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Philippians 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

n Foun ation

Philippians 1
!"#L "$% Timothy, bon &er'ant& o( Chri&t )e&u& *the +e&&iah,, to a-- the &aint& *.o /& con&ecrate peop-e, in Chri&t )e&u& 0ho are at !hi-ippi, 0ith the bi&hop& *o'er&eer&, an eacon& *a&&i&tant&,1
1 2 .race *(a'or an b-e&&ing, to you an 2heart3 peace (rom .o our Father an the Lor )e&u& Chri&t *the +e&&iah,4 5 4 5

6 thank my .o in a-- my remembrance o( you4 6n e'ery prayer o( mine 6 a-0ay& make my entreaty an petition (or you a-- 0ith 7oy * e-ight,4

26 thank my .o 3 (or your (e--o0&hip *your 2a3&ympathetic cooperation an contribution& an partner&hip, in a 'ancing the goo ne0& *the .o&pe-, (rom the (ir&t ay 2you hear it3 unti- no04
6 "n 6 am con'ince an &ure o( thi& 'ery thing, that 8e 9ho began a goo 0ork in you 0i-- continue unti- the ay o( )e&u& Chri&t 2right up to the time o( 8i& return3, e'e-oping 2that goo 0ork3 an per(ecting an bringing it to (u-- comp-etion in you4 7 6t i& right an appropriate (or me to ha'e thi& con(i ence an (ee- thi& 0ay about you a--, becau&e 2b3you ha'e me in your heart an 6 ho- you in my heart a& partaker& an &harer&, one an a-- 0ith me, o( grace *.o /& unmerite (a'or an &piritua- b-e&&ing,4 2Thi& i& true3 both 0hen 6 am &hut up in pri&on an 0hen 6 am out in the e(en&e an con(irmation o( the goo ne0& *the .o&pe-,4 8 For .o i& my 0itne&& ho0 6 -ong (or an 28im&e-(3: 2c3

pur&ue you a-- 0ith -o'e, in the ten er mercy o( Chri&t )e&u&

9 "n thi& 6 pray1 that your -o'e may aboun yet more an more an e;ten to it& (u--e&t e'e-opment in kno0-e ge an a-- keen in&ight 2that your -o'e may 2 3 i&p-ay it&e-( in greater epth o( ac<uaintance an more comprehen&i'e i&cernment3, 1= >o that you may &ure-y -earn to &en&e 0hat i& 'ita-, an appro'e an pri?e 0hat i& e;ce--ent an o( rea- 'a-ue 2recogni?ing the highe&t an the be&t, an i&tingui&hing the mora- i((erence&3, an that you may be untainte an pure an unerring an b-ame-e&& 2&o that 0ith heart& &incere an certain an un&u--ie , you may approach3 the ay o( Chri&t 2not &tumb-ing nor cau&ing other& to &tumb-e34 11 +ay you aboun in an be (i--e 0ith the (ruit& o( righteou&ne&& *o( right &tan ing 0ith .o an right oing, 0hich come through )e&u& Chri&t *the "nointe @ne,, to the honor an prai&e o( .o 2 2e3that 8i& g-ory may be both mani(e&te an recogni?e 34 12 $o0 6 0ant you to kno0 an continue to re&t a&&ure , brethren, that 0hat 2ha& happene 3 to me 2thi& impri&onment3 ha& actua--y on-y &er'e to a 'ance an gi'e a rene0e impetu& to the 2&prea ing o( the3 goo ne0& *the .o&pe-,4 15 >o much i& thi& a (act that throughout the 0ho-e imperia- guar an to a-- the re&t 2here3 my impri&onment ha& become genera--y kno0n to be in Chri&t 2that 6 am a pri&oner in 8i& &er'ice an (or 8im34 14 "n 2a-&o3 mo&t o( the brethren ha'e eri'e (re&h con(i ence in the Lor becau&e o( my chain& an are much more bo- to &peak an pub-i&h (ear-e&&-y the 9or o( .o 2acting 0ith more (ree om an in i((erence to the con&e<uence&34 15 >ome, it i& true, 2actua--y3 preach Chri&t *the +e&&iah, 2(or no better rea&on than3 out o( en'y an ri'a-ry *party &pirit,, but other& are oing &o out o( a -oya- &pirit an goo 0i--4 162(3 The -atter 2proc-aim Chri&t3 out o( -o'e, becau&e they recogni?e an kno0 that 6 am 2pro'i entia--y3 put here (or the e(en&e o( the goo ne0& *the .o&pe-,4 172g3 Aut the (ormer preach Chri&t out o( a party &pirit, in&incere-y 2out o( no pure moti'e, but thinking to annoy me3, &uppo&ing they are making my bon age more bitter an my chain& more ga--ing4 18 Aut 0hat oe& it matter, &o -ong a& either 0ay, 0hether in preten&e 2(or per&ona- en &3 or in a-- hone&ty 2(or the (urtherance o( the Truth3, Chri&t i& being proc-aime B "n in that 6 2no03 re7oice, ye&, an 6 &ha-- re7oice 2herea(ter3 a-&o4 19 For 6 am 0e-- a&&ure an in ee kno0 that through your prayer& an a 2h3bounti(u- &upp-y o( the >pirit o( )e&u& Chri&t *the +e&&iah, thi& 0i-- turn out (or my pre&er'ation *(or the &piritua- hea-th an 2i30e-(are o( my o0n &ou-, an a'ai- to0ar the &a'ing 0ork o( the .o&pe-4 2= Thi& i& in keeping 0ith my o0n eager e&ire an per&i&tent e;pectation an hope, that 6 &ha-- not i&grace my&e-( nor be put to &hame in anythingC but that 0ith the utmo&t (ree om o( &peech an un(ai-ing courage, no0

