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2 Timothy 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

n Foun ation

2 Timothy 1
!"#L, "$ apo%t&e '%pecia& me%%enger( o) Chri%t *e%u% by the +i&& o) ,o , accor ing to the promi%e o) &i)e that i% in Chri%t *e%u%,
1 2 To Timothy, -my. be&o/e chi& 0 ,race ')a/or an %piritua& b&e%%ing(, mercy, an -heart. peace )rom ,o the Father an Chri%t *e%u% our Lor 1 2 3 thank ,o 4hom 3 +or%hip +ith a pure con%cience, remember you night an ay in my prayer%, 4 5 -a.

in the %pirit o) my )ather%, +hen +ithout cea%ing 3

"n +hen, a% 3 reca&& your tear%, 3 yearn to %ee you %o that 3 may be )i&&e +ith 5oy6

3 am ca&&ing up memorie% o) your %incere an un7ua&i)ie )aith 'the -b.&eaning o) your entire per%ona&ity on ,o in Chri%t in ab%o&ute tru%t an con)i ence in 8i% po+er, +i% om, an goo ne%%(, -a )aith. that )ir%t &i/e permanent&y in -the heart o). your gran mother Loi% an your mother 9unice an no+, 3 am -)u&&y. per%ua e , - +e&&%. in you a&%o6
6 That i% +hy 3 +ou& remin you to %tir up 'rekin &e the ember% o), )an the )&ame o), an keep burning( the -graciou%. gi)t o) ,o , -the inner )ire. that i% in you by mean% o) the &aying on o) my han % --c.+ith tho%e o) the e& er% at your or ination.6 7 For ,o i not gi/e u% a %pirit o) timi ity 'o) co+ar ice, o) cra/en an cringing an )a+ning )ear(, but -8e ha% gi/en u% a %pirit. o) po+er an o) &o/e an o) ca&m an +e&&:ba&ance min an i%cip&ine an %e&):contro&6 8 ;o not b&u%h or be a%hame then, to te%ti)y to an )or our Lor , nor o) me, a pri%oner )or 8i% %ake, but - - .+ith me. take your %hare o) the %u))ering -to +hich the preaching. o) the ,o%pe& -may e<po%e you, an o it. in the po+er o) ,o 6 9 -For it i% 8e. 4ho e&i/ere an %a/e u% an ca&&e u% +ith a ca&&ing in it%e&) ho&y an &ea ing to ho&ine%% -to a &i)e o) con%ecration, a /ocation o) ho&ine%%.= -8e i it. not becau%e o) anything o) merit that +e ha/e one, but becau%e o) an to )urther 8i% o+n purpo%e an grace 'unmerite )a/or( +hich +a% gi/en u% in Chri%t *e%u% be)ore the +or& began -eterna& age% ago.6 1> -3t i% that purpo%e an grace. +hich 8e no+ ha% ma e kno+n an ha% )u&&y i%c&o%e an ma e rea& -to u%. through the appearing o) our ?a/ior Chri%t *e%u%, 4ho annu&&e eath an ma e it o) no e))ect an brought &i)e an immorta&ity 'immunity )rom eterna& eath( to &ight through the ,o%pe&6 11 For -the proc&aiming o). thi% -,o%pe&. 3 +a% appointe a hera& 'preacher( an an apo%t&e '%pecia& me%%enger( an a teacher o) the ,enti&e%6 12 "n thi% i% +hy 3 am %u))ering a% 3 o6 ?ti&& 3 am not a%hame , )or 3 kno+ 'percei/e, ha/e kno+&e ge o), an am ac7uainte +ith( 8im 4hom 3 ha/e be&ie/e 'a here to an tru%te in an re&ie on(, an 3 am -po%iti/e&y. per%ua e that 8e i% ab&e to guar an keep that +hich ha% been entru%te to me an +hich -e.3 ha/e committe -to 8im. unti& that ay6 12 8o& )a%t an )o&&o+ the pattern o) +ho&e%ome an %oun teaching +hich you ha/e hear )rom me, in -a&&. the )aith an &o/e +hich are -)or u%. in Chri%t *e%u%6 14 ,uar an keep -+ith the greate%t care. the preciou% an e<ce&&ent&y a apte -Truth. +hich ha% been entru%te -to you., by the -he&p o) the. 8o&y ?pirit 4ho make% 8i% home in u%6 15 @ou a&rea y kno+ that a&& +ho are in "%ia turne a+ay an )or%ook me, !hyge&u% an 8ermogene% among them6 16 Aay the Lor grant -8i%. mercy to the )ami&y o) Bne%iphoru%, )or he o)ten %ho+e me kin ne%% an mini%tere to my nee % -com)orting an re/i/ing an bracing me &ike )re%h air.1 8e +a% not a%hame o) my chain% an impri%onment -)or Chri%tC% %ake.6 17 18

