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Ephesians 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

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Ephesians 1
!"#L, "$ apo%t&e '%pecia& me%%enger( o) Chri%t *e%u% 'the +e%%iah(, by the i,ine -i&& 'the purpo%e an the choice o) .o ( to the %aint% 'the con%ecrate , %et/apart one%( 0a1at 2phe%u% -ho are a&%o )aith)u& an &oya& an %tea )a%t in Chri%t *e%u%3
1 2 +ay grace '.o 4% unmerite )a,or( an %piritua& peace 0-hich mean% peace -ith .o an harmony, unity, an un i%turbe ne%%1 be your% )rom .o our Father an )rom the Lor *e%u% Chri%t5 6 +ay b&e%%ing 'prai%e, &au ation, an eu&ogy( be to the .o an Father o) our Lor *e%u% Chri%t 'the +e%%iah( 7ho ha% b&e%%e u% in Chri%t -ith e,ery %piritua& 'gi,en by the 8o&y 9pirit( b&e%%ing in the hea,en&y rea&m: 4 2,en a% 0in 8i% &o,e1 8e cho%e u% 0actua&&y picke u% out )or 8im%e&) a% 8i% o-n1 in Chri%t be)ore the )oun ation o) the -or& , that -e %hou& be ho&y 'con%ecrate an %et apart )or 8im( an b&ame&e%% in 8i% %ight, e,en abo,e reproach, be)ore 8im in &o,e5 5 For 8e )oreor aine u% ' e%tine u%, p&anne in &o,e )or u%( to be a opte 're,ea&e ( a% 8i% o-n chi& ren through *e%u% Chri%t, in accor ance -ith the purpo%e o) 8i% -i&& 00b1becau%e it p&ea%e 8im an -a% 8i% kin intent1// 6 09o that -e might be1 to the prai%e an the commen ation o) 8i% g&oriou% grace ')a,or an mercy(, -hich 8e %o )ree&y be%to-e on u% in the ;e&o,e 5 7 <n 8im -e ha,e re emption ' e&i,erance an %a&,ation( through 8i% b&oo , the remi%%ion ')orgi,ene%%( o) our o))en%e% '%hortcoming% an tre%pa%%e%(, in accor ance -ith the riche% an the genero%ity o) 8i% graciou% )a,or, 8 9

7hich 8e &a,i%he upon u% in e,ery kin o) -i% om an un er%tan ing 'practica& in%ight an pru ence(,

+aking kno-n to u% the my%tery '%ecret( o) 8i% -i&& 'o) 8i% p&an, o) 8i% purpo%e(5 0"n it i% thi%31 <n accor ance -ith 8i% goo p&ea%ure '8i% merci)u& intention( -hich 8e ha pre,iou%&y purpo%e an %et )orth in 0c1 8im,
1= 08e p&anne 1 )or the maturity o) the time% an the c&ima> o) the age% to uni)y a&& thing% an hea them up an con%ummate them in Chri%t, 0both1 thing% in hea,en an thing% on the earth5 11 <n 8im -e a&%o -ere ma e 0.o 4%1 heritage 'portion( an -e obtaine an inheritance? )or -e ha been )oreor aine 'cho%en an appointe be)orehan ( in accor ance -ith 8i% purpo%e, 7ho -ork% out e,erything in agreement -ith the coun%e& an e%ign o) 8i% 0o-n1 -i&&, 12 9o that -e -ho )ir%t hope in Chri%t 0-ho )ir%t put our con)i ence in 8im ha,e been e%tine an appointe to1 &i,e )or the prai%e o) 8i% g&ory: 16 <n 8im you a&%o -ho ha,e hear the 7or o) Truth, the g&a ti ing% '.o%pe&( o) your %a&,ation, an ha,e be&ie,e in an a here to an re&ie on 8im, -ere %tampe -ith the %ea& o) the &ong/promi%e 8o&y 9pirit5 14 That 09pirit1 i% the guarantee o) our inheritance 0the )ir%t)ruit%, the p&e ge an )oreta%te, the o-n payment on our heritage1, in anticipation o) it% )u&& re emption an our ac@uiring 0comp&ete1 po%%e%%ion o) it//to the prai%e o) 8i% g&ory5 15 For thi% rea%on, becau%e < ha,e hear o) your )aith in the Lor *e%u% an your &o,e to-ar a&& the %aint% 'the peop&e o) .o (, 16 17

< o not cea%e to gi,e thank% )or you, making mention o) you in my prayer%5

0For < a&-ay% pray to1 the .o o) our Lor *e%u% Chri%t, the Father o) g&ory, that 8e may grant you a %pirit o) -i% om an re,e&ation 0o) in%ight into my%terie% an %ecret%1 in the 0 eep an intimate1 kno-&e ge o) 8im,
18 ;y ha,ing the eye% o) your heart )&oo e -ith &ight, %o that you can kno- an un er%tan the hope to -hich 8e ha% ca&&e you, an ho- rich i% 8i% g&oriou% inheritance in the %aint% '8i% %et/apart one%(, 19 "n 0%o that you can kno- an un er%tan 1 -hat i% the immea%urab&e an un&imite an %urpa%%ing greatne%% o) 8i% po-er in an )or u% -ho be&ie,e, a% emon%trate in the -orking o) 8i% mighty %trength,

7hich 8e e>erte in Chri%t -hen 8e rai%e 8im )rom the ea an %eate 8im at 8i% 0o-n1 right han in the hea,en&y 0p&ace%1,
2= 21 Far abo,e a&& ru&e an authority an po-er an ominion an e,ery name that i% name 0abo,e e,ery tit&e that can be con)erre 1, not on&y in thi% age an in thi% -or& , but a&%o in the age an the -or& -hich are to come5

22 "n 8e ha% put a&& thing% un er 8i% )eet an ha% appointe 8im the uni,er%a& an %upreme 8ea o) the church 0a hea %hip e>erci%e throughout the church1,'"( 26 7hich i% 8i% bo y, the )u&&ne%% o) 8im 7ho )i&&% a&& in a&& 0)or in that bo y &i,e% the )u&& mea%ure o) 8im 7ho make% e,erything comp&ete, an 7ho )i&&% e,erything e,ery-here -ith 8im%e&)15


a. b. c.

