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Colossians 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

n Foun ation

Colossians 1
!"#L, "$ apo%t&e '%pecia& me%%enger( o) Chri%t *e%u% 'the +e%%iah(, by the ,i&& o) -o , an Timothy .our/ brother,
1 2 To the %aint% 'the con%ecrate peop&e o) -o ( an .a/be&ie0ing an )aith)u& brethren in Chri%t ,ho are at Co&o%%ae1 -race '%piritua& )a0or an b&e%%ing( to you an .heart/ peace )rom -o our Father2 3 4e you, .b/

continua&&y gi0e thank% to -o the Father o) our Lor *e%u% Chri%t 'the +e%%iah(, a% ,e are praying )or

4 For ,e ha0e hear o) your )aith in Chri%t *e%u% ..c/the &eaning o) your entire human per%ona&ity on 5im in ab%o&ute tru%t an con)i ence in 5i% po,er, ,i% om, an goo ne%%/ an o) the &o0e ,hich you .ha0e an %ho,/ )or a&& the %aint% '-o 6% con%ecrate one%(, 5 7ecau%e o) the hope .o) e8periencing ,hat i%/ &ai up ' . /re%er0e an ,aiting( )or you in hea0en2 9) thi% .hope/ you hear in the pa%t in the me%%age o) the truth o) the -o%pe&, 6 4hich ha% come to you2 :n ee , in the ,ho&e ,or& .that -o%pe&/ i% bearing )ruit an %ti&& i% gro,ing .e/.by it% o,n inherent po,er/, e0en a% it ha% one among your%e&0e% e0er %ince the ay you )ir%t hear an came to kno, an un er%tan the grace o) -o in truth2 .;ou came to kno, the grace or un e%er0e )a0or o) -o in rea&ity, eep&y an c&ear&y an thorough&y, becoming accurate&y an intimate&y ac<uainte ,ith it2/ 7 ;ou %o &earne it )rom =paphra%, our be&o0e )e&&o, %er0ant2 5e i% a )aith)u& mini%ter o) Chri%t in our %tea an a% our repre%entati0e an .)/your%2 8 9

"&%o he ha% in)orme u% o) your &o0e in the .5o&y/ >pirit2

For thi% rea%on ,e a&%o, )rom the ay ,e hear o) it, ha0e not cea%e to pray an make . .g/%pecia&/ re<ue%t )or you, .a%king/ that you may be )i&&e ,ith the .h/)u&& ' eep an c&ear( kno,&e ge o) 5i% ,i&& in a&& %piritua& ,i% om ..i/in comprehen%i0e in%ight into the ,ay% an purpo%e% o) -o / an in un er%tan ing an i%cernment o) %piritua& thing%?? That you may ,a&k '&i0e an con uct your%e&0e%( in a manner ,orthy o) the Lor , )u&&y p&ea%ing to 5im an e%iring to p&ea%e 5im in a&& thing%, bearing )ruit in e0ery goo ,ork an %tea i&y gro,ing an increa%ing in an by the kno,&e ge o) -o .,ith )u&&er, eeper, an c&earer in%ight, .k/ac<uaintance, an recognition/2
1@ .A/ 11 .4e pray/ that you may be in0igorate an %trengthene ,ith a&& po,er accor ing to the might o) 5i% g&ory, .to e8erci%e/ e0ery kin o) en urance an patience 'per%e0erance an )orbearance( ,ith Aoy, 12 -i0ing thank% to the Father, 4ho ha% <ua&i)ie an ma e u% )it to %hare the o) the %aint% '-o 6% ho&y peop&e( in the Light2 .&/

portion ,hich i% the inheritance

13 .The Father/ ha% e&i0ere an .m/ ra,n u% to 5im%e&) out o) the contro& an the ominion o) arkne%% an ha% tran%)erre u% into the king om o) the >on .n/o) 5i% &o0e, 14 15

:n 4hom ,e ha0e our re emption through 5i% b&oo , .,hich mean%/ the )orgi0ene%% o) our %in%2

.$o,/ 5e i% the .o/e8act &ikene%% o) the un%een -o .the 0i%ib&e repre%entation o) the in0i%ib&e/B 5e i% the Fir%tborn o) a&& creation2
16 For it ,a% in 5im that a&& thing% ,ere create , in hea0en an on earth, thing% %een an thing% un%een, ,hether throne%, ominion%, ru&er%, or authoritie%B a&& thing% ,ere create an e8i%t through 5im .by 5i% %er0ice, inter0ention/ an in an )or 5im2 17

