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Galatians 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

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Galatians 1
!"#L, "$ apo%t&e''(%pecia& me%%enger appointe an commi%%ione an %ent out) not *rom (any bo y o*) men nor by or through (a)any man, but by an through +e%u% Chri%t ,the -e%%iah. an /o the Father, 0ho rai%e 1im *rom among the ea ''
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"n a&& the brethren 2ho are 2ith me, to the churche% o* /a&atia3

/race an %piritua& b&e%%ing be to you an (%ou&) peace *rom /o the Father an our Lor +e%u% Chri%t ,the -e%%iah.,
4 0ho ga5e ,yie& e . 1im%e&* up ((b)to atone) *or our %in% (an (c)to %a5e an %ancti*y u%), in or er to re%cue an e&i5er u% *rom thi% pre%ent 2icke age an 2or& or er, in accor ance 2ith the 2i&& an purpo%e an p&an o* our /o an Father'' 5 To 1im (be a%cribe a&&) the g&ory through a&& the age% o* the age% an the eternitie% o* the eternitie%6 "men ,%o be it.7 6 8 am %urpri%e an a%toni%he that you are %o 9uick&y ( )turning renega e an e%erting 1im 0ho in5ite an ca&&e you (e)by the grace ,unmerite *a5or. o* Chri%t ,the -e%%iah. (an that you are tran%*erring your a&&egiance) to a i**erent (e5en an oppo%ition) go%pe&7 7 $ot that there i% (or cou& be) any other (genuine /o%pe&), but there are (ob5iou%&y) %ome 2ho are troub&ing an i%turbing an be2i& ering you ((*)2ith a i**erent kin o* teaching 2hich they o**er a% a go%pe&) an 2ant to per5ert an i%tort the /o%pe& o* Chri%t ,the -e%%iah. (into %omething 2hich it ab%o&ute&y i% not)7 8 :ut e5en i* 2e or an ange& *rom hea5en %hou& preach to you a go%pe& contrary to an i**erent *rom that 2hich 2e preache to you, &et him be accur%e ,anathema, e5ote to e%truction, oome to eterna& puni%hment.6 9 "% 2e %ai be*ore, %o 8 no2 %ay again3 8* anyone i% preaching to you a go%pe& i**erent *rom or contrary to that 2hich you recei5e (*rom u%), &et him be accur%e ,anathema, e5ote to e%truction, oome to eterna& puni%hment.6 1; $o2 am 8 trying to 2in the *a5or o* men, or o* /o < =o 8 %eek to p&ea%e men< 8* 8 2ere %ti&& %eeking popu&arity 2ith men, 8 %hou& not be a bon %er5ant o* Chri%t ,the -e%%iah.7 11 For 8 2ant you to kno2, brethren, that the /o%pe& 2hich 2a% proc&aime an ma e kno2n by me i% not man>% go%pe& (a human in5ention, accor ing to or patterne a*ter any human %tan ar )7 12 For in ee 8 i not recei5e it *rom man, nor 2a% 8 taught it, but (it came to me) through a ( irect) re5e&ation (gi5en) by +e%u% Chri%t ,the -e%%iah.7 14 ?ou ha5e hear o* my ear&ier career an *ormer manner o* &i*e in the +e2i%h re&igion ,+u ai%m., ho2 8 per%ecute an abu%e the church o* /o *uriou%&y an e@ten%i5e&y, an (2ith *anatica& Aea& i my be%t) to make ha5oc o* it an e%troy it7 14 "n (you ha5e hear ho2) 8 out%trippe many o* the men o* my o2n generation among the peop&e o* my race in (my a 5ancement in %tu y an ob%er5ance o* the &a2% o*) +u ai%m, %o e@treme&y enthu%ia%tic an Aea&ou% 8 2a% *or the tra ition% o* my ance%tor%7 15 :ut 2hen 1e, 0ho ha cho%en an %et me apart (e5en) be*ore 8 2a% born an ha ca&&e me by 1i% grace ,1i% un e%er5e *a5or an b&e%%ing., %a2 *it an 2a% p&ea%e ,". 16 To re5ea& ,un5ei&, i%c&o%e. 1i% Bon 2ithin me %o that 8 might proc&aim 1im among the /enti&e% ,the non' +e2i%h 2or& . a% the g&a ti ing% ,/o%pe&., imme iate&y 8 i not con*er 2ith *&e%h an b&oo ( i not con%u&t or coun%e& 2ith any *rai& human being or communicate 2ith anyone)7 17 $or i 8 (e5en) go up to +eru%a&em to tho%e 2ho 2ere apo%t&e% ,%pecia& me%%enger% o* Chri%t. be*ore 8 2a%, but 8 2ent a2ay an retire into "rabia, an a*ter2ar 8 came back again to =ama%cu%7 18 Then three year% &ater, 8 i go up to +eru%a&em to become (per%ona&&y) ac9uainte 2ith Cepha% ,!eter., an remaine 2ith him *or *i*teen ay%7 19 :ut 8 i not %ee any o* the other apo%t&e% ,the %pecia& me%%enger% o* Chri%t. e@cept +ame% the brother o* our Lor 7 2; $o2 (note care*u&&y 2hat 8 am te&&ing you, *or it i% the truth), 8 2rite thi% a% i* 8 2ere %tan ing be*ore the bar o* /o C 8 o not &ie7 21

Then 8 2ent into the i%trict% ,countrie%, region%. o* Byria an Ci&icia7

22 "n %o *ar 8 2a% %ti&& unkno2n by %ight to the churche% o* Chri%t in +u ea ,the country %urroun ing +eru%a&em.7 24 They 2ere on&y hearing it %ai , 1e 2ho u%e to per%ecute u% i% no2 proc&aiming the 5ery *aith he once re5i&e an 2hich he %et out to ruin an trie 2ith a&& hi% might to e%troy7 24

"n they g&ori*ie /o (a% the "uthor an Bource o* 2hat ha taken p&ace) in me7


a. b. c. d. e. f. A.

