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1 Corinthians 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

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1 Corinthians 1
!"#L, $#%%&'() by the *i++ an purpo,e o- .o to be an apo,t+e /,pecia+ me,,enger0 o- Chri,t 1e,u,, an our brother $o,thene,,
1 2 To the church /a,,emb+y0 o- .o *hich i, in Corinth, to tho,e con,ecrate an puri-ie an ma e ho+y in Chri,t 1e,u,, 2*ho are3 ,e+ecte an ca++e to be ,aint, /.o 4, peop+e0, together *ith a++ tho,e *ho in any p+ace ca++ upon an gi5e honor to the name o- our Lor 1e,u, Chri,t, both their Lor an our,6 7 .race /-a5or an ,piritua+ b+e,,ing0 be to you an 2heart3 peace -rom .o our Father an the Lor 1e,u, Chri,t8 4 9 thank my .o at a++ time, -or you becau,e o- the grace /the -a5or an ,piritua+ b+e,,ing0 o- .o *hich *a, be,to*e on you in Chri,t 1e,u,, 5 2$o3 that in :im in e5ery re,pect you *ere enriche , in -u++ po*er an rea ine,, o- ,peech 2to ,peak o- your -aith3 an comp+ete kno*+e ge an i++umination 2to gi5e you -u++ in,ight into it, meaning38 6 9n thi, *ay 2our3 *itne,,ing concerning Chri,t /the %e,,iah0 *a, ,o con-irme an e,tab+i,he an ma e ,ure in you 7 That you are not 2con,ciou,+y3 -a++ing behin or +acking in any ,pecia+ ,piritua+ en o*ment or Chri,tian grace 22a3the reception o- *hich i, ue to the po*er o- i5ine grace operating in your ,ou+, by the :o+y $pirit3, *hi+e you *ait an *atch 2con,tant+y +i5ing in hope3 -or the coming o- our Lor 1e,u, Chri,t an 2:i,3 being ma e 5i,ib+e to a++8 8 "n :e *i++ e,tab+i,h you to the en 2keep you ,tea -a,t, gi5e you ,trength, an guarantee your 5in ication; :e *i++ be your *arrant again,t a++ accu,ation or in ictment ,o that you *i++ be3 gui+t+e,, an irreproachab+e in the ay o- our Lor 1e,u, Chri,t /the %e,,iah08 9 .o i, -aith-u+ /re+iab+e, tru,t*orthy, an there-ore e5er true to :i, promi,e, an :e can be epen e on0; by :im you *ere ca++e into companion,hip an participation *ith :i, $on, 1e,u, Chri,t our Lor 8

=ut 9 urge an entreat you, brethren, by the name o- our Lor 1e,u, Chri,t, that a++ o- you be in per-ect harmony an -u++ agreement in *hat you ,ay, an that there be no i,,en,ion, or -action, or i5i,ion, among you, but that you be per-ect+y unite in your common un er,tan ing an in your opinion, an >u gment,8
1< 11 For it ha, been ma e c+ear to me, my brethren, by tho,e o- Ch+oe4, hou,eho+ , that there are contention, an *rang+ing an -action, among you8 12 ?hat 9 mean i, thi,, that each one o- you 2either3 ,ay,, 9 be+ong to !au+, or 9 be+ong to "po++o,, or 9 be+ong to Cepha, /!eter0, or 9 be+ong to Chri,t8 17 9, Chri,t /the %e,,iah0 i5i e into part,@ ?a, !au+ cruci-ie on beha+- o- you@ &r *ere you baptiAe into the name o- !au+@ 14 15 16

9 thank .o that 9 i not baptiAe any o- you eBcept Cri,pu, an .aiu,, Le,t anyone ,hou+ ,ay that 9 baptiAe in my o*n name8

2Ce,3 9 i baptiAe the hou,eho+ o- $tephana, a+,o8 %ore than the,e, 9 o not remember that 9 baptiAe anyone8
17 For Chri,t /the %e,,iah0 ,ent me out not to baptiAe but 2to e5ange+iAe by3 preaching the g+a ti ing, /the .o,pe+0, an that not *ith 5erba+ e+oDuence, +e,t the cro,, o- Chri,t ,hou+ be epri5e o- -orce an emptie oit, po*er an ren ere 5ain /-ruit+e,,, 5oi o- 5a+ue, an o- no e--ect08 18 For the ,tory an me,,age o- the cro,, i, ,heer ab,ur ity an -o++y to tho,e *ho are peri,hing an on their *ay to per ition, but to u, *ho are being ,a5e it i, the 2mani-e,tation o-3 the po*er o- .o 8 19 For it i, *ritten, 9 *i++ ba--+e an ren er u,e+e,, an e,troy the +earning o- the +earne an the phi+o,ophy othe phi+o,opher, an the c+e5erne,, o- the c+e5er an the i,cernment o- the i,cerning; 9 *i++ -ru,trate an nu++i-y 2them3 an bring 2them3 to nothing8/"0 2< ?here i, the *i,e man /the phi+o,opher0@ ?here i, the ,cribe /the ,cho+ar0@ ?here i, the in5e,tigator /the +ogician, the ebater0 o- thi, pre,ent time an age@ :a, not .o ,ho*n up the non,en,e an the -o++y o- thi, *or+ 4, *i, om@ 21 For *hen the *or+ *ith a++ it, earth+y *i, om -ai+e to percei5e an recogniAe an kno* .o by mean, o- it, o*n phi+o,ophy, .o in :i, *i, om *a, p+ea,e through the -oo+i,hne,, o- preaching 2,a+5ation, procure by Chri,t an to be ha through :im3, to ,a5e tho,e *ho be+ie5e /*ho c+ung to an tru,te in an re+ie on :im08

22 27

For *hi+e 1e*, 2 eman ing+y3 a,k -or ,ign, an mirac+e, an .reek, pur,ue phi+o,ophy an *i, om,

?e preach Chri,t /the %e,,iah0 cruci-ie , 2preaching *hich3 to the 1e*, i, a ,can a+ an an o--en,i5e ,tumb+ing b+ock 2that ,pring, a ,nare or trap3, an to the .enti+e, it i, ab,ur an utter+y unphi+o,ophica+ non,en,e8
24 =ut to tho,e *ho are ca++e , *hether 1e* or .reek /.enti+e0, Chri,t 2i,3 the !o*er o- .o an the ?i, om o.o 8 25 2Thi, i,3 becau,e the -oo+i,h thing 2that ha, it, ,ource in3 .o i, *i,er than men, an the *eak thing 2that ,pring,3 -rom .o i, ,tronger than men8 26 For 2,imp+y3 con,i er your o*n ca++, brethren; not many 2o- you *ere con,i ere to be3 *i,e accor ing to human e,timate, an ,tan ar ,, not many in-+uentia+ an po*er-u+, not many o- high an nob+e birth8 27 2'o3 -or .o ,e+ecte / e+iberate+y cho,e0 *hat in the *or+ i, -oo+i,h to put the *i,e to ,hame, an *hat the *or+ ca++, *eak to put the ,trong to ,hame8 28 "n .o a+,o ,e+ecte / e+iberate+y cho,e0 *hat in the *or+ i, +o*born an in,igni-icant an bran e an treate *ith contempt, e5en the thing, that are nothing, that :e might epo,e an bring to nothing the thing, that are, 29 7<

$o that no morta+ man ,hou+ 2ha5e preten,e -or g+orying an 3 boa,t in the pre,ence o- .o 8

=ut it i, -rom :im that you ha5e your +i-e in Chri,t 1e,u,, ?hom .o ma e our ?i, om -rom .o , 2re5ea+e to u, a kno*+e ge o- the i5ine p+an o- ,a+5ation pre5iou,+y hi en, mani-e,ting it,e+- a,3 our Eighteou,ne,, 2thu, making u, upright an putting u, in right ,tan ing *ith .o 3, an our Con,ecration 2making u, pure an ho+y3, an our Ee emption 2pro5i ing our ran,om -rom eterna+ pena+ty -or ,in38
71 $o then, a, it i, *ritten, Let him *ho boa,t, an prou +y re>oice, an g+orie,, boa,t an prou +y re>oice an g+ory in the Lor 8/=0


a. A. B.

1 Corinthian, 167 1o,eph Thayer, " .reekF(ng+i,h LeBicon o- the 'e* Te,tament8

Cross references: 1 Corinthian, 1619 6 9,a 29614 1 Corinthian, 1671 6 1er 9624

1 Corinthians 2 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Corinthians 2
"$ F&E my,e+-, brethren, *hen 9 came to you, 9 i not come proc+aiming to you the te,timony an e5i ence or my,tery an ,ecret o- .o 2concerning *hat :e ha, one through Chri,t -or the ,a+5ation o- men3 in +o-ty *or , o- e+oDuence or human phi+o,ophy an *i, om;
1 2a3 2 For 9 re,o+5e to kno* nothing /to be acDuainte *ith nothing, to make a i,p+ay o- the kno*+e ge o- nothing, an to be con,ciou, o- nothing0 among you eBcept 1e,u, Chri,t /the %e,,iah0 an :im cruci-ie 8 7 "n 9 *a, in /2b3pa,,e into a ,tate o-0 *eakne,, an -ear / rea 0 an great tremb+ing 22c3a-ter 9 ha come3 among you8 4 "n my +anguage an my me,,age *ere not ,et -orth in per,ua,i5e /enticing an p+au,ib+e0 *or , o- *i, om, but they *ere in emon,tration o- the 2:o+y3 $pirit an po*er 22 3a proo- by the $pirit an po*er o- .o , operating on me an ,tirring in the min , o- my hearer, the mo,t ho+y emotion, an thu, per,ua ing them3, 5 6

$o that your -aith might not re,t in the *i, om o- men /human phi+o,ophy0, but in the po*er o- .o 8

Cet *hen *e are among the -u++Fgro*n /,piritua++y mature Chri,tian, *ho are ripe in un er,tan ing0, *e o impart a 2higher3 *i, om /the kno*+e ge o- the i5ine p+an pre5iou,+y hi en0; but it i, in ee not a *i, om othi, pre,ent age or o- thi, *or+ nor o- the +ea er, an ru+er, o- thi, age, *ho are being brought to nothing an are oome to pa,, a*ay8

7 =ut rather *hat *e are ,etting -orth i, a *i, om o- .o once hi en 2-rom the human un er,tan ing3 an no* re5ea+e to u, by .o FF2that *i, om3 *hich .o e5i,e an ecree be-ore the age, -or our g+ori-ication 2to +i-t u, into the g+ory o- :i, pre,ence38 8 'one o- the ru+er, o- thi, age or *or+ percei5e an recogniAe an un er,too thi,, -or i- they ha , they *ou+ ne5er ha5e cruci-ie the Lor o- g+ory8 9 =ut, on the contrary, a, the $cripture ,ay,, ?hat eye ha, not ,een an ear ha, not hear an ha, not entere into the heart o- man, 2a++ that3 .o ha, prepare /ma e an keep, rea y0 -or tho,e *ho +o5e :im 2 2e3*ho ho+ :im in a--ectionate re5erence, prompt+y obeying :im an grate-u++y recogniAing the bene-it, :e ha, be,to*e 38 /"0 1< Cet to u, .o ha, un5ei+e an re5ea+e them by an through :i, $pirit, -or the 2:o+y3 $pirit ,earche, i+igent+y, eBp+oring an eBamining e5erything, e5en ,oun ing the pro-oun an bottom+e,, thing, o- .o 2the 2-3 i5ine coun,e+, an thing, hi en an beyon man4, ,crutiny38 11 For *hat per,on percei5e, /kno*, an un er,tan ,0 *hat pa,,e, through a man4, thought, eBcept the man4, o*n ,pirit *ithin him@ 1u,t ,o no one i,cern, /come, to kno* an comprehen 0 the thought, o- .o eBcept the $pirit o- .o 8 12 'o* *e ha5e not recei5e the ,pirit 2that be+ong, to3 the *or+ , but the 2:o+y3 $pirit ?ho i, -rom .o , 2gi5en to u,3 that *e might rea+iAe an comprehen an appreciate the gi-t, 2o- i5ine -a5or an b+e,,ing ,o -ree+y an +a5i,h+y3 be,to*e on u, by .o 8 17 "n *e are ,etting the,e truth, -orth in *or , not taught by human *i, om but taught by the 2:o+y3 $pirit, combining an interpreting ,piritua+ truth, *ith ,piritua+ +anguage 2to tho,e *ho po,,e,, the :o+y $pirit38 14 =ut the natura+, non,piritua+ man oe, not accept or *e+come or a mit into hi, heart the gi-t, an teaching, an re5e+ation, o- the $pirit o- .o , -or they are -o++y /meaning+e,, non,en,e0 to him; an he i, incapab+e okno*ing them 2o- progre,,i5e+y recogniAing, un er,tan ing, an becoming better acDuainte *ith them3 becau,e they are ,piritua++y i,cerne an e,timate an appreciate 8 15 =ut the ,piritua+ man trie, a++ thing, 2he 2g3eBamine,, in5e,tigate,, inDuire, into, Due,tion,, an i,cern, a++ thing,3, yet i, him,e+- to be put on tria+ an >u ge by no one 2he can rea the meaning o- e5erything, but no one can proper+y i,cern or apprai,e or get an in,ight into him38 16 For *ho ha, kno*n or un er,too the min /the coun,e+, an purpo,e,0 o- the Lor ,o a, to gui e an in,truct :im an gi5e :im kno*+e ge@ =ut *e ha5e the min o- Chri,t /the %e,,iah0 an o ho+ the thought, /-ee+ing, an purpo,e,0 o- :i, heart8/=0


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1 Corinthian, 261 %any ancient manu,cript, ,o rea 8 1 Corinthian, 267 %ar5in Gincent, ?or $tu ie, in the 'e* Te,tament8 1 Corinthian, 267 %ar5in Gincent, ?or $tu ie, in the 'e* Te,tament8 1 Corinthian, 264 1o,eph Thayer, " .reekF(ng+i,h LeBicon8 1 Corinthian, 269 1o,eph Thayer, " .reekF(ng+i,h LeBicon8 1 Corinthian, 261< 1o,eph Thayer, " .reekF(ng+i,h LeBicon8 1 Corinthian, 2615 1o,eph !8 Light-oot, 'ote, on the (pi,t+e, o- $aint !au+8

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1 Corinthians 3 (Amplified Bible)

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Loc !a" #o$"datio"

