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Romans 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

n Foun ation

Romans 1

F!"# $%&L, a bon 'er(ant o) *e'u' Chri't +the #e''iah, ca--e to be an apo't-e, +a 'peciame''enger, 'et apart to .preach/ the 0o'pe- +goo ne1', o) an )rom 0o , 2hich 3e promi'e in a (ance .-ong ago/ through 3i' prophet' in the 'acre 4cripture'55 .The 0o'pe-/ regar ing 3i' 4on, 2ho a' to the )-e'h +3i' human nature, 1a' e'cen e )rom 7a(i , %n .a' to 3i' i(ine nature/ accor ing to the 4pirit o) ho-ine'' 1a' open-y .a/ e'ignate the 4on o) 0o in po1er .in a 'triking, triumphant an miracu-ou' manner/ by 3i' re'urrection )rom the ea , e(en *e'u' Chri't our Lor +the #e''iah, the %nointe "ne,8 9t i' through 3im that 1e ha(e recei(e grace +0o :' unmerite )a(or, an .our/ apo't-e'hip to promote obe ience to the )aith an make i'cip-e' )or 3i' name:' 'ake among a-- the nation', %n thi' inc-u e' you, ca--e o) *e'u' Chri't an in(ite .a' you are/ to be-ong to 3im8 To .you then/ a-- 0o :' be-o(e one' in !ome, ca--e to be 'aint' an e'ignate )or a con'ecrate -i)e; 0race an 'piritua- b-e''ing an peace be your' )rom 0o our Father an )rom the Lor *e'u' Chri't8 Fir't, 9 thank my 0o through *e'u' Chri't )or a-- o) you, becau'e .the report o)/ your )aith i' ma e kno1n
8 7 6 5 4 6 2

to a-- the 1or- an i'



commen e e(ery1here8

For 0o i' my 1itne'', 2hom 9 'er(e 1ith my .1ho-e/ 'pirit .ren ering prie't-y an 'piritua- 'er(ice/ in .preaching/ the 0o'pe- an .te--ing/ the goo ne1' o) 3i' 4on, ho1 ince''ant-y 9 a-1ay' mention you 1hen at my prayer'8 9 keep p-ea ing that 'omeho1 by 0o :' 1i-- 9 may no1 at -a't pro'per an come to you8 For 9 am yearning to 'ee you, that 9 may impart an 'hare 1ith you 'ome 'piritua- gi)t to 'trengthen an e'tab-i'h you= That i', that 1e may be mutua--y 'trengthene an encourage an com)orte by each other:' )aith, both your' an mine8 9 1ant you to kno1, brethren, that many time' 9 ha(e p-anne an inten e to come to you, though thu' )ar 9 ha(e been hin ere an pre(ente , in or er that 9 might ha(e 'ome )ruit +'ome re'u-t o) my -abor', among you, a' 9 ha(e among the re't o) the 0enti-e'8 >oth to 0reek' an to barbarian' +to the cu-ture an to the uncu-ture ,, both to the 1i'e an the )oo-i'h, 9 ha(e an ob-igation to i'charge an a uty to per)orm an a ebt to pay8 4o, )or my part, 9 am 1i--ing an eager-y rea y to preach the 0o'pe- to you a-'o 1ho are in !ome8 For 9 am not a'hame o) the 0o'pe- +goo ne1', o) Chri't, )or it i' 0o :' po1er 1orking unto 'a-(ation .)or e-i(erance )rom eterna- eath/ to e(eryone 1ho be-ie(e' 1ith a per'ona- tru't an a con)i ent 'urren er an )irm re-iance, to the *e1 )ir't an a-'o to the 0reek,
16 15 14 16 12 11 1<

For in the 0o'pe- a righteou'ne'' 1hich 0o a'cribe' i' re(ea-e , both 'pringing )rom )aith an -ea ing to )aith . i'c-o'e through the 1ay o) )aith that arou'e' to more )aith/8 %' it i' 1ritten, The man 1ho through )aith i' ?u't an upright 'ha-- -i(e an 'ha-- -i(e by )aith8+%, For 0o :' .ho-y/ 1rath an in ignation are re(ea-e )rom hea(en again't a-- ungo -ine'' an unrighteou'ne'' o) men, 1ho in their 1icke ne'' repre'' an hin er the truth an make it inoperati(e8 For that 1hich i' kno1n about 0o i' e(i ent to them an ma e p-ain in their inner con'ciou'ne'', becau'e 0o .3im'e-)/ ha' 'ho1n it to them8 For e(er 'ince the creation o) the 1or- 3i' in(i'ib-e nature an attribute', that i', 3i' eternapo1er an i(inity, ha(e been ma e inte--igib-e an c-ear-y i'cernib-e in an through the thing' that ha(e been ma e +3i' han i1ork',8 4o .men/ are 1ithout e@cu'e .a-together 1ithout any e)en'e or ?u'ti)ication/,+>, >ecau'e 1hen they kne1 an recogniAe 3im a' 0o , they i not honor an g-ori)y 3im a' 0o or gi(e 3im thank'8 >ut in'tea they became )uti-e an .c/ go -e'' in their thinking .1ith (ain imagining', )oo-i'h rea'oning, an 'tupi 'pecu-ation'/ an their 'en'e-e'' min ' 1ere arkene 8 C-aiming to be 1i'e, they became )oo-' .pro)e''ing to be 'mart, they ma e 'imp-eton' o) them'e-(e'/8 %n by them the g-ory an ma?e'ty an e@ce--ence o) the immorta- 0o 1ere e@change )or an repre'ente by image', re'emb-ing morta- man an bir ' an bea't' an repti-e'8
26 22 21 2< 19 18


There)ore 0o ga(e them up in the -u't' o) their .o1n/ heart' to 'e@ua- impurity, to the i'honoring o) their bo ie' among them'e-(e' .aban oning them to the egra ing po1er o) 'in/, >ecau'e they e@change the truth o) 0o )or a -ie an 1or'hipe an 'er(e the creature rather than the Creator, 2ho i' b-e''e )ore(erB %men +'o be it,8+C, For thi' rea'on 0o ga(e them o(er an aban one them to (i-e a))ection' an egra ing pa''ion'8 For their 1omen e@change their natura)unction )or an unnatura- an abnorma- one, %n the men a-'o turne )rom natura- re-ation' 1ith 1omen an 1ere 'et ab-aAe +burning out, con'ume , 1ith -u't )or one another55men committing 'hame)u- act' 1ith men an 'u))ering in their o1n . / bo ie' an per'ona-itie' the ine(itab-e con'eCuence' an pena-ty o) their 1rong5 oing an going a'tray, 1hich 1a' .their/ )itting retribution8 %n 'o, 'ince they i not 'ee )it to ackno1-e ge 0o or appro(e o) 3im or con'i er 3im 1orth the kno1ing, 0o ga(e them o(er to a ba'e an con emne min to o thing' not proper or ecent but -oath'ome, &nti- they 1ere )i--e +permeate an 'aturate , 1ith e(ery kin o) unrighteou'ne'', iniCuity, gra'ping an co(etou' gree , an ma-ice8 .They 1ere/ )u-- o) en(y an ?ea-ou'y, mur er, 'tri)e, eceit an treachery, i-- 1i-- an crue- 1ay'8 .They 1ere/ 'ecret backbiter' an go''iper', 4-an erer', hate)u- to an hating 0o , )u-- o) in'o-ence, arrogance, .an / boa'ting= in(entor' o) ne1 )orm' o) e(i-, i'obe ient an un uti)u- to parent'8
6< 29 28 27 26 25


.They 1ere/ 1ithout un er'tan ing, con'cience-e'' an )aith-e'', heart-e'' an -o(e-e'' .an / merci-e''8 Though they are )u--y a1are o) 0o :' righteou' ecree that tho'e 1ho o 'uch thing' e'er(e to ie, they not on-y o them them'e-(e' but appro(e an app-au other' 1ho practice them8 Footnotes: a8 !oman' 1;4 #ar(in Dincent, 2or 4tu ie' in the Ee1 Te'tament8 b8 !oman' 1;8 #ar(in Dincent, 2or 4tu ie' in the Ee1 Te'tament8 c8 !oman' 1;21 %-e@an er 4outer, $ocket Le@icon o) the 0reek Ee1 Te'tament8 8 !oman' 1;27 2eb'ter:' Ee1 9nternationa7ictionary o))er' thi' a' a e)inition o) F'e-(e'8F Cross references: %8 !oman' 1;17 ; 3ab 2;4 >8 !oman' 1;2< ; $' 19; 154 C8 !oman' 1;25 ; *er 2;11


Romans 3 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Romans 3

T3GE 23%T a (antage remain' to the *e1H .3o1 i' he )a(ore H/ "r 1hat i' the (a-ue or bene)it o)

circumci'ionH #uch in e(ery 1ay8 To begin 1ith, to the *e1' 1ere entru'te the orac-e' +the brie) communication', the intention', the utterance', o) 0o 8+%, 2hat i) 'ome i not be-ie(e an 1ere 1ithout )aithH 7oe' their -ack o) )aith an their )aith-e''ne'' nu--i)y an make ine))ecti(e an (oi the )aith)u-ne'' o) 0o an 3i' )i e-ity .to 3i' 2or /H >y no mean'B Let 0o be )oun true though e(ery human being i' )a-'e an a -iar, a' it i' 1ritten, That Iou may be ?u'ti)ie an 'ho1n to be upright in 1hat Iou 'ay, an pre(ai- 1hen Iou are ?u ge .by 'in)umen/8+>, >ut i) our unrighteou'ne'' thu' e'tab-i'he' an e@hibit' the righteou'ne'' o) 0o , 1hat 'ha-- 1e 'ayH That 0o i' un?u't an 1rong to in)-ict 3i' 1rath upon u' .*e1'/H 9 'peak in a .pure-y/ human 1ay8 >y no mean'B "ther1i'e, ho1 cou- 0o ?u ge the 1or- H >ut .you 'ay/ i) through my )a-'ehoo 0o :' integrity i' magni)ie an a (erti'e an aboun ' to 3i' g-ory, 1hy am 9 'ti-- being ?u ge a' a 'innerH %n 1hy 'hou- 1e not o e(i- that goo may comeH55a' 'ome '-an erou'-y charge u' 1ith teaching8 4uch .)a-'e teaching/ i' ?u't-y con emne by them8 2e-- then, are 1e .*e1'/ 'uperior an better o)) than theyH Eo, not at a--8 2e ha(e a-rea y charge that a-- men, both *e1' an 0reek' +0enti-e',, are un er 'in .heo1n by an 'ub?ect to it' po1er an contro-/8
1< 9 8 7 6 5 4 6 2

%' it i' 1ritten, Eone i' righteou', ?u't an truth)u-

an upright an con'cientiou', no, not one8+C, Eo one un er'tan ' .no one inte--igent-y i'cern' or comprehen '/= no one 'eek' out 0o 8+7, %-- ha(e turne a'i e= together they ha(e gone 1rong an ha(e become unpro)itab-e an 1orth-e''= no one oe' right, not e(en oneB Their throat i' a ya1ning gra(e= they u'e their tongue' to ecei(e +to mi'-ea an to eatreacherou'-y,8 The (enom o) a'p' i' beneath their -ip'8+G,
14 15 16 16 12 11

Their mouth i' )u-- o) cur'ing an bitterne''8+F, Their )eet are '1i)t to 'he b-oo 8

7e'truction .a' it a'he' them to piece'/ an mi'ery mark their 1ay'8 %n they ha(e no e@perience o) the 1ay o) peace .they kno1 nothing about peace, )or a peace)u- 1ay they o not e(en recogniAe/8+0, There i' no .re(erentia-/ )ear o) 0o be)ore their eye'8+3, Eo1 1e kno1 that 1hate(er the La1 'ay', it 'peak' to tho'e 1ho are un er the La1, 'o that .the murmur' an e@cu'e' o)/ e(ery mouth may be hu'he an a-- the 1or- may be he- accountab-e to 0o 8 For no per'on 1i-- be ?u'ti)ie +ma e righteou', acCuitte , an ?u ge acceptab-e, in 3i' 'ight by ob'er(ing the 1ork' pre'cribe by the La18 For .the rea- )unction o)/ the La1 i' to make men recogniAe an be con'ciou' o) 'in ..a/not mere perception, but an acCuaintance 1ith 'in 1hich 1ork' to1ar repentance, )aith, an ho-y character/8
21 2< 19 18 17

>ut no1 the righteou'ne'' o) 0o ha' been

re(ea-e in epen ent-y an a-together apart )rom the La1, a-though actua--y it i' atte'te by the La1 an the $rophet', Eame-y, the righteou'ne'' o) 0o 1hich come' by be-ie(ing 1ith per'ona- tru't an con)i ent re-iance on *e'u' Chri't +the #e''iah,8 .%n it i' meant/ )or a-1ho be-ie(e8 For there i' no i'tinction, 4ince a-- ha(e 'inne an are )a--ing 'hort o) the honor an g-ory .b/1hich 0o be'to1' an recei(e'8 .%--/ are ?u'ti)ie an ma e upright an in right 'tan ing 1ith 0o , )ree-y an gratuitou'-y by 3i' grace +3i' unmerite )a(or an mercy,, through the re emption 1hich i' .pro(i e / in Chri't *e'u', 2hom 0o put )or1ar ..c/be)ore the eye' o) a--/ a' a mercy 'eat an propitiation by 3i' b-oo .the c-ean'ing an -i)e5gi(ing 'acri)ice o) atonement an reconci-iation, to be recei(e / through )aith8 Thi' 1a' to 'ho1 0o :' righteou'ne'', becau'e in 3i' i(ine )orbearance 3e ha pa''e o(er an ignore )ormer 'in' 1ithout puni'hment8 9t 1a' to emon'trate an pro(e at the pre'ent time +. /in the no1 'ea'on, that 3e 3im'e-) i' righteou' an that 3e ?u'ti)ie' an accept' a' righteou' him 1ho ha' .true/ )aith in *e'u'8 Then 1hat become' o) .our/ pri e an .our/ boa'tingH 9t i' e@c-u e +bani'he , ru-e out entire-y,8 "n 1hat princip-eH ."n the princip-e/ o) oing goo ee 'H Eo, but on the princip-e o) )aith8 For 1e ho- that a man i' ?u'ti)ie an ma e upright by )aith in epen ent o) an i'tinct-y apart )rom goo ee ' +1ork' o) the La1,8 .The ob'er(ance o) the La1 ha' nothing to o 1ith ?u'ti)ication8/
28 27 26 25 24 26 22

