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Corinthians 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

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2 Corinthians 1
!"#L, "$ apo%t&e 'a %pecia& me%%enger( o) Chri%t *e%u% by the +i&& o) ,o , an Timothy -our. brother, to the church 'a%%emb&y( o) ,o +hich i% at Corinth, an to a&& the %aint% 'the peop&e o) ,o ( throughout "chaia 'mo%t o) ,reece(/
1 2 ,race ')a0or an %piritua& b&e%%ing( to you an -heart. peace )rom ,o our Father an the Lor *e%u% Chri%t 'the 1e%%iah, the "nointe 2ne(3 4 5&e%%e be the ,o an Father o) our Lor *e%u% Chri%t, the Father o) %ympathy 'pity an mercy( an the ,o -6ho i% the 7ource. o) e0ery com)ort 'con%o&ation an encouragement(, 4 6ho com)ort% 'con%o&e% an encourage%( u% in e0ery troub&e 'ca&amity an a))&iction(, %o that +e may a&%o be ab&e to com)ort 'con%o&e an encourage( tho%e +ho are in any kin o) troub&e or i%tre%%, +ith the com)ort 'con%o&ation an encouragement( +ith +hich +e our%e&0e% are com)orte 'con%o&e an encourage ( by ,o 3 5 For 8u%t a% Chri%t9% --a.o+n. %u))ering% )a&& to our &ot -b.-a% they o0er)&o+ upon :i% i%cip&e%, an +e %hare an e;perience them. abun ant&y, %o through Chri%t com)ort 'con%o&ation an encouragement( i% a&%o -%hare an e;perience . abun ant&y by u%3 6 5ut i) +e are troub&e 'a))&icte an i%tre%%e (, it i% )or your com)ort 'con%o&ation an encouragement( an -)or your. %a&0ation< an i) +e are com)orte 'con%o&e an encourage (, it i% )or your com)ort 'con%o&ation an encouragement(, +hich +ork% -in you. +hen you patient&y en ure the %ame e0i&% 'mi%)ortune% an ca&amitie%( that +e a&%o %u))er an un ergo3 7 "n our hope )or you -our 8oy)u& an con)i ent e;pectation o) goo )or you. i% e0er un+a0ering 'a%%ure an un%haken(< )or +e kno+ that 8u%t a% you %hare an are partner% in -our. %u))ering% an ca&amitie%, you a&%o %hare an are partner% in -our. com)ort 'con%o&ation an encouragement(3 8 For +e o not +ant you to be unin)orme , brethren, about the a))&iction an oppre%%ing i%tre%% +hich be)e&& u% in -the pro0ince o). "%ia, ho+ +e +ere %o utter&y an unbearab&y +eighe o+n an cru%he that +e e%paire e0en o) &i)e -it%e&).3 9 =n ee , +e )e&t +ithin our%e&0e% that +e ha recei0e the -0ery. %entence o) eath, but that +a% to keep u% )rom tru%ting in an epen ing on our%e&0e% in%tea o) on ,o 6ho rai%e% the ea 3 1> -For it i% :e. 6ho re%cue an %a0e u% )rom %uch a peri&ou% eath, an :e +i&& %ti&& re%cue an %a0e u%< in an on :im +e ha0e %et our hope 'our 8oy)u& an con)i ent e;pectation( that :e +i&& again e&i0er u% -)rom anger an e%truction an -c. ra+ u% to :im%e&)., 11 6hi&e you a&%o cooperate by your prayer% )or u% -he&ping an &aboring together +ith u%.3 Thu% -the &ip% o). many per%on% -turne to+ar ,o +i&& e0entua&&y. gi0e thank% on our beha&) )or the grace 'the b&e%%ing o) e&i0erance( grante u% at the re?ue%t o) the many +ho ha0e praye 3 12 =t i% a rea%on )or pri e an e;u&tation to +hich our con%cience te%ti)ie% that +e ha0e con ucte our%e&0e% in the +or& -genera&&y. an e%pecia&&y to+ar you, +ith e0out an pure moti0e% an go &y %incerity, not in )&e%h&y +i% om but by the grace o) ,o 'the unmerite )a0or an - .merci)u& kin ne%% by +hich ,o , e;erting :i% ho&y in)&uence upon %ou&%, turn% them to Chri%t, an keep%, %trengthen%, an increa%e% them in Chri%tian 0irtue%(3 14 For +e +rite you nothing e&%e but %imp&y +hat you can rea an un er%tan -there i% no oub&e meaning to +hat +e %ay., an = hope that you +i&& become thorough&y ac?uainte -+ith -e. i0ine thing%. an kno+ an un er%tan -them. accurate&y an +e&& to the en , 14 -*u%t. a% you ha0e -a&rea y. partia&&y kno+n an un er%too an ackno+&e ge u% an recogni@e that you can -hone%t&y. be prou o) u%, e0en a% +e -can be prou . o) you on the ay o) our Lor *e%u%3 15 =t +a% +ith a%%urance o) thi% that = +ante an p&anne to 0i%it you )ir%t -o) a&&., %o that you might ha0e a oub&e )a0or an token o) grace 'goo +i&&(3 16 -= +ante . to 0i%it you on my +ay to 1ace onia, an -then. to come again to you -on my return trip. )rom 1ace onia an ha0e you %en me )or+ar on my +ay to *u ea3 17 $o+ becau%e = change my origina& p&an, +a% = being un%tab&e an capriciou%A 2r +hat = p&an, o = p&an accor ing to the )&e%h -&ike a +or& &y man., rea y to %ay Be%, ye%, -+hen it may mean. $o, noA 18 "% %ure&y a% ,o i% tru%t+orthy an )aith)u& an mean% +hat :e %ay%, our %peech an me%%age to you ha0e not been Be% -that might mean. $o3 19 For the 7on o) ,o , Chri%t *e%u% 'the 1e%%iah(, 6ho ha% been preache among you by u%, by my%e&), 7i&0anu%, an Timothy, +a% not Be% an $o< but in :im it i% -a&+ay% the i0ine. Be%3

2> For a% many a% are the promi%e% o) ,o , they a&& )in their Be% -an%+er. in :im -Chri%t.3 For thi% rea%on +e a&%o utter the "men '%o be it( to ,o through :im -in :i% !er%on an by :i% agency. to the g&ory o) ,o 3 21 5ut it i% ,o 6ho con)irm% an make% u% %tea )a%t an e%tab&i%he% u% -in 8oint )e&&o+%hip. +ith you in Chri%t, an ha% con%ecrate an anointe u% --).en uing u% +ith the gi)t% o) the :o&y 7pirit.< 22 -:e ha% a&%o appropriate an ackno+&e ge u% a% :i% by. putting :i% %ea& upon u% an gi0ing u% :i% -:o&y. 7pirit in our heart% a% the %ecurity epo%it an guarantee -o) the )u&)i&&ment o) :i% promi%e.3 24 5ut = ca&& upon ,o a% my %ou&9% +itne%%/ it +a% to a0oi hurting you that = re)raine )rom coming to CorinthCC 24 $ot that +e ha0e ominion -o0er you. an &or it o0er your )aith, but -rather that +e +ork +ith you a%. )e&&o+ &aborer% -to promote. your 8oy, )or in -your. )aith ' your %trong an +e&come con0iction or be&ie) that *e%u% i% the 1e%%iah, through 6hom +e obtain eterna& %a&0ation in the king om o) ,o ( you %tan )irm3


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2 Corinthian% 1/5 1ar0in Dincent, 6or 7tu ie% in the $e+ Te%tament3 2 Corinthian% 1/5 1ar0in Dincent, 6or 7tu ie%3 2 Corinthian% 1/1> *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon o) the $e+ Te%tament/ !rimary meaning/ Fto ra+ to one9% %e&)3F 2 Corinthian% 1/12 *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon o) the $e+ Te%tament3 2 Corinthian% 1/14 *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon o) the $e+ Te%tament3 2 Corinthian% 1/21 5rooke F3 6e%tcott, The Epi%t&e% o) 7aint *ohn, ha% a he&p)u& in%ight here in hi% comment on = *ohn 2/2>3 2 Corinthian% 1/24 *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon3

2 Corinthians 2 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

2 Corinthians 2

5#T = e)inite&y ma e up my min not to grie0e you +ith another pain)u& an


i%tre%%ing 0i%it3

For i) = cau%e you pain -+ith merite rebuke., +ho i% there to pro0i e me en8oyment but the -0ery. one +hom = ha0e grie0e an ma e %a A
4 "n = +rote the %ame to you %o that +hen = came, = might not be my%e&) paine by tho%e +ho are the -0ery. one% +ho ought to make me g&a , )or = tru%te in you a&& an )e&t con)i ent that my 8oy +ou& be %hare by a&& o) you3 4 For = +rote you out o) great %orro+ an eep i%tre%% -+ith menta& torture an an;iety. o) heart, -ye%, an . +ith many tear%, not to cau%e you pain but in or er to make you rea&i@e the o0er)&o+ing &o0e that = continue increa%ing&y to ha0e )or you3 5 5ut i) %omeone -the one among you +ho committe ince%t. ha% cau%e -a&& thi%. grie) an pain, he ha% cau%e it not to me, but in %ome mea%ure, not to put it too %e0ere&y, -he ha% i%tre%%e . a&& o) you3 6 7