1 Corinthians 3

%&'()(*, B*(T%*(+, , co$-d "ot ta- to yo$ a. to .pirit$a- /!e"0, b$t a. to "o".pirit$a- /!e" of the f-e.h, i" 1ho! the car"a- "at$re predo!i"ate.0, a. to !ere i"fa"t. /i" the "e1 -ife0 i" Chri.t //a0$"ab-e to ta- yet20 , fed yo$ 1ith !i- , "ot .o-id food, for yo$ 1ere "ot yet .tro"g e"o$gh /to be ready for it03 b$t e4e" yet yo$ are "ot .tro"g e"o$gh /to be ready for it0, #or yo$ are .ti-- /$".pirit$a-, ha4i"g the "at$re0 of the f-e.h /$"der the co"tro- of ordi"ary i!p$-.e.0. #or a. -o"g a. /there are0 e"4yi"g a"d 6ea-o$.y a"d 1ra"g-i"g a"d factio". a!o"g yo$, are yo$ "ot $".pirit$a- a"d of the f-e.h, beha4i"g yo$r.e-4e. after a h$!a" .ta"dard a"d -i e !ere 7$"cha"ged8 !e"9 #or 1he" o"e .ay., , be-o"g to :a$-, a"d a"other, , be-o"g to Apo--o., are yo$ "ot /pro4i"g yo$r.e-4e.0 ordi"ary 7$"cha"ged8 !e"9 'hat the" i. Apo--o.9 'hat i. :a$-9 ;i"i.teri"g .er4a"t. /"ot head. of partie.0 thro$gh 1ho! yo$ be-ie4ed, e4e" a. the Lord appoi"ted to each hi. ta. < , p-a"ted, Apo--o. 1atered, b$t =od /a-- the 1hi-e0 1a. !a i"g it gro1 a"d /%e0 ga4e the i"crea.e. >o "either he 1ho p-a"t. i. a"ythi"g "or he 1ho 1ater., b$t /o"-y0 =od 'ho !a e. it gro1 a"d beco!e greater. %e 1ho p-a"t. a"d he 1ho 1ater. are e?$a- 7o"e i" ai!, of the .a!e i!porta"ce a"d e.tee!8, yet each .ha-- recei4e hi. o1" re1ard 71age.8, accordi"g to hi. o1" -abor. #or 1e are fe--o1 1or !e" 76oi"t pro!oter., -aborer. together8 1ith a"d for =od3 yo$ are =od@. /b0garde" a"d 4i"eyard a"d fie-d $"der c$-ti4atio", /yo$ are0 =od@. b$i-di"g.7A8 Accordi"g to the grace 7the .pecia- e"do1!e"t for !y ta. 8 of =od be.to1ed o" !e, -i e a . i--f$- architect a"d !a.ter b$i-der , -aid /the0 fo$"datio", a"d "o1 a"other /!a"0 i. b$i-di"g $po" it. B$t -et each /!a"0 be caref$- ho1 he b$i-d. $po" it, #or "o other fo$"datio" ca" a"yo"e -ay tha" that 1hich i. /a-ready0 -aid, 1hich i. Be.$. Chri.t 7the ;e..iah, the A"oi"ted &"e8. B$t if a"yo"e b$i-d. $po" the #o$"datio", 1hether it be 1ith go-d, .i-4er, precio$. .to"e., 1ood, hay, .tra1, The 1or of each /o"e0 1i-- beco!e /p-ai"-y, ope"-y0 "o1" 7.ho1" for 1hat it i.83 for the day /of Chri.t0 1i-- di.c-o.e a"d dec-are it, beca$.e it 1i-- be re4ea-ed 1ith fire, a"d the fire 1i-- te.t a"d critica--y apprai.e the character a"d 1orth of the 1or each per.o" ha. do"e. ,f the 1or 1hich a"y per.o" ha. b$i-t o" thi. #o$"datio" /a"y prod$ct of hi. effort. 1hate4er0 .$r4i4e. /thi. te.t0, he 1i-- get hi. re1ard. B$t if a"y per.o"@. 1or i. b$r"ed $p /$"der the te.t0, he 1i-- .$ffer the -o.. /of it a--, -o.i"g hi. re1ard0, tho$gh he hi!.e-f 1i-- be .a4ed, b$t o"-y a. /o"e 1ho ha. pa..ed0 thro$gh fire.7B8 Co yo$ "ot di.cer" a"d $"der.ta"d that yo$ /the 1ho-e ch$rch at Cori"th0 are =od@. te!p-e 7%i. .a"ct$ary8, a"d that =od@. >pirit ha. %i. per!a"e"t d1e--i"g i" yo$ /to be at ho!e i" yo$, /c0co--ecti4e-y a. a ch$rch a"d a-.o i"di4id$a--y09
16 15 14 15 12 11 1A 9 8 7 6 5 4 5 2

,f a"yo"e /d0doe. h$rt to =od@. te!p-e or corr$pt. it //e01ith fa-.e doctri"e.0 or de.troy. it, =od 1i-- /f0do h$rt to hi! a"d bri"g hi! to the corr$ptio" of death a"d de.troy hi!. #or the te!p-e of =od i. ho-y 7.acred to %i!8 a"d that /te!p-e0 yo$ //g0the be-ie4i"g ch$rch a"d it. i"di4id$a- be-ie4er.0 are. Let "o per.o" decei4e hi!.e-f. ,f a"yo"e a!o"g yo$ .$ppo.e. that he i. 1i.e i" thi. age, -et hi! beco!e a foo- /-et hi! di.card hi. 1or-d-y di.cer"!e"t a"d recog"iDe hi!.e-f a. d$--, .t$pid, a"d foo-i.h, 1itho$t tr$e -ear"i"g a"d .cho-ar.hip0, that he !ay beco!e /rea--y0 1i.e.7C8 #or thi. 1or-d@.! i. foo-i.h"e.. 7ab.$rdity a"d .t$pidity8 1ith =od, for it i. 1ritte", %e -ay. ho-d of the 1i.e i" their /o1"0 crafti"e..37C8 A"d agai", The Lord "o1. the tho$ght. a"d rea.o"i"g. of the /h$!a"-y0 1i.e a"d recog"iDe. ho1 f$ti-e they are.7(8 >o -et "o o"e eE$-t pro$d-y co"cer"i"g !e" /boa.ti"g of ha4i"g thi. or that !a" a. a -eader0, for a-- thi"g. are yo$r., 'hether :a$- or Apo--o. or Cepha. 7:eter8, or the $"i4er.e or -ife or death, or the i!!ediate a"d /h0threate"i"g pre.e"t or the /.$b.e?$e"t a"d $"certai"0 f$t$reFFa-- are yo$r.,
25 22 21 2A 19 18


A"d yo$ are Chri.t@., a"d Chri.t i. =od@..

Footnotes: a. 1 Cori"thia". 5<1 Litera- tra".-atio"< G"o"F.pea er..G b. 1 Cori"thia". 5<9 Boha"" Be"ge-, ="o!o" +o4i Te.ta!e"ti. c. 1 Cori"thia". 5<16 ;atthe1 %e"ry, Co!!e"tary o" the %o-y Bib-e. d. 1 Cori"thia". 5<17 The Ca!bridge Bib-e for >choo-. a"d Co--ege.. e. 1 Cori"thia". 5<17 ;atthe1 %e"ry, Co!!e"tary o" the %o-y Bib-e. f. 1 Cori"thia". 5<17 The Ca!bridge Bib-e for >choo-. a"d Co--ege.. g. 1 Cori"thia". 5<17 ;atthe1 %e"ry, Co!!e"tary o" the %o-y Bib-e. h. 1 Cori"thia". 5<22 ;ar4i" )i"ce"t, 'ord >t$die.. Cross references: A. 1 Cori"thia". 5<9 < ,.a 61<5 B. 1 Cori"thia". 5<15 < Bob 25<1A C. 1 Cori"thia". 5<18 < ,.a 5<21 C. 1 Cori"thia". 5<19 < Bob 5<15 (. 1 Cori"thia". 5<2A < :. 94<11

1 Corinthians 4 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Corinthians 4
$& T:(', +et u, 2apo,t+e,3 be +ooke upon a, mini,tering ,er5ant, o- Chri,t an ,te*ar , /tru,tee,0 o- the my,terie, /the ,ecret purpo,e,0 o- .o 8
1 2 %oreo5er, it i, 2e,,entia++y3 reDuire o- ,te*ar , that a man ,hou+ be -oun -aith-u+ 2pro5ing him,e+- *orthy o- tru,t38 7 =ut 2a, -or me per,ona++y3 it matter, 5ery +itt+e to me that 9 ,hou+ be put on tria+ by you 2on thi, point3, an that you or any other human tribuna+ ,hou+ in5e,tigate an Due,tion an cro,,FDue,tion me8 9 o not e5en put my,e+- on tria+ an >u ge my,e+-8 4 9 am not con,ciou, o- anything again,t my,e+-, an 9 -ee+ b+ame+e,,; but 9 am not 5in icate an acDuitte be-ore .o on that account8 9t i, the Lor 2:im,e+-3 ?ho eBamine, an >u ge, me8 5 $o o not make any ha,ty or premature >u gment, be-ore the time *hen the Lor come, 2again3, -or :e *i++ both bring to +ight the ,ecret thing, that are 2no* hi en3 in arkne,, an i,c+o,e an eBpo,e the 2,ecret3 aim, /moti5e, an purpo,e,0 o- heart,8 Then e5ery man *i++ recei5e hi, 2 ue3 commen ation -rom .o 8

'o* 9 ha5e app+ie -rom *hat 9 ha5e ,ai not to go beyon that -a5or o- one 2mini,ter

a++ thi, 2about partie, an -action,3 to my,e+- an "po++o, -or your ,ake,, brethren, ,o that o- u, 2a, i++u,tration,3, you may +earn 2to think o- men in accor ance *ith $cripture an 3 *hich i, *ritten, that none o- you may be pu--e up an in-+ate *ith pri e an boa,t in an teacher3 again,t another8

7 For *ho ,eparate, you -rom the other, 2a, a -action +ea er3@ 2?ho make, you ,uperior an ,et, you apart -rom another, gi5ing you the preeminence@3 ?hat ha5e you that *a, not gi5en to you@ 9- then you recei5e it 2-rom ,omeone3, *hy o you boa,t a, i- you ha not recei5e 2but ha gaine it by your o*n e--ort,3@ 8 2a3 2 Cou beha5e a, i-3 you are a+rea y -i++e an think nee o- anything more3H "+rea y you ha5e become rich in,truction -rom u,, in your conceit3, you ha5e a,cen e inc+u ing u,H "n *ou+ that it *ere true an that you youH

you ha5e enough 2you are -u++ an content, -ee+ing no 2in ,piritua+ gi-t, an grace,3H 2?ithout any coun,e+ or your throne, an come into your king om *ithout i reign, ,o that *e might be ,haring the king om *ith

9 For it ,eem, to me that .o ha, ma e an eBhibit o- u, apo,t+e,, eBpo,ing u, to 5ie* +a,t 2o- a++, +ike men in a triumpha+ proce,,ion *ho are3 ,entence to eath 2an i,p+aye at the en o- the +ine38 For *e ha5e become a ,pectac+e to the *or+ 2a ,ho* in the *or+ 4, amphitheater3 *ith both men an ange+, 2a, ,pectator,38 1< ?e are 2+ooke upon a,3 -oo+, on account o- Chri,t an -or :i, ,ake, but you are 2,uppo,e +y3 ,o amaAing+y *i,e an pru ent in Chri,tH ?e are *eak, but you are 2,o 5ery3 ,trongH Cou are high+y e,teeme , but *e are in i,repute an contemptH 11 To thi, hour *e ha5e gone both hungry an thir,ty; *e 22b3habitua++y3 *ear but one un ergarment 2an ,hi5er in the co+ 3; *e are rough+y knocke about an *an er aroun home+e,,8

"n *e ,ti++ toi+ unto *earine,, 2-or our +i5ing3, *orking har *ith our o*n han ,8 ?hen men re5i+e u, 2 *oun u, *ith an accur,e ,ting3, *e b+e,, them8 ?hen *e are per,ecute , *e take it patient+y an en ure it8
12 2c3 17 ?hen *e are ,+an ere an e-ame , *e 2try to3 an,*er ,o-t+y an bring com-ort8 ?e ha5e been ma e an are no* the rubbi,h an -i+th o- the *or+ 2the o--,couring o- a++ thing,, the ,cum o- the earth38 14 15

9 o not *rite thi, to ,hame you, but to *arn an coun,e+ you a, my be+o5e chi+ ren8

"-ter a++, though you ,hou+ ha5e ten thou,an teacher, /gui e, to irect you0 in Chri,t, yet you o not ha5e many -ather,8 For 9 became your -ather in Chri,t 1e,u, through the g+a ti ing, /the .o,pe+08
16 17

$o 9 urge an imp+ore you, be imitator, o- me8

For thi, 5ery cau,e 9 ,ent to you Timothy, *ho i, my be+o5e an tru,t*orthy chi+ in the Lor , *ho *i++ reca++ to your min , my metho , o- procee ing an cour,e o- con uct an *ay o- +i-e in Chri,t, ,uch a, 9 teach e5ery*here in each o- the churche,8
18 19

$ome o- you ha5e become conceite an arrogant an pretentiou,, counting on my not coming to you8

=ut 9 *i++ come to you 2an 3 ,hort+y, i- the Lor i, *i++ing, an then 9 *i++ percei5e an un er,tan not *hat the ta+k o- the,e pu--e up an arrogant ,pirit, amount to, but their -orce /2 3the mora+ po*er an eBce++ence o,ou+ they rea++y po,,e,,08
2< For the king om o- .o con,i,t, o- an i, ba,e on not ta+k but po*er /2e3mora+ po*er an eBce++ence o,ou+08

21 'o* *hich o you pre-er@ $ha++ 9 come to you *ith a ro o- correction, or *ith +o5e an in a ,pirit ogent+ene,,@


a. b. c. d. e.

