren, that through thi+ 7an %orgi4ene++ an remo4a* o% +in+ i+ no' proc*aime to youC 39 .n that through #im e4eryone 'ho be*ie4e+ &'ho &i(ackno'*e ge+ ,e+u+ a+ hi+ 1a4ior an e4ote+ him+e*% to #im( i+ ab+o*4e -c*eare an %ree / %rom e4ery charge %rom 'hich he cou* not be ?u+ti%ie an %ree by the La' o% 7o+e+ an gi4en right +tan ing 'ith 6o 2 4= 41

Take care, there%ore, *e+t there come upon you 'hat i+ +poken in the prophet+F

Look, you +co%%er+ an +corner+, an mar4e* an peri+h an 4ani+h a'ayC %or ! am oing a ee in your ay+, a ee 'hich you 'i** ne4er ha4e con%i ence in or be*ie4e, &e4en( i% +omeone & &?(c*ear*y e+cribing it in etai*( ec*are+ it to you2-!/
42 .+ they &Bau* an 8arnaba+( 'ent out &o% the +ynagogue(, the peop*e earne+t*y begge that the+e thing+ might be to* to them &%urther( the ne<t 1abbath2 43 .n 'hen the congregation o% the +ynagogue i+per+e , many o% the ,e'+ an the e4out con4ert+ to ,u ai+m %o**o'e Bau* an 8arnaba+, 'ho ta*ke to them an urge them to continue &to tru+t them+e*4e+ to an to +tan %a+t( in the grace -the unmerite %a4or an b*e++ing/ o% 6o 2 44 The ne<t 1abbath a*mo+t the entire city gathere together to hear the >or o% 6o &concerning attainment through Chri+t o% +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o (2 &k(


45 8ut 'hen the ,e'+ +a' the cro' +, %i**e 'ith en4y an ?ea*ou+y they contra icte 'hat 'a+ +ai by Bau* an ta*ke abu+i4e*y &re4i*ing an +*an ering him(2 46 .n Bau* an 8arnaba+ +poke out p*ain*y an bo* *y, +aying, !t 'a+ nece++ary that 6o @+ me++age &concerning &*(+a*4ation through Chri+t( +hou* be +poken to you %ir+t2 8ut +ince you thru+t it %rom you, you pa++ thi+ ?u gment on your+e*4e+ that you are un'orthy o% eterna* *i%e an out o% your o'n mouth you 'i** be ?u ge 2 &"o'( beho* , 'e turn to the 6enti*e+ -the heathen/2 47 For +o the Lor ha+ charge u+, +aying, ! ha4e +et you to be a *ight %or the 6enti*e+ -the heathen/, that you may bring &eterna*( +a*4ation to the uttermo+t part+ o% the earth2 -,/ 48 .n 'hen the 6enti*e+ hear thi+, they re?oice an g*ori%ie -prai+e an ga4e thank+ %or/ the >or o% 6o C an a+ many a+ 'ere e+tine -appointe an or aine / to eterna* *i%e be*ie4e -a here to, tru+te in, an re*ie on ,e+u+ a+ the Chri+t an their 1a4ior/2 49 .n +o the >or o% the Lor &concerning eterna* +a*4ation through Chri+t( +cattere an +prea throughout the 'ho*e region2 5= 8ut the ,e'+ +tirre up the e4out 'omen o% high rank an the out+tan ing men o% the to'n, an in+tigate per+ecution again+t Bau* an 8arnaba+ an ro4e them out o% their boun arie+2 51 52

8ut &the apo+t*e+( +hook o%% the u+t %rom their %eet again+t them an 'ent to !conium2 .n the i+cip*e+ 'ere continua**y %i**e &throughout their +ou*+( 'ith ?oy an the #o*y 1pirit2


a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. &. '. (.

.ct+ 13F8 62 .bbottA1mith, 7anua* 6reek Le<icon2 .ct+ 13F8 #enry .*%or , The 6reek "e' Te+tament, 'ith "ote+2 .ct+ 13F18 1ome ancient manu+cript+ +o rea 2 .ct+ 13F25 1ome manu+cript+ +o rea 2 .ct+ 13F33 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 13F33 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 13F33 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 13F36 #ermann Cremer, 8ib*icoATheo*ogica* Le<icon2 .ct+ 13F39 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 13F41 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 13F44 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 13F46 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2

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Acts 14 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 14
")> .T !conium &a*+o Bau* an 8arnaba+( 'ent into the ,e'i+h +ynagogue together an +poke 'ith +uch po'er that a great number both o% ,e'+ an o% 6reek+ be*ie4e -became Chri+tian+/C
1 2 8ut the unbe*ie4ing ,e'+ &'ho re?ecte their me++age( arou+e the 6enti*e+ an embittere their min + again+t the brethren2 3 1o &Bau* an 8arnaba+( +taye on there %or a *ong time, +peaking %ree*y an %ear*e++*y an bo* *y in the Lor , >ho continue to bear te+timony to the >or o% #i+ grace, granting +ign+ an 'on er+ to be per%orme by their han +2 4 5

8ut the re+i ent+ o% the to'n 'ere i4i e , +ome +i ing 'ith the ,e'+ an +ome 'ith the apo+t*e+2

>hen there 'a+ an attempt both on the part o% the 6enti*e+ an the ,e'+ together 'ith their ru*er+, to in+u*t an abu+e an mo*e+t &Bau* an 8arnaba+( an to +tone them,
6 They, a'are o% the +ituation, ma e their e+cape to Ly+tra an Eerbe, citie+ o% Lycaonia, an the neighboring i+trict+C 7 8

.n there they continue to preach the g*a ti ing+ -6o+pe*/2

"o' at Ly+tra a man +at 'ho %oun it impo++ib*e to u+e hi+ %eet, %or he 'a+ a cripp*e %rom birth an ha ne4er 'a*ke 2
9 #e 'a+ *i+tening to Bau* a+ he ta*ke , an &Bau*( ga9ing intent*y at him an ob+er4ing that he ha %aith to be hea*e , 1= 11

1houte at him, +aying, 1tan erect on your %eetJ .n he *eape up an 'a*ke 2

.n the cro' +, 'hen they +a' 'hat Bau* ha one, *i%te up their 4oice+, +houting in the Lycaonian *anguage, The go + ha4e come o'n to u+ in human %ormJ
12 13

They ca**e 8arnaba+ Deu+, an they ca**e Bau*, becau+e he *e in the i+cour+e, #erme+ &go o% +peech(2

.n the prie+t o% Deu+, 'ho+e &temp*e( 'a+ at the entrance o% the to'n, brought bu**+ an gar*an + to the &city@+( gate+ an 'ante to ?oin the peop*e in o%%ering +acri%ice2
14 8ut 'hen the apo+t*e+ 8arnaba+ an Bau* hear o% it, they tore their c*othing an cro' , +houting,

a+he out among the

15 7en, 'hy are you oing thi+; >e a*+o are &on*y( human being+, o% nature *ike your o'n, an 'e bring you the goo ne'+ -6o+pe*/ that you +hou* turn a'ay %rom the+e %oo*i+h an 4ain thing+ to the *i4ing 6o , >ho ma e the hea4en an the earth an the +ea an e4erything that they contain2 -./ 16 17

!n generation+ pa+t #e permitte a** the nation+ to 'a*k in their o'n 'ay+C

:et #e i not neg*ect to *ea4e +ome 'itne++ o% #im+e*%, %or #e i you goo an &+ho'e you( kin ne++ an ga4e you rain+ %rom hea4en an %ruit%u* +ea+on+, +ati+%ying your heart+ 'ith nouri+hment an happine++2
18 19

$4en in &the *ight o%( the+e 'or + they 'ith i%%icu*ty pre4ente the peop*e %rom o%%ering +acri%ice to them2

8ut +ome ,e'+ arri4e there %rom .ntioch an !coniumC an ha4ing per+ua e the peop*e an 'on them o4er, they +tone Bau* an &&a(a%ter'ar ( ragge him out o% the to'n, thinking that he 'a+ ea 2
2= 8ut the i+cip*e+ %orme a circ*e about him, an he got up an 'ent back into the to'nC an on the morro' he 'ent on 'ith 8arnaba+ to Eerbe2 21 >hen they ha preache the goo ne'+ -6o+pe*/ to that to'n an ma e i+cip*e+ o% many o% the peop*e, they 'ent back to Ly+tra an !conium an .ntioch, 22 $+tab*i+hing an +trengthening the +ou*+ an the heart+ o% the i+cip*e+, urging an 'arning an encouraging them to +tan %irm in the %aith, an &te**ing them( that it i+ through many har +hip+ an tribu*ation+ 'e mu+t enter the king om o% 6o 2 23 .n 'hen they ha appointe an or aine e* er+ %or them in each church 'ith prayer an %a+ting, they committe them to the Lor in >hom they ha come to be*ie4e &being %u** o% ?oy%u* tru+t that #e i+ the Chri+t, the 7e++iah(2 24 25

Then they 'ent through Bi+i ia an arri4e at Bamphy*ia2

.n 'hen they ha +poken the >or in Berga &the octrine concerning the attainment through Chri+t o% +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o (, they 'ent o'n to .tta*iaC
26 .n %rom there they +ai*e back to .ntioch, 'here they ha &%ir+t( been commen e to the grace o% 6o %or the 'ork 'hich they ha &no'( comp*ete 2 27 .rri4ing there, they gathere the church together an ec*are a** that 6o ha accomp*i+he 'ith them an ho' #e ha opene to the 6enti*e+ a oor o% %aith &in ,e+u+ a+ the 7e++iah, through >hom 'e obtain +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o (2 28

.n there they +taye no *itt*e time 'ith the i+cip*e+2


a. A.

.ct+ 14F19 #enry .*%or , The 6reek "e' Te+tament2

Cross references: .ct+ 14F15 F $<o 2=F11C B+ 146F6

Acts 15 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 15
80T 1)7$ men came o'n %rom ,u ea an 'ere in+tructing the brethren, 0n*e++ you are circumci+e in accor ance 'ith the 7o+aic cu+tom, you cannot be +a4e 2-./
1 2 .n 'hen Bau* an 8arnaba+ ha no +ma** i+agreement an i+cu++ion 'ith them, it 'a+ eci e that Bau* an 8arnaba+ an +ome o% the other+ o% their number +hou* go up to ,eru+a*em &an con%er( 'ith the apo+t*e+ -+pecia* me++enger+/ an the e* er+ about thi+ matter2 3 1o, being &a(%itte out an +ent on their 'ay by the church, they 'ent through both Bhoenicia an 1amaria te**ing o% the con4er+ion o% the 6enti*e+ -the heathen/, an they cau+e great re?oicing among a** the brethren2

4 >hen they arri4e in ,eru+a*em, they 'ere hearti*y 'e*come by the church an the apo+t*e+ an the e* er+, an they to* them a** that 6o ha accomp*i+he through them2 5 8ut +ome 'ho be*ie4e &'ho &b(ackno'*e ge ,e+u+ a+ their 1a4ior an e4ote them+e*4e+ to #im( be*onge to the +ect o% the Bhari+ee+, an they ro+e up an +ai , !t i+ nece++ary to circumci+e &the 6enti*e con4ert+( an to charge them to obey the La' o% 7o+e+2 6 7

The apo+t*e+ an the e* er+ 'ere a++emb*e together to *ook into an con+i er thi+ matter2

.n a%ter there ha been a *ong ebate, Beter got up an +ai to them, 8rethren, you kno' that 5uite a 'hi*e ago 6o ma e a choice or +e*ection %rom among you, that by my mouth the 6enti*e+ +hou* hear the me++age o% the 6o+pe* &concerning the &c(attainment through Chri+t o% +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o ( an be*ie4e -cre it an p*ace their con%i ence in it/2
8 .n 6o , >ho i+ ac5uainte 'ith an un er+tan + the heart, bore 'itne++ to them, gi4ing them the #o*y 1pirit a+ #e a*+o i to u+C 9 .n #e ma e no i%%erence bet'een u+ an them, but c*ean+e their heart+ by %aith -& (by a +trong an 'e*come con4iction that ,e+u+ i+ the 7e++iah, through >hom 'e obtain eterna* +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o /2 1= "o' then, 'hy o you try to te+t 6o by putting a yoke on the neck+ o% the i+cip*e+, +uch a+ neither our %ore%ather+ nor 'e &our+e*4e+( 'ere ab*e to en ure; 11 8ut 'e be*ie4e that 'e are +a4e through the grace -the un e+er4e %a4or an mercy/ o% the Lor ,e+u+, ?u+t a+ they &are(2 12 Then the 'ho*e a++emb*y remaine +i*ent, an they *i+tene &attenti4e*y( a+ 8arnaba+ an Bau* rehear+e 'hat +ign+ an 'on er+ 6o ha per%orme through them among the 6enti*e+2 13 14

>hen they ha %ini+he ta*king, ,ame+ rep*ie , 8rethren, *i+ten to me2

1imeon &Beter( ha+ rehear+e ho' 6o %ir+t 4i+ite the 6enti*e+, to take out o% them a peop*e &to bear an honor( #i+ name2
15 16

.n 'ith thi+ the pre iction+ o% the prophet+ agree, a+ it i+ 'ritten,

.%ter thi+ ! 'i** come back, an 'i** rebui* the hou+e o% Ea4i , 'hich ha+ %a**enC ! 'i** rebui* it+ &4ery( ruin+, an ! 'i** +et it up again,
17 18 19

1o that the re+t o% men may +eek the Lor , an a** the 6enti*e+ upon 'hom 7y name ha+ been in4oke , 1ay+ the Lor , >ho ha+ been making the+e thing+ kno'n %rom the beginning o% the 'or* 2 -8/ i+turb tho+e o% the

There%ore it i+ my opinion that 'e +hou* not put ob+tac*e+ in the 'ay o% an annoy an 6enti*e+ 'ho turn to 6o ,

2= 8ut 'e +hou* +en 'or to them in 'riting to ab+tain %rom an a4oi anything that ha+ been po**ute by being o%%ere to i o*+, an a** +e<ua* impurity, an &eating meat o% anima*+( that ha4e been +trang*e , an &ta+ting o%( b*oo 2 21 For %rom ancient generation+ 7o+e+ ha+ ha hi+ preacher+ in e4ery to'n, %or he i+ rea &a*ou ( e4ery 1abbath in the +ynagogue+2 22 Then the apo+t*e+ an the e* er+, together 'ith the 'ho*e church, re+o*4e to +e*ect men %rom among their number an +en them to .ntioch 'ith Bau* an 8arnaba+2 They cho+e ,u a+ ca**e 8ar+abba+, an 1i*a+, &both( *ea ing men among the brethren, an +ent them2 23 >ith &them they +ent( the %o**o'ing *etterF The brethren, both the apo+t*e+ an the e* er+, to the brethren 'ho are o% the 6enti*e+ in .ntioch an 1yria an Ci*icia, greeting+F 24 .+ 'e ha4e hear that +ome per+on+ %rom our number ha4e i+turbe you 'ith their teaching, un+ett*ing your min + an &e(thro'ing you into con%u+ion, a*though 'e ga4e them no e<pre++ or er+ or in+truction+ &on the point+ in 5ue+tion(, 25 !t ha+ been re+o*4e by u+ in a++emb*y to +e*ect men an +en them &a+ me++enger+( to you 'ith our be*o4e 8arnaba+ an Bau*, 26 27 28