"n 5e 5im%e&) e8i%te be)ore a&& thing%, an in 5im a&& thing% con%i%t 'cohere, are he& together(2 '"(

18 5e a&%o i% the 5ea o) .5i%/ bo y, the churchB %eeing 5e i% the 7eginning, the Fir%tborn )rom among the ea , %o that 5e a&one in e0erything an in e0ery re%pect might occupy the chie) p&ace .%tan )ir%t an be preeminent/2 19 For it ha% p&ea%e .the Father/ that a&& the i0ine )u&&ne%% 'the %um tota& o) the i0ine per)ection, po,er%, an attribute%( %hou& ,e&& in 5im .p/permanent&y2 2@ "n -o purpo%e that through '.</by the %er0ice, the inter0ention o)( 5im .the >on/ a&& thing% %hou& be comp&ete&y reconci&e .r/back to 5im%e&), ,hether on earth or in hea0en, a% through 5im, .the Father/ ma e peace by mean% o) the b&oo o) 5i% cro%%2 21 "n a&though you at one time ,ere e%trange an a&ienate )rom 5im an ,ere o) ho%ti&e attitu e o) min in your ,icke acti0itie%,

22 ;et no, ha% .Chri%t, the +e%%iah/ reconci&e .you to -o / in the bo y o) 5i% )&e%h through eath, in or er to pre%ent you ho&y an )au&t&e%% an irreproachab&e in 5i% .the Father6%/ pre%ence2 23 ."n thi% 5e ,i&& o/ pro0i e that you continue to .%/%tay ,ith an in the )aith .in Chri%t/, ,e&&?groun e an %ett&e an %tea )a%t, not %hi)ting or mo0ing a,ay )rom the hope .,hich re%t% on an i% in%pire by/ the g&a ti ing% 'the -o%pe&(, ,hich you hear an ,hich ha% been preache .t/.a% being e%igne )or an o))ere ,ithout re%triction%/ to e0ery per%on un er hea0en, an o) ,hich .-o%pe&/ :, !au&, became a mini%ter2 24 .=0en/ no, : reAoice in .u/the mi %t o) my %u))ering% on your beha&)2 "n in my o,n per%on : am making up ,hate0er i% %ti&& &acking an remain% to be comp&ete ..0/on our part/ o) Chri%t6% a))&iction%, )or the %ake o) 5i% bo y, ,hich i% the church2 25 :n it : became a mini%ter in accor ance ,ith the i0ine .,/%te,ar %hip ,hich ,a% entru%te to me )or you .a% it% obAect an )or your bene)it/, to make the 4or o) -o )u&&y kno,n .among you/?? 26 The my%tery o) ,hich ,a% hi 5i% ho&y peop&e 'the %aint%(, 27

en )or age% an generation% ..8/)rom ange&% an men/, but i% no, re0ea&e to

To ,hom -o ,a% p&ea%e to make kno,n ho, great )or the -enti&e% are the riche% o) the g&ory o) thi% my%tery, ,hich i% Chri%t ,ithin an among you, the 5ope o) .rea&iCing the/ g&ory2
28 5im ,e preach an proc&aim, ,arning an a moni%hing e0eryone an in%tructing e0eryone in a&& ,i% om '.y/comprehen%i0e in%ight into the ,ay% an purpo%e% o) -o (, that ,e may pre%ent e0ery per%on mature ')u&&? gro,n, )u&&y initiate , comp&ete, an per)ect( in Chri%t 'the "nointe 9ne(2 29 For thi% : &abor ..C/unto ,earine%%/, %tri0ing ,ith a&& the an ,ork% ,ithin me2 .aa/