/a&atian% 131 -ar5in Dincent, 0or Btu ie% in the $e2 Te%tament7 /a&atian% 134 -ar5in Dincent, 0or Btu ie% in the $e2 Te%tament7 /a&atian% 134 -ar5in Dincent, 0or Btu ie% in the $e2 Te%tament7 /a&atian% 136 +o%eph !7 Light*oot, $ote% on the Epi%t&e% o* Baint !au&7 /a&atian% 136 -ar5in Dincent, 0or Btu ie% in the $e2 Te%tament7 /a&atian% 137 -ar5in Dincent, 0or Btu ie% in the $e2 Te%tament7

Cross references: /a&atian% 1315 3 8%a 4931C +er 135

Galatians 2 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Galatians 2
T1E$ "FTEF (an inter5a&) o* *ourteen year% 8 again 2ent up to +eru%a&em7 (Thi% time 8 2ent) 2ith :arnaba%, taking Titu% a&ong 2ith (me) a&%o7
1 2 8 2ent becau%e it 2a% %pecia&&y an i5ine&y re5ea&e to me that 8 %hou& go, an 8 put be*ore them the /o%pe& ( ec&aring to them that) 2hich 8 preach among the /enti&e%7 1o2e5er, (8 pre%ente the matter) pri5ate&y be*ore tho%e o* repute, (*or 8 2ante to make certain, by thu% at *ir%t con*ining my communication to thi% pri5ate con*erence) that 8 2a% not running or ha not run in 5ain (guar ing again%t being i%cre ite either in 2hat 8 2a% p&anning to o or ha a&rea y one)7 4 :ut (a&& 2ent 2e&&6) e5en Titu%, 2ho 2a% 2ith me, 2a% not compe&&e (a% %ome ha anticipate ) to be circumci%e , a&though he 2a% a /reek7 4 (-y precaution 2a%) becau%e o* *a&%e brethren 2ho ha been %ecret&y %mugg&e in (to the Chri%tian brotherhoo )C they ha %&ippe in to %py on our &iberty an the *ree om 2hich 2e ha5e in Chri%t +e%u%, that they might again bring u% into bon age (un er the La2 o* -o%e%)7

To them 2e i not yie& %ubmi%%ion e5en *or a moment, that the truth o* the /o%pe& might continue to be (pre%er5e ) *or you (in it% purity)7
5 6 -oreo5er, (no ne2 re9uirement% 2ere ma e) by tho%e 2ho 2ere repute to be %omething''though 2hat 2a% their in i5i ua& po%ition an 2hether they rea&&y 2ere o* importance or not make% no i**erence to meC /o i% not impre%%e 2ith the po%ition% that men ho& an 1e i% not partia& an recogniAe% no e@terna& i%tinction%''tho%e (8 %ay) 2ho 2ere o* repute impo%e no ne2 re9uirement% upon me (ha nothing to a to my /o%pe&, an *rom them 8 recei5e no ne2 %ugge%tion%)7,". 7 :ut on the contrary, 2hen they (rea&&y) %a2 that 8 ha been entru%te (to carry) the /o%pe& to the uncircumci%e (/enti&e%, Gu%t a% e*inite&y) a% !eter ha been entru%te (to proc&aim) the /o%pe& to the circumci%e (+e2%, they 2ere agreeab&e)C 8 For 1e 0ho moti5ate an *itte !eter an 2orke e**ecti5e&y through him *or the mi%%ion to the circumci%e , moti5ate an *itte me an 2orke through me a&%o *or (the mi%%ion to) the /enti&e%7

9 "n 2hen they kne2 ,percei5e , recogniAe , un er%too , an ackno2&e ge . the grace ,/o >% unmerite *a5or an %piritua& b&e%%ing. that ha been be%to2e upon me, +ame% an Cepha% ,!eter. an +ohn, 2ho 2ere repute to be pi&&ar% o* the +eru%a&em church, ga5e to me an :arnaba% the right han o* *e&&o2%hip, 2ith the un er%tan ing that 2e %hou& go to the /enti&e% an they to the circumci%e ,+e2%.7 1;


They on&y (ma e one %tipu&ation), that 2e 2ere to remember the poor, 2hich 5ery thing 8 2a% a&%o eager to

11 :ut 2hen Cepha% ,!eter. came to "ntioch, 8 prote%te an oppo%e him to hi% *ace (concerning hi% con uct there), *or he 2a% b&ameab&e an %too con emne 7 12 For up to the time that certain per%on% came *rom +ame%, he ate hi% mea&% 2ith the /enti&e (con5ert%)C but 2hen the men (*rom +eru%a&em) arri5e , he 2ith re2 an he& him%e&* a&oo* *rom the /enti&e% an (ate) %eparate&y *or *ear o* tho%e o* the circumci%ion (party)7 14 "n the re%t o* the +e2% a&ong 2ith him a&%o concea&e their true con5iction% an acte in%incere&y, 2ith the re%u&t that e5en :arnaba% 2a% carrie a2ay by their hypocri%y ,their e@amp&e o* in%incerity an preten%e.7