a& a-0ay& hereto(ore, Chri&t *the +e&&iah, 0i-- be magni(ie an get g-ory an prai&e in thi& bo y o( mine an be bo- -y e;a-te in my per&on, 0hether through *by, -i(e or through *by, eath4
21 22

For me to -i'e i& Chri&t 28i& -i(e in me3, an to ie i& gain 2the gain o( the g-ory o( eternity34

6(, ho0e'er, it i& to be -i(e in the (-e&h an 6 am to -i'e on here, that mean& (ruit(u- &er'ice (or meC &o 6 can &ay nothing a& to my per&ona- pre(erence 26 cannot choo&e3,
25 Aut 6 am har pre&&e bet0een the t0o4 +y yearning e&ire i& to epart *to be (ree o( thi& 0or- , to &et (orth, an be 0ith Chri&t, (or that i& (ar, (ar betterC 24 25

Aut to remain in my bo y i& more nee (u- an e&&entia- (or your &ake4

>ince 6 am con'ince o( thi&, 6 kno0 that 6 &ha-- remain an &tay by you a--, to promote your progre&& an 7oy in be-ie'ing,
26 >o that in me you may ha'e abun ant cau&e (or e;u-tation an g-orying in Chri&t )e&u&, through my coming to you again4 27 @n-y be &ure a& citi?en& &o to con uct your&e-'e& 2that3 your manner o( -i(e 20i-- be3 0orthy o( the goo ne0& *the .o&pe-, o( Chri&t, &o that 0hether 6 2 o3 come an &ee you or am ab&ent, 6 may hear thi& o( you1 that you are &tan ing (irm in unite &pirit an purpo&e, &tri'ing &i e by &i e an conten ing 0ith a &ing-e min (or the (aith o( the g-a ti ing& *the .o&pe-,4 28 "n o not 2(or a moment3 be (rightene or intimi ate in anything by your opponent& an a 'er&arie&, (or &uch 2con&tancy an (ear-e&&ne&&3 0i-- be a c-ear &ign *proo( an &ea-, to them o( 2their impen ing3 e&truction, but 2a &ure token an e'i ence3 o( your e-i'erance an &a-'ation, an that (rom .o 4 29 For you ha'e been grante 2the pri'i-ege3 (or Chri&t/& &ake not on-y to be-ie'e in *a here to, re-y on, an tru&t in, 8im, but a-&o to &u((er in 8i& beha-(4 5= >o you are engage in the &ame con(-ict 0hich you &a0 me 20age3 an 0hich you no0 hear to be mine 2&ti--34


