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1 Thessalonians 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

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1 Thessalonians 1
!"#L, $%L&"'#$ ($i)a*+, an Timothy, to the a**emb)y (church+ o, the The**a)onian* in -o the Father an the Lor .e*u* Chri*t (the /e**iah+0 -race (*piritua) b)e**ing an i1ine ,a1or+ to you an 2heart3 peace4
1 2 7

5e are e1er gi1ing thank* to -o ,or a)) o, you, continua))y mentioning 2you 6hen engage 3 in our prayer*,

8eca))ing uncea*ing)y be,ore our -o an Father your 6ork energi9e by ,aith an *er1ice moti1ate by )o1e an un6a1ering hope in 2the return o,3 our Lor .e*u* Chri*t (the /e**iah+4 2% The**4 101:43
4 5

2;3 brethren be)o1e by -o , 6e recogni9e an kno6 that <e ha* *e)ecte (cho*en+ you=

For our 2preaching o, the3 g)a ti ing* (the -o*pe)+ came to you not on)y in 6or , but a)*o in 2it* o6n inherent3 po6er an in the <o)y $pirit an 6ith great con1iction an ab*o)ute certainty 2on our part34 >ou kno6 6hat kin o, men 6e pro1e 2our*e)1e*3 to be among you ,or your goo 4
6 "n you 2*et your*e)1e* to3 become imitator* o, u* an 2through u*3 o, the Lor <im*e),, ,or you 6e)come our me**age in 2*pite o,3 much per*ecution, 6ith ?oy 2in*pire 3 by the <o)y $pirit= 7 $o that you 2thu*3 became a pattern to a)) the be)ie1er* (tho*e 6ho a here to, tru*t in, an re)y on Chri*t .e*u*+ in /ace onia an "chaia (mo*t o, -reece+4

For not on)y ha* the 5or concerning an ,rom the Lor re*oun e ,orth ,rom you unmi*takab)y in /ace onia an "chaia, but e1ery6here the report ha* gone ,orth o, your ,aith in -o 2o, your 2a3)eaning o, your 6ho)e per*ona)ity on <im in comp)ete tru*t an con,i ence in <i* po6er, 6i* om, an goo ne**34 $o 6e 2,in that 6e3 ne1er nee to te)) peop)e anything 2,urther about it34
8 9 For they them*e)1e* 1o)unteer te*timony concerning u*, te))ing 6hat an entrance 6e ha among you, an ho6 you turne to -o ,rom 2your3 i o)* to *er1e a -o 5ho i* a)i1e an true an genuine, 1: "n 2ho6 you3 )ook ,or6ar to an a6ait the coming o, <i* $on ,rom hea1en, 5hom <e rai*e ,rom the ea @@.e*u*, 5ho per*ona))y re*cue* an e)i1er* u* out o, an ,rom the 6rath 2bringing puni*hment3 6hich i* coming 2upon the impenitent3 an 2b3 ra6* u* to <im*e), 22c3in1e*ting u* 6ith a)) the pri1i)ege* an re6ar * o, the ne6 )i,e in Chri*t, the /e**iah34


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1 The**a)onian* 108 ")eAan er $outer, !ocket LeAicon o, the -reek 'e6 Te*tament4 1 The**a)onian* 101: Litera) tran*)ation o, the 1erb Bto e)i1er4B 1 The**a)onian* 101: /ar1in &incent, 5or $tu ie* in the 'e6 Te*tament4

1 Thessalonians 2 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Thessalonians 2

F;8 >;# your*e)1e* kno6, brethren, that our coming among you 6a* not u*e)e** an ,ruit)e**4

2 Cut though 6e ha a)rea y *u,,ere an been outrageou*)y treate at !hi)ippi, a* you kno6, yet in 2the *trength o,3 our -o 6e *ummone courage to proc)aim to you un,a)tering)y the goo ne6* (the -o*pe)+ 6ith earne*t contention an much con,)ict an great oppo*ition4 7 For our appea) 2in preaching3 oe* not 2originate3 ,rom e)u*ion or error or impure purpo*e or moti1e, nor in ,rau or eceit4