:ut a% %oon a% 8 %a2 that they 2ere not %traight*or2ar an 2ere not &i5ing up to the truth o* the /o%pe&, 8 %ai to Cepha% ,!eter. be*ore e5erybo y pre%ent, 8* you, though born a +e2, can &i5e (a% you ha5e been &i5ing) &ike a /enti&e an not &ike a +e2, ho2 o you are no2 to urge an practica&&y *orce the /enti&e% to (comp&y 2ith the ritua& o* +u ai%m an ) &i5e &ike +e2%<
14 15 16

(8 2ent on to %ay) "&though 2e our%e&5e% ,you an 8. are +e2% by birth an not /enti&e ,heathen. %inner%,

?et 2e kno2 that a man i% Gu%ti*ie or reckone righteou% an in right %tan ing 2ith /o not by 2ork% o* the La2, but (on&y) through *aith an (ab%o&ute) re&iance on an a herence to an tru%t in +e%u% Chri%t ,the -e%%iah, the "nointe Hne.7 (There*ore) e5en 2e (our%e&5e%) ha5e be&ie5e on Chri%t +e%u%, in or er to be Gu%ti*ie by *aith in Chri%t an not by 2ork% o* the La2 (*or 2e cannot be Gu%ti*ie by any ob%er5ance o* the ritua& o* the La2 gi5en by -o%e%), becau%e by keeping &ega& ritua&% an by 2ork% no human being can e5er be Gu%ti*ie , ec&are righteou% an put in right %tan ing 2ith /o .7,:.
17 :ut i*, in our e%ire an en ea5or to be Gu%ti*ie in Chri%t (to be ec&are righteou% an put in right %tan ing 2ith /o 2ho&&y an %o&e&y through Chri%t), 2e ha5e %ho2n our%e&5e% %inner% a&%o an con5icte o* %in, oe% that make Chri%t a mini%ter ,a party an contributor. to our %in< :ani%h the thought6 (H* cour%e not6) 18 For i* 8 (or any other% 2ho ha5e taught that the ob%er5ance o* the La2 o* -o%e% i% not e%%entia& to being Gu%ti*ie by /o %hou& no2 by 2or or practice teach or intimate that it i% e%%entia& to) bui& up again 2hat 8 tore o2n, 8 pro5e my%e&* a tran%gre%%or7 19 For 8 through the La2 (un er the operation o* the cur%e o* the La2) ha5e (in Chri%t>% eath *or me) my%e&* ie to the La2 an a&& the La2>% eman % upon me, %o that 8 may (hence*orth) &i5e to an *or /o 7 2; 8 ha5e been cruci*ie 2ith Chri%t (in 1im 8 ha5e %hare 1i% cruci*i@ion)C it i% no &onger 8 2ho &i5e, but Chri%t ,the -e%%iah. &i5e% in meC an the &i*e 8 no2 &i5e in the bo y 8 &i5e by *aith in ,by a herence to an re&iance on an comp&ete tru%t in. the Bon o* /o , 0ho &o5e me an ga5e 1im%e&* up *or me7 21 (There*ore, 8 o not treat /o >% graciou% gi*t a% %omething o* minor importance an e*eat it% 5ery purpo%e)C 8 o not %et a%i e an in5a&i ate an *ru%trate an nu&&i*y the grace ,unmerite *a5or. o* /o 7 For i* Gu%ti*ication ,righteou%ne%%, ac9uitta& *rom gui&t. come% through (ob%er5ing the ritua& o*) the La2, then Chri%t ,the -e%%iah. ie groun &e%%&y an to no purpo%e an in 5ain7 (1i% eath 2a% then 2ho&&y %uper*&uou%7)

Cross references:

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Galatians 3 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Galatians 3
H ?H# poor an %i&&y an thought&e%% an unre*&ecting an %en%e&e%% /a&atian%6 0ho ha% *a%cinate or be2itche or ca%t a %pe&& o5er you, unto 2hom''right be*ore your 5ery eye%''+e%u% Chri%t ,the -e%%iah. 2a% open&y an graphica&&y %et *orth an portraye a% cruci*ie <
1 2 Let me a%k you thi% one 9ue%tion3 =i you recei5e the (1o&y) Bpirit a% the re%u&t o* obeying the La2 an oing it% 2ork%, or 2a% it by hearing (the me%%age o* the /o%pe&) an be&ie5ing (it)< (0a% it *rom ob%er5ing a &a2 o* ritua&% or *rom a me%%age o* *aith<) 4 "re you %o *oo&i%h an %o %en%e&e%% an %o %i&&y< 1a5ing begun (your ne2 &i*e %piritua&&y) 2ith the (1o&y) Bpirit, are you no2 reaching per*ection (by epen ence) on the *&e%h<

1a5e you %u**ere %o many thing% an e@perience %o much a&& *or nothing ,to no purpo%e.''i* it rea&&y i% to no purpo%e an in 5ain<
4 5 Then oe% 1e 0ho %upp&ie% you 2ith 1i% mar5e&ou% (1o&y) Bpirit an 2ork% po2er*u&&y an miracu&ou%&y among you o %o on (the groun % o* your oing) 2hat the La2 eman %, or becau%e o* your be&ie5ing in an a hering to an tru%ting in an re&ying on the me%%age that you hear < 6 Thu% "braham be&ie5e in an a here to an tru%te in an re&ie on /o , an it 2a% reckone an p&ace to hi% account an cre ite a% righteou%ne%% ,a% con*ormity to the i5ine 2i&& in purpo%e, thought, an action.7 ,". 7 8