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!hi-ippian& 115 +ar'in Dincent, 9or >tu ie& in the $e0 Te&tament4 !hi-ippian& 117 "-ternate tran&-ation4 !hi-ippian& 118 )o&eph Thayer, " .reekEFng-i&h Le;icon o( the $e0 Te&tament4 !hi-ippian& 119 +ar'in Dincent, 9or >tu ie& in the $e0 Te&tament4 !hi-ippian& 1111 +ar'in Dincent, 9or >tu ie& in the $e0 Te&tament4 !hi-ippian& 1116 The or er o( 'er&e& 16 an 17 i& that o( the mo&t ancient manu&cript&C the Ging )ame& Der&ion ha& them re'er&e 4 !hi-ippian& 1117 The or er o( 'er&e& 16 an 17 i& that o( the mo&t ancient manu&cript&C the Ging )ame& Der&ion ha& them re'er&e 4 !hi-ippian& 1119 +ar'in Dincent, 9or >tu ie&4 !hi-ippian& 1119 +ar'in Dincent, 9or >tu ie&4

Philippians 2 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Philippians 2
>@ AH 0hate'er 2appea- to you there i& in our mutua- 0e--ing in Chri&t, by 0hate'er3 &trengthening an con&o-ing an encouraging 2our re-ation&hip3 in 8im 2a((or &3, by 0hate'er per&ua&i'e 2a3incenti'e there i& in -o'e,

by 0hate'er participation in the 28o-y3 >pirit 20e &hare3, an by 0hate'er epth o( a((ection an compa&&ionate &ympathy,
2 Fi-- up an comp-ete my 7oy by -i'ing in harmony an being o( the &ame min an one in purpo&e, ha'ing the &ame -o'e, being in (u-- accor an o( one harmoniou& min an intention4 5 %o nothing (rom (actiona- moti'e& 2through contentiou&ne&&, &tri(e, &e-(i&hne&&, or (or un0orthy en &3 or prompte by conceit an empty arrogance4 6n&tea , in the true &pirit o( humi-ity *-o0-ine&& o( min , -et each regar the other& a& better than an &uperior to him&e-( 2thinking more high-y o( one another than you o o( your&e-'e&34 4 Let each o( you e&teem an -ook upon an be concerne (or not 2mere-y3 hi& o0n intere&t&, but a-&o each (or the intere&t& o( other&4 5 Let thi& &ame attitu e an purpo&e an 2humb-e3 min be in you 0hich 0a& in Chri&t )e&u&1 2Let 8im be your e;amp-e in humi-ity13 6 9ho, a-though being e&&entia--y one 0ith .o an in the (orm o( .o 22b3po&&e&&ing the (u--ne&& o( the attribute& 0hich make .o .o 3, i not 2c3think thi& e<ua-ity 0ith .o 0a& a thing to be eager-y gra&pe 2 3or retaine , 7 Aut &trippe 8im&e-( 2o( a-- pri'i-ege& an 2e3right(u- ignity3, &o a& to a&&ume the gui&e o( a &er'ant *&-a'e,, in that 8e became -ike men an 0a& born a human being4 8 "n a(ter 8e ha appeare in human (orm, 8e aba&e an humb-e 8im&e-( 2&ti-- (urther3 an carrie 8i& obe ience to the e;treme o( eath, e'en the eath o( the cro&&: 9 There(ore 2becau&e 8e &toope &o -o03 .o ha& high-y e;a-te 8im an ha& name that i& abo'e e'ery name, 1= 11 2(3