4 Cut ?u*t a* 6e ha1e been appro1e by -o to be entru*te 6ith the g)a ti ing* (the -o*pe)+, *o 6e *peak not to p)ea*e men but to p)ea*e -o , 5ho te*t* our heart* 22a3eApecting them to be appro1e 34 5 For a* you 6e)) kno6, 6e ne1er re*orte either to 6or * o, ,)attery or to any c)oak to concea) gree y moti1e* or preteAt* ,or gain, 2a*3 -o i* our 6itne**4 6 'or i 6e *eek to eAtract prai*e an honor an g)ory ,rom men, either ,rom you or ,rom anyone e)*e, though 6e might ha1e a**erte our authority 2*too on our ignity an c)aime honor3 a* apo*t)e* (*pecia) mi**ionarie*+ o, Chri*t (the /e**iah+4 7 Cut 6e beha1e gent)y 6hen 6e 6ere among you, )ike a e1ote mother nur*ing an cheri*hing her o6n chi) ren4 8 $o, being thu* ten er)y an a,,ectionate)y e*irou* o, you, 6e continue to *hare 6ith you not on)y -o D* goo ne6* (the -o*pe)+ but a)*o our o6n )i1e* a* 6e)), ,or you ha become *o 1ery ear to u*4 9 For you reca)) our har toi) an *trugg)e*, brethren4 5e 6orke night an ay 2an p)ie our tra e3 in or er not to be a bur en to any o, you 2,or our *upport3 6hi)e 6e proc)aime the g)a ti ing* (the -o*pe)+ o, -o to you4 1: >ou are 6itne**e*, 2ye*3 an -o 2a)*o3, ho6 un6or) )y an upright an b)ame)e** 6a* our beha1ior to6ar you be)ie1er* 26ho a here to an tru*te in an re)ie on our Lor .e*u* Chri*t34 11 For you kno6 ho6, a* a ,ather 2 ea)ing 6ith3 hi* chi) ren, 6e u*e to eAhort each o, you per*ona))y, *timu)ating an encouraging an charging you 12 To )i1e )i1e* 6orthy o, -o , 5ho ca))* you into <i* o6n king om an the g)oriou* b)e**e ne** 2 2b3into 6hich true be)ie1er* 6i)) enter a,ter Chri*tD* return34 17 "n 6e a)*o 2e*pecia))y3 thank -o continua))y ,or thi*, that 6hen you recei1e the me**age o, -o 26hich you hear 3 ,rom u*, you 6e)come it not a* the 6or o, 2mere3 men, but a* it tru)y i*, the 5or o, -o , 6hich i* e,,ectua))y at 6ork in you 6ho be)ie1e 22c3eAerci*ing it* *uperhuman po6er in tho*e 6ho a here to an tru*t in an re)y on it34 14 For you, brethren, became imitator* o, the a**emb)ie* (churche*+ o, -o in Chri*t .e*u* 6hich are in .u ea, ,or you too ha1e *u,,ere the *ame kin o, treatment ,rom your o6n ,e))o6 countrymen a* they i 26ho 6ere per*ecute at the han *3 o, the .e6*, 15 5ho ki))e both the Lor .e*u* an the prophet*, an hara**e an ro1e u* out, an continue to make them*e)1e* hate,u) an o,,en*i1e to -o an to *ho6 them*e)1e* ,oe* o, a)) men, 16 Forbi ing an hin ering u* ,rom *peaking to the -enti)e* (the nation*+ that they may be *a1e 4 $o a* a)6ay* they ,i)) up 2to the brim the mea*ure o,3 their *in*4 Cut -o D* 6rath ha* come upon them at )a*t 2comp)ete)y an ,ore1er3E("+ 17 Cut *ince 6e 6ere bere,t o, you, brethren, ,or a )itt)e 6hi)e in per*on, 2o, cour*e3 not in heart, 6e en ea1ore the more eager)y an 6ith great )onging to *ee you ,ace to ,ace,