Ino2 an un er%tan that it i% (rea&&y) the peop&e (2ho &i5e) by *aith 2ho are (the true) %on% o* "braham7

"n the Bcripture, *ore%eeing that /o 2ou& Gu%ti*y , ec&are righteou%, put in right %tan ing 2ith 1im%e&*. the /enti&e% in con%e9uence o* *aith, proc&aime the /o%pe& (*orete&&ing the g&a ti ing% o* a Ba5ior &ong be*orehan ) to "braham in the promi%e, %aying, 8n you %ha&& a&& the nation% (o* the earth) be b&e%%e 7 ,:.
9 Bo then, tho%e 2ho are peop&e o* *aith are b&e%%e an ma e happy an *a5ore by /o (a% partner% in *e&&o2%hip) 2ith the be&ie5ing an tru%ting "braham7 1; "n a&& 2ho epen on the La2 (2ho are %eeking to be Gu%ti*ie by obe ience to the La2 o* ritua&%) are un er a cur%e an oome to i%appointment an e%truction, *or it i% 2ritten in the Bcripture%, Cur%e ,accur%e , e5ote to e%truction, oome to eterna& puni%hment. be e5eryone 2ho oe% not continue to abi e ,&i5e an remain. by a&& the precept% an comman % 2ritten in the :ook o* the La2 an to practice them7 ,C. 11 $o2 it i% e5i ent that no per%on i% Gu%ti*ie , ec&are righteou% an brought into right %tan ing 2ith /o . through the La2, *or the Bcripture %ay%, The man in right %tan ing 2ith /o (the Gu%t, the righteou%) %ha&& &i5e by an out o* *aith an he 2ho through an by *aith i% ec&are righteou% an in right %tan ing 2ith /o %ha&& &i5e7 ,=. 12 :ut the La2 oe% not re%t on *aith ( oe% not re9uire *aith, ha% nothing to o 2ith *aith), *or it it%e&* %ay%, 1e 2ho oe% them (the thing% pre%cribe by the La2) %ha&& &i5e by them (not by *aith)7 ,E. 14 Chri%t purcha%e our *ree om (re eeming u%) *rom the cur%e , oom. o* the La2 (an it% con emnation) by (1im%e&*) becoming a cur%e *or u%, *or it i% 2ritten (in the Bcripture%), Cur%e i% e5eryone 2ho hang% on a tree ,i% cruci*ie .C,F. 14 To the en that through (their recei5ing) Chri%t +e%u%, the b&e%%ing (promi%e ) to "braham might come upon the /enti&e%, %o that 2e through *aith might (a&&) recei5e (the rea&iAation o*) the promi%e o* the (1o&y) Bpirit7 15 To %peak in term% o* human re&ation%, brethren, (i*) e5en a man make% a &a%t 2i&& an te%tament ,a mere&y human co5enant., no one %et% it a%i e or make% it 5oi or a % to it 2hen once it ha% been ra2n up an %igne ,rati*ie , con*irme .7 16 $o2 the promi%e% ,co5enant%, agreement%. 2ere ecree an ma e to "braham an hi% Bee ,hi% H**%pring, hi% 1eir.7 1e (/o ) oe% not %ay, "n to %ee % , e%cen ant%, heir%., a% i* re*erring to many per%on%, but, "n to your Bee ,your =e%cen ant, your 1eir., ob5iou%&y re*erring to one in i5i ua&, 0ho i% (none other than) Chri%t ,the -e%%iah.7,/. 17 Thi% i% my argument3 The La2, 2hich began 44; year% a*ter the co5enant (concerning the coming -e%%iah), oe% not an cannot annu& the co5enant pre5iou%&y e%tab&i%he ,rati*ie . by /o , %o a% to abo&i%h the promi%e an make it 5oi 7,1. 18 For i* the inheritance (o* the promi%e epen % on ob%er5ing) the La2 (a% the%e *a&%e teacher% 2ou& &ike you to be&ie5e), it no &onger ( epen %) on the promi%eC ho2e5er, /o ga5e it to "braham (a% a *ree gi*t %o&e&y) by 5irtue o* 1i% promi%e7 19 0hat then 2a% the purpo%e o* the La2< 8t 2a% a e (&ater on, a*ter the promi%e, to i%c&o%e an e@po%e to men their gui&t) becau%e o* tran%gre%%ion% an (to make men more con%ciou% o* the %in*u&ne%%) o* %inC an it 2a% inten e to be in e**ect unti& the Bee ,the =e%cen ant, the 1eir. %hou& come, to an concerning 0hom the promi%e ha been ma e7 "n it (the La2) 2a% arrange an or aine an appointe through the in%trumenta&ity o* ange&% (an 2a% gi5en) by the han ,in the per%on. o* a go'bet2een (-o%e%, an interme iary per%on bet2een /o an man)7 2; $o2 a go'bet2een ,interme iary. ha% to o 2ith an imp&ie% more than one party (there can be no me iator 2ith Gu%t one per%on)7 ?et /o i% (on&y) one !er%on (an 1e 2a% the %o&e party in gi5ing that promi%e to "braham7 :ut the La2 2a% a contract bet2een t2o, /o an 8%rae&C it% 5a&i ity 2a% epen ent on both)7

