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Timothy 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

n Foun ation

1 Timothy 1
!"#L, "$ apo%t&e '%pecia& me%%enger( o) Chri%t *e%u% by appointment an comman o) +o our ,a-ior an o) Chri%t *e%u% 'the .e%%iah(, our /ope,
1 2 To Timothy, my true %on in the )aith0 +race '%piritua& b&e%%ing an )a-or(, mercy, an 1heart2 peace 1be your%2 )rom +o the Father an Chri%t *e%u% our Lor 3 4 "% 5 urge you 6hen 5 6a% on my 6ay to .ace onia, %tay on 6here you are at 7phe%u% in or er that you may 6arn an a moni%h an charge certain in i-i ua&% not to teach any i))erent octrine, 4 $or to gi-e importance to or occupy them%e&-e% 6ith &egen % ')ab&e%, myth%( an en &e%% genea&ogie%, 6hich )o%ter an promote u%e&e%% %pecu&ation% an 8ue%tioning% rather than acceptance in )aith o) +o 9% a mini%tration an the i-ine training that i% in )aith '1a2in that &eaning o) the entire human per%ona&ity on +o in ab%o&ute tru%t an con)i ence(:: 5 ;herea% the ob<ect an purpo%e o) our in%truction an charge i% &o-e, 6hich %pring% )rom a pure heart an a goo 'c&ear( con%cience an %incere 'un)eigne ( )aith3 6 =ut certain in i-i ua&% ha-e mi%%e the mark on thi% -ery matter 1an 2 ha-e 6an ere a6ay into -ain argument% an i%cu%%ion% an purpo%e&e%% ta&k3 7 They are ambitiou% to be octor% o) the La6 'teacher% o) the .o%aic ritua&(, but they ha-e no un er%tan ing either o) the 6or % an term% they u%e or o) the %ub<ect% about 6hich they make 1%uch2 ogmatic a%%ertion%3 8 $o6 6e recogni>e an kno6 that the La6 i% goo i) anyone u%e% it &a6)u&&y 1)or the purpo%e )or 6hich it 6a% e%igne 2, 9 ?no6ing an un er%tan ing thi%0 that the La6 i% not enacte )or the righteou% 'the upright an <u%t, 6ho are in right %tan ing 6ith +o (, but )or the &a6&e%% an unru&y, )or the ungo &y an %in)u&, )or the irre-erent an pro)ane, )or tho%e 6ho %trike an beat an 1e-en2 mur er )ather% an %trike an beat an 1e-en2 mur er mother%, )or man%&ayer%,

1For2 impure an immora& per%on%, tho%e 6ho abu%e them%e&-e% 6ith men, ki naper%, &iar%, per<urer%::an 6hate-er e&%e i% oppo%e to 6ho&e%ome teaching an %oun octrine
1@ 11 12

"% &ai

o6n by the g&oriou% +o%pe& o) the b&e%%e +o , 6ith 6hich 5 ha-e been entru%te 3

5 gi-e thank% to /im ;ho ha% grante me 1the nee e 2 %trength an ma e me ab&e 1)or thi%2, Chri%t *e%u% our Lor , becau%e /e ha% <u ge an counte me )aith)u& an tru%t6orthy, appointing me to 1thi% %te6ar %hip o)2 the mini%try3
14 Though 5 )ormer&y b&a%pheme an per%ecute an 6a% %hame)u&&y an outrageou%&y an aggre%%i-e&y in%u&ting 1to /im2, ne-erthe&e%%, 5 obtaine mercy becau%e 5 ha acte out o) ignorance in unbe&ie)3 14 "n the grace 'unmerite )a-or an b&e%%ing( o) our Lor 1actua&&y2 )&o6e out %uperabun ant&y an beyon mea%ure )or me, accompanie by )aith an &o-e that are 1to be rea&i>e 2 in Chri%t *e%u%3