2phe%ian% 131 9ome manu%cript% o not contain Aat 2phe%u%5A 2phe%ian% 135 +ar,in Bincent, 7or 9tu ie% in the $e- Te%tament5 2phe%ian% 139 9ome commentator% interpret Ain 8imA to mean Ain 8im%e&),A -hi&e other% %ee it a% Ain Chri%t5A

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2phe%ian% 1322 3 !% 836

Ephesians 2 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Ephesians 2

"$C DE# 08e ma e a&i,e1, -hen you -ere ea '%&ain( by 0your1 tre%pa%%e% an %in%

2 <n -hich at one time you -a&ke 0habitua&&y15 Dou -ere )o&&o-ing the cour%e an )a%hion o) thi% -or& 0-ere un er the %-ay o) the ten ency o) thi% pre%ent age1, )o&&o-ing the prince o) the po-er o) the air5 0Dou -ere obe ient to an un er the contro& o)1 the 0 emon1 %pirit that %ti&& con%tant&y -ork% in the %on% o) i%obe ience 0the care&e%%, the rebe&&iou%, an the unbe&ie,ing, -ho go again%t the purpo%e% o) .o 15 6 "mong the%e -e a% -e&& a% you once &i,e an con ucte our%e&,e% in the pa%%ion% o) our )&e%h 0our beha,ior go,erne by our corrupt an %en%ua& nature1, obeying the impu&%e% o) the )&e%h an the thought% o) the min 0our cra,ing% ictate by our %en%e% an our ark imagining%15 7e -ere then by nature chi& ren o) 0.o 4%1 -rath an heir% o) 08i%1 in ignation, &ike the re%t o) mankin 5 4 ;ut .o //%o rich i% 8e in 8i% mercy: ;ecau%e o) an in or er to %ati%)y the great an -on er)u& an inten%e &o,e -ith -hich 8e &o,e u%, 5 2,en -hen -e -ere ea '%&ain( by 0our o-n1 %hortcoming% an tre%pa%%e%, 8e ma e u% a&i,e together in )e&&o-%hip an in union -ith Chri%t? 08e ga,e u% the ,ery &i)e o) Chri%t 8im%e&), the %ame ne- &i)e -ith -hich 8e @uickene 8im, )or1 it i% by grace '8i% )a,or an mercy -hich you i not e%er,e( that you are %a,e '0a1 e&i,ere )rom Fu gment an ma e partaker% o) Chri%t4% %a&,ation(5 6 "n 8e rai%e u% up together -ith 8im an ma e u% %it o-n together 0gi,ing u% 0b1Foint %eating -ith 8im1 in the hea,en&y %phere 0by ,irtue o) our being1 in Chri%t *e%u% 'the +e%%iah, the "nointe Ene(5 7 8e i thi% that 8e might c&ear&y emon%trate through the age% to come the immea%urab&e '&imit&e%%, %urpa%%ing( riche% o) 8i% )ree grace '8i% unmerite )a,or( in 08i%1 kin ne%% an goo ne%% o) heart to-ar u% in Chri%t *e%u%5 8 For it i% by )ree grace '.o 4% unmerite )a,or( that you are %a,e '0c1 e&i,ere )rom Fu gment an ma e partaker% o) Chri%t4% %a&,ation( through 0your1 )aith5 "n thi% 0%a&,ation1 i% not o) your%e&,e% 0o) your o-n oing, it came not through your o-n %tri,ing1, but it i% the gi)t o) .o ? 9 $ot becau%e o) -ork% 0not the )u&)i&&ment o) the La-4% eman %1, &e%t any man %hou& boa%t5 0<t i% not the re%u&t o) -hat anyone can po%%ib&y o, %o no one can pri e him%e&) in it or take g&ory to him%e&)51 1= For -e are .o 4% 0o-n1 han i-ork '8i% -orkman%hip(, 0 1recreate in Chri%t *e%u%, 0born ane-1 that -e may o tho%e goo -ork% -hich .o pre e%tine 'p&anne be)orehan ( )or u% 0taking path% -hich 8e prepare ahea o) time1, that -e %hou& -a&k in them 0&i,ing the goo &i)e -hich 8e prearrange an ma e rea y )or u% to &i,e15 11 There)ore, remember that at one time you -ere .enti&e% 'heathen%( in the )&e%h, ca&&e #ncircumci%ion by tho%e -ho ca&&e them%e&,e% Circumci%ion, 0it%e&) a 0e1mere mark1 in the )&e%h ma e by human han %5