"r i' 0o mere-y .the 0o / o) *e1'H 9' 3e not the 0o o) 0enti-e' a-'oH Ie', o) 0enti-e' a-'o, 4ince it i' one an the 'ame 0o 2ho 1i-- ?u'ti)y the circumci'e by )aith ..e/1hich germinate )rom %braham/ an the uncircumci'e through their .ne1-y acCuire / )aith8 .For it i' the 'ame tru'ting )aith in both ca'e', a )irm-y re-ying )aith in *e'u' Chri't/8 7o 1e then by .thi'/ )aith make the La1 o) no e))ect, o(erthro1 it or make it a ea -etterH Certain-y notB "n the contrary, 1e con)irm an e'tab-i'h an upho- the La18 Footnotes: a8 !oman' 6;2< #ar(in Dincent, 2or 4tu ie'8 b8 !oman' 6;26 #ar(in Dincent, 2or 4tu ie'8 c8 !oman' 6;25 *ohann >enge-, 0nomon Eo(i Te'tamenti8 8 !oman' 6;26 Litera- tran'-ation8 e8 !oman' 6;6< #ar(in Dincent, 2or 4tu ie'8 Cross references: %8 !oman' 6;2 ; $' 147;19 >8 !oman' 6;4 ; $' 51;4 C8 !oman' 6;1< ; $' 14;6 78 !oman' 6;11 ; $' 14;2 G8 !oman' 6;16 ; $' 5;9= 14<;6 F8 !oman' 6;14 ; $' 1<;7 08 !oman' 6;17 ; 9'a 59;7, 8 38 !oman' 6;18 ; $' 66;1
61 6<


Romans 4 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP)

Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Romans 4

.>&T/ 9F 'o, 1hat 'ha-- 1e 'ay about %braham, our )ore)ather human-y 'peaking55.1hat i he/ )in outH .3o1 oe' thi' a))ect hi' po'ition, an 1hat 1a' gaine by himH/ For i) %braham 1a' ?u'ti)ie +.a/e'tab-i'he a' ?u't by acCuitta- )rom gui-t, by goo 1ork' .that he i , then/ he ha' groun ' )or boa'ting8 >ut not be)ore 0o B For 1hat oe' the 4cripture 'ayH %braham be-ie(e in +tru'te in, 0o , an it 1a' cre ite to hi' account a' righteou'ne'' +right -i(ing an right 'tan ing 1ith 0o ,8+%, Eo1 to a -aborer, hi' 1age' are not counte a' a )a(or or a gi)t, but a' an ob-igation +'omething o1e to him,8 >ut to one 1ho, not 1orking .by the La1/, tru't' +be-ie(e' )u--y, in 3im 2ho ?u'ti)ie' the ungo -y, hi' )aith i' cre ite to him a' righteou'ne'' +the 'tan ing acceptab-e to 0o ,8 Thu' 7a(i .b/congratu-ate' the man an pronounce' a b-e''ing on him to 1hom 0o cre it' righteou'ne'' apart )rom the 1ork' he oe'; >-e''e an happy an .c/to be en(ie are tho'e 1ho'e iniCuitie' are )orgi(en an 1ho'e 'in' are co(ere up an comp-ete-y burie 8 >-e''e an happy an . /to be en(ie i' the per'on o) 1ho'e 'in the Lor 1i-- take no account nor reckon
8 7 6 5 4 6 2

it again't him8+>, 9' thi' b-e''ing +happine'', then meant on-y )or the circumci'e , or a-'o )or the uncircumci'e H 2e 'ay that )aith 1a' cre ite to %braham a' righteou'ne''8 3o1 then 1a' it cre ite .to him/H 2a' it be)ore or a)ter he ha been circumci'e H 9t 1a' not a)ter, but be)ore he 1a' circumci'e 8 3e recei(e the mark o) circumci'ion a' a token or an e(i ence .an / 'ea- o) the righteou'ne'' 1hich he ha by )aith 1hi-e he 1a' 'ti-- uncircumci'e 55.)aith/ 'o that he 1a' to be ma e the )ather o) a-- 1ho .tru-y/ be-ie(e, though 1ithout circumci'ion, an 1ho thu' ha(e righteou'ne'' +right 'tan ing 1ith 0o , impute to them an cre ite to their account, %' 1e-- a' .that he be ma e/ the )ather o) tho'e circumci'e per'on' 1ho are not mere-y circumci'e , but a-'o 1a-k in the 1ay o) that )aith 1hich our )ather %braham ha be)ore he 1a' circumci'e 8 For the promi'e to %braham or hi' po'terity, that he 'hou- inherit the 1or- , i not come through .ob'er(ing the comman ' o)/ the La1 but through the righteou'ne'' o) )aith8+C, 9) it i' the a herent' o) the La1 1ho are to be the heir', then )aith i' ma e )uti-e an empty o) a-meaning an the promi'e .o) 0o / i' ma e (oi +i' annu--e an ha' no po1er,8 For the La1 re'u-t' in . i(ine/ 1rath, but 1here there i' no -a1 there i' no tran'gre''ion .o) it either/8 There)ore, .inheriting/ the promi'e i' the outcome o) )aith an epen ' .entire-y/ on )aith, in or er that it might be gi(en a' an act o) grace +unmerite )a(or,, to make it 'tab-e an (a-i an guarantee to a-- hi'
16 15 14 16 12 11 1< 9

e'cen ant'55not on-y to the e(otee' an a herent' o) the La1, but a-'o to tho'e 1ho 'hare the )aith o) %braham, 1ho i' .thu'/ the )ather o) u' a--8 %' it i' 1ritten, 9 ha(e ma e you the )ather o) many nation'8 .3e 1a' appointe our )ather/ in the 'ight o) 0o in 2hom he be-ie(e , 2ho gi(e' -i)e to the ea an 'peak' o) the none@i'tent thing' that .3e ha' )oreto- an promi'e / a' i) they .a-rea y/ e@i'te 8+7, .For %braham, human rea'on )or/ hope being gone, hope in )aith that he 'hou- become the )ather o) many nation', a' he ha been promi'e , 4o .number-e''/ 'ha-- your e'cen ant' be8+G, 3e i not 1eaken in )aith 1hen he con'i ere the .utter/ impotence o) hi' o1n bo y, 1hich 1a' a' goo a' ea becau'e he 1a' about a hun re year' o- , or .1hen he con'i ere / the barrenne'' o) 4arah:' . ea ene / 1omb8+F, Eo unbe-ie) or i'tru't ma e him 1a(er + oubting-y Cue'tion, concerning the promi'e o) 0o , but he gre1 'trong an 1a' empo1ere by )aith a' he ga(e prai'e an g-ory to 0o , Fu--y 'ati')ie an a''ure that 0o 1a' ab-e an mighty to keep 3i' 1or an to o 1hat 3e ha promi'e 8 That i' 1hy hi' )aith 1a' cre ite to him a' righteou'ne'' +right 'tan ing 1ith 0o ,8 >ut .the 1or '/, 9t 1a' cre ite to him, 1ere 1ritten not )or hi' 'ake a-one, >ut .they 1ere 1ritten/ )or our 'ake' too8 .!ighteou'ne'', 'tan ing acceptab-e to 0o / 1i-- be grante an cre ite to u' a-'o 1ho be-ie(e in +tru't
24 26 22 21 2< 19 18 17

in, a here to, an re-y on, 0o , 2ho rai'e *e'u' our Lor )rom the ea , 2ho 1a' betraye an put to eath becau'e o) our mi' ee ' an 1a' rai'e to 'ecure our ?u'ti)ication +our .e/acCuitta-,, .making our account ba-ance an ab'o-(ing u' )rom a-- gui-t be)ore 0o /8 Footnotes: a8 !oman' 4;2 3ermann Cremer, >ib-ico5Theo-ogicaLe@icon o) Ee1 Te'tament 0reek8 b8 !oman' 4;6 %-e@an er 4outer, $ocket Le@icon8 c8 !oman' 4;7 %-e@an er 4outer, $ocket Le@icon8 8 !oman' 4;8 %-e@an er 4outer, $ocket Le@icon8 e8 !oman' 4;25 08 %bbott54mith, #anua- 0reek Le@icon o) the Ee1 Te'tament8 Cross references: %8 !oman' 4;6 ; 0en 15;6 >8 !oman' 4;8 ; $' 62;1, 2 C8 !oman' 4;16 ; 0en 17;456= 22;16518 78 !oman' 4;17 ; 0en 17;5 G8 !oman' 4;18 ; 0en 15;5 F8 !oman' 4;19 ; 0en 17;17= 18;11

Romans 5 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Romans 5

T3G!GF"!G, 49ECG 1e are ?u'ti)ie +.a/acCuitte ,

ec-are righteou', an gi(en a right 'tan ing 1ith 0o , through )aith, -et u' .gra'p the )act that 1e/ ha(e .the peace o) reconci-iation to ho- an to .b/ en?oy/ peace 1ith 0o through our Lor *e'u' Chri't +the #e''iah, the %nointe "ne,8 Through 3im a-'o 1e ha(e .our/ acce'' +entrance, intro uction, by )aith into thi' grace +'tate o) 0o :' )a(or, in 1hich 1e .)irm-y an 'a)e-y/ 'tan 8 %n -et u' re?oice an e@u-t in our hope o) e@periencing an en?oying the g-ory o) 0o 8 #oreo(er .-et u' a-'o be )u-- o) ?oy no1B/ -et u' e@u-t an triumph in our troub-e' an re?oice in our 'u))ering', kno1ing that pre''ure an a))-iction an har 'hip pro uce patient an un'1er(ing en urance8 %n en urance +)ortitu e, e(e-op' maturity o) character +appro(e )aith an . /trie integrity,8 %n character .o) thi' 'ort/ pro uce' .the habit o)/ .e/?oy)uan con)i ent hope o) eterna- 'a-(ation8
.c/ 4 6 2

4uch hope ne(er i'appoint' or e-u e' or 'hame' u', )or 0o :' -o(e ha' been poure out in our heart' through the 3o-y 4pirit 2ho ha' been gi(en to u'8 2hi-e 1e 1ere yet in 1eakne'' .po1er-e'' to he-p our'e-(e'/, at the )itting time Chri't ie )or +in beha-) o), the ungo -y8 Eo1 it i' an e@traor inary thing )or one to gi(e hi' -i)e e(en )or an upright man, though perhap' )or a nob-e an -o(ab-e an generou' bene)actor 'omeone might e(en are to ie8 >ut 0o 'ho1' an c-ear-y pro(e' 3i' .o1n/ -o(e )or u' by the )act that 1hi-e 1e 1ere 'ti-- 'inner', Chri't +the #e''iah, the %nointe "ne, ie )or u'8
9 8 7 6

There)ore, 'ince 1e are no1 ?u'ti)ie +.)/acCuitte ,

ma e righteou', an brought into right re-ation'hip 1ith 0o , by Chri't:' b-oo , ho1 much more .certain i' it that/ 1e 'ha-- be 'a(e by 3im )rom the in ignation an 1rath o) 0o 8 For i) 1hi-e 1e 1ere enemie' 1e 1ere reconci-e to 0o through the eath o) 3i' 4on, it i' much more .certain/, no1 that 1e are reconci-e , that 1e 'ha-- be 'a(e + ai-y e-i(ere )rom 'in:' ominion, through 3i' ..g/re'urrection/ -i)e8 Eot on-y 'o, but 1e a-'o re?oice an e@u-ting-y g-ory in 0o .in 3i' -o(e an per)ection/ through our Lor *e'u' Chri't, through 2hom 1e ha(e no1 recei(e an en?oy .our/ reconci-iation8+%, There)ore, a' 'in came into the 1or- through one man, an eath a' the re'u-t o) 'in, 'o eath 'prea to .h/ a-- men, . no one being ab-e to 'top it or to e'cape it' po1er/ becau'e a-- men 'inne 8 .To be 'ure/ 'in 1a' in the 1or- be)ore e(er the La1 1a' gi(en, but 'in i' not charge to men:' account 1here there i' no -a1 .to tran'gre''/8 Iet eath he- '1ay )rom % am to #o'e' .the La1gi(er/, e(en o(er tho'e 1ho i not them'e-(e' tran'gre'' .a po'iti(e comman / a' % am i 8 % am 1a' a type +pre)igure, o) the "ne 2ho 1a' to come .in re(er'e, .i/the )ormer e'tructi(e, the Latter 'a(ing/8+>, >ut 0o :' )ree gi)t i' not at a-- to be compare to the tre'pa'' .3i' grace i' out o) a-- proportion to the )a-- o) man/8 For i) many ie through one man:' )a--ing a1ay +hi' -ap'e, hi' o))en'e,, much more pro)u'e-y i 0o :' grace an the )ree gi)t .that come'/ through the un e'er(e )a(or o) the one #an
15 14 16 12 11 1<