(ree-y be&to0e on 8im the

That in *at, the name o( )e&u& e'ery knee



&hou- *mu&t, bo0, in hea'en an on earth an un er the earth,

"n e'ery tongue 2 (rank-y an open-y3 con(e&& an ackno0-e ge that )e&u& Chri&t i& Lor , to the g-ory o( .o the Father4
12 There(ore, my ear one&, a& you ha'e a-0ay& obeye 2my &ugge&tion&3, &o no0, not on-y 20ith the enthu&ia&m you 0ou- &ho03 in my pre&ence but much more becau&e 6 am ab&ent, 0ork out *cu-ti'ate, carry out to the goa-, an (u--y comp-ete, your o0n &a-'ation 0ith re'erence an a0e an tremb-ing *&e-(E i&tru&t, 2i30ith &eriou& caution, ten erne&& o( con&cience, 0atch(u-ne&& again&t temptation, timi -y &hrinking (rom 0hate'er might o((en .o an i&cre it the name o( Chri&t,4 15 2$ot in your o0n &trength3 (or it i& .o 9ho i& a-- the 0hi-e 273e((ectua--y at 0ork in you 2energi?ing an creating in you the po0er an e&ire3, both to 0i-- an to 0ork (or 8i& goo p-ea&ure an &ati&(action an 2k3 e-ight4 14 %o a-- thing& 0ithout grumb-ing an (au-t(in ing an comp-aining 22-3again&t .o 3 an oubting 2among your&e-'e&3, 15 2m3

<ue&tioning an

That you may &ho0 your&e-'e& to be b-ame-e&& an gui-t-e&&, innocent an uncontaminate , chi- ren o( .o 0ithout b-emi&h *(au-t-e&&, unrebukab-e, in the mi &t o( a crooke an 0icke generation 2&piritua--y per'erte an per'er&e3, among 0hom you are &een a& bright -ight& *&tar& or beacon& &hining out c-ear-y, in the 2 ark3 0or- ,
16 8o- ing out 2to it3 an o((ering 2to a-- men3 the 9or o( Li(e, &o that in the ay o( Chri&t 6 may ha'e &omething o( 0hich e;u-tant-y to re7oice an g-ory in that 6 i not run my race in 'ain or &pen my -abor to no purpo&e4 17 F'en i( 2my -i(eb-oo 3 mu&t be poure out a& a -ibation on the &acri(icia- o((ering o( your (aith 2to .o 3, &ti-- 6 am g-a 2to o it3 an 2n3congratu-ate you a-- on 2your &hare in3 it4 18 19

"n you a-&o in -ike manner be g-a an


congratu-ate me on 2my &hare in3 it4

Aut 6 hope an tru&t in the Lor )e&u& &oon to &en Timothy to you, &o that 6 may a-&o be encourage an cheere by -earning ne0& o( you4

21 22

For 6 ha'e no one -ike him 2no one o( &o kin re a &pirit3 0ho 0i-- be &o genuine-y intere&te in your 0e-(are e'ote to your intere&t&4 For the other& a-- &eek 2to a 'ance3 their o0n intere&t&, not tho&e o( )e&u& Chri&t *the +e&&iah,4

Aut Timothy/& te&te 0orth you kno0, ho0 a& a &on 0ith hi& (ather he ha& toi-e 0ith me ?ea-ou&-y in 2&er'ing an he-ping to a 'ance3 the goo ne0& *the .o&pe-,4
25 24 25

6 hope there(ore to &en him prompt-y, 7u&t a& &oon a& 6 kno0 ho0 my ca&e i& going to turn out4 Aut 2rea--y3 6 am con(i ent an (u--y tru&ting in the Lor that &hort-y 6 my&e-( &ha-- come to you a-&o4