21 8% the La2 then contrary an oppo%e to the promi%e% o* /o < H* cour%e not6 For i* a La2 ha been gi5en 2hich cou& con*er (%piritua&) &i*e, then righteou%ne%% an right %tan ing 2ith /o 2ou& certain&y ha5e come by La27 22 :ut the Bcripture% (picture a&& mankin a% %inner%) %hut up an impri%one by %in, %o that (the inheritance, b&e%%ing) 2hich 2a% promi%e through *aith in +e%u% Chri%t ,the -e%%iah. might be gi5en ,re&ea%e , e&i5ere , an committe . to (a&&) tho%e 2ho be&ie5e (2ho a here to an tru%t in an re&y on 1im)7 24 $o2 be*ore the *aith came, 2e 2ere perpetua&&y guar e un er the La2, kept in cu%to y in preparation *or the *aith that 2a% e%tine to be re5ea&e ,un5ei&e , i%c&o%e ., 24 Bo that the La2 %er5e (a)(to u% +e2%) a% our trainer (our guar ian, our gui e to Chri%t, to &ea u%) unti& Chri%t (came), that 2e might be Gu%ti*ie , ec&are righteou%, put in right %tan ing 2ith /o . by an through *aith7 25 26 27

:ut no2 that the *aith ha% come, 2e are no &onger un er a trainer ,the guar ian o* our chi& hoo .7 For in Chri%t +e%u% you are a&& %on% o* /o through *aith7

For a% many (o* you) a% 2ere baptiAe into Chri%t (into a %piritua& union an communion 2ith Chri%t, the "nointe Hne, the -e%%iah) ha5e put on ,c&othe your%e&5e% 2ith. Chri%t7
28 There i% (no2 no i%tinction) neither +e2 nor /reek, there i% neither %&a5e nor *ree, there i% not ma&e *ema&eC *or you are a&& one in Chri%t +e%u%7 (b)


29 "n i* you be&ong to Chri%t (are in 1im 0ho i% "braham>% Bee ), then you are "braham>% o**%pring an (%piritua&) heir% accor ing to promi%e7


a. b. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H.

/a&atian% 4324 -ar5in Dincent, 0or Btu ie%7 /a&atian% 4328 Litera& tran%&ation7

Cross references: /a&atian% 436 3 /en 1536 /a&atian% 438 3 /en 1234 /a&atian% 431; 3 =eut 27326 /a&atian% 4311 3 1ab 234 /a&atian% 4312 3 Le5 1835 /a&atian% 4314 3 =eut 21324 /a&atian% 4316 3 /en 14315C 1738 /a&atian% 4317 3 E@o 1234;

Galatians 4 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Galatians 4
$H0 01"T 8 mean i% that a% &ong a% the inheritor ,heir. i% a chi& an un er age, he oe% not i**er *rom a %&a5e, a&though he i% the ma%ter o* a&& the e%tateC
1 2

:ut he i% un er guar ian% an a mini%trator% or tru%tee% unti& the ate *i@e by hi% *ather7

4 Bo 2e (+e2i%h Chri%tian%) a&%o, 2hen 2e 2ere minor%, 2ere kept &ike %&a5e% un er (the ru&e% o* the 1ebre2 ritua& an %ubGect to) the e&ementary teaching% o* a %y%tem o* e@terna& ob%er5ation% an regu&ation%7 4 :ut 2hen the proper time ha *u&&y come, /o %ent 1i% Bon, born o* a 2oman, born %ubGect to (the regu&ation% o*) the La2, 5 To purcha%e the *ree om o* ,to ran%om, to re eem, to (a)atone *or. tho%e 2ho 2ere %ubGect to the La2, that 2e might be a opte an ha5e %on%hip con*erre upon u% (an be recogniAe a% /o >% %on%)7 6 "n becau%e you (rea&&y) are (1i%) %on%, /o ha% %ent the ((b)1o&y) Bpirit o* 1i% Bon into our heart%, crying, "bba ,Father.6 Father6 7 There*ore, you are no &onger a %&a5e ,bon %er5ant. but a %onC an i* a %on, then (it *o&&o2% that you are) an heir (c)by the ai o* /o , through Chri%t7 8 :ut at that pre5iou% time, 2hen you ha not come to be ac9uainte 2ith an un er%tan an kno2 the true /o , you (/enti&e%) 2ere in bon age to go % 2ho by their 5ery nature cou& not be go % at a&& (go % that rea&&y i not e@i%t)7 9 $o2, ho2e5er, that you ha5e come to be ac9uainte 2ith an un er%tan an kno2 (the true) /o , or rather to be un er%too an kno2n by /o , ho2 can you turn back again to the 2eak an beggar&y an 2orth&e%% e&ementary thing% (( )o* a&& re&igion% be*ore Chri%t came), 2ho%e %&a5e% you once more 2ant to become< 1; 11 12

?ou ob%er5e (particu&ar) ay% an month% an %ea%on% an year%6 8 am a&arme (about you), &e%t 8 ha5e &abore among an o5er you to no purpo%e an in 5ain7

:rethren, 8 beg o* you, become a% 8 am (*ree *rom the bon age o* +e2i%h ritua&i%m an or inance%), *or 8 a&%o ha5e become a% you are ((e)a /enti&e)7 ?ou i me no 2rong ((*)in the ay% 2hen 8 *ir%t came to youC o not o it no2)7
14 Hn the contrary, you kno2 that it 2a% on account o* a bo i&y ai&ment that (8 remaine an ) preache the /o%pe& to you the *ir%t time7 14 "n (yet) a&though my phy%ica& con ition 2a% (%uch) a tria& to you, you i not regar it 2ith contempt, or %corn an &oathe an reGect meC but you recei5e me a% an ange& o* /o , (e5en) a% Chri%t +e%u% (1im%e&*)6 15 0hat ha% become o* that b&e%%e enGoyment an %ati%*action an %e&*'congratu&ation that once 2a% your% (in 2hat 8 taught you an in your regar *or me)< For 8 bear you 2itne%% that you 2ou& ha5e torn out your o2n eye% an ha5e gi5en them to me (to rep&ace mine), i* that 2ere po%%ib&e7 16 17