7en 'ho ha4e ha9ar e their *i4e+ %or the +ake o% our Lor ,e+u+ Chri+t2 1o 'e ha4e +ent ,u a+ an 1i*a+, 'ho them+e*4e+ 'i** bring you the +ame me++age by 'or o% mouth2

For it ha+ +eeme goo to the #o*y 1pirit an to u+ not to *ay upon you any greater bur en than the+e in i+pen+ab*e re5uirement+F
29 That you ab+tain %rom 'hat ha+ been +acri%ice to i o*+ an %rom &ta+ting( b*oo an %rom &eating the meat o% anima*+( that ha4e been +trang*e an %rom +e<ua* impurity2 !% you keep your+e*4e+ %rom the+e thing+, you 'i** o 'e**2 Fare'e** &be +trong(J 3= 1o 'hen &the me++enger+( 'ere +ent o%%, they 'ent o'n to .ntiochC an ha4ing a++emb*e the congregation, they e*i4ere the *etter2 31

.n 'hen they rea it, the peop*e re?oice at the con+o*ation an encouragement &it brought them(2

32 .n ,u a+ an 1i*a+, 'ho 'ere them+e*4e+ prophet+ -in+pire interpreter+ o% the 'i** an purpo+e+ o% 6o /, urge an 'arne an con+o*e an encourage the brethren 'ith many 'or + an +trengthene them2 33 .n a%ter +pen ing +ome time there, they 'ere +ent back by the brethren 'ith &the greeting( peace to tho+e 'ho ha +ent them2 34 35

#o'e4er, 1i*a+ eci e to +tay on there2

8ut Bau* an 8arnaba+ remaine in .ntioch an 'ith many other+ a*+o continue teaching an proc*aiming the goo ne'+, the >or o% the Lor &concerning the &%(attainment through Chri+t o% eterna* +a*4ation in 6o @+ king om(2
36 .n a%ter +ome time Bau* +ai to 8arnaba+, Come, *et u+ go back an again 4i+it an he*p an mini+ter to the brethren in e4ery to'n 'here 'e ma e kno'n the me++age o% the Lor , an +ee ho' they are getting a*ong2 37 38

"o' 8arnaba+ 'ante to take 'ith them ,ohn ca**e 7ark &hi+ near re*ati4e(2 e+erte them in Bamphy*ia

8ut Bau* i not think it be+t to ha4e a*ong 'ith them the one 'ho ha 5uit an an ha not gone on 'ith them to the 'ork2

39 .n there %o**o'e a +harp i+agreement bet'een them, +o that they +eparate %rom each other, an 8arnaba+ took 7ark 'ith him an +ai*e a'ay to Cypru+2 4= 8ut Bau* +e*ecte 1i*a+ an +et out, being commen e by the brethren to the grace -the %a4or an mercy/ o% the Lor 2 41

.n he pa++e through 1yria an Ci*icia, e+tab*i+hing an +trengthening the churche+2


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.ct+ 15F3 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 15F5 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 15F7 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 15F9 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 15F24 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 15F35 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2

Cross references: .ct+ 15F1 F 6en 17F9A14 .ct+ 15F18 F !+a 45F21C ,er 12F15C .mo+ 9F11, 12

Acts 16 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 16
."E &Bau*( 'ent o'n to Eerbe an a*+o to Ly+tra2 . i+cip*e name Timothy 'a+ there, the +on o% a ,e'i+h 'oman 'ho 'a+ a be*ie4er &+he ha become &a(con4ince that ,e+u+ i+ the 7e++iah an the .uthor o% eterna* +a*4ation, an yie* e obe ience to #im(C but &Timothy@+( %ather 'a+ a 6reek2
1 2 3

#e &Timothy( ha a goo reputation among the brethren at Ly+tra an !conium2

Bau* e+ire Timothy to go 'ith him &&b(a+ a mi++ionary(C an he took him an circumci+e him becau+e o% the ,e'+ that 'ere in tho+e p*ace+, a** o% 'hom kne' that hi+ %ather 'a+ a 6reek2
4 .+ they 'ent on their 'ay %rom to'n to to'n, they e*i4ere o4er &to the a++emb*ie+( %or their ob+er4ance the regu*ation+ eci e upon by the apo+t*e+ an e* er+ 'ho 'ere at ,eru+a*em2

5 6

1o the churche+ 'ere +trengthene an ma e %irm in the %aith, an they increa+e in number ay a%ter ay2 en by the #o*y

.n Bau* an 1i*a+ pa++e through the territory o% Bhrygia an 6a*atia, ha4ing been %orbi 1pirit to proc*aim the >or in &the pro4ince o%( .+ia2

7 .n 'hen they ha come oppo+ite 7y+ia, they trie to go into 8ithynia, but the 1pirit o% ,e+u+ i not permit them2 8 9

1o pa++ing by 7y+ia, they 'ent o'n to Troa+2

&There( a 4i+ion appeare to Bau* in the nightF a man %rom 7ace onia +too p*ea ing 'ith him an +aying, Come o4er to 7ace onia an he*p u+J
1= .n 'hen he ha +een the 4i+ion, 'e &inc*u ing Luke( at once en ea4ore to go on into 7ace onia, con%i ent*y in%erring that 6o ha ca**e u+ to proc*aim the g*a ti ing+ -6o+pe*/ to them2 11 There%ore, +etting +ai* %rom Troa+, 'e came in a irect cour+e to 1amothrace, an the ne<t ay 'ent on to "eapo*i+2 12 .n %rom there &'e came( to Bhi*ippi, 'hich i+ the chie% city o% the i+trict o% 7ace onia an a &Homan( co*ony2 >e +taye on in thi+ p*ace +ome ay+C

.n on the 1abbath ay 'e 'ent out+i e the &city@+( gate to the bank o% the ri4er 'here 'e +uppo+e there 'a+ an &accu+tome ( p*ace o% prayer, an 'e +at o'n an a re++e the 'omen 'ho ha a++emb*e there2
13 14 )ne o% tho+e 'ho *i+tene to u+ 'a+ a 'oman name Ly ia, %rom the city o% Thyatira, a ea*er in %abric+ ye in purp*e2 1he 'a+ &a*rea y( a 'or+hiper o% 6o , an the Lor opene her heart to pay attention to 'hat 'a+ +ai by Bau*2 15 .n 'hen +he 'a+ bapti9e a*ong 'ith her hou+eho* , +he earne+t*y entreate u+, +aying, !% in your opinion ! am one rea**y con4ince &that ,e+u+ i+ the 7e++iah an the .uthor o% +a*4ation( an that ! 'i** be %aith%u* to the Lor , come to my hou+e an +tay2 .n +he in uce u+ &to o it(2 16 .+ 'e 'ere on our 'ay to the p*ace o% prayer, 'e 'ere met by a +*a4e gir* 'ho 'a+ po++e++e by a +pirit o% i4ination &c*aiming to %orete** %uture e4ent+ an to i+co4er hi en kno'*e ge(, an +he brought her o'ner+ much gain by her %ortunete**ing2 17 1he kept %o**o'ing Bau* an &the re+t o%( u+, +houting *ou *y, The+e men are the +er4ant+ o% the 7o+t #igh 6o J They announce to you the 'ay o% +a*4ationJ 18 .n +he i thi+ %or many ay+2 Then Bau*, being +ore*y annoye an 'orn out, turne an +ai to the +pirit 'ithin her, ! charge you in the name o% ,e+u+ Chri+t to come out o% herJ .n it came out that 4ery &c(moment2 19 8ut 'hen her o'ner+ i+co4ere that their hope o% pro%it 'a+ gone, they caught ho* o% Bau* an 1i*a+ an ragge them be%ore the authoritie+ in the %orum -marketp*ace/, &'here tria*+ are he* (2 2= .n 'hen they ha brought them be%ore the magi+trate+, they ec*are , The+e %e**o'+ are ,e'+ an they are thro'ing our city into great con%u+ion2 21 22

They encourage the practice o% cu+tom+ 'hich it i+ un*a'%u* %or u+ Homan+ to accept or ob+er4eJ

The cro' &a*+o( ?oine in the attack upon them, an the ru*er+ tore the c*othe+ o%% o% them an comman e that they be beaten 'ith ro +2
23 .n 'hen they ha +truck them 'ith many b*o'+, they thre' them into pri+on, charging the ?ai*er to keep them +a%e*y2 24 #e, ha4ing recei4e &+o +trict a( charge, put them into the inner pri+on -the ungeon/ an %a+tene their %eet in the +tock+2 25 8ut about mi night, a+ Bau* an 1i*a+ 'ere praying an +inging hymn+ o% prai+e to 6o , an the &other( pri+oner+ 'ere *i+tening to them, 26 1u en*y there 'a+ a great earth5uake, +o that the 4ery %oun ation+ o% the pri+on 'ere +hakenC an at once a** the oor+ 'ere opene an e4eryone@+ +hack*e+ 'ere un%a+tene 2 27 >hen the ?ai*er, +tart*e out o% hi+ +*eep, +a' that the pri+on oor+ 'ere open, he re' hi+ +'or an 'a+ on the point o% ki**ing him+e*%, becau+e he +uppo+e that the pri+oner+ ha e+cape 2 28 29

8ut Bau* +houte , Eo not harm your+e*%, %or 'e are a** hereJ

Then &the ?ai*er( ca**e %or *ight+ an ru+he in, an tremb*ing an terri%ie he %e** o'n be%ore Bau* an 1i*a+2
3= .n he brought them out &o% the ungeon( an +ai , 7en, 'hat i+ it nece++ary %or me to o that ! may be +a4e ; 31 .n they an+'ere , 8e*ie4e in the Lor ,e+u+ Chri+t && (gi4e your+e*% up to #im, &e( take your+e*% out o% your o'n keeping an entru+t your+e*% into #i+ keeping( an you 'i** be +a4e , &an thi+ app*ie+ both to( you an your hou+eho* a+ 'e**2 32 .n they ec*are the >or o% the Lor &the octrine concerning the &%(attainment through Chri+t o% eterna* +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o ( to him an to a** 'ho 'ere in hi+ hou+e2

33 .n he took them the +ame hour o% the night an &g(bathe &them becau+e o% their b*oo y( 'oun +, an he 'a+ bapti9e imme iate*y an a** &the member+ o%( hi+ &hou+eho* (2 34 Then he took them up into hi+ hou+e an +et %oo be%ore themC an he &h(*eape much %or ?oy an e<u*te 'ith a** hi+ %ami*y that he be*ie4e in 6o &accepting an ?oyou+*y 'e*coming 'hat #e ha ma e kno'n through Chri+t(2 35 36

8ut 'hen it 'a+ ay, the magi+trate+ +ent po*icemen, +aying, He*ea+e tho+e %e**o'+ an *et them go2

.n the ?ai*er repeate the 'or + to Bau*, +aying, The magi+trate+ ha4e +ent to re*ea+e you an *et you goC no' there%ore come out an go in peace2
37 8ut Bau* an+'ere them, They ha4e beaten u+ open*y an pub*ic*y, 'ithout a tria* an uncon emne , men 'ho are Homan citi9en+, an ha4e thro'n u+ into pri+onC an o they no' thru+t u+ out +ecret*y; "o, in ee J Let them come here them+e*4e+ an con uct u+ outJ 38 The po*ice reporte thi+ me++age to the magi+trate+, an they 'ere %rightene 'hen they hear that the pri+oner+ 'ere Homan citi9en+C 39 1o they came them+e*4e+ an &+tri4ing to appea+e them by entreaty( apo*ogi9e to them2 .n they brought them out an a+ke them to *ea4e the city2 4= 1o &Bau* an 1i*a+( *e%t the pri+on an 'ent to Ly ia@+ hou+eC an 'hen they ha +een the brethren, they 'arne an urge an con+o*e an encourage them an eparte 2


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.ct+ 16F1 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 16F3 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 16F18 ,ame+ 7ou*ton an 6eorge 7i**igan, The Iocabu*ary2 .ct+ 16F31 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 16F31 Genneth >ue+t, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 16F32 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 16F33 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 16F34 Hobert :oung, .na*ytica* Concor ance to the 8ib*e2

Acts 17 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 17
")> .FT$H &Bau* an 1i*a+( ha pa++e through .mphipo*i+ an .po**onia, they came to The++a*onica, 'here there 'a+ a +ynagogue o% the ,e'+2
1 2 .n Bau* entere , a+ he u+ua**y i , an %or three 1abbath+ he rea+one an argue 'ith them %rom the 1cripture+, 3 $<p*aining &them( an &5uoting pa++age+( +etting %orth an pro4ing that it 'a+ nece++ary %or the Chri+t to +u%%er an to ri+e %rom the ea , an +aying, Thi+ ,e+u+, >hom ! proc*aim to you, i+ the Chri+t -the 7e++iah/2 4 .n +ome o% them &accor ing*y( 'ere in uce to be*ie4e an a++ociate them+e*4e+ 'ith Bau* an 1i*a+, a+ i a great number o% the e4out 6reek+ an not a %e' o% the *ea ing 'omen2 5 8ut the unbe*ie4ing ,e'+ 'ere arou+e to ?ea*ou+y, an , getting ho* o% +ome 'icke men -ru%%ian+ an ra+ca*+/ an *ounger+ in the marketp*ace, they gathere together a mob, +et the to'n in an uproar, an attacke the hou+e o% ,a+on, +eeking to bring &Bau* an 1i*a+( out to the peop*e2

6 8ut 'hen they %ai*e to %in them, they ragge ,a+on an +ome o% the brethren be%ore the city authoritie+, crying, The+e men 'ho ha4e turne the 'or* up+i e o'n ha4e come here a*+o, 7 .n ,a+on ha+ recei4e them to hi+ hou+e an pri4ate*y protecte themJ .n they are a** ignoring an acting contrary to the ecree+ o% Cae+ar, &actua**y( a++erting that there i+ another king, one ,e+u+J 8 9

.n both the cro' an the city authoritie+, on hearing thi+, 'ere irritate -+tirre up an troub*e /2 .n 'hen they ha taken +ecurity &bai*( %rom ,a+on an the other+, they *et them go2

"o' the brethren at once +ent Bau* an 1i*a+ a'ay by night to 8eroeaC an 'hen they arri4e , they entere the +ynagogue o% the ,e'+2
1= 11 "o' the+e &,e'+( 'ere better i+po+e an more nob*e than tho+e in The++a*onica, %or they 'ere entire*y rea y an accepte an 'e*come the me++age &&a(concerning the attainment through Chri+t o% eterna* +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o ( 'ith inc*ination o% min an eagerne++, +earching an e<amining the 1cripture+ ai*y to +ee i% the+e thing+ 'ere +o2 12 13