Cecau*e it 6a* our 6i)) to come to you4 2% mean that3 %, !au), again an again 26ante to come3, but $atan hin ere an impe e u*4
18 19 For 6hat i* our hope or happine** or our 1ictorD* 6reath o, eAu)tant triumph 6hen 6e *tan in the pre*ence o, our Lor .e*u* at <i* comingF %* it not youF 2:

For you are 2in ee 3 our g)ory an our ?oyE


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1 The**a)onian* 204 -4 "bbott@$mith, /anua) -reek LeAicon o, the 'e6 Te*tament4 1 The**a)onian* 2012 .o*eph Thayer, " -reek@Gng)i*h LeAicon o, the 'e6 Te*tament4 1 The**a)onian* 2017 /ar1in &incent, 5or $tu ie*4

Cross references: 1 The**a)onian* 2016 0 -en 15016

1 Thessalonians 3 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP)

Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Thessalonians 3
T<G8GF;8G, 5<G' 2the *u*pen*e o, *eparation an our yearning ,or *ome per*ona) communication ,rom you3 became into)erab)e, 6e con*ente to being )e,t behin a)one at "then*4
1 2 "n 6e *ent Timothy, our brother an -o D* *er1ant in 2*prea ing3 the goo ne6* (the -o*pe)+ o, Chri*t, to *trengthen an e*tab)i*h an to eAhort an com,ort an encourage you in your ,aith, 7 That no one 2o, you3 *hou) be i*turbe an begui)e an )e a*tray by the*e a,,)iction* an i,,icu)tie* 2to 6hich % ha1e re,erre 34 For you your*e)1e* kno6 that thi* i* 2una1oi ab)e in our po*ition, an mu*t be recogni9e a*3 our appointe )ot4

For e1en 6hen 6e 6ere 6ith you, 2you kno63 6e 6arne you p)ain)y be,orehan that 6e 6ere to be pre**e 6ith i,,icu)tie* an ma e to *u,,er a,,)iction, ?u*t a* to your o6n kno6)e ge it ha* 2*ince3 happene 4
4 5 That i* the rea*on that, 6hen % cou) bear 2the *u*pen*e3 no )onger, % *ent that % might )earn 2ho6 you 6ere *tan ing the *train, an the en urance o,3 your ,aith, 2,or % 6a* ,ear,u)3 )e*t *omeho6 the tempter ha tempte you an our toi) 2among you *hou) pro1e to3 be ,ruit)e** an to no purpo*e4 6 Cut no6 that Timothy ha* ?u*t come back to u* ,rom 2hi* 1i*it to3 you an ha* brought u* the goo ne6* o, 2the *tea ,a*tne** o,3 your ,aith an 2the 6armth o, your3 )o1e, an 2reporte 3 ho6 kin )y you cheri*h a con*tant an a,,ectionate remembrance o, u* 2an that you are3 )onging to *ee u* a* 6e 2are to *ee3 you, 7 Crethren, ,or thi* rea*on, in 2*pite o, a))3 our *tre** an cru*hing i,,icu)tie* 6e ha1e been ,i))e 6ith com,ort an cheer about you 2becau*e o,3 your ,aith (2a3the )eaning o, your 6ho)e per*ona)ity on -o in comp)ete tru*t an con,i ence+4 8 9

Cecau*e no6 6e 2rea))y3 )i1e, i, you *tan 2,irm3 in the Lor 4 e)ight 6hich 6e

For 6hat 2a eHuate3 thank*gi1ing can 6e ren er to -o ,or you ,or a)) the g)a ne** an en?oy ,or your *ake* be,ore our -o F

1: 2"n 6e3 continue to pray e*pecia))y an 6ith mo*t inten*e earne*tne** night an ay that 6e may *ee you ,ace to ,ace an men an make goo 6hate1er may be imper,ect an )acking in your ,aith4 11 12

'o6 may our -o an Father <im*e), an our Lor .e*u* Chri*t (the /e**iah+ gui e our *tep* to you4