8o0e'er, 6 thought it nece&&ary to &en Fpaphro itu& 2back3 to you4 28e ha& been3 my brother an companion in -abor an my (e--o0 &o- ier, a& 0e-- a& 2ha'ing come a&3 your &pecia- me&&enger *apo&t-e, an mini&ter to my nee 4



For he ha& been 2home&ick3 -onging (or you a-- an ha& been i&tre&&e becau&e you ha hear that he 0a&

27 8e certain-y 0a& i-- 2too3, near to eath4 Aut .o ha compa&&ion on him, an not on-y on him but a-&o on me, -e&t 6 &hou- ha'e &orro0 2o'er him3 2p3coming upon &orro04 28 >o 6 ha'e &ent him the more 0i--ing-y an eager-y, that you may be g-a 6 may be the -e&& i&<uiete 4 29 5=

ene at &eeing him again, an that

9e-come him 2home3 then in the Lor 0ith a-- 7oy, an honor an high-y appreciate men -ike him,

For it 0a& through 0orking (or Chri&t that he came &o near eath, ri&king hi& 2'ery3 -i(e to comp-ete the e(iciencie& in your &er'ice to me 20hich i&tance pre'ente you your&e-'e& (rom ren ering34


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Philippians 3 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Philippians 3
F@I T8F re&t, my brethren, e-ight your&e-'e& in the Lor an continue to re7oice that you are in 8im4 To keep 0riting to you 2o'er an o'er3 o( the &ame thing& i& not irk&ome to me, an it i& 2a precaution3 (or your &a(ety4
1 2 Look out (or tho&e og& 2)u ai?er&, -ega-i&t&3, -ook out (or tho&e mi&chie(Emaker&, -ook out (or tho&e 0ho muti-ate the (-e&h4