7any o% them there%ore became be*ie4er+, together 'ith not a %e' prominent 6reek+, 'omen a+ 'e** a+ men2

8ut 'hen the ,e'+ o% The++a*onica *earne that the >or o% 6o & &b(concerning the attainment through Chri+t o% eterna* +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o ( 'a+ a*+o preache by Bau* at 8eroea, they came there too, i+turbing an inciting the ma++e+2
14 15

.t once the brethren +ent Bau* o%% on hi+ 'ay to the +ea, but 1i*a+ an Timothy remaine behin 2

Tho+e 'ho e+corte Bau* brought him a+ %ar a+ .then+C an recei4ing in+truction+ %or 1i*a+ an Timothy that they +hou* come to him a+ +oon a+ po++ib*e, they eparte 2
16 "o' 'hi*e Bau* 'a+ a'aiting them at .then+, hi+ +pirit 'a+ grie4e an rou+e to anger a+ he +a' that the city 'a+ %u** o% i o*+2 17 1o he rea+one an argue in the +ynagogue 'ith the ,e'+ an tho+e 'ho 'or+hipe there, an in the marketp*ace &'here a++emb*ie+ are he* ( ay a%ter ay 'ith any 'ho chance to be there2 18 .n +ome a*+o o% the $picurean an 1toic phi*o+opher+ encountere him an began to engage in i+cu++ion2 .n +ome +ai , >hat i+ thi+ babb*er 'ith hi+ +crapAheap *earning trying to +ay; )ther+ +ai , #e +eem+ to be an announcer o% %oreign eitie+AAbecau+e he preache ,e+u+ an the re+urrection2 19 .n they took ho* o% him an brought him to the &c(.reopagu+ &7ar+ #i** meeting p*ace(, +aying, 7ay 'e kno' 'hat thi+ no4e* -unhear o% an unprece ente / teaching i+ 'hich you are open*y ec*aring; 2= For you +et %orth +ome +tart*ing thing+, %oreign an +trange to our ear+C 'e 'i+h to kno' there%ore ?u+t 'hat the+e thing+ meanAA 21 For the .thenian+, a** o% them, an the %oreign re+i ent+ an 4i+itor+ among them +pent a** their *ei+ure time in nothing e<cept te**ing or hearing +omething ne'er than the *a+tAA 22 1o Bau*, +tan ing in the center o% the .reopagu+ &7ar+ #i** meeting p*ace(, +ai F 7en o% .then+, ! percei4e in e4ery 'ay &on e4ery han an 'ith e4ery turn ! make( that you are mo+t re*igiou+ or 4ery re4erent to emon+2 23 For a+ ! pa++e a*ong an care%u**y ob+er4e your ob?ect+ o% 'or+hip, ! came a*+o upon an a*tar 'ith thi+ in+cription, To the unkno'n go 2 "o' 'hat you are a*rea y 'or+hiping a+ unkno'n, thi+ ! +et %orth to you2 24 The 6o >ho pro uce an %orme the 'or* an a** thing+ in it, being Lor o% hea4en an earth, oe+ not 'e** in han ma e +hrine+2 25 "either i+ #e +er4e by human han +, a+ though #e *acke anything, %or it i+ #e #im+e*% >hogi4e+ *i%e an breath an a** thing+ to a** &peop*e(2-./ 26 .n #e ma e %rom one &common origin, one +ource, one b*oo ( a** nation+ o% men to +ett*e on the %ace o% the earth, ha4ing e%inite*y etermine &their( a**otte perio + o% time an the %i<e boun arie+ o% their habitation -their +ett*ement+, *an +, an abo e+/, 27 1o that they +hou* +eek 6o , in the hope that they might %ee* a%ter #im an %in #im, a*though #e i+ not %ar %rom each one o% u+2 28 For in #im 'e *i4e an mo4e an ha4e our beingC a+ e4en +ome o% your &o'n( poet+ ha4e +ai , For 'e are a*+o #i+ o%%+pring2 29 1ince then 'e are 6o @+ o%%+pring, 'e ought not to +uppo+e that Eeity -the 6o hea / i+ *ike go* or +i*4er or +tone, &o% the nature o%( a repre+entation by human art an imagination, or anything con+tructe or in4ente 2 3= 1uch &%ormer( age+ o% ignorance 6o , it i+ true, ignore an a**o'e to pa++ unnotice C but no' #e charge+ a** peop*e e4ery'here to repent -& (to change their min + %or the better an hearti*y to amen their 'ay+, 'ith abhorrence o% their pa+t +in+/, 31 8ecau+e #e ha+ %i<e a ay 'hen #e 'i** ?u ge the 'or* righteou+*y -?u+t*y/ by a 7an >hom #e ha+ e+tine an appointe %or that ta+k, an #e ha+ ma e thi+ cre ib*e an gi4en con4iction an a++urance an e4i ence to e4eryone by rai+ing #im %rom the ea 2-8/

32 "o' 'hen they ha hear &that there ha been( a re+urrection %rom the ea , +ome +co%%e C but other+ +ai , >e 'i** hear you again about thi+ matter2 33 34

1o Bau* 'ent out %rom among them2

8ut +ome men 'ere on hi+ +i e an ?oine him an be*ie4e -became Chri+tian+/C among them 'ere Eiony+iu+, a ?u ge o% the .reopagu+, an a 'oman name Eamari+, an +ome other+ 'ith them2


a. b. c. d. A. B.

.ct+ 17F11 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 17F13 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 17F19 7any mo ern interpreter+ note that the .reopagu+ may a*+o ha4e been a re%erence to the Counci* o% the .reopagu+, the +upreme court o% .then+, cu+to ian+ o% teaching+ that intro uce ne' re*igion+ an %oreign go +2 1ee a*+o .ct+ 17F342 .ct+ 17F3= ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2

Cross references: .ct+ 17F25 F !+a 42F5 .ct+ 17F31 F B+ 9F8C 96F13C 98F9

Acts 1

(Amplified Bible)

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 1

.FT$H T#!1 &Bau*( eparte %rom .then+ an 'ent to Corinth2

2 There he met a ,e' name .5ui*a, a nati4e o% Bontu+, recent*y arri4e %rom !ta*y 'ith Bri+ci**a hi+ 'i%e, ue to the %act that C*au iu+ ha i++ue an e ict that a** the ,e'+ 'ere to *ea4e Home2 .n &Bau*( 'ent to +ee them, 3 .n becau+e he 'a+ o% the +ame occupation, he +taye 'ith themC an they 'orke &together(, %or they 'ere tentmaker+ by tra e2 4 5

8ut he i+cour+e an argue in the +ynagogue e4ery 1abbath an 'on o4er &both( ,e'+ an 6reek+2

8y the time 1i*a+ an Timothy arri4e %rom 7ace onia, Bau* 'a+ comp*ete*y engro++e 'ith preaching, earne+t*y arguing an te+ti%ying to the ,e'+ that ,e+u+ &i+( the Chri+t2
6 8ut +ince they kept oppo+ing an abu+ing an re4i*ing him, he +hook out hi+ c*othing &again+t them( an +ai to them, :our b*oo be upon your &o'n( hea +J ! am innocent &o% it(2 From no' on ! 'i** go to the 6enti*e+ -the heathen/2-./ 7 #e then *e%t there an 'ent to the hou+e o% a man name Titu+ ,u+tu+, 'ho 'or+hipe 6o an 'ho+e hou+e 'a+ ne<t oor to the +ynagogue2 8 8ut Cri+pu+, the *ea er o% the +ynagogue, be*ie4e &that ,e+u+ i+ the 7e++iah an ackno'*e ge #im 'ith ?oy%u* tru+t a+ 1a4ior an Lor (, together 'ith hi+ entire hou+eho* C an many o% the Corinthian+ 'ho *i+tene &to Bau* a*+o( be*ie4e an 'ere bapti9e 2 9

.n one night the Lor +ai to Bau* in a 4i+ion, #a4e no %ear, but +peak an

o not keep +i*entC


For ! am 'ith you, an no man +ha** a++au*t you to harm you, %or ! ha4e many peop*e in thi+ city2 -8/


11 1o he +ett*e o'n among them %or a year an +i< month+, teaching the >or o% 6o &concerning the attainment through Chri+t o% eterna* +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o (2 12

8ut 'hen 6a**io 'a+ procon+u* o% .chaia -mo+t o% 6reece/, the ,e'+ unite *y ma e an attack upon Bau* an brought him be%ore the ?u ge@+ +eat,

13 Eec*aring, Thi+ %e**o' i+ a 4i+ing an in ucing an inciting peop*e to 'or+hip 6o in 4io*ation o% the Home an o% 7o+e+(2


La' &o%

14 8ut 'hen Bau* 'a+ about to open hi+ mouth to rep*y, 6a**io +ai to the ,e'+, !% it 'ere a matter o% +ome mi+ emeanor or 4i**ainy, ) ,e'+, ! +hou* ha4e cau+e to bear 'ith you an *i+tenC 15 8ut +ince it i+ mere*y a 5ue+tion &o% octrine( about 'or + an name+ an your o'n *a', +ee to it your+e*4e+C ! ec*ine to be a ?u ge o% +uch matter+ an ! ha4e no intention o% trying +uch ca+e+2 16 17

.n he ro4e them a'ay %rom the ?u gment +eat2

Then they &the 6reek+( a** +ei9e 1o+thene+, the *ea er o% the +ynagogue, an beat him right in %ront o% the ?u gment +eat2 8ut 6a**io pai no attention to any o% thi+2
18 .%ter'ar Bau* remaine many ay+ *onger, an then to* the brethren %are'e** an +ai*e %or 1yriaC an he 'a+ accompanie by Bri+ci**a an .5ui*a2 .t Cenchreae he &&c(Bau*( cut hi+ hair, %or he ha ma e a 4o'2 19 Then they arri4e in $phe+u+, an &Bau*( *e%t the other+ thereC but he him+e*% entere the +ynagogue an i+cour+e an argue 'ith the ,e'+2 2= 21 22

>hen they a+ke him to remain %or a *onger time, he 'ou* not con+entC 8ut 'hen he 'a+ *ea4ing them he +ai , ! 'i** return to you i% 6o i+ 'i**ing, an he +et +ai* %rom $phe+u+2

>hen he *an e at Cae+area, he 'ent up an +a*ute the church &at ,eru+a*em(, an then 'ent o'n to .ntioch2
23 .%ter +taying there +ome time, he *e%t an 'ent %rom p*ace to p*ace in an or er*y ?ourney through the territory o% 6a*atia an Bhrygia, e+tab*i+hing the i+cip*e+ an imparting ne' +trength to them2 24 7ean'hi*e, there 'a+ a ,e' name .po**o+, a nati4e o% .*e<an ria, 'ho came to $phe+u+2 #e 'a+ a cu*ture an e*o5uent man, 'e** 4er+e an mighty in the 1cripture+2 25 #e ha been in+tructe in the 'ay o% the Lor , an burning 'ith +piritua* 9ea*, he +poke an taught i*igent*y an accurate*y the thing+ concerning ,e+u+, though he 'a+ ac5uainte on*y 'ith the bapti+m o% ,ohn2 26 #e began to +peak %ree*y -%ear*e++*y an bo* *y/ in the +ynagogueC but 'hen Bri+ci**a an .5ui*a hear him, they took him 'ith them an e<poun e to him the 'ay o% 6o more e%inite*y an accurate*y2 27 .n 'hen &.po**o+( 'i+he to cro++ to .chaia -mo+t o% 6reece/, the brethren 'rote to the i+cip*e+ there, urging an encouraging them to accept an 'e*come him hearti*y2 >hen he arri4e , he pro4e a great he*p to tho+e 'ho through grace -6o @+ unmerite %a4or an mercy/ ha be*ie4e -a here to, tru+te in, an re*ie on Chri+t a+ Lor an 1a4ior/2 28 For 'ith great po'er he re%ute the ,e'+ in pub*ic & i+cu++ion+(, +ho'ing an pro4ing by the 1cripture+ that ,e+u+ i+ the Chri+t -the 7e++iah/2


a. b. c.

.ct+ 18F11 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 18F13 The ,e'+ 'ere c*aiming that Bau* 'a+ a 4ocating a re*igion not recogni9e by Homan *a' a+ ,u ai+m 'a+2 .ct+ 18F18 1ome commentator+ -+uch a+ 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+ an #enry .*%or , The 6reek "e' Te+tament/ be*ie4e Bau* i+ the one 'ho ma e the 4o', 'hi*e other+ think .5ui*a i+ meant2

Cross references:

A. B.

.ct+ 18F6 F .ct+ 13F46 .ct+ 18F1= F !+a 43F5C ,er 1F8

Acts 1! (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 1!
>#!L$ .B)LL)1 'a+ in Corinth, Bau* 'ent through the upper in*an he %oun +ome i+cip*e+2

i+trict+ an came o'n to $phe+u+2 There

2 .n he a+ke them, Ei you recei4e the #o*y 1pirit 'hen you be*ie4e &on ,e+u+ a+ the Chri+t(; .n they +ai , "o, 'e ha4e not e4en hear that there i+ a #o*y 1pirit2 3 4

.n he a+ke , !nto 'hat &bapti+m( then 'ere you bapti9e ; They +ai , !nto ,ohn@+ bapti+m2

.n Bau* +ai , ,ohn bapti9e 'ith the bapti+m o% repentance, continua**y te**ing the peop*e that they +hou* be*ie4e in the )ne >ho 'a+ to come a%ter him, that i+, in ,e+u+ &ha4ing a con4iction %u** o% ?oy%u* tru+t that #e i+ Chri+t, the 7e++iah, an being obe ient to #im(2
5 6

)n hearing thi+ they 'ere bapti9e &again, thi+ time( in the name o% the Lor ,e+u+2

.n a+ Bau* *ai hi+ han + upon them, the #o*y 1pirit came on themC an they +poke in &%oreign, unkno'n( tongue+ -*anguage+/ an prophe+ie 2
7 8

There 'ere about t'e*4e o% them in a**2

.n he 'ent into the +ynagogue an %or three month+ +poke bo* *y, per+ua ing an arguing an p*ea ing about the king om o% 6o 2
9 8ut 'hen +ome became more an more +tubborn -har ene an unbe*ie4ing/, i+cre iting an re4i*ing an +peaking e4i* o% the >ay &o% the Lor ( be%ore the congregation, he +eparate him+e*% %rom them, taking the i+cip*e+ 'ith him, an 'ent on ho* ing ai*y i+cu++ion+ in the *ecture room o% Tyrannu+ %rom about ten o@c*ock ti** three2 1= Thi+ continue %or t'o year+, +o that a** the inhabitant+ o% &the pro4ince o%( .+ia, ,e'+ a+ 'e** a+ 6reek+, hear the >or o% the Lor &concerning the &a(attainment through Chri+t o% eterna* +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o (2 11 12