1 Corinthian, 468 :enry "+-or , The .reek 'e* Te,tament, *ith 'ote,8 1 Corinthian, 4611 "+eBan er $outer, !ocket LeBicon o- the .reek 'e* Te,tament8 1 Corinthian, 4612 Ienneth ?ue,t, ?or $tu ie, in the .reek 'e* Te,tament8 1 Corinthian, 4619 1o,eph Thayer, " .reekF(ng+i,h LeBicon8 1 Corinthian, 462< 1o,eph Thayer, " .reekF(ng+i,h LeBicon8

1 Corinthians 5 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Corinthians 5
9T 9$ actua++y reporte that there i, ,eBua+ immora+ity among you, impurity o- a ,ort that i, con emne an not occur e5en among the heathen; -or a man ha, 2hi, o*n3 -ather4, *i-e8/"0
1 2 "n you are prou an arrogantH "n you ought rather to mourn /bo* in ,orro* an in ,hame0 unti+ the per,on *ho ha, one thi, 2,hame-u+3 thing i, remo5e -rom your -e++o*,hip an your mi ,tH


", -or my attitu e, though 9 am ab,ent 2-rom you3 in bo y, 9 am pre,ent in ,pirit, an 9 ha5e a+rea y eci e an pa,,e >u gment, a, i- actua++y pre,ent,
7 4 9n the name o- the Lor 1e,u, Chri,t, on the man *ho ha, committe ,uch a ee 8 ?hen you an my o*n ,pirit are met together *ith the po*er o- our Lor 1e,u,, 5 Cou are to e+i5er thi, man o5er to $atan 2a3-or phy,ica+ i,cip+ine 2to e,troy carna+ +u,t, *hich prompte him to ince,t3, that 2hi,3 ,pirit may 2yet3 be ,a5e in the ay o- the Lor 1e,u,8 6 2"bout the con ition o- your church3 your boa,ting i, not goo 2in ee , it i, mo,t un,eem+y an entire+y out o- p+ace38 )o you not kno* that 2>u,t3 a +itt+e +ea5en *i++ -erment the *ho+e +ump 2o- ough3@ 7 !urge /c+ean out0 the o+ +ea5en that you may be -re,h /ne*0 ough, ,ti++ uncontaminate 2a, you are3, -or Chri,t, our !a,,o5er 2Lamb3, ha, been ,acri-ice 8

There-ore, +et u, keep the -ea,t, not *ith o+ +ea5en, nor *ith +ea5en o- 5ice an ma+ice an *icke ne,,, but *ith the un+ea5ene 2brea 3 o- purity /nobi+ity, honor0 an ,incerity an 2una u+terate 3 truth8 /=0
8 9

9 *rote you in my 2pre5iou,3 +etter not to a,,ociate 2c+o,e+y an habitua++y3 *ith uncha,te /impure0 peop+eFF

'ot 2meaning o- cour,e that you mu,t3 a+together ,hun the immora+ peop+e o- thi, *or+ , or the gree y gra,per, an cheat, an thie5e, or i o+ater,, ,ince other*i,e you *ou+ nee to get out o- the *or+ an human ,ociety a+togetherH
1< 11 =ut no* 9 *rite to you not to a,,ociate *ith anyone *ho bear, the name o- 2Chri,tian3 brother i- he i, kno*n to be gui+ty o- immora+ity or gree , or i, an i o+ater 2*ho,e ,ou+ i, e5ote to any ob>ect that u,urp, the p+ace o.o 3, or i, a per,on *ith a -ou+ tongue 2rai+ing, abu,ing, re5i+ing, ,+an ering3, or i, a runkar or a ,*in +er or a robber8 2'o3 you mu,t not ,o much a, eat *ith ,uch a per,on8 12 ?hat 2bu,ine,,3 o- mine i, it an *hat right ha5e 9 to >u ge out,i er,@ 9, it not tho,e in,i e 2the church3 upon *hom you are to pa,, i,cip+inary >u gment 2pa,,ing cen,uring ,entence on them a, the -act, reDuire3@ 17 .o a+one ,it, in >u gment on tho,e *ho are out,i e8 )ri5e out that *icke one -rom among you 2eBpe+ him -rom your church38



1 Corinthian, 565 .8 "bbottF$mith, %anua+ .reek LeBicon o- the 'e* Te,tament8

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1 Corinthians 6 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Corinthians 6
)&($ "'C o- you are, *hen he ha, a matter o- comp+aint again,t another 2brother3, to go to +a* be-ore unrighteou, men 2men neither upright nor right *ith .o , +aying it be-ore them3 in,tea o- be-ore the ,aint, /the peop+e o- .o 0@
1 2 )o you not kno* that the ,aint, /the be+ie5er,0 *i++ 2one ay3 >u ge an go5ern the *or+ @ "n i- the *or+ 2it,e+-3 i, to be >u ge an ru+e by you, are you un*orthy an incompetent to try 2,uch petty matter,3 o- the ,ma++e,t court, o- >u,tice@ 7 )o you not kno* a+,o that *e 2Chri,tian,3 are to >u ge the 25ery3 ange+, an pronounce opinion bet*een right an *rong 2-or them3@ :o* much more then 2a, to3 matter, pertaining to thi, *or+ an o- thi, +i-e on+yH 4 9- then you o ha5e ,uch ca,e, o- e5ery ay +i-e to eci e, *hy o you appoint 2a, >u ge, to +ay them be-ore3 tho,e *ho 2-rom the ,tan point3 o- the church count -or +ea,t an are *ithout ,tan ing@ 5 9 ,ay thi, to mo5e you to ,hame8 Can it be that there rea++y i, not one man among you *ho 2in action i, go5erne by piety an integrity an 3 i, *i,e an competent enough to eci e 2the pri5ate grie5ance,, i,pute,, an Duarre+,3 bet*een member, o- the brotherhoo , 6 =ut brother goe, to +a* again,t brother, an that be-ore 2.enti+e >u ge, *ho are3 unbe+ie5er, 2*ithout -aith or tru,t in the .o,pe+ o- Chri,t3@ 7 ?hy, the 5ery -act o- your ha5ing +a*,uit, *ith one another at a++ i, a e-ect /a e-eat, an e5i ence o- po,iti5e mora+ +o,, -or you08 ?hy not rather +et your,e+5e, ,u--er *rong an be epri5e o- *hat i, your ue@ ?hy not rather be cheate / e-rau e an robbe 0@ 8 =ut 2in,tea it i, you3 your,e+5e, *ho *rong an them3H

e-rau , an that e5en your o*n brethren 2by ,o treating

9 )o you not kno* that the unrighteou, an the *rong oer, *i++ not inherit or ha5e any ,hare in the king om o- .o @ )o not be ecei5e /mi,+e 06 neither the impure an immora+, nor i o+ater,, nor a u+terer,, nor tho,e *ho participate in homo,eBua+ity, 1< 'or cheat, /,*in +er, an thie5e,0, nor gree y gra,per,, nor runkar ,, nor -ou+mouthe re5i+er, an ,+an erer,, nor eBtortioner, an robber, *i++ inherit or ha5e any ,hare in the king om o- .o 8 11 "n ,uch ,ome o- you *ere 2once38 =ut you *ere *a,he c+ean /puri-ie by a comp+ete atonement -or ,in an ma e -ree -rom the gui+t o- ,in0, an you *ere con,ecrate /,et apart, ha++o*e 0, an you *ere >u,ti-ie 2pronounce righteou,, by tru,ting3 in the name o- the Lor 1e,u, Chri,t an in the 2:o+y3 $pirit o- our .o 8 12 (5erything i, permi,,ib+e /a++o*ab+e an +a*-u+0 -or me; but not a++ thing, are he+p-u+ /goo -or me to o, eBpe ient an pro-itab+e *hen con,i ere *ith other thing,08 (5erything i, +a*-u+ -or me, but 9 *i++ not become the ,+a5e o- anything or be brought un er it, po*er8 17 Foo 2i, inten e 3 -or the ,tomach an the ,tomach -or -oo , but .o *i++ -ina++y en 2the -unction, o-3 both an bring them to nothing8 The bo y i, not inten e -or ,eBua+ immora+ity, but 2i, inten e 3 -or the Lor , an the Lor 2i, inten e 3 -or the bo y 22a3to ,a5e, ,ancti-y, an rai,e it again38 14 15

"n .o both rai,e the Lor to +i-e an *i++ a+,o rai,e u, up by :i, po*er8

)o you not ,ee an kno* that your bo ie, are member, /bo i+y part,0 o- Chri,t /the %e,,iah0@ "m 9 there-ore to take the part, o- Chri,t an make 2them3 part, o- a pro,titute@ 'e5erH 'e5erH
16 &r o you not kno* an rea+iAe that *hen a man >oin, him,e+- to a pro,titute, he become, one bo y *ith her@ The t*o, it i, *ritten, ,ha++ become one -+e,h8/"0 17

=ut the per,on *ho i, unite to the Lor become, one ,pirit *ith :im8

18 $hun immora+ity an a++ ,eBua+ +oo,ene,, 2-+ee -rom impurity in thought, *or , or ee 38 "ny other ,in *hich a man commit, i, one out,i e the bo y, but he *ho commit, ,eBua+ immora+ity ,in, again,t hi, o*n bo y8 19 )o you not kno* that your bo y i, the temp+e /the 5ery ,anctuary0 o- the :o+y $pirit ?ho +i5e, *ithin you, ?hom you ha5e recei5e 2a, a .i-t3 -rom .o @ Cou are not your o*n, 2< Cou *ere bought *ith a price 2purcha,e *ith a .o an bring g+ory to :im in your bo y8 2b3

preciou,ne,, an pai -or,


ma e :i, o*n38 $o then, honor


a. b. c. A.

1 Corinthian, 6617 The Cambri ge =ib+e8 $ee a+,o Eom8 8611; 9 Cor8 15675F548 1 Corinthian, 662< 1o,eph Thayer, " .reekF(ng+i,h LeBicon8 1 Corinthian, 662< 1o,eph Thayer, " .reekF(ng+i,h LeBicon8

Cross references: 1 Corinthian, 6616 6 .en 2624

1 Corinthians

(Amplified Bible)

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Corinthians
'&? "$ to the matter, o- *hich you *rote me8 9t i, *e++ 2an by that 9 mean a 5antageou,, eBpe ient, pro-itab+e, an *ho+e,ome3 -or a man not to touch a *oman 2to cohabit *ith her3 but to remain unmarrie 8
1 2 =ut becau,e o- the temptation to impurity an to a5oi immora+ity, +et each 2man3 ha5e hi, o*n *i-e an +et each 2*oman3 ha5e her o*n hu,ban 8 7 The hu,ban ,hou+ gi5e to hi, *i-e her con>uga+ right, /goo *i++, kin ne,,, an *hat i, ue her a, hi, *i-e0, an +ike*i,e the *i-e to her hu,ban 8 4 For the *i-e oe, not ha5e 2eBc+u,i5e3 authority an contro+ o5er her o*n bo y, but the hu,ban 2ha, hi, right,3; +ike*i,e a+,o the hu,ban oe, not ha5e 2eBc+u,i5e3 authority an contro+ o5er hi, bo y, but the *i-e 2ha, her right,38 5 )o not re-u,e an epri5e an e-rau each other 2o- your ue marita+ right,3, eBcept perhap, by mutua+ con,ent -or a time, ,o that you may e5ote your,e+5e, unhin ere to prayer8 =ut a-ter*ar , re,ume marita+ re+ation,, +e,t $atan tempt you 2to ,in3 through your +ack o- re,traint o- ,eBua+ e,ire8 /"0 6 7

=ut 9 am ,aying thi, more a, a matter o- permi,,ion an conce,,ion, not a, a comman or regu+ation8

9 *i,h that a++ men *ere +ike 9 my,e+- am 2in thi, matter o- ,e+-Fcontro+38 =ut each ha, hi, o*n ,pecia+ gi-t -rom .o , one o- thi, kin an one o- another8
8 =ut to the unmarrie peop+e an to the *i o*,, 9 ec+are that it i, *e++ /goo , a 5antageou,, eBpe ient, an *ho+e,ome0 -or them to remain 2,ing+e3 e5en a, 9 o8 9 =ut i- they ha5e not ,e+-Fcontro+ /re,traint o- their pa,,ion,0, they ,hou+ marry8 For it i, better to marry than to be a-+ame 2*ith pa,,ion an torture continua++y *ith ungrati-ie e,ire38 1< =ut to the marrie peop+e 9 gi5e chargeFFnot 9 but the Lor FFthat the *i-e i, not to ,eparate -rom her hu,ban 8 11 =ut i- ,he oe, 2,eparate -rom an i5orce him3, +et her remain ,ing+e or e+,e be reconci+e to her hu,ban 8 "n 29 charge3 the hu,ban 2a+,o3 that he ,hou+ not put a*ay or i5orce hi, *i-e8 12 To the re,t 9 ec+areFF9, not the Lor 2-or 1e,u, i not i,cu,, thi,3FFthat i- any brother ha, a *i-e *ho oe, not be+ie5e 2in Chri,t3 an ,he con,ent, to +i5e *ith him, he ,hou+ not +ea5e or i5orce her8 17 "n i- any *oman ha, an unbe+ie5ing hu,ban an he con,ent, to +i5e *ith her, ,he ,hou+ not +ea5e or i5orce him8

14 For the unbe+ie5ing hu,ban i, ,et apart /,eparate , *ith ra*n -rom heathen contamination, an a--i+iate *ith the Chri,tian peop+e0 by union *ith hi, con,ecrate /,etFapart0 *i-e, an the unbe+ie5ing *i-e i, ,et apart an ,eparate through union *ith her con,ecrate hu,ban 8 &ther*i,e your chi+ ren *ou+ be unc+ean /unb+e,,e heathen, 2a3out,i e the Chri,tian co5enant0, but a, it i, they are 2b3prepare -or .o 2pure an c+ean38 15 =ut i- the unbe+ie5ing partner 2actua++y3 +ea5e,, +et him o ,o; in ,uch 2ca,e, the remaining3 brother or ,i,ter i, not mora++y boun 8 =ut .o ha, ca++e u, to peace8 16 For, *i-e, ho* can you be ,ure o- con5erting an ,a5ing your hu,ban @ :u,ban , ho* can you be ,ure ocon5erting an ,a5ing your *i-e@ 17 &n+y, +et each one 2,eek to con uct him,e+- an regu+ate hi, a--air, ,o a, to3 +ea the +i-e *hich the Lor ha, a++otte an imparte to him an to *hich .o ha, in5ite an ,ummone him8 Thi, i, my or er in a++ the churche,8 18 ?a, anyone at the time o- hi, ,ummon, 2-rom .o 3 a+rea y circumci,e @ Let him not ,eek to remo5e the e5i ence o- circumci,ion8 ?a, anyone at the time 2.o 3 ca++e him uncircumci,e @ Let him not be circumci,e 8