%uperhuman energy ,hich 5e %o mighti&y enkin &e%


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Co&o%%ian% 112 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie% in the $e, Te%tament2 Co&o%%ian% 113 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie% in the $e, Te%tament1 EContinua&&yE be&ong% ,ith Egi0e thank%,E not e&%e,here2 Co&o%%ian% 114 "&e8an er >outer, !ocket Le8icon o) the -reek $e, Te%tament2 Co&o%%ian% 115 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie% in the $e, Te%tament2 Co&o%%ian% 116 "&e8an er >outer, !ocket Le8icon2 Co&o%%ian% 117 +any ancient manu%cript% rea Eyour%2E Co&o%%ian% 119 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie% in the $e, Te%tament2 Co&o%%ian% 119 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie% in the $e, Te%tament2 Co&o%%ian% 119 "&e8an er >outer, !ocket Le8icon2 Co&o%%ian% 111@ *o%eph Thayer, " -reek?=ng&i%h Le8icon o) the $e, Te%tament2 Co&o%%ian% 111@ -2 "bbott?>mith, +anua& -reek Le8icon o) the $e, Te%tament2 Co&o%%ian% 1112 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2 Co&o%%ian% 1113 *o%eph Thayer, " -reek?=ng&i%h Le8icon2 Co&o%%ian% 1113 Litera& tran%&ation2 Co&o%%ian% 1115 Char&e% 72 4i&&iam%, The $e, Te%tament1 " Tran%&ation in the Language o) the !eop&e1 >trong term%??thu% tran%&ate Ee8act &ikene%%2E Co&o%%ian% 1119 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2 Co&o%%ian% 112@ *o%eph Thayer, " -reek?=ng&i%h Le8icon2 Co&o%%ian% 112@ +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2 Co&o%%ian% 1123 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2 Co&o%%ian% 1123 " am C&arke, The 5o&y 7ib&e ,ith " Commentary2

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Co&o%%ian% 1124 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2 Co&o%%ian% 1124 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2 Co&o%%ian% 1125 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2 Co&o%%ian% 1126 *ohann 7enge&, -nomon $o0i Te%tamenti an 5enry "&)or , The -reek $e, Te%tament2 Co&o%%ian% 1128 "&e8an er >outer, !ocket Le8icon2 Co&o%%ian% 1129 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2 Co&o%%ian% 1129 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2

Cross references: Co&o%%ian% 1117 1 !ro0 8122?31

Colossians 2 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Colossians 2
F9F : ,ant you to kno, ho, great i% my %o&icitu e )or you .ho, %e0ere an in,ar %trugg&e : am engage in )or you/ an )or tho%e .be&ie0er%/ at Lao icea, an )or a&& ,ho ..a/&ike your%e&0e%/ ha0e ne0er %een my )ace an kno,n me per%ona&&y2
1 2 .For my concern i%/ that their heart% may be .b/brace 'com)orte , cheere , an encourage ( a% they are knit together in &o0e, that they may come to ha0e a&& the aboun ing ,ea&th an b&e%%ing% o) a%%ure con0iction o) un er%tan ing, an that they may become progre%%i0e&y .c/more intimate&y ac<uainte ,ith an may kno, more e)inite&y an accurate&y an thorough&y that my%tic %ecret o) -o , .,hich i%/ Chri%t 'the "nointe 9ne(2 3 :n 5im a&& the trea%ure% o) . i0ine/ ,i% om '. /comprehen%i0e in%ight into the ,ay% an purpo%e% o) -o ( an .a&& the riche% o) %piritua&/ kno,&e ge an en&ightenment are %tore up an &ie hi en2 4 : %ay thi% in or er that no one may mi%&ea an argument% an begui&ing %peech2

e&u e you by p&au%ib&e an per%ua%i0e an attracti0e

5 For though : am a,ay )rom you in bo y, yet : am ,ith you in %pirit, e&ighte at the %ight o) your .%tan ing %hou& er to %hou& er in %uch/ or er&y array an the )irmne%% an the %o&i )ront an %tea )a%tne%% o) your )aith in Chri%t .that .e/&eaning o) the entire human per%ona&ity on 5im in ab%o&ute tru%t an con)i ence in 5i% po,er, ,i% om, an goo ne%%/2 6 "% you ha0e there)ore recei0e Chri%t, .e0en/ *e%u% the Lor , .%o/ ,a&k 'regu&ate your &i0e% an con uct your%e&0e%( in union ,ith an con)ormity to 5im2 7 5a0e the root% .o) your being/ )irm&y an eep&y p&ante .in 5im, )i8e an )oun e in 5im/, being continua&&y bui&t up in 5im, becoming increa%ing&y more con)irme an e%tab&i%he in the )aith, Au%t a% you ,ere taught, an aboun ing an o0er)&o,ing in it ,ith thank%gi0ing2 8 >ee to it that no one carrie% you o)) a% %poi& or make% you your%e&0e% capti0e by hi% %o?ca&&e phi&o%ophy an inte&&ectua&i%m an 0ain eceit 'i &e )ancie% an p&ain non%en%e(, )o&&o,ing human tra ition 'men6% i ea% o) the materia& rather than the %piritua& ,or& (, Au%t cru e notion% )o&&o,ing the ru imentary an e&ementa& teaching% o) the uni0er%e an i%regar ing .the teaching% o)/ Chri%t 'the +e%%iah(2 9 For in 5im the ,ho&e )u&&ne%% o) Geity 'the -o hea ( continue% to ,e&& in bo i&y )orm .gi0ing comp&ete e8pre%%ion o) the i0ine nature/2 1@ "n you .)/are in 5im, ma e )u&& an ha0ing come to )u&&ne%% o) &i)e .in Chri%t you too are )i&&e ,ith the -o hea ??Father, >on an 5o&y >pirit??an reach )u&& %piritua& %tature/2 "n 5e i% the 5ea o) a&& ru&e an authority .o) e0ery ange&ic principa&ity an po,er/2