12 0Gemember1 that you -ere at that time %eparate '&i,ing apart( )rom Chri%t 0e>c&u e )rom a&& part in 8im1, utter&y e%trange an out&a-e )rom the right% o) <%rae& a% a nation, an %tranger% -ith no %hare in the %acre compact% o) the 0+e%%ianic1 promi%e 0-ith no kno-&e ge o) or right in .o 4% agreement%, 8i% co,enant%15 "n you ha no hope 'no promi%e(? you -ere in the -or& -ithout .o 5 16 ;ut no- in Chri%t *e%u%, you -ho once -ere 0%o1 )ar a-ay, through 'by, in( the b&oo o) Chri%t ha,e been brought near5 14 For 8e i% 08im%e&)1 our peace 'our bon o) unity an harmony(5 8e ha% ma e u% both 0*e- an .enti&e1 one 0bo y1, an ha% broken o-n ' e%troye , abo&i%he ( the ho%ti&e i,i ing -a&& bet-een u%, 15 ;y abo&i%hing in 8i% 0o-n cruci)ie 1 )&e%h the enmity 0cau%e by1 the La- -ith it% ecree% an or inance% 0-hich 8e annu&&e 1? that 8e )rom the t-o might create in 8im%e&) one ne- man 0one ne- @ua&ity o) humanity out o) the t-o1, %o making peace5 16 "n 08e e%igne 1 to reconci&e to .o both 0*e- an .enti&e, unite 1 in a %ing&e bo y by mean% o) 8i% cro%%, thereby ki&&ing the mutua& enmity an bringing the )eu to an en 5

"n 8e came an preache the g&a ti ing% o) peace to you -ho -ere a)ar o)) an 0peace1 to tho%e -ho -ere near5'"(
17 18 For it i% through 8im that -e both 0-hether )ar o)) or near1 no- ha,e an intro uction 'acce%%( by one 08o&y1 9pirit to the Father 0%o that -e are ab&e to approach 8im15 19 There)ore you are no &onger out%i er% 'e>i&e%, migrant%, an a&ien%, e>c&u e )rom the right% o) citiHen%(, but you no- %hare citiHen%hip -ith the %aint% '.o 4% o-n peop&e, con%ecrate an %et apart )or 8im%e&)(? an you be&ong to .o 4% 0o-n1 hou%eho& 5 2= Dou are bui&t upon the )oun ation o) the apo%t&e% an prophet% -ith Chri%t *e%u% 8im%e&) the chie) Corner%tone5 21 <n 8im the -ho&e %tructure i% Foine 'boun , -e& e ( together harmoniou%&y, an it continue% to ri%e 'gro-, increa%e( into a ho&y temp&e in the Lor 0a %anctuary e icate , con%ecrate , an %acre to the pre%ence o) the Lor 15 22 <n 8im 0an in )e&&o-%hip -ith one another1 you your%e&,e% a&%o are being bui&t up 0into thi% %tructure1 -ith the re%t, to )orm a )i>e abo e ' -e&&ing p&ace( o) .o in 'by, through( the 9pirit5


a. b. c. d. e. A.

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Cross references: 2phe%ian% 2317 3 <%a 57319

Ephesians 3 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Ephesians 3
FEG T8<9 rea%on 00a1becau%e < preache that you are thu% bui&t up together1, <, !au&, 0am1 the pri%oner o) *e%u% the Chri%t 0b1)or the %ake an on beha&) o) you .enti&e%//

2 "%%uming that you ha,e hear o) the %te-ar %hip o) .o 4% grace '8i% unmerite )a,or( that -a% entru%te to me 0to i%pen%e to you1 )or your bene)it, 6 0"n 1 that the my%tery '%ecret( -a% ma e kno-n to me an < -a% a&&o-e to comprehen it by irect re,e&ation, a% < a&rea y brie)&y -rote you5 4 5

7hen you rea thi% you can un er%tan my in%ight into the my%tery o) Chri%t5

0Thi% my%tery1 -a% ne,er i%c&o%e to human being% in pa%t generation% a% it ha% no- been re,ea&e to 8i% ho&y apo%t&e% 'con%ecrate me%%enger%( an prophet% by the 08o&y1 9pirit5
6 0<t i% thi%31 that the .enti&e% are no- to be )e&&o- heir% 0-ith the *e-%1, member% o) the %ame bo y an Foint partaker% 0%haring1 in the %ame i,ine promi%e in Chri%t through 0their acceptance o)1 the g&a ti ing% 'the .o%pe&(5 7 E) thi% 0.o%pe&1 < -a% ma e a mini%ter accor ing to the gi)t o) .o 4% )ree grace 'un e%er,e )a,or( -hich -a% be%to-e on me by the e>erci%e 'the -orking in a&& it% e))ecti,ene%%( o) 8i% po-er5 8 To me, though < am the ,ery &ea%t o) a&& the %aint% '.o 4% con%ecrate peop&e(, thi% grace ')a,or, pri,i&ege( -a% grante an graciou%&y entru%te 3 to proc&aim to the .enti&e% the unen ing 'boun &e%%, )athom&e%%, inca&cu&ab&e, an e>hau%t&e%%( riche% o) Chri%t 0-ea&th -hich no human being cou& ha,e %earche out1, 9 "&%o to en&ighten a&& men an make p&ain to them -hat i% the p&an 0regar ing the .enti&e% an pro,i ing )or the %a&,ation o) a&& men1 o) the my%tery kept hi en through the age% an concea&e unti& no- in 0the min o)1 .o 7ho create a&& thing% by Chri%t *e%u%5 1= 0The purpo%e i%1 that through the church the 0c1comp&icate , many/%i e -i% om o) .o in a&& it% in)inite ,ariety an innumerab&e a%pect% might no- be ma e kno-n to the ange&ic ru&er% an authoritie% 'principa&itie% an po-er%( in the hea,en&y %phere5 11 Thi% i% in accor ance -ith the term% o) the eterna& an time&e%% purpo%e -hich 8e ha% rea&iHe an carrie into e))ect in 0the per%on o)1 Chri%t *e%u% our Lor ,