*e'u' Chri't aboun an o(er)-o1 to an )or .the bene)it o)/ many8 Eor i' the )ree gi)t at a-- to be compare to the e))ect o) that one .man:'/ 'in8 For the 'entence .)o--o1ing the tre'pa''/ o) one .man/ brought con emnation, 1herea' the )ree gi)t .)o--o1ing/ many tran'gre''ion' bring' ?u'ti)ication +.?/an act o) righteou'ne'',8 For i) becau'e o) one man:' tre'pa'' +-ap'e, o))en'e, eath reigne through that one, much more 'ure-y 1i-- tho'e 1ho recei(e .0o :'/ o(er)-o1ing grace +unmerite )a(or, an the )ree gi)t o) righteou'ne'' .putting them into right 'tan ing 1ith 3im'e-)/ reign a' king' in -i)e through the one #an *e'u' Chri't +the #e''iah, the %nointe "ne,8 2e-- then, a' one man:' tre'pa'' .one man:' )a-'e 'tep an )a--ing a1ay -e / to con emnation )or a-men, 'o one #an:' act o) righteou'ne'' .-ea '/ to acCuitta- an right 'tan ing 1ith 0o an -i)e )or a-men8 For ?u't a' by one man:' i'obe ience +)ai-ing to hear, .k/hee -e''ne'', an care-e''ne'', the many 1ere con'titute 'inner', 'o by one #an:' obe ience the many 1i-- be con'titute righteou' +ma e acceptab-e to 0o , brought into right 'tan ing 1ith 3im,8 >ut then La1 came in, .on-y/ to e@pan an increa'e the tre'pa'' .making it more apparent an e@citing oppo'ition/8 >ut 1here 'in increa'e an aboun e , grace +0o :' unmerite )a(or, ha' 'urpa''e it an increa'e the more an 'uperaboun e ,
2< 19 18 17 16

4o that, .?u't/ a' 'in ha' reigne in eath, .'o/ grace +3i' unearne an un e'er(e )a(or, might reign a-'o through righteou'ne'' +right 'tan ing 1ith 0o , 1hich i''ue' in eterna- -i)e through *e'u' Chri't +the #e''iah, the %nointe "ne, our Lor 8 Footnotes: a8 !oman' 5;1 08 %bbott54mith, #anua- 0reek Le@icon o) the Ee1 Te'tament8 b8 !oman' 5;1 Litera- tran'-ation; Fha(eF or Fho- ,F 'o Fen?oy8F c8 !oman' 5;4 %-e@an er 4outer, $ocket Le@icon8 8 !oman' 5;4 #ar(in Dincent, 2or 4tu ie'8 e8 !oman' 5;4 *o'eph Thayer, % 0reek5Gng-i'h Le@icon8 )8 !oman' 5;9 08 %bbott54mith, #anua- 0reek Le@icon8 g8 !oman' 5;1< 08 %bbott54mith, #anua- 0reek Le@icon8 h8 !oman' 5;12 *o'eph Thayer, % 0reek5Gng-i'h Le@icon8 i8 !oman' 5;14 *o'eph Thayer, % 0reek5Gng-i'h Le@icon8 ?8 !oman' 5;16 Litera- tran'-ation8 k8 !oman' 5;19 #ar(in Dincent, 2or 4tu ie'8 Cross references: %8 !oman' 5;11 ; *er 9;24 >8 !oman' 5;14 ; 0en 5;5= 7;22= 7eut 64;5


Romans 6 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP)

Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Romans 6

23%T 43%LL 1e 'ay .to a-- thi'/H %re 1e to remain in 'in in or er that 0o :' grace +)a(or an mercy, may mu-tip-y an o(er)-o1H Certain-y notB 3o1 can 1e 1ho ie to 'in -i(e in it any -ongerH %re you ignorant o) the )act that a-- o) u' 1ho ha(e been baptiAe into Chri't *e'u' 1ere baptiAe into 3i' eathH 2e 1ere burie there)ore 1ith 3im by the bapti'm into eath, 'o that ?u't a' Chri't 1a' rai'e )rom the ea by the g-oriou' .po1er/ o) the Father, 'o 1e too might .habitua--y/ -i(e an beha(e in ne1ne'' o) -i)e8 For i) 1e ha(e become one 1ith 3im by 'haring a eath -ike 3i', 1e 'ha-- a-'o be .one 1ith 3im in 'haring/ 3i' re'urrection .by a ne1 -i)e -i(e )or 0o /8 2e kno1 that our o- +unrene1e , 'e-) 1a' nai-e to the cro'' 1ith 3im in or er that .our/ bo y .1hich i' the in'trument/ o) 'in might be ma e ine))ecti(e an inacti(e )or e(i-, that 1e might no -onger be the '-a(e' o) 'in8 For 1hen a man ie', he i' )ree +-oo'e , e-i(ere , )rom .the po1er o)/ 'in .among men/8 Eo1 i) 1e ha(e ie 1ith Chri't, 1e be-ie(e that 1e 'ha-- a-'o -i(e 1ith 3im, >ecau'e 1e kno1 that Chri't +the %nointe "ne,, being once rai'e )rom the ea , 1i-- ne(er ie again= eath no -onger ha' po1er o(er 3im8
9 8 7 6 5 4 6 2

For by the eath 3e ie , 3e ie to 'in .en ing 3i' re-ation to it/ once )or a--= an the -i)e that 3e -i(e', 3e i' -i(ing to 0o .in unbroken )e--o1'hip 1ith 3im/8 G(en 'o con'i er your'e-(e' a-'o ea to 'in an your re-ation to it broken, but a-i(e to 0o .-i(ing in unbroken )e--o1'hip 1ith 3im/ in Chri't *e'u'8 Let not 'in there)ore ru-e a' king in your morta+'hort5-i(e , peri'hab-e, bo ie', to make you yie- to it' cra(ing' an be 'ub?ect to it' -u't' an e(ipa''ion'8 7o not continue o))ering or yie- ing your bo i-y member' .an .a/)acu-tie'/ to 'in a' in'trument' +too-', o) 1icke ne''8 >ut o))er an yie- your'e-(e' to 0o a' though you ha(e been rai'e )rom the ea to .perpetua-/ -i)e, an your bo i-y member' .an .b/ )acu-tie'/ to 0o , pre'enting them a' imp-ement' o) righteou'ne''8 For 'in 'ha-- not .any -onger/ e@ert ominion o(er you, 'ince no1 you are not un er La1 .a' '-a(e'/, but un er grace .a' 'ub?ect' o) 0o :' )a(or an mercy/8 2hat then .are 1e to conc-u e/H 4ha-- 1e 'in becau'e 1e -i(e not un er La1 but un er 0o :' )a(or an mercyH Certain-y notB 7o you not kno1 that i) you continua--y 'urren er your'e-(e' to anyone to o hi' 1i--, you are the '-a(e' o) him 1hom you obey, 1hether that be to 'in, 1hich -ea ' to eath, or to obe ience 1hich -ea ' to righteou'ne'' +right oing an right 'tan ing 1ith 0o ,H >ut thank 0o , though you 1ere once '-a(e' o) 'in, you ha(e become obe ient 1ith a-- your heart to
17 16 15 14 16 12 11


the 'tan ar o) teaching in 1hich you 1ere in'tructe an to 1hich you 1ere committe 8 %n ha(ing been 'et )ree )rom 'in, you ha(e become the 'er(ant' o) righteou'ne'' +o) con)ormity to the i(ine 1i-- in thought, purpo'e, an action,8 9 am 'peaking in )ami-iar human term' becau'e o) your natura- -imitation'8 For a' you yie- e your bo i-y member' .an .c/)acu-tie'/ a' 'er(ant' to impurity an e(er increa'ing -a1-e''ne'', 'o no1 yie- your bo i-y member' .an . /)acu-tie'/ once )or a-- a' 'er(ant' to righteou'ne'' +right being an oing, .1hich -ea '/ to 'ancti)ication8 For 1hen you 1ere '-a(e' o) 'in, you 1ere )ree in regar to righteou'ne''8 >ut then 1hat bene)it +return, i you get )rom the thing' o) 1hich you are no1 a'hame H .Eone/ )or the en o) tho'e thing' i' eath8 >ut no1 'ince you ha(e been 'et )ree )rom 'in an ha(e become the '-a(e' o) 0o , you ha(e your pre'ent re1ar in ho-ine'' an it' en i' eterna- -i)e8 For the 1age' 1hich 'in pay' i' eath, but the .bounti)u-/ )ree gi)t o) 0o i' eterna- -i)e through +in union 1ith, *e'u' Chri't our Lor 8 Footnotes: a8 !oman' 6;16 #ar(in Dincent, 2or 4tu ie'; 0reek me-e55F$hy'ica-= though 'ome commentator' interpret it to inc-u e the menta- )acu-tie' a' 1e--8F b8 !oman' 6;16 #ar(in Dincent, 2or 4tu ie'; 0reek me-e55F$hy'ica-= though 'ome commentator' interpret it to inc-u e the menta- )acu-tie' a' 1e--8F
26 22 21 2< 19 18

c8 !oman' 6;19 #ar(in Dincent, 2or 4tu ie'; 0reek me-e55F$hy'ica-= though 'ome commentator' interpret it to inc-u e the menta- )acu-tie' a' 1e--8F 8 !oman' 6;19 #ar(in Dincent, 2or 4tu ie'; 0reek me-e55F$hy'ica-= though 'ome commentator' interpret it to inc-u e the menta- )acu-tie' a' 1e--8F Romans (Amplified Bible)

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation


7" I"& not kno1, brethren55)or 9 am 'peaking to men 1ho are acCuainte 1ith the La155that -egac-aim' ha(e po1er o(er a per'on on-y )or a' -ong a' he i' a-i(eH For .in'tance/ a marrie 1oman i' boun by -a1 to her hu'ban a' -ong a' he -i(e'= but i) her hu'ban ie', 'he i' -oo'e an i'charge )rom the -a1 concerning her hu'ban 8 %ccor ing-y, 'he 1i-- be he- an a u-tere'' i) 'he unite' her'e-) to another man 1hi-e her hu'ban -i(e'8 >ut i) her hu'ban ie', the marriage -a1 no -onger i' bin ing on her .'he i' )ree )rom that -a1/= an i) 'he unite' her'e-) to another man, 'he i' not an a u-tere''8 Like1i'e, my brethren, you ha(e un ergone eath a' to the La1 through the .cruci)ie / bo y o) Chri't, 'o that no1 you may be-ong to %nother, to 3im 2ho 1a' rai'e )rom the ea in or er that 1e may bear )ruit
4 6 2

)or 0o 8 2hen 1e 1ere -i(ing in the )-e'h +mere phy'ica-i(e',, the 'in)u- pa''ion' that 1ere a1akene an arou'e up by .1hat/ the La1 .make' 'in/ 1ere con'tant-y operating in our natura- po1er' +in our bo i-y organ', .a/in the 'en'iti(e appetite' an 1i--' o) the )-e'h,, 'o that 1e bore )ruit )or eath8 >ut no1 1e are i'charge )rom the La1 an ha(e terminate a-- intercour'e 1ith it, ha(ing ie to 1hat once re'traine an he- u' capti(e8 4o no1 1e 'er(e not un er .obe ience to/ the o- co e o) 1ritten regu-ation', but .un er obe ience to the prompting'/ o) the 4pirit in ne1ne'' .o) -i)e/8 2hat then o 1e conc-u eH 9' the La1 i entica1ith 'inH Certain-y notB Ee(erthe-e'', i) it ha not been )or the La1, 9 'hou- not ha(e recogniAe 'in or ha(e kno1n it' meaning8 .For in'tance/ 9 1ou- not ha(e kno1n about co(etou'ne'' .1ou- ha(e ha no con'ciou'ne'' o) 'in or 'en'e o) gui-t/ i) the La1 ha not .repeate -y/ 'ai , Iou 'ha-- not co(et an ha(e an e(i- e'ire .)or one thing an another/8+%, >ut 'in, )in ing opportunity in the comman ment .to e@pre'' it'e-)/, got a ho- on me an arou'e an 'timu-ate a-- kin ' o) )orbi en e'ire' +-u't, co(etou'ne'',8 For 1ithout the La1 'in i' ea .the 'en'e o) it i' inacti(e an a -i)e-e'' thing/8 "nce 9 1a' a-i(e, but Cuite apart )rom an uncon'ciou' o) the La18 >ut 1hen the comman ment came, 'in -i(e again an 9 ie +1a' 'entence by the La1 to eath,8+>, %n the (ery -ega- or inance 1hich 1a' e'igne an inten e to bring -i)e actua--y pro(e .to mean to
1< 9 8 7 6 5