11 :n 5im a&%o you ,ere circumci%e ,ith a circumci%ion not ma e ,ith han %, but in a .%piritua&/ circumci%ion .per)orme by/ Chri%t by %tripping o)) the bo y o) the )&e%h 'the ,ho&e corrupt, carna& nature ,ith it% pa%%ion% an &u%t%(2 12 .Thu% .g/you ,ere circumci%e ,hen/ you ,ere burie ,ith 5im in .your/ bapti%m, in ,hich you ,ere a&%o rai%e ,ith 5im ..h/to a ne, &i)e/ through .your/ )aith in the ,orking o) -o ..i/a% i%p&aye / ,hen 5e rai%e 5im up )rom the ea 2 13 "n you ,ho ,ere ea in tre%pa%%e% an in the uncircumci%ion o) your )&e%h 'your %en%ua&ity, your %in)u& carna& nature(, .-o / brought to &i)e together ,ith .Chri%t/, ha0ing .)ree&y/ )orgi0en u% a&& our tran%gre%%ion%, 14 5a0ing cance&&e an b&otte out an ,ipe a,ay the han ,riting o) the note 'bon ( ,ith it% &ega& ecree% an eman % ,hich ,a% in )orce an %too again%t u% 'ho%ti&e to u%(2 Thi% .note ,ith it% regu&ation%, ecree%, an eman %/ 5e %et a%i e an c&eare .A/comp&ete&y out o) our ,ay by nai&ing it to .5i%/ cro%%2 15 .-o / i%arme the principa&itie% an po,er% that ,ere range again%t u% an ma e a bo& e8amp&e o) them, in triumphing o0er them in 5im an in it .the cro%%/2

i%p&ay an pub&ic

There)ore &et no one %it in Au gment on you in matter% o) )oo an $e, +oon or a >abbath2

rink, or ,ith regar to a )ea%t ay or a

17 >uch .thing%/ are on&y the %ha o, o) thing% that are to come, an they ha0e on&y a %ymbo&ic 0a&ue2 7ut the rea&ity 'the %ub%tance, the %o&i )act o) ,hat i% )ore%ha o,e , the bo y o) it( be&ong% to Chri%t2 18 Let no one e)rau you by acting a% an umpire an ec&aring you un,orthy an i%<ua&i)ying you )or the priCe, in%i%ting on %e&)?aba%ement an ,or%hip o) ange&%, taking hi% %tan on 0i%ion% .he c&aim%/ he ha% %een, 0ain&y pu))e up by hi% %en%uou% notion% an in)&ate by hi% un%piritua& thought% an )&e%h&y conceit, 19 "n not ho& ing )a%t to the 5ea , )rom 4hom the entire bo y, %upp&ie an knit together by mean% o) it% Aoint% an &igament%, gro,% ,ith a gro,th that i% )rom -o 2 2@ :) then you ha0e ie ,ith Chri%t to materia& ,ay% o) &ooking at thing% an ha0e e%cape )rom the ,or& 6% cru e an e&ementa& notion% an teaching% o) e8terna&i%m, ,hy o you &i0e a% i) you %ti&& be&ong to the ,or& H .4hy o you %ubmit to ru&e% an regu&ation%H??%uch a%/ 21 22 23

Go not han &e .thi%/, Go not ta%te .that/, Go not e0en touch .them/, Fe)erring to thing% a&& o) ,hich peri%h ,ith being u%e 2 To o thi% i% to )o&&o, human precept% an octrine%2 '"(