"n may the Lor make you to increa*e an eAce) an o1er,)o6 in )o1e ,or one another an ,or a)) peop)e, ?u*t a* 6e a)*o o ,or you,
17 $o that <e may *trengthen an con,irm an e*tab)i*h your heart* ,au)t)e**)y pure an unb)amab)e in ho)ine** in the *ight o, our -o an Father, at the coming o, our Lor .e*u* Chri*t (the /e**iah+ 6ith a)) <i* *aint* (the 2b3 ho)y an g)ori,ie peop)e o, -o +E "men, (*o be it+E


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1 The**a)onian* 707 ")eAan er $outer, !ocket LeAicon4 1 The**a)onian* 7017 /ar1in &incent, 5or $tu ie*4

1 Thessalonians 4 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Thessalonians 4
F#8T<G8/;8G, 2a3C8GT<8G', 6e beg an a moni*h you in 21irtue o, our union 6ith3 the Lor .e*u*, that 2you ,o))o6 the in*truction* 6hich3 you )earne ,rom u* about ho6 you ought to 6a)k *o a* to p)ea*e an grati,y -o , a* in ee you are oing, 2an 3 that you o *o e1en more an more abun ant)y 2attaining yet greater per,ection in )i1ing thi* )i,e34

2 For you kno6 6hat charge* an precept* 6e ga1e you 22b3on the authority an by the in*piration o,3 the Lor .e*u*4 7 For thi* i* the 6i)) o, -o , that you *hou) be con*ecrate (*eparate an *et apart ,or pure an ho)y )i1ing+0 that you *hou) ab*tain an *hrink ,rom a)) *eAua) 1ice, 4 That each one o, you *hou) kno6 ho6 to *eparate ,rom thing* pro,ane+ an honor, 2c3

po**e** (contro), manage+ hi* o6n

2 3

bo y in con*ecration (purity,

5 'ot 2to be u*e 3 in the pa**ion o, )u*t )ike the heathen, 6ho are ignorant o, the true -o an ha1e no kno6)e ge o, <i* 6i)), 6 That no man tran*gre** an o1erreach hi* brother an e,rau him in thi* matter or e,rau hi* brother in bu*ine**4 For the Lor i* an a1enger in a)) the*e thing*, a* 6e ha1e a)rea y 6arne you *o)emn)y an 2e3to) you p)ain)y4 7 8

For -o ha* not ca))e u* to impurity but to con*ecration 2to e icate our*e)1e* to the mo*t thorough purity34

There,ore 6hoe1er i*regar * (*et* a*i e an re?ect* thi*+ i*regar * not man but -o , 5ho*e 21ery3 $pirit 25hom3 <e gi1e* to you i* ho)y (cha*te, pure+4
9 Cut concerning brother)y )o1e 2,or a)) other Chri*tian*3, you ha1e no nee to ha1e anyone 6rite you, ,or you your*e)1e* ha1e been 2per*ona))y3 taught by -o to )o1e one another4 1: "n in ee you a)rea y are 2eAten ing an i*p)aying your )o1e3 to a)) the brethren throughout /ace onia4 Cut 6e be*eech an earne*t)y eAhort you, brethren, that you 2,3eAce) 2in thi* matter3 more an more, 11 To make it your ambition an e,inite)y en ea1or to )i1e Huiet)y an peace,u))y, to min your o6n a,,air*, an to 6ork 6ith your han *, a* 6e charge you, 12 $o that you may bear your*e)1e* becoming)y an be correct an honorab)e an comman the re*pect o, the out*i e 6or) , being epen ent on nobo y 2*e),@*upporting3 an ha1ing nee o, nothing4 17 'o6 a)*o 6e 6ou) not ha1e you ignorant, brethren, about tho*e 6ho ,a)) a*)eep 2 2g3in eath3, that you may not grie1e 2,or them3 a* the re*t o 6ho ha1e no hope 2beyon the gra1e34 14 For *ince 6e be)ie1e that .e*u* ie an ro*e again, e1en *o -o 6i)) a)*o bring 6ith <im through .e*u* tho*e 6ho ha1e ,a))en a*)eep 22h3in eath34 15 For thi* 6e ec)are to you by the Lor D* 2o6n3 6or , that 6e 6ho are a)i1e an remain unti) the coming o, the Lor *ha)) in no 6ay prece e 2into <i* pre*ence3 or ha1e any a 1antage at a)) o1er tho*e 6ho ha1e pre1iou*)y ,a))en a*)eep 2in <im 2i3in eath34 16 For the Lor <im*e), 6i)) e*cen ,rom hea1en 6ith a )ou cry o, *ummon*, 6ith the *hout o, an archange), an 6ith the b)a*t o, the trumpet o, -o 4 "n tho*e 6ho ha1e eparte thi* )i,e in Chri*t 6i)) ri*e ,ir*t4 17 Then 6e, the )i1ing one* 6ho remain 2on the earth3, *ha)) *imu)taneou*)y be caught up a)ong 6ith 2the re*urrecte ea 3 in the c)ou * to meet the Lor in the air= an *o a)6ay* (through the eternity o, the eternitie*+ 6e *ha)) be 6ith the Lor E 18