The %aying i% %ure an true an 6orthy o) )u&& an uni-er%a& acceptance, that Chri%t *e%u% 'the .e%%iah( came into the 6or& to %a-e %inner%, o) 6hom 5 am )oremo%t3
15 16 =ut 5 obtaine mercy )or the rea%on that in me, a% the )oremo%t 1o) %inner%2, *e%u% Chri%t might %ho6 )orth an i%p&ay a&& /i% per)ect &ong:%u))ering an patience )or an eAamp&e to 1encourage2 tho%e 6ho 6ou& therea)ter be&ie-e on /im )or 1the gaining o)2 eterna& &i)e3 17 $o6 to the ?ing o) eternity, incorruptib&e an immorta&, in-i%ib&e, the on&y +o , be honor an g&ory )ore-er an e-er 'to the age% o) age%(3 "men '%o be it(3 18 Thi% charge an a monition 5 commit in tru%t to you, Timothy, my %on, 1b2in accor ance 6ith prophetic intimation% 6hich 5 )ormer&y recei-e concerning you, %o that in%pire an ai e by them you may 6age the goo 6ar)are, 19 /o& ing )a%t to )aith '1c2that &eaning o) the entire human per%ona&ity on +o in ab%o&ute tru%t an con)i ence( an ha-ing a goo 'c&ear( con%cience3 =y re<ecting an thru%ting )rom them 1their con%cience2, %ome in i-i ua&% ha-e ma e %hip6reck o) their )aith3 2@ "mong them are /ymenaeu% an "&eAan er, 6hom 5 ha-e e&i-ere to ,atan in or er that they may be i%cip&ine 1by puni%hment an &earn2 not to b&a%pheme3


a. b. c.

1 Timothy 104 "&eAan er ,outer, !ocket LeAicon o) the +reek $e6 Te%tament3 1 Timothy 1018 .ar-in Bincent, ;or ,tu ie% in the $e6 Te%tament3 1 Timothy 1019 "&eAan er ,outer, !ocket LeAicon3

1 Timothy 2 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Timothy 2
F5C,T DF a&&, then, 5 a moni%h an urge that petition%, prayer%, interce%%ion%, an thank%gi-ing% be o))ere on beha&) o) a&& men,

For king% an a&& 6ho are in po%ition% o) authority or high re%pon%ibi&ity, that 1out6ar &y2 6e may pa%% a 8uiet an un i%turbe &i)e 1an in6ar &y2 a peaceab&e one in a&& go &ine%% an re-erence an %eriou%ne%% in e-ery 6ay3
2 4 4

For %uch 1praying2 i% goo an right, an 1it i%2 p&ea%ing an acceptab&e to +o our ,a-ior, i%cern an kno6 preci%e&y

;ho 6i%he% a&& men to be %a-e an 1increa%ing&y2 to percei-e an recogni>e an an correct&y the 1 i-ine2 Truth3
5 6 7

For there 1i% on&y2 one +o , an 1on&y2 one .e iator bet6een +o an men, the .an Chri%t *e%u%, ;ho ga-e /im%e&) a% a ran%om )or a&& 1peop&e, a )act that 6a%2 atte%te to at the right an proper time3

"n o) thi% matter 5 6a% appointe a preacher an an apo%t&e '%pecia& me%%enger(::5 am %peaking the truth in Chri%t, 5 o not )a&%i)y 16hen 5 %ay thi%2::a teacher o) the +enti&e% in 1the rea&m o)2 )aith an truth3 5 e%ire there)ore that in e-ery p&ace men %hou& pray, 6ithout anger or 8uarre&ing or re%entment or oubt 1in their min %2, &i)ting up ho&y han %3
8 9 "&%o 15 e%ire2 that 6omen %hou& a orn them%e&-e% mo e%t&y an appropriate&y an %en%ib&y in %eem&y appare&, not 6ith 1e&aborate2 hair arrangement or go& or pear&% or eApen%i-e c&othing, 1@ =ut by oing goo ee % ' ee % in them%e&-e% goo an )or the goo an a -antage o) tho%e contacte by them(, a% be)it% 6omen 6ho pro)e%% re-erentia& )ear )or an e-otion to +o 3 11 12

Let a 6oman &earn in 8uietne%%, in entire %ubmi%%i-ene%%3

5 a&&o6 no 6oman to teach or to ha-e authority o-er menE %he i% to remain in 8uietne%% an keep %i&ence 1in re&igiou% a%%emb&ie%23

For " am 6a% )ir%t )orme , then 7-eE'"( e&u e an )e&& into

14 "n it 6a% not " am 6ho 6a% ecei-e , but 1the2 6oman 6ho 6a% ecei-e an tran%gre%%ion3'=(

15 $e-erthe&e%% 1the %entence put upon 6omen o) pain in motherhoo oe% not hin er their %ou&%9 %a&-ation, an 2 they 6i&& be %a-e 1eterna&&y2 i) they continue in )aith an &o-e an ho&ine%% 6ith %e&):contro&, 1%a-e in ee 2 1a2 through the Chi& bearing or by the birth o) the i-ine Chi& 3


a. A. B.