>uch .practice%/ ha0e in ee the out,ar appearance .that popu&ar&y pa%%e%/ )or ,i% om, in promoting %e&)? impo%e rigor o) e0otion an e&ight in %e&)?humi&iation an %e0erity o) i%cip&ine o) the bo y, but they are o) no 0a&ue in checking the in u&gence o) the )&e%h 'the &o,er nature(2 .:n%tea , they o not honor -o but %er0e on&y to in u&ge the )&e%h2/


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Co&o%%ian% 211 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2 Co&o%%ian% 212 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2 Co&o%%ian% 212 Fichar Trench, >ynonym% o) the $e, Te%tament2 Co&o%%ian% 213 "&e8an er >outer, !ocket Le8icon2 Co&o%%ian% 215 "&e8an er >outer, !ocket Le8icon2 Co&o%%ian% 211@ +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2 Co&o%%ian% 2112 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%1 EThe aori%t ten%e put% the buria& a% contemporaneou% ,ith the circumci%ion2E Co&o%%ian% 2112 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2 Co&o%%ian% 2112 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2 Co&o%%ian% 2114 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2

Cross references: Co&o%%ian% 2122 1 :%a 29113

Colossians 3 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Colossians 3
:F T5=$ you ha0e been rai%e ,ith Chri%t .to a ne, &i)e, thu% %haring 5i% re%urrection )rom the ea /, aim at an %eek the .rich, eterna& trea%ure%/ that are abo0e, ,here Chri%t i%, %eate at the right han o) -o 2 '"(
1 2 "n %et your min % an keep them %et on ,hat i% abo0e 'the higher thing%(, not on the thing% that are on the earth2 3 4 5

For .a% )ar a% thi% ,or& i% concerne / you ha0e ie , an your .ne,, rea&/ &i)e i% hi

en ,ith Chri%t in -o 2

4hen Chri%t, 4ho i% our &i)e, appear%, then you a&%o ,i&& appear ,ith 5im in .the %p&en or o) 5i%/ g&ory2

>o ki&& ' ea en, .a/ epri0e o) po,er( the e0i& e%ire &urking in your member% .tho%e anima& impu&%e% an a&& that i% earth&y in you that i% emp&oye in %in/1 %e8ua& 0ice, impurity, %en%ua& appetite%, unho&y e%ire%, an a&& gree an co0etou%ne%%, )or that i% i o&atry 'the ei)ying o) %e&) an other create thing% in%tea o) -o (2
6 :t i% on account o) the%e .0ery %in%/ that the .ho&y/ anger o) -o i% e0er coming upon the %on% o) i%obe ience 'tho%e ,ho are ob%tinate&y oppo%e to the i0ine ,i&&(, 7 8

"mong ,hom you a&%o once ,a&ke , ,hen you ,ere &i0ing in an a

icte to .%uch practice%/2

7ut no, put a,ay an ri your%e&0e% .comp&ete&y/ o) a&& the%e thing%1 anger, rage, ba )ee&ing to,ar other%, cur%e% an %&an er, an )ou&mouthe abu%e an %hame)u& utterance% )rom your &ip%I

Go not &ie to one another, )or you ha0e %trippe o)) the o& 'unregenerate( %e&) ,ith it% e0i& practice%,