.n 6o

i unu+ua* an e<traor inary mirac*e+ by the han + o% Bau*,

1o that han kerchie%+ or to'e*+ or apron+ 'hich ha touche hi+ +kin 'ere carrie a'ay an put upon the +ick, an their i+ea+e+ *e%t them an the e4i* +pirit+ came out o% them2
13 Then +ome o% the tra4e*ing ,e'i+h e<orci+t+ -men 'ho a ?ure e4i* +pirit+/ a*+o un ertook to ca** the name o% the Lor ,e+u+ o4er tho+e 'ho ha e4i* +pirit+, +aying, ! +o*emn*y imp*ore an charge you by the ,e+u+ >hom Bau* preache+J 14 15 16

1e4en +on+ o% a certain ,e'i+h chie% prie+t name 1ce4a 'ere oing thi+2 8ut &one( e4i* +pirit retorte , ,e+u+ ! kno', an Bau* ! kno'

about, but 'ho are you;

Then the man in 'hom the e4i* +pirit 'e*t *eape upon them, ma+tering &c(t'o o% them, an 'a+ +o 4io*ent again+t them that they a+he out o% that hou+e &in %ear(, +trippe nake an 'oun e 2
17 Thi+ became kno'n to a** 'ho *i4e in $phe+u+, both ,e'+ an 6reek+, an a*arm an terror %e** upon them a**C an the name o% the Lor ,e+u+ 'a+ e<to**e an magni%ie 2 18 7any a*+o o% tho+e 'ho 'ere no' be*ie4er+ came making &%ormer ecepti4e an e4i*( practice+2 & (

%u** con%e++ion an thorough*y e<po+ing their

19 .n many o% tho+e 'ho ha practice curiou+, magica* art+ co**ecte their book+ an &thro'ing them, &e(book a%ter book, on the pi*e( burne them in the +ight o% e4erybo y2 >hen they counte the 4a*ue o% them, they %oun it amounte to 5=,=== piece+ o% +i*4er -&%(about N9,3==/2 2= Thu+ the >or o% the Lor &concerning the &g(attainment through Chri+t o% eterna* +a*4ation in the king om o% 6o ( gre' an +prea an inten+i%ie , pre4ai*ing mighti*y2 21 "o' a%ter the+e e4ent+ Bau* etermine in the &#o*y( 1pirit that he 'ou* tra4e* through 7ace onia an .chaia -mo+t o% 6reece/ an go to ,eru+a*em, +aying, .%ter ! ha4e been there, ! mu+t 4i+it Home a*+o2 22 .n ha4ing +ent t'o o% hi+ a++i+tant+, Timothy an $ra+tu+, into 7ace onia, he him+e*% +taye on in &the pro4ince o%( .+ia %or a 'hi*e2 23 24

8ut a+ time 'ent on, there aro+e no *itt*e i+turbance concerning the >ay &o% the Lor (2 e++( .rtemi+

For a man name Eemetriu+, a +i*4er+mith, 'ho ma e +i*4er +hrine+ o% &the go brought no +ma** income to hi+ cra%t+men2


The+e he ca**e together, a*ong 'ith the 'orkmen o% +imi*ar tra e+, an +ai , 7en, you are ac5uainte 'ith the %act+ an un er+tan that %rom thi+ bu+ine++ 'e eri4e our 'ea*th an *i4e*ihoo 2
26 "o' you notice an hear that not on*y at $phe+u+ but a*mo+t a** o4er &the pro4ince o%( .+ia thi+ Bau* ha+ per+ua e an in uce peop*e to be*ie4e hi+ teaching an ha+ a*ienate a con+i erab*e company o% them, +aying that go + that are ma e 'ith human han + are not rea**y go + at a**2

27 "o' there i+ anger not mere*y that thi+ tra e o% our+ may be i+cre ite , but a*+o that the temp*e o% the great go e++ .rtemi+ may come into i+repute an count %or nothing, an that her g*oriou+ magni%icence may be egra e an %a** into contemptAA+he 'hom a** &the pro4ince o% .+ia( an the 'i e 'or* 'or+hip2 28 .+ they *i+tene to thi+, they 'ere %i**e 'ith rage an they continue to +hout, 6reat i+ .rtemi+ o% the $phe+ian+J 29 Then the city 'a+ %i**e 'ith con%u+ionC an they ru+he together into the amphitheater, ragging a*ong 'ith them 6aiu+ an .ri+tarchu+, 7ace onian+ 'ho 'ere %e**o' tra4e*er+ 'ith Bau*2 3= 31

Bau* 'i+he to go in among the cro' , but the i+cip*e+ 'ou* not permit him to o it2

$4en +ome o% the .+iarch+ -po*itica* or re*igiou+ o%%icia*+ in .+ia/ 'ho 'ere hi+ %rien + a*+o +ent to him an 'arne him not to ri+k 4enturing into the theater2
32 "o' +ome +houte one thing an +ome another, %or the gathering 'a+ in a tumu*t an mo+t o% them i not kno' 'hy they ha come together2 33 1ome o% the cro' ca**e upon .*e<an er &to +peak(, +ince the ,e'+ ha pu+he an urge him %or'ar 2 .n .*e<an er motione 'ith hi+ han , 'i+hing to make a e%en+e an &p*anning( to apo*ogi9e to the peop*e2 34 8ut a+ +oon a+ they +a' him an recogni9e that he 'a+ a ,e', a +hout 'ent up %rom them a+ the 4oice o% one man, a+ %or about t'o hour+ they crie , 6reat i+ .rtemi+ o% the $phe+ian+J 35 .n 'hen the to'n c*erk ha ca*me the cro' o'n, he +ai , 7en o% $phe+u+, 'hat man i+ there 'ho oe+ not kno' that the city o% the $phe+ian+ i+ guar ian o% the temp*e o% the great .rtemi+ an o% the +acre +tone &image o% her( that %e** %rom the +ky; 36 1eeing then that the+e thing+ cannot be enie , you ought to be 5uiet -keep your+e*4e+ in check/ an nothing ra+h*y2

37 For you ha4e brought the+e men here, 'ho are &gui*ty o%( neither temp*e robberie+ nor b*a+phemou+ +peech about our go e++2 38 "o' then, i% Eemetriu+ an hi+ %e**o' tra e+men 'ho are 'ith him ha4e a grie4ance again+t anyone, the court+ are open an procon+u*+ are &a4ai*ab*e(C *et them bring charge+ again+t one another &*ega**y(2 39 8ut i% you re5uire anything %urther about thi+ or about other matter+, it mu+t be eci e an c*eare up in the regu*ar a++emb*y2 4= For 'e are in anger o% being ca**e to ren er an account an o% being accu+e o% rioting becau+e o% &thi+ commotion( to ay, there being no rea+on that 'e can o%%er to ?u+ti%y thi+ i+or er2 41

.n 'hen he ha +ai the+e thing+, he i+mi++e the a++emb*y2


a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h.

.ct+ 19F1= ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 19F15 . 'eaker 4erb2 .ct+ 19F16 The be+t te<t+ rea Kboth o% them2K .ct+ 19F18 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 19F19 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 19F19 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 19F2= ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 19F24 .rtemi+ i+ the 6reek name %or the Homan go e++ Eiana2

Acts 2" (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 2"
.FT$H T#$ uproar ha cea+e , Bau* +ent %or the i+cip*e+ an 'arne an con+o*e an urge an encourage themC then he embrace them an to* them %are'e** an +et %orth on hi+ ?ourney to 7ace onia2
1 2 Then a%ter he ha gone through tho+e i+trict+ an ha 'arne an con+o*e an urge an encourage the brethren 'ith much i+cour+e, he came to 6reece2 3 #a4ing +pent three month+ there, 'hen a p*ot 'a+ %orme again+t him by the ,e'+ a+ he 'a+ about to +et +ai* %or 1yria, he re+o*4e to go back through 7ace onia2 4 #e 'a+ accompanie by 1opater the +on o% Byrrhu+ %rom 8eroea, an by the The++a*onian+ .ri+tarchu+ an 1ecun u+, an 6aiu+ o% Eerbe an Timothy, an the .+ian+ Tychicu+ an Trophimu+2 5 6

The+e 'ent on ahea an 'ere 'aiting %or u+ &inc*u ing Luke( at Troa+,

8ut 'e &our+e*4e+( +ai*e %rom Bhi*ippi a%ter the ay+ o% 0n*ea4ene 8rea &the Ba++o4er 'eek(, an in %i4e ay+ 'e ?oine them at Troa+, 'here 'e remaine %or +e4en ay+2
7 .n on the %ir+t ay o% the 'eek, 'hen 'e 'ere a++emb*e together to break brea & &a(the Lor @+ 1upper(, Bau* i+cour+e 'ith them, inten ing to *ea4e the ne<t morningC an he kept on 'ith hi+ me++age unti* mi night2 8 9

"o' there 'ere numerou+ *ight+ in the upper room 'here 'e 'ere a++emb*e ,

.n there 'a+ a young man name $utychu+ +itting in the 'in o'2 #e 'a+ borne o'n 'ith eep +*eep a+ Bau* kept on ta*king +ti** *onger, an &%ina**y( comp*ete*y o4ercome by +*eep, he %e** o'n %rom the thir +tory an 'a+ picke up ea 2
1= 11

8ut Bau* 'ent o'n an bent o4er him an embrace him, +aying, 7ake no a oC hi+ *i%e i+ 'ithin him2

>hen Bau* ha gone back up+tair+ an ha broken brea an eaten &'ith them(, an a%ter he ha ta*ke con%i entia**y an commune 'ith them %or a con+i erab*e timeAAunti* aybreak &in %act(AAhe eparte 2
12 13

They took the youth home a*i4e, an 'ere not a *itt*e com%orte an cheere an re%re+he an encourage 2

8ut going on ahea to the +hip, the re+t o% u+ +et +ai* %or .++o+, inten ing to take Bau* aboar there, %or that 'a+ 'hat he ha irecte , inten ing him+e*% to go by *an &on %oot(2
14 15

1o 'hen he met u+ at .++o+, 'e took him aboar an +ai*e on to 7ity*ene2

.n +ai*ing %rom there, 'e arri4e the ay a%ter at a point oppo+ite Chio+C the %o**o'ing ay 'e +truck acro++ to 1amo+, an the ne<t ay 'e arri4e at 7i*etu+2
16 For Bau* ha etermine to +ai* on pa+t $phe+u+, *e+t he might ha4e to +pen time &unnece++ari*y( in &the pro4ince o%( .+iaC %or he 'a+ ha+tening on +o that he might reach ,eru+a*em, i% at a** po++ib*e, by the ay o% Benteco+t2 17 18

#o'e4er, %rom 7i*etu+ he +ent to $phe+u+ an +ummone the e* er+ o% the church &to come to him there(2

.n 'hen they arri4e he +ai to themF :ou your+e*4e+ are 'e** ac5uainte 'ith my manner o% *i4ing among you %rom the %ir+t ay that ! +et %oot in &the pro4ince o%( .+ia, an ho' ! continue a%ter'ar ,
19 1er4ing the Lor 'ith a** humi*ity in tear+ an in the mi +t o% a 4er+ity -a%%*iction an tria*+/ 'hich be%e** me, ue to the p*ot+ o% the ,e'+ &again+t me(C 2= #o' ! i not +hrink %rom te**ing you anything that 'a+ %or your bene%it an teaching you in pub*ic meeting+ an %rom hou+e to hou+e, 21 8ut con+tant*y an earne+t*y ! bore te+timony both to ,e'+ an 6reek+, urging them to turn in repentance &&b(that i+ ue( to 6o an to ha4e %aith in our Lor ,e+u+ Chri+t &&c(that i+ ue #im(2 22 .n no', you +ee, ! am going to ,eru+a*em, boun by the &#o*y( 1pirit an ob*igate an compe**e by the &con4iction+ o% my o'n( +pirit, not kno'ing 'hat 'i** be%a** me thereAA 23 $<cept that the #o*y 1pirit c*ear*y an emphatica**y a%%irm+ to me in city a%ter city that impri+onment an +u%%ering a'ait me2 24 8ut none o% the+e thing+ mo4e meC neither o ! e+teem my *i%e ear to my+e*%, i% on*y ! may %ini+h my cour+e 'ith ?oy an the mini+try 'hich ! ha4e obtaine %rom &'hich 'a+ entru+te to me by( the Lor ,e+u+, %aith%u**y to atte+t to the goo ne'+ -6o+pe*/ o% 6o @+ grace -#i+ unmerite %a4or, +piritua* b*e++ing, an mercy/2 25 .n no', ob+er4e, ! percei4e that a** o% you, among 'hom ! ha4e gone in an out proc*aiming the king om, 'i** +ee my %ace no more2 26 There%ore ! te+ti%y an prote+t to you on thi+ &our parting( ay that ! am c*ean an innocent an not re+pon+ib*e %or the b*oo o% any o% you2 27 For ! ne4er +hrank or kept back or %e** +hort %rom ec*aring to you the 'ho*e purpo+e an p*an an coun+e* o% 6o 2 28 Take care an be on guar %or your+e*4e+ an the 'ho*e %*ock o4er 'hich the #o*y 1pirit ha+ appointe you bi+hop+ an guar ian+, to +hepher -ten an %ee an gui e/ the church o% the Lor or & (o% 6o 'hich #e obtaine %or #im+e*% &buying it an +a4ing it %or #im+e*%( 'ith #i+ o'n b*oo 2

29 3=

! kno' that a%ter ! am gone, %erociou+ 'o*4e+ 'i** get in among you, not +paring the %*ockC

$4en %rom among your o'n +e*4e+ men 'i** come to the %ront 'ho, by +aying per4er+e - i+torte an corrupt/ thing+, 'i** en ea4or to ra' a'ay the i+cip*e+ a%ter them &to their o'n party(2
31 There%ore be a*'ay+ a*ert an on your guar , being min %u* that %or three year+ ! ne4er +toppe night or ay +eriou+*y to a moni+h an a 4i+e an e<hort you one by one 'ith tear+2 32 .n no' &brethren(, ! commit you to 6o &! epo+it you in #i+ charge, entru+ting you to #i+ protection an care(2 .n ! commen you to the >or o% #i+ grace &to the comman + an coun+e*+ an promi+e+ o% #i+ unmerite %a4or(2 !t i+ ab*e to bui* you up an to gi4e you &your right%u*( inheritance among a** 6o @+ +etAapart one+ -tho+e con+ecrate , puri%ie , an tran+%orme o% +ou*/2 33 34

! co4ete no man@+ +i*4er or go* or &co+t*y( garment+2

:ou your+e*4e+ kno' per+ona**y that the+e han + mini+tere to my o'n nee + an tho+e &o% the per+on+( 'ho 'ere 'ith me2
35 !n e4erything ! ha4e pointe out to you &by e<amp*e( that, by 'orking i*igent*y in thi+ manner, 'e ought to a++i+t the 'eak, being min %u* o% the 'or + o% the Lor ,e+u+, ho' #e #im+e*% +ai , !t i+ more b*e++e -make+ one happier an more &e(to be en4ie / to gi4e than to recei4e2 36 37 38

#a4ing +poken thu+, he kne*t o'n 'ith them a** an praye 2 .n they a** 'ept %ree*y an thre' their arm+ aroun Bau*@+ neck an ki++e him %er4ent*y an repeate *y,

8eing e+pecia**y i+tre++e an +orro'%u* becau+e he ha +tate that they 'ere about to +ee hi+ %ace no more2 .n they accompanie him to the +hip2


a. b. c. d. e.