<n 7hom, becau%e o) our )aith in 8im, -e are to ha,e the bo& ne%% 'courage an con)i ence( o) )ree acce%% 'an unre%er,e approach to .o -ith )ree om an -ithout )ear(5
12 16 9o < a%k you not to &o%e heart 0not to )aint or become e%pon ent through )ear1 at -hat < am %u))ering in your beha&)5 0Gather g&ory in it1 )or it i% an honor to you5 14 For thi% rea%on 00 1%eeing the greatne%% o) thi% p&an by -hich you are bui&t together in Chri%t1, < bo- my knee% be)ore the Father o) our Lor *e%u% Chri%t, 15 For 7hom e,ery )ami&y in hea,en an on earth i% name 0that Father )rom 7hom a&& )atherhoo take% it% tit&e an eri,e% it% name15 16 +ay 8e grant you out o) the rich trea%ury o) 8i% g&ory to be %trengthene an rein)orce -ith mighty po-er in the inner man by the 08o&y1 9pirit 08im%e&) in -e&&ing your innermo%t being an per%ona&ity15

+ay Chri%t through your )aith 0actua&&y1 -e&& '%ett&e o-n, abi e, make 8i% permanent home( in your heart%: +ay you be roote eep in &o,e an )oun e %ecure&y on &o,e,
17 18 That you may ha,e the po-er an be %trong to apprehen an gra%p -ith a&& the %aint% 0.o 4% e,ote peop&e, the e>perience o) that &o,e1 -hat i% the brea th an &ength an height an epth 0o) it1? 19 0That you may rea&&y come1 to kno- 0practica&&y, 0e1through e>perience )or your%e&,e%1 the &o,e o) Chri%t, -hich )ar %urpa%%e% 0)1mere kno-&e ge 0-ithout e>perience1? that you may be )i&&e 0through a&& your being1 0g1 unto a&& the )u&&ne%% o) .o 0may ha,e the riche%t mea%ure o) the i,ine !re%ence, an 0h1become a bo y -ho&&y )i&&e an )&oo e -ith .o 8im%e&)1: 2= $o- to 8im 7ho, by 'in con%e@uence o)( the 0action o) 8i%1 po-er that i% at -ork -ithin u%, i% ab&e to 0carry out 8i% purpo%e an 1 o %uperabun ant&y, )ar o,er an abo,e a&& that -e 0 are1 a%k or think 0in)inite&y beyon our highe%t prayer%, e%ire%, thought%, hope%, or ream%1// 21


To 8im be g&ory in the church an in Chri%t *e%u% throughout a&& generation% )ore,er an e,er5 "men '%o be


a. b. c. d.

2phe%ian% 631 +atthe- 8enry, Commentary on the 8o&y ;ib&e3 The *e-% per%ecute an impri%one !au& becau%e he -a% an apo%t&e to the .enti&e% an preache the .o%pe& to them5 2phe%ian% 631 +atthe- 8enry, Commentary on the 8o&y ;ib&e3 The *e-% per%ecute an impri%one !au& becau%e he -a% an apo%t&e to the .enti&e% an preache the .o%pe& to them5 2phe%ian% 631= 7eb%ter4% $e- <nternationa& Cictionary o))er% thi% a% a e)inition o) Amani)o& A 'the Iing *ame% Ber%ion4% ren ering o) the .reek po&upoiki&o%(5 2phe%ian% 6314 +any manu%cript% con%i er that !au& here re%ume% the threa o) ,er%e 15

e. f. g. h.

2phe%ian% 6319 +ar,in Bincent, 7or 9tu ie%5 2phe%ian% 6319 +ar,in Bincent, 7or 9tu ie%5 2phe%ian% 6319 +ar,in Bincent, 7or 9tu ie%5 2phe%ian% 6319 *o%eph Thayer, " .reek/2ng&i%h Le>icon5

Ephesians 4 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Ephesians 4
< T82G2FEG2, the pri%oner )or the Lor , appea& to an beg you to -a&k '&ea a &i)e( -orthy o) the 0 i,ine1 ca&&ing to -hich you ha,e been ca&&e 0-ith beha,ior that i% a cre it to the %ummon% to .o 4% %er,ice,
1 2 Li,ing a% become% you1 -ith comp&ete &o-&ine%% o) min 'humi&ity( an meekne%% 'un%e&)i%hne%%, gent&ene%%, mi& ne%%(, -ith patience, bearing -ith one another an making a&&o-ance% becau%e you &o,e one another5 6 ;e eager an %tri,e earne%t&y to guar an keep the harmony an onene%% o) 0an pro uce by1 the 9pirit in the bin ing po-er o) peace5 4 5 6 7

0There i%1 one bo y an one 9pirit//Fu%t a% there i% a&%o one hope 0that be&ong%1 to the ca&&ing you recei,e // 0There i%1 one Lor , one )aith, one bapti%m, Ene .o an Father o) 0u%1 a&&, 7ho i% abo,e a&& 09o,ereign o,er a&&1, per,a ing a&& an 0&i,ing1 in 0u%1 a&&5