1 Timothy 2015 .ar-in Bincent, ;or ,tu ie%3 ,ee a&%o +a&3 4043

Cross references: 1 Timothy 2014 0 +en 207, 21, 22 1 Timothy 2014 0 +en 401:6

1 Timothy 3 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Timothy 3
T/7 ,"F5$+ i% true an irre)utab&e0 5) any man 1eager&y2 %eek% the o))ice o) bi%hop '%uperinten ent, o-er%eer(, he e%ire% an eAce&&ent ta%k '6ork(3
1 2 $o6 a bi%hop '%uperinten ent, o-er%eer( mu%t gi-e no groun % )or accu%ation but mu%t be abo-e reproach, the hu%ban o) one 6i)e, circum%pect an temperate an %e&):contro&&e E 1he mu%t be2 %en%ib&e an 6e&& beha-e an igni)ie an &ea an or er&y ' i%cip&ine ( &i)eE 1he mu%t be2 ho%pitab&e 1%ho6ing &o-e )or an being a )rien to the be&ie-er%, e%pecia&&y %tranger% or )oreigner%, an be2 a capab&e an 8ua&i)ie teacher, 4 $ot gi-en to 6ine, not combati-e but gent&e an con%i erate, not 8uarre&%ome but )orbearing an peaceab&e, an not a &o-er o) money 1in%atiab&e )or 6ea&th an rea y to obtain it by 8ue%tionab&e mean%23 4 /e mu%t ru&e hi% o6n hou%eho& 6e&&, keeping hi% chi& ren un er contro&, 6ith true ignity, comman ing their re%pect in e-ery 6ay an keeping them re%pect)u&3 5 6

For i) a man oe% not kno6 ho6 to ru&e hi% o6n hou%eho& , ho6 i% he to take care o) the church o) +o G

/e mu%t not be a ne6 con-ert, or he may 1 e-e&op a bec&ou e an %tupi %tate o) min 2 a% the re%u&t o) pri e 1be b&in e by conceit, an 2 )a&& into the con emnation that the e-i& 1once2 i 3 '"(
7 Furthermore, he mu%t ha-e a goo reputation an be 6e&& thought o) by tho%e out%i e 1the church2, &e%t he become in-o&-e in %&an er an incur reproach an )a&& into the e-i&9% trap3

5n &ike manner the eacon% 1mu%t be2 6orthy o) re%pect, not %hi)ty an oub&e:ta&ker% but %incere in 6hat they %ay, not gi-en to much 6ine, not gree y )or ba%e gain 1cra-ing 6ea&th an re%orting to ignob&e an i%hone%t metho % o) getting it23
8 9 They mu%t po%%e%% the my%tic %ecret o) the )aith 1Chri%tian truth a% hi con%cience3

en )rom ungo &y men2 6ith a c&ear

1@ "n &et them a&%o be trie an in-e%tigate an pro-e )ir%tE then, i) they turn out to be abo-e reproach, &et them %er-e 1a% eacon%23 111a2 1The2 6omen &ike6i%e mu%t be 6orthy o) re%pect an %eriou%, not go%%iper%, but temperate an %e&): contro&&e , 1thorough&y2 tru%t6orthy in a&& thing%3 12 Let eacon% be the hu%ban % o) but one 6i)e, an &et them manage 1their2 chi& ren an their o6n hou%eho& % 6e&&3 14 For tho%e 6ho per)orm 6e&& a% eacon% ac8uire a goo %tan ing )or them%e&-e% an a&%o gain much con)i ence an )ree om an bo& ne%% in the )aith 6hich i% 1)oun e on an center%2 in Chri%t *e%u%3 14 15

"&though 5 hope to come to you be)ore &ong, 5 am 6riting the%e in%truction% to you %o that,