.ct+ 2=F7 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 2=F21 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 2=F21 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 2=F28 7any ancient manu+cript+ rea Ko% 6o 2K .ct+ 2=F35 .*e<an er 1outer, Bocket Le<icon2

Acts 21 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 21
."E >#$" 'e ha torn our+e*4e+ a'ay %rom them an 'ith ra'n, 'e +et +ai* an ma e a +traight run to Co+, an on the %o**o'ing & ay came( to Hho e+ an %rom there to Batara2
1 2 3

There 'e %oun a +hip cro++ing o4er to BhoeniciaC +o 'e 'ent aboar an +ai*e a'ay2

.%ter 'e ha +ighte Cypru+, *ea4ing it on our *e%t 'e +ai*e on to 1yria an put in at Tyre, %or there the +hip 'a+ to un*oa her cargo2
4 .n ha4ing *ooke up the i+cip*e+ there, 'e remaine 'ith them %or +e4en ay+2 Brompte by the &#o*y( 1pirit, they kept te**ing Bau* not to +et %oot in ,eru+a*em2 5 8ut 'hen our time there 'a+ en e , 'e *e%t an procee e on our ?ourneyC an a** o% them 'ith their 'i4e+ an chi* ren accompanie u+ on our 'ay ti** 'e 'ere out+i e the city2 There 'e kne*t o'n on the beach an praye 2 6 Then 'hen 'e ha to* one another %are'e**, 'e 'ent on boar the +hip, an they returne to their o'n home+2 7 >hen 'e ha comp*ete the 4oyage %rom Tyre, 'e *an e at Bto*emai+, 'here 'e pai our re+pect+ to the brethren an remaine 'ith them %or one ay2

8 )n the morro' 'e *e%t there an came to Cae+areaC an 'e 'ent into the hou+e o% Bhi*ip the e4ange*i+t, 'ho 'a+ one o% the 1e4en &%ir+t eacon+(, an +taye 'ith him2 -./ 9

.n he ha %our mai en aughter+ 'ho ha the gi%t o% prophecy2 >hi*e 'e 'ere remaining there %or +ome time, a prophet name .gabu+ came o'n %rom ,u ea2

1= 11

.n coming to &+ee( u+, he took Bau*@+ be*t an 'ith it boun hi+ o'n %eet an han + an +ai , Thu+ +ay+ the #o*y 1piritF The ,e'+ at ,eru+a*em +ha** bin *ike thi+ the man 'ho o'n+ thi+ be*t, an they +ha** e*i4er him into the han + o% the 6enti*e+ -heathen/2
12 13

>hen 'e hear thi+, both 'e an the re+i ent+ o% that p*ace p*ea e 'ith him not to go up to ,eru+a*em2

Then Bau* rep*ie , >hat o you mean by 'eeping an breaking my heart *ike thi+; For ! ho* my+e*% in rea ine++ not on*y to be arre+te an boun an impri+one at ,eru+a*em, but a*+o &e4en( to ie %or the name o% the Lor ,e+u+2
14 .n 'hen he 'ou* not yie* to &our( per+ua ing, 'e +toppe &urging an imp*oring him(, +aying, The Lor @+ 'i** be oneJ 15 16

.%ter the+e ay+ 'e packe our baggage an 'ent up to ,eru+a*em2

.n +ome o% the i+cip*e+ %rom Cae+area came 'ith u+, con ucting u+ to the hou+e o% 7na+on, a man %rom Cypru+, one o% the i+cip*e+ o% *ong +tan ing, 'ith 'hom 'e 'ere to *o ge2
17 18 19

>hen 'e arri4e in ,eru+a*em, the brethren recei4e an 'e*come u+ g*a *y2 )n the ne<t ay Bau* 'ent in 'ith u+ to &+ee( ,ame+, an a** the e* er+ o% the church 'ere pre+ent &a*+o(2 one among the 6enti*e+ through hi+

.%ter +a*uting them, Bau* ga4e a etai*e account o% the thing+ 6o ha mini+try2

2= .n upon hearing it, they a ore an e<a*te an prai+e an thanke 6o 2 .n they +ai to &Bau*(, :ou +ee, brother, ho' many thou+an + o% be*ie4er+ there are among the ,e'+, an a** o% them are enthu+ia+tic upho* er+ o% the &7o+aic( La'2 21 "o' they ha4e been in%orme about you that you continua**y teach a** the ,e'+ 'ho *i4e among the 6enti*e+ to turn back %rom an %or+ake 7o+e+, a 4i+ing them not to circumci+e their chi* ren or pay any attention to the ob+er4ance o% the &7o+aic( cu+tom+2 22 >hat then &i+ be+t that( +hou* be one; . mu*titu e 'i** come together, %or they 'i** +ure*y hear that you ha4e arri4e 2 23 24

There%ore o ?u+t 'hat 'e te** you2 >ith u+ are %our men 'ho ha4e taken a 4o' upon them+e*4e+2

Take the+e men an puri%y your+e*% a*ong 'ith them an pay their e<pen+e+ &%or the temp*e o%%ering(, +o that they may ha4e their hea + +ha4e 2 Thu+ e4erybo y 'i** kno' that there i+ no truth in 'hat they ha4e been to* about you, but that you your+e*% 'a*k in ob+er4ance o% the La'2
25 8ut 'ith regar to the 6enti*e+ 'ho ha4e be*ie4e -a here to, tru+te in, an re*ie on Chri+t/, 'e ha4e +ent them a *etter 'ith our eci+ion that they +hou* keep them+e*4e+ %ree %rom anything that ha+ been +acri%ice to i o*+ an %rom &ta+ting( b*oo an &eating the meat o% anima*+( 'hich ha4e been +trang*e an %rom a** impurity an +e<ua* immora*ity2 26 Then Bau* took the &%our( men 'ith him an the %o**o'ing ay &he 'ent through the rite+ o%( puri%ying him+e*% a*ong 'ith them2 .n they entere the temp*e to gi4e notice 'hen the ay+ o% puri%ication -the en ing o% each 4o'/ 'ou* be %u*%i**e an the u+ua* o%%ering cou* be pre+ente on beha*% o% each o% them2 27 >hen the +e4en ay+ 'ere ra'ing to a c*o+e, +ome o% the ,e'+ %rom &the pro4ince o%( .+ia, 'ho ha caught +ight o% Bau* in the temp*e, incite a** the rabb*e an *ai han + on him, 28 1houting, 7en o% !+rae*, he*pJ &#e*pJ( Thi+ i+ the man 'ho i+ teaching e4erybo y e4ery'here again+t the peop*e an the La' an thi+ p*aceJ 7oreo4er, he ha+ a*+o &actua**y( brought 6reek+ into the temp*eC he ha+ e+ecrate an po**ute thi+ ho*y p*aceJ 29 For they ha pre4iou+*y +een Trophimu+ the $phe+ian in the city 'ith Bau* an they +uppo+e that he ha brought the man into the temp*e &into the inner court %orbi en to 6enti*e+(2 3= Then the 'ho*e city 'a+ arou+e an thro'n into con%u+ion, an the peop*e ru+he togetherC they *ai han + on Bau* an ragge him out+i e the temp*e, an imme iate*y the gate+ 'ere c*o+e 2 31 "o' 'hi*e they 'ere trying to ki** him, 'or came to the comman ant o% the regu*ar Homan garri+on that the 'ho*e o% ,eru+a*em 'a+ in a +tate o% %erment2 32 1o imme iate*y he took +o* ier+ an centurion+ an hurrie the comman ant an the troop+, they +toppe beating Bau*2

o'n among themC an 'hen the peop*e +a'

33 Then the comman ant approache an arre+te Bau* an or ere that he be +ecure 'ith t'o chain+2 #e then in5uire 'ho he 'a+ an 'hat he ha one2 34 1ome in the cro' kept +houting back one thing an other+ +omething e*+e, an +ince he cou* not a+certain the %act+ becau+e o% the %uror, he or ere that Bau* be remo4e to the barrack+2

35 .n 'hen &Bau*( came to mount the +tep+, he 'a+ actua**y being carrie by the +o* ier+ becau+e o% the 4io*ence o% the mobC 36 37

For the ma++ o% the peop*e kept %o**o'ing them, +houting, .'ay 'ith himJ &Gi** himJ(

,u+t a+ Bau* 'a+ about to be taken into the barrack+, he a+ke the comman ant, 7ay ! +ay +omething to you; .n the man rep*ie , Can you +peak 6reek;
38 .re you not then &a+ ! +uppo+e ( the $gyptian 'ho not *ong ago +tirre up a rebe**ion an *e tho+e 4,=== men 'ho 'ere cutthroat+ out into the 'i* erne++ - e+ert/; 39 Bau* an+'ere , ! am a ,e', %rom Tar+u+ in Ci*icia, a citi9en o% no in+igni%icant or un i+tingui+he city2 ! beg you, a**o' me to a re++ the peop*e2 4= .n 'hen the man ha grante him permi++ion, Bau*, +tan ing on the +tep+, ge+ture 'ith hi+ han to the peop*eC an there 'a+ a great hu+h2 Then he +poke to them in the #ebre' ia*ect, +ayingF

Cross references:


.ct+ 21F8 F .ct+ 6F5

Acts 22 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 22

8H$T#H$" ."E %ather+, *i+ten to the e%en+e 'hich ! no' make in your pre+ence2 re++e them in the #ebre' tongue, they 'ere a** the more 5uiet2 .n he

2 .n 'hen they hear that he a continue ,

3 ! am a ,e', born in Tar+u+ o% Ci*icia but reare in thi+ city2 .t the %eet o% 6ama*ie* ! 'a+ e ucate accor ing to the +tricte+t care in the La' o% our %ather+, being ar ent &e4en a 9ea*ot( %or 6o , a+ a** o% you are to ay2 4 &:e+( ! hara++e -troub*e , mo*e+te , an per+ecute / thi+ >ay &o% the Lor ( to the eath, putting in chain+ an committing to pri+on both men an 'omen, 5 .+ the high prie+t an 'ho*e counci* o% e* er+ -1anhe rin/ can te+ti%yC %or %rom them in ee ! recei4e *etter+ 'ith 'hich ! 'a+ on my 'ay to the brethren in Eama+cu+ in or er to take a*+o tho+e &be*ie4er+( 'ho 'ere there, an bring them in chain+ to ,eru+a*em that they might be puni+he 2 6 8ut a+ ! 'a+ on my ?ourney an approache Eama+cu+, about noon a great b*a9e o% *ight %*a+he +u %rom hea4en an +hone about me2


7 .n ! %e** to the groun an hear a 4oice +aying to me, 1au*, 1au*, 'hy o you per+ecute 7e &hara++ an troub*e an mo*e+t 7e(; 8 9

.n ! rep*ie , >ho are :ou, Lor ; .n #e +ai to me, ! am ,e+u+ the "a9arene, >hom you are per+ecuting2

"o' the men 'ho 'ere 'ith me +a' the *ight, but they i not hear &&a(the +oun o% the uttere 'or + o%( the 4oice o% the )ne >ho 'a+ +peaking to me &+o that they cou* &b(un er+tan it(2
1= .n ! a+ke , >hat +ha** ! o, Lor ; .n the Lor an+'ere me, 6et up an go into Eama+cu+, an there it 'i** be to* you a** that it i+ e+tine an appointe %or you to o2 11 .n +ince ! cou* not +ee becau+e &o% the a99*ing*y g*oriou+ inten+ity( o% the brightne++ o% that *ight, ! 'a+ *e by the han by tho+e 'ho 'ere 'ith me, an &thu+( ! arri4e in Eama+cu+2 12 13

.n one .nania+, a e4out man accor ing to the La', 'e** +poken o% by a** the ,e'+ 'ho re+i e there,

Came to +ee me, an +tan ing by my +i e +ai to me, 8rother 1au*, &c(*ook up an recei4e back your +ight2 .n in that 4ery & (in+tant ! &reco4ere my +ight an ( *ooking up +a' him2
14 .n he +ai , The 6o o% our %ore%ather+ ha+ e+tine an appointe you to come progre++i4e*y to kno' #i+ 'i** &to percei4e, to recogni9e more +trong*y an c*ear*y, an to become better an more intimate*y ac5uainte 'ith #i+ 'i**(, an to +ee the Highteou+ )ne -,e+u+ Chri+t, the 7e++iah/, an to hear a 4oice %rom #i+ &o'n( mouth an a me++age %rom #i+ &o'n( *ip+C

15 16 17

For you 'i** be #i+ 'itne++ unto a** men o% e4erything that you ha4e +een an hear 2 .n no', 'hy o you e*ay; Hi+e an be bapti9e , an

by ca**ing upon #i+ name, 'a+h a'ay your +in+2

Then 'hen ! ha come back to ,eru+a*em an 'a+ praying in the temp*e &&%(enc*o+ure(, ! %e** into a trance -an ec+ta+y/C .n ! +a' #im a+ #e +ai to me, #urry, get 5uick*y out o% ,eru+a*em, becau+e they 'i** not recei4e your te+timony about 7e2
18 19 .n ! +ai , Lor , they them+e*4e+ 'e** kno' that throughout a** the +ynagogue+ ! ca+t into pri+on an %*ogge tho+e 'ho be*ie4e on -a here to an tru+te in an re*ie on/ :ou2 2= .n 'hen the b*oo o% :our 'itne++ -martyr/ 1tephen 'a+ +he , ! a*+o 'a+ per+ona**y +tan ing by an con+enting an appro4ing an guar ing the garment+ o% tho+e 'ho +*e' him2 21 22

.n the Lor +ai to me, 6o, %or ! 'i** +en you %ar a'ay unto the 6enti*e+ -nation+/2

0p to the moment that Bau* ma e thi+ *a+t +tatement, the peop*e *i+tene to himC but no' they rai+e their 4oice+ an +houte , .'ay 'ith +uch a %e**o' %rom the earthJ #e i+ not %it to *i4eJ
23 24

.n a+ they 'ere +houting an to++ing an 'a4ing their garment+ an thro'ing u+t into the air,

The comman ant or ere that Bau* be brought into the barrack+, an that he be e<amine by +courging in or er that &the comman ant( might *earn 'hy the peop*e crie out thu+ again+t him2
25 8ut 'hen they ha +tretche him out 'ith the thong+ -*eather +trap+/, Bau* a+ke the centurion 'ho 'a+ +tan ing by, !+ it *ega* %or you to %*og a man 'ho i+ a Homan citi9en an uncon emne &'ithout a tria*(; 26 >hen the centurion hear that, he 'ent to the comman ant an +ai to him, >hat are you about to o; Thi+ man i+ a Homan citi9enJ 27 28

1o the comman ant came an +ai to &Bau*(, Te** me, are you a Homan citi9en; .n he +ai , :e+ &in ee (J

The comman ant rep*ie , ! purcha+e thi+ citi9en+hip &a+ a capita* in4e+tment( %or a big price2 Bau* +ai , 8ut ! 'a+ born &Homan(J !n+tant*y tho+e 'ho 'ere about to e<amine an %*og him 'ith re' %rom himC an the comman ant a*+o 'a+ %rightene , %or he rea*i9e that &Bau*( 'a+ a Homan citi9en an he ha put him in chain+2
29 3= 8ut the ne<t ay, e+iring to kno' the rea* cau+e %or 'hich the ,e'+ accu+e him, he unboun him an or ere the chie% prie+t+ an a** the counci* -1anhe rin/ to a++emb*eC an he brought Bau* o'n an p*ace him be%ore them2


a. b. c. d. e. f.