"n ha0e c&othe your%e&0e% ,ith the ne, .%piritua& %e&)/, ,hich i% .e0er in the proce%% o) being/ rene,e an remo& e into .)u&&er an more per)ect .b/kno,&e ge upon/ kno,&e ge a)ter the image 'the &ikene%%( o) 5im 4ho create it2'7(
1@ 11 .:n thi% ne, creation a&& i%tinction% 0ani%h2/ There .c/i% no room )or an there can be neither -reek nor *e,, circumci%e nor uncircumci%e , .nor i))erence bet,een nation% ,hether a&ien/ barbarian% or >cythian% . . /,ho are the mo%t %a0age o) a&&/, nor %&a0e or )ree manB but Chri%t i% a&& an in a&& . .e/e0erything an e0ery,here, to a&& men, ,ithout i%tinction o) per%on/2 12 C&othe your%e&0e% there)ore, a% -o 6% o,n cho%en one% '5i% o,n picke repre%entati0e%(, .,ho are/ puri)ie an ho&y an ,e&&?be&o0e .by -o 5im%e&), by putting on beha0ior marke by/ ten erhearte pity an mercy, kin )ee&ing, a &o,&y opinion o) your%e&0e%, gent&e ,ay%, .an / patience .,hich i% tire&e%% an &ong?%u))ering, an ha% the po,er to en ure ,hate0er come%, ,ith goo temper/2 13 7e gent&e an )orbearing ,ith one another an , i) one ha% a i))erence 'a grie0ance or comp&aint( again%t another, rea i&y par oning each otherB e0en a% the Lor ha% .)ree&y/ )orgi0en you, %o mu%t you a&%o .)orgi0e/2 14 "n abo0e a&& the%e .put on/ &o0e an en)o& your%e&0e% ,ith the bon o) per)ectne%% .,hich bin % e0erything together comp&ete&y in i ea& harmony/2 15 "n &et the peace '%ou& harmony ,hich come%( )rom Chri%t ru&e 'act a% umpire continua&&y( in your heart% . eci ing an %ett&ing ,ith )ina&ity a&& <ue%tion% that ari%e in your min %, in that peace)u& %tate/ to ,hich a% .member% o) Chri%t6%/ one bo y you ,ere a&%o ca&&e .to &i0e/2 "n be thank)u& 'appreciati0e(, .gi0ing prai%e to -o a&,ay%/2 16 Let the ,or .%poken by/ Chri%t 'the +e%%iah( ha0e it% home .in your heart% an min %/ an ,e&& in you in .a&& it%/ richne%%, a% you teach an a moni%h an train one another in a&& in%ight an inte&&igence an ,i% om .in %piritua& thing%, an a% you %ing/ p%a&m% an hymn% an %piritua& %ong%, making me&o y to -o ,ith .5i%/ grace in your heart%2 17 "n ,hate0er you o .no matter ,hat it i%/ in ,or or ee , o e0erything in the name o) the Lor *e%u% an in . epen ence upon/ 5i% !er%on, gi0ing prai%e to -o the Father through 5im2 18 4i0e%, be %ubAect to your hu%ban % .%ubor inate an a apt your%e&0e% to them/, a% i% right an )itting an your proper uty in the Lor 2 19 5u%ban %, &o0e your ,i0e% .be a))ectionate an %ympathetic ,ith them/ an re%ent)u& to,ar them2 2@ 21

o not be har%h or bitter or

Chi& ren, obey your parent% in e0erything, )or thi% i% p&ea%ing to the Lor 2

Father%, o not pro0oke or irritate or )ret your chi& ren . o not be har on them or hara%% them/, &e%t they become i%courage an %u&&en an moro%e an )ee& in)erior an )ru%trate 2 .Go not break their %pirit2/

22 >er0ant%, obey in e0erything tho%e ,ho are your earth&y ma%ter%, not on&y ,hen their eye% are on you a% p&ea%er% o) men, but in %imp&icity o) purpo%e .,ith a&& your heart/ becau%e o) your re0erence )or the Lor an a% a %incere e8pre%%ion o) your e0otion to 5im2 23 4hate0er may be your ta%k, ,ork at it hearti&y ')rom the %ou&(, a% .%omething one/ )or the Lor an not )or men, 24 Jno,ing .,ith a&& certainty/ that it i% )rom the Lor .an not )rom men/ that you ,i&& recei0e the inheritance ,hich i% your .rea&/ re,ar 2 .The 9ne 4hom/ you are actua&&y %er0ing .i%/ the Lor Chri%t 'the +e%%iah(2 25 For he ,ho ea&% ,rong)u&&y ,i&& .reap the )ruit o) hi% )o&&y an / be puni%he )or hi% ,rong oing2 "n .,ith -o / there i% no partia&ity .no matter ,hat a per%on6% po%ition may be, ,hether he i% the %&a0e or the ma%ter/2


a. b. c. d. e. A. B.

Co&o%%ian% 315 *o%eph Thayer, " -reek?=ng&i%h Le8icon2 Co&o%%ian% 311@ Litera& tran%&ation2 Co&o%%ian% 3111 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2 Co&o%%ian% 3111 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2 Co&o%%ian% 3111 *ame% C2 -ray an -eorge +2 " am%, 7ib&e Commentary2

Cross references: Co&o%%ian% 311 1 !% 11@11 Co&o%%ian% 311@ 1 -en 1126

Colossians 4 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Colossians 4

+">T=F>, .on your part/ ea& ,ith your %&a0e% Au%t&y an )air&y, kno,ing that a&%o you ha0e a +a%ter in hea0en2