me/ eath8+C, For 'in, 'eiAing the opportunity an getting a hoon me .by taking it' incenti(e/ )rom the comman ment, begui-e an entrappe an cheate me, an u'ing it .a' a 1eapon/, ki--e me8 The La1 there)ore i' ho-y, an .each/ comman ment i' ho-y an ?u't an goo 8 7i that 1hich i' goo then pro(e )ata- .bringing eath/ to meH Certain-y notB 9t 1a' 'in, 1orking eath in me by u'ing thi' goo thing .a' a 1eapon/, in or er that through the comman ment 'in might be 'ho1n up c-ear-y to be 'in, that the e@treme ma-ignity an immea'urab-e 'in)u-ne'' o) 'in might p-ain-y appear8 2e kno1 that the La1 i' 'piritua-= but 9 am a creature o) the )-e'h .carna-, un'piritua-/, ha(ing been 'o- into '-a(ery un er .the contro- o)/ 'in8 For 9 o not un er'tan my o1n action' .9 am ba))-e , be1i- ere /8 9 o not practice or accomp-i'h 1hat 9 1i'h, but 9 o the (ery thing that 9 -oathe ..b/1hich my mora- in'tinct con emn'/8 Eo1 i) 9 o .habitua--y/ 1hat i' contrary to my e'ire, .that mean' that/ 9 ackno1-e ge an agree that the La1 i' goo +mora--y e@ce--ent, an that 9 take 'i e' 1ith it8 3o1e(er, it i' no -onger 9 1ho o the ee , but the 'in .princip-e/ 1hich i' at home in me an ha' po''e''ion o) me8 For 9 kno1 that nothing goo 1e--' 1ithin me, that i', in my )-e'h8 9 can 1i-- 1hat i' right, but 9 cannot per)orm it8 .9 ha(e the intention an urge to o 1hat i' right, but no po1er to carry it out8/
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For 9 )ai- to practice the goo ee ' 9 e'ire to o, but the e(i- ee ' that 9 o not e'ire to o are 1hat 9 am .e(er/ oing8 Eo1 i) 9 o 1hat 9 o not e'ire to o, it i' no -onger 9 oing it .it i' not my'e-) that act'/, but the 'in .princip-e/ 1hich 1e--' 1ithin me ..c/)i@e an operating in my 'ou-/8 4o 9 )in it to be a -a1 +ru-e o) action o) my being, that 1hen 9 1ant to o 1hat i' right an goo , e(i- i' e(er pre'ent 1ith me an 9 am 'ub?ect to it' in'i'tent eman '8 For 9 en or'e an e-ight in the La1 o) 0o in my inmo't 'e-) .1ith my ne1 nature/8+7, >ut 9 i'cern in my bo i-y member' .. /in the 'en'iti(e appetite' an 1i--' o) the )-e'h/ a i))erent -a1 +ru-e o) action, at 1ar again't the -a1 o) my min +my rea'on, an making me a pri'oner to the -a1 o) 'in that 1e--' in my bo i-y organ' ..e/in the 'en'iti(e appetite' an 1i--' o) the )-e'h/8 " unhappy an pitiab-e an 1retche man that 9 amB 2ho 1i-- re-ea'e an e-i(er me )rom .the 'hack-e' o)/ thi' bo y o) eathH " thank 0o B .3e 1i--B/ through *e'u' Chri't +the %nointe "ne, our Lor B 4o then in ee 9, o) my'e-) 1ith the min an heart, 'er(e the La1 o) 0o , but 1ith the )-e'h the -a1 o) 'in8 Footnotes: a8 !oman' 7;5 #atthe1 3enry, Commentary on the 3o-y >ib-e8 b8 !oman' 7;15 Fre eric 0o et, cite by #ar(in
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Dincent, 2or 4tu ie'8 c8 !oman' 7;2< *o'eph Thayer, % 0reek5Gng-i'h Le@icon8 8 !oman' 7;26 #atthe1 3enry, Commentary on the 3o-y >ib-e8 e8 !oman' 7;26 #atthe1 3enry, Commentary on the 3o-y >ib-e8 Cross references: %8 !oman' 7;7 ; G@o 2<;17= 7eut 5;21 >8 !oman' 7;9 ; $' 76;22 C8 !oman' 7;1< ; Le( 18;5 78 !oman' 7;22 ; $' 1;2

Romans ! (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Romans !

T3G!GF"!G, .there i'/ no1 no con emnation +no a ?u ging gui-ty o) 1rong, )or tho'e 1ho are in Chri't *e'u', 1ho -i(e .an / 1a-k not a)ter the ictate' o) the )-e'h, but a)ter the ictate' o) the 4pirit8+%, For the -a1 o) the 4pirit o) -i)e .1hich i'/ in Chri't *e'u' .the -a1 o) our ne1 being/ ha' )ree me )rom the -a1 o) 'in an o) eath8 For 0o ha' one 1hat the La1 cou- not o, .it' po1er/ being 1eakene by the )-e'h ..a/the entire nature o) man 1ithout the 3o-y 4pirit/8 4en ing 3i' o1n 4on in the gui'e o) 'in)u- )-e'h an a' an o))ering )or 'in, .0o / con emne 'in in the )-e'h ..b/'ub ue ,
6 2

o(ercame, .c/ epri(e it o) it' po1er o(er a-- 1ho accept that 'acri)ice/,+>, 4o that the righteou' an ?u't reCuirement o) the La1 might be )u--y met in u' 1ho -i(e an mo(e not in the 1ay' o) the )-e'h but in the 1ay' o) the 4pirit .our -i(e' go(erne not by the 'tan ar ' an accor ing to the ictate' o) the )-e'h, but contro--e by the 3o-y 4pirit/8 For tho'e 1ho are accor ing to the )-e'h an are contro--e by it' unho-y e'ire' 'et their min ' on an . / pur'ue tho'e thing' 1hich grati)y the )-e'h, but tho'e 1ho are accor ing to the 4pirit an are contro--e by the e'ire' o) the 4pirit 'et their min ' on an .e/'eek tho'e thing' 1hich grati)y the .3o-y/ 4pirit8 Eo1 the min o) the )-e'h .1hich i' 'en'e an rea'on 1ithout the 3o-y 4pirit/ i' eath . eath that .)/ compri'e' a-- the mi'erie' ari'ing )rom 'in, both here an herea)ter/8 >ut the min o) the .3o-y/ 4pirit i' -i)e an .'ou-/ peace .both no1 an )ore(er/8 .That i'/ becau'e the min o) the )-e'h .1ith it' carna- thought' an purpo'e'/ i' ho'ti-e to 0o , )or it oe' not 'ubmit it'e-) to 0o :' La1= in ee it cannot8 4o then tho'e 1ho are -i(ing the -i)e o) the )-e'h .catering to the appetite' an impu-'e' o) their carnanature/ cannot p-ea'e or 'ati')y 0o , or be acceptab-e to 3im8 >ut you are not -i(ing the -i)e o) the )-e'h, you are -i(ing the -i)e o) the 4pirit, i) the .3o-y/ 4pirit o) 0o .rea--y/ 1e--' 1ithin you . irect' an contro-' you/8 >ut i) anyone oe' not po''e'' the .3o-y/ 4pirit o) Chri't, he i' none o) 3i' .he oe' not be-ong to Chri't, i' not tru-y a chi- o) 0o /8+C,
9 8 7 6 5 4

>ut i) Chri't -i(e' in you, .then a-though/ your .natura-/ bo y i' ea by rea'on o) 'in an gui-t, the 'pirit i' a-i(e becau'e o) .the/ righteou'ne'' .that 3e impute' to you/8 %n i) the 4pirit o) 3im 2ho rai'e up *e'u' )rom the ea 1e--' in you, .then/ 3e 2ho rai'e up Chri't *e'u' )rom the ea 1i-- a-'o re'tore to -i)e your morta- +'hort5-i(e , peri'hab-e, bo ie' through 3i' 4pirit 2ho 1e--' in you8 4o then, brethren, 1e are ebtor', but not to the )-e'h .1e are not ob-igate to our carna- nature/, to -i(e .a -i)e ru-e by the 'tan ar ' 'et up by the ictate'/ o) the )-e'h8 For i) you -i(e accor ing to .the ictate' o)/ the )-e'h, you 1i-- 'ure-y ie8 >ut i) through the po1er o) the .3o-y/ 4pirit you are .habitua--y/ putting to eath +making e@tinct, ea ening, the .e(i-/ ee ' prompte by the bo y, you 'ha-- .rea--y an genuine-y/ -i(e )ore(er8 For a-- 1ho are -e by the 4pirit o) 0o are 'on' o) 0o 8 For .the 4pirit 1hich/ you ha(e no1 recei(e .i'/ not a 'pirit o) '-a(ery to put you once more in bon age to )ear, but you ha(e recei(e the 4pirit o) a option .the 4pirit pro ucing 'on'hip/ in .the b-i'' o)/ 1hich 1e cry, %bba +Father,B FatherB The 4pirit 3im'e-) .thu'/ te'ti)ie' together 1ith our o1n 'pirit, .a''uring u'/ that 1e are chi- ren o) 0o 8 %n i) 1e are .3i'/ chi- ren, then 1e are .3i'/ heir' a-'o; heir' o) 0o an )e--o1 heir' 1ith Chri't .'haring 3i' inheritance 1ith 3im/= on-y 1e mu't
17 16 15 14 16 12 11


'hare 3i' 'u))ering i) 1e are to 'hare 3i' g-ory8 .>ut 1hat o) thatH/ For 9 con'i er that the 'u))ering' o) thi' pre'ent time +thi' pre'ent -i)e, are not 1orth being compare 1ith the g-ory that i' about to be re(ea-e to u' an in u' an .g/)or u' an .h/ con)erre on u'B For .e(en the 1ho-e/ creation +a-- nature, 1ait' e@pectant-y an -ong' earne't-y )or 0o :' 'on' to be ma e kno1n .1ait' )or the re(ea-ing, the i'c-o'ing o) their 'on'hip/8 For the creation +nature, 1a' 'ub?ecte to .i/)rai-ty +to )uti-ity, con emne to )ru'tration,, not becau'e o) 'ome intentiona- )au-t on it' part, but by the 1i-- o) 3im 2ho 'o 'ub?ecte it55.yet/ 1ith the hope+7, That nature +creation, it'e-) 1i-- be 'et )ree )rom it' bon age to ecay an corruption .an gain an entrance/ into the g-oriou' )ree om o) 0o :' chi- ren8 2e kno1 that the 1ho-e creation .o) irrationacreature'/ ha' been moaning together in the pain' o) -abor unti- no18+G, %n not on-y the creation, but 1e our'e-(e' too, 1ho ha(e an en?oy the )ir't)ruit' o) the .3o-y/ 4pirit .a )oreta'te o) the b-i'')u- thing' to come/ groan in1ar -y a' 1e 1ait )or the re emption o) our bo ie' .)rom 'en'ua-ity an the gra(e, 1hich 1i-- re(ea-/ our a option +our mani)e'tation a' 0o :' 'on',8 For in .thi'/ hope 1e 1ere 'a(e 8 >ut hope .the ob?ect o)/ 1hich i' 'een i' not hope8 For ho1 can one hope )or 1hat he a-rea y 'ee'H >ut i) 1e hope )or 1hat i' 'ti-- un'een by u', 1e 1ait )or it 1ith patience an compo'ure8
25 24 26 22 21 2< 19 18

4o too the .3o-y/ 4pirit come' to our ai an bear' u' up in our 1eakne''= )or 1e o not kno1 1hat prayer to o))er nor ho1 to o))er it 1orthi-y a' 1e ought, but the 4pirit 3im'e-) goe' to meet our 'upp-ication an p-ea ' in our beha-) 1ith un'peakab-e yearning' an groaning' too eep )or utterance8 %n 3e 2ho 'earche' the heart' o) men kno1' 1hat i' in the min o) the .3o-y/ 4pirit .1hat 3i' intent i'/, becau'e the 4pirit interce e' an p-ea ' .be)ore 0o / in beha-) o) the 'aint' accor ing to an in harmony 1ith 0o :' 1i--8+F, 2e are a''ure an kno1 that ..?/0o being a partner in their -abor/ a-- thing' 1ork together an are .)itting into a p-an/ )or goo to an )or tho'e 1ho -o(e 0o an are ca--e accor ing to .3i'/ e'ign an purpo'e8 For tho'e 1hom 3e )orekne1 .o) 1hom 3e 1a' a1are an .-/-o(e be)orehan /, 3e a-'o e'tine )rom the beginning .)oreor aining them/ to be mo- e into the image o) 3i' 4on .an 'hare in1ar -y 3i' -ikene''/, that 3e might become the )ir'tborn among many brethren8
.k/ 29 28 27


%n tho'e 1hom 3e thu' )oreor aine , 3e a-'o ca--e = an tho'e 1hom 3e ca--e , 3e a-'o ?u'ti)ie +acCuitte , ma e righteou', putting them into right 'tan ing 1ith 3im'e-),8 %n tho'e 1hom 3e ?u'ti)ie , 3e a-'o g-ori)ie .rai'ing them to a hea(en-y ignity an con ition or 'tate o) being/8 2hat then 'ha-- 1e 'ay to .a--/ thi'H 9) 0o i' )or u', 1ho .can be/ again't u'H .2ho can be our )oe, i) 0o i' on our 'i eH/+0,
62 61


3e 1ho i not 1ithho- or 'pare .e(en/ 3i' o1n

4on but ga(e 3im up )or u' a--, 1i-- 3e not a-'o 1ith 3im )ree-y an graciou'-y gi(e u' a-- .other/ thing'H 2ho 'ha-- bring any charge again't 0o :' e-ect .1hen it i'/ 0o 2ho ?u'ti)ie' .that i', 2ho put' u' in right re-ation to 3im'e-)H 2ho 'ha-- come )or1ar an accu'e or impeach tho'e 1hom 0o ha' cho'enH 2i-0o , 2ho acCuit' u'H/ 2ho i' there to con emn .u'/H 2i-- Chri't *e'u' +the #e''iah,, 2ho ie , or rather 2ho 1a' rai'e )rom the ea , 2ho i' at the right han o) 0o actua--y p-ea ing a' 3e interce e' )or u'H 2ho 'ha-- e(er 'eparate u' )rom Chri't:' -o(eH 4ha-- 'u))ering an a))-iction an tribu-ationH "r ca-amity an i'tre''H "r per'ecution or hunger or e'titution or peri- or '1or H G(en a' it i' 1ritten, For Thy 'ake 1e are put to eath a-- the ay -ong= 1e are regar e an counte a' 'heep )or the '-aughter8+3, Iet ami a-- the'e thing' 1e are more than conCueror' .m/an gain a 'urpa''ing (ictory through 3im 2ho -o(e u'8 For 9 am per'ua e beyon oubt +am 'ure, that neither eath nor -i)e, nor ange-' nor principa-itie', nor thing' .n/impen ing an threatening nor thing' to come, nor po1er', Eor height nor epth, nor anything e-'e in a-creation 1i-- be ab-e to 'eparate u' )rom the -o(e o) 0o 1hich i' in Chri't *e'u' our Lor 8 Footnotes: a8 !oman' 8;6 $hi-ip #e-anchthon, cite by #ar(in
69 68 67 66 65 64 66