$o, rather +hen he reache Dome, he %earche

i&igent&y an eager&y )or me an )oun me6

Aay the Lor grant to him that he may )in mercy )rom the Lor on that -great. ay1 "n you kno+ ho+ many thing% he i )or me an +hat a he&p he +a% at 9phe%u% -you kno+ better than 3 can te&& you.6



2 Timothy 102 Aar/in Eincent, 4or ?tu ie% in the $e+ Te%tament6

b. c. d. e.

2 Timothy 105 "&e<an er ?outer, !ocket Le<icon o) the ,reek $e+ Te%tament6 2 Timothy 106 Aar/in Eincent, 4or ?tu ie% in the $e+ Te%tament6 2 Timothy 108 Aar/in Eincent, 4or ?tu ie% in the $e+ Te%tament6 2 Timothy 1012 "&ternate tran%&ation6

2 Timothy 2 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

2 Timothy 2
?B @B#, my %on, be %trong '%trengthene in+ar &y( in the grace '%piritua& b&e%%ing( that i% -to be )oun on&y. in Chri%t *e%u%6
1 2 "n the -in%truction%. +hich you ha/e hear )rom me a&ong +ith many +itne%%e%, tran%mit an entru%t -a% a epo%it. to re&iab&e an )aith)u& men +ho +i&& be competent an 7ua&i)ie to teach other% a&%o6 2 Take -+ith me. your %hare o) the har %hip% an %u))ering -+hich you are ca&&e to en ure. a% a goo ')ir%t: c&a%%( %o& ier o) Chri%t *e%u%6 4 $o %o& ier +hen in %er/ice get% entang&e in the enterpri%e% o) -ci/i&ian. &i)e= hi% aim i% to %ati%)y an p&ea%e the one +ho en&i%te him6 5 "n i) anyone enter% competiti/e game%, he i% not cro+ne un&e%% he compete% &a+)u&&y ')air&y, accor ing to the ru&e% &ai o+n(6 6 7

-3t i%. the har :+orking )armer -+ho &abor% to pro uce. +ho mu%t be the )ir%t partaker o) the )ruit%6

Think o/er the%e thing% 3 am %aying -un er%tan them an gra%p their app&ication., )or the Lor +i&& grant you )u&& in%ight an un er%tan ing in e/erything6
8 Con%tant&y keep in min *e%u% Chri%t 'the Ae%%iah( -a%. ri%en )rom the ea , -a% the prophe%ie Fing. e%cen e )rom ;a/i , accor ing to the goo ne+% 'the ,o%pe&( that 3 preach6'"( 9 For that -,o%pe&. 3 am %u))ering a))&iction an e/en +earing chain% &ike a crimina&6 Gut the 4or o) ,o i% not chaine or impri%one 1 1> There)ore 3 -am rea y to. per%e/ere an %tan my groun +ith patience an en ure e/erything )or the %ake o) the e&ect -,o C% cho%en., %o that they too may obtain -the. %a&/ation +hich i% in Chri%t *e%u%, +ith -the re+ar o). eterna& g&ory6 11 12

The %aying i% %ure an +orthy o) con)i ence0 3) +e ha/e ie +ith 8im, +e %ha&& a&%o &i/e +ith 8im6 i%o+n an re5ect 8im, 8e +i&& a&%o eny an

3) +e en ure, +e %ha&& a&%o reign +ith 8im6 3) +e eny an i%o+n an re5ect u%6

12 3) +e are )aith&e%% - o not be&ie/e an are untrue to 8im., 8e remain% true ')aith)u& to 8i% 4or an 8i% righteou% character(, )or 8e cannot eny 8im%e&)6 14 Demin -the peop&e. o) the%e )act% an -%o&emn&y. charge them in the pre%ence o) the Lor to a/oi petty contro/er%y o/er +or %, +hich oe% no goo but up%et% an un ermine% the )aith o) the hearer%6 15 ?tu y an be eager an o your utmo%t to pre%ent your%e&) to ,o appro/e 'te%te by tria&(, a +orkman +ho ha% no cau%e to be a%hame , correct&y ana&yHing an accurate&y i/i ing -right&y han &ing an %ki&&)u&&y teaching. the 4or o) Truth6 16 17