Det grace '.o 4% unmerite )a,or( -a% gi,en to each o) u% in i,i ua&&y 0not in i%criminate&y, but in i))erent -ay%1 in proportion to the mea%ure o) Chri%t4% 0rich an bounteou%1 gi)t5
8 There)ore it i% %ai , 7hen 8e a%cen e on high, 8e &e capti,ity capti,e 08e &e a train o) an 8e be%to-e gi)t% on men5'"( 0a1

,an@ui%he )oe%1

9 0;ut 8e a%cen e J1 $o- -hat can thi%, 8e a%cen e , mean but that 8e ha pre,iou%&y e%cen e )rom 0the height% o)1 hea,en into 0the epth%1, the &o-er part% o) the earthJ 1= 8e 7ho e%cen e i% the 0,ery1 %ame a% 8e 7ho a&%o ha% a%cen e high abo,e a&& the hea,en%, that 8e 08i% pre%ence1 might )i&& a&& thing% 'the -ho&e uni,er%e, )rom the &o-e%t to the highe%t(5 11 "n 8i% gi)t% -ere 0,arie ? 8e 8im%e&) appointe an ga,e men to u%1 %ome to be apo%t&e% '%pecia& me%%enger%(, %ome prophet% 'in%pire preacher% an e>poun er%(, %ome e,ange&i%t% 'preacher% o) the .o%pe&, tra,e&ing mi%%ionarie%(, %ome pa%tor% '%hepher % o) 8i% )&ock( an teacher%5 12 8i% intention -a% the per)ecting an the )u&& e@uipping o) the %aint% '8i% con%ecrate peop&e(, 0that they %hou& o1 the -ork o) mini%tering to-ar bui& ing up Chri%t4% bo y 'the church(,

0That it might e,e&op1 unti& -e a&& attain onene%% in the )aith an in the comprehen%ion o) the 0 0b1)u&& an accurate1 kno-&e ge o) the 9on o) .o , that 0-e might arri,e1 at rea&&y mature manhoo 'the comp&etene%% o) per%ona&ity -hich i% nothing &e%% than the %tan ar height o) Chri%t4% o-n per)ection(, the mea%ure o) the %tature o) the )u&&ne%% o) the Chri%t an the comp&etene%% )oun in 8im5
16 14 9o then, -e may no &onger be chi& ren, to%%e 0&ike %hip%1 to an )ro bet-een chance gu%t% o) teaching an -a,ering -ith e,ery changing -in o) octrine, 0the prey o)1 the cunning an c&e,erne%% o) 0c1un%crupu&ou% men, 0gamb&er% engage 1 in e,ery %hi)ting )orm o) trickery in in,enting error% to mi%&ea 5 15 Gather, &et our &i,e% &o,ing&y 0 1e>pre%% truth 0in a&& thing%, %peaking tru&y, ea&ing tru&y, &i,ing tru&y15 2n)o& e in &o,e, &et u% gro- up in e,ery -ay an in a&& thing% into 8im 7ho i% the 8ea , 0e,en1 Chri%t 'the +e%%iah, the "nointe Ene(5 16 For becau%e o) 8im the -ho&e bo y 'the church, in a&& it% ,ariou% part%(, c&o%e&y Foine an )irm&y knit together by the Foint% an &igament% -ith -hich it i% %upp&ie , -hen each part 0-ith po-er a apte to it% nee 1 i% -orking proper&y 0in a&& it% )unction%1, gro-% to )u&& maturity, bui& ing it%e&) up in &o,e5 17 9o thi% < %ay an %o&emn&y te%ti)y in 0the name o)1 the Lor 0a% in 8i% pre%ence1, that you mu%t no &onger &i,e a% the heathen 'the .enti&e%( o in their per,er%ene%% 0in the )o&&y, ,anity, an emptine%% o) their %ou&% an the )uti&ity1 o) their min %5 18 Their 0e1mora& un er%tan ing i% arkene an their rea%oning i% bec&ou e 5 0They are1 a&ienate 'e%trange , %e&)/bani%he ( )rom the &i)e o) .o 0-ith no %hare in it? thi% i%1 becau%e o) the ignorance 'the -ant o) kno-&e ge

an perception, the -i&&)u& b&in ne%%( that i% in%en%iti,ene%% o) their mora& nature15


eep/%eate in them, ue to their har ne%% o) heart 0to the

19 <n their %piritua& apathy they ha,e become ca&&ou% an pa%t )ee&ing an reck&e%% an ha,e aban one them%e&,e% 0a prey1 to unbri &e %en%ua&ity, eager an gree y to in u&ge in e,ery )orm o) impurity 0that their epra,e e%ire% may %ugge%t an eman 15 2= 21

;ut you i not %o &earn Chri%t:

"%%uming that you ha,e rea&&y hear 8im an been taught by 8im, a% 0a&&1 Truth i% in *e%u% 0embo ie an per%oni)ie in 8im1,
22 9trip your%e&,e% o) your )ormer nature 0put o)) an i%car your o& unrene-e %e&)1 -hich characteriHe your pre,iou% manner o) &i)e an become% corrupt through &u%t% an e%ire% that %pring )rom e&u%ion? 26 24

"n be con%tant&y rene-e in the %pirit o) your min 0ha,ing a )re%h menta& an %piritua& attitu e1,

"n put on the ne- nature 'the regenerate %e&)( create in .o 4% image, 0.o &ike1 in true righteou%ne%% an ho&ine%%5
25 There)ore, reFecting a&& )a&%ity an being one no- -ith it, &et e,eryone e>pre%% the truth -ith hi% neighbor, )or -e are a&& part% o) one bo y an member% one o) another5 ';( 26 7hen angry, o not %in? o not e,er &et your -rath 'your e>a%peration, your )ury or in ignation( &a%t unti& the %un goe% o-n5 27 28