Dincent, 2or 4tu ie'8 b8 !oman' 8;6 *o'eph Thayer, % 0reek5Gng-i'h Le@icon8 c8 !oman' 8;6 #ar(in Dincent, 2or 4tu ie'8 8 !oman' 8;5 *o'eph Thayer, % 0reek5Gng-i'h Le@icon8 e8 !oman' 8;5 *o'eph Thayer, % 0reek5Gng-i'h Le@icon8 )8 !oman' 8;6 *o'eph Thayer, % 0reek5Gng-i'h Le@icon8 g8 !oman' 8;18 Char-e' >8 2i--iam', The Ee1 Te'tament; % Tran'-ation in the Language o) the $eop-e8 h8 !oman' 8;18 *o'eph Thayer, % 0reek5Gng-i'h Le@icon8 i8 !oman' 8;2< *o'eph Thayer, % 0reek5Gng-i'h Le@icon8 ?8 !oman' 8;28 4ome manu'cript' rea , F0o 1ork' a-- thing' 1ith them8F k8 !oman' 8;29 38%828 #eyer, cite by #ar(in Dincent, 2or 4tu ie'8 -8 !oman' 8;29 *ohn #urray, The 4o(ereignty o) 0o 8 m8 !oman' 8;67 *o'eph Thayer, % 0reek5Gng-i'h Le@icon8 n8 !oman' 8;68 #ar(in Dincent, 2or 4tu ie'8 The -itera- tran'-ation i' F'tan ing in 'ight8F Cross references: %8 !oman' 8;1 ; *ohn 6;18 >8 !oman' 8;6 ; Le( 7;67 C8 !oman' 8;9 ; !om 8;14 78 !oman' 8;2< ; Gcc- 1;2 G8 !oman' 8;22 ; *er 12;4, 11 F8 !oman' 8;27 ; $' 169;1, 2

08 38

!oman' 8;61 ; $' 118;6 !oman' 8;66 ; $' 44;22

Romans " (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Romans "

9 %# 'peaking the truth in Chri't8 9 am not -ying= my con'cience .en-ightene an prompte / by the 3o-y 4pirit bearing 1itne'' 1ith me That 9 ha(e bitter grie) an ince''ant angui'h in my heart8 For 9 cou- 1i'h that 9 my'e-) 1ere accur'e an cut o)) an bani'he )rom Chri't )or the 'ake o) my brethren an in'tea o) them, my natura- kin'men an my )e--o1 countrymen8+%, For they are 9'rae-ite', an to them be-ong 0o :' a option .a' a nation/ an the g-oriou' $re'ence +4hekinah,8 2ith them 1ere the 'pecia- co(enant' ma e, to them 1a' the La1 gi(en8 To them .the temp-e/ 1or'hip 1a' re(ea-e an .0o :' o1n/ promi'e' announce 8+>, To them be-ong the patriarch', an a' )ar a' 3i' natura- e'cent 1a' concerne , )rom them i' the Chri't, 2ho i' e@a-te an 'upreme o(er a--, 0o , b-e''e )ore(erB %men +'o -et it be,8 3o1e(er, it i' not a' though 0o :' 2or ha )ai-e .coming to nothing/8 For it i' not e(erybo y 1ho i' a e'cen ant o) *acob +9'rae-, 1ho be-ong' to .the true/
6 5 4 6 2

9'rae-8 %n they are not a-- the chi- ren o) %braham becau'e they are by b-oo hi' e'cen ant'8 Eo, .the promi'e 1a'/ Iour e'cen ant' 1i-- be ca--e an counte through the -ine o) 9'aac .though %braham ha an o- er 'on/8+C, That i' to 'ay, it i' not the chi- ren o) the bo y .o) %braham/ 1ho are ma e 0o :' chi- ren, but it i' the o))'pring to 1hom the promi'e app-ie' that 'ha-- be counte .a' %braham:' true/ e'cen ant'8 For thi' i' 1hat the promi'e 'ai , %bout thi' time .ne@t year/ 1i-- 9 return an 4arah 'ha-- ha(e a 'on8+7, %n not on-y that, but thi' too; !ebecca concei(e .t1o 'on' un er e@act-y the 'ame circum'tance'/ by our )ore)ather 9'aac, %n the chi- ren 1ere yet unborn an ha 'o )ar one nothing either goo or e(i-8 G(en 'o, in or er )urther to carry out 0o :' purpo'e o) 'e-ection +e-ection, choice,, 1hich epen ' not on 1ork' or 1hat men can o, but on 3im 2ho ca--' .them/, 9t 1a' 'ai to her that the e- er .'on/ 'hou'er(e the younger .'on/8+G, %' it i' 1ritten, *acob ha(e 9 -o(e , but G'au ha(e 9 hate +he- in .a/re-ati(e i'regar in compari'on 1ith #y )ee-ing )or *acob,8+F, 2hat 'ha-- 1e conc-u e thenH 9' there in?u'tice upon 0o :' partH Certain-y notB For 3e 'ay' to #o'e', 9 1i-- ha(e mercy on 1hom 9 1i-- ha(e mercy an 9 1i-- ha(e compa''ion +pity, on 1hom 9 1i-- ha(e compa''ion8+0,
16 15 14 16 12 11 1< 9 8 7

4o then .0o :' gi)t/ i' not a Cue'tion o) human

1i-- an human e))ort, but o) 0o :' mercy8 .9t epen ' not on one:' o1n 1i--ingne'' nor on hi' 'trenuou' e@ertion a' in running a race, but on 0o :' ha(ing mercy on him8/ For the 4cripture 'ay' to $haraoh, 9 ha(e rai'e you up )or thi' (ery purpo'e o) i'p-aying #y po1er in . ea-ing 1ith/ you, 'o that #y name may be proc-aime the 1ho-e 1or- o(er8 4o then 3e ha' mercy on 1home(er 3e 1i--' +choo'e', an 3e har en' +make' 'tubborn an unyie- ing the heart o), 1home(er 3e 1i--'8 Iou 1i-- 'ay to me, 2hy then oe' 3e 'ti-- )in )au-t an b-ame u' .)or 'inning/H For 1ho can re'i't an 1ith'tan 3i' 1i--H >ut 1ho are you, a mere man, to criticiAe an contra ict an an'1er back to 0o H 2i-- 1hat i' )orme 'ay to him that )orme it, 2hy ha(e you ma e me thu'H+3, 3a' the potter no right o(er the c-ay, to make out o) the 'ame ma'' +-ump, one (e''e- )or beauty an i'tinction an honorab-e u'e, an another )or meniaor ignob-e an i'honorab-e u'eH 2hat i) 0o , a-though )u--y inten ing to 'ho1 .the a1)u-ne'' o)/ 3i' 1rath an to make kno1n 3i' po1er an authority, ha' to-erate 1ith much patience the (e''e-' +ob?ect', o) .3i'/ anger 1hich are ripe )or e'tructionH+9, %n .1hat i)/ 3e thu' purpo'e' to make kno1n an 'ho1 the 1ea-th o) 3i' g-ory in . ea-ing 1ith/ the (e''e-' +ob?ect', o) 3i' mercy 1hich 3e ha' prepare be)orehan )or g-ory,
24 26 22 21 2< 19 18 17

G(en inc-u ing our'e-(e' 1hom 3e ha' ca--e , not

on-y )rom among the *e1' but a-'o )rom among the 0enti-e' +heathen,H *u't a' 3e 'ay' in 3o'ea, Tho'e 1ho 1ere not #y peop-e 9 1i-- ca-- #y peop-e, an her 1ho 1a' not be-o(e .9 1i-- ca--/ #y be-o(e 8+*, %n it 'ha-- be that in the (ery p-ace 1here it 1a' 'ai to them, Iou are not #y peop-e, they 'ha-- be ca--e 'on' o) the -i(ing 0o 8+J, %n 9'aiah ca--' out +'o-emn-y crie' a-ou , o(er 9'rae-; Though the number o) the 'on' o) 9'rae- be -ike the 'an o) the 'ea, on-y the remnant +a 'ma-- part o) them, 1i-- be 'a(e ..b/)rom per ition, con emnation, ?u gment/B For the Lor 1i-- e@ecute 3i' 'entence upon the earth .3e 1i-- conc-u e an c-o'e 3i' account 1ith men comp-ete-y an 1ithout e-ay/, rigorou'-y cutting it 'hort in 3i' ?u'tice8+L, 9t i' a' 9'aiah pre icte , 9) the Lor o) ho't' ha not -e)t u' a 'ee .)rom 1hich to propagate e'cen ant'/, 1e .9'rae-/ 1ou- ha(e )are -ike 4o om an ha(e been ma e -ike 0omorrah8+#, 2hat 'ha-- 1e 'ay thenH That 0enti-e' 1ho i not )o--o1 a)ter righteou'ne'' .1ho i not 'eek 'a-(ation by right re-ation'hip to 0o / ha(e attaine it by )aith .a righteou'ne'' impute by 0o , ba'e on an pro uce by )aith/, 2herea' 9'rae-, though e(er in pur'uit o) a -a1 .)or the 'ecuring/ o) righteou'ne'' +right 'tan ing 1ith 0o ,, actua--y i not 'uccee in )u-)i--ing the La18+E, For 1hat rea'onH >ecau'e .they pur'ue it/ not through )aith, re-ying .in'tea / on the merit o) their 1ork' .they i not epen on )aith but on 1hat they
62 61 6< 29 28 27 26 25

couo/8 They ha(e 'tumb-e o(er the 4tumb-ing +", 4tone8 %' it i' 1ritten, >eho- 9 am -aying in Kion a 4tone that 1i-- make men 'tumb-e, a !ock that 1i-- make them )a--= but he 1ho be-ie(e' in 3im .1ho a here' to, tru't' in, an re-ie' on 3im/ 'ha-- not be put to 'hame nor be i'appointe in hi' e@pectation'8+$, Footnotes: a8 !oman' 9;16 08 %bbott54mith, #anua- 0reek Le@icon8 b8 !oman' 9;27 3ermann Cremer, >ib-ico5 Theo-ogica- Le@icon8 Cross references: %8 !oman' 9;6 ; G@o 62;62 >8 !oman' 9;4 ; G@o 4;22= 3o' 11;1 C8 !oman' 9;7 ; 0en 21;9512 78 !oman' 9;9 ; 0en 18;1< G8 !oman' 9;12 ; 0en 25;21526 F8 !oman' 9;16 ; #a- 1;2, 6 08 !oman' 9;15 ; G@o 66;19 38 !oman' 9;2< ; 9'a 29;16= 45;9 98 !oman' 9;22 ; $ro( 16;4 *8 !oman' 9;25 ; 3o' 2;26 J8 !oman' 9;26 ; 3o' 1;1< L8 !oman' 9;28 ; 9'a 1<;22, 26 #8 !oman' 9;29 ; 9'a 1;9 E8 !oman' 9;61 ; 9'a 51;1 "8 !oman' 9;62 ; 9'a 8;14= 28;16 $8 !oman' 9;66 ; 9'a 28;16

Romans 1# (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Romans 1#

>!GT3!GE, .1ith a--/ my heart:' e'ire an goo 1i-)or .9'rae-/, 9 -ong an pray to 0o that they may be 'a(e 8 9 bear them 1itne'' that they ha(e a .certain/ Aeaan enthu'ia'm )or 0o , but it i' not en-ightene an accor ing to .correct an (ita-/ kno1-e ge8 For being ignorant o) the righteou'ne'' that 0o a'cribe' .1hich make' one acceptab-e to 3im in 1or , thought, an ee / an 'eeking to e'tab-i'h a righteou'ne'' +a mean' o) 'a-(ation, o) their o1n, they i not obey or 'ubmit them'e-(e' to 0o :' righteou'ne''8 For Chri't i' the en o) the La1 .the -imit at 1hich it cea'e' to be, )or the La1 -ea ' up to 3im 2ho i' the )u-)i--ment o) it' type', an in 3im the purpo'e 1hich it 1a' e'igne to accomp-i'h i' )u-)i--e 8 That i', the purpo'e o) the La1 i' )u-)i--e in 3im/ a' the mean' o) righteou'ne'' +right re-ation'hip to 0o , )or e(eryone 1ho tru't' in an a here' to an re-ie' on 3im8 For #o'e' 1rite' that the man 1ho .can/ practice the righteou'ne'' +per)ect con)ormity to 0o :' 1i--, 1hich i' ba'e on the La1 .1ith a-- it' intricate eman '/ 'ha-- -i(e by it8+%, >ut the righteou'ne'' ba'e on )aith .impute by 0o an bringing right re-ation'hip 1ith 3im/ 'ay', 7o
6 5 4 6 2

not 'ay in your heart, 2ho 1i-- a'cen into 3ea(enH that i', to bring Chri't o1n= "r 1ho 1i-- e'cen into the aby''H that i', to bring Chri't up )rom the ea .a' i) 1e cou- be 'a(e by our o1n e))ort'/8+>, >ut 1hat oe' it 'ayH The 2or +0o :' me''age in Chri't, i' near you, on your -ip' an in your heart= that i', the 2or +the me''age, the ba'i' an ob?ect, o) )aith 1hich 1e preach,+C, >ecau'e i) you ackno1-e ge an con)e'' 1ith your -ip' that *e'u' i' Lor an in your heart be-ie(e +a here to, tru't in, an re-y on the truth, that 0o rai'e 3im )rom the ea , you 1i-- be 'a(e 8 For 1ith the heart a per'on be-ie(e' +a here' to, tru't' in, an re-ie' on Chri't, an 'o i' ?u'ti)ie + ec-are righteou', acceptab-e to 0o ,, an 1ith the mouth he con)e''e' + ec-are' open-y an 'peak' out )ree-y hi' )aith, an con)irm' .hi'/ 'a-(ation8 The 4cripture 'ay', Eo man 1ho be-ie(e' in 3im .1ho a here' to, re-ie' on, an tru't' in 3im/ 1i-.e(er/ be put to 'hame or be i'appointe 8+7, .Eo one/ )or there i' no i'tinction bet1een *e1 an 0reek8 The 'ame Lor i' Lor o(er a-- .o) u'/ an 3e generou'-y be'to1' 3i' riche' upon a-- 1ho ca-upon 3im .in )aith/8 For e(eryone 1ho ca--' upon the name o) the Lor .in(oking 3im a' Lor / 1i-- be 'a(e 8+G, >ut ho1 are peop-e to ca-- upon 3im 2hom they ha(e not be-ie(e .in 2hom they ha(e no )aith, on 2hom they ha(e no re-iance/H %n ho1 are they to be-ie(e in 3im .a here to, tru't in, an re-y upon 3im/ o) 2hom they ha(e ne(er hear H %n ho1 are they to
14 16 12 11 1< 9 8 7

hear 1ithout a preacherH %n ho1 can men .be e@pecte to/ preach un-e'' they are 'entH %' it i' 1ritten, 3o1 beauti)u- are the )eet o) tho'e 1ho bring g-a ti ing'B .3o1 1e-come i' the coming o) tho'e 1ho preach the goo ne1' o) 3i' goo thing'B/+F, >ut they ha(e not a-- hee e the 0o'pe-= )or 9'aiah 'ay', Lor , 1ho ha' be-ie(e +ha )aith in, 1hat he ha' hear )rom u'H+0, 4o )aith come' by hearing .1hat i' to- /, an 1hat i' hear come' by the preaching .o) the me''age that came )rom the -ip'/ o) Chri't +the #e''iah 3im'e-),8 >ut 9 a'k, 3a(e they not hear H 9n ee they ha(e= .)or the 4cripture 'ay'/ Their (oice .that o) nature bearing 0o :' me''age/ ha' gone out to a-- the earth, an their 1or ' to the )ar boun ' o) the 1or- 8
+3, 18 17 16 15