1a5e 8 then become your enemy by te&&ing the truth to you an

ea&ing %incere&y 2ith you<

The%e men (the +u aiAing teacher%) are Aea&ou%&y trying to aAA&e you (paying court to you, making much o* you), but their purpo%e i% not honorab&e or 2orthy or *or any goo 7 0hat they 2ant to o i% to i%o&ate you (*rom u% 2ho oppo%e them), %o that they may 2in you o5er to their %i e an get you to court their *a5or7
18 8t i% a&2ay% a *ine thing (o* cour%e) to be Aea&ou%&y %ought a*ter (a% you are, pro5i e that it i%) *or a goo purpo%e an one (g)by rea%on o* purity o* heart an &i*e, an not Gu%t 2hen 8 am pre%ent 2ith you6 19 -y &itt&e chi& ren, *or 2hom 8 am again %u**ering birth pang% unti& Chri%t i% comp&ete&y an permanent&y *orme ,mo& e . 2ithin you, 2; 21 22 24

0ou& that 8 2ere 2ith you no2 an cou& coa@ you 5oca&&y, *or 8 am *ear*u& an perp&e@e about you6 Te&& me, you 2ho are bent on being un er the La2, 2i&& you &i%ten to 2hat the La2 (rea&&y) %ay%< For it i% 2ritten that "braham ha t2o %on%, one by the bon mai an one by the *ree 2oman7 ,".

:ut 2herea% the chi& o* the %&a5e 2oman 2a% born accor ing to the *&e%h an ha an or inary birth, the %on o* the *ree 2oman 2a% born in *u&*i&&ment o* the promi%e7
24 $o2 a&& thi% i% an a&&egoryC the%e (t2o 2omen) repre%ent t2o co5enant%7 Hne co5enant originate *rom -ount Binai (2here the La2 2a% gi5en) an bear% (chi& ren e%tine ) *or %&a5eryC thi% i% 1agar7 25 $o2 1agar i% ,%tan % *or. -ount Binai in "rabia an %he corre%pon % to an be&ong% in the %ame category 2ith the pre%ent +eru%a&em, *or %he i% in bon age together 2ith her chi& ren7 26 27

:ut the +eru%a&em abo5e ,(h)the -e%%ianic king om o* Chri%t. i% *ree, an %he i% our mother7

For it i% 2ritten in the Bcripture%, FeGoice, H barren 2oman, 2ho ha% not gi5en birth to chi& renC break *orth into a Goy*u& %hout, you 2ho are not *ee&ing birth pang%, *or the e%o&ate 2oman ha% many more chi& ren than %he 2ho ha% a hu%ban 7,:.
28 :ut 2e, brethren, are chi& ren ((i)not by phy%ica& e%cent, a% 2a% 8%hmae&, but) &ike 8%aac, born promi%e7 (G)

in 5irtue o*

29 ?et (Gu%t) a% at that time the chi& (o* or inary birth) born accor ing to the *&e%h e%pi%e an per%ecute him (2ho 2a% born remarkab&y) accor ing to (the promi%e an the 2orking o*) the (1o&y) Bpirit, %o it i% no2 a&%o7 ,C. 4; :ut 2hat oe% the Bcripture %ay< Ca%t out an %en a2ay the %&a5e 2oman an her %on, *or ne5er %ha&& the %on o* the %&a5e 2oman be heir an %hare the inheritance 2ith the %on o* the *ree 2oman7 ,=.

41 Bo, brethren, 2e (2ho are born again) are not chi& ren o* a %&a5e 2oman ((k)the natura&), but o* the *ree ((&)the %upernatura&)7


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Galatians 5 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Galatians 5
8$ (thi%) *ree om Chri%t ha% ma e u% *ree (an comp&ete&y &iberate u%)C %tan *a%t then, an o not be hampere an he& en%nare an %ubmit again to a yoke o* %&a5ery (2hich you ha5e once put o**)7
1 2 $otice, it i% 8, !au&, 2ho te&&% you that i* you recei5e circumci%ion, Chri%t 2i&& be o* no pro*it ,a 5antage, a5ai&. to you ((a)*or i* you i%tru%t 1im, you can gain nothing *rom 1im)7 4 8 once more prote%t an te%ti*y to e5ery man 2ho recei5e% circumci%ion that he i% un er ob&igation an boun to practice the 2ho&e o* the La2 an it% or inance%7 4 8* you %eek to be Gu%ti*ie an ec&are righteou% an to be gi5en a right %tan ing 2ith /o through the La2, you are brought to nothing an %o %eparate ,%e5ere . *rom Chri%t7 ?ou ha5e *a&&en a2ay *rom grace ,*rom /o >% graciou% *a5or an unmerite b&e%%ing.7 5 For 2e, (not re&ying on the La2 but) through the (1o&y) Bpirit>% (he&p), by *aith anticipate an 2ait *or the b&e%%ing an goo *or 2hich our righteou%ne%% an right %tan ing 2ith /o (our (b)con*ormity to 1i% 2i&& in purpo%e, thought, an action, cau%e% u%) to hope7