5 For 0e 2Chri&tian&3 are the true circumci&ion, 0ho 0or&hip .o in &pirit an by the >pirit o( .o an e;u-t an g-ory an pri e our&e-'e& in )e&u& Chri&t, an put no con(i ence or epen ence 2on 0hat 0e are3 in the (-e&h an on out0ar pri'i-ege& an phy&ica- a 'antage& an e;terna- appearance&EE 4 Though (or my&e-( 6 ha'e 2at -ea&t groun &3 to re-y on the (-e&h4 6( any other man con&i er& that he ha& or &eem& to ha'e rea&on to re-y on the (-e&h an hi& phy&ica- an out0ar a 'antage&, 6 ha'e &ti-- more: 5 Circumci&e 0hen 6 0a& eight ay& o- , o( the race o( 6&rae-, o( the tribe o( Aen7amin, a 8ebre0 2an the &on3 o( 8ebre0&C a& to the ob&er'ance o( the La0 6 0a& o( 2the party o(3 the !hari&ee&, 6 "& to my ?ea-, 6 0a& a per&ecutor o( the church, an by the La0/& &tan ar o( righteou&ne&& *&uppo&e 7u&tice, uprightne&&, an right &tan ing 0ith .o , 6 0a& pro'en to be b-ame-e&& an no (au-t 0a& (oun 0ith me4 7 Aut 0hate'er (ormer thing& 6 ha that might ha'e been gain& to me, 6 ha'e come to con&i er a& 2 2a3one combine 3 -o&& (or Chri&t/& &ake4 8 He&, (urthermore, 6 count e'erything a& -o&& compare to the po&&e&&ion o( the price-e&& pri'i-ege *the o'er0he-ming preciou&ne&&, the &urpa&&ing 0orth, an &upreme a 'antage, o( kno0ing Chri&t )e&u& my Lor an o( progre&&i'e-y becoming more eep-y an intimate-y ac<uainte 0ith 8im 2o( percei'ing an recogni?ing an un er&tan ing 8im more (u--y an c-ear-y34 For 8i& &ake 6 ha'e -o&t e'erything an con&i er it a-- to be mere rubbi&h *re(u&e, reg&,, in or er that 6 may 0in *gain, Chri&t *the "nointe @ne,, 9 "n that 6 may 2actua--y3 be (oun an kno0n a& in 8im, not ha'ing any 2&e-(Eachie'e 3 righteou&ne&& that can be ca--e my o0n, ba&e on my obe ience to the La0/& eman & *ritua-i&tic uprightne&& an &uppo&e right &tan ing 0ith .o thu& ac<uire ,, but po&&e&&ing that 2genuine righteou&ne&&3 0hich come& through (aith in Chri&t *the "nointe @ne,, the 2tru-y3 right &tan ing 0ith .o , 0hich come& (rom .o by 2&a'ing3 (aith4 1= 2For my etermine purpo&e i&3 that 6 may kno0 8im 2that 6 may progre&&i'e-y become more eep-y an intimate-y ac<uainte 0ith 8im, percei'ing an recogni?ing an un er&tan ing the 0on er& o( 8i& !er&on more &trong-y an more c-ear-y3, an that 6 may in that &ame 0ay come to kno0 the po0er out(-o0ing (rom 8i& re&urrection 22b30hich it e;ert& o'er be-ie'er&3, an that 6 may &o &hare 8i& &u((ering& a& to be continua--y tran&(orme 2in &pirit into 8i& -ikene&& e'en3 to 8i& eath, 2in the hope3 11 That i( po&&ib-e 6 may attain to the 22c3&piritua- an mora-3 re&urrection 2that -i(t& me3 out (rom among the ea 2e'en 0hi-e in the bo y34 12 $ot that 6 ha'e no0 attaine 2thi& i ea-3, or ha'e a-rea y been ma e per(ect, but 6 pre&& on to -ay ho- o( *gra&p, an make my o0n, that (or 0hich Chri&t )e&u& *the +e&&iah, ha& -ai ho- o( me an ma e me 8i& o0n4 15 6 o not con&i er, brethren, that 6 ha'e capture an ma e it my o0n 2yet3C but one thing 6 o 2it i& my one a&piration31 (orgetting 0hat -ie& behin an &training (or0ar to 0hat -ie& ahea , 14 6 pre&& on to0ar the goa- to 0in the 2&upreme an hea'en-y3 pri?e to 0hich .o in Chri&t )e&u& i& ca--ing u& up0ar 4 15 >o -et tho&e 2o( u&3 0ho are &piritua--y mature an (u--Egro0n ha'e thi& min an ho- the&e con'iction&C an i( in any re&pect you ha'e a i((erent attitu e o( min , .o 0i-- make that c-ear to you a-&o4 16 17 18

@n-y -et u& ho- true to 0hat 0e ha'e a-rea y attaine an 0a-k an or er our -i'e& by that4 Arethren, together (o--o0 my e;amp-e an ob&er'e tho&e 0ho -i'e a(ter the pattern 0e ha'e &et (or you4

For there are many, o( 0hom 6 ha'e o(ten to- you an no0 te-- you e'en 0ith tear&, 0ho 0a-k *-i'e, a& enemie& o( the cro&& o( Chri&t *the "nointe @ne,4
19 They are oome an their 2 3(ate i& eterna- mi&ery *per ition,C their go i& their &tomach *their appetite&, their &en&ua-ity, an they g-ory in their &hame, 2e3&i ing 0ith earth-y thing& an being o( their party4 2= Aut 0e are citi?en& o( the &tate *common0ea-th, home-an , 0hich i& in hea'en, an (rom it a-&o 0e earne&t-y an patient-y a0ait 2the coming o(3 the Lor )e&u& Chri&t *the +e&&iah, 2a&3 >a'ior,


21 9ho 0i-- 2g3tran&(orm an (a&hion ane0 the bo y o( our humi-iation to con(orm to an be -ike the bo y o( 8i& g-ory an ma7e&ty, by e;erting that po0er 0hich enab-e& 8im e'en to &ub7ect e'erything to 8im&e-(4