%gain 9 a'k, 7i 9'rae- not un er'tan H .7i the *e1' ha(e no 1arning that the 0o'pe- 1a' to go )orth to the 0enti-e', to a-- the earthH/ Fir't, there i' #o'e' 1ho 'ay', 9 1i-- make you ?ea-ou' o) tho'e 1ho are not a nation= 1ith a )oo-i'h nation 9 1i-- make you angry8+9, Then 9'aiah i' 'o bo- a' to 'ay, 9 ha(e been )oun by tho'e 1ho i not 'eek #e= 9 ha(e 'ho1n +re(ea-e , #y'e-) to tho'e 1ho i not .con'ciou'-y/ a'k )or #e8+*, >ut o) 9'rae- he 'ay', %-- ay -ong 9 ha(e 'tretche out #y han ' to a peop-e unyie- ing an i'obe ient an 'e-)51i--e .to a )au-t)in ing, contrary, an contra icting peop-e/8+J,
21 2<


Cross references: %8 !oman' >8 !oman' C8 !oman' 78 !oman' 17;7 G8 !oman' F8 !oman' 08 !oman' 38 !oman' 98 !oman' *8 !oman' J8 !oman' 1<;5 ; Le( 18;5 1<;7 ; 7eut 6<;12, 16 1<;8 ; 7eut 6<;14 1<;11 ; $' 64;22= 9'a 28;16= 49;26= *er 1<;16 1<;15 1<;16 1<;18 1<;19 1<;2< 1<;21 ; ; ; ; ; ; ; *oe- 2;62 9'a 52;7 9'a 56;1 $' 19;4 7eut 62;21 9'a 65;1 9'a 65;2

Romans 11 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Romans 11

9 %4J then; 3a' 0o tota--y re?ecte an i'o1ne 3i' peop-eH ") cour'e notB 2hy, 9 my'e-) am an 9'rae-ite, a e'cen ant o) %braham, a member o) the tribe o) >en?aminB .9 4am8 12;22= *er8 61;67= 66;245 26= $hi-8 6;58/ Eo, 0o ha' not re?ecte an i'o1ne 3i' peop-e .1ho'e e'tiny/ 3e ha marke out an appointe an )orekno1n )rom the beginning8 7o you not kno1 1hat the 4cripture 'ay' o) G-i?ah, ho1 he p-ea ' 1ith 0o again't 9'rae-H+%,

Lor , they ha(e ki--e Iour prophet'= they ha(e emo-i'he Iour a-tar', an 9 a-one am -e)t, an they 'eek my -i)e8 >ut 1hat i' 0o :' rep-y to himH 9 ha(e kept )or #y'e-) 'e(en thou'an men 1ho ha(e not bo1e the knee to >aa-B .9 Jing' 19;188/ 4o too at the pre'ent time there i' a remnant +a 'ma-- be-ie(ing minority,, 'e-ecte +cho'en, by grace +by 0o :' unmerite )a(or an graciou'ne'',8 >ut i) it i' by grace +3i' unmerite )a(or an graciou'ne'',, it i' no -onger con itione on 1ork' or anything men ha(e one8 "ther1i'e, grace 1ou- no -onger be grace .it 1ou- be meaning-e''/8 2hat then .'ha-- 1e conc-u e/H 9'rae- )ai-e to obtain 1hat it 'ought .0o :' )a(or by obe ience to the La1/8 "n-y the e-ect +tho'e cho'en )e1, obtaine it, 1hi-e the re't o) them became ca--ou'-y in i))erent +b-in e , har ene , an ma e in'en'ib-e to it,8 %' it i' 1ritten, 0o ga(e them a 'pirit +an attitu e, o) 'tupor, eye' that 'hou- not 'ee an ear' that 'hou- not hear, .that ha' continue / o1n to thi' (ery ay8+>, %n 7a(i 'ay', Let their tab-e +their )ea'ting, banCueting, become a 'nare an a trap, a pit)a-- an a .a/ ?u't retribution ..b/reboun ing -ike a boomerang upon them/=+C, Let their eye' be arkene + imme , 'o that they cannot 'ee, an make them ben their back .'tooping beneath their bur en/ )ore(er8+7, 4o 9 a'k, 3a(e they 'tumb-e 'o a' to )a-- .to their utter 'piritua- ruin, irretrie(ab-y/H >y no mean'B >ut through their )a-'e 'tep an tran'gre''ion 'a-(ation
11 1< 9 8 7 6 5 4

.ha' come/ to the 0enti-e', 'o a' to arou'e 9'rae- .to 'ee an )ee- 1hat they )or)eite / an 'o to make them ?ea-ou'8 Eo1 i) their 'tumb-ing +their -ap'e, their tran'gre''ion, ha' 'o enriche the 1or- .at -arge/, an i) .9'rae-:'/ )ai-ure mean' 'uch riche' )or the 0enti-e', think 1hat an enrichment an greater a (antage 1i-- )o--o1 their )u-- rein'tatementB >ut no1 9 am 'peaking to you 1ho are 0enti-e'8 9na'much then a' 9 am an apo't-e to the 0enti-e', 9 -ay great 'tre'' on my mini'try an magni)y my o))ice, 9n the hope o) making my )e--o1 *e1' ?ea-ou' .in or er to 'tir them up to imitate, copy, an appropriate/, an thu' managing to 'a(e 'ome o) them8 For i) their re?ection an e@c-u'ion )rom the bene)it' o) 'a-(ation 1ere .o(erru-e / )or the reconci-iation o) a 1or- to 0o , 1hat 1i-- their acceptance an a mi''ion meanH .9t 1i-- be nothing 'hort o)/ -i)e )rom the ea B Eo1 i) the )ir't han )u- o) ough o))ere a' the )ir't)ruit' .%braham an the patriarch'/ i' con'ecrate +ho-y,, 'o i' the 1ho-e ma'' .the nation o) 9'rae-/= an i) the root .%braham/ i' con'ecrate +ho-y,, 'o are the branche'8+G, >ut i) 'ome o) the branche' 1ere broken o)), 1hi-e you, a 1i- o-i(e 'hoot, 1ere gra)te in among them to 'hare the richne'' .o) the root an 'ap/ o) the o-i(e tree, 7o not boa't o(er the branche' an pri e your'e-) at their e@pen'e8 9) you o boa't an )ee- 'uperior, remember it i' not you that 'upport the root, but the
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root .that 'upport'/ you8 Iou 1i-- 'ay then, >ranche' 1ere broken +prune , o)) 'o that 9 might be gra)te inB That i' true8 >ut they 1ere broken +prune , o)) becau'e o) their unbe-ie) +their -ack o) rea- )aith,, an you are e'tab-i'he through )aith .becau'e you o be-ie(e/8 4o o not become prou an conceite , but rather 'tan in a1e an be re(erent-y a)rai 8 For i) 0o i not 'pare the natura- branche' .becau'e o) unbe-ie)/, neither 1i-- 3e 'pare you .i) you are gui-ty o) the 'ame o))en'e/8 Then note an appreciate the graciou' kin ne'' an the 'e(erity o) 0o ; 'e(erity to1ar tho'e 1ho ha(e )a--en, but 0o :' graciou' kin ne'' to you55 pro(i e you continue in 3i' grace an abi e in 3i' kin ne''= other1i'e you too 1i-- be cut o)) +prune a1ay,8 %n e(en tho'e other' .the )a--en branche', *e1'/, i) they o not per'i't in .c-inging to/ their unbe-ie), 1i-be gra)te in, )or 0o ha' the po1er to gra)t them in again8 For i) you ha(e been cut )rom 1hat i' by nature a 1i- o-i(e tree, an again't nature gra)te into a cu-ti(ate o-i(e tree, ho1 much ea'ier 1i-- it be to gra)t the'e natura- .branche'/ back on .the origina- parent 'tock o)/ their o1n o-i(e tree8 Le't you be 'e-)5opinionate +1i'e in your o1n conceit',, 9 o not 1ant you to mi'' thi' hi en truth an my'tery, brethren; a har ening +in'en'ibi-ity, ha' .temporari-y/ be)a--en a part o) 9'rae- .to -a't/ unti- the .c/ )u-- number o) the ingathering o) the 0enti-e' ha' come in,
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%n 'o a-- 9'rae- 1i-- be 'a(e 8 %' it i' 1ritten, The 7e-i(erer 1i-- come )rom Kion, 3e 1i-- bani'h ungo -ine'' )rom *acob8+F, %n thi' 1i-- be #y co(enant +#y agreement, 1ith them 1hen 9 'ha-- take a1ay their 'in'8+0, From the point o) (ie1 o) the 0o'pe- +goo ne1',, they .the *e1', at pre'ent/ are enemie' .o) 0o /, 1hich i' )or your a (antage an bene)it8 >ut )rom the point o) (ie1 o) 0o :' choice +o) e-ection, o) i(ine 'e-ection,, they are 'ti-- the be-o(e + ear to 3im, )or the 'ake o) their )ore)ather'8 For 0o :' gi)t' an 3i' ca-- are irre(ocab-e8 .3e ne(er 1ith ra1' them 1hen once they are gi(en, an 3e oe' not change 3i' min about tho'e to 1hom 3e gi(e' 3i' grace or to 1hom 3e 'en ' 3i' ca--8/ *u't a' you 1ere once i'obe ient an rebe--iou' to1ar 0o but no1 ha(e obtaine .3i'/ mercy, through their i'obe ience, 4o they a-'o no1 are being i'obe ient .1hen you are recei(ing mercy/, that they in turn may one ay, through the mercy you are en?oying, a-'o recei(e mercy .that they may 'hare the mercy 1hich ha' been 'ho1n to you55through you a' me''enger' o) the 0o'pe- to them/8 For 0o ha' con'igne +penne up, a-- men to i'obe ience, on-y that 3e may ha(e mercy on them a-- .a-ike/8 "h, the epth o) the riche' an 1i' om an kno1-e ge o) 0o B 3o1 un)athomab-e +in'crutab-e, un'earchab-e, are 3i' ?u gment' +3i' eci'ion',B %n ho1 untraceab-e +my'teriou', un i'co(erab-e, are 3i' 1ay' +3i' metho ', 3i' path',B
66 62 61 6< 29 28 27


For 1ho ha' kno1n the min o) the Lor an 1ho ha' un er'too 3i' thought', or 1ho ha' .e(er/ been 3i' coun'e-orH+3, "r 1ho ha' )ir't gi(en 0o anything that he might be pai back or that he cou- c-aim a recompen'eH For )rom 3im an through 3im an to 3im are a-thing'8 .For a-- thing' originate 1ith 3im an come )rom 3im= a-- thing' -i(e through 3im, an a-- thing' center in an ten to con'ummate an to en in 3im8/ To 3im be g-ory )ore(erB %men +'o be it,8 Footnotes: a8 !oman' 11;9 #ar(in Dincent, 2or 4tu ie'8 b8 !oman' 11;9 Litera- tran'-ation; Fa return, a recompen'e8F c8 !oman' 11;25 *o'eph Thayer, % 0reek5Gng-i'h Le@icon8 Cross references: %8 !oman' 11;2 ; $' 94;14= 9 Jing' 19 >8 !oman' 11;8 ; 7eut 29;4= 9'a 29;1< C8 !oman' 11;9 ; $' 69;22 78 !oman' 11;1< ; $' 69;26 G8 !oman' 11;16 ; Eum 15;19521 F8 !oman' 11;26 ; 9'a 59;2<, 21 08 !oman' 11;27 ; 9'a 27;9= *er 61;66 38 !oman' 11;64 ; 9'a 4<;16, 14
66 65