6 For (i* 2e are) in Chri%t +e%u%, neither circumci%ion nor uncircumci%ion count% *or anything, but on&y *aith acti5ate an energiAe an e@pre%%e an 2orking through &o5e7 7 ?ou 2ere running the race nob&y7 0ho ha% inter*ere in ,hin ere an %toppe you *rom. your hee ing an *o&&o2ing the Truth< 8 9

Thi% (e5i&) per%ua%ion i% not *rom 1im 0ho ca&&e you (0ho in5ite you to *ree om in Chri%t)7

" &itt&e &ea5en ,a %&ight inc&ination to error, or a *e2 *a&%e teacher%. &ea5en% the 2ho&e &ump (it per5ert% the 2ho&e conception o* *aith or mi%&ea % the 2ho&e church)7
1; (For my part) 8 ha5e con*i ence (to2ar you) in the Lor that you 2i&& take no contrary 5ie2 o* the matter but 2i&& come to think 2ith me7 :ut he 2ho i% un%ett&ing you, 2hoe5er he i%, 2i&& ha5e to bear the pena&ty7 11 :ut, brethren, i* 8 %ti&& preach circumci%ion (a% %ome accu%e me o* oing, a% nece%%ary to %a&5ation), 2hy am 8 %ti&& %u**ering per%ecution< 8n that ca%e the cro%% ha% cea%e to be a %tumb&ing b&ock an i% ma e meaning&e%% , one a2ay.7 12

8 2i%h tho%e 2ho un%ett&e an con*u%e you 2ou& ((c)go a&& the 2ay an ) cut them%e&5e% o**6

14 For you, brethren, 2ere (in ee ) ca&&e to *ree omC on&y ( o not &et your) *ree om be an incenti5e to your *&e%h an an opportunity or e@cu%e (*or ( )%e&*i%hne%%), but through &o5e you %hou& %er5e one another7 14 For the 2ho&e La2 (concerning human re&ation%hip%) i% your neighbor a% (you o) your%e&*7,". (e)

comp&ie 2ith in the one precept, ?ou %ha&& &o5e

15 :ut i* you bite an e5our one another (in parti%an %tri*e), be care*u& that you (an your 2ho&e *e&&o2%hip) are not con%ume by one another7 16 :ut 8 %ay, 2a&k an &i5e (habitua&&y) in the (1o&y) Bpirit (re%pon%i5e to an contro&&e an gui e by the Bpirit)C then you 2i&& certain&y not grati*y the cra5ing% an e%ire% o* the *&e%h ,o* human nature 2ithout /o .7 17 For the e%ire% o* the *&e%h are oppo%e to the (1o&y) Bpirit, an the ( e%ire% o* the) Bpirit are oppo%e to the *&e%h ,go &e%% human nature.C *or the%e are antagoni%tic to each other (continua&&y 2ith%tan ing an in con*&ict 2ith each other), %o that you are not *ree but are pre5ente *rom oing 2hat you e%ire to o7 18 19 2;

:ut i* you are gui e ,&e . by the (1o&y) Bpirit, you are not %ubGect to the La27 $o2 the oing% ,practice%. o* the *&e%h are c&ear ,ob5iou%.3 they are immora&ity, impurity, in ecency,

8 o&atry, %orcery, enmity, %tri*e, Gea&ou%y, anger ,i&& temper., %e&*i%hne%%, i5i%ion% , i%%en%ion%., party %pirit ,*action%, %ect% 2ith pecu&iar opinion%, here%ie%.,
21 En5y, runkenne%%, carou%ing, an the &ike7 8 2arn you be*orehan , Gu%t a% 8 i pre5iou%&y, that tho%e 2ho o %uch thing% %ha&& not inherit the king om o* /o 7 22 :ut the *ruit o* the (1o&y) Bpirit (the 2ork 2hich 1i% pre%ence 2ithin accomp&i%he%) i% &o5e, Goy ,g&a ne%%., peace, patience ,an e5en temper, *orbearance., kin ne%%, goo ne%% ,bene5o&ence., *aith*u&ne%%, 24 /ent&ene%% ,meekne%%, humi&ity., %e&*'contro& ,%e&*'re%traint, continence.7 "gain%t %uch thing% there i% no &a2 ((*)that can bring a charge)7

"n tho%e 2ho be&ong to Chri%t +e%u% ,the -e%%iah. ha5e cruci*ie the *&e%h ,the go &e%% human nature. 2ith it% pa%%ion% an appetite% an e%ire%7
24 25 8* 2e &i5e by the (1o&y) Bpirit, &et u% a&%o 2a&k by the Bpirit7 (8* by the 1o&y Bpirit &et u% go *or2ar (h)2a&king in &ine, our con uct contro&&e by the Bpirit7) (g)

2e ha5e our &i*e in /o ,

26 Let u% not become 5aing&oriou% an %e&*'conceite , competiti5e an cha&&enging an pro5oking an irritating to one another, en5ying an being Gea&ou% o* one another7


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/a&atian% 532 +ohn Chry%o%tom, one o* the =octor% o* the /reek Church7 /a&atian% 535 /7 "bbott'Bmith, -anua& /reek Le@icon o* the $e2 Te%tament7 /a&atian% 5312 -ar5in Dincent, 0or Btu ie%7 /a&atian% 5314 -ar5in Dincent, 0or Btu ie%7 /a&atian% 5314 -ar5in Dincent, 0or Btu ie%7 /a&atian% 5324 -ar5in Dincent, 0or Btu ie%7 /a&atian% 5325 " am C&arke, The 1o&y :ib&e 2ith " Commentary7 /a&atian% 5325 -ar5in Dincent, 0or Btu ie%7