For %uch a one thi% cen%ure by the ma8ority -+hich he ha% recei0e i%. %u))icient -puni%hment.3

7o -in%tea o) )urther rebuke, no+. you %hou& rather turn an -graciou%&y. )orgi0e an com)ort an encourage -him., to keep him )rom being o0er+he&me by e;ce%%i0e %orro+ an e%pair3
8 9

= there)ore beg you to rein%tate him in your a))ection% an a%%ure him o) your &o0e )or him<

For thi% +a% my purpo%e in +riting you, to te%t your attitu e an %ee i) you +ou& %tan the te%t, +hether you are obe ient an a&together agreeab&e -to )o&&o+ing my or er%. in e0erything3

1> =) you )orgi0e anyone anything, = too )orgi0e that one< an +hat = ha0e )orgi0en, i) = ha0e )orgi0en anything, ha% been )or your %ake% in the pre%ence -an +ith the appro0a&. o) Chri%t 'the 1e%%iah(, 11 12

To keep 7atan )rom getting the a 0antage o0er u%< )or +e are not ignorant o) hi% +i&e% an intention%3

$o+ +hen = arri0e at Troa% -to preach. the goo ne+% 'the ,o%pe&( o) Chri%t, a oor o) opportunity +a% opene )or me in the Lor ,
14 Bet my %pirit cou& not re%t 're&a;, get re&ie)( becau%e = i not )in my brother Titu% there3 7o = took &ea0e )rom them an eparte )or 1ace onia3 14 5ut thank% be to ,o , 6ho in Chri%t a&+ay% &ea % u% in triumph -a% trophie% o) Chri%t9% 0ictory. an through u% %prea % an make% e0i ent the )ragrance o) the kno+&e ge o) ,o e0ery+here, 15 For +e are the %+eet )ragrance o) Chri%t -+hich e;ha&e%. unto ,o , - i%cernib&e a&ike. among tho%e +ho are being %a0e an among tho%e +ho are peri%hing/ 16 To the &atter it i% an aroma -+a)te . )rom eath to eath -a )ata& o or, the %me&& o) oom.< to the )ormer it i% an aroma )rom &i)e to &i)e -a 0ita& )ragrance, &i0ing an )re%h.3 "n +ho i% ?ua&i)ie ')it an %u))icient( )or the%e thing%A -6ho i% ab&e )or %uch a mini%tryA 6eA. 17 For +e are not, &ike %o many, -&ike huck%ter% making a tra e o). pe &ing ,o 9% 6or -%hortchanging an a u&terating the i0ine me%%age.< but &ike -men. o) %incerity an the pure%t moti0e, a% -commi%%ione an %ent. by ,o , +e %peak -:i% me%%age. in Chri%t 'the 1e%%iah(, in the -0ery. %ight an pre%ence o) ,o 3

2 Corinthians 3 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

2 Corinthians 3
"GE 6E %tarting to commen our%e&0e% againA 2r +e o not, &ike %ome -)a&%e teacher%., nee +ritten cre entia&% or &etter% o) recommen ation to you or )rom you, - o +e.A
1 2 -$o. you your%e&0e% are our &etter o) recommen ation 'our cre entia&%(, +ritten in 'percei0e , recogni@e ( an rea by e0erybo y3 -a.

your heart%, to be kno+n

4 Bou %ho+ an make ob0iou% that you are a &etter )rom Chri%t e&i0ere by u%, not +ritten +ith ink but +ith -the. 7pirit o) -the. &i0ing ,o , not on tab&et% o) %tone but on tab&et% o) human heart%3 '"( 4 5

7uch i% the re&iance an con)i ence that +e ha0e through Chri%t to+ar an +ith re)erence to ,o 3

$ot that +e are )it '?ua&i)ie an %u))icient in abi&ity( o) our%e&0e% to )orm per%ona& 8u gment% or to c&aim or count anything a% coming )rom u%, but our po+er an abi&ity an %u))iciency are )rom ,o 3
6 -=t i% :e. 6ho ha% ?ua&i)ie u% -making u% to be )it an +orthy an %u))icient. a% mini%ter% an i%pen%er% o) a ne+ co0enant -o) %a&0ation through Chri%t., not -mini%ter%. o) the &etter 'o) &ega&&y +ritten co e( but o) the '5( 7pirit< )or the co e -o) the La+. ki&&%, but the -:o&y. 7pirit make% a&i0e3 7 $o+ i) the i%pen%ation o) eath engra0e in &etter% on %tone -the mini%tration o) the La+., +a% inaugurate +ith %uch g&ory an %p&en or that the =%rae&ite% +ere not ab&e to &ook %tea i&y at the )ace o) 1o%e% becau%e o) it% bri&&iance, -a g&ory. that +a% to )a e an pa%% a+ay,'C( 8 6hy %hou& not the i%pen%ation o) the 7pirit -thi% %piritua& +ho%e ta%k it i% to cau%e men to obtain an be go0erne by the :o&y 7pirit. be atten e +ith much greater an more %p&en i g&oryA 9 For i) the %er0ice that con emn% -the mini%tration o) oom. ha g&ory, ho+ in)inite&y more aboun ing in %p&en or an g&ory mu%t be the %er0ice that make% righteou% -the mini%try that pro uce% an )o%ter% righteou% &i0ing an right %tan ing +ith ,o .H 1> =n ee , in 0ie+ o) thi% )act, +hat once ha %p&en or --c.the g&ory o) the La+ in the )ace o) 1o%e%. ha% come to ha0e no %p&en or at a&&, becau%e o) the o0er+he&ming g&ory that e;cee % an e;ce&% it - - .the g&ory o) the ,o%pe& in the )ace o) *e%u% Chri%t.3 11 For i) that +hich +a% but pa%%ing an )a ing a+ay came +ith %p&en or, ho+ much more mu%t that +hich remain% an i% permanent abi e in g&ory an %p&en orH 12 7ince +e ha0e %uch -g&oriou%. hope '%uch 8oy)u& an con)i ent e;pectation(, +e %peak 0ery )ree&y an open&y an )ear&e%%&y3

$or - o +e act. &ike 1o%e%, +ho put a 0ei& o0er hi% )ace %o that the =%rae&ite% might not ga@e upon the )ini%h o) the 0ani%hing -%p&en or +hich ha been upon it.3

14 =n )act, their min % +ere gro+n har an ca&&ou%e -they ha become u&& an ha &o%t the po+er o) un er%tan ing.< )or unti& thi% pre%ent ay, +hen the 2& Te%tament 'the o& co0enant( i% being rea , that %ame 0ei& %ti&& &ie% -on their heart%., not being &i)te -to re0ea&. that in Chri%t it i% ma e 0oi an one a+ay3 15 16 17

Be%, o+n to thi% -0ery. ay +hene0er 1o%e% i% rea , a 0ei& &ie% upon their min % an heart%3 5ut +hene0er a per%on turn% -in repentance. to the Lor , the 0ei& i% %trippe o)) an taken a+ay3

$o+ the Lor i% the 7pirit, an +here the 7pirit o) the Lor i%, there i% &iberty 'emancipation )rom bon age, )ree om(3'I(
18 "n a&& o) u%, a% +ith un0ei&e )ace, -becau%e +e. continue to beho& -in the 6or o) ,o . a% in a mirror the g&ory o) the Lor , are con%tant&y being tran%)igure into :i% 0ery o+n image in e0er increa%ing %p&en or an )rom one egree o) g&ory to another< -)or thi% come%. )rom the Lor -6ho i%. the 7pirit3


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2 Corinthian% 4/2 1any ancient manu%cript% rea Four3F 2 Corinthian% 4/8 *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon3 2 Corinthian% 4/1> 1ar0in Dincent, 6or 7tu ie%3 2 Corinthian% 4/1> 1ar0in Dincent, 6or 7tu ie%3

Cross references: 2 Corinthian% 4/4 / E;o 24/12< 41/18< 42/15, 16< *er 41/44 2 Corinthian% 4/6 / *er 41/41 2 Corinthian% 4/7 / E;o 44/29C45 2 Corinthian% 4/17 / =%a 61/1, 2

2 Corinthians 4 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

2 Corinthians 4
T:EGEF2GE, 7=$CE +e o ho& an engage in thi% mini%try by the mercy o) ,o -granting u% )a0or, bene)it%, opportunitie%, an e%pecia&&y %a&0ation., +e o not get i%courage '%pirit&e%% an e%pon ent +ith )ear( or become )aint +ith +earine%% an e;hau%tion3
1 2 6e ha0e renounce i%grace)u& +ay% '%ecret thought%, )ee&ing%, e%ire% an un erhan e ne%%, the metho % an art% that men hi e through %hame(< +e re)u%e to ea& cra)ti&y 'to practice trickery an cunning( or to a u&terate or han &e i%hone%t&y the 6or o) ,o , but +e %tate the truth open&y 'c&ear&y an can i &y(3 "n %o +e commen our%e&0e% in the %ight an pre%ence o) ,o to e0ery man9% con%cience3 4 5ut e0en i) our ,o%pe& 'the g&a ti ing%( a&%o be hi en 'ob%cure an co0ere up +ith a 0ei& that hin er% the kno+&e ge o) ,o (, it i% hi en -on&y. to tho%e +ho are peri%hing an ob%cure -on&y. to tho%e +ho are %piritua&&y ying an 0ei&e -on&y. to tho%e +ho are &o%t3