Lea,e no 0%uch1 room or )ootho& )or the e,i& 0gi,e no opportunity to him15

Let the thie) %tea& no more, but rather &et him be in u%triou%, making an hone%t &i,ing -ith hi% o-n han %, %o that he may be ab&e to gi,e to tho%e in nee 5
29 Let no )ou& or po&&uting &anguage, nor e,i& -or nor un-ho&e%ome or -orth&e%% ta&k 0e,er1 come out o) your mouth, but on&y %uch 0%peech1 a% i% goo an bene)icia& to the %piritua& progre%% o) other%, a% i% )itting to the nee an the occa%ion, that it may be a b&e%%ing an gi,e grace '.o 4% )a,or( to tho%e -ho hear it5 6= "n o not grie,e the 8o&y 9pirit o) .o 0 o not o))en or ,e> or %a en 8im1, by 7hom you -ere %ea&e 'marke , bran e a% .o 4% o-n, %ecure ( )or the ay o) re emption 'o) )ina& e&i,erance through Chri%t )rom e,i& an the con%e@uence% o) %in(5 61 Let a&& bitterne%% an in ignation an -rath 'pa%%ion, rage, ba temper( an re%entment 'anger, animo%ity( an @uarre&ing 'bra-&ing, c&amor, contention( an %&an er 'e,i&/%peaking, abu%i,e or b&a%phemou% &anguage( be bani%he )rom you, -ith a&& ma&ice '%pite, i&& -i&&, or ba%ene%% o) any kin (5 62 "n become u%e)u& an he&p)u& an kin to one another, ten erhearte 'compa%%ionate, un er%tan ing, &o,ing/hearte (, )orgi,ing one another 0rea i&y an )ree&y1, a% .o in Chri%t )orga,e you5


a. b. c. d. e. f. A. B.

2phe%ian% 438 +atthe- 8enry, Commentary on the 8o&y ;ib&e3 A8e con@uere tho%e -ho ha con@uere u%//%uch a% %in, the e,i&, an eath5A 2phe%ian% 4316 +ar,in Bincent, 7or 9tu ie%5 2phe%ian% 4314 Litera& tran%&ation3 A ice/p&aying5A 2phe%ian% 4315 +ar,in Bincent, 7or 9tu ie%5 2phe%ian% 4318 +ar,in Bincent, 7or 9tu ie%5 2phe%ian% 4318 +ar,in Bincent, 7or 9tu ie%5

Cross references: 2phe%ian% 438 3 !% 68318 2phe%ian% 4325 3 Kech 8316


(Amplified Bible)

Amplified Bible (AMP)

Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

T82G2FEG2 ;2 imitator% o) .o 0copy 8im an )o&&o- 8i% e>amp&e1, a% -e&&/be&o,e chi& ren 0imitate their )ather15
1 0a1 2 "n -a&k in &o,e, 0e%teeming an e&ighting in one another1 a% Chri%t &o,e u% an ga,e 8im%e&) up )or u%, a %&ain o))ering an %acri)ice to .o 0)or you, %o that it became1 a %-eet )ragrance5'"( 6

;ut immora&ity '%e>ua& ,ice( an a&& impurity 00b1o) &u%t)u&, rich, -a%te)u& &i,ing1 or gree ine%% mu%t not e,en be name among you, a% i% )itting an proper among %aint% '.o 4% con%ecrate peop&e(5
4 Let there be no )i&thine%% 'ob%cenity, in ecency( nor )oo&i%h an %in)u& '%i&&y an corrupt( ta&k, nor coar%e Fe%ting, -hich are not )itting or becoming? but in%tea ,oice your thank)u&ne%% 0to .o 15 5 For be %ure o) thi%3 that no per%on practicing %e>ua& ,ice or impurity in thought or in &i)e, or one -ho i% co,etou% 0-ho ha% &u%t)u& e%ire )or the property o) other% an i% gree y )or gain1//)or he 0in e))ect1 i% an i o&ater//ha% any inheritance in the king om o) Chri%t an o) .o 5 6 Let no one e&u e an ecei,e you -ith empty e>cu%e% an groun &e%% argument% 0)or the%e %in%1, )or through the%e thing% the -rath o) .o come% upon the %on% o) rebe&&ion an i%obe ience5 7 8

9o o not a%%ociate or be %harer% -ith them5

For once you -ere arkne%%, but no- you are &ight in the Lor ? -a&k a% chi& ren o) Light 0&ea the &i,e% o) tho%e nati,e/born to the Light15
9 For the )ruit 'the e))ect, the pro uct( o) the Light or uprightne%% o) heart, an truene%% o) &i)e5 0c1

the 9pirit 0con%i%t%1 in e,ery )orm o) kin &y goo ne%%,

1= "n try to &earn 0in your e>perience1 -hat i% p&ea%ing to the Lor 0&et your &i,e% be con%tant proo)% o) -hat i% mo%t acceptab&e to 8im15 11 Take no part in an ha,e no )e&&o-%hip -ith the )ruit&e%% ee % an enterpri%e% o) arkne%%, but in%tea 0&et your &i,e% be %o in contra%t a% to1 0 1e>po%e an repro,e an con,ict them5 12 16

For it i% a %hame e,en to %peak o) or mention the thing% that 0%uch peop&e1 practice in %ecret5