Romans 1$ (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Romans 1$

9 %$$G%L to you there)ore, brethren, an beg o) you in (ie1 o) .a--/ the mercie' o) 0o , to make a eci'i(e e ication o) your bo ie' .pre'enting a-- your member' an )acu-tie'/ a' a -i(ing 'acri)ice, ho-y + e(ote , con'ecrate , an 1e-- p-ea'ing to 0o , 1hich i' your rea'onab-e +rationa-, inte--igent, 'er(ice an 'piritua- 1or'hip8 7o not be con)orme to thi' 1or- +thi' age,, .)a'hione a)ter an a apte to it' e@terna-, 'uper)iciacu'tom'/, but be tran')orme +change , by the .entire/ rene1a- o) your min .by it' ne1 i ea-' an it' ne1 attitu e/, 'o that you may pro(e .)or your'e-(e'/ 1hat i' the goo an acceptab-e an per)ect 1i-- o) 0o , e(en the thing 1hich i' goo an acceptab-e an per)ect .in 3i' 'ight )or you/8 For by the grace +unmerite )a(or o) 0o , gi(en to me 9 1arn e(eryone among you not to e'timate an think o) him'e-) more high-y than he ought .not to ha(e an e@aggerate opinion o) hi' o1n importance/, but to rate hi' abi-ity 1ith 'ober ?u gment, each accor ing to the egree o) )aith apportione by 0o to him8 For a' in one phy'ica- bo y 1e ha(e many part' +organ', member', an a-- o) the'e part' o not ha(e the 'ame )unction or u'e, 4o 1e, numerou' a' 1e are, are one bo y in Chri't +the #e''iah, an in i(i ua--y 1e are part' one o) another .mutua--y epen ent on one another/8 3a(ing gi)t' +)acu-tie', ta-ent', Cua-itie', that i))er accor ing to the grace gi(en u', -et u' u'e them; .3e
6 5 4 6 2

1ho'e gi)t i'/ prophecy, .-et him prophe'y/ accor ing to the proportion o) hi' )aith= .3e 1ho'e gi)t i'/ practica- 'er(ice, -et him gi(e him'e-) to 'er(ing= he 1ho teache', to hi' teaching= 3e 1ho e@hort' +encourage',, to hi' e@hortation= he 1ho contribute', -et him o it in 'imp-icity an -ibera-ity= he 1ho gi(e' ai an 'uperinten ', 1ith Aeaan 'ing-ene'' o) min = he 1ho oe' act' o) mercy, 1ith genuine cheer)u-ne'' an ?oy)u- eagerne''8 .Let your/ -o(e be 'incere +a rea- thing,= hate 1hat i' e(i- .-oathe a-- ungo -ine'', turn in horror )rom 1icke ne''/, but ho- )a't to that 1hich i' goo 8 Lo(e one another 1ith brother-y a))ection .a' member' o) one )ami-y/, gi(ing prece ence an 'ho1ing honor to one another8 Ee(er -ag in Aea- an in earne't en ea(or= be ag-o1 an burning 1ith the 4pirit, 'er(ing the Lor 8 !e?oice an e@u-t in hope= be 'tea )a't an patient in 'u))ering an tribu-ation= be con'tant in prayer8 Contribute to the nee ' o) 0o :' peop-e .'haring in the nece''itie' o) the 'aint'/= pur'ue the practice o) ho'pita-ity8 >-e'' tho'e 1ho per'ecute you .1ho are crue- in their attitu e to1ar you/= b-e'' an o not cur'e them8 !e?oice 1ith tho'e 1ho re?oice .'haring other': ?oy/, an 1eep 1ith tho'e 1ho 1eep .'haring other': grie)/8 Li(e in harmony 1ith one another= o not be haughty +'nobbi'h, high5min e , e@c-u'i(e,, but
16 15 14 16 12 11 1< 9 8 7

rea i-y a ?u't your'e-) to .peop-e, thing'/ an gi(e your'e-(e' to humb-e ta'k'8 Ee(er o(ere'timate your'e-) or be 1i'e in your o1n conceit'8+%, !epay no one e(i- )or e(i-, but take thought )or 1hat i' hone't an proper an nob-e .aiming to be abo(e reproach/ in the 'ight o) e(eryone8+>, 9) po''ib-e, a' )ar a' it epen ' on you, -i(e at peace 1ith e(eryone8 >e-o(e , ne(er a(enge your'e-(e', but -ea(e the 1ay open )or .0o :'/ 1rath= )or it i' 1ritten, Dengeance i' #ine, 9 1i-- repay +reCuite,, 'ay' the Lor 8+C, >ut i) your enemy i' hungry, )ee him= i) he i' thir'ty, gi(e him rink= )or by 'o oing you 1i-- heap burning coa-' upon hi' hea 8+7, 7o not -et your'e-) be o(ercome by e(i-, but o(ercome +ma'ter, e(i- 1ith goo 8 Cross references: %8 >8 C8 78 !oman' !oman' !oman' !oman' 12;16 12;17 12;19 12;2< ; ; ; ; $ro( 6;7 $ro( 2<;22 7eut 62;65 $ro( 25;21,22
21 2< 19 18 17

Romans 13 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Romans 13

LGT GDG!I per'on be -oya--y 'ub?ect to the go(erning +ci(i-, authoritie'8 For there i' no authority e@cept )rom 0o .by 3i' permi''ion, 3i' 'anction/, an tho'e that e@i't o 'o by 0o :' appointment8+%, There)ore he 1ho re'i't' an 'et' him'e-) up again't the authoritie' re'i't' 1hat 0o ha' appointe an arrange .in i(ine or er/8 %n tho'e 1ho re'i't 1i-- bring o1n ?u gment upon them'e-(e' .recei(ing the pena-ty ue them/8 For ci(i- authoritie' are not a terror to .peop-e o)/ goo con uct, but to .tho'e o)/ ba beha(ior8 2ouyou ha(e no rea o) him 1ho i' in authorityH Then o 1hat i' right an you 1i-- recei(e hi' appro(a- an commen ation8 For he i' 0o :' 'er(ant )or your goo 8 >ut i) you o 1rong, .you 'hourea him an / be a)rai , )or he oe' not bear an 1ear the '1or )or nothing8 3e i' 0o :' 'er(ant to e@ecute 3i' 1rath +puni'hment, (engeance, on the 1rong oer8 There)ore one mu't be 'ub?ect, not on-y to a(oi 0o :' 1rath an e'cape puni'hment, but a-'o a' a matter o) princip-e an )or the 'ake o) con'cience8 For thi' 'ame rea'on you pay ta@e', )or .the ci(iauthoritie'/ are o))icia- 'er(ant' un er 0o , e(oting them'e-(e' to atten ing to thi' (ery 'er(ice8 !en er to a-- men their ue'8 .$ay/ ta@e' to 1hom ta@e' are ue, re(enue to 1hom re(enue i' ue, re'pect to 1hom re'pect i' ue, an honor to 1hom honor i' ue8 Jeep out o) ebt an o1e no man anything, e@cept to -o(e one another= )or he 1ho -o(e' hi' neighbor
8 7 6 5 4 6 2

.1ho practice' -o(ing other'/ ha' )u-)i--e the La1 .re-ating to one:' )e--o1men, meeting a-- it' reCuirement'/8 The comman ment', Iou 'ha-- not commit a u-tery, Iou 'ha-- not ki--, Iou 'ha-- not 'tea-, Iou 'ha-- not co(et +ha(e an e(i- e'ire,, an any other comman ment, are 'umme up in the 'ing-e comman , Iou 'ha-- -o(e your neighbor a' .you o/ your'e-)8+>, Lo(e oe' no 1rong to one:' neighbor .it ne(er hurt' anybo y/8 There)ore -o(e meet' a-- the reCuirement' an i' the )u-)i--ing o) the La18 >e'i e' thi' you kno1 1hat .a critica-/ hour thi' i', ho1 it i' high time no1 )or you to 1ake up out o) your '-eep +rou'e to rea-ity,8 For 'a-(ation +)inae-i(erance, i' nearer to u' no1 than 1hen 1e )ir't be-ie(e +a here to, tru'te in, an re-ie on Chri't, the #e''iah,8 The night i' )ar gone an the ay i' a-mo't here8 Let u' then rop +)-ing a1ay, the 1ork' an ee ' o) arkne'' an put on the .)u--/ armor o) -ight8 Let u' -i(e an con uct our'e-(e' honorab-y an becoming-y a' in the .open -ight o)/ ay, not in re(e-ing +carou'ing, an runkenne'', not in immora-ity an ebauchery +'en'ua-ity an -icentiou'ne'',, not in Cuarre-ing an ?ea-ou'y8 >ut c-othe your'e-) 1ith the Lor *e'u' Chri't +the #e''iah,, an make no pro(i'ion )or .in u-ging/ the )-e'h .put a 'top to thinking about the e(i- cra(ing' o) your phy'ica- nature/ to .grati)y it'/ e'ire' +-u't',8 Cross references:
14 16 12 11 1< 9

%8 >8

!oman' 16;1 ; $ro( 8;15 !oman' 16;9 ; G@o 2<;16517= Le( 19;18

Romans 14 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Romans 14

%4 F"! the man 1ho i' a 1eak be-ie(er, 1e-come him .into your )e--o1'hip/, but not to criticiAe hi' opinion' or pa'' ?u gment on hi' 'crup-e' or perp-e@ him 1ith i'cu''ion'8 "ne .man:' )aith permit' him to/ be-ie(e he may eat anything, 1hi-e a 1eaker one .-imit' hi'/ eating to (egetab-e'8 Let not him 1ho eat' -ook o1n on or e'pi'e him 1ho ab'tain', an -et not him 1ho ab'tain' criticiAe an pa'' ?u gment on him 1ho eat'= )or 0o ha' accepte an 1e-come him8 2ho are you to pa'' ?u gment on an cen'ure another:' hou'eho- 'er(antH 9t i' be)ore hi' o1n ma'ter that he 'tan ' or )a--'8 %n he 'ha-- 'tan an be uphe- , )or the #a'ter +the Lor , i' mighty to 'upport him an make him 'tan 8 "ne man e'teem' one ay a' better than another, 1hi-e another man e'teem' a-- ay' a-ike .'acre /8 Let e(eryone be )u--y con(ince +'ati')ie , in hi' o1n min 8
6 5 4 6 2

3e 1ho ob'er(e' the ay, ob'er(e' it in honor o)

the Lor 8 3e a-'o 1ho eat', eat' in honor o) the Lor , 'ince he gi(e' thank' to 0o = 1hi-e he 1ho ab'tain', ab'tain' in honor o) the Lor an gi(e' thank' to 0o 8 Eone o) u' -i(e' to him'e-) .but to the Lor /, an none o) u' ie' to him'e-) .but to the Lor , )or/ 9) 1e -i(e, 1e -i(e to the Lor , an i) 1e ie, 1e ie to the Lor 8 4o then, 1hether 1e -i(e or 1e ie, 1e be-ong to the Lor 8 For Chri't ie an -i(e again )or thi' (ery purpo'e, that 3e might be Lor both o) the ea an o) the -i(ing8 2hy o you criticiAe an pa'' ?u gment on your brotherH "r you, 1hy o you -ook o1n upon or e'pi'e your brotherH For 1e 'ha-- a-- 'tan be)ore the ?u gment 'eat o) 0o 8 For it i' 1ritten, %' 9 -i(e, 'ay' the Lor , e(ery knee 'ha-- bo1 to #e, an e(ery tongue 'ha-- con)e'' to 0o .ackno1-e ge 3im to 3i' honor an to 3i' prai'e/8+%, %n 'o each o) u' 'ha-- gi(e an account o) him'e-) .gi(e an an'1er in re)erence to ?u gment/ to 0o 8 Then -et u' no more criticiAe an b-ame an pa'' ?u gment on one another, but rather eci e an en ea(or ne(er to put a 'tumb-ing b-ock or an ob'tac-e or a hin rance in the 1ay o) a brother8 9 kno1 an am con(ince +per'ua e , a' one in the Lor *e'u', that nothing i' .)orbi en a'/ e''entia--y unc-ean + e)i-e an unho-y in it'e-),8 >ut .none the -e''/ it i' unc-ean + e)i-e an unho-y, to anyone 1ho think' it i' unc-ean8
15 14 16 12 11 1< 9 8 7

>ut i) your brother i' being paine or hi' )ee-ing'

hurt or i) he i' being in?ure by 1hat you eat, .then/ you are no -onger 1a-king in -o(e8 .Iou ha(e cea'e to be -i(ing an con ucting your'e-) by the 'tan ar o) -o(e to1ar him8/ 7o not -et 1hat you eat hurt or cau'e the ruin o) one )or 1hom Chri't ie B 7o not there)ore -et 1hat 'eem' goo to you be con'i ere an e(i- thing .by 'omeone e-'e/8 .9n other 1or ', o not gi(e occa'ion )or other' to criticiAe that 1hich i' ?u'ti)iab-e )or you8/ .%)ter a--/ the king om o) 0o i' not a matter o) .getting the/ )oo an rink .one -ike'/, but in'tea it i' righteou'ne'' +that 'tate 1hich make' a per'on acceptab-e to 0o , an .heart/ peace an ?oy in the 3o-y 4pirit8 3e 1ho 'er(e' Chri't in thi' 1ay i' acceptab-e an p-ea'ing to 0o an i' appro(e by men8 4o -et u' then e)inite-y aim )or an eager-y pur'ue 1hat make' )or harmony an )or mutuaupbui- ing +e i)ication an e(e-opment, o) one another8 Iou mu't not, )or the 'ake o) )oo , un o an break o1n an e'troy the 1ork o) 0o B G(erything i' in ee .ceremonia--y/ c-ean an pure, but it i' 1rong )or anyone to hurt the con'cience o) other' or to make them )a-- by 1hat he eat'8 The right thing i' to eat no meat or rink no 1ine .at a--/, or . o anything e-'e/ i) it make' your brother 'tumb-e or hurt' hi' con'cience or o))en ' or 1eaken' him8 Iour per'ona- con(iction' .on 'uch matter'/55 e@erci'e .them/ a' in 0o :' pre'ence, keeping them to your'e-) .'tri(ing on-y to kno1 the truth an obey 3i'
22 21 2< 19 18 17 16