For the go o) thi% +or& ha% b&in e the unbe&ie0er%9 min % -that they %hou& not i%cern the truth., pre0enting them )rom %eeing the i&&uminating &ight o) the ,o%pe& o) the g&ory o) Chri%t 'the 1e%%iah(, 6ho i% the =mage an Likene%% o) ,o 3
4 5 For +hat +e preach i% not our%e&0e% but *e%u% Chri%t a% Lor , an our%e&0e% -mere&y. a% your %er0ant% '%&a0e%( )or *e%u%9 %ake3 6 For ,o 6ho %ai , Let &ight %hine out o) arkne%%, ha% %hone in our heart% %o a% -to beam )orth. the Light )or the i&&umination o) the kno+&e ge o) the ma8e%ty an g&ory o) ,o -a% it i% mani)e%t in the !er%on an i% re0ea&e . in the )ace o) *e%u% Chri%t 'the 1e%%iah(3'"(

7 :o+e0er, +e po%%e%% thi% preciou% trea%ure -the i0ine Light o) the ,o%pe&. in -)rai&, human. 0e%%e&% o) earth, that the gran eur an e;cee ing greatne%% o) the po+er may be %ho+n to be )rom ,o an not )rom our%e&0e%3 8 6e are he ge in 'pre%%e ( on e0ery %i e -troub&e an oppre%%e in e0ery +ay., but not crampe or cru%he < +e %u))er embarra%%ment% an are perp&e;e an unab&e to )in a +ay out, but not ri0en to e%pair< 9 6e are pur%ue 'per%ecute an har ri0en(, but not e%erte -to %tan a&one.< +e are %truck o+n to the groun , but ne0er %truck out an e%troye < 1> "&+ay% carrying about in the bo y the &iabi&ity an e;po%ure to the %ame putting to eath that the Lor *e%u% %u))ere , %o that the &i)e o) *e%u% a&%o may be %ho+n )orth by an in our bo ie%3 11 For +e +ho &i0e are con%tant&y -e;periencing. being han e o0er to eath )or *e%u%9 %ake, that the &i)e o) *e%u% a&%o may be e0i ence through our )&e%h +hich i% &iab&e to eath3 12 14

Thu% eath i% acti0e&y at +ork in u%, but -it i% in or er that


our. &i)e -may be acti0e&y at +ork. in you3

Bet +e ha0e the %ame %pirit o) )aith a% he ha +ho +rote, = ha0e be&ie0e , an there)ore ha0e = %poken3 6e too be&ie0e, an there)ore +e %peak,'5(
14 "%%ure that :e 6ho rai%e up the Lor *e%u% +i&& rai%e u% up a&%o +ith *e%u% an bring u% -a&ong. +ith you into :i% pre%ence3 15 For a&& -the%e. thing% are -taking p&ace. )or your %ake, %o that the more grace ' i0ine )a0or an %piritua& b&e%%ing( e;ten % to more an more peop&e an mu&tip&ie% through the many, the more thank%gi0ing may increa%e -an re oun . to the g&ory o) ,o 3 16 There)ore +e o not become i%courage 'utter&y %pirit&e%%, e;hau%te , an +earie out through )ear(3 Though our outer man i% -progre%%i0e&y. ecaying an +a%ting a+ay, yet our inner %e&) i% being -progre%%i0e&y. rene+e ay a)ter ay3 17 For our &ight, momentary a))&iction 'thi% %&ight i%tre%% o) the pa%%ing hour( i% e0er more an more abun ant&y preparing an pro ucing an achie0ing )or u% an e0er&a%ting +eight o) g&ory -beyon a&& mea%ure, e;ce%%i0e&y %urpa%%ing a&& compari%on% an a&& ca&cu&ation%, a 0a%t an tran%cen ent g&ory an b&e%%e ne%% ne0er to cea%eH., 18 7ince +e con%i er an &ook not to the thing% that are %een but to the thing% that are un%een< )or the thing% that are 0i%ib&e are tempora& 'brie) an )&eeting(, but the thing% that are in0i%ib&e are eath&e%% an e0er&a%ting3


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2 Corinthian% 4/1> 1ar0in Dincent, 6or 7tu ie%3 2 Corinthian% 4/11 1ar0in Dincent, 6or 7tu ie%3 2 Corinthian% 4/12 *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon3

Cross references: 2 Corinthian% 4/6 / ,en 1/4 2 Corinthian% 4/14 / !% 116/1>

2 Corinthians 5 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

2 Corinthians 5
F2G 6E kno+ that i) the tent +hich i% our earth&y home i% e%troye ' i%%o&0e (, +e ha0e )rom ,o a bui& ing, a hou%e not ma e +ith han %, eterna& in the hea0en%3
1 2 :ere in ee , in thi% -pre%ent abo e, bo y., +e %igh an groan in+ar &y, becau%e +e yearn to be c&othe o0er -+e yearn to put on our ce&e%tia& bo y &ike a garment, to be )itte out. +ith our hea0en&y +e&&ing, 4

7o that by putting it on +e may not be )oun nake '+ithout a bo y(3

4 For +hi&e +e are %ti&& in thi% tent, +e groan un er the bur en an %igh eep&y '+eighe o+n, epre%%e , oppre%%e (CCnot that +e +ant to put o)) the bo y 'the c&othing o) the %pirit(, but rather that +e +ou& be )urther c&othe , %o that +hat i% morta& 'our ying bo y( may be %+a&&o+e up by &i)e --a.a)ter the re%urrection.3 5 $o+ :e 6ho ha% )a%hione u% -preparing an making u% )it. )or thi% 0ery thing i% ,o , 6ho a&%o ha% gi0en u% the -:o&y. 7pirit a% a guarantee -o) the )u&)i&&ment o) :i% promi%e.3 6 7o then, +e are a&+ay% )u&& o) goo an hope)u& an con)i ent courage< +e kno+ that +hi&e +e are at home in the bo y, +e are abroa )rom the home +ith the Lor -that i% promi%e u%.3 7 For +e +a&k by )aith -+e -b.regu&ate our &i0e% an con uct our%e&0e% by our con0iction or be&ie) re%pecting man9% re&ation%hip to ,o an i0ine thing%, +ith tru%t an ho&y )er0or< thu% +e +a&k. not by %ight or appearance3 8 -Be%. +e ha0e con)i ent an hope)u& courage an are p&ea%e rather to be a+ay )rom home out o) the bo y an be at home +ith the Lor 3 9 There)ore, +hether +e are at home -on earth a+ay )rom :im. or a+ay )rom home -an +ith :im., +e are con%tant&y ambitiou% an %tri0e earne%t&y to be p&ea%ing to :im3 1> For +e mu%t a&& appear an be re0ea&e a% +e are be)ore the 8u gment %eat o) Chri%t, %o that each one may recei0e -hi% pay. accor ing to +hat he ha% one in the bo y, +hether goo or e0i& -con%i ering -c.+hat hi% purpo%e an moti0e ha0e been, an +hat he ha% - .achie0e , been bu%y +ith, an gi0en him%e&) an hi% attention to accomp&i%hing.3 11 There)ore, being con%ciou% o) )earing the Lor +ith re%pect an re0erence, +e %eek to +in peop&e o0er -to per%ua e them.3 5ut -e.+hat %ort o) per%on% +e are i% p&ain&y recogni@e an thorough&y un er%too by ,o , an = hope that it i% p&ain&y recogni@e an thorough&y un er%too a&%o by your con%cience% 'your inborn i%cernment(3 12 6e are not commen ing our%e&0e% to you again, but +e are pro0i ing you +ith an occa%ion an incenti0e to be -right)u&&y. prou o) u%, %o that you may ha0e a rep&y )or tho%e +ho pri e them%e&0e% on %ur)ace appearance% --).on the 0irtue% they on&y appear to ha0e., a&though their heart i% e0oi o) them3 14 For i) +e are be%i e our%e&0e% -ma , a% %ome %ay., it i% )or ,o an concern% :im< i) +e are in our right min , it i% )or your bene)it, 14 For the &o0e o) Chri%t contro&% an urge% an impe&% u%, becau%e +e are o) the opinion an con0iction that -i). 2ne ie )or a&&, then a&& ie < 15 "n :e ie )or a&&, %o that a&& tho%e +ho &i0e might &i0e no &onger to an )or them%e&0e%, but to an )or :im 6ho ie an +a% rai%e again )or their %ake3 16 Con%e?uent&y, )rom no+ on +e e%timate an regar no one )rom a -pure&y. human point o) 0ie+ -in term% o) natura& %tan ar % o) 0a&ue.3 -$o. e0en though +e once i e%timate Chri%t )rom a human 0ie+point an a% a man, yet no+ -+e ha0e %uch kno+&e ge o) :im that. +e kno+ :im no &onger -in term% o) the )&e%h.3 17 There)ore i) any per%on i% -ingra)te . in Chri%t 'the 1e%%iah( he i% a ne+ creation 'a ne+ creature a&together(< the o& -pre0iou% mora& an %piritua& con ition. ha% pa%%e a+ay3 5eho& , the )re%h an ne+ ha% comeH 18 5ut a&& thing% are )rom ,o , 6ho through *e%u% Chri%t reconci&e u% to :im%e&) -recei0e u% into )a0or, brought u% into harmony +ith :im%e&). an ga0e to u% the mini%try o) reconci&iation -that by +or an ee +e might aim to bring other% into harmony +ith :im.3 19 =t +a% ,o -per%ona&&y pre%ent. in Chri%t, reconci&ing an re%toring the +or& to )a0or +ith :im%e&), not counting up an ho& ing again%t -men. their tre%pa%%e% -but cance&&ing them., an committing to u% the me%%age o) reconci&iation 'o) the re%toration to )a0or(3 2> 7o +e are Chri%t9% amba%%a or%, ,o making :i% appea& a% it +ere through u%3 6e -a% Chri%t9% per%ona& repre%entati0e%. beg you )or :i% %ake to &ay ho& o) the i0ine )a0or -no+ o))ere you. an be reconci&e to ,o 3 21 For our %ake :e ma e Chri%t -0irtua&&y. to be %in 6ho kne+ no %in, %o that in an through :im +e might become --g.en ue +ith, 0ie+e a% being in, an e;amp&e% o). the righteou%ne%% o) ,o -+hat +e ought to be, appro0e an acceptab&e an in right re&ation%hip +ith :im, by :i% goo ne%%.3