5) 5 am etaine , you may kno6 ho6 peop&e ought to con uct them%e&-e% in the hou%eho& o) +o , 6hich i% the church o) the &i-ing +o , the pi&&ar an %tay 'the prop an %upport( o) the Truth3
16 "n great an important an 6eighty, 6e con)e%%, i% the hi en truth 'the my%tic %ecret( o) go &ine%%3 /e 11b2+o 2 6a% ma e -i%ib&e in human )&e%h, <u%ti)ie an -in icate in the 1/o&y2 ,pirit, 6a% %een by ange&%, preache among the nation%, be&ie-e on in the 6or& , 1an 2 taken up in g&ory3


a. b. A.

1 Timothy 4011 7ither their 6i-e% or the eacone%%e%, or both3 1 Timothy 4016 ,ome manu%cript% rea H+o 3H

Cross references: 1 Timothy 406 0 5%a 14012:14

1 Timothy 4 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Timothy 4
=#T T/7 1/o&y2 ,pirit i%tinct&y an eApre%%&y ec&are% that in &atter time% %ome 6i&& turn a6ay )rom the )aith, gi-ing attention to e&u ing an %e ucing %pirit% an octrine% that emon% teach,
1 2 4

Through the hypocri%y an preten%ion% o) &iar% 6ho%e con%cience% are %eare 'cauteri>e (,

;ho )orbi peop&e to marry an 1teach them2 to ab%tain )rom 1certain kin % o)2 )oo % 6hich +o create to be recei-e 6ith thank%gi-ing by tho%e 6ho be&ie-e an ha-e 1an increa%ing&y c&ear2 kno6&e ge o) the truth3
4 For e-erything +o ha% create i% goo , an nothing i% to be thro6n a6ay or re)u%e i) it i% recei-e 6ith thank%gi-ing3 5 6

For it i% ha&&o6e an con%ecrate by the ;or o) +o an by prayer3

5) you &ay a&& the%e in%truction% be)ore the brethren, you 6i&& be a 6orthy %te6ar an a goo mini%ter o) Chri%t *e%u%, e-er nouri%hing your o6n %e&) on the truth% o) the )aith an o) the goo 1Chri%tian2 in%truction 6hich you ha-e c&o%e&y )o&&o6e 3
7 =ut re)u%e an a-oi irre-erent &egen % 'pro)ane an impure an go &e%% )iction%, mere gran mother%9 ta&e%( an %i&&y myth%, an eApre%% your i%appro-a& o) them3 Train your%e&) to6ar go &ine%% 'piety(, 1keeping your%e&) %piritua&&y )it23 8 For phy%ica& training i% o) %ome -a&ue 'u%e)u& )or a &itt&e(, but go &ine%% '%piritua& training( i% u%e)u& an o) -a&ue in e-erything an in e-ery 6ay, )or it ho& % promi%e )or the pre%ent &i)e an a&%o )or the &i)e 6hich i% to come3 9

Thi% %aying i% re&iab&e an 6orthy o) comp&ete acceptance by e-erybo y3

;ith a -ie6 to thi% 6e toi& an %tri-e, 1ye% an 2 1a2%u))er reproach, becau%e 6e ha-e 1)iAe our2 hope on the &i-ing +o , ;ho i% the ,a-ior '!re%er-er, .aintainer, Ie&i-erer( o) a&& men, e%pecia&&y o) tho%e 6ho be&ie-e 'tru%t in, re&y on, an a here to /im(3
1@ 11 12

Continue to comman the%e thing% an to teach them3

Let no one e%pi%e or think &e%% o) you becau%e o) your youth, but be an eAamp&e 'pattern( )or the be&ie-er% in %peech, in con uct, in &o-e, in )aith, an in purity3
14 Ti&& 5 come, e-ote your%e&) to 1pub&ic an pri-ate2 rea ing, to eAhortation 'preaching an per%ona& appea&%(, an to teaching an in%ti&&ing octrine3 14 Io not neg&ect the gi)t 6hich i% in you, 1that %pecia& in6ar en o6ment2 6hich 6a% irect&y imparte to you 1by the /o&y ,pirit2 by prophetic utterance 6hen the e& er% &ai their han % upon you 1at your or ination23 15 !ractice an cu&ti-ate an me itate upon the%e utie%E thro6 your%e&) 6ho&&y into them 1a% your mini%try2, %o that your progre%% may be e-i ent to e-erybo y3 16 Look 6e&& to your%e&) 1to your o6n per%ona&ity2 an to 1your2 teachingE per%e-ere in the%e thing% 1ho& to them2, )or by %o oing you 6i&& %a-e both your%e&) an tho%e 6ho hear you3