.ct+ 22F9 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 22F9 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 22F13 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 22F13 ,ame+ 7ou*ton an 6eorge 7i**igan, The Iocabu*ary2 .ct+ 22F16 Char*e+ 82 >i**iam+, The "e' Te+tamentF . Tran+*ation in the Language o% the Beop*eF Circum+tantia* particip*e e<pre++ing manner or mean+2 .ct+ 22F17 Hichar Trench, 1ynonym+ o% the "e' Te+tament2

Acts 23 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 23
T#$" B.0L, ga9ing earne+t*y at the counci* -1anhe rin/, +ai , 8rethren, ! ha4e *i4e be%ore 6o , oing my uty 'ith a per%ect*y goo con+cience unti* thi+ 4ery ay &&a(a+ a citi9en, a true an *oya* ,e'(2

2 3

.t thi+ the high prie+t .nania+ or ere tho+e 'ho +too near him to +trike him on the mouth2

Then Bau* +ai to him, 6o i+ about to +trike you, you 'hite'a+he 'a**J Eo you +it a+ a ?u ge to try me in accor ance 'ith the La', an yet in e%iance o% the La' you or er me to be +truck;
4 5

Tho+e 'ho +too near e<c*aime , Eo you rai* at an in+u*t the high prie+t o% 6o ;

.n Bau* +ai , ! 'a+ not con+ciou+, brethren, that he 'a+ a high prie+tC %or the 1cripture +ay+, :ou +ha** not +peak i** o% a ru*er o% your peop*e2-./
6 8ut Bau*, 'hen he percei4e that one part o% them 'ere 1a ucee+ an the other part Bhari+ee+, crie out to the counci* -1anhe rin/, 8rethren, ! am a Bhari+ee, a +on o% Bhari+ee+C it i+ 'ith regar to the hope an the re+urrection o% the ea that ! am in icte an being ?u ge 2 7 1o 'hen he ha +ai thi+, an angry i+pute aro+e bet'een the Bhari+ee+ an the 1a &cro' e ( a++emb*age 'a+ i4i e &into t'o %action+(2

ucee+C an the 'ho*e

8 For the 1a ucee+ ho* that there i+ no re+urrection, nor ange* nor +pirit, but the Bhari+ee+ ec*are open*y an +peak out %ree*y, ackno'*e ging &their be*ie% in( them both2 9 Then a great uproar en+ue , an +ome o% the +cribe+ o% the Bhari+ee+@ party +too up an thorough*y %ought the ca+e, &conten ing %ierce*y( an ec*aring, >e %in nothing e4i* or 'rong in thi+ man2 8ut i% a +pirit or an ange* &rea**y( +poke to himAA; Let u+ not %ight again+t 6o J 1= .n 'hen the +tri%e became more an more ten+e an 4io*ent, the comman ant, %earing that Bau* 'ou* be torn in piece+ by them, or ere the troop+ to go o'n an take him %orcib*y %rom among them an con uct him back into the barrack+2 11 .n &that +ame( %o**o'ing night the Lor +too be+i e Bau* an +ai , Take courage, Bau*, %or a+ you ha4e borne %aith%u* 'itne++ concerning 7e at ,eru+a*em, +o you mu+t a*+o bear 'itne++ at Home2 12 "o' 'hen ay*ight came, the ,e'+ %orme a p*ot an boun them+e*4e+ by an oath an un er a cur+e neither to eat nor rink ti** they ha one a'ay 'ith Bau*2 13 There 'ere more than %orty &men o% them(, 'ho %orme thi+ con+piracy &+'earing together thi+ oath an cur+e(2 14 .n they 'ent to the chie% prie+t+ an e* er+, +aying, >e ha4e +trict*y boun our+e*4e+ by an oath an un er a cur+e not to ta+te any %oo unti* 'e ha4e +*ain Bau*2 15 1o no' you, a*ong 'ith the counci* -1anhe rin/, gi4e notice to the comman ant to bring &Bau*( o'n to you, a+ i% you 'ere going to in4e+tigate hi+ ca+e more accurate*y2 8ut 'e &our+e*4e+( are rea y to +*ay him be%ore he come+ near2 16 8ut the +on o% Bau*@+ +i+ter hear o% their inten e attack, an he 'ent an got into the barrack+ an to* Bau*2 17 Then Bau*, ca**ing in one o% the centurion+, +ai , Take thi+ young man to the comman ant, %or he ha+ +omething to report to him2 18 1o he took him an con ucte him to the comman ant an +ai , Bau* the pri+oner ca**e me to him an re5ue+te me to con uct thi+ young man to you, %or he ha+ +omething to report to you2 19 The comman ant took him by the han , an going a+i e 'ith him, a+ke pri4ate*y, >hat i+ it that you ha4e to report to me; 2= .n he rep*ie , The ,e'+ ha4e agree to a+k you to bring Bau* o'n to the counci* -1anhe rin/ tomorro', a+ i% &they 'ere( inten ing to e<amine him more e<act*y2 21 8ut o not yie* to their per+ua+ion, %or more than %orty o% their men are *ying in ambu+h 'aiting %or him, ha4ing boun them+e*4e+ by an oath an un er a cur+e neither to eat nor rink ti** they ha4e ki**e himC an e4en no' they are a** rea y, &?u+t( 'aiting %or your promi+e2

1o the comman ant +ent the youth a'ay, charging him, Eo not i+c*o+e to anyone that you ha4e gi4en me thi+ in%ormation2
22 23 Then +ummoning t'o o% the centurion+, he +ai , #a4e t'o hun re %ootmen rea y by the thir hour o% the night -about 9F== p2m2/ to go a+ %ar a+ Cae+area, 'ith +e4enty hor+emen an t'o hun re +pearmen2 24 25 26 27

.*+o pro4i e bea+t+ %or mount+ %or Bau* to ri e, an bring him in +a%ety to Fe*i< the go4ernor2 .n he 'rote a *etter ha4ing thi+ me++ageF C*au iu+ Ly+ia+ +en + greeting+ to #i+ $<ce**ency Fe*i< the go4ernor2

Thi+ man 'a+ +ei9e &a+ pri+oner( by the ,e'+, an 'a+ about to be ki**e by them 'hen ! came upon them 'ith the troop+ an re+cue him, becau+e ! *earne that he i+ a Homan citi9en2
28 .n 'i+hing to kno' the e<act accu+ation 'hich they 'ere making again+t him, ! brought him o'n be%ore their counci* -1anhe rin/, 29 &>here( ! %oun that he 'a+ charge in regar to 5ue+tion+ o% their o'n *a', but he 'a+ accu+e o% nothing that 'ou* ca** %or eath or &e4en( %or impri+onment2

3= &#o'e4er( 'hen it 'a+ pointe out to me that there 'ou* be a con+piracy again+t the man, ! +ent him to you imme iate*y, irecting hi+ accu+er+ a*+o to pre+ent be%ore you their charge again+t him2 31 1o the +o* ier+, in comp*iance 'ith their in+truction+, took Bau* an con ucte him uring the night to .ntipatri+2 32 33 34

.n the ne<t ay they returne to the barrack+, *ea4ing the mounte men to procee 'ith him2 >hen the+e came to Cae+area an ga4e the *etter to the go4ernor, they a*+o pre+ente Bau* be%ore him2

#a4ing rea the *etter, he a+ke to 'hat pro4ince &Bau*( be*onge 2 >hen he i+co4ere that he 'a+ %rom Ci*icia &an imperia* pro4ince(,
35 #e +ai , ! 'i** hear your ca+e &b(%u**y 'hen your accu+er+ a*+o ha4e come2 .n he or ere that an eye be kept on him in #ero @+ pa*ace -the Braetorium/2


a. b. A.

.ct+ 23F1 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 23F35 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2

Cross references: .ct+ 23F5 F $<o 22F28

Acts 24 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 24
F!I$ E.:1 *ater, the high prie+t .nania+ came o'n &%rom ,eru+a*em to Cae+area( 'ith +ome e* er+ an a certain %oren+ic a 4ocate Tertu**u+ &acting a+ +poke+man an coun+e*(2 They pre+ente to the go4ernor their e4i ence again+t Bau*2
1 2 .n 'hen he 'a+ ca**e , Tertu**u+ began the comp*aint &again+t him( by +ayingF 1ince through you 'e obtain an en?oy much peace, an +ince by your %ore+ight an pro4i+ion 'on er%u* re%orm+ -amen ment+ an impro4ement+/ are intro uce an e%%ecte on beha*% o% thi+ nation, 3 !n e4ery 'ay an in e4ery p*ace, mo+t e<ce**ent Fe*i<, 'e accept an ackno'*e ge thi+ 'ith eep appreciation an 'ith a** gratitu e2 4 8ut not to hin er or etain you too *ong, ! beg you in your c*emency an courte+y an kin ne++ to grant u+ a brie% an &a(conci+e hearing2

For 'e ha4e %oun thi+ man a per%ect pe+t -a rea* p*ague/, an agitator an +ource o% i+turbance to a** the ,e'+ throughout the 'or* , an a ring*ea er o% the &heretica*, &b( i4i+ionApro ucing( +ect o% the "a9arene+2
5 6 #e a*+o &e4en( trie to e+ecrate an him by our La', 7 8

e%i*e the temp*e, but 'e *ai han + on him


an 'ou* ha4e +entence

8ut the comman ant Ly+ia+ came an took him %rom u+ 'ith 4io*ence an %orce,

.n or ere hi+ accu+er+ to pre+ent them+e*4e+ to you2 8y e<amining an cro++A5ue+tioning him your+e*%, you 'i** be ab*e to a+certain the truth %rom him about a** the+e thing+ 'ith 'hich 'e charge him2

The ,e'+ a*+o agree an ?oine in the accu+ation, ec*aring that a** the+e thing+ 'ere e<act*y +o2

.n 'hen the go4ernor ha beckone to Bau* to +peak, he an+'ere F 8ecau+e ! kno' that %or many year+ you ha4e been a ?u ge o4er thi+ nation, ! %in it ea+ier to make my e%en+e an o it cheer%u**y an 'ith goo courage2
1= 11 12

.+ you can rea i*y 4eri%y, it i+ not more than t'e*4e ay+ +ince ! 'ent up to ,eru+a*em to 'or+hipC

.n neither in the temp*e nor in the +ynagogue+ nor in the city i they %in me i+puting 'ith anybo y or bringing together a +e itiou+ cro' 2

13 14

"either can they pre+ent argument or e4i ence to pro4e to you 'hat they no' bring again+t me2

8ut thi+ ! con%e++ to you, ho'e4er, that in accor ance 'ith the >ay &o% the Lor (, 'hich they ca** a &heretica*, i4i+ionApro ucing( +ect, ! 'or+hip -+er4e/ the 6o o% our %ather+, +ti** per+ua e o% the truth o% an be*ie4ing in an p*acing %u** con%i ence in e4erything *ai o'n in the La' &o% 7o+e+( or 'ritten in the prophet+C
15 #a4ing &the +ame( hope in 6o 'hich the+e them+e*4e+ ho* an *ook %or, that there i+ to be a re+urrection both o% the righteou+ an the unrighteou+ -the ?u+t an the un?u+t/2 16 There%ore ! a*'ay+ e<erci+e an i+cip*ine my+e*% &morti%ying my bo y, ea ening my carna* a%%ection+, bo i*y appetite+, an 'or* *y e+ire+, en ea4oring in a** re+pect+( to ha4e a c*ear -un+haken, b*ame*e++/ con+cience, 4oi o% o%%en+e to'ar 6o an to'ar men2 17 "o' a%ter +e4era* year+ ! came up &to ,eru+a*em( to bring to my peop*e contribution+ o% charity an o%%ering+2 18 >hi*e ! 'a+ engage in pre+enting the+e, they %oun me &occupie in the rite+ o% puri%ication( in the temp*e, 'ithout any cro' or uproar2 8ut +ome ,e'+ %rom &the pro4ince o%( .+ia &'ere there(, 19 2=

>ho ought to be here be%ore you an to pre+ent their charge+, i% they ha4e anything again+t me2

)r e*+e *et the+e men them+e*4e+ te** o% 'hat crime or 'rong oing they %oun me gui*ty 'hen ! appeare be%ore the counci* -1anhe rin/,
21 0n*e++ it be thi+ one +entence 'hich ! crie out a+ ! +too among them, !n regar to the re+urrection o% the ea ! am in icte an on tria* be%ore you thi+ ayJ 22 8ut Fe*i<, ha4ing a rather accurate un er+tan ing o% the >ay &o% the Lor (, put them o%% an a ?ourne the tria*, +aying, >hen Ly+ia+ the comman ant come+ o'n, ! 'i** etermine your ca+e more %u**y2 23 Then he or ere the centurion to keep &Bau*( in cu+to y, but to treat him 'ith in u*gence &gi4ing him +ome *iberty( an not to hin er hi+ %rien + %rom mini+tering to hi+ nee + an +er4ing him2 24 1ome ay+ *ater Fe*i< came 'ith hi+ 'i%e Eru+i**a, 'ho 'a+ a ,e'e++C an he +ent %or Bau* an *i+tene to him &ta*k( about %aith in Chri+t ,e+u+2 25 8ut a+ he continue to argue about uprightne++, purity o% *i%e -the contro* o% the pa++ion+/, an the ?u gment to come, Fe*i< became a*arme an terri%ie an +ai , 6o a'ay %or the pre+entC 'hen ! ha4e a con4enient opportunity, ! 'i** +en %or you2 26 .t the +ame time he hope to get money %rom Bau*, %or 'hich rea+on he continue to +en %or him an 'a+ in hi+ company an con4er+e 'ith him o%ten2 27 8ut 'hen t'o year+ ha gone by, Fe*i< 'a+ +uccee e in o%%ice by Borciu+ Fe+tu+C an 'i+hing to gain %a4or 'ith the ,e'+, Fe*i< *e%t Bau* +ti** a pri+oner in chain+2


a. b. c.