For circumci,ion i, nothing an count, -or nothing, neither oe, uncircumci,ion, but 2*hat count, i,3 keeping the comman ment, o- .o 8
19 2< (5eryone ,hou+ remain a-ter .o ca++, him in the ,tation or con ition o- +i-e in *hich the ,ummon, -oun him8 21 ?ere you a ,+a5e *hen you *ere ca++e @ )o not +et that troub+e you8 =ut i- you are ab+e to gain your -ree om, a5ai+ your,e+- o- the opportunity8 22 For he *ho a, a ,+a5e *a, ,ummone in 2to union *ith3 the Lor i, a -ree man o- the Lor , >u,t ,o he *ho *a, -ree *hen he *a, ca++e i, a bon ,er5ant o- Chri,t /the %e,,iah08 27 Cou *ere bought *ith a price 2purcha,e *ith a preciou,ne,, an pai -or by Chri,t3; then o not yie+ your,e+5e, up to become 2in your o*n e,timation3 ,+a5e, to men 2but con,i er your,e+5e, ,+a5e, to Chri,t38

$o, brethren, in *hate5er ,tation or ,tate or con ition o- +i-e each one *a, *hen he *a, ca++e , there +et him continue *ith an c+o,e to .o 8
24 25 'o* concerning the 5irgin, /the marriageab+e 2c3mai en,0 9 ha5e no comman o- the Lor , but 9 gi5e my opinion an a 5ice a, one *ho by the Lor 4, mercy i, ren ere tru,t*orthy an -aith-u+8 26 9 think then, becau,e o- the impen ing i,tre,, 2that i, e5en no* ,etting in3, it i, *e++ /eBpe ient, pro-itab+e, an *ho+e,ome0 -or a per,on to remain a, he or ,he i,8 27 28

"re you boun to a *i-e@ )o not ,eek to be -ree8 "re you -ree -rom a *i-e@ )o not ,eek a *i-e8

=ut i- you o marry, you o not ,in 2in oing ,o3, an i- a 5irgin marrie,, ,he oe, not ,in 2in oing ,o38 Cet tho,e *ho marry *i++ ha5e phy,ica+ an earth+y troub+e,, an 9 *ou+ +ike to ,pare you that8
29 9 mean, brethren, the appointe time ha, been 2 3*in ing o*n an it ha, gro*n 5ery ,hort8 From no* on, +et e5en tho,e *ho ha5e *i5e, be a, i- they ha none, 7< "n tho,e *ho *eep an mourn a, though they *ere not *eeping an mourning, an tho,e *ho re>oice a, though they *ere not re>oicing, an tho,e *ho buy a, though they i not po,,e,, anything, 71 "n tho,e *ho ea+ *ith thi, *or+ 22e3o5eru,ing the en>oyment, o- thi, +i-e3 a, though they *ere not ab,orbe by it an a, i- they ha no ea+ing, *ith it8 For the out*ar -orm o- thi, *or+ /the pre,ent *or+ or er0 i, pa,,ing a*ay8 72 %y e,ire i, to ha5e you -ree -rom a++ anBiety an thing, o- the Lor FFho* he may p+ea,e the Lor ; 77 74

i,tre,,ing care8 The unmarrie man i, anBiou, about the

=ut the marrie man i, anBiou, about *or+ +y matter,FFho* he may p+ea,e hi, *i-eFF

"n he i, ra*n in i5erging irection, 2hi, intere,t, are i5i e an he i, i,tracte -rom hi, e5otion to .o 38 "n the unmarrie *oman or gir+ i, concerne an anBiou, about the matter, o- the Lor , ho* to be *ho++y ,eparate an ,et apart in bo y an ,pirit; but the marrie *oman ha, her care, 2centere 3 in earth+y a--air,FF ho* ,he may p+ea,e her hu,ban 8
75 'o* 9 ,ay thi, -or your o*n *e+-are an pro-it, not to put 2a ha+ter o-3 re,traint upon you, but to promote *hat i, ,eem+y an in goo or er an to ,ecure your un i,tracte an un i5i e e5otion to the Lor 8 76 =ut i- any man think, that he i, not acting proper+y to*ar an in regar to hi, 5irgin 2that he i, preparing i,grace -or her or incurring reproach3, in ca,e ,he i, pa,,ing the b+oom o- her youth an i- there i, nee -or it, +et him o *hat to him ,eem, right; he oe, not ,in; +et them marry8 77 =ut *hoe5er i, -irm+y e,tab+i,he in hi, heart 2,trong in min an purpo,e3, not being -orce by nece,,ity but ha5ing contro+ o5er hi, o*n *i++ an e,ire, an ha, re,o+5e thi, in hi, heart to keep hi, o*n 5irginity, he i, oing *e++8

$o a+,o then, he 2the -ather3 *ho gi5e, hi, 5irgin /hi, aughter0 in marriage oe, *e++, an he 2the -ather3 *ho oe, not gi5e 2her3 in marriage oe, better8

79 " *i-e i, boun to her hu,ban by +a* a, +ong a, he +i5e,8 9- the hu,ban *hom ,he *i++, on+y 2pro5i e that he too i,3 in the Lor 8 4< =ut in my opinion 2a *i o*3 i, happier /more b+e,,e an think 9 ha5e the $pirit o- .o 8 2-3

ie,, ,he i, -ree to be marrie to

to be en5ie 0 i- ,he oe, not remarry8 "n a+,o 9


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Cross references: 1 Corinthian, 765 6 (Bo 19615

1 Corinthians ! (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Corinthians !
'&? "=&#T -oo o--ere to i o+,6 o- cour,e *e kno* that a++ o- u, po,,e,, kno*+e ge 2concerning the,e matter,8 Cet mere3 kno*+e ge cau,e, peop+e to be pu--e up /to bear them,e+5e, +o-ti+y an be prou 0, but +o5e /a--ection an goo *i++ an bene5o+ence0 e i-ie, an bui+ , up an encourage, one to gro* 2to hi, -u++ ,tature38
1 2 9- anyone imagine, that he ha, come to kno* an un er,tan much 2o- i5ine thing,, *ithout +o5e3, he oe, not yet percei5e an recogniAe an un er,tan a, ,trong+y an c+ear+y, nor ha, he become a, intimate+y acDuainte *ith anything a, he ought or a, i, nece,,ary8 7 =ut i- one +o5e, .o tru+y 22a3*ith a--ectionate re5erence, prompt obe ience, an grate-u+ recognition o- :i, b+e,,ing3, he i, kno*n by .o 22b3recogniAe a, *orthy o- :i, intimacy an +o5e, an he i, o*ne by :im38 4 9n thi, matter, then, o- eating -oo o--ere to i o+,, *e kno* that an i o+ i, nothing /ha, no rea+ eBi,tence0 an that there i, no .o but one8/"0 5 For a+though there may be ,oFca++e go ,, *hether in hea5en or on earth, a, in ee there are many o- them, both o- go , an o- +or , an ma,ter,, 6 Cet -or u, there i, 2on+y3 one .o , the Father, ?ho i, the $ource o- a++ thing, an -or ?hom *e 2ha5e +i-e3, an one Lor , 1e,u, Chri,t, through an by ?hom are a++ thing, an through an by ?hom *e 2our,e+5e, eBi,t38 /=0 7 'e5erthe+e,,, not a++ 2be+ie5er,3 po,,e,, thi, kno*+e ge8 =ut ,ome, through being a++ their +i5e, unti+ no* accu,tome to 2thinking o-3 i o+, 2a, rea+ an +i5ing3, ,ti++ con,i er the -oo 2o--ere to an i o+3 a, that ,acri-ice to an 2actua+3 go ; an their *eak con,cience, become e-i+e an in>ure i- they eat 2it38 8 'o* -oo 2it,e+-3 *i++ not cau,e our acceptance by .o nor commen u, to :im8 (ating 2-oo o--ere to i o+,3 gi5e, u, no a 5antage; neither o *e come ,hort or become any *or,e i- *e o not eat 2it38 9 &n+y be care-u+ that thi, po*er o- choice /thi, permi,,ion an +iberty to o a, you p+ea,e0 *hich i, your,, oe, not 2,omeho*3 become a hin rance /cau,e o- ,tumb+ing0 to the *eak or o5er,crupu+ou, 2gi5ing them an impu+,e to ,in38

1< For ,uppo,e ,omeone ,ee, you, a man ha5ing kno*+e ge 2o- .o , *ith an inte++igent 5ie* o- thi, ,ub>ect an 3 rec+ining at tab+e in an i o+4, temp+e, might he not be encourage an embo+ ene 2to 5io+ate hi, o*n con,cientiou, ,crup+e,3 i- he i, *eak an uncertain, an eat *hat 2to him3 i, -or the purpo,e o- i o+ *or,hip@ 11 "n ,o by your en+ightenment /your kno*+e ge o- ,piritua+ thing,0, thi, *eak man i, ruine /i, +o,t an peri,he,0FFthe brother -or *hom Chri,t /the %e,,iah0 ie H 12 "n *hen you ,in again,t your brethren in thi, *ay, *oun ing an again,t Chri,t8

amaging their *eak con,cience, you ,in

17 There-ore, i- 2my eating a3 -oo i, a cau,e o- my brother4, -a++ing or o- hin ering 2hi, ,piritua+ a 5ancement3, 9 *i++ not eat 2,uch3 -+e,h -ore5er, +e,t 9 cau,e my brother to be trippe up an -a++ an to be o--en e 8


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1 Corinthian, 867 1o,eph Thayer, " .reekF(ng+i,h LeBicon8 1 Corinthian, 867 "+eBan er $outer, !ocket LeBicon8

Cross references: 1 Corinthian, 864 6 )eut 664 1 Corinthian, 866 6 %a+ 261<

1 Corinthians " (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Corinthians "
"% 9 not an apo,t+e /a ,pecia+ me,,enger0@ "m 9 not -ree /unre,traine an eBempt -rom any ob+igation0@ :a5e 9 not ,een 1e,u, our Lor @ "re you 2your,e+5e,3 not 2the pro uct an proo- o-3 my *orkman,hip in the Lor @
1 2 (5en i- 9 am not con,i ere an apo,t+e /a ,pecia+ me,,enger0 by other,, at +ea,t 9 am one to you; -or you are the ,ea+ /the certi-icate, the +i5ing e5i ence0 o- my apo,t+e,hip in the Lor 2con-irming an authenticating it38 7 Thi, i, my 2rea+ groun o-3 e-en,e /my 5in ication o- my,e+-0 to tho,e *ho *ou+ put me on tria+ an cro,,F eBamine me8 4 5

:a5e *e not the right to our -oo an

rink 2at the eBpen,e o- the churche,3@

:a5e *e not the right a+,o to take a+ong *ith u, a Chri,tian ,i,ter a, *i-e, a, o the other apo,t+e, an the Lor 4, brother, an Cepha, /!eter0@
6 &r i, it on+y =arnaba, an 9 *ho ha5e no right to re-rain -rom oing manua+ +abor -or a +i5e+ihoo 2in or er to go about the *ork o- the mini,try3@ 7 2Con,i er thi,63 ?hat ,o+ ier at any time ,er5e, at hi, o*n eBpen,e@ ?ho p+ant, a 5ineyar an any o- the -ruit o- it@ ?ho ten , a -+ock an oe, not partake o- the mi+k o- the -+ock@ 8 9

oe, not eat

)o 9 ,ay thi, on+y on human authority an a, a man rea,on,@ )oe, not the La* en or,e the ,ame princip+e@

For in the La* o- %o,e, it i, *ritten, Cou ,ha++ not muAA+e an oB *hen it i, trea ing out the corn8 9, it 2on+y3 -or oBen that .o care,@/"0
1< &r oe, :e ,peak certain+y an entire+y -or our ,ake,@ 2",,ure +y3 it i, *ritten -or our ,ake,, becau,e the p+o*man ought to p+o* in hope, an the thre,her ought to thre,h in eBpectation o- partaking o- the har5e,t8 11 9- *e ha5e ,o*n 2the ,ee o-3 ,piritua+ goo among you, 2i, it too3 much i- *e reap -rom your materia+ bene-it,@ 12 9- other, ,hare in thi, right-u+ c+aim upon you, o not *e 2ha5e a ,ti++ better an greater c+aim3@ :o*e5er, *e ha5e ne5er eBerci,e thi, right, but *e en ure e5erything rather than put a hin rance in the *ay 2o- the ,prea 3 o- the goo ne*, /the .o,pe+0 o- Chri,t8

17 )o you not kno* that tho,e men *ho are emp+oye in the ,er5ice, o- the temp+e get their -oo -rom the temp+e@ "n that tho,e *ho ten the a+tar ,hare *ith the a+tar 2in the o--ering, brought3@ /=0 14 2&n the ,ame princip+e3 the Lor their maintenance0 by the .o,pe+8

irecte that tho,e *ho pub+i,h the goo ne*, /the .o,pe+0 ,hou+ +i5e /get

15 =ut 9 ha5e not ma e u,e o- any o- the,e pri5i+ege,, nor am 9 *riting thi, 2to ,ugge,t3 that any ,uch pro5i,ion be ma e -or me 2no*38 For it *ou+ be better -or me to ie than to ha5e anyone make 5oi an epri5e me o- my 2groun -or3 g+ori-ying 2in thi, matter38 16 For i- 9 2mere+y3 preach the .o,pe+, that gi5e, me no rea,on to boa,t, -or 9 -ee+ compe++e o- nece,,ity to o it8 ?oe i, me i- 9 o not preach the g+a ti ing, /the .o,pe+0H 17 For i- 9 o thi, *ork o- my o*n -ree *i++, then 9 ha5e my pay /my re*ar 0; but i- it i, not o- my o*n *i++, but i, one re+uctant+y an un er compu+,ion, 9 am 2,ti++3 entru,te *ith a 2,acre 3 tru,tee,hip an commi,,ion8 18 ?hat then i, the 2actua+3 re*ar that 9 get@ 1u,t thi,6 that in my preaching the goo ne*, /the .o,pe+0, 9 may o--er it 2ab,o+ute+y3 -ree o- eBpen,e 2to anybo y3, not taking a 5antage o- my right, an pri5i+ege, 2a, a preacher3 o- the .o,pe+8 19 For a+though 9 am -ree in e5ery *ay -rom anyone4, contro+, 9 ha5e ma e my,e+- a bon ,er5ant to e5eryone, ,o that 9 might gain the more 2-or Chri,t38 2< To the 1e*, 9 became a, a 1e*, that 9 might *in 1e*,; to men un er the La*, 29 became3 a, one un er the La*, though not my,e+- being un er the La*, that 9 might *in tho,e un er the La*8 21 To tho,e *ithout /out,i e0 +a* 9 became a, one *ithout +a*, not that 9 am *ithout the +a* o- .o an +a*+e,, to*ar :im, but that 9 am 2e,pecia++y keeping3 *ithin an committe to the +a* o- Chri,t, that 9 might *in tho,e *ho are *ithout +a*8 22 To the *eak /*anting in i,cernment0 9 ha5e become *eak /*anting in i,cernment0 that 9 might *in the *eak an o5er,crupu+ou,8 9 ha5e 2in ,hort3 become a++ thing, to a++ men, that 9 might by a++ mean, /at a++ co,t, an in any an e5ery *ay0 ,a5e ,ome 2by *inning them to -aith in 1e,u, Chri,t38 27 "n 9 o thi, -or the ,ake o- the goo ne*, /the .o,pe+0, in or er that 9 may become a participator in it an ,hare in it, 2b+e,,ing, a+ong *ith you38 24 )o you not kno* that in a race a++ the runner, compete, but 2on+y3 one recei5e, the priAe@ $o run 2your race3 that you may +ay ho+ 2o- the priAe3 an make it your,8 25 'o* e5ery ath+ete *ho goe, into training con uct, him,e+- temperate+y an re,trict, him,e+- in a++ thing,8 They o it to *in a *reath that *i++ ,oon *ither, but *e 2 o it to recei5e a cro*n o- eterna+ b+e,,e ne,,3 that cannot *ither8 26 There-ore 9 o not run uncertain+y /*ithout e-inite aim08 9 o not boB +ike one beating the air an ,triking *ithout an a 5er,ary8 27 =ut 2+ike a boBer3 9 bu--et my bo y 2han +e it rough+y, i,cip+ine it by har ,hip,3 an ,ub ue it, -or -ear that a-ter proc+aiming to other, the .o,pe+ an thing, pertaining to it, 9 my,e+- ,hou+ become un-it 2not ,tan the te,t, be unappro5e an re>ecte a, a counter-eit38