1 Timothy 401@ ,ome manu%cript% %o rea 3

1 Timothy

(Amplified Bible)

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Timothy
ID $DT %harp&y cen%ure or rebuke an o& er man, but entreat an p&ea 6ith him a% 1you 6ou& 6ith2 a )ather3 Treat younger men &ike brother%E
1 2 4

1Treat2 o& er 6omen &ike mother% 1an 2 younger 6omen &ike %i%ter%, in a&& purity3

1"&6ay%2 treat 6ith great con%i eration an gi-e ai to tho%e 6ho are tru&y 6i o6e '%o&itary an 6ithout %upport(3
4 =ut i) a 6i o6 ha% chi& ren or gran chi& ren, %ee to it that the%e are )ir%t ma e to un er%tan that it i% their re&igiou% uty 1to e)ray their natura& ob&igation to tho%e2 at home, an make return to their parent% or gran parent% 1)or a&& their care by contributing to their maintenance2, )or thi% i% acceptab&e in the %ight o) +o 3 5 $o6 1a 6oman2 6ho i% a rea& 6i o6 an i% &e)t entire&y a&one an per%e-ere% in %upp&ication% an prayer% night an ay,

e%o&ate ha% )iAe her hope on +o an

6 ;herea% %he 6ho &i-e% in p&ea%ure an %e&):grati)ication 1gi-ing her%e&) up to &uAury an %e&):in u&gence2 i% ea e-en 6hi&e %he 1%ti&&2 &i-e%3 7 8

Charge 1the peop&e2 thu%, %o that they may be 6ithout reproach an b&ame&e%%3

5) anyone )ai&% to pro-i e )or hi% re&ati-e%, an e%pecia&&y )or tho%e o) hi% o6n )ami&y, he ha% i%o6ne the )aith 1by )ai&ing to accompany it 6ith )ruit%2 an i% 6or%e than an unbe&ie-er 16ho per)orm% hi% ob&igation in the%e matter%23
9 Let no one be put on the ro&& o) 6i o6% 16ho are to recei-e church %upport2 6ho i% un er %iAty year% o) age or 6ho ha% been the 6i)e o) more than one manE 1@ "n %he mu%t ha-e a reputation )or goo ee %, a% one 6ho ha% brought up chi& ren, 6ho ha% practice ho%pita&ity to %tranger% 1o) the brotherhoo 2, 6a%he the )eet o) the %aint%, he&pe to re&ie-e the i%tre%%e , 1an 2 e-ote her%e&) i&igent&y to oing goo in e-ery 6ay3 11 =ut re)u%e 1to enro&& on thi% &i%t the2 younger 6i o6%, )or 6hen they become re%ti-e an their natura& e%ire% gro6 %trong, they 6ith ra6 them%e&-e% again%t Chri%t 1an 2 6i%h to marry 1again23 12 14

"n %o they incur con emnation )or ha-ing %et a%i e an %&ighte their pre-iou% p&e ge3

.oreo-er, a% they go about )rom hou%e to hou%e, they &earn to be i &er%, an not on&y i &er%, but go%%ip% an bu%ybo ie%, %aying 6hat they %hou& not %ay an ta&king o) thing% they %hou& not mention3
14 ,o 5 6ou& ha-e younger 16i o6%2 marry, bear chi& ren, gui e the hou%eho& , 1an 2 not gi-e opponent% o) the )aith occa%ion )or %&an er or reproach3 15 16