.ct+ 24F4 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 24F5 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 24F6 7any manu+cript+ o not contain the remain er o% 4er+e 6, a** o% 4er+e 7, an the %ir+t part o% 4er+e 82

Acts 25 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 25

")> >#$" Fe+tu+ ha entere into hi+ o'n pro4ince, a%ter three ay+ he 'ent up %rom Cae+area to ,eru+a*em2

2 .n &there( the chie% prie+t+ an the principa* men o% the ,e'+ *ai charge+ be%ore him again+t Bau*, an they kept begging an urging him, 3 .+king a+ a %a4or that he 'ou* ha4e him brought to ,eru+a*emC &mean'hi*e( they 'ere p*anning an ambu+h to +*ay him on the 'ay2

4 5

Fe+tu+ an+'ere that Bau* 'a+ in cu+to y in Cae+area an that he him+e*% p*anne to *ea4e %or there +oon2

1o, +ai he, *et tho+e 'ho are in a po+ition o% authority an are in%*uentia* among you go o'n 'ith me, an i% there i+ anything ami++ or crimina* about the man, *et them +o charge him2
6 1o 'hen Fe+tu+ ha remaine among them not more than eight or ten ay+, he 'ent o'n to Cae+area, took hi+ +eat the ne<t ay on the ?u gment bench, an or ere Bau* to be brought be%ore him2 7 .n 'hen he arri4e , the ,e'+ 'ho ha come o'n %rom ,eru+a*em +too a** aroun him, bringing many gra4e accu+ation+ again+t him 'hich they 'ere not ab*e to pro4e2 8 Bau* ec*are in &hi+ o'n( e%en+e, "either again+t the La' o% the ,e'+, nor again+t the temp*e, nor again+t Cae+ar ha4e ! o%%en e in any 'ay2 9 8ut Fe+tu+, 'i+hing to ingratiate him+e*% 'ith the ,e'+, an+'ere Bau*, .re you 'i**ing to go up to ,eru+a*em an there be put on tria* &&a(be%ore the ,e'i+h 1anhe rin( in my pre+ence concerning the+e charge+; 1= 8ut Bau* rep*ie , ! am +tan ing be%ore Cae+ar@+ ?u gment +eat, 'here ! ought to be trie 2 To the ,e'+ ! ha4e one no 'rong, a+ you kno' &b(better &than your 5ue+tion imp*ie+(2 11 !% then ! am a 'rong oer an a crimina* an ha4e committe anything %or 'hich ! e+er4e to ie, ! o not beg o%% an +eek to e+cape eathC but i% there i+ no groun %or their accu+ation+ again+t me, no one can gi4e me up an make a pre+ent o% me &&c(gi4e me up %ree*y( to them2 ! appea* to Cae+ar2 12 Then Fe+tu+, 'hen he ha con+u*te 'ith the && (men 'ho %orme hi+( counci*, an+'ere , :ou ha4e appea*e to Cae+arC to Cae+ar you +ha** go2 13 "o' a%ter an inter4a* o% +ome ay+, .grippa the king an 8ernice arri4e at Cae+area to pay their re+pect+ to Fe+tu+ &to 'e*come him an 'i+h him 'e**(2 14 .n 'hi*e they remaine there %or many ay+, Fe+tu+ ac5uainte the king 'ith Bau*@+ ca+e, te**ing him, There i+ a man *e%t a pri+oner in chain+ by Fe*i<C 15 .n 'hen ! 'a+ at ,eru+a*em, the chie% prie+t+ an the e* er+ o% the ,e'+ in%orme me about him, petitioning %or a ?u icia* hearing an con emnation o% him2 16 8ut ! rep*ie to them that it 'a+ not the cu+tom o% the Homan+ to &e(gi4e up %ree*y any man %or puni+hment be%ore the accu+e ha met the accu+er+ %ace to %ace an ha opportunity to e%en him+e*% concerning the charge brought again+t him2 17 1o 'hen they came here together, ! i not e*ay, but on the morro' took my p*ace on the ?u gment +eat an or ere that the man be brought be%ore me2 18 &8ut( 'hen the accu+er+ +too up, they brought %or'ar no accu+ation &in hi+ ca+e( o% any +uch mi+con uct a+ ! 'a+ e<pecting2 19 !n+tea they ha +ome point+ o% contro4er+y 'ith him about their o'n re*igion or +uper+tition an concerning one ,e+u+, >ho ha ie but >hom Bau* kept a++erting &o4er an o4er( to be a*i4e2 2= .n !, being pu99*e to kno' ho' to make in5uirie+ into +uch 5ue+tion+, a+ke 'hether he 'ou* be 'i**ing to go to ,eru+a*em an there be trie regar ing them2 21 8ut 'hen Bau* ha appea*e to ha4e hi+ ca+e retaine %or e<amination an or ere that he be etaine unti* ! cou* +en him to Cae+ar2

eci+ion by the emperor, !

22 Then .grippa +ai to Fe+tu+, ! a*+o e+ire to hear the man my+e*%2 Tomorro', &Fe+tu+( rep*ie , you +ha** hear him2 23 1o the ne<t ay .grippa an 8ernice approache 'ith great i+p*ay, an they 'ent into the au ience ha** accompanie by the mi*itary comman ant+ an the prominent citi9en+ o% the city2 .t the or er o% Fe+tu+ Bau* 'a+ brought in2 24 Then Fe+tu+ +ai , Ging .grippa an a** the men pre+ent 'ith u+, you +ee thi+ man about 'hom the 'ho*e ,e'i+h peop*e came to me an comp*aine , both at ,eru+a*em an here, in+i+ting an +houting that he ought not to *i4e any *onger2 25 8ut ! %oun nothing that he ha etermine to +en him to Home2

one e+er4ing o% eath2 1ti**, a+ he him+e*% appea*e to the emperor, !

26 &#o'e4er( ! ha4e nothing in particu*ar an e%inite to 'rite to my *or concerning him2 1o ! ha4e brought him be%ore a** o% you, an e+pecia**y be%ore you, Ging .grippa, +o that a%ter &%urther( e<amination ha+ been ma e, ! may ha4e +omething to put in 'riting2 27

For it +eem+ to me +en+e*e++ an ab+ur to +en a pri+oner an not +tate the accu+ation+ again+t him2


a. b.

.ct+ 25F9 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 25F1= 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2

c. d. e.

.ct+ 25F11 62 .bbottA1mith, 7anua* 6reek Le<icon2 .ct+ 25F12 7ar4in Iincent, >or 1tu ie+2 .ct+ 25F16 62 .bbottA1mith, 7anua* 6reek Le<icon2

Acts 26 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 26
T#$" .6H!BB. +ai to Bau*, :ou are permitte to +peak on your o'n beha*%2 .t that Bau* +tretche %orth hi+ han an ma e hi+ e%en+e &a+ %o**o'+(F
1 2 ! con+i er my+e*% %ortunate, Ging .grippa, that it i+ be%ore you that ! am to make my e%en+e to ay in regar to a** the charge+ brought again+t me by &the( ,e'+, 3 &$+pecia**y( becau+e you are +o %u**y an unu+ua**y con4er+ant 'ith a** the ,e'i+h cu+tom+ an contro4er+ie+C there%ore, ! beg you to hear me patient*y2 4 7y beha4ior an manner o% *i4ing %rom my youth up i+ kno'n by a** the ,e'+C &they are a'are( that %rom &it+( commencement my youth 'a+ +pent among my o'n race in ,eru+a*em2 5 They ha4e ha kno'*e ge o% me %or a *ong time, i% they are 'i**ing to te+ti%y to it, that in accor ance 'ith the +tricte+t +ect o% our re*igion ! ha4e *i4e a+ a Bhari+ee2 6 .n no' ! +tan here on tria* &to be ?u ge on the groun ( o% the hope o% that promi+e ma e to our %ore%ather+ by 6o ,-./ 7 >hich hope &o% the 7e++iah an the re+urrection( our t'e*4e tribe+ con%i ent*y e<pect to rea*i9e a+ they %er4ent*y 'or+hip &'ithout cea+ing( night an ay2 .n %or that hope, ) king, ! am accu+e by ,e'+ an con+i ere a crimina*J 8 9

>hy i+ it thought incre ib*e by any o% you that 6o rai+e+ the ea ;

! my+e*% in ee 'a+ &once( per+ua e that it 'a+ my uty to o many thing+ contrary to an in e%iance o% the name o% ,e+u+ o% "a9areth2
1= .n that i+ 'hat ! i in ,eru+a*emC ! &not on*y( *ocke up many o% the &%aith%u*( +aint+ -ho*y one+/ in pri+on by 4irtue o% authority recei4e %rom the chie% prie+t+, but 'hen they 'ere being con emne to eath, ! ca+t my 4ote again+t them2 11 .n %re5uent*y ! puni+he them in a** the +ynagogue+ to make them b*a+phemeC an in my bitter %ury again+t them, ! hara++e -troub*e , mo*e+te , per+ecute / an pur+ue them e4en to %oreign citie+2 12 13

Thu+ engage ! procee e to Eama+cu+ 'ith the authority an or er+ o% the chie% prie+t+,

>hen on the roa at mi ay, ) king, ! +a' a *ight %rom hea4en +urpa++ing the brightne++ o% the +un, %*a+hing about me an tho+e 'ho 'ere tra4e*ing 'ith me2
14 .n 'hen 'e ha a** %a**en to the groun , ! hear a 4oice in the #ebre' tongue +aying to me, 1au*, 1au*, 'hy o you continue to per+ecute 7e &to hara++ an troub*e an mo*e+t 7e(; !t i+ angerou+ an turn+ out ba *y %or you to keep kicking again+t the goa + &to keep o%%ering 4ain an peri*ou+ re+i+tance(2 15 16

.n ! +ai , >ho are :ou, Lor ; .n the Lor +ai , ! am ,e+u+, >hom you are per+ecuting2

8ut ari+e an +tan upon your %eetC %or ! ha4e appeare to you %or thi+ purpo+e, that ! might appoint you to +er4e a+ &7y( mini+ter an to bear 'itne++ both to 'hat you ha4e +een o% 7e an to that in 'hich ! 'i** appear to you,
17&a( Choo+ing you out &+e*ecting you %or 7y+e*%( an 6enti*e+ to 'hom ! am +en ing youAA-8/ &b(

e*i4ering you %rom among thi+ &,e'i+h( peop*e an the

18 To open their eye+ that they may turn %rom arkne++ to *ight an %rom the po'er o% 1atan to 6o , +o that they may thu+ recei4e %orgi4ene++ an re*ea+e %rom their +in+ an a p*ace an portion among tho+e 'ho are con+ecrate an puri%ie by %aith in 7e2-C/ 19

>here%ore, ) Ging .grippa, ! 'a+ not i+obe ient unto the hea4en*y 4i+ion,

2= 8ut ma e kno'n open*y %ir+t o% a** to tho+e at Eama+cu+, then at ,eru+a*em an throughout the 'ho*e *an o% ,u ea, an a*+o among the 6enti*e+, that they +hou* repent an turn to 6o , an o 'ork+ an *i4e *i4e+ con+i+tent 'ith an 'orthy o% their repentance2 21 22

8ecau+e o% the+e thing+ the ,e'+ +ei9e me in the temp*e &&c(enc*o+ure( an trie to o a'ay 'ith me2

&8ut( to thi+ ay ! ha4e ha the he*p 'hich come+ %rom 6o &a+ my & (a**y(, an +o ! +tan here te+ti%ying to +ma** an great a*ike, a++erting nothing beyon 'hat the prophet+ an 7o+e+ ec*are 'ou* come to pa++AA
23 That the Chri+t -the .nointe )ne/ mu+t +u%%er an that #e, by being the %ir+t to ri+e %rom the ea , 'ou* ec*are an +ho' *ight both to the &,e'i+h( peop*e an to the 6enti*e+2 24 .n a+ he thu+ procee e 'ith hi+ e%en+e, Fe+tu+ ca**e out *ou *y, Bau*, you are ma J :our great *earning i+ ri4ing you in+aneJ 25 26

8ut Bau* rep*ie , ! am not ma , mo+t nob*e Fe+tu+, but ! am uttering the +traight, +oun truth2

For the king un er+tan + about the+e thing+ 'e** enough, an &there%ore( to him ! +peak 'ith bo* %rankne++ an con%i ence2 ! am con4ince that not one o% the+e thing+ ha+ e+cape hi+ notice, %or a** thi+ i not take p*ace in a corner &in +ecret(2
27 Ging .grippa, o you be*ie4e the prophet+; &Eo you gi4e cre ence to 6o @+ me++enger+ an their 'or +;( ! percei4e an kno' that you o be*ie4e2 28 Then .grippa +ai to Bau*, :ou think it a +ma** ta+k to make a Chri+tian o% me &?u+t o%%han to in uce me 'ith *itt*e a o an per+ua+ion, at 4ery +hort notice(2 29 .n Bau* rep*ie , >hether +hort or *ong, ! 'ou* to 6o that not on*y you, but a*+o a** 'ho are *i+tening to me to ay, might become +uch a+ ! am, e<cept %or the+e chain+2 3= 31

Then the king aro+e, an the go4ernor an 8ernice an a** tho+e 'ho 'ere +eate 'ith themC

.n a%ter they ha gone out, they +ai to one another, Thi+ man i+ oing nothing e+er4ing o% eath or &e4en( o% impri+onment2

.n .grippa +ai to Fe+tu+, Thi+ man cou* ha4e been +et at *iberty i% he ha not appea*e to Cae+ar2


a. b. c. d. A. B. C.