Cross references:

A. B.

1 Corinthian, 969 6 )eut 2564 1 Corinthian, 9617 6 )eut 1861

1 Corinthians 1# (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Corinthians 1#
F&E 9 o not *ant you to be ignorant, brethren, that our -ore-ather, *ere a++ un er an protecte by the c+ou 2in *hich .o 4, !re,ence *ent be-ore them3, an e5ery one o- them pa,,e ,a-e+y through the 2Ee 3 $ea, /"0

2 "n each one o- them 2a++o*e him,e+- a+,o3 to be baptiAe into %o,e, in the c+ou an in the ,ea 2they *ere thu, brought un er ob+igation to the La*, to %o,e,, an to the co5enant, con,ecrate an ,et apart to the ,er5ice o- .o 3; 7 4

"n a++ 2o- them3 ate the ,ame ,piritua+ /,upernatura++y gi5en0 -oo , /=0

"n they a++ rank the ,ame ,piritua+ /,upernatura++y gi5en0 rink8 For they rank -rom a ,piritua+ Eock *hich -o++o*e them 2pro uce by the ,o+e po*er o- .o :im,e+- *ithout natura+ in,trumenta+ity3, an the Eock *a, Chri,t8/C0
5 'e5erthe+e,,, .o *a, not p+ea,e *ith the great ma>ority o- them, -or they *ere o5erthro*n an ,tre*n o*n a+ong 2the groun 3 in the *i+ erne,,8/)0 6 'o* the,e thing, are eBamp+e, /*arning, an a monition,0 -or u, not to e,ire or cra5e or co5et or +u,t a-ter e5i+ an carna+ thing, a, they i 8/(0 7 )o not be *or,hiper, o- -a+,e go , a, ,ome o- them *ere, a, it i, *ritten, The peop+e ,at o*n to eat an rink 2the ,acri-ice, o--ere to the go+ en ca+- at :oreb3 an ro,e to ,port /to ance an gi5e *ay to >e,ting an hi+arity08/F0 8


?e mu,t not grati-y e5i+ e,ire an in u+ge in immora+ity a, ,ome o- them i FFan t*entyFthree thou,an en+y3 -e++ ea in a ,ing+e ayH/.0

9 ?e ,hou+ not tempt the Lor 2try :i, patience, become a tria+ to :im, critica++y apprai,e :im, an eBp+oit :i, goo ne,,3 a, ,ome o- them i FFan *ere ki++e by poi,onou, ,erpent,; /:0 1< 'or i,contente +y comp+ain a, ,ome o- them i FFan *ere / eath08/90 2a3

put out o- the *ay entire+y by the e,troyer

11 'o* the,e thing, be-e++ them by *ay o- a -igure 2a, an eBamp+e an *arning to u,3; they *ere *ritten to a moni,h an -it u, -or right action by goo in,truction, *e in *ho,e ay, the age, ha5e reache their c+imaB /their con,ummation an conc+u ing perio 08

There-ore +et anyone *ho think, he ,tan , 2*ho -ee+, ,ure that he ha, a ,tea -a,t min an i, ,tan ing -irm3, take hee +e,t he -a++ 2into ,in38
12 17 For no temptation /no tria+ regar e a, enticing to ,in0, 2no matter ho* it come, or *here it +ea ,3 ha, o5ertaken you an +ai ho+ on you that i, not common to man 2that i,, no temptation or tria+ ha, come to you that i, beyon human re,i,tance an that i, not 2b3a >u,te an 2c3a apte an be+onging to human eBperience, an ,uch a, man can bear38 =ut .o i, -aith-u+ 2to :i, ?or an to :i, compa,,ionate nature3, an :e 2can be tru,te 3 not to +et you be tempte an trie an a,,aye beyon your abi+ity an ,trength o- re,i,tance an po*er to en ure, but *ith the temptation :e *i++ 2a+*ay,3 a+,o pro5i e the *ay out /the mean, o- e,cape to 2 3a +an ing p+ace0, that you may be capab+e an ,trong an po*er-u+ to bear up un er it patient+y8 14 There-ore, my ear+y be+o5e , ,hun /keep c+ear a*ay -rom, a5oi by -+ight i- nee be0 any ,ort o- i o+atry /o+o5ing or 5enerating anything more than .o 08 15 9 am ,peaking a, to inte++igent /,en,ib+e0 men8 Think o5er an make up your min , 2-or your,e+5e,3 about *hat 9 ,ay8 29 appea+ to your rea,on an your i,cernment in the,e matter,83 16 The cup o- b+e,,ing 2o- *ine at the Lor 4, $upper3 upon *hich *e a,k 2.o 4,3 b+e,,ing, oe, it not mean 2that in rinking it3 *e participate in an ,hare a -e++o*,hip /a communion0 in the b+oo o- Chri,t /the %e,,iah0@ The brea *hich *e break, oe, it not mean 2that in eating it3 *e participate in an ,hare a -e++o*,hip /a communion0 in the bo y o- Chri,t@ 17 For *e 2no matter ho*3 numerou, *e are, are one bo y, becau,e *e a++ partake o- the one =rea 2the &ne ?hom the communion brea repre,ent,38 18 Con,i er tho,e 2phy,ica++y3 peop+e o- 9,rae+8 "re not tho,e *ho eat the ,acri-ice, partner, o- the a+tar 2unite in their *or,hip o- the ,ame .o 3@/10 19 ?hat o 9 imp+y then@ That -oo o--ere to i o+, i, 2intrin,ica++y change by the -act an amount, to3 anything or that an i o+ it,e+- i, a 2+i5ing3 thing@ 2< 'o, 9 am ,ugge,ting that *hat the pagan, ,acri-ice they o--er 2in e--ect3 to emon, /to e5i+ ,piritua+ po*er,0 an not to .o 2at a++38 9 o not *ant you to -e++o*,hip an be partner, *ith iabo+ica+ ,pirit, 2by eating at their -ea,t,38/I0 21 Cou cannot rink the Lor 4, cup an the emon,4 cup8 Cou cannot partake o- the Lor 4, tab+e an the emon,4 tab+e8 22 $ha++ *e thu, pro5oke the Lor to >ea+ou,y an anger an in ignation@ "re *e ,tronger than :e 2that *e ,hou+ e-y :im3@/L0

"++ thing, are +egitimate 2permi,,ib+eFFan *e are -ree to o anything *e p+ea,e3, but not a++ thing, are he+p-u+ /eBpe ient, pro-itab+e, an *ho+e,ome08 "++ thing, are +egitimate, but not a++ thing, are con,tructi5e 2to character3 an e i-ying 2to ,piritua+ +i-e38
27 24 Let no one then ,eek hi, o*n goo an a 5antage an pro-it, but 2rather3 each one o- the other 2+et him ,eek the *e+-are o- hi, neighbor38

25 2", to meat o--ere to i o+,3 eat anything that i, ,o+ in the meat market *ithout rai,ing any Due,tion or in5e,tigating on the groun , o- con,cientiou, ,crup+e,, 26

For the 2*ho+e3 earth i, the Lor 4, an e5erything that i, in it8/%0

27 9n ca,e one o- the unbe+ie5er, in5ite, you to a mea+ an you *ant to go, eat *hate5er i, ,er5e to you *ithout eBamining into it, ,ource becau,e o- con,cientiou, ,crup+e,8 28 =ut i- ,omeone te++, you, Thi, ha, been o--ere in ,acri-ice to an i o+, o not eat it, out o- con,i eration -or the per,on *ho in-orme you, an -or con,cience4, ,akeFF 29 9 mean -or the ,ake o- hi, con,cience, not your,, 2 o not eat it38 For *hy ,hou+ another man4, ,crup+e, app+y to me an my +iberty o- action be etermine by hi, con,cience@ 7< 9- 9 partake 2o- my -oo 3 *ith thank-u+ne,,, *hy am 9 accu,e an ,poken e5i+ o- becau,e o- that -or *hich 9 gi5e thank,@ 71 72

$o then, *hether you eat or rink, or *hate5er you may o, o a++ -or the honor an g+ory o- .o 8

)o not +et your,e+5e, be 2hin rance, by gi5ing3 an o--en,e to the 1e*, or to the .reek, or to the church o.o 22e3 o not +ea other, into ,in by your mo e o- +i-e3; 1u,t a, 9 my,e+- ,tri5e to p+ea,e 2to accommo ate my,e+- to the opinion,, e,ire,, an intere,t, o- other,, a apting my,e+- to3 a++ men in e5erything 9 o, not aiming at or con,i ering my o*n pro-it an a 5antage, but that o- the many in or er that they may be ,a5e 8


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1 Corinthian, 1<61< 1o,eph Thayer, " .reekF(ng+i,h LeBicon8 1 Corinthian, 1<617 1o,eph Thayer, " .reekF(ng+i,h LeBicon8 1 Corinthian, 1<617 :enry "+-or , The .reek 'e* Te,tament8 1 Corinthian, 1<617 %ar5in Gincent, ?or $tu ie,8 1 Corinthian, 1<672 1o,eph Thayer, " .reekF(ng+i,h LeBicon8

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1 Corinthians 11 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP)

Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Corinthians 11

!"TT(E' C&#E$(LG($ a-ter me 2-o++o* my eBamp+e3, a, 9 imitate an -o++o* Chri,t /the %e,,iah08

2 9 appreciate an commen you becau,e you a+*ay, remember me in e5erything an keep -irm po,,e,,ion othe tra ition, /the ,ub,tance o- my in,truction,0, >u,t a, 9 ha5e 25erba++y3 pa,,e them on to you8 7 =ut 9 *ant you to kno* an rea+iAe that Chri,t i, the :ea o- e5ery man, the hea o- a *oman i, her hu,ban , an the :ea o- Chri,t i, .o 8 4 "ny man *ho pray, or prophe,ie, /teache,, re-ute,, repro5e,, a moni,he,, an com-ort,0 *ith hi, hea co5ere i,honor, hi, :ea /Chri,t08 5 "n any *oman *ho 2pub+ic+y3 pray, or prophe,ie, /teache,, re-ute,, repro5e,, a moni,he,, or com-ort,0 *hen ,he i, barehea e i,honor, her hea /her hu,ban 0; it i, the ,ame a, 2i- her hea *ere3 ,ha5e 8 6 For i- a *oman *i++ not *ear 2a hea 3 co5ering, then ,he ,hou+ cut o-- her hair too; but i- it i, i,grace-u+ -or a *oman to ha5e her hea ,horn or ,ha5en, +et her co5er 2her hea 38 7 For a man ought not to *ear anything on hi, hea 2in church3, -or he i, the image an 2re-+ecte 3 g+ory o.o 22a3hi, -unction o- go5ernment re-+ect, the ma>e,ty o- the i5ine Eu+e3; but *oman i, 2the eBpre,,ion o-3 man4, g+ory /ma>e,ty, preeminence08/"0 8

For man *a, not 2create 3 -rom *oman, but *oman -rom man; /=0

9 'either *a, man create on account o- or -or the bene-it o- *oman, but *oman on account o- an -or the bene-it o- man8/C0 1<2b3 There-ore ,he ,hou+ 2be ,ub>ect to hi, authority an ,hou+ 3 ha5e a co5ering on her hea 2a, a token, a ,ymbo+, o- her ,ubmi,,ion to authority, 2c3that ,he may ,ho* re5erence a, o3 the ange+, 2an not i,p+ea,e them38 11 'e5erthe+e,,, in 2the p+an o-3 the Lor an -rom :i, point o- 5ie* *oman i, not apart -rom an in epen ent o- man, nor i, man a+oo- -rom an in epen ent o- *oman; 12 For a, *oman *a, ma e -rom man, e5en ,o man i, a+,o born o- *oman; an a++ 2*hether ma+e or -ema+e go -orth3 -rom .o 2a, their "uthor38

Con,i er -or your,e+5e,; i, it proper an .o 2pub+ic+y3 *ith her hea unco5ere @


ecent 2accor ing to your cu,tom,3 -or a *oman to o--er prayer to

14 )oe, not 2 3the nati5e ,en,e o- propriety /eBperience, common ,en,e, rea,on0 it,e+- teach you that -or a man to *ear +ong hair i, a i,honor 2humi+iating an egra ing3 to him, 15 16

=ut i- a *oman ha, +ong hair, it i, her ornament an g+ory@ For her hair i, gi5en to her -or a co5ering8

'o* i- anyone i, i,po,e to be argumentati5e an contentiou, about thi,, *e ho+ to an recogniAe no other cu,tom 2in *or,hip3 than thi,, nor o the churche, o- .o genera++y8
17 =ut in *hat 9 in,truct 2you3 neBt 9 o not commen 2you3, becau,e *hen you meet together, it i, not -or the better but -or the *or,e8 18 For in the -ir,t p+ace, *hen you a,,emb+e a, a congregation, 9 hear that there are c+iDue, / i5i,ion, an -action,0 among you; an 9 in part be+ie5e it, 19 For oubt+e,, there ha5e to be -action, or partie, among you in or er that they *ho are genuine an oappro5e -itne,, may become e5i ent an p+ain+y recogniAe among you8 2< 21