For a&rea y %ome 16i o6%2 ha-e turne a%i e a)ter ,atan3

5) any be&ie-ing 6oman or be&ie-ing man ha% 1re&ati-e% or per%on% in the hou%eho& 6ho are2 6i o6%, &et him re&ie-e themE &et the church not be bur ene 16ith them2, %o that it may 1be )ree to2 a%%i%t tho%e 6ho are tru&y 6i o6% 'tho%e 6ho are a&& a&one an are epen ent(3
17 Let the e& er% 6ho per)orm the utie% o) their o))ice 6e&& be con%i ere oub&y 6orthy o) honor 1an o) a e8uate 1a2)inancia& %upport2, e%pecia&&y tho%e 6ho &abor )aith)u&&y in preaching an teaching3 18 For the ,cripture %ay%, Fou %ha&& not mu>>&e an oA 6hen it i% trea ing out the grain, an again, The &aborer i% 6orthy o) hi% hire3'"( 19 Li%ten to no accu%ation 1pre%ente be)ore a <u ge2 again%t an e& er un&e%% it i% con)irme by the te%timony o) t6o or three 6itne%%e%3'=( 2@ "% )or tho%e 6ho are gui&ty an per%i%t in %in, rebuke an a moni%h them in the pre%ence o) a&&, %o that the re%t may be 6arne an %tan in 6ho&e%ome a6e an )ear3 21 5 %o&emn&y charge you in the pre%ence o) +o an o) Chri%t *e%u% an o) the cho%en ange&% that you guar an keep 1the%e ru&e%2 6ithout per%ona& pre<u ice or )a-or, oing nothing )rom partia&ity3 22 Io not be in a hurry in the &aying on o) han % 1gi-ing the %anction o) the church too ha%ti&y in rein%tating eApe&&e o))en er% or in or ination in 8ue%tionab&e ca%e%2, nor %hare or participate in another man9% %in%E keep your%e&) pure3 24 Irink 6ater no &onger eAc&u%i-e&y, but u%e a &itt&e 6ine )or the %ake o) your %tomach an your )re8uent i&&ne%%e%3 24 The %in% o) %ome men are con%picuou% 'open&y e-i ent to a&& eye%(, going be)ore them to the <u gment 1%eat2 an proc&aiming their %entence in a -anceE but the %in% o) other% appear &ater 1)o&&o6ing the o))en er to the bar o) <u gment an coming into -ie6 there23 25 ,o a&%o, goo 1in e)inite&y23

ee % are e-i ent an con%picuou%, an e-en 6hen they are not, they cannot remain hi



a. A. B.

1 Timothy 5017 .ar-in Bincent, ;or ,tu ie%3

Cross references: 1 Timothy 5018 0 Ieut 2504E Luke 1@07 1 Timothy 5019 0 Ieut 19015

1 Timothy ! (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Timothy !
L7T "LL 6ho are un er the yoke a% bon %er-ant% e%teem their o6n 1per%ona&2 ma%ter% 6orthy o) honor an )u&&e%t re%pect, %o that the name o) +o an the teaching 1about /im2 may not be brought into i%repute an b&a%pheme 3

Let tho%e 6ho ha-e be&ie-ing ma%ter% not be i%re%pect)u& or %corn)u& 1to them2 on the groun % that they are brother% 1in Chri%t2E rather, they %hou& %er-e 1them a&& the better2 becau%e tho%e 6ho bene)it by their kin &y %er-ice are be&ie-er% an be&o-e 3 Teach an urge the%e utie%3
2 4 =ut i) anyone teache% other6i%e an oe% not 1a2a%%ent to the %oun an 6ho&e%ome me%%age% o) our Lor *e%u% Chri%t 'the .e%%iah( an the teaching 6hich i% in agreement 6ith go &ine%% 'piety to6ar +o (, 4 /e i% pu))e up 6ith pri e an %tupe)ie 6ith conceit, 1a&though he i%2 6oe)u&&y ignorant3 /e ha% a 1b2morbi )on ne%% )or contro-er%y an i%pute% an %tri)e about 6or %, 6hich re%u&t in 'pro uce( en-y an <ea&ou%y, 8uarre&% an i%%en%ion, abu%e an in%u&t% an %&an er, an ba%e %u%picion%, 5 "n protracte 6rang&ing an 6earing i%cu%%ion an perpetua& )riction among men 6ho are corrupte in min an bere)t o) the truth, 6ho imagine that go &ine%% or righteou%ne%% i% a 1c2%ource o) pro)it 1a moneymaking bu%ine%%, a mean% o) &i-e&ihoo 23 From %uch 6ith ra63 6 1"n it i%, in ee , a %ource o) immen%e pro)it, )or2 go &ine%% accompanie 6ith contentment 'that contentment 6hich i% a %en%e o) 1 2in6ar %u))iciency( i% great an abun ant gain3 7 8 9