Gut a/oi a&& empty '/ain, u%e&e%%, i &e( ta&k, )or it +i&& &ea peop&e into more an more ungo &ine%%6

"n their teaching -+i&& e/our= it. +i&& eat it% +ay &ike cancer or %prea &ike gangrene6 ?o it i% +ith 8ymenaeu% an !hi&etu%,
18 4ho ha/e mi%%e the mark an %+er/e )rom the truth by arguing that the re%urrection ha% a&rea y taken p&ace6 They are un ermining the )aith o) %ome6

19 Gut the )irm )oun ation o) '&ai by( ,o %tan %, %ure an un%haken, bearing thi% %ea& 'in%cription(0 The Lor kno+% tho%e +ho are 8i%, an , Let e/eryone +ho name% -him%e&) by. the name o) the Lor gi/e up a&& ini7uity an %tan a&oo) )rom it6'G( 2> Gut in a great hou%e there are not on&y /e%%e&% o) go& an %i&/er, but a&%o -uten%i&%. o) +oo an earthen+are, an %ome )or honorab&e an nob&e -u%e. an %ome )or menia& an ignob&e -u%e.6 21 ?o +hoe/er c&ean%e% him%e&) -)rom +hat i% ignob&e an unc&ean, +ho %eparate% him%e&) )rom contact +ith contaminating an corrupting in)&uence%. +i&& -then him%e&). be a /e%%e& %et apart an u%e)u& )or honorab&e an nob&e purpo%e%, con%ecrate an pro)itab&e to the Aa%ter, )it an rea y )or any goo +ork6 22 ?hun youth)u& &u%t% an )&ee )rom them, an aim at an pur%ue righteou%ne%% 'a&& that i% /irtuou% an goo , right &i/ing, con)ormity to the +i&& o) ,o in thought, +or , an ee (= -an aim at an pur%ue. )aith, &o/e, -an . peace 'harmony an concor +ith other%( in )e&&o+%hip +ith a&& -Chri%tian%., +ho ca&& upon the Lor out o) a pure heart6 22 Gut re)u%e '%hut your min again%t, ha/e nothing to o +ith( tri)&ing 'i&&:in)orme , une i)ying, %tupi ( contro/er%ie% o/er ignorant 7ue%tioning%, )or you kno+ that they )o%ter %tri)e an bree 7uarre&%6 24 "n the %er/ant o) the Lor mu%t not be 7uarre&%ome ')ighting an conten ing(6 3n%tea , he mu%t be kin &y to e/eryone an mi& :tempere -pre%er/ing the bon o) peace.= he mu%t be a %ki&&e an %uitab&e teacher, patient an )orbearing an +i&&ing to %u))er +rong6 25 8e mu%t correct hi% opponent% +ith courte%y an gent&ene%%, in the hope that ,o may grant that they +i&& repent an come to kno+ the Truth -that they +i&& percei/e an recogniHe an become accurate&y ac7uainte +ith an ackno+&e ge it., 26 "n that they may come to their %en%e% -an . e%cape out o) the %nare o) the e/i&, ha/ing been he& capti/e by him, -hence)orth. to o 8i% -,o C%. +i&&6

Cross references:

A. B.

2 Timothy 208 0 !% 1601> 2 Timothy 2019 0 $um 1605= 3%a 26012

2 Timothy 3 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

2 Timothy 3

G#T #$;9D?T"$; thi%, that in the &a%t ay% +i&& come '%et in( peri&ou% time% o) great %tre%% an troub&e -har to ea& +ith an har to bear.6