1i--/8 >-e''e +happy, .a/to be en(ie , i' he 1ho ha' no rea'on to ?u ge him'e-) )or 1hat he appro(e' .1ho oe' not con(ict him'e-) by 1hat he choo'e' to o/8 >ut the man 1ho ha' oubt' +mi'gi(ing', an unea'y con'cience, about eating, an then eat' .perhap' becau'e o) you/, 'tan ' con emne .be)ore 0o /, becau'e he i' not true to hi' con(iction' an he oe' not act )rom )aith8 For 1hate(er oe' not originate an procee )rom )aith i' 'in .1hate(er i' one 1ithout a con(iction o) it' appro(a- by 0o i' 'in)u-/8 Footnotes: a8 !oman' 14;22 %-e@an er 4outer, $ocket Le@icon8 Cross references: %8 !oman' 14;11 ; 9'a 45;26

Romans 15 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Romans 15

2G 23" are 'trong .in our con(iction' an o) robu't )aith/ ought to bear 1ith the )ai-ing' an the )rai-tie' an the ten er 'crup-e' o) the 1eak= .1e ought to he-p carry the oubt' an Cua-m' o) other'/ an not to p-ea'e our'e-(e'8 Let each one o) u' make it a practice to p-ea'e +make happy, hi' neighbor )or hi' goo an )or hi'

true 1e-)are, to e i)y him .to 'trengthen him an buihim up 'piritua--y/8 For Chri't i not p-ea'e 3im'e-) .ga(e no thought to 3i' o1n intere't'/= but, a' it i' 1ritten, The reproache' an abu'e' o) tho'e 1ho reproache an abu'e you )e-- on #e8+%, For 1hate(er 1a' thu' 1ritten in )ormer ay' 1a' 1ritten )or our in'truction, that by .our 'tea )a't an patient/ en urance an the encouragement . ra1n/ )rom the 4cripture' 1e might ho- )a't to an cheri'h hope8 Eo1 may the 0o 2ho gi(e' the po1er o) patient en urance +'tea )a'tne'', an 2ho 'upp-ie' encouragement, grant you to -i(e in 'uch mutuaharmony an 'uch )u-- 'ympathy 1ith one another, in accor 1ith Chri't *e'u', That together you may .unanimou'-y/ 1ith unite heart' an one (oice, prai'e an g-ori)y the 0o an Father o) our Lor *e'u' Chri't +the #e''iah,8 2e-come an recei(e .to your heart'/ one another, then, e(en a' Chri't ha' 1e-come an recei(e you, )or the g-ory o) 0o 8 For 9 te-- you that Chri't +the #e''iah, became a 'er(ant an a mini'ter to the circumci'e +the *e1', in or er to 'ho1 0o :' truth)u-ne'' an hone'ty by con)irming +(eri)ying, the promi'e' .gi(en/ to our )ather', %n .a-'o in or er/ that the 0enti-e' +nation', might g-ori)y 0o )or 3i' mercy .not co(enante / to them8 %' it i' 1ritten, There)ore 9 1i-- prai'e Iou among the 0enti-e' an 'ing prai'e' to Iour name8+>,
1< 9 8 7 6 5 4 6

%gain it i' 'ai , !e?oice +e@u-t,, " 0enti-e', a-ong

1ith 3i' .o1n/ peop-e=+C, %n again, $rai'e the Lor , a-- you 0enti-e', an -et a-- the peop-e' prai'e 3imB+7, %n )urther 9'aiah 'ay', There 'ha-- be a .a/4prout )rom the !oot o) *e''e, 3e 2ho ri'e' to ru-e o(er the 0enti-e'= in 3im 'ha-- the 0enti-e' hope8+G, #ay the 0o o) your hope 'o )i-- you 1ith a-- ?oy an peace in be-ie(ing .through the e@perience o) your )aith/ that by the po1er o) the 3o-y 4pirit you may aboun an be o(er)-o1ing +bubb-ing o(er, 1ith hope8 $er'ona--y 9 am 'ati')ie about you, my brethren, that you your'e-(e' are rich in goo ne'', amp-y )i--e 1ith a-- .'piritua-/ kno1-e ge an competent to a moni'h an coun'e- an in'truct one another a-'o8 4ti-- on 'ome point' 9 ha(e 1ritten to you the more bo- -y an unre'er(e -y by 1ay o) remin er8 .9 ha(e one 'o/ becau'e o) the grace +the unmerite )a(or, be'to1e on me by 0o 9n making me a mini'ter o) Chri't *e'u' to the 0enti-e'8 9 act in the prie't-y 'er(ice o) the 0o'pe- +the goo ne1', o) 0o , in or er that the 'acri)icia- o))ering o) the 0enti-e' may be acceptab-e .to 0o /, con'ecrate an ma e ho-y by the 3o-y 4pirit8 9n Chri't *e'u', then, 9 ha(e -egitimate rea'on to g-ory +e@u-t, in my 1ork )or 0o .in 1hat through Chri't *e'u' 9 ha(e accomp-i'he concerning the thing' o) 0o /8 For .o) cour'e/ 9 1i-- not (enture +pre'ume, to 'peak thu' o) any 1ork e@cept 1hat Chri't ha' actua--y one through me .a' an in'trument in 3i' han '/ to 1in obe ience )rom the 0enti-e', by 1or an ee ,
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.G(en a' my preaching ha' been accompanie / 1ith the po1er o) 'ign' an 1on er', .an a-- o) it/ by the po1er o) the 3o-y 4pirit8 .The re'u-t i'/ that 'tarting )rom *eru'a-em an a' )ar roun a' 9--yricum, 9 ha(e )u--y preache the 0o'pe- .)aith)u--y e@ecuting, accomp-i'hing, carrying out to the )u-- the goo ne1'/ o) Chri't +the #e''iah, in it' entirety8 Thu' my ambition ha' been to preach the 0o'pe-, not 1here Chri't:' name ha' a-rea y been kno1n, -e't 9 bui- on another man:' )oun ation= >ut .in'tea 9 1ou- act on the princip-e/ a' it i' 1ritten, They 'ha-- 'ee 1ho ha(e ne(er been to- o) 3im, an they 'ha-- un er'tan 1ho ha(e ne(er hear .o) 3im/8+F, Thi' .ambition/ i' the rea'on 1hy 9 ha(e 'o )reCuent-y been hin ere )rom coming to (i'it you8 >ut no1 'ince 9 ha(e no )urther opportunity )or 1ork in the'e region', an 'ince 9 ha(e -onge )or .b/ enough year' to come to you, 9 hope to 'ee you in pa''ing .through !ome/ a' 9 go .on my inten e trip/ to 4pain, an to be ai e on my ?ourney there by you, a)ter 9 ha(e en?oye your company )or a -itt-e 1hi-e8 For the pre'ent, ho1e(er, 9 am going to *eru'a-em to bring ai +re-ie), )or the 'aint' +0o :' peop-e there,8 For it ha' been the goo p-ea'ure o) #ace onia an %chaia to make 'ome contribution )or the poor among the 'aint' o) *eru'a-em8 They 1ere p-ea'e to o it= an 'ure-y they are in ebt to them, )or i) the'e 0enti-e' ha(e come to 'hare in their .the *eru'a-em *e1':/ 'piritua- b-e''ing', then they ought a-'o to be o) 'er(ice to them in materia27 26 25 24 26 22 21 2<


b-e''ing'8 2hen there)ore 9 ha(e comp-ete thi' mi''ion an ha(e e-i(ere to them .at *eru'a-em/ 1hat ha' been rai'e , 9 'ha-- go on by 1ay o) you to 4pain8 %n 9 kno1 that 1hen 9 o come to you, 9 'ha-come in the abun ant b-e''ing o) the 0o'pe- o) Chri't8 9 appea- to you .9 entreat you/, brethren, )or the 'ake o) our Lor *e'u' Chri't an by the -o(e .gi(en by/ the 4pirit, to unite 1ith me in earne't 1re't-ing in prayer to 0o in my beha-)8 .$ray/ that 9 may be e-i(ere +re'cue , )rom the unbe-ie(er' in *u ea an that my mi''ion o) re-ie) to *eru'a-em may be acceptab-e an graciou'-y recei(e by the 'aint' +0o :' peop-e there,, 4o that by 0o :' 1i-- 9 may 'ub'eCuent-y come to you 1ith ?oy +1ith a happy heart, an be re)re'he .by the inter(a- o) re't/ in your company8 #ay .our/ peace5gi(ing 0o be 1ith you a--B %men +'o be it,8 Footnotes: a8 !oman' 15;12 08 %bbott54mith, #anua- 0reek Le@icon8 b8 !oman' 15;26 #ar(in Dincent, 2or 4tu ie'8 Cross references: %8 !oman' 15;6 ; $' 69;9 >8 !oman' 15;9 ; $' 18;49 C8 !oman' 15;1< ; 7eut 62;46 78 !oman' 15;11 ; $' 117;1 G8 !oman' 15;12 ; 9'a 11;1, 1<= !e( 5;5= 22;16 F8 !oman' 15;21 ; 9'a 52;15
66 62 61 6< 29 28

Romans 16 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Romans 16

E"2 9 intro uce an commen to you our 'i'ter $hoebe, a eacone'' o) the church at Cenchreae, That you may recei(e her in the Lor .1ith a Chri'tian 1e-come/, a' 'aint' +0o :' peop-e, ought to recei(e one another8 %n he-p her in 1hate(er matter 'he may reCuire a''i'tance )rom you, )or 'he ha' been a he-per o) many inc-u ing my'e-) .'hie- ing u' )rom 'u))ering/8 0i(e my greeting' to $ri'ca an %Cui-a, my )e--o1 1orker' in Chri't *e'u', 2ho ri'ke their -i(e' .en angering their (ery neck'/ )or my -i)e8 To them not on-y 9 but a-'o a-- the churche' among the 0enti-e' gi(e thank'8 .!emember me/ a-'o to the church .that meet'/ in their hou'e8 0reet my be-o(e Gpaenetu', 1ho 1a' a )ir't)ruit +)ir't con(ert, to Chri't in %'ia8
6 7 5 4 6 2

0reet #ary, 1ho ha' 1orke 'o har among you8

!emember me to %n ronicu' an *unia', my tribakin'men an once my )e--o1 pri'oner'8 They are men he- in high e'teem among the apo't-e', 1ho a-'o 1ere in Chri't be)ore 9 1a'8 !emember me to %mp-iatu', my be-o(e in the Lor 8
9 8

4a-ute &rbanu', our )e--o1 1orker in Chri't, an

my ear 4tachy'8 0reet %pe--e', that one trie an appro(e in Chri't +the #e''iah,8 !emember me to tho'e 1ho be-ong to the hou'eho- o) %ri'tobu-u'8 0reet my triba- kin'man 3ero ion, an tho'e in the Lor 1ho be-ong to the hou'eho- o) Earci''u'8 4a-ute tho'e 1orker' in the Lor , Tryphaena an Trypho'a8 0reet my ear $er'i', 1ho ha' 1orke 'o har in the Lor 8 !emember me to !u)u', eminent in the Lor , a-'o to hi' mother .1ho ha' been/ a mother to me a' 1e--8 0reet %'yncritu', $h-egon, 3erme', $atroba', 3erma', an the brethren 1ho are 1ith them8 0reet $hi-o-ogu', *u-ia, Eereu' an hi' 'i'ter, an "-ympa', an a-- the 'aint' 1ho are 1ith them8 0reet one another 1ith a ho-y +con'ecrate , ki''8 %-- the churche' o) Chri't +the #e''iah, 1i'h to be remembere to you8 9 appea- to you, brethren, to be on your guar concerning tho'e 1ho create i''en'ion' an i))icu-tie' an cau'e i(i'ion', in oppo'ition to the octrine +the teaching, 1hich you ha(e been taught8 .9 1arn you to turn a'i e )rom them, to/ a(oi them8 For 'uch per'on' o not 'er(e our Lor Chri't but their o1n appetite' an ba'e e'ire', an by ingratiating an )-attering 'peech, they begui-e the heart' o) the un'u'pecting an 'imp-emin e .peop-e/8 For 1hi-e your -oya-ty an obe ience i' kno1n to a--, 'o that 9 re?oice o(er you, 9 1ou- ha(e you 1e-(er'e an 1i'e a' to 1hat i' goo an innocent an
19 18 17 16 15 14 16 12 11 1<

gui-e-e'' a' to 1hat i' e(i-8 %n the 0o o) peace 1i-- 'oon cru'h 4atan un er your )eet8 The grace o) our Lor *e'u' Chri't +the #e''iah, be 1ith you8 Timothy, my )e--o1 1orker, 1i'he' to be remembere to you, a' o Luciu' an *a'on an 4o'ipater, my triba- kin'men8 9, Tertiu', the 1riter o) thi' -etter, greet you in the Lor 8 0aiu', 1ho i' ho't to me an to the 1ho-e church here, greet' you8 4o o Gra'tu', the city trea'urer, an our brother Luartu'8 The grace o) our Lor *e'u' Chri't +the #e''iah, be 1ith you a--8 %men +'o be it,8 Eo1 to 3im 2ho i' ab-e to 'trengthen you in the )aith 1hich i' in accor ance 1ith my 0o'pe- an the preaching o) +concerning, *e'u' Chri't +the #e''iah,, accor ing to the re(e-ation +the un(ei-ing, o) the my'tery o) the p-an o) re emption 1hich 1a' kept in 'i-ence an 'ecret )or -ong age', >ut i' no1 i'c-o'e an through the prophetic 4cripture' i' ma e kno1n to a-- nation', accor ing to the comman o) the eterna- 0o , .to 1in them/ to obe ience to the )aith, To .the/ on-y 1i'e 0o be g-ory )ore(ermore through *e'u' Chri't +the %nointe "ne,B %men +'o be it,8
27 26 25 24 26 22 21 2<

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