For 6e brought nothing into the 6or& , an ob-iou%&y 6e cannot take anything out o) the 6or& E =ut i) 6e ha-e )oo an c&othing, 6ith the%e 6e %ha&& be content '%ati%)ie (3

=ut tho%e 6ho cra-e to be rich )a&& into temptation an a %nare an into many )oo&i%h 'u%e&e%%, go &e%%( an hurt)u& e%ire% that p&unge men into ruin an e%truction an mi%erab&e peri%hing3
1@ For the &o-e o) money i% a root o) a&& e-i&%E it i% through thi% cra-ing that %ome ha-e been &e a%tray an ha-e 6an ere )rom the )aith an pierce them%e&-e% through 6ith many 1e2acute 1menta&2 pang%3 11 =ut a% )or you, D man o) +o , )&ee )rom a&& the%e thing%E aim at an pur%ue righteou%ne%% 'right %tan ing 6ith +o an true goo ne%%(, go &ine%% '6hich i% the &o-ing )ear o) +o an being Chri%t&ike(, )aith, &o-e, %tea )a%tne%% 'patience(, an gent&ene%% o) heart3 12 Fight the goo )ight o) the )aithE &ay ho& o) the eterna& &i)e to 6hich you 6ere %ummone an 1)or 6hich2 you con)e%%e the goo con)e%%ion 1o) )aith2 be)ore many 6itne%%e%3 14 5n the pre%ence o) +o , ;ho pre%er-e% a&i-e a&& &i-ing thing%, an o) Chri%t *e%u%, ;ho in /i% te%timony be)ore !ontiu% !i&ate ma e the goo con)e%%ion, 5 1%o&emn&y2 charge you 14 To keep a&& /i% precept% un%u&&ie an )&a6&e%%, irreproachab&e, unti& the appearing o) our Lor *e%u% Chri%t 'the "nointe Dne(, 15 ;hich 1appearing2 6i&& be %ho6n )orth in /i% o6n proper time by the b&e%%e , on&y ,o-ereign 'Cu&er(, the ?ing o) king% an the Lor o) &or %, 16 ;ho a&one ha% immorta&ity 1in the %en%e o) eAemption )rom e-ery kin o) eath2 an &i-e% in unapproachab&e &ight, ;hom no man ha% e-er %een or can %ee3 #nto /im be honor an e-er&a%ting po6er an ominion3 "men '%o be it(3

17 "% )or the rich in thi% 6or& , charge them not to be prou an arrogant an contemptuou% o) other%, nor to %et their hope% on uncertain riche%, but on +o , ;ho rich&y an cea%e&e%%&y pro-i e% u% 6ith e-erything )or 1our2 en<oyment3 18 1Charge them2 to o goo , to be rich in goo 6ork%, to be &ibera& an generou% o) heart, rea y to %hare 16ith other%2, 19 5n thi% 6ay &aying up )or them%e&-e% 1the riche% that en ure )ore-er a%2 a goo )oun ation )or the )uture, %o that they may gra%p that 6hich i% &i)e in ee 3 2@ D Timothy, guar an keep the epo%it entru%te 1to you2J Turn a6ay )rom the irre-erent babb&e an go &e%% chatter, 6ith the -ain an empty an 6or& &y phra%e%, an the %ubt&etie% an the contra iction% in 6hat i% )a&%e&y ca&&e kno6&e ge an %piritua& i&&umination3 21 1For2 by making %uch pro)e%%ion %ome ha-e erre 'mi%%e the mark( a% regar % the )aith3 +race ' i-ine )a-or an b&e%%ing( be 6ith you a&&J "men '%o be it(3


a. b. c. d. e.

1 Timothy 604 .ar-in Bincent, ;or ,tu ie%3 1 Timothy 604 *o%eph Thayer, " +reek:7ng&i%h LeAicon o) the $e6 Te%tament3 1 Timothy 605 .ar-in Bincent, ;or ,tu ie%3 1 Timothy 606 .ar-in Bincent, ;or ,tu ie%3 1 Timothy 601@ "&eAan er ,outer, !ocket LeAicon3