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2 Corinthian% 5/4 *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon3 2 Corinthian% 5/7 *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon3 2 Corinthian% 5/1> "&e;an er 7outer, !ocket Le;icon o) the ,reek $e+ Te%tament3 2 Corinthian% 5/1> *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon3 2 Corinthian% 5/11 *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon3 2 Corinthian% 5/12 *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon3


2 Corinthian% 5/21 :enry "&)or , The ,reek $e+ Te%tament, +ith $ote%3

2 Corinthians

(Amplified Bible)

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

2 Corinthians
L"52G=$, T2,ET:EG -a% ,o 9% )e&&o+ +orker%. +ith :im then, +e beg o) you not to recei0e the grace o) ,o in 0ain -that -a.merci)u& kin ne%% by +hich ,o e;ert% :i% ho&y in)&uence on %ou&% an turn% them to Chri%t, keeping an %trengthening themCC o not recei0e it to no purpo%e.3
1 2 For :e %ay%, =n the time o) )a0or 'o) an a%%ure +e&come( = ha0e &i%tene to an hee e your ca&&, an = ha0e he&pe you on the ay o) e&i0erance 'the ay o) %a&0ation(3 5eho& , no+ i% tru&y the time )or a graciou% +e&come an acceptance -o) you )rom ,o .< beho& , no+ i% the ay o) %a&0ationH '"( 4 6e put no ob%truction in anybo y9% +ay -+e gi0e no o))en%e in anything., %o that no )au&t may be )oun an -our. mini%try b&ame an i%cre ite 3 4 5ut +e commen our%e&0e% in e0ery +ay a% -true. %er0ant% o) ,o / through great en urance, in tribu&ation an %u))ering, in har %hip% an pri0ation%, in %ore %trait% an ca&amitie%, 5 6

=n beating%, impri%onment%, riot%, &abor%, %&eep&e%% +atching, hunger<

5y innocence an purity, kno+&e ge an %piritua& in%ight, &ong%u))ering an patience, kin ne%%, in the :o&y 7pirit, in un)eigne &o0e<
7 5y -%peaking. the +or o) truth, in the po+er o) ,o , +ith the +eapon% o) righteou%ne%% )or the right han -to attack. an )or the &e)t han -to e)en .< 8 "mi honor an i%honor< in e)aming an e0i& report an in prai%e an goo report3 -6e are bran e . a% ecei0er% 'impo%tor%(, an -yet 0in icate a%. truth)u& an hone%t3 9 -6e are treate . a% unkno+n an ignore -by the +or& ., an -yet +e are. +e&&Ckno+n an recogni@e -by ,o an :i% peop&e.< a% ying, an yet here +e are a&i0e< a% cha%tene by %u))ering an -yet. not ki&&e < 1> "% grie0e an mourning, yet -+e are. a&+ay% re8oicing< a% poor -our%e&0e%, yet. be%to+ing riche% on many< a% ha0ing nothing, an -yet in rea&ity. po%%e%%ing a&& thing%3 11 2ur mouth i% open to you, Corinthian% -+e are hi ing nothing, keeping nothing back., an our heart i% e;pan e +i e -)or you.H'5( 12 14 14

There i% no &ack o) room )or you in -our heart%., but you &ack room in your o+n a))ection% -)or u%.3 5y +ay o) return then, o thi% )or meCC= %peak a% to chi& renCCopen +i e your heart% a&%o -to u%.3

Io not be une?ua&&y yoke +ith unbe&ie0er% - o not make mi%mate a&&iance% +ith them or come un er a i))erent yoke +ith them, incon%i%tent +ith your )aith.3 For +hat partner%hip ha0e right &i0ing an right %tan ing +ith ,o +ith ini?uity an &a+&e%%ne%%A 2r ho+ can &ight ha0e )e&&o+%hip +ith arkne%%A
15 6hat harmony can there be bet+een Chri%t an 5e&ia& -the e0i&.A 2r +hat ha% a be&ie0er in common +ith an unbe&ie0erA 16 6hat agreement -can there be bet+een. a temp&e o) ,o an i o&%A For +e are the temp&e o) the &i0ing ,o < e0en a% ,o %ai , = +i&& +e&& in an +ith an among them an +i&& +a&k in an +ith an among them, an = +i&& be their ,o , an they %ha&& be 1y peop&e3'C( 17 7o, come out )rom among -unbe&ie0er%., an %eparate '%e0er( your%e&0e% )rom them, %ay% the Lor , an touch not -any. unc&ean thing< then = +i&& recei0e you kin &y an treat you +ith )a0or, 'I( 18

"n = +i&& be a Father to you, an you %ha&& be 1y %on% an

aughter%, %ay% the Lor "&mighty3 'E(



2 Corinthian% 6/1 *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon3

Cross references:

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2 Corinthian% 6/2 / =%a 49/8 2 Corinthian% 6/11 / =%a 6>/5< E@ek 44/22 2 Corinthian% 6/16 / E;o 25/8< 29/45< Le0 26/12< *er 41/1< E@ek 47/27 2 Corinthian% 6/17 / =%a 52/11 2 Corinthian% 6/18 / =%a 44/6< :o% 1/1>

2 Corinthians ! (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

2 Corinthians !
T:EGEF2GE, 7=$CE the%e -great. promi%e% are our%, be&o0e , &et u% c&ean%e our%e&0e% )rom e0erything that contaminate% an e)i&e% bo y an %pirit, an bring -our. con%ecration to comp&etene%% in the -re0erentia&. )ear o) ,o 3
1 2 Io open your heart% to u% again -en&arge them to take u% in.3 6e ha0e +ronge no one, +e ha0e betraye or corrupte no one, +e ha0e cheate or taken a 0antage o) no one3 4 = o not %ay thi% to reproach or con emn -you., )or = ha0e %ai be)ore that you are -ne%te . in our heart%, -an you +i&& remain there. together -+ith u%., +hether +e ie or &i0e3

= ha0e great bo& ne%% an )ree an )ear&e%% con)i ence an cheer)u& courage to+ar you< my pri e in you i% great3 = am )i&&e -brim)u&. +ith the com)ort -o) it.< +ith a&& our tribu&ation an in %pite o) it, -= am )i&&e +ith com)ort. = am o0er)&o+ing +ith 8oy3
4 5 For e0en +hen +e arri0e in 1ace onia, our bo ie% ha no ea%e or re%t, but +e +ere oppre%%e in e0ery +ay an a))&icte at e0ery turnCC)ighting an contention% +ithout, rea an )ear% +ithin -u%.3 6 5ut ,o , 6ho com)ort% an encourage% an re)re%he% an cheer% the epre%%e an the %inking, com)orte an encourage an re)re%he an cheere u% by the arri0a& o) Titu%3 7 -Be%. an not on&y by hi% coming but a&%o by -hi% account o). the com)ort +ith +hich he +a% encourage an re)re%he an cheere a% to you, +hi&e he to& u% o) your yearning a))ection, o) ho+ %orry you +ere -)or me. an ho+ eager&y you took my part, %o that = re8oice %ti&& more3 8 For e0en though = i grie0e you +ith my &etter, = o not regret -it no+., though = i regret it< )or = %ee that that &etter i pain you, though on&y )or a &itt&e +hi&e< 9 Bet = am g&a no+, not becau%e you +ere paine , but becau%e you +ere paine into repentance -an %o turne back to ,o .< )or you )e&t a grie) %uch a% ,o meant you to )ee&, %o that in nothing you might %u))er &o%% through u% or harm )or +hat +e i 3 1> For go &y grie) an the pain ,o i% permitte to irect, pro uce a repentance that &ea % an contribute% to %a&0ation an e&i0erance )rom e0i&, an it ne0er bring% regret< but +or& &y grie) 'the hope&e%% %orro+ that i% characteri%tic o) the pagan +or& ( i% ea &y -bree ing an en ing in eath.3 11 For -you can &ook back no+ an . ob%er0e +hat thi% %ame go &y %orro+ ha% one )or you an ha% pro uce in you/ +hat eagerne%% an earne%t care to e;p&ain an c&ear your%e&0e% -o) a&& -a.comp&icity in the con oning o) ince%t., +hat in ignation -at the %in., +hat a&arm, +hat yearning, +hat @ea& -to o 8u%tice to a&& concerne ., +hat rea ine%% to mete out puni%hment the o))en er.H "t e0ery point you ha0e pro0e your%e&0e% c&eare an gui&t&e%% in the matter3 -= Cor3 53. 12 7o a&though = i +rite to you -a% = i ., it +a% not )or the %ake an becau%e o) the one +ho i -the. +rong, nor on account o) the one +ho %u))ere -the. +rong, but in or er that you might rea&i@e be)ore ,o -that your rea ine%% to accept our authority re0ea&e . ho+ @ea&ou%&y you o care )or u%3 14 There)ore +e are re&ie0e an com)orte an encourage -at the re%u&t.3 "n in a ition to our o+n -per%ona&. con%o&ation, +e +ere e%pecia&&y e&ighte at the 8oy o) Titu%, becau%e you ha0e a&& %et hi% min at re%t, %oothing an re)re%hing hi% %pirit3