$o *hen you gather -or your meeting,, it i, not the ,upper in,titute by the Lor that you eat,

For in eating each one 2hurrie,3 to get hi, o*n ,upper -ir,t 2not *aiting -or the poor3, an one goe, hungry *hi+e another get, runk8
22 ?hatH )o you ha5e no hou,e, in *hich to eat an rink@ &r o you e,pi,e the church o- .o an mean to ,ho* contempt -or it, *hi+e you humi+iate tho,e *ho are poor /ha5e no home, an ha5e brought no -oo 0@ ?hat ,ha++ 9 ,ay to you@ $ha++ 9 commen you in thi,@ 'o, 2mo,t certain+y3 9 *i++ notH 27 For 9 recei5e -rom the Lor :im,e+- that *hich 9 pa,,e on to you 2it *a, gi5en to me per,ona++y3, that the Lor 1e,u, on the night *hen :e *a, treacherou,+y e+i5ere up an *hi+e :i, betraya+ *a, in progre,, took brea , 24 "n *hen :e ha gi5en thank,, :e broke 2it3 an ,ai , Take, eat8 Thi, i, %y bo y, *hich i, broken -or you8 )o thi, to ca++ %e 2a--ectionate+y3 to remembrance8 25 $imi+ar+y *hen ,upper *a, en e , :e took the cup a+,o, ,aying, Thi, cup i, the ne* co5enant 2rati-ie an e,tab+i,he 3 in %y b+oo 8 )o thi,, a, o-ten a, you rink 2it3, to ca++ %e 2a--ectionate+y3 to remembrance8

26 For e5ery time you eat thi, brea an rink thi, cup, you are repre,enting an ,igni-ying an proc+aiming the -act o- the Lor 4, eath unti+ :e come, 2again38 27 $o then *hoe5er eat, the brea or rink, the cup o- the Lor in a *ay that i, un*orthy 2o- :im3 *i++ be gui+ty o- 2pro-aning an ,inning again,t3 the bo y an b+oo o- the Lor 8 28 Let a man 2thorough+y3 eBamine him,e+-, an 2on+y *hen he ha, one3 ,o ,hou+ he eat o- the brea an rink o- the cup8 29 For anyone *ho eat, an rink, *ithout i,criminating an recogniAing *ith ue appreciation that 2it i, Chri,t4,3 bo y, eat, an rink, a ,entence /a 5er ict o- >u gment0 upon him,e+-8 7< That 2care+e,, an un*orthy participation3 i, the rea,on many o- you are *eak an ,ick+y, an Duite enough o- you ha5e -a++en into the ,+eep o- eath8 71 For i- *e ,earching+y eBamine our,e+5e, 2 etecting our ,hortcoming, an recogniAing our o*n con ition3, *e ,hou+ not be >u ge an pena+ty ecree 2by the i5ine >u gment38 72 =ut *hen *e 2-a++ ,hort an 3 are >u ge by the Lor , *e are i,cip+ine an cha,tene , ,o that *e may not 2-ina++y3 be con emne 2to eterna+ puni,hment a+ong3 *ith the *or+ 8 77 74

$o then, my brother,, *hen you gather together to eat 2the Lor 4, $upper3, *ait -or one another8

9- anyone i, hungry, +et him eat at home, +e,t you come together to bring >u gment 2on your,e+5e,38 "bout the other matter,, 9 *i++ gi5e you irection, 2per,ona++y3 *hen 9 come8


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Cross references: 1 Corinthian, 1167 6 .en 1626 1 Corinthian, 1168 6 .en 2621F27 1 Corinthian, 1169 6 .en 2618

1 Corinthians 12 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Corinthians 12
'&? "=&#T the ,piritua+ gi-t, /the ,pecia+ en o*ment, o- ,upernatura+ energy0, brethren, 9 o not *ant you to be mi,in-orme 8
1 2 Cou kno* that *hen you *ere heathen, you *ere +e o-- a-ter i o+, that cou+ not ,peak 2habitua++y3 a, impu+,e irecte an *hene5er the occa,ion might ari,e8 7 There-ore 9 *ant you to un er,tan that no one ,peaking un er the po*er an in-+uence o- the 2:o+y3 $pirit o.o can 2e5er3 ,ay, 1e,u, be cur,e H "n no one can 2rea++y3 ,ay, 1e,u, i, 2my3 Lor , eBcept by an un er the po*er an in-+uence o- the :o+y $pirit8 4 'o* there are i,tincti5e 5arietie, an i,tribution, o- en o*ment, /gi-t,, 2a3eBtraor inary po*er, i,tingui,hing certain Chri,tian,, ue to the po*er o- i5ine grace operating in their ,ou+, by the :o+y $pirit0 an they 5ary, but the 2:o+y3 $pirit remain, the ,ame8 5

"n there are i,tincti5e 5arietie, o- ,er5ice an mini,tration, but it i, the ,ame Lor 2?ho i, ,er5e 38

6 "n there are i,tincti5e 5arietie, o- operation 2o- *orking to accomp+i,h thing,3, but it i, the ,ame .o ?ho in,pire, an energiAe, them a++ in a++8 7 =ut to each one i, gi5en the mani-e,tation o- the 2:o+y3 $pirit 2the e5i ence, the ,piritua+ i++umination o- the $pirit3 -or goo an pro-it8 8 To one i, gi5en in an through the 2:o+y3 $pirit 2the po*er to ,peak3 a me,,age o- *i, om, an to another 2the po*er to eBpre,,3 a *or o- kno*+e ge an un er,tan ing accor ing to the ,ame 2:o+y3 $pirit; 9 To another 22b3*on erF*orking3 -aith by the ,ame 2:o+y3 $pirit, to another the eBtraor inary po*er, o- hea+ing by the one $pirit; 1< To another the *orking o- mirac+e,, to another prophetic in,ight /2c3the gi-t o- interpreting the i5ine *i++ an purpo,e0; to another the abi+ity to i,cern an i,tingui,h bet*een 2the utterance, o- true3 ,pirit, 2an -a+,e one,3, to another 5ariou, kin , o- 2unkno*n3 tongue,, to another the abi+ity to interpret 2,uch3 tongue,8 11 "++ the,e 2gi-t,, achie5ement,, abi+itie,3 are in,pire an brought to pa,, by one an the ,ame 2:o+y3 $pirit, ?ho apportion, to each per,on in i5i ua++y 2eBact+y3 a, :e choo,e,8 12 For >u,t a, the bo y i, a unity an yet ha, many part,, an a++ the part,, though many, -orm 2on+y3 one bo y, ,o it i, *ith Chri,t /the %e,,iah, the "nointe &ne08 17 For by 22 3mean, o- the per,ona+ agency o-3 one 2:o+y3 $pirit *e *ere a++, *hether 1e*, or .reek,, ,+a5e, or -ree, baptiAe 2an 2e3by bapti,m unite together3 into one bo y, an a++ ma e to rink o- one 2:o+y3 $pirit8 14 15

For the bo y oe, not con,i,t o- one +imb or organ but o- many8

9- the -oot ,hou+ ,ay, =ecau,e 9 am not the han , 9 o not be+ong to the bo y, *ou+ it be there-ore not 2a part3 o- the bo y@
16 9- the ear ,hou+ ,ay, =ecau,e 9 am not the eye, 9 o not be+ong to the bo y, *ou+ it be there-ore not 2a part3 o- the bo y@ 17 9- the *ho+e bo y *ere an eye, *here 2*ou+ be the ,en,e o-3 hearing@ 9- the *ho+e bo y *ere an ear, *here 2*ou+ be the ,en,e o-3 ,me++@ 18 =ut a, it i,, .o ha, p+ace an arrange the +imb, an organ, in the bo y, each 2particu+ar one3 o- them, >u,t a, :e *i,he an ,a* -it an *ith the be,t a aptation8 19 2< 21

=ut i- 2the *ho+e3 *ere a++ a ,ing+e organ, *here *ou+ the bo y be@ "n no* there are 2certain+y3 many +imb, an organ,, but a ,ing+e bo y8

"n the eye i, not ab+e to ,ay to the han , 9 ha5e no nee o- you, nor again the hea to the -eet, 9 ha5e no nee o- you8
22 27

=ut in,tea , there i, 2ab,o+ute3 nece,,ity -or the part, o- the bo y that are con,i ere the more *eak8

"n tho,e 2part,3 o- the bo y *hich *e con,i er rather ignob+e are 2the 5ery part,3 *hich *e in5e,t *ith a itiona+ honor, an our un,eem+y part, an tho,e un,uitab+e -or eBpo,ure are treate *ith ,eem+ine,, /mo e,ty an ecorum0, ?hich our more pre,entab+e part, o not reDuire8 =ut .o ha, ,o a >u,te /ming+e , harmoniAe , an ,ubt+y proportione the part, o-0 the *ho+e bo y, gi5ing the greater honor an richer en o*ment to the in-erior part, *hich +ack 2apparent importance3,
24 25 $o that there ,hou+ be no i5i,ion or i,cor or +ack o- a aptation 2o- the part, o- the bo y to each other3, but the member, a++ a+ike ,hou+ ha5e a mutua+ intere,t in an care -or one another8 26 "n i- one member ,u--er,, a++ the part, 2,hare3 the ,u--ering; i- one member i, honore , a++ the member, 2,hare in3 the en>oyment o- it8 27 'o* you 2co++ecti5e+y3 are Chri,t4, bo y an 2in i5i ua++y3 you are member, o- it, each part ,e5era++y an i,tinct 2each *ith hi, o*n p+ace an -unction38 28 $o .o ha, appointe ,ome in the church 22-3-or :i, o*n u,e36 -ir,t apo,t+e, /,pecia+ me,,enger,0; ,econ prophet, /in,pire preacher, an eBpoun er,0; thir teacher,; then *on erF*orker,; then tho,e *ith abi+ity to hea+ the ,ick; he+per,; a mini,trator,; 2,peaker, in3 i--erent /unkno*n0 tongue,8 29 "re a++ apo,t+e, /,pecia+ me,,enger,0@ "re a++ prophet, /in,pire interpreter, o- the *i++ an purpo,e, o.o 0@ "re a++ teacher,@ )o a++ ha5e the po*er o- per-orming mirac+e,@ 7< 71

)o a++ po,,e,, eBtraor inary po*er, o- hea+ing@ )o a++ ,peak *ith tongue,@ )o a++ interpret@

=ut earne,t+y e,ire an Aea+ou,+y cu+ti5ate the greate,t an be,t gi-t, an grace, /the higher gi-t, an the choice,t grace,08 "n yet 9 *i++ ,ho* you a ,ti++ more eBce++ent *ay 2one that i, better by -ar an the highe,t othem a++FF+o5e38



1 Corinthian, 1264 1o,eph Thayer, " .reekF(ng+i,h LeBicon8

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1 Corinthians 1$ (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Corinthians 1$
9F 9 2can3 ,peak in the tongue, o- men an 2e5en3 o- ange+,, but ha5e not +o5e /that rea,oning, intentiona+, ,piritua+ e5otion ,uch 2a3a, i, in,pire by .o 4, +o5e -or an in u,0, 9 am on+y a noi,y gong or a c+anging cymba+8
1 2 "n i- 9 ha5e prophetic po*er, /2b3the gi-t o- interpreting the i5ine *i++ an purpo,e0, an un er,tan a++ the ,ecret truth, an my,terie, an po,,e,, a++ kno*+e ge, an i- 9 ha5e 2,u--icient3 -aith ,o that 9 can remo5e mountain,, but ha5e not +o5e /.o 4, +o5e in me0 9 am nothing /a u,e+e,, nobo y08 7 (5en i- 9 o+e out a++ that 9 ha5e 2to the poor in pro5i ing3 -oo , an i- 9 ,urren er my bo y to be burne or in or er that 9 may g+ory, but ha5e not +o5e /.o 4, +o5e in me0, 9 gain nothing8 4 Lo5e en ure, +ong an i, patient an kin ; +o5e ne5er i, en5iou, nor boi+, o5er *ith >ea+ou,y, i, not boa,t-u+ or 5aing+oriou,, oe, not i,p+ay it,e+- haughti+y8 2c3

9t i, not conceite /arrogant an in-+ate *ith pri e0; it i, not ru e /unmanner+y0 an oe, not act unbecoming+y8 Lo5e /.o 4, +o5e in u,0 oe, not in,i,t on it, o*n right, or it, o*n *ay, -or it i, not ,e+-F,eeking; it i, not touchy or -ret-u+ or re,ent-u+; it take, no account o- the e5i+ one to it 2it pay, no attention to a ,u--ere *rong38
5 6 7

9t oe, not re>oice at in>u,tice an unrighteou,ne,,, but re>oice, *hen right an truth pre5ai+8

Lo5e bear, up un er anything an e5erything that come,, i, e5er rea y to be+ie5e the be,t o- e5ery per,on, it, hope, are -a e+e,, un er a++ circum,tance,, an it en ure, e5erything 2*ithout *eakening38
8 Lo5e ne5er -ai+, 2ne5er -a e, out or become, ob,o+ete or come, to an en 38 ", -or prophecy / 2 3the gi-t ointerpreting the i5ine *i++ an purpo,e0, it *i++ be -u+-i++e an pa,, a*ay; a, -or tongue,, they *i++ be e,troye an cea,e; a, -or kno*+e ge, it *i++ pa,, a*ay 2it *i++ +o,e it, 5a+ue an be ,uper,e e by truth38 9 For our kno*+e ge i, -ragmentary /incomp+ete an imper-ect0, an our prophecy /our teaching0 i, -ragmentary /incomp+ete an imper-ect08 1< =ut *hen the comp+ete an per-ect /tota+0 come,, the incomp+ete an imper-ect *i++ 5ani,h a*ay /become antiDuate , 5oi , an ,uper,e e 08 11 ?hen 9 *a, a chi+ , 9 ta+ke +ike a chi+ , 9 thought +ike a chi+ , 9 rea,one +ike a chi+ ; no* that 9 ha5e become a man, 9 am one *ith chi+ i,h *ay, an ha5e put them a,i e8 12 For no* *e are +ooking in a mirror that gi5e, on+y a im /b+urre 0 re-+ection 2o- rea+ity a, 2e3in a ri +e or enigma3, but then 2*hen per-ection come,3 *e ,ha++ ,ee in rea+ity an -ace to -aceH 'o* 9 kno* in part /imper-ect+y0, but then 9 ,ha++ kno* an un er,tan 2-3-u++y an c+ear+y, e5en in the ,ame manner a, 9 ha5e been 2g3 -u++y an c+ear+y kno*n an un er,too 22h3by .o 38 17 "n ,o -aith, hope, +o5e abi e 2-aithFFcon5iction an be+ie- re,pecting man4, re+ation to .o an i5ine thing,; hopeFF>oy-u+ an con-i ent eBpectation o- eterna+ ,a+5ation; +o5eFFtrue a--ection -or .o an man, gro*ing out o- .o 4, +o5e -or an in u,3, the,e three; but the greate,t o- the,e i, +o5e8