2 For peop&e +i&& be &o/er% o) %e&) an -utter&y. %e&):centere , &o/er% o) money an arou%e by an inor inate -gree y. e%ire )or +ea&th, prou an arrogant an contemptuou% boa%ter%6 They +i&& be abu%i/e 'b&a%phemou%, %co))ing(, i%obe ient to parent%, ungrate)u&, unho&y an pro)ane6 2 -They +i&& be. +ithout natura& -human. a))ection 'ca&&ou% an inhuman(, re&ent&e%% 'a mitting o) no truce or appea%ement(= -they +i&& be. %&an erer% ')a&%e accu%er%, troub&emaker%(, intemperate an &oo%e in mora&% an con uct, uncontro&&e an )ierce, hater% o) goo 6 4 -They +i&& be. treacherou% -betrayer%., ra%h, -an . in)&ate +ith %e&):conceit6 -They +i&& be. &o/er% o) %en%ua& p&ea%ure% an /ain amu%ement% more than an rather than &o/er% o) ,o 6 5 For -a&though. they ho& a )orm o) piety 'true re&igion(, they eny an re5ect an are %tranger% to the po+er o) it -their con uct be&ie% the genuinene%% o) their pro)e%%ion.6 "/oi -a&&. %uch peop&e -turn a+ay )rom them.6 6 For among them are tho%e +ho +orm their +ay into home% an capti/ate %i&&y an +eak:nature an %piritua&&y +ar)e +omen, &oa e o+n +ith -the bur en o) their. %in% -an ea%i&y. %+aye an &e a+ay by /ariou% e/i& e%ire% an %e ucti/e impu&%e%6 7 -The%e +eak +omen +i&& &i%ten to anybo y +ho +i&& teach them.= they are )ore/er in7uiring an getting in)ormation, but are ne/er ab&e to arri/e at a recognition an kno+&e ge o) the Truth6

8 $o+ 5u%t a% -a.*anne% an *ambre% +ere ho%ti&e to an re%i%te Ao%e%, %o the%e men a&%o are ho%ti&e to an oppo%e the Truth6 They ha/e epra/e an i%torte min %, an are reprobate an counter)eit an to be re5ecte a% )ar a% the )aith i% concerne 6'"( 9 Gut they +i&& not get /ery )ar, )or their ra%h )o&&y +i&& become ob/iou% to e/erybo y, a% +a% that o) tho%e -magician% mentione .6 1> $o+ you ha/e c&o%e&y ob%er/e an &o/e, %tea )a%tne%%,

i&igent&y )o&&o+e my teaching, con uct, purpo%e in &i)e, )aith, patience,

11 !er%ecution%, %u))ering%::%uch a% occurre to me at "ntioch, at 3conium, an at Ly%tra, per%ecution% 3 en ure , but out o) them a&& the Lor e&i/ere me6 12 3n ee a&& +ho e&ight in piety an are etermine to &i/e a e/ote an go &y &i)e in Chri%t *e%u% +i&& meet +ith per%ecution -+i&& be ma e to %u))er becau%e o) their re&igiou% %tan .6 12 Gut +icke men an impo%ter% +i&& go on )rom ba to +or%e, ecei/ing an &ea ing a%tray other% an being ecei/e an &e a%tray them%e&/e%6 14 Gut a% )or you, continue to ho& to the thing% that you ha/e &earne an o) +hich you are con/ince , kno+ing )rom +hom you &earne -them., 15 "n ho+ )rom your chi& hoo you ha/e ha a kno+&e ge o) an been ac7uainte +ith the %acre 4riting%, +hich are ab&e to in%truct you an gi/e you the un er%tan ing )or %a&/ation +hich come% through )aith in Chri%t *e%u% -through the -b.&eaning o) the entire human per%ona&ity on ,o in Chri%t *e%u% in ab%o&ute tru%t an con)i ence in 8i% po+er, +i% om, an goo ne%%.6 16 9/ery ?cripture i% ,o :breathe 'gi/en by 8i% in%piration( an pro)itab&e )or in%truction, )or reproo) an con/iction o) %in, )or correction o) error an i%cip&ine in obe ience, -an . )or training in righteou%ne%% 'in ho&y &i/ing, in con)ormity to ,o C% +i&& in thought, purpo%e, an action(, 17 ?o that the man o) ,o may be comp&ete an pro)icient, +e&& )itte an thorough&y e7uippe )or e/ery goo +ork6


a. b. A.

2 Timothy 208 $either o) the%e men i% mentione in the B& Te%tament, but accor ing to *e+i%h tra ition they +ere the 9gyptian court magician% +ho oppo%e Ao%e%6 2 Timothy 2015 "&e<an er ?outer, !ocket Le<icon6