14 For i) = ha boa%te to him at a&& concerning you, = +a% not i%appointe or put to %hame, but 8u%t a% e0erything +e e0er %ai to you +a% true, %o our boa%ting -about you. to Titu% ha% pro0e true a&%o3 15 "n hi% heart goe% out to you more abun ant&y than e0er a% he reca&&% the %ubmi%%ion -to hi% gui ance. that a&& o) you ha , an the re0erence an an;iety -to meet a&& re?uirement%. +ith +hich you accepte an +e&come him3 16

= am 0ery happy becau%e = no+ am o) goo courage an ha0e per)ect con)i ence in you in a&& thing%3


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2 Corinthian% 7/11 1ar0in Dincent, 6or 7tu ie%3 2 Corinthian% 7/11 1ar0in Dincent, 6or 7tu ie%3

2 Corinthians "
6E 6"$T to te&& you )urther, brethren, about the grace 'the )a0or an %piritua& b&e%%ing( o) ,o +hich ha% been e0i ent in the churche% o) 1ace onia -arou%ing in them the e%ire to gi0e a&m%.<
1 2 For in the mi %t o) an or ea& o) %e0ere tribu&ation, their abun ance o) 8oy an their epth o) po0erty -together. ha0e o0er)&o+e in +ea&th o) &a0i%h genero%ity on their part3 4 For, a% = can bear +itne%%, -they ga0e. accor ing to their abi&ity, ye%, an beyon their abi&ity< an -they i it. 0o&untari&y, 4 5egging u% mo%t in%i%tent&y )or the )a0or an the )e&&o+%hip o) contributing in thi% mini%tration )or -the re&ie) an %upport o). the %aint% -in *eru%a&em.3 5 $or -+a% thi% gi)t o) their% mere&y the contribution. that +e e;pecte , but )ir%t they ga0e them%e&0e% to the Lor an to u% -a% :i% agent%. by the +i&& o) ,o --a.entire&y i%regar ing their per%ona& intere%t%, they ga0e a% much a% they po%%ib&y cou& , ha0ing put them%e&0e% at our i%po%a& to be irecte by the +i&& o) ,o .CC 6 7o much %o that +e ha0e urge Titu% that a% he began it, he %hou& a&%o comp&ete thi% bene)icent an graciou% contribution among you -the church at Corinth.3 7 $o+ a% you aboun an e;ce& an are at the )ront in e0erythingCCin )aith, in e;pre%%ing your%e&0e%, in kno+&e ge, in a&& @ea&, an in your &o0e )or u%CC-%ee to it that you come to the )ront no+ an . aboun an e;ce& in thi% graciou% +ork -o) a&m%gi0ing. a&%o3 8 = gi0e thi% not a% an or er -to ictate to you., but to pro0e, by -pointing out. the @ea& o) other%, the %incerity o) your -o+n. &o0e a&%o3 9 For you are becoming progre%%i0e&y ac?uainte +ith an recogni@ing more %trong&y an c&ear&y the grace o) our Lor *e%u% Chri%t ':i% kin ne%%, :i% graciou% genero%ity, :i% un e%er0e )a0or an %piritua& b&e%%ing(, -in. that though :e +a% -%o 0ery. rich, yet )or your %ake% :e became -%o 0ery. poor, in or er that by :i% po0erty you might become enriche 'abun ant&y %upp&ie (3 1> -=t i% then. my coun%e& an my opinion in thi% matter that = gi0e -you +hen = %ay./ =t i% pro)itab&e an )itting )or you -no+ to comp&ete the enterpri%e. +hich more than a year ago you not on&y began, but +ere the )ir%t to +i%h to o anything -about contribution% )or the re&ie) o) the %aint% at *eru%a&em.3 11 7o no+ )ini%h oing it, that your -enthu%ia%tic. rea ine%% in e%iring it may be e?ua&&e by your comp&etion o) it accor ing to your abi&ity an mean%3 12 For i) the -eager. rea ine%% to gi0e i% there, then it i% acceptab&e an +e&come in proportion to +hat a per%on ha%, not accor ing to +hat he oe% not ha0e3 14 For it i% not -inten e . that other peop&e be ea%e an re&ie0e -o) their re%pon%ibi&ity. an you be bur ene an %u))er -un)air&y., 14 5ut to ha0e e?ua&ity -%hare an %hare a&ike., your %urp&u% o0er nece%%ity at the pre%ent time going to meet their +ant an to e?ua&i@e the i))erence create by it, %o that -at %ome other time. their %urp&u% in turn may be gi0en to %upp&y your +ant3 Thu% there may be e?ua&ity, 15 16 17

"% it i% +ritten, :e +ho gathere much ha nothing o0er, an he +ho gathere &itt&e i not &ack3'"( 5ut thank% be to ,o 6ho p&ante the %ame earne%t @ea& an care )or you in the heart o) Titu%3

For he not on&y +e&come an re%pon e to our appea&, but +a% him%e&) %o keen in hi% enthu%ia%m an intere%t in you that he i% going to you o) hi% o+n accor 3

18 5ut +e are %en ing a&ong +ith him that brother -LukeA. +ho%e prai%e in the ,o%pe& mini%try -i% %prea . throughout a&& the churche%< 19 "n more than that, he ha% been appointe by the churche% to tra0e& a% our companion in regar to thi% bounti)u& contribution +hich +e are a mini%tering )or the g&ory o) the Lor :im%e&) an -to %ho+. our eager rea ine%% -a% Chri%tian% to he&p one another.3 2> -For. +e are on our guar , inten ing that no one %hou& )in anything )or +hich to b&ame u% in regar to our a mini%tration o) thi% &arge contribution3 21 For +e take thought be)orehan an aim to be hone%t an ab%o&ute&y abo0e %u%picion, not on&y in the %ight o) the Lor but a&%o in the %ight o) men3 22 1oreo0er, a&ong +ith them +e are %en ing our brother, +hom +e ha0e o)ten put to the te%t an ha0e )oun him @ea&ou% ' e0ote an earne%t( in many matter%, but +ho i% no+ more -eager&y. earne%t than e0er becau%e o) -hi%. ab%o&ute con)i ence in you3 24 "% )or Titu%, he i% my co&&eague an %hare% my +ork in your %er0ice< an a% )or the -other t+o. brethren, they are the -%pecia&. me%%enger% o) the churche%, a cre it an g&ory to Chri%t 'the 1e%%iah(3 24 7ho+ to the%e men, there)ore, in the %ight o) the churche%, the rea&ity an p&ain truth o) your &o0e 'your a))ection, goo +i&&, an bene0o&ence( an +hat -goo rea%on%. = ha )or boa%ting about an being prou o) you3


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2 Corinthian% 8/5 *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon3

Cross references: 2 Corinthian% 8/15 / E;o 16/18

2 Corinthians # (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

2 Corinthians #
$26 "52#T the o))ering that i% -to be ma e. )or the %aint% ',o 9% peop&e in *eru%a&em(, it i% ?uite %uper)&uou% that = %hou& +rite you<
1 2 For = am +e&& ac?uainte +ith your +i&&ingne%% 'your rea ine%% an your eagerne%% to promote it( an = ha0e prou &y to& about you to the peop&e o) 1ace onia, %aying that "chaia 'mo%t o) ,reece( ha% been prepare %ince &a%t year )or thi% contribution< an -con%e?uent&y. your enthu%ia%m ha% %timu&ate the ma8ority o) them3 4 7ti&&, = am %en ing the brethren -on to you., &e%t our pri e in you %hou& be ma e an empty boa%t in thi% particu&ar ca%e, an %o that you may be a&& rea y, a% = to& them you +ou& be< 4 Le%t, i) -any. 1ace onian% %hou& come +ith me an )in you unprepare -)or thi% genero%ity., +e, to %ay nothing o) your%e&0e%, be humi&iate )or our being %o con)i ent3 5 That i% +hy = thought it nece%%ary to urge the%e brethren to go to you be)ore = o an make arrangement% in a 0ance )or thi% bounti)u&, promi%e gi)t o) your%, %o that it may be rea y, not a% an e;tortion -+rung out o) you. but a% a generou% an +i&&ing gi)t3