1 Corinthian, 1761 "+eBan er $outer, !ocket LeBicon8

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1 Corinthians 14 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Corinthians 14
(".(ELC !#E$#( an ,eek to acDuire 2thi,3 +o5e 2make it your aim, your great Due,t3; an earne,t+y e,ire an cu+ti5ate the ,piritua+ en o*ment, /gi-t,0, e,pecia++y that you may prophe,y / 2a3interpret the i5ine *i++ an purpo,e in in,pire preaching an teaching08

For one *ho ,peak, in an 2unkno*n3 tongue ,peak, not to men but to .o , -or no one un er,tan , or catche, hi, meaning, becau,e in the 2:o+y3 $pirit he utter, ,ecret truth, an hi en thing, 2not ob5iou, to the un er,tan ing38
2 7 =ut 2on the other han 3, the one *ho prophe,ie, 2*ho 2b3interpret, the i5ine *i++ an purpo,e in in,pire preaching an teaching3 ,peak, to men -or their upbui+ ing an con,tructi5e ,piritua+ progre,, an encouragement an con,o+ation8 4 :e *ho ,peak, in a 2,trange3 tongue e i-ie, an impro5e, him,e+-, but he *ho prophe,ie, 2 2c3interpreting the i5ine *i++ an purpo,e an teaching *ith in,piration3 e i-ie, an impro5e, the church an promote, gro*th 2in Chri,tian *i, om, piety, ho+ine,,, an happine,,38 5 'o* 9 *i,h that you might a++ ,peak in 2unkno*n3 tongue,, but more e,pecia++y 29 *ant you3 to prophe,y /to be in,pire to preach an interpret the i5ine *i++ an purpo,e08 :e *ho prophe,ie, 2*ho i, in,pire to preach an teach3 i, greater /more u,e-u+ an more important0 than he *ho ,peak, in 2unkno*n3 tongue,, un+e,, he ,hou+ interpret 2*hat he ,ay,3, ,o that the church may be e i-ie an recei5e goo 2-rom it38 6 'o*, brethren, i- 9 come to you ,peaking in 2unkno*n3 tongue,, ho* ,ha++ 9 make it to your a 5antage un+e,, 9 ,peak to you either in re5e+ation / i,c+o,ure o- .o 4, *i++ to man0 in kno*+e ge or in prophecy or in in,truction@ 7 9- e5en inanimate mu,ica+ in,trument,, ,uch a, the -+ute or the harp, o not gi5e i,tinct note,, ho* *i++ anyone 2+i,tening3 kno* or un er,tan *hat i, p+aye @ 8 9

"n i- the *ar bug+e gi5e, an uncertain /in i,tinct0 ca++, *ho *i++ prepare -or batt+e@

1u,t ,o it i, *ith you; i- you in the 2unkno*n3 tongue ,peak *or , that are not inte++igib+e, ho* *i++ anyone un er,tan *hat you are ,aying@ For you *i++ be ta+king into empty ,paceH
1< There are, 9 ,uppo,e, a++ the,e many 2to u, unkno*n3 tongue, in the *or+ 2,ome*here3, an none i, e,titute o- 2it, o*n po*er o-3 eBpre,,ion an meaning8 11 =ut i- 9 o not kno* the -orce an ,igni-icance o- the ,peech /+anguage0, 9 ,ha++ ,eem to be a -oreigner to the one *ho ,peak, 2to me3, an the ,peaker *ho a re,,e, 2me3 *i++ ,eem a -oreigner to me8 12 $o it i, *ith your,e+5e,; ,ince you are ,o eager an ambitiou, to po,,e,, ,piritua+ en o*ment, an mani-e,tation, o- the 2:o+y3 $pirit, 2concentrate on3 ,tri5ing to eBce+ an to aboun 2in them3 in *ay, that *i++ bui+ up the church8 17 There-ore, the per,on *ho ,peak, in an 2unkno*n3 tongue ,hou+ pray 2-or the po*er3 to interpret an eBp+ain *hat he ,ay,8

For i- 9 pray in an 2unkno*n3 tongue, my ,pirit 2by the unpro ucti5e 2it bear, no -ruit an he+p, nobo y38

2 3

:o+y $pirit *ithin me3 pray,, but my min i,

15 Then *hat am 9 to o@ 9 *i++ pray *ith my ,pirit 2by the 2e3:o+y $pirit that i, *ithin me3, but 9 *i++ a+,o pray 2inte++igent+y3 *ith my min an un er,tan ing; 9 *i++ ,ing *ith my ,pirit 2by the :o+y $pirit that i, *ithin me3, but 9 *i++ ,ing 2inte++igent+y3 *ith my min an un er,tan ing a+,o8 16 &ther*i,e, i- you b+e,, an ren er thank, *ith 2your3 ,pirit 22-3thorough+y arou,e by the :o+y $pirit3, ho* can anyone in the po,ition o- an out,i er or he *ho i, not gi-te *ith 2interpreting o- unkno*n3 tongue,, ,ay the "men to your thank,gi5ing, ,ince he oe, not kno* *hat you are ,aying@ 29 Chron8 16676; !,8 1<664883 17 18 19

To be ,ure, you may gi5e thank, *e++ /nob+y0, but the by,tan er i, not e i-ie 2it oe, him no goo 38 9 thank .o that 9 ,peak in 2,trange3 tongue, /+anguage,0 more than any o- you or a++ o- you put together;

'e5erthe+e,,, in pub+ic *or,hip, 9 *ou+ rather ,ay -i5e *or , *ith my un er,tan ing an inte++igent+y in or er to in,truct other,, than ten thou,an *or , in a 2,trange3 tongue /+anguage08
2< =rethren, o not be chi+ ren 2immature3 in your thinking; continue to be babe, in 2matter, o-3 e5i+, but in your min , be mature 2men38 21 9t i, *ritten in the La*, =y men o- ,trange +anguage, an by the +ip, o- -oreigner, *i++ 9 ,peak to thi, peop+e, an not e5en then *i++ they +i,ten to %e, ,ay, the Lor 8 /"0 22 Thu, 2unkno*n3 tongue, are meant -or a 2,upernatura+3 ,ign, not -or be+ie5er, but -or unbe+ie5er, 2on the point o- be+ie5ing3, *hi+e prophecy /in,pire preaching an teaching, interpreting the i5ine *i++ an purpo,e0 i, not -or unbe+ie5er, 2on the point o- be+ie5ing3 but -or be+ie5er,8 27 There-ore, i- the *ho+e church a,,emb+e, an a++ o- you ,peak in 2unkno*n3 tongue,, an the ungi-te an uninitiate or unbe+ie5er, come in, *i++ they not ,ay that you are emente @ 24 =ut i- a++ prophe,y 2gi5ing in,pire te,timony an interpreting the i5ine *i++ an purpo,e3 an an unbe+ie5er or untaught out,i er come, in, he i, to+ o- hi, ,in an repro5e an con5icte an con5ince by a++, an hi, e-ect, an nee , are eBamine /e,timate , etermine 0 an he i, ca++e to account by a++, 25 The ,ecret, o- hi, heart are +ai bare; an ,o, -a++ing on 2hi,3 -ace, he *i++ *or,hip .o , ec+aring that .o i, among you in 5ery truth8 26 ?hat then, brethren, i, 2the right cour,e3@ ?hen you meet together, each one ha, a hymn, a teaching, a i,c+o,ure o- ,pecia+ kno*+e ge or in-ormation, an utterance in a 2,trange3 tongue, or an interpretation o- it8 2=ut3 +et e5erything be con,tructi5e an e i-ying an -or the goo o- a++8 27 9- ,ome ,peak in a 2,trange3 tongue, +et the number be +imite to t*o or at the mo,t three, an each one 2taking hi,3 turn, an +et one interpret an eBp+ain 2*hat i, ,ai 38 28 =ut i- there i, no one to o the interpreting, +et each o- them keep ,ti++ in church an ta+k to him,e+- an to .o 8 29 $o +et t*o or three prophet, ,peak 2tho,e in,pire to preach or teach3, *hi+e the re,t pay attention an *eigh an i,cern *hat i, ,ai 8 7< 71

=ut i- an in,pire re5e+ation come, to another *ho i, ,itting by, then +et the -ir,t one be ,i+ent8

For in thi, *ay you can gi5e te,timony 2prophe,ying an thu, interpreting the i5ine *i++ an purpo,e3 one by one, ,o that a++ may be in,tructe an a++ may be ,timu+ate an encourage ;
72 For the ,pirit, o- the prophet, /the ,peaker, in tongue,0 are un er the ,peaker4, contro+ 2an ,ub>ect to being ,i+ence a, may be nece,,ary3, 77 For :e 2?ho i, the ,ource o- their prophe,ying3 i, not a .o o- con-u,ion an or er8 ", 2i, the practice3 in a++ the churche, o- the ,aint, /.o 4, peop+e0,

i,or er but o- peace an

74 The *omen ,hou+ keep Duiet in the churche,, -or they are not authoriAe to ,peak, but ,hou+ take a ,econ ary an ,ubor inate p+ace, >u,t a, the La* a+,o ,ay,8/=0 75 =ut i- there i, anything they *ant to +earn, they ,hou+ a,k their o*n hu,ban , at home, -or it i, i,grace-u+ -or a *oman to ta+k in church 22g3-or her to u,urp an eBerci,e authority o5er men in the church38 76 77

?hatH )i the *or o- the Lor originate *ith you 2Corinthian,3, or ha, it reache on+y you@

9- anyone think, an c+aim, that he i, a prophet 2-i++e *ith an go5erne by the :o+y $pirit o- .o an in,pire to interpret the i5ine *i++ an purpo,e in preaching or teaching3 or ha, any other ,piritua+ en o*ment, +et him un er,tan /recogniAe an ackno*+e ge0 that *hat 9 am *riting to you i, a comman o- the Lor 8
78 =ut i- anyone i,regar , or oe, not recogniAe 22h3that it i, a comman o- the Lor 3, he i, i,regar e an not recogniAe 2he i, 2i3one *hom .o kno*, not38 79 $o 2to conc+u e3, my brethren, earne,t+y e,ire an ,et your heart, on prophe,ying /on being in,pire to preach an teach an to interpret .o 4, *i++ an purpo,e0, an o not -orbi or hin er ,peaking in 2unkno*n3 tongue,8 4<

=ut a++ thing, ,hou+ be one *ith regar to ecency an propriety an in an or er+y -a,hion8


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1 Corinthians 15 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Corinthians 15
"') '&? +et me remin you 2,ince it ,eem, to ha5e e,cape you3, brethren, o- the .o,pe+ /the g+a ti ing, o,a+5ation0 *hich 9 proc+aime to you, *hich you *e+come an accepte an upon *hich your -aith re,t,,
1 2 "n by *hich you are ,a5e , i- you ho+ -a,t an keep -irm+y *hat 9 preache to you, un+e,, you be+ie5e at -ir,t *ithout e--ect an a++ -or nothing8 7 For 9 pa,,e on to you -ir,t o- a++ *hat 9 a+,o ha recei5e , that Chri,t /the %e,,iah, the "nointe &ne0 ie -or our ,in, in accor ance *ith 2*hat3 the $cripture, 2-oreto+ 3,/"0 4 5 6

That :e *a, burie , that :e aro,e on the thir

ay a, the $cripture, -oreto+ ,/=0

"n 2a+,o3 that :e appeare to Cepha, /!eter0, then to the T*e+5e8

Then +ater :e ,ho*e :im,e+- to more than -i5e hun re brethren at one time, the ma>ority o- *hom are ,ti++ a+i5e, but ,ome ha5e -a++en a,+eep 2in eath38
7 8

"-ter*ar :e *a, ,een by 1ame,, then by a++ the apo,t+e, /the ,pecia+ me,,enger,0,

"n +a,t o- a++ :e appeare to me a+,o, a, to one premature+y an born ea 2 2a3no better than an unper-ecte -etu, among +i5ing men38
9 For 9 am the +ea,t 2*orthy3 o- the apo,t+e,, *ho am not -it or e,er5ing to be ca++e an apo,t+e, becau,e 9 once *ronge an pur,ue an mo+e,te the church o- .o 2oppre,,ing it *ith crue+ty an 5io+ence38 1< =ut by the grace /the unmerite -a5or an b+e,,ing0 o- .o 9 am *hat 9 am, an :i, grace to*ar me *a, not 2-oun to be3 -or nothing /-ruit+e,, an *ithout e--ect08 9n -act, 9 *orke har er than a++ o- them 2the apo,t+e,3, though it *a, not rea++y 9, but the grace /the unmerite -a5or an b+e,,ing0 o- .o *hich *a, *ith me8

$o, *hether then it *a, 9 or they, thi, i, *hat *e preach an thi, i, *hat you be+ie5e 2*hat you a here to, tru,te in, an re+ie on38
11 12 =ut no* i- Chri,t /the %e,,iah0 i, preache a, rai,e -rom the ea , ho* i, it that ,ome o- you ,ay that there i, no re,urrection o- the ea @ 17

=ut i- there i, no re,urrection o- the ea , then Chri,t ha, not ri,en;

14 "n i- Chri,t ha, not ri,en, then our preaching i, in 5ain 2it amount, to nothing3 an your -aith i, e5oi otruth an i, -ruit+e,, /*ithout e--ect, empty, imaginary, an un-oun e 08 15 ?e are e5en i,co5ere to be mi,repre,enting .o , -or *e te,ti-ie o- :im that :e rai,e Chri,t, ?hom :e i not rai,e in ca,e it i, true that the ea are not rai,e 8 16 17

For i- the ea are not rai,e , then Chri,t ha, not been rai,e ;

"n i- Chri,t ha, not been rai,e , your -aith i, mere e+u,ion 2-uti+e, -ruit+e,,3, an you are ,ti++ in your ,in, 2un er the contro+ an pena+ty o- ,in3;
18 19