.ct+ 26F17 ,o+eph Thayer, . 6reekA$ng*i+h Le<icon2 .ct+ 26F17 62 .bbottA1mith, 7anua* 6reek Le<icon2 .ct+ 26F21 Hichar Trench, 1ynonym+ o% the "e' Te+tament2 .ct+ 26F22 62 .bbottA1mith, 7anua* 6reek Le<icon2

Cross references: .ct+ 26F6 F .ct+ 13F32, 33 .ct+ 26F17 F $9ek 2F1, 3 .ct+ 26F18 F !+a 42F7, 16

Acts 27 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 27
")> >#$" it 'a+ etermine that 'e &inc*u ing Luke( +hou* +ai* %or !ta*y, they turne Bau* an +ome other pri+oner+ o4er to a centurion o% the imperia* regiment name ,u*iu+2
1 2 .n going aboar a +hip %rom . ramyttium 'hich 'a+ about to +ai* %or the port+ a*ong the coa+t o% &the pro4ince o%( .+ia, 'e put out to +eaC an .ri+tarchu+, a 7ace onian %rom The++a*onica, accompanie u+2

3 The %o**o'ing ay 'e *an e at 1i on, an ,u*iu+ treate Bau* in a *o4ing 'ay, 'ith much con+i eration -kin ne++ an care/, permitting him to go to hi+ %rien + &there( an be re%re+he an be care %or2 4 .%ter putting to +ea %rom there 'e pa++e to the *ee'ar -+outh +i e/ o% Cypru+ &%or protection(, %or the 'in + 'ere contrary to u+2 5 .n 'hen 'e ha +ai*e o4er &the 'ho*e *ength( o% +ea 'hich *ie+ o%% Ci*icia an Bamphy*ia, 'e reache 7yra in Lycia2 6 7

There the centurion %oun an .*e<an rian +hip boun %or !ta*y, an he tran+%erre u+ to it2 i not

For a number o% ay+ 'e ma e +*o' progre++ an arri4e 'ith i%%icu*ty o%% Cni u+C then, a+ the 'in permit u+ to procee , 'e 'ent un er the *ee -+he*ter/ o% Crete o%% 1a*mone,

8 .n coa+ting a*ong it 'ith i%%icu*ty, 'e arri4e at a p*ace ca**e Fair #a4en+, near 'hich i+ *ocate the to'n o% La+ea2 9 8ut a+ &the +ea+on 'a+ 'e** a 4ance , %or( much time ha been *o+t an na4igation 'a+ a*rea y angerou+, %or the time %or the Fa+t &the Eay o% .tonement, about the beginning o% )ctober( ha a*rea y gone by, Bau* 'arne an a 4i+e them, 1= 1aying, 1ir+, ! percei4e &a%ter care%u* ob+er4ation( that thi+ 4oyage 'i** be atten e 'ith i+a+ter an much hea4y *o++, not on*y o% the cargo an the +hip but o% our *i4e+ a*+o2 11 12

#o'e4er, the centurion pai greater attention to the pi*ot an to the o'ner o% the +hip than to 'hat Bau* +ai 2

.n a+ the harbor 'a+ not 'e** +ituate an +o un+uitab*e to 'inter in, the ma?ority %a4ore the p*an o% putting to +ea again %rom there, hoping +omeho' to reach Bhoenice, a harbor o% Crete %acing +outh'e+t an north'e+t, an 'inter there2
13 1o 'hen the +outh 'in b*e' +o%t*y, +uppo+ing they 'ere gaining their ob?ect, they 'eighe anchor an +ai*e a*ong Crete, hugging the coa+t2 14 8ut +oon a%ter'ar a 4io*ent 'in &o% the character o% a typhoon(, ca**e a northea+ter, came bur+ting o'n %rom the i+*an 2 15 .n 'hen the +hip 'a+ caught an 'a+ unab*e to hea again+t the 'in , 'e ga4e up an , *etting her ri%t, 'ere borne a*ong2 16 >e ran un er the +he*ter o% a +ma** i+*an ca**e Cau a, 'here 'e manage 'ith &much( i%%icu*ty to ra' the &+hip@+ +ma**( boat on eck an +ecure it2 17 .%ter hoi+ting it on boar , they u+e +upport+ 'ith rope+ to un ergir an brace the +hipC then a%rai that they 'ou* be ri4en into the 1yrti+ &5uick+an + o%% the north coa+t o% .%rica(, they *o'ere the gear -+ai*+ an rope+/ an +o 'ere ri4en a*ong2 18 .+ 'e 'ere being angerou+*y to++e about by the 4io*ence o% the +torm, the ne<t ay they began to thro' the %reight o4erboar C 19 2=

.n the thir

ay they thre' out 'ith their o'n han + the +hip@+ e5uipment -the tack*e an the %urniture/2

.n 'hen neither +un nor +tar+ 'ere 4i+ib*e %or many ay+ an no +ma** tempe+t kept raging about u+, a** hope o% our being +a4e 'a+ %ina**y aban one 2
21 Then a+ they ha eaten nothing %or a *ong time, Bau* came %or'ar into their mi +t an +ai , 7en, you +hou* ha4e *i+tene to me, an +hou* not ha4e put to +ea %rom Crete an brought on thi+ i+a+ter an harm an mi+ery an *o++2 22 8ut &e4en( no' ! beg you to be in goo +pirit+ an take heart, %or there 'i** be no *o++ o% *i%e among you but on*y o% the +hip2 23 For thi+ &4ery( night there +too by my +i e an ange* o% the 6o to >hom ! be*ong an >hom ! +er4e an 'or+hip, 24 .n he +ai , Eo not be %rightene , Bau*J !t i+ nece++ary %or you to +tan be%ore Cae+arC an beho* , 6o ha+ gi4en you a** tho+e 'ho are +ai*ing 'ith you2 25 1o keep up your courage, men, %or ! ha4e %aith -comp*ete con%i ence/ in 6o that it 'i** be e<act*y a+ it 'a+ to* meC 26 27

8ut 'e +ha** ha4e to be +tran e on +ome i+*an 2

The %ourteenth night ha come an 'e 'ere ri%ting an being ri4en about in the . riatic 1ea, 'hen about mi night the +ai*or+ began to +u+pect that they 'ere ra'ing near to +ome *an 2
28 1o they took +oun ing+ an %oun t'enty %athom+, an a *itt*e %arther on they +oun e again an %oun %i%teen %athom+2 29 Then %earing that 'e might %a** o%% &our cour+e( onto rock+, they roppe %our anchor+ %rom the +tern an kept 'i+hing %or aybreak to come2 3= .n a+ the +ai*or+ 'ere trying to e+cape &+ecret*y( %rom the +hip an 'ere *o'ering the +ma** boat into the +ea, preten ing that they 'ere going to *ay out anchor+ %rom the bo',

31 32 33

Bau* +ai to the centurion an the +o* ier+, 0n*e++ the+e men remain in the +hip, you cannot be +a4e 2 Then the +o* ier+ cut a'ay the rope+ that he* the +ma** boat, an *et it %a** an ri%t a'ay2

>hi*e they 'aite unti* it +hou* become ay, Bau* entreate them a** to take +ome %oo , +aying, Thi+ i+ the %ourteenth ay that you ha4e been continua**y in +u+pen+e an on the a*ert 'ithout %oo , ha4ing eaten nothing2 1o ! urge -'arn, e<hort, encourage, a 4i+e/ you to take +ome %oo &%or your +a%ety(AAit 'i** gi4e you +trengthC %or not a hair i+ to peri+h %rom the hea o% any one o% you2
34 35

36 37 38

#a4ing +ai the+e 'or +, he took brea an , gi4ing thank+ to 6o be%ore them a**, he broke it an began to Then they a** became more cheer%u* an 'ere encourage an took %oo them+e*4e+2 .** to* there 'ere 276 +ou*+ o% u+ in the +hip2 .n a%ter they ha eaten +u%%icient*y, &they procee e ( to *ighten the +hip, thro'ing out the 'heat into the


39 "o' 'hen it 'a+ ay &an they +a' the *an (, they i not recogni9e it, but they notice a bay 'ith a beach on 'hich they &taking coun+e*( purpo+e to run the +hip a+hore i% they po++ib*y cou* 2 4= 1o they cut the cab*e+ an +e4ere the anchor+ an *e%t them in the +eaC at the +ame time un*a+hing the rope+ that he* the ru er+ an hoi+ting the %ore+ai* to the 'in , they hea e %or the beach2 41 8ut +triking a cro++current -a p*ace open to t'o +ea+/ they ran the +hip agroun 2 The pro' +tuck %a+t an remaine immo4ab*e, an the +tern began to break up un er the 4io*ent %orce o% the 'a4e+2 42 43

!t 'a+ the coun+e* o% the +o* ier+ to ki** the pri+oner+, *e+t any o% them +hou* +'im to *an an e+capeC

8ut the centurion, 'i+hing to +a4e Bau*, pre4ente their carrying out their purpo+e2 #e comman e tho+e 'ho cou* +'im to thro' them+e*4e+ o4erboar %ir+t an make %or the +hore,

.n the re+t on hea4y boar + or piece+ o% the 4e++e*2 .n +o it 'a+ that a** e+cape +a%e*y to *an 2

Acts 2

(Amplified Bible)

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Acts 2

.FT$H >$ 'ere +a%e on the i+*an , 'e kne' an recogni9e that it 'a+ ca**e 7a*ta2

2 .n the nati4e+ +ho'e u+ unu+ua* an remarkab*e kin ne++, %or they kin *e a %ire an 'e*come an recei4e u+ a**, +ince it ha begun to rain an 'a+ co* 2 3 "o' Bau* ha gathere a bun *e o% +tick+, an he 'a+ *aying them on the %ire 'hen a 4iper cra'*e out becau+e o% the heat an %a+tene it+e*% on hi+ han 2 4 >hen the nati4e+ +a' the *itt*e anima* hanging %rom hi+ han , they +ai to one another, Eoubt*e++ thi+ man i+ a mur erer, %or though he ha+ been +a4e %rom the +ea, ,u+tice &&a(the go e++ o% a4enging( ha+ not permitte that he +hou* *i4e2 5 6

Then &Bau* +imp*y( +hook o%% the +ma** creature into the %ire an +u%%ere no e4i* e%%ect+2

#o'e4er, they 'ere 'aiting, e<pecting him to +'e** up or +u en*y rop ea C but 'hen they ha 'atche him a *ong time an +a' nothing %ata* or harm%u* come to him, they change their min + an kept +aying o4er an o4er that he 'a+ a go 2 !n the 4icinity o% that p*ace there 'ere e+tate+ be*onging to the hea man o% the i+*an , name Bub*iu+, 'ho accepte an 'e*come an entertaine u+ 'ith hearty ho+pita*ity %or three ay+2
7 8 .n it happene that the %ather o% Bub*iu+ 'a+ +ick in be 'ith recurring attack+ o% %e4er an Bau* 'ent to +ee him, an a%ter praying an *aying hi+ han + on him, he hea*e him2 9

y+enteryC an

.%ter thi+ ha occurre , the other peop*e on the i+*an 'ho ha

i+ea+e+ a*+o kept coming an 'ere cure 2

They +ho'e u+ e4ery re+pect an pre+ente many gi%t+ to u+, honoring u+ 'ith many honor+C an 'hen 'e +ai*e , they pro4i e an put on &boar our +hip( e4erything 'e nee e 2
1= 11 !t 'a+ a%ter three month+@ +tay there that 'e +et +ai* in a +hip 'hich ha 'intere in the i+*an , an .*e<an rian +hip 'ith the T'in 8rother+ &Ca+tor an Bo**u<( a+ it+ %igurehea 2

12 13

>e *an e at 1yracu+e an remaine there three ay+,

.n %rom there 'e ma e a circuit &%o**o'ing the coa+t( an reache HhegiumC an one ay *ater a +outh 'in +prang up, an the ne<t ay 'e arri4e at Buteo*i2
14 There 'e %oun +ome &Chri+tian( brethren an 'ere entreate to +tay 'ith them %or +e4en ay+2 .n +o 'e came to Home2 15 .n the &Chri+tian( brethren there, ha4ing ha ne'+ o% u+, came a+ %ar a+ the Forum o% .ppiu+ an the Three Ta4ern+ to meet u+2 >hen Bau* +a' them, he thanke 6o an recei4e ne' courage2 16 >hen 'e arri4e at Home, the centurion e*i4ere the pri+oner+ to the captain o% the guar , but Bau* 'a+ permitte to *i4e by him+e*% 'ith the +o* ier 'ho guar e him2 17 Three ay+ a%ter &our arri4a*(, he ca**e together the *ea ing *oca* ,e'+C an 'hen they ha gathere , he +ai to them, 8rethren, though ! ha4e one nothing again+t the peop*e or again+t the cu+tom+ o% our %ore%ather+, yet ! 'a+ turne o4er a+ a pri+oner %rom ,eru+a*em into the han + o% the Homan+2 18 .%ter they ha e<amine me, they 'ere rea y to re*ea+e me becau+e ! 'a+ innocent o% any o%%en+e e+er4ing the eath pena*ty2 19 8ut 'hen the ,e'+ prote+te , ! 'a+ %orce to appea* to Cae+ar, though it 'a+ not becau+e ! ha any charge to make again+t my nation2 2= Thi+ i+ the rea+on there%ore 'hy ! ha4e begge to +ee you an to ta*k 'ith you, +ince it i+ becau+e o% the #ope o% !+rae* -the 7e++iah/ that ! am boun 'ith thi+ chain2 21 .n they an+'ere him, >e ha4e not recei4e any *etter+ about you %rom ,u ea, an none o% the &,e'i+h( brethren coming here ha+ reporte or +poken anything e4i* about you2 22 8ut 'e think it %itting an are eager to hear %rom you 'hat it i+ that you ha4e in min an be*ie4e an 'hat your opinion i+, %or 'ith regar to thi+ +ect it i+ kno'n to a** o% u+ that it i+ e4ery'here enounce 2 23 1o 'hen they ha +et a ay 'ith him, they came in *arge number+ to hi+ *o ging2 .n he %u**y +et %orth an e<p*aine the matter to them %rom morning unti* night, te+ti%ying to the king om o% 6o an trying to per+ua e them concerning ,e+u+ both %rom the La' o% 7o+e+ an %rom the Brophet+2 24 25

.n +ome 'ere con4ince an be*ie4e 'hat he +ai , an other+ i not be*ie4e2

.n a+ they i+agree among them+e*4e+, they began to *ea4e, &but not be%ore( Bau* ha a e one +tatement &more(F The #o*y 1pirit 'a+ right in +aying through !+aiah the prophet to your %ore%ather+F
26 6o to thi+ peop*e an +ay to them, :ou 'i** in ee hear an hear 'ith your ear+ but 'i** not un er+tan , an you 'i** in ee *ook an *ook 'ith your eye+ but 'i** not +ee &not percei4e, ha4e kno'*e ge o% or become ac5uainte 'ith 'hat you *ook at, at a**(2 27 For the heart -the un er+tan ing, the +ou*/ o% thi+ peop*e ha+ gro'n u** -+tupi , har ene , an ca**ou+e /, an their ear+ are hea4y an har o% hearing an they ha4e +hut tight their eye+, +o that they may not percei4e an ha4e kno'*e ge an become ac5uainte 'ith their eye+ an hear 'ith their ear+ an un er+tan 'ith their +ou*+ an turn &to 7e an be con4erte (, that ! may hea* them2-./ 28 1o *et it be un er+too by you then that &thi+ me++age o%( the +a*4ation o% 6o ha+ been +ent to the 6enti*e+, an they 'i** *i+ten &to it(J-8/ 29&b( 3=

.n 'hen he ha +ai the+e thing+, the ,e'+ 'ent a'ay, arguing an

i+puting among them+e*4e+2

.%ter thi+ Bau* *i4e there %or t'o entire year+ &at hi+ o'n e<pen+e( in hi+ o'n rente *o ging, an he 'e*come a** 'ho came to him,
31 Breaching to them the king om o% 6o an teaching them about the Lor ,e+u+ Chri+t 'ith bo* ne++ an 5uite open*y, an 'ithout being mo*e+te or hin ere 2


a. b. A. B.

.ct+ 28F4 .*e<an er 1outer, Bocket Le<icon2 .ct+ 28F29 7any manu+cript+ o not contain thi+ 4er+e2

Cross references: .ct+ 28F27 F !+a 6F9, 1= .ct+ 28F28 F B+ 67F2