;ut -hen anything i% e>po%e an repro,e by the &ight, it i% ma e ,i%ib&e an c&ear? an -here e,erything i% ,i%ib&e an c&ear there i% &ight5
14 There)ore 8e %ay%, "-ake, E %&eeper, an ari%e )rom the ea , an Chri%t %ha&& %hine 'make ay a-n( upon you an gi,e you &ight5';( 15 Look care)u&&y then ho- you -a&k: Li,e purpo%e)u&&y an -orthi&y an accurate&y, not a% the un-i%e an -it&e%%, but a% -i%e '%en%ib&e, inte&&igent peop&e(, 16 17

+aking the ,ery mo%t o) the time 0buying up each opportunity1, becau%e the ay% are e,i&5

There)ore o not be ,ague an thought&e%% an )oo&i%h, but un er%tan ing an )irm&y gra%ping -hat the -i&& o) the Lor i%5
18 "n 9pirit5'C(

o not get runk -ith -ine, )or that i% ebauchery? but e,er be )i&&e an %timu&ate -ith the 08o&y1

19 9peak out to one another in p%a&m% an hymn% an %piritua& %ong%, o))ering prai%e -ith ,oice% 0 0e1an in%trument%1 an making me&o y -ith a&& your heart to the Lor , 2= 21 22 26 24 25 26 27

"t a&& time% an )or e,erything gi,ing thank% in the name o) our Lor *e%u% Chri%t to .o the Father5 ;e %ubFect to one another out o) re,erence )or Chri%t 'the +e%%iah, the "nointe Ene(5 7i,e%, be %ubFect 'be %ubmi%%i,e an a apt your%e&,e%( to your o-n hu%ban % a% 0a %er,ice1 to the Lor 5 For the hu%ban i% hea o) the -i)e a% Chri%t i% the 8ea o) the church, 8im%e&) the 9a,ior o) 08i%1 bo y5 "% the church i% %ubFect to Chri%t, %o &et -i,e% a&%o be %ubFect in e,erything to their hu%ban %5 8u%ban %, &o,e your -i,e%, a% Chri%t &o,e the church an ga,e 8im%e&) up )or her, 9o that 8e might %ancti)y her, ha,ing c&ean%e her by the -a%hing o) -ater -ith the 7or ,

That 8e might pre%ent the church to 8im%e&) in g&oriou% %p&en or, -ithout %pot or -rink&e or any %uch thing% 0that %he might be ho&y an )au&t&e%%15
28 2,en %o hu%ban % %hou& &o,e their -i,e% a% 0being in a %en%e1 their o-n bo ie%5 8e -ho &o,e% hi% o-n -i)e &o,e% him%e&)5

29 For no man e,er hate hi% o-n )&e%h, but nouri%he% an care)u&&y protect% an cheri%he% it, a% Chri%t oe% the church, 6= 61

;ecau%e -e are member% 'part%( o) 8i% bo y5

For thi% rea%on a man %ha&& &ea,e hi% )ather an hi% mother an %ha&& be Foine to hi% -i)e, an the t-o %ha&& become one )&e%h5'C(
62 66

Thi% my%tery i% ,ery great, but < %peak concerning 0the re&ation o)1 Chri%t an the church5

8o-e,er, &et each man o) you 0-ithout e>ception1 &o,e hi% -i)e a% 0being in a %en%e1 hi% ,ery o-n %e&)? an &et the -i)e %ee that %he re%pect% an re,erence% her hu%ban 00)1that %he notice% him, regar % him, honor% him, pre)er% him, ,enerate%, an e%teem% him? an 0g1that %he e)er% to him, prai%e% him, an &o,e% an a mire% him e>cee ing&y15 0< !et5 63251


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2phe%ian% 532 +ar,in Bincent, 7or 9tu ie%5 2phe%ian% 536 *o%eph Thayer, " .reek/2ng&i%h Le>icon5 2phe%ian% 539 9ome ancient manu%cript% %o rea 5 2phe%ian% 5311 *o%eph Thayer, " .reek/2ng&i%h Le>icon5 2phe%ian% 5319 .eorge G5 ;erry, .reek/2ng&i%h $e- Te%tament Le>icon5 2phe%ian% 5366 7eb%ter4% $e- <nternationa& Cictionary o))er% thi% a% a &i%t o) 2ng&i%h -or % -ith the %ame 'or near&y the %ame( e%%entia& meaning a% Are%pectA an Are,erence5A The &atter 'Are,erenceA( inc&u e% the concept o) Aa oreA in the %en%e not app&ie to eity5 2phe%ian% 5366 7eb%ter4% $e- <nternationa& Cictionary o))er% thi% a% a &i%t o) 2ng&i%h -or % -ith the %ame 'or near&y the %ame( e%%entia& meaning a% Are%pectA an Are,erence5A The &atter 'Are,erenceA( inc&u e% the concept o) Aa oreA in the %en%e not app&ie to eity5

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Ephesians ! (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Ephesians !