There,ore com,ort an encourage one another 6ith the*e 6or *4


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1 The**a)onian* 401 /ar1in &incent, 5or $tu ie*4 1 The**a)onian* 402 -4 "bbott@$mith, /anua) -reek LeAicon4 1 The**a)onian* 404 The "merican $tan ar &er*ion an other* *o rea 4 1 The**a)onian* 404 $ome o, the ear)y 1er*ion* o, the Cib)e rea B1e**e)B here4 The rea ing Bbo yB i* *upporte by mo*t )eAicon*, an by *uch tran*)ation* a* 8ona) InoA, The <o)y Cib)e0 " Tran*)ation ,rom the Latin &u)gate= .4C4 !hi))ip*, 'e6 Te*tament in /o ern Gng)i*h= an "rthur $4 5ay, 5ayD* Gpi*t)e*0 The Letter* o, $t4 !au) to $e1en Churche* an Three Frien *4 1 The**a)onian* 406 -4 "bbott@$mith, /anua) -reek LeAicon4 1 The**a)onian* 401: -4 "bbott@$mith, /anua) -reek LeAicon4 1 The**a)onian* 4017 <ermann Cremer, Cib)ico@Theo)ogica) LeAicon o, 'e6 Te*tament -reek4 1 The**a)onian* 4014 <ermann Cremer, Cib)ico@Theo)ogica) LeAicon o, 'e6 Te*tament -reek4 1 The**a)onian* 4015 <ermann Cremer, Cib)ico@Theo)ogica) LeAicon o, 'e6 Te*tament -reek4

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1 Thessalonians

(Amplified Bible)

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Thessalonians
C#T "$ to the *uitab)e time* an the preci*e *ea*on* an being 6ritten to you4
1 2

ate*, brethren, you ha1e no nece**ity ,or anything


For you your*e)1e* kno6 per,ect)y 6e)) that the ay o, the 2return o, the3 Lor 6i)) come 2a* uneApecte )y an en)y3 a* a thie, in the night4

7 5hen peop)e are *aying, ")) i* 6e)) an *ecure, an , There i* peace an *a,ety, then in a moment un,ore*een e*truction (ruin an eath+ 6i)) come upon them a* *u en)y a* )abor pain* come upon a 6oman 6ith chi) = an they *ha)) by no mean* e*cape, ,or there 6i)) be no e*cape4 4 Cut you are not in 2gi1en up to the po6er o,3 arkne**, brethren, ,or that ay to o1ertake you by *urpri*e )ike a thie,4 5 6

For you are a)) *on* o, )ight an *on* o, the ay= 6e o not be)ong either to the night or to arkne**4

"ccor ing)y then, )et u* not *)eep, a* the re*t o, but )et u* keep 6i e a6ake (a)ert, 6atch,u), cautiou*, an on our guar + an )et u* be *ober (ca)m, co))ecte , an circum*pect+4
7 8