-Gemember. thi%/ he +ho %o+% %paring&y an gru ging&y +i&& a&%o reap %paring&y an gru ging&y, an he +ho %o+% generou%&y --a.that b&e%%ing% may come to %omeone. +i&& a&%o reap generou%&y an +ith b&e%%ing%3
6 7 Let each one -gi0e. a% he ha% ma e up hi% o+n min an purpo%e in hi% heart, not re&uctant&y or %orro+)u&&y or un er compu&%ion, )or ,o &o0e% ':e -b.take% p&ea%ure in, pri@e% abo0e other thing%, an i% un+i&&ing to aban on or to o +ithout( a cheer)u& '8oyou%, Fprompt to o itF( gi0er -+ho%e heart i% in hi% gi0ing.3 '"( 8 "n ,o i% ab&e to make a&& grace 'e0ery )a0or an b&e%%ing( come to you in abun ance, %o that you may a&+ay% an un er a&& circum%tance% an +hate0er the nee - .be %e&)C%u))icient -po%%e%%ing enough to re?uire no ai or %upport an )urni%he in abun ance )or e0ery goo +ork an charitab&e onation.3

9 "% it i% +ritten, :e -the bene0o&ent per%on. %catter% abroa < :e gi0e% to the poor< :i% ee % o) 8u%tice an goo ne%% an kin ne%% an bene0o&ence +i&& go on an en ure )ore0erH '5( 1> "n -,o . 6ho pro0i e% %ee )or the %o+er an brea )or eating +i&& a&%o pro0i e an mu&tip&y your -re%ource% )or. %o+ing an increa%e the )ruit% o) your righteou%ne%% --e.+hich mani)e%t% it%e&) in acti0e goo ne%%, kin ne%%, an charity.3'C( 11 Thu% you +i&& be enriche in a&& thing% an in e0ery +ay, %o that you can be generou%, an -your genero%ity a% it i%. a mini%tere by u% +i&& bring )orth thank%gi0ing to ,o 3 12 For the %er0ice that the mini%tering o) thi% )un ren er% oe% not on&y )u&&y %upp&y +hat i% &acking to the %aint% ',o 9% peop&e(, but it a&%o o0er)&o+% in many -crie% o). thank%gi0ing to ,o 3 14 5ecau%e at -your. %tan ing o) the te%t o) thi% mini%try, they +i&& g&ori)y ,o )or your &oya&ty an obe ience to the ,o%pe& o) Chri%t +hich you con)e%%, a% +e&& a% )or your generou%Chearte &ibera&ity to them an to a&& -the other nee y one%.3 14 "n they yearn )or you +hi&e they pray )or you, becau%e o) the %urpa%%ing mea%ure o) ,o 9% grace ':i% )a0or an mercy an %piritua& b&e%%ing +hich i% %ho+n )orth( in you3 15

$o+ thank% be to ,o )or :i% ,i)t, -preciou%. beyon te&&ing -:i% in e%cribab&e, ine;pre%%ib&e, )ree ,i)t.H


a. b. c. d. e. A. B. C.

2 Corinthian% 9/6 *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon3 2 Corinthian% 9/7 *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon3 2 Corinthian% 9/8 *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon3 2 Corinthian% 9/8 1ar0in Dincent, 6or 7tu ie%3 2 Corinthian% 9/1> *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon3

Cross references: 2 Corinthian% 9/7 / !ro0 22/9 2 Corinthian% 9/9 / !% 112/9 2 Corinthian% 9/1> / =%a 55/1>< :o% 1>/12

2 Corinthians 1$ (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

2 Corinthians 1$
$26 = my%e&), !au&, be%eech you, by the gent&ene%% an con%i eration o) Chri%t -:im%e&)< =. +ho -am. &o+&y enough -%o they %ay. +hen among you )ace to )ace, but bo& ')ear&e%% an out%poken( to you +hen -= am. ab%ent )rom youH
1 2 = entreat you +hen = o come -to you. that = may not -be ri0en to %uch. bo& ne%% a% = inten to %ho+ to+ar tho%e )e+ +ho %u%pect u% o) acting accor ing to the )&e%h -on the &o+ &e0e& o) +or& &y moti0e% an a% i) in0e%te +ith on&y human po+er%.3 4 For though +e +a&k '&i0e( in the )&e%h, +e are not carrying on our +ar)are accor ing to the )&e%h an u%ing mere human +eapon%3 4 For the +eapon% o) our +ar)are are not phy%ica& -+eapon% o) )&e%h an b&oo ., but they are mighty be)ore ,o )or the o0erthro+ an e%truction o) %trongho& %,

5 -=na%much a% +e. re)ute argument% an theorie% an rea%oning% an e0ery prou an &o)ty thing that %et% it%e&) up again%t the -true. kno+&e ge o) ,o < an +e &ea e0ery thought an purpo%e a+ay capti0e into the obe ience o) Chri%t 'the 1e%%iah, the "nointe 2ne(, 6 5eing in rea ine%% to puni%h e0ery -in%ubor inate )or hi%. i%obe ience, +hen your o+n %ubmi%%ion an obe ience -a% a church. are )u&&y %ecure an comp&ete3 7 Look at -thi% ob0iou% )act. +hich i% be)ore your eye%3 =) anyone i% con)i ent that he i% Chri%t9%, &et him re)&ect an remin him%e&) that e0en a% he i% Chri%t9%, %o too are +e3 8 For e0en though = boa%t rather )ree&y about our po+er an authority, +hich the Lor ga0e )or your upbui& ing an not )or emo&i%hing you, yet = %ha&& not be put to %hame -)or e;cee ing the truth., 9

$either +ou& = %eem to be o0era+ing or )rightening you +ith my &etter%<

For they %ay, :i% &etter% are +eighty an impre%%i0e an )orce)u& an te&&ing, but hi% per%ona&ity an bo i&y pre%ence are +eak, an hi% %peech an e&i0ery are utter&y contemptib&e 'o) no account(3
1> 11 Let %uch peop&e rea&i@e that +hat +e %ay by &etter% +hen +e are ab%ent, -+e put. a&%o into ee % +hen +e are pre%entCC 12 $ot that +e -ha0e the au acity to. 0enture to c&a%% or -e0en to. compare our%e&0e% +ith %ome +ho e;a&t an )urni%h te%timonia&% )or them%e&0e%H :o+e0er, +hen they mea%ure them%e&0e% +ith them%e&0e% an compare them%e&0e% +ith one another, they are +ithout un er%tan ing an beha0e un+i%e&y3 14 6e, on the other han , +i&& not boa%t beyon our &egitimate pro0ince an proper &imit, but +i&& keep +ithin the &imit% -o) our commi%%ion +hich. ,o ha% a&&otte u% a% our mea%uring &ine an +hich reache% an inc&u e% e0en you3 14 For +e are not o0er%tepping the &imit% o) our pro0ince an %tretching beyon our abi&ity to reach, a% though +e reache not 'ha no &egitimate mi%%ion( to you, )or +e +ere -the 0ery )ir%t. to come e0en a% )ar a% to you +ith the goo ne+% 'the ,o%pe&( o) Chri%t3

6e o not boa%t there)ore, beyon our proper &imit, o0er other men9% &abor%, but +e ha0e the hope an con)i ent e;pectation that a% your )aith continue% to gro+, our )ie& among you may be great&y en&arge , %ti&& +ithin the &imit% o) our commi%%ion,
15 16 7o that -+e may e0en. preach the ,o%pe& in &an % -&ying. beyon you, +ithout making a boa%t o) +ork a&rea y one in another -man9%. %phere o) acti0ity -be)ore +e came on the %cene.3 17

:o+e0er, &et him +ho boa%t% an g&orie% boa%t an g&ory in the Lor 3'"(

18 For -it i%. not -the man. +ho prai%e% an commen % him%e&) +ho i% appro0e an accepte , but -it i% the per%on. +hom the Lor accre it% an commen %3

Cross references:


2 Corinthian% 1>/17 / *er 9/24

2 Corinthians 11 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

2 Corinthians 11

= 6=7: you +ou& bear +ith me +hi&e = in u&ge in a &itt&e -%oCca&&e . )oo&i%hne%%3 Io bear +ith meH

2 For = am -a.@ea&ou% )or you +ith a go &y eagerne%% an a i0ine 8ea&ou%y, )or = ha0e betrothe you to one :u%ban , to pre%ent you a% a cha%te 0irgin to Chri%t3'"( 4 5ut -no+. = am )ear)u&, &e%t that e0en a% the %erpent begui&e E0e by hi% cunning, %o your min % may be corrupte an %e uce )rom +ho&ehearte an %incere an pure e0otion to Chri%t3 '5( 4 For -you %eem rea i&y to en ure it. i) a man come% an preache% another *e%u% than the 2ne +e preache , or i) you recei0e a i))erent %pirit )rom the -7pirit. you -once. recei0e or a i))erent go%pe& )rom the one you -then. recei0e an +e&come < you to&erate -a&& that. +e&& enoughH 5