C8<LCG2$, E;2D your parent% in the Lor 0a% 8i% repre%entati,e%1, )or thi% i% Fu%t an right5

2 8onor 'e%teem an ,a&ue a% preciou%( your )ather an your mother//thi% i% the )ir%t comman ment -ith a promi%e//'"( 6 4

That a&& may be -e&& -ith you an that you may &i,e &ong on the earth5

Father%, o not irritate an pro,oke your chi& ren to anger 0 o not e>a%perate them to re%entment1, but rear them 0ten er&y1 in the training an i%cip&ine an the coun%e& an a monition o) the Lor 5
5 9er,ant% '%&a,e%(, be obe ient to tho%e -ho are your phy%ica& ma%ter%, ha,ing re%pect )or them an eager concern to p&ea%e them, in %ing&ene%% o) moti,e an -ith a&& your heart, a% 0%er,ice1 to Chri%t 08im%e&)1//

6 $ot in the -ay o) eye/%er,ice 0a% i) they -ere -atching you1 an on&y to p&ea%e men, but a% %er,ant% '%&a,e%( o) Chri%t, oing the -i&& o) .o hearti&y an -ith your -ho&e %ou&? 7 8

Gen ering %er,ice rea i&y -ith goo -i&&, a% to the Lor an not to men,

Ino-ing that )or -hate,er goo anyone oe%, he -i&& recei,e hi% re-ar )rom the Lor , -hether he i% %&a,e or )ree5
9 Dou ma%ter%, act on the %ame 0princip&e1 to-ar them an gi,e up threatening an u%ing ,io&ent an abu%i,e -or %, kno-ing that 8e 7ho i% both their +a%ter an your% i% in hea,en, an that there i% no re%pect o) per%on% 'no partia&ity( -ith 8im5 1= <n conc&u%ion, be %trong in the Lor 0be empo-ere through your union -ith 8im1? ra- your %trength )rom 8im 0that %trength -hich 8i% boun &e%% might pro,i e%15 11 !ut on .o 4% -ho&e armor 0the armor o) a hea,y/arme %o& ier -hich .o %upp&ie%1, that you may be ab&e %ucce%%)u&&y to %tan up again%t 0a&&1 the %trategie% an the eceit% o) the e,i&5 12 For -e are not -re%t&ing -ith )&e%h an b&oo 0conten ing on&y -ith phy%ica& opponent%1, but again%t the e%poti%m%, again%t the po-er%, again%t 0the ma%ter %pirit% -ho are1 the -or& ru&er% o) thi% pre%ent arkne%%, again%t the %pirit )orce% o) -icke ne%% in the hea,en&y '%upernatura&( %phere5 16 There)ore put on .o 4% comp&ete armor, that you may be ab&e to re%i%t an %tan your groun on the e,i& ay 0o) anger1, an , ha,ing one a&& 0the cri%i% eman %1, to %tan 0)irm&y in your p&ace15 14 9tan there)ore 0ho& your groun 1, ha,ing tightene the be&t o) truth aroun your &oin% an ha,ing put on the brea%tp&ate o) integrity an o) mora& rectitu e an right %tan ing -ith .o , 15 "n ha,ing %ho your )eet in preparation 0to )ace the enemy -ith the 0a1)irm/)oote %tabi&ity, the promptne%%, an the rea ine%% 0b1pro uce by the goo ne-%1 o) the .o%pe& o) peace5';( 16 Li)t up o,er a&& the 0co,ering1 %hie& o) the -icke 0one15 17 18 0c1

%a,ing )aith, upon -hich you can @uench a&& the )&aming mi%%i&e% o)
0 1

"n take the he&met o) %a&,ation an the %-or that the 9pirit

-ie& %, -hich i% the 7or o) .o 5

!ray at a&& time% 'on e,ery occa%ion, in e,ery %ea%on( in the 9pirit, -ith a&& 0manner o)1 prayer an entreaty5 To that en keep a&ert an -atch -ith %trong purpo%e an per%e,erance, interce ing in beha&) o) a&& the %aint% '.o 4% con%ecrate peop&e(5
19 "n 0pray1 a&%o )or me, that 0)ree om o)1 utterance may be gi,en me, that < may open my mouth to proc&aim bo& &y the my%tery o) the goo ne-% 'the .o%pe&(, 2= For -hich < am an amba%%a or in a coup&ing chain 0in pri%on5 !ray1 that < may ec&are it bo& &y an courageou%&y, a% < ought to o5 21 $o- that you may kno- ho- < am an -hat < am oing, Tychicu%, the be&o,e brother an )aith)u& mini%ter in the Lor 0an 8i% %er,ice1, -i&& te&& you e,erything5 22 < ha,e %ent him to you )or thi% ,ery purpo%e, that you may kno- ho- -e are an that he may cheer an encourage an %trengthen your heart%5 0e1

con%o&e an

26 !eace be to the brethren, an &o,e Foine -ith )aith, )rom .o the Father an the Lor *e%u% Chri%t 'the +e%%iah, the "nointe Ene(5 24 .race '.o 4% un e%er,e )a,or( be -ith a&& -ho &o,e our Lor *e%u% Chri%t -ith un ying an incorruptib&e 0&o,e15 "men '%o &et it be(5


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2phe%ian% 6315 +ar,in Bincent, 7or 9tu ie%5 2phe%ian% 6315 *o%eph Thayer, " .reek/2ng&i%h Le>icon5 2phe%ian% 6316 +ar,in Bincent, 7or 9tu ie%5 2phe%ian% 6317 Char&e% ;5 7i&&iam%, The $e- Te%tament3 " Tran%&ation in the Language o) the !eop&e3 9ubFecti,e geniti,e//a type o) geniti,e o) po%%e%%ion5 Thu% here the 9pirit i% the %ubFect or agent o) the ,erba& action5 2phe%ian% 6322 *o%eph Thayer, " .reek/2ng&i%h Le>icon5

Cross references: 2phe%ian% 632 3 2>o 2=312 2phe%ian% 6315 3 <%a 5237