'"( 2 7e earne%t an un,earie an %tea )a%t in your prayer .&i)e/, being .both/ a&ert an intent in .your praying/ ,ith thank%gi0ing2 3 "n at the %ame time pray )or u% a&%o, that -o may open a oor to u% )or the 4or 'the -o%pe&(, to proc&aim the my%tery concerning Chri%t 'the +e%%iah( on account o) ,hich : am in pri%onB 4 5

That : may proc&aim it )u&&y an make it c&ear .%peak bo& &y an un)o& that my%tery/, a% i% my uty2

7eha0e your%e&0e% ,i%e&y .&i0ing pru ent&y an ,ith i%cretion/ in your re&ation% ,ith tho%e o) the out%i e ,or& 'the non?Chri%tian%(, making the 0ery mo%t o) the time an %eiCing 'buying up( the opportunity2
6 Let your %peech at a&& time% be graciou% 'p&ea%ant an ,in%ome(, %ea%one .a% it ,ere/ ,ith %a&t, .%o that you may ne0er be at a &o%%/ to kno, ho, you ought to an%,er anyone .,ho put% a <ue%tion to you/2 7 Tychicu% ,i&& gi0e you )u&& in)ormation about my a))air%B .he i%/ a much?&o0e brother an )aith)u& mini%tering a%%i%tant an )e&&o, %er0ant .,ith u%/ in the Lor 2 8 : ha0e %ent him to you )or thi% 0ery purpo%e, that you may kno, ho, ,e are )aring an that he may com)ort an cheer an encourage your heart%2 9 "n ,ith .him i%/ 9ne%imu%, .our/ )aith)u& an be&o0e brother, ,ho i% .one/ o) your%e&0e%2 They ,i&& &et you kno, e0erything that ha% taken p&ace here .in Fome/2 1@ "ri%tarchu% my )e&&o, pri%oner ,i%he% to be remembere to you, a% oe% +ark the re&ati0e o) 7arnaba%2 ;ou recei0e in%truction% concerning himB i) he come% to you gi0e him a ..a/hearty/ ,e&come2

11 "n .greeting% a&%o )rom/ *e%u%, ,ho i% ca&&e *u%tu%2 The%e .5ebre, Chri%tian%/ a&one o) the circumci%ion are among my )e&&o, ,orker% )or .the e8ten%ion o)/ -o 6% king om, an they ha0e pro0e a re&ie) an a com)ort to me2 12 =paphra%, ,ho i% one o) your%e&0e%, a %er0ant o) Chri%t *e%u%, %en % you greeting%2 .5e i%/ a&,ay% %tri0ing )or you earne%t&y in hi% prayer%, .p&ea ing/ that you may .a% per%on% o) ripe character an c&ear con0iction/ %tan )irm an mature .in %piritua& gro,th/, con0ince an )u&&y a%%ure in .b/e0erything ,i&&e by -o 2 13 For : bear him te%timony that he ha% &abore har in your beha&) an )or .the be&ie0er%/ in Lao icea an tho%e in 5ierapo&i%2 14 15

Luke the be&o0e phy%ician an Gema% %a&ute you2

-i0e my greeting% to the brethren at Lao icea, an to $ympha an the a%%emb&y 'the church( ,hich meet% in her hou%e2
16 "n ,hen thi% epi%t&e ha% been rea be)ore you, .%ee/ that it i% rea a&%o in the a%%emb&y 'the church( o) the Lao icean%, an a&%o .%ee/ that you your%e&0e% in turn rea the .&etter that come% to you/ )rom Lao icea2 17 "n %ay to "rchippu%, >ee that you i%charge care)u&&y .the utie% o)/ the mini%try an )u&)i&& the %te,ar %hip ,hich you ha0e recei0e in the Lor 2 18 :, !au&, .a thi% )ina&/ greeting, ,riting ,ith my o,n han 2 Femember : am %ti&& in pri%on an in chain%2 +ay grace '-o 6% unmerite )a0or an b&e%%ing( be ,ith youI "men '%o be it(2


a. b. A.

Co&o%%ian% 411@ Char&e% 72 4i&&iam%, The $e, Te%tament1 " Tran%&ation1 " 0ery %trong 0erb??thu% tran%&ate Egi0e him a hearty ,e&come2E Co&o%%ian% 4112 +ar0in Dincent, 4or >tu ie%2

Cross references: Co&o%%ian% 411 1 Le0 25143, 53

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