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!hi-ippian& 517 +ar'in Dincent, 9or >tu ie&1 8i& Jgain&J are p-ura-, but they are a-- counte a& one combine J-o&&J *&ingu-ar,4 !hi-ippian& 511= +ar'in Dincent, 9or >tu ie&4 !hi-ippian& 5111 Char-e& A4 9i--iam&, The $e0 Te&tament1 " Tran&-ation in the Language o( the !eop-e1 " &piritua-, mora- re&urrectionEEnot the (ina-, phy&ica- one, 0hich 0i-- be the c-ima;4 !hi-ippian& 5119 )o&eph Thayer, " .reekEFng-i&h Le;icon4 !hi-ippian& 5119 )o&eph Thayer, " .reekEFng-i&h Le;icon4

f. g.

!hi-ippian& 512= +ar'in Dincent, 9or >tu ie&4 !hi-ippian& 5121 +ar'in Dincent, 9or >tu ie&4

Philippians 4 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Philippians 4
T8FIFF@IF, +H brethren, 0hom 6 -o'e an yearn to &ee, my e-ight an cro0n *0reath o( 'ictory,, thu& &tan (irm in the Lor , my be-o'e 4
1 2 5

6 entreat an a 'i&e Fuo ia an 6 entreat an a 'i&e >yntyche to agree an to 0ork in harmony in the Lor 4

"n 6 e;hort you too, 2my3 genuine yoke(e--o0, he-p the&e 2t0o 0omen to keep on cooperating3, (or they ha'e toi-e a-ong 0ith me in 2the &prea ing o(3 the goo ne0& *the .o&pe-,, a& ha'e C-ement an the re&t o( my (e--o0 0orker& 0ho&e name& are in the Aook o( Li(e4
4 5

Ie7oice in the Lor a-0ay& 2 e-ight, g-a

en your&e-'e& in 8im3C again 6 &ay, Ie7oice: *",

Let a-- men kno0 an percei'e an recogni?e your un&e-(i&hne&& *your con&i eratene&&, your (orbearing &pirit,4 The Lor i& near 28e i& 2a3coming &oon34
6 %o not (ret or ha'e any an;iety about anything, but in e'ery circum&tance an in e'erything, by prayer an petition *2b3 e(inite re<ue&t&,, 0ith thank&gi'ing, continue to make your 0ant& kno0n to .o 4 7 "n .o /& peace 2&ha-- be your&, that 2c3tran<ui- &tate o( a &ou- a&&ure o( it& &a-'ation through Chri&t, an &o (earing nothing (rom .o an being content 0ith it& earth-y -ot o( 0hate'er &ort that i&, that peace3 0hich tran&cen & a-- un er&tan ing &ha-- 2 3garri&on an mount guar o'er your heart& an min & in Chri&t )e&u&4 8 For the re&t, brethren, 0hate'er i& true, 0hate'er i& 0orthy o( re'erence an i& honorab-e an &eem-y, 0hate'er i& 7u&t, 0hate'er i& pure, 0hate'er i& -o'e-y an -o'ab-e, 0hate'er i& kin an 0in&ome an graciou&, i( there i& any 'irtue an e;ce--ence, i( there i& anything 0orthy o( prai&e, think on an 0eigh an take account o( the&e thing& 2(i; your min & on them34 9 !ractice 0hat you ha'e -earne an recei'e an hear an &een in me, an mo e- your 0ay o( -i'ing on it, an the .o o( peace *o( 2e3untroub-e , un i&turbe 0e--Ebeing, 0i-- be 0ith you4 1= 6 0a& ma e 'ery happy in the Lor that no0 you ha'e re'i'e your intere&t in my 0e-(are a(ter &o -ong a timeC you 0ere in ee thinking o( me, but you ha no opportunity to &ho0 it4 11 $ot that 6 am imp-ying that 6 0a& in any per&ona- 0ant, (or 6 ha'e -earne ho0 to be the point 0here 6 am not i&turbe or i&<uiete , in 0hate'er &tate 6 am4 2(3