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/a&atian% 5314 3 Le5 19318


(Amplified Bible)

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

:FET1FE$, 8F any per%on i% o5ertaken in mi%con uct or %in o* any %ort, you 2ho are %piritua& (2ho are re%pon%i5e to an contro&&e by the Bpirit) %hou& %et him right an re%tore an rein%tate him, 2ithout any %en%e o* %uperiority an 2ith a&& gent&ene%%, keeping an attenti5e eye on your%e&*, &e%t you %hou& be tempte a&%o7
1 2 :ear ,en ure, carry. one another>% bur en% an (a)troub&e%ome mora& *au&t%, an in thi% 2ay *u&*i&& an ob%er5e per*ect&y the &a2 o* Chri%t ,the -e%%iah. an comp&ete (b)2hat i% &acking (in your obe ience to it)7 4 For i* any per%on think% him%e&* to be %omebo y (too important to con e%cen to %hou& er another>% &oa ) 2hen he i% nobo y (o* %uperiority e@cept in hi% o2n e%timation), he ecei5e% an e&u e% an cheat% him%e&*7 4 :ut &et e5ery per%on care*u&&y %crutiniAe an e@amine an te%t hi% o2n con uct an hi% o2n 2ork7 1e can then ha5e the per%ona& %ati%*action an Goy o* oing %omething commen ab&e ((c)in it%e&* a&one) 2ithout (re%orting to) boa%t*u& compari%on 2ith hi% neighbor7 5 For e5ery per%on 2i&& ha5e to bear ,( )be e9ua& to un er%tan ing an ca&m&y recei5e. hi% o2n ((e)&itt&e) &oa oppre%%i5e *au&t%)7 (*)


6 Let him 2ho recei5e% in%truction in the 0or (o* /o ) %hare a&& goo thing% 2ith hi% teacher (contributing to hi% %upport)7 7 =o not be ecei5e an e&u e an mi%&e C /o 2i&& not a&&o2 1im%e&* to be %neere at ,%corne , i% aine , or mocke (g)by mere preten%ion% or pro*e%%ion%, or by 1i% precept% being %et a%i e7. (1e ine5itab&y e&u e% him%e&* 2ho attempt% to e&u e /o 7) For 2hate5er a man %o2%, that an (h)that on&y i% 2hat he 2i&& reap7 8 For he 2ho %o2% to hi% o2n *&e%h ,&o2er nature, %en%ua&ity. 2i&& *rom the *&e%h reap ecay an ruin an e%truction, but he 2ho %o2% to the Bpirit 2i&& *rom the Bpirit reap eterna& &i*e7 9 "n &et u% not &o%e heart an gro2 2eary an *aint in acting nob&y an oing right, *or in ue time an at the appointe %ea%on 2e %ha&& reap, i* 2e o not &oo%en an re&a@ our courage an *aint7 1; Bo then, a% occa%ion an opportunity open up to u%, &et u% o goo ((i)mora&&y) to a&& peop&e (not on&y (G)being u%e*u& or pro*itab&e to them, but a&%o oing 2hat i% *or their %piritua& goo an a 5antage)7 :e min *u& to be a b&e%%ing, e%pecia&&y to tho%e o* the hou%eho& o* *aith (tho%e 2ho be&ong to /o >% *ami&y 2ith you, the be&ie5er%)7 11

Bee 2ith 2hat &arge &etter% 8 am 2riting 2ith my o2n han 7 ( (k)-ark care*u&&y the%e c&o%ing 2or % o* mine7)

12 Tho%e 2ho 2ant to make a goo impre%%ion an a *ine %ho2 in the *&e%h 2ou& try to compe& you to recei5e circumci%ion, %imp&y %o that they may e%cape being per%ecute *or a&&egiance to the cro%% o* Chri%t ,the -e%%iah, the "nointe Hne.7 14 For e5en the circumci%e (+e2%) them%e&5e% o not (rea&&y) keep the La2, but they 2ant to ha5e you circumci%e in or er that they may g&ory in your *&e%h ,your %ubGection to e@terna& rite%.7 14 :ut *ar be it *rom me to g&ory (in anything or anyone) e@cept in the cro%% o* our Lor +e%u% Chri%t ,the -e%%iah. through 0hom the 2or& ha% been cruci*ie to me, an 8 to the 2or& 6 15 For neither i% circumci%ion (no2) o* any importance, nor uncircumci%ion, but (on&y) a ne2 creation (the re%u&t o* a ne2 birth an a ne2 nature in Chri%t +e%u%, the -e%%iah)7 16 !eace an mercy be upon a&& 2ho 2a&k by thi% ru&e (2ho i%cip&ine them%e&5e% an regu&ate their &i5e% by thi% princip&e), e5en upon the (true) 8%rae& o* /o 6,". 17 From no2 on &et no per%on troub&e me (by (&)making it nece%%ary *or me to 5in icate my apo%to&ic authority an the i5ine truth o* my /o%pe&), *or 8 bear on my bo y the (bran ) mark% o* the Lor +e%u% (the 2oun %, %car%, an other out2ar e5i ence o* per%ecution%''the%e te%ti*y to 1i% o2ner%hip o* me)6 18 The grace ,%piritua& *a5or, b&e%%ing. o* our Lor +e%u% Chri%t ,the "nointe Hne, the -e%%iah. be 2ith your %pirit, brethren7 "men ,%o be it.7


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