Bet = con%i er my%e&) a% in no +ay in)erior to the%e -preciou%.


e;traC%uper -)a&%e. apo%t&e%3

6 5ut e0en i) -= am. un%ki&&e in %peaking, yet -= am. not -un%ki&&e . in kno+&e ge -= kno+ +hat = am ta&king about.< +e ha0e ma e thi% e0i ent to you in a&& thing%3 7 5ut i = perhap% make a mi%take an o you a +rong in eba%ing an cheapening my%e&) %o that you might be e;a&te an enriche in ignity an honor an happine%% by preaching ,o 9% ,o%pe& +ithout e;pen%e to youA 8 2ther churche% = ha0e robbe by accepting -more than their %hare o). %upport )or my mini%try -)rom them in or er. to %er0e you3 9 "n +hen = +a% +ith you an ran %hort )inancia&&y, = i not bur en any -o) you., )or +hat = &acke +a% abun ant&y ma e up by the brethren +ho came )rom 1ace onia3 7o = kept my%e&) )rom being bur en%ome to you in any +ay, an +i&& continue to keep -my%e&) )rom being %o.3 1> "% the truth o) Chri%t i% in me, thi% my boa%t -o) in epen ence. %ha&& not be ebarre '%i&ence or checke ( in the region% o) "chaia 'mo%t o) ,reece(3 11 "n +hyA 5ecau%e = o not &o0e you - o not ha0e a pre)erence )or you, +i%h you +e&&, an regar your +e&)are.A ,o percei0e% an kno+% that = oH 12 5ut +hat = o, = +i&& continue to o, -)or = am etermine to maintain thi% in epen ence. in or er to cut o)) the c&aim o) tho%e +ho +ou& &ike -to )in an occa%ion an incenti0e. to c&aim that in their boa%te -mi%%ion. they +ork on the %ame term% that +e o3 14 For %uch men are )a&%e apo%t&e% -%puriou%, counter)eit%., eceit)u& +orkmen, ma%?uera ing a% apo%t&e% '%pecia& me%%enger%( o) Chri%t 'the 1e%%iah(3 14 15

"n it i% no +on er, )or 7atan him%e&) ma%?uera e% a% an ange& o) &ight<

7o it i% not %urpri%ing i) hi% %er0ant% a&%o ma%?uera e a% mini%ter% o) righteou%ne%%3 -5ut. their en +i&& corre%pon +ith their ee %3
16 = repeat then, &et no one think = ha0e &o%t my +it%< but e0en i) you o, then bear +ith a +it&e%% man, %o that = too may boa%t a &itt&e3 17 6hat = %ay by +ay o) thi% con)i ent boa%ting, = %ay not +ith the Lor 9% authority -by in%piration. but, a% it +ere, in pure +it&e%%ne%%3 18 19 2>

-For. %ince many boa%t o) +or& &y thing% an accor ing to the )&e%h, = +i&& g&ory 'boa%t( a&%o3 For you rea i&y an g&a &y bear +ith the )oo&i%h, %ince you are %o %mart an +i%e your%e&0e%H

For you en ure it i) a man a%%ume% contro& o) your %ou&% an make% %&a0e% o) you, or e0our% -your %ub%tance, %pen % your money. an prey% upon you, or ecei0e% an take% a 0antage o) you, or i% arrogant an put% on air%, or %trike% you in the )ace3
21 To my i%cre it, = mu%t %ay, +e ha0e %ho+n our%e&0e% too +eak -)or you to %ho+ %uch to&erance o) u% an )or u% to o %trong, courageou% thing% &ike that to you.H 5ut in +hate0er any per%on i% bo& an are% -to boa%t.CC min you, = am %peaking in thi% )oo&i%h '+it&e%%( +ayCC= a&%o am bo& an are -to boa%t.3 22 24

They are :ebre+%A 7o am =H They are =%rae&ite%A 7o am =H They are e%cen ant% o) "brahamA 7o am =H

"re they -mini%tering. %er0ant% o) Chri%t 'the 1e%%iah(A = am ta&king &ike one be%i e him%e&), -but. = am more, +ith )ar more e;ten%i0e an abun ant &abor%, +ith )ar more impri%onment%, -beaten. +ith count&e%% %tripe%, an )re?uent&y -at the point o). eath3

Fi0e time% = recei0e )rom -the han % o). the *e+% )orty -&a%he% a&&. but one< 'C(

25 Three time% = ha0e been beaten +ith ro %< once = +a% %tone 3 Three time% = ha0e been aboar a %hip +recke at %ea< a -+ho&e. night an a ay = ha0e %pent -a ri)t. on the eep< 26 1any time% on 8ourney%, -e;po%e to. peri&% )rom ri0er%, peri&% )rom ban it%, peri&% )rom -my o+n. nation, peri&% )rom the ,enti&e%, peri&% in the city, peri&% in the e%ert p&ace%, peri&% in the %ea, peri&% )rom tho%e po%ing a% be&ie0er% -but e%titute o) Chri%tian kno+&e ge an piety.< 27 =n toi& an har %hip, +atching o)ten -through %&eep&e%% night%., in hunger an thir%t, )re?uent&y ri0en to )a%ting by +ant, in co& an e;po%ure an &ack o) c&othing3 28 "n be%i e% tho%e thing% that are +ithout, there i% the ai&y -ine%capab&e pre%%ure. o) my care an an;iety )or a&& the churche%H 29 6ho i% +eak, an = o not )ee& -hi%. +eakne%%A 6ho i% ma e to %tumb&e an )a&& an ha0e hi% )aith hurt, an = am not on )ire -+ith %orro+ or in ignation.A 4> =) = mu%t boa%t, = +i&& boa%t o) the thing% that -%ho+. my in)irmity -o) the thing% by +hich = am ma e +eak an contemptib&e in the eye% o) my opponent%.3 41 The ,o an Father o) the Lor *e%u% Chri%t kno+%, :e 6ho i% b&e%%e an to be prai%e )ore0ermore, that = o not &ie3 42 =n Iama%cu%, the city go0ernor acting un er Jing "reta% guar e the city o) Iama%cu% -on purpo%e. to arre%t me,

44 "n = +a% -actua&&y. &et o+n in a -rope. ba%ket or hamper through a +in o+ 'a %ma&& oor( in the +a&&, an = e%cape through hi% )inger%3


a. b. A. B. C.

2 Corinthian% 11/2 ,3 "bbottC7mith, 1anua& ,reek Le;icon o) the $e+ Te%tament3 2 Corinthian% 11/5 Fre erick 63 Farrar, The Li)e an 6ork o) 7aint !au&3

Cross references: 2 Corinthian% 11/2 / :o% 2/19, 2> 2 Corinthian% 11/4 / ,en 4/4 2 Corinthian% 11/24 / Ieut 25/4

2 Corinthians 12 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

2 Corinthians 12
TG#E, T:EGE i% nothing to be gaine by it, but -a% = am ob&ige . to boa%t, = +i&& go on to 0i%ion% an re0e&ation% o) the Lor 3
1 2 = kno+ a man in Chri%t +ho )ourteen year% agoCC+hether in the bo y or out o) the bo y = o not kno+, ,o kno+%CC+a% caught up to the thir hea0en3 4 4

"n = kno+ that thi% manCC+hether in the bo y or a+ay )rom the bo y = o not kno+, ,o kno+%CC

6a% caught up into para i%e, an he hear utterance% beyon the po+er o) man to put into +or %, +hich man i% not permitte to utter3
5 2) thi% %ame -man9% e;perience%. = +i&& boa%t, but o) my%e&) 'per%ona&&y( = +i&& not boa%t, e;cept a% regar % my in)irmitie% 'my +eakne%%e%(3 6 7hou& = e%ire to boa%t, = %ha&& not be a +it&e%% braggart, )or = %ha&& be %peaking the truth3 5ut = ab%tain -)rom it. %o that no one may )orm a higher e%timate o) me than -i% 8u%ti)ie by. +hat he %ee% in me or hear% )rom me3 7 "n to keep me )rom being pu))e up an too much e&ate by the e;cee ing greatne%% 'preeminence( o) the%e re0e&ation%, there +a% gi0en me a thorn ' -a.a %p&inter( in the )&e%h, a me%%enger o) 7atan, to rack an bu))et an hara%% me, to keep me )rom being e;ce%%i0e&y e;a&te 3 -*ob3 2/63. 8 9

Three time% = ca&&e upon the Lor an be%ought -:im. about thi% an begge that it might epart )rom me<