For tho*e 6ho *)eep, *)eep at night, an tho*e 6ho are runk, get runk at night4

Cut 6e be)ong to the ay= there,ore, )et u* be *ober an put on the brea*tp)ate (cor*)et+ o, ,aith an )o1e an ,or a he)met the hope o, *a)1ation4
9 For -o ha* not appointe u* to 2incur <i*3 6rath 2<e i not *e)ect u* to con emn u*3, but 2that 6e might3 obtain 2<i*3 *a)1ation through our Lor .e*u* Chri*t (the /e**iah+ 1: 5ho ie ,or u* *o that 6hether 6e are *ti)) a)i1e or are ea 2at Chri*tD* appearing3, 6e might )i1e together 6ith <im an *hare <i* )i,e4 11 There,ore encourage (a moni*h, eAhort+ one another an e i,y (*trengthen an bui) up+ one another, ?u*t a* you are oing4 12 'o6 a)*o 6e be*eech you, brethren, get to kno6 tho*e 6ho )abor among you 2recogni9e them ,or 6hat they are, ackno6)e ge an appreciate an re*pect them a))3@@your )ea er* 6ho are o1er you in the Lor an tho*e 6ho 6arn an kin )y repro1e an eAhort you4 17 "n ho) them in 1ery high an mo*t a,,ectionate e*teem in 2inte))igent an *ympathetic3 appreciation o, their 6ork4 Ce at peace among your*e)1e*4

"n 6e earne*t)y be*eech you, brethren, a moni*h (6arn an *eriou*)y a 1i*e+ tho*e 6ho are out o, )ine 2the )oa,er*, the i*or er)y, an the unru)y3= encourage the timi an ,ainthearte , he)p an gi1e your *upport to the 6eak *ou)*, 2an 3 be 1ery patient 6ith e1erybo y 2a)6ay* keeping your temper34 ("+
14 15 $ee that none o, you repay* another 6ith e1i) ,or e1i), but a)6ay* aim to *ho6 kin ne** an *eek to o goo to one another an to e1erybo y4 16 17 18

Ce happy 2in your ,aith3 an re?oice an be g)a @hearte continua))y (a)6ay*+= Ce uncea*ing in prayer 2praying per*e1ering)y3=

Thank 2-o 3 in e1erything 2no matter 6hat the circum*tance* may be, be thank,u) an gi1e thank*3, ,or thi* i* the 6i)) o, -o ,or you 26ho are3 in Chri*t .e*u* 2the 8e1ea)er an /e iator o, that 6i))34
19 2:

Jo not Huench (*uppre** or *ub ue+ the 2<o)y3 $pirit=

Jo not *purn the gi,t* an utterance* o, the prophet* 2 o not epreciate prophetic re1e)ation* nor e*pi*e in*pire in*truction or eAhortation or 6arning34
21 22 27

Cut te*t an pro1e a)) thing* 2unti) you can recogni9e3 6hat i* goo = 2to that3 ho) ,a*t4 "b*tain ,rom e1i) 2*hrink ,rom it an keep a)oo, ,rom it3 in 6hate1er ,orm or 6hate1er kin it may be4

"n may the -o o, peace <im*e), *ancti,y you through an through 2*eparate you ,rom pro,ane thing*, make you pure an 6ho))y con*ecrate to -o 3= an may your *pirit an *ou) an bo y be pre*er1e *oun an comp)ete 2an ,oun 3 b)ame)e** at the coming o, our Lor .e*u* Chri*t (the /e**iah+4

24 Faith,u) i* <e 5ho i* ca))ing you 2to <im*e),3 an utter)y tru*t6orthy, an <e 6i)) a)*o o it 2,u),i)) <i* ca)) by ha))o6ing an keeping you34 25 26 27 28

Crethren, pray ,or u*4 -reet a)) the brethren 6ith a *acre ki**4 % *o)emn)y charge you 2in the name o,3 the Lor to ha1e thi* )etter rea be,ore a)) the brethren4

The grace (the unmerite ,a1or an b)e**ing*+ o, our Lor .e*u* Chri*t (the /e**iah+ be 6ith you a))4 "men, (*o be it+4 Cross references:


1 The**a)onian* 5014 0 %*a 7504