Cross references: 2 Timothy 208 0 9<o 7011

2 Timothy 4 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

2 Timothy 4
3 C8"D,9 -you. in the pre%ence o) ,o an o) Chri%t *e%u%, 4ho i% to 5u ge the &i/ing an the ea , an by 'in the &ight o)( 8i% coming an 8i% king om0
1 2 8era& an preach the 4or 1 Feep your %en%e o) urgency -%tan by, be at han an rea y., +hether the opportunity %eem% to be )a/orab&e or un)a/orab&e6 -4hether it i% con/enient or incon/enient, +hether it i% +e&come or un+e&come, you a% preacher o) the 4or are to %ho+ peop&e in +hat +ay their &i/e% are +rong6. "n con/ince them, rebuking an correcting, +arning an urging an encouraging them, being un)&agging an ine<hau%tib&e in patience an teaching6 2 For the time i% coming +hen -peop&e. +i&& not to&erate 'en ure( %oun an +ho&e%ome in%truction, but, ha/ing ear% itching -)or %omething p&ea%ing an grati)ying., they +i&& gather to them%e&/e% one teacher a)ter another to a con%i erab&e number, cho%en to %ati%)y their o+n &iking an to )o%ter the error% they ho& , 4

"n +i&& turn a%i e )rom hearing the truth an +an er o)) into myth% an man:ma e )iction%6

5 "% )or you, be ca&m an coo& an %tea y, accept an %u))er un)&inching&y e/ery har %hip, o the +ork o) an e/ange&i%t, )u&&y per)orm a&& the utie% o) your mini%try6 6 For 3 am a&rea y about to be %acri)ice -my &i)e i% about to be poure out a% a rink o))ering.= the time o) my -%piritC%. re&ea%e -)rom the bo y. i% at han an 3 +i&& %oon go )ree6 7 3 ha/e )ought the goo '+orthy, honorab&e, an nob&e( )ight, 3 ha/e )ini%he the race, 3 ha/e kept ')irm&y he& ( the )aith6 8 -"% to +hat remain%. hence)orth there i% &ai up )or me the -/ictorC%. cro+n o) righteou%ne%% -)or being right +ith ,o an oing right., +hich the Lor , the righteou% *u ge, +i&& a+ar to me an recompen%e me on that -great. ay::an not to me on&y, but a&%o to a&& tho%e +ho ha/e &o/e an yearne )or an +e&come 8i% appearing '8i% return(6 9

Aake e/ery e))ort to come to me %oon6

For ;ema% ha% e%erte me )or &o/e o) thi% pre%ent +or& an ha% gone to The%%a&onica= Cre%cen% -ha% gone. to ,a&atia, Titu% to ;a&matia6
1> 11 12 12 14 15 16

Luke a&one i% +ith me6 ,et Aark an bring him +ith you, )or he i% /ery he&p)u& to me )or the mini%try6 Tychicu% 3 ha/e %ent to 9phe%u%6 -4hen. you come, bring the c&oak that 3 &e)t at Troa% +ith Carpu%, a&%o the book%, e%pecia&&y the parchment%6 "&e<an er the copper%mith i me great +rong%6 The Lor +i&& pay him back )or hi% action%6 Ge+are o) him your%e&), )or he oppo%e an re%i%te our me%%age /ery %trong&y an e<cee ing&y6

"t my )ir%t tria& no one acte in my e)en%e -a% my a /ocate. or took my part or -e/en. %too +ith me, but a&& )or%ook me6 Aay it not be charge again%t them1
17 Gut the Lor %too by me an %trengthene me, %o that through me the -,o%pe&. me%%age might be )u&&y proc&aime an a&& the ,enti&e% might hear it6 ?o 3 +a% e&i/ere out o) the 5a+% o) the &ion6 18 -"n in ee . the Lor +i&& certain&y e&i/er an -a. ra+ me to 8im%e&) )rom e/ery a%%au&t o) e/i&6 8e +i&& pre%er/e an bring me %a)e unto 8i% hea/en&y king om6 To 8im be the g&ory )ore/er an e/er6 "men '%o be it(6 19 2> 21

,i/e my greeting% to !ri%ca an "7ui&a an to the hou%eho& o) Bne%iphoru%6 9ra%tu% %taye on at Corinth, but Trophimu% 3 &e)t i&& at Ai&etu%6

;o ha%ten an try your be%t to come to me be)ore +inter6 9ubu&u% +i%he% to be remembere to you, a% o !u en% an Linu% an C&au ia an a&& the brethren6

The Lor *e%u% Chri%t be +ith your %pirit6 ,race ',o C% )a/or an b&e%%ing( be +ith you6 "men '%o be it(6



2 Timothy 4018 *o%eph Thayer, " ,reek:9ng&i%h Le<icon o) the $e+ Te%tament0 " primary meaning o) the ,reek ruomai0 I ra+ to oneC% %e&)6I