content *&ati&(ie to

12 6 kno0 ho0 to be aba&e an -i'e humb-y in &traitene circum&tance&, an 6 kno0 a-&o ho0 to en7oy p-enty an -i'e in abun ance4 6 ha'e -earne in any an a-- circum&tance& the &ecret o( (acing e'ery &ituation, 0hether 0e--E(e or going hungry, ha'ing a &u((iciency an enough to &pare or going 0ithout an being in 0ant4 15 6 ha'e &trength (or a-- thing& in Chri&t 9ho empo0er& me 26 am rea y (or anything an e<ua- to anything through 8im 9ho 2g3in(u&e& inner &trength into meC 6 am 2h3&e-(E&u((icient in Chri&t/& &u((iciency34 14 Aut it 0a& right an commen ab-e an nob-e o( you to contribute (or my nee & an to &hare my i((icu-tie& 0ith me4

"n you !hi-ippian& your&e-'e& 0e-- kno0 that in the ear-y ay& o( the .o&pe- mini&try, 0hen 6 -e(t +ace onia, no church *a&&emb-y, entere into partner&hip 0ith me an opene up 2a ebit an cre it3 account in gi'ing an recei'ing e;cept you on-y4
15 16 17

For e'en in The&&a-onica you &ent 2me contribution&3 (or my nee &, not on-y once but a &econ time4

$ot that 6 &eek or am eager (or 2your3 gi(t, but 6 o &eek an am eager (or the (ruit 0hich increa&e& to your cre it 2the har'e&t o( b-e&&ing that i& accumu-ating to your account34
18 Aut 6 ha'e 2your (u-- payment3 an moreC 6 ha'e e'erything 6 nee an am amp-y &upp-ie , no0 that 6 ha'e recei'e (rom Fpaphro itu& the gi(t& you &ent me4 2They are the3 (ragrant o or o( an o((ering an &acri(ice 0hich .o 0e-come& an in 0hich 8e e-ight&4 19 "n my .o 0i-- -ibera--y &upp-y *2i3(i-- to the (u--, your e'ery nee accor ing to 8i& riche& in g-ory in Chri&t )e&u&4

2= To our .o an Father be g-ory (ore'er an e'er *through the en -e&& eternitie& o( the eternitie&,4 "men *&o be it,4 21 Iemember me to e'ery &aint *e'ery bornEagain be-ie'er, in Chri&t )e&u&4 The brethren *my are 0ith me greet you4 273

a&&ociate&, 0ho

22 "-- the &aint& *.o /& con&ecrate one& here, 0i&h to be remembere to you, e&pecia--y tho&e o( Cae&ar/& hou&eho- 4 25 The grace *&piritua- (a'or an b-e&&ing, o( the Lor )e&u& Chri&t *the "nointe @ne, be 0ith your &pirit4 "men *&o be it,4


a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. A.

!hi-ippian& 415 )o&eph Thayer, " .reekEFng-i&h Le;icon4 !hi-ippian& 416 )o&eph Thayer, " .reekEFng-i&h Le;icon4 !hi-ippian& 417 )o&eph Thayer, " .reekEFng-i&h Le;icon4 !hi-ippian& 417 9i--iam .urna--, cite by +ar'in Dincent, 9or >tu ie&4 !hi-ippian& 419 8ermann Cremer, Aib-icoETheo-ogica- Le;icon o( $e0 Te&tament .reek4 !hi-ippian& 4111 Litera- tran&-ation1 J&e-(E&u((icient4J !hi-ippian& 4115 +ar'in Dincent, 9or >tu ie&4 !hi-ippian& 4115 $ote that in !hi-4 4111, the .reek autarka&, tran&-ate Jcontent,J i& -itera--y J&e-(E &u((icient4J !hi-ippian& 4119 )o&eph Thayer, " .reekEFng-i&h Le;icon4 !hi-ippian& 4121 "-e;an er >outer, !ocket Le;icon4

Cross references: !hi-ippian& 414 1 !& 5714