5ut :e %ai to me, 1y grace '1y )a0or an &o0ingCkin ne%% an mercy( i% enough )or you -%u))icient again%t any anger an enab&e% you to bear the troub&e man)u&&y.< )or 1y %trength an po+er are ma e per)ect ')u&)i&&e an comp&ete ( an -b.%ho+ them%e&0e% mo%t e))ecti0e in -your. +eakne%%3 There)ore, = +i&& a&& the more g&a &y g&ory in my +eakne%%e% an in)irmitie%, that the %trength an po+er o) Chri%t 'the 1e%%iah( may re%t 'ye%, may -c. pitch a tent o0er an +e&&( upon meH
1> 7o )or the %ake o) Chri%t, = am +e&& p&ea%e an take p&ea%ure in in)irmitie%, in%u&t%, har %hip%, per%ecution%, perp&e;itie% an i%tre%%e%< )or +hen = am +eak -- .in human %trength., then am = -tru&y. %trong 'ab&e, po+er)u& -e. in i0ine %trength(3 11 $o+ = ha0e been -%peaking &ike. a )oo&H 5ut you )orce me to it, )or = ought to ha0e been - -).%a0e the nece%%ity an . commen e by you3 For = ha0e not )a&&en %hort one bit or pro0e my%e&) at a&& in)erior to tho%e %uper&ati0e -)a&%e. apo%t&e% -o) your%., e0en i) = am nothing 'a nobo y(3 12 =n ee , the %ign% that in icate a -genuine. apo%t&e +ere per)orme among you )u&&y an mo%t patient&y in mirac&e% an +on er% an mighty +ork%3 14 For in +hat re%pect +ere you put to a i%a 0antage in compari%on +ith the re%t o) the churche%, un&e%% -it +a% )or the )act. that = my%e&) i not bur en you -+ith my )inancia& %upport.A !ar on me -)or oing you. thi% in8u%ticeH

14 $o+ )or the thir time = am rea y to come to -0i%it. you3 "n = +i&& not bur en you -)inancia&&y., )or it i% not your -money. that = +ant but you< )or chi& ren are not uty boun to &ay up %tore )or their parent%, but parent% )or their chi& ren3 15 5ut = +i&& mo%t g&a &y %pen -my%e&). an be utter&y %pent )or your %ou&%3 =) = &o0e you e;cee ing&y, am = to be &o0e -by you. the &e%%A 16 5ut though granting that = i not bur en you -+ith my %upport, %ome %ay that. = +a% cra)ty -an that. = cheate an got the better o) you +ith my trickery3 17 Ii = -then. take a 0antage o) you or make any money out o) you through any o) tho%e -me%%enger%. +hom = %ent to youA 18 -"ctua&&y. = urge Titu% -to go., an = %ent the brother +ith -him.3 Ii Titu% o0erreach or take a 0antage o) you -in anything.A Ii he an = not act in the %ame %piritA Ii +e not -take the. %ame %tep%A 19 :a0e you been %uppo%ing -a&& thi% time. that +e ha0e been e)en ing our%e&0e% an apo&ogi@ing to youA -=t i%. in the %ight an the -0ery. pre%ence o) ,o -an a% one. in Chri%t 'the 1e%%iah( that +e ha0e been %peaking, ear&y be&o0e , an a&& in or er to bui& you up -%piritua&&y.3 2> For = am )ear)u& that %omeho+ or other = may come an )in you not a% = e%ire to )in you, an that you may )in me too not a% you +ant to )in meCCthat perhap% there may be )action% '?uarre&ing(, 8ea&ou%y, temper '+rath, intrigue%, ri0a&ry, i0i e &oya&tie%(, %e&)i%hne%%, +hi%pering, go%%ip, arrogance '%e&)Ca%%ertion(, an i%or er among you3 21 -= am )ear)u&. that +hen = come again, my ,o may humi&iate an humb&e me in your regar , an that = may ha0e to %orro+ o0er many o) tho%e +ho %inne be)ore an ha0e not repente o) the impurity, %e;ua& 0ice, an %en%ua&ity +hich they )ormer&y practice 3


a. b. c. d. e. f.

2 Corinthian% 12/7 *ame% 1ou&ton an ,eorge 1i&&igan, The Docabu&ary o) the ,reek Te%tament3 2 Corinthian% 12/9 T+o ,reek te;t% %o rea 3 2 Corinthian% 12/9 1ar0in Dincent, 6or 7tu ie%3 2 Corinthian% 12/1> *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon3 2 Corinthian% 12/1> *o%eph Thayer, " ,reekCEng&i%h Le;icon3 2 Corinthian% 12/11 1ar0in Dincent, 6or 7tu ie%3

2 Corinthians 13 (Amplified Bible)

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by he !oc"#a$ %o&$datio$

2 Corinthians 13

'() () the third ti#e that ( a# co#i$g to yo&. By the te*ti#o$y of t+o or three +it$e**e* #&*t a$y charge a$d e,ery acc&*i$g *tate#e$t be *&*tai$ed a$d co$fir#ed.-A. ( ha,e a/ready +ar$ed tho*e +ho *i$$ed for#er/y a$d a// the re*t a/*o, a$d ( +ar$ the# $o+ agai$ +hi/e ( a# ab*e$t, a* ( did +he$ pre*e$t o$ #y *eco$d ,i*it, that if ( co#e bac", ( +i// $ot *pare 0the#1, )i$ce yo& de*ire a$d *ee" 0perceptib/e1 proof of the Chri*t 3ho *pea"* i$ a$d thro&gh #e. 0%or 'e1 i* $ot +ea" a$d feeb/e i$ dea/i$g +ith yo&, b&t i* a #ighty po+er +ithi$ yo&4
2 2

%or tho&gh 'e +a* cr&cified i$ +ea"$e**, yet 'e goe* o$ /i,i$g by the po+er of 5od. A$d tho&gh +e too are +ea" i$ 'i# 0a* 'e +a* h&#a$/y +ea"1, yet i$ dea/i$g +ith yo& 0+e *ha// *ho+ o&r*e/,e*1 a/i,e a$d *tro$g i$ 0fe//o+*hip +ith1 'i# by the po+er of 5od. E6a#i$e a$d te*t a$d e,a/&ate yo&r o+$ *e/,e* to *ee +hether yo& are ho/di$g to yo&r faith a$d *ho+i$g the proper fr&it* of it. e*t a$d pro,e yo&r*e/,e* 00a1$ot Chri*t1. Do yo& $ot yo&r*e/,e* rea/i7e a$d "$o+ 0thoro&gh/y by a$ e,er8i$crea*i$g e6perie$ce1 that 9e*&* Chri*t i* i$ yo&88&$/e** yo& are 0co&$terfeit*1 di*appro,ed o$ tria/ a$d re:ected; B&t ( hope yo& +i// recog$i7e a$d "$o+ that +e are $ot di*appro,ed o$ tria/ a$d re:ected. B&t ( pray to 5od that yo& #ay do $othi$g +ro$g, $ot i$ order that +e 00b1o&r teachi$g1 #ay appear to be appro,ed, b&t that yo& #ay co$ti$&e doi$g right, 0tho&gh1 +e #ay *ee# to ha,e fai/ed a$d be &$appro,ed. %or +e ca$ do $othi$g agai$*t the r&th 00c1$ot *er,e a$y party or per*o$a/ i$tere*t1, b&t o$/y for the r&th 00d1+hich i* the 5o*pe/1. %or +e are g/ad +he$ +e are +ea" -0e1&$appro,ed. a$d yo& are rea//y *tro$g. A$d thi* +e a/*o pray for< yo&r a//8ro&$d *tre$gthe$i$g a$d perfecti$g of *o&/. )o ( +rite the*e thi$g* +hi/e ( a# ab*e$t fro# yo&, that +he$ ( co#e to yo&, ( #ay $ot ha,e to dea/ *harp/y i$ #y &*e of the a&thority +hich the !ord ha* gi,e$ #e 0to be e#p/oyed, ho+e,er1 for b&i/di$g 0yo&1 &p a$d $ot for teari$g 0yo&1 do+$. %i$a//y, brethre$, fare+e// -re:oice.> Be *tre$gthe$ed -perfected, co#p/eted, #ade +hat yo& o&ght to be.4 be e$co&raged a$d co$*o/ed a$d co#forted4 be of the *a#e 0agreeab/e1 #i$d o$e +ith a$other4 /i,e i$ peace, a$d 0the$1 the 5od of /o,e 03ho i* the )o&rce of affectio$, good+i//, /o,e, a$d be$e,o/e$ce to+ard #e$1 a$d the A&thor a$d ?ro#oter of peace +i// be +ith yo&.
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5reet o$e a$other +ith a co$*ecrated "i**. A// the *ai$t* -the peop/e of 5od here. *a/&te yo&.

he grace -fa,or a$d *pirit&a/ b/e**i$g. of the !ord 9e*&* Chri*t a$d the /o,e of 5od a$d the pre*e$ce a$d fe//o+*hip -the co##&$io$ a$d *hari$g together, a$d participatio$. i$ the 'o/y )pirit be +ith yo& a//. A#e$ -*o be it.. Footnotes: a. 2 Cori$thia$* 12<5 @ar,i$ Ai$ce$t, 3ord )t&die*. b. 2 Cori$thia$* 12<7 @ar,i$ Ai$ce$t, 3ord )t&die*. c. 2 Cori$thia$* 12<8 9a#e* C. 5ray a$d 5eorge @. Ada#*, Bib/e Co##e$tary. d. 2 Cori$thia$* 12<8 9o*eph hayer, A 5ree"8E$g/i*h !e6ico$. e. 2 Cori$thia$* 12<9 @ar,i$ Ai$ce$t, 3ord )t&die*. Cross references: A. 2 Cori$thia$* 12<1 < De&t 19<15