"n -urther, tho,e *ho ha5e ie in 22b3,piritua+ -e++o*,hip an union *ith3 Chri,t ha5e peri,he /are +o,t0H

9- *e *ho are 2abi ing3 in Chri,t ha5e hope on+y in thi, +i-e an that i, a++, then *e are o- a++ peop+e mo,t mi,erab+e an to be pitie 8
2< =ut the -act i, that Chri,t /the %e,,iah0 ha, been rai,e -rom the ea , an :e became the -ir,t-ruit, otho,e *ho ha5e -a++en a,+eep 2in eath38 21 For ,ince 2it *a,3 through a man that eath 2came into the *or+ , it i,3 a+,o through a %an that the re,urrection o- the ea 2ha, come38

For >u,t a, 2becau,e o- their 2c3union o- nature3 in " am a++ peop+e ie, ,o a+,o 2by 5irtue o- their nature3 ,ha++ a++ in Chri,t be ma e a+i5e8

2 3

union o-

27 =ut each in hi, o*n rank an turn6 Chri,t /the %e,,iah0 2i,3 the -ir,t-ruit,, then tho,e *ho are Chri,t4, 2o*n *i++ be re,urrecte 3 at :i, coming8 24 "-ter that come, the en /the comp+etion0, *hen :e e+i5er, o5er the king om to .o the Father a-ter ren ering inoperati5e an abo+i,hing e5ery 2other3 ru+e an e5ery authority an po*er8 25 26 27

For 2Chri,t3 mu,t be Iing an reign unti+ :e ha, put a++ 2:i,3 enemie, un er :i, -eet8 /C0 The +a,t enemy to be ,ub ue an abo+i,he i, eath8

For :e 2the Father3 ha, put a++ thing, in ,ub>ection un er :i, 2Chri,t4,3 -eet8 =ut *hen it ,ay,, "++ thing, are put in ,ub>ection 2un er :im3, it i, e5i ent that :e 2:im,e+-3 i, eBcepte ?ho oe, the ,ub>ecting o- a++ thing, to :im8/)0
28 :o*e5er, *hen e5erything i, ,ub>ecte to :im, then the $on :im,e+- *i++ a+,o ,ub>ect :im,e+- to 2the Father3 ?ho put a++ thing, un er :im, ,o that .o may be a++ in a++ 2be e5erything to e5eryone, ,upreme, the in *e++ing an contro++ing -actor o- +i-e38 29 &ther*i,e, *hat o peop+e mean by being 2them,e+5e,3 baptiAe in beha+- o- the ea @ 9- the ea are not rai,e at a++, *hy are peop+e baptiAe -or them@ 7< 71

2For that matter3, *hy o 9 +i5e 2 angerou,+y a, 9 o, running ,uch ri,k, that 9 am3 in peri+ e5ery hour@

29 a,,ure you3 by the pri e *hich 9 ha5e in you in 2your that 9 ie ai+y 29 -ace eath e5ery ay an ie to ,e+-38

-e++o*,hip an union *ith3 Chri,t 1e,u, our Lor ,

72 ?hat o 9 gain i-, mere+y -rom the human point o- 5ie*, 9 -ought *ith 2*i+ 3 bea,t, at (phe,u,@ 9- the ea are not rai,e 2at a++3, +et u, eat an rink, -or tomorro* *e *i++ be ea 8/(0 77 )o not be ,o ecei5e an mi,+e H (5i+ companion,hip, /communion, a,,ociation,0 corrupt an manner, an mora+, an character8

epra5e goo

74 "*ake 22-3-rom your runken ,tupor an return3 to ,ober ,en,e an your right min ,, an ,in no more8 For ,ome o- you ha5e not the kno*+e ge o- .o 2you are utter+y an *i++-u++y an i,grace-u++y ignorant, an continue to be ,o, +acking the ,en,e o- .o 4, pre,ence an a++ true kno*+e ge o- :im38 9 ,ay thi, to your ,hame8 75 76

=ut ,omeone *i++ ,ay, :o* can the ea be rai,e @ ?ith *hat 2kin o-3 bo y *i++ they come -orth@

Cou -oo+i,h manH (5ery time you p+ant ,ee , you ,o* ,omething that oe, not come to +i-e 2germinating, ,pringing up, an gro*ing3 un+e,, it ie, -ir,t8
77 'or i, the ,ee you ,o* then the bo y *hich it i, going to ha5e 2+ater3, but it i, a nake kerne+, perhap, o*heat or ,ome o- the re,t o- the grain,8 78

=ut .o gi5e, to it the bo y that :e p+an, an ,ee, -it, an to each kin o- ,ee a bo y o- it, o*n8/F0

79 For a++ -+e,h i, not the ,ame, but there i, one kin -or human,, another -or bea,t,, another -or bir ,, an another -or -i,h8 4< There are hea5en+y bo ie, /,un, moon, an ,tar,0 an there are earth+y bo ie, /men, anima+,, an p+ant,0, but the beauty an g+ory o- the hea5en+y bo ie, i, o- one kin , *hi+e the beauty an g+ory o- earth+y bo ie, i, a i--erent kin 8 41 The ,un i, g+oriou, in one *ay, the moon i, g+oriou, in another *ay, an the ,tar, are g+oriou, in their o*n 2 i,tincti5e3 *ay; -or one ,tar i--er, -rom an ,urpa,,e, another in it, beauty an bri++iance8 42 $o it i, *ith the re,urrection o- the ea 8 2The bo y3 that i, ,o*n i, peri,hab+e an that i, re,urrecte i, imperi,hab+e /immune to ecay, immorta+08/.0

ecay,, but 2the bo y3

47 9t i, ,o*n in i,honor an humi+iation; it i, rai,e in honor an g+ory8 9t i, ,o*n in in-irmity an *eakne,,; it i, re,urrecte in ,trength an en ue *ith po*er8 44 9t i, ,o*n a natura+ /phy,ica+0 bo y; it i, rai,e a ,upernatura+ /a ,piritua+0 bo y8 2", ,ure+y a,3 there i, a phy,ica+ bo y, there i, a+,o a ,piritua+ bo y8 45 Thu, it i, *ritten, The -ir,t man " am became a +i5ing being /an in i5i ua+ per,ona+ity0; the +a,t " am /Chri,t0 became a +i-eFgi5ing $pirit 2re,toring the ea to +i-e38/:0 46 47

=ut it i, not the ,piritua+ +i-e *hich came -ir,t, but the phy,ica+ an then the ,piritua+8

The -ir,t man 2*a,3 -rom out o- earth, ma e o- u,t /earth+yFmin e 0; the ,econ %an 2i,3 the Lor -rom out o- hea5en8/90
48 'o* tho,e *ho are ma e o- the u,t are +ike him *ho *a, -ir,t ma e o- the u,t /earth+yFmin e 0; an a, i, 2the %an3 -rom hea5en, ,o a+,o 2are tho,e3 *ho are o- hea5en /hea5en+yFmin e 08 49 "n >u,t a, *e ha5e borne the image 2o- the man3 o- u,t, ,o ,ha++ *e an ,o 2o- the %an3 o- hea5en8 2g3

+et u, a+,o bear the image

5< =ut 9 te++ you thi,, brethren, -+e,h an b+oo cannot 2become partaker, o- eterna+ ,a+5ation an 3 inherit or ,hare in the king om o- .o ; nor oe, the peri,hab+e /that *hich i, ecaying0 inherit or ,hare in the imperi,hab+e /the immorta+08 51 Take noticeH 9 te++ you a my,tery /a ,ecret truth, an e5ent ecree by the hi ?e ,ha++ not a++ -a++ a,+eep 2in eath3, but *e ,ha++ a++ be change /tran,-orme 0

en purpo,e or coun,e+ o- .o 08

52 9n a moment, in the t*ink+ing o- an eye, at the 2,oun o- the3 +a,t trumpet ca++8 For a trumpet *i++ ,oun , an the ea 2in Chri,t3 *i++ be rai,e imperi,hab+e /-ree an immune -rom ecay0, an *e ,ha++ be change /tran,-orme 08 57 For thi, peri,hab+e 2part o- u,3 mu,t put on the imperi,hab+e 2nature3, an thi, morta+ 2part o- u,, thi, nature that i, capab+e o- ying3 mu,t put on immorta+ity /-ree om -rom eath08 54 "n *hen thi, peri,hab+e put, on the imperi,hab+e an thi, that *a, capab+e o- ying put, on -ree om -rom eath, then ,ha++ be -u+-i++e the $cripture that ,ay,, )eath i, ,*a++o*e up /utter+y 5anDui,he 2h3-ore5er0 in an unto 5ictory8/10 55 56 57 58

& eath, *here i, your 5ictory@ & eath, *here i, your ,ting@/I0 'o* ,in i, the ,ting o- eath, an ,in eBerci,e, it, po*er

2upon the ,ou+3 through


2the abu,e o-3 the La*8

=ut thank, be to .o , ?ho gi5e, u, the 5ictory 2making u, conDueror,3 through our Lor 1e,u, Chri,t8

There-ore, my be+o5e brethren, be -irm /,tea -a,t0, immo5ab+e, a+*ay, aboun ing in the *ork o- the Lor 2a+*ay, being ,uperior, eBce++ing, oing more than enough in the ,er5ice o- the Lor 3, kno*ing an being continua++y a*are that your +abor in the Lor i, not -uti+e 2it i, ne5er *a,te or to no purpo,e38


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1 Corinthians 16 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Corinthians 16
'&? C&'C(E'9'. the money contribute -or 2the re+ie- o-3 the ,aint, /.o 4, peop+e06 you are to o the ,ame a, 9 irecte the churche, o- .a+atia to o8
1 2 &n the -ir,t 2 ay3 o- each *eek, +et each one o- you 2per,ona++y3 put a,i e ,omething an ,a5e it up a, he ha, pro,pere 2in proportion to *hat he i, gi5en3, ,o that no co++ection, *i++ nee to be taken a-ter 9 come8 7 "n *hen 9 arri5e, 9 *i++ ,en on tho,e *hom you appro5e an authoriAe *ith cre entia+, to carry your gi-t 2ocharity3 to 1eru,a+em8 4 5 6

9- it ,eem, *orth*hi+e that 9 ,hou+ go too, they *i++ accompany me8 "-ter pa,,ing through %ace onia, 9 *i++ 5i,it you, -or 9 inten 2on+y3 to pa,, through %ace onia;

=ut it may be that 9 *i++ ,tay *ith you 2-or a *hi+e3, perhap, e5en ,pen the *inter, ,o that you may bring me -or*ar 2on my >ourney3 to *here5er 9 may go8
7 For 9 am un*i++ing to ,ee you right no* 2>u,t3 in pa,,ing, but 9 hope +ater to remain -or ,ome time *ith you, ithe Lor permit,8 8 9

9 *i++ remain in (phe,u, 2ho*e5er3 unti+ !enteco,t,

For a *i e oor o- opportunity -or e--ectua+ 2,er5ice3 ha, opene to me 2there, a great an promi,ing one3, an 2there are3 many a 5er,arie,8
1< ?hen Timothy arri5e,, ,ee to it that 2you put him at ea,e, ,o that3 he may be -ear+e,, among you, -or he i, 2 e5ote +y3 oing the Lor 4, *ork, >u,t a, 9 am8 11 $o 2,ee to it that3 no one e,pi,e, him or treat, him a, i- he *ere o- no account or ,+ight, him8 =ut ,en him o-- 2cor ia++y, ,pee him on hi, *ay3 in peace, that he may come to me, -or 9 am eBpecting him 2to come a+ong3 *ith the other brethren8 12 ", -or our brother "po++o,, 9 ha5e urgent+y encourage him to 5i,it you *ith the other brethren, but it *a, not at a++ hi, *i++ or 2a3.o 4, *i++ that he ,hou+ go no*8 :e *i++ come *hen he ha, opportunity8 17 =e a+ert an on your guar ; ,tan -irm in your -aith /2b3your con5iction re,pecting man4, re+ation,hip to .o an i5ine thing,, keeping the tru,t an ho+y -er5or born o- -aith an a part o- it08 "ct +ike men an be courageou,; gro* in ,trengthH/"0 14 15

Let e5erything you o be one in +o5e /true +o5e to .o an man a, in,pire by .o 4, +o5e -or u,08

'o*, brethren, you kno* that the hou,eho+ o- $tephana, *ere the -ir,t con5ert, an our -ir,t-ruit, in "chaia /mo,t o- .reece0, an ho* they ha5e con,ecrate an e5ote them,e+5e, to the ,er5ice o- the ,aint, /.o 4, peop+e08

16 9 urge you to pay a++ e-erence to ,uch +ea er, an to en+i,t un er them an be ,ub>ect to them, a, *e++ a, to e5eryone *ho >oin, an cooperate, 2*ith you3 an +abor, earne,t+y8 17 9 am happy becau,e $tephana, an Fortunatu, an "chaicu, ha5e come 2to me3, -or they ha5e ma e up -or your ab,ence8 18 For they ga5e me 2c3re,pite -rom +abor an re,te me an re-re,he my ,pirit a, *e++ a, your,8 )eep+y appreciate an thorough+y kno* an -u++y recogniAe ,uch men8 19 The churche, o- ",ia ,en greeting, an be,t *i,he,8 "Dui+a an !ri,ca, together *ith the church 2that meet,3 in their hou,e, ,en you their hearty greeting, in the Lor 8 2< 21 22

"++ the brethren *i,h to be remembere to you an *i,h you *e++8 .reet one another *ith a ho+y ki,,8 9, !au+, 2a thi, -ina+3 greeting *ith my o*n han 8

9- anyone oe, not +o5e the Lor 2 oe, not ha5e a -rien +y a--ection -or :im an i, not kin +y i,po,e to*ar :im3, he ,ha++ be accur,e H &ur Lor *i++ comeH /%aranathaH0
27 24

The grace /-a5or an ,piritua+ b+e,,ing0 o- our Lor 1e,u, Chri,t be *ith you8 %y +o5e /that true +o5e gro*ing out o- ,incere e5otion to .o 0 be *ith you a++ in Chri,t 1e,u,8 "men /,o be



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1 Corinthian, 16612 "+though Jhi,J may re-er to "po++o,, the probab+e re-erence here i, to J.o 4, *i++8J 1 Corinthian, 16617 1o,eph Thayer, " .reekF(ng+i,h LeBicon8 1 Corinthian, 16618 .8 "bbottF$mith, %anua+ .reek LeBicon8

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