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Titus 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

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Titus 1
!"#L, " bon $er%ant o& 'o an an apo$t(e )a $pecia( me$$enger* o& +e$u$ Chri$t )the ,e$$iah* to $timu(ate an promote the &aith o& 'o -$ cho$en one$ an to (ea them on to accurate i$cernment an recognition o& an ac.uaintance /ith the Truth /hich be(ong$ to an harmoni0e$ /ith an ten $ to go (ine$$,
1 2 12e$ting3 in the hope o& eterna( (i&e, 1(i&e3 /hich the e%er truth&u( 'o 4ho cannot ecei%e promi$e be&ore the /or( or the age$ o& time began5 6 "n 1no/3 in 7i$ o/n appointe time 7e ha$ ma e mani&e$t )ma e kno/n* 7i$ 4or an re%ea(e it a$ 7i$ me$$age through the preaching entru$te to me by comman o& 'o our 8a%ior9 4 To Titu$, my true chi( accor ing to a common )genera(* &aith: 'race )&a%or an $piritua( b(e$$ing* an 1heart3 peace &rom 'o the Father an the Lor Chri$t +e$u$ our 8a%ior5 5 For thi$ rea$on ; (e&t you 1behin 3 in Crete, that you might $et right /hat /a$ e&ecti%e an &ini$h /hat /a$ (e&t un one, an that you might appoint e( er$ an $et them o%er the churche$ )a$$emb(ie$* in e%ery city a$ ; irecte you5 6 1The$e e( er$ $hou( be3 men /ho are o& un.ue$tionab(e integrity an are irreproachab(e, the hu$ban o& 1but3 one /i&e, /ho$e chi( ren are 1/e(( traine an are3 be(ie%er$, not open to the accu$ation o& being (oo$e in mora($ an con uct or unru(y an i$or er(y5 7 For the bi$hop )an o%er$eer* a$ 'o -$ $te/ar mu$t be b(ame(e$$, not $e(&</i((e or arrogant or pre$umptuou$9 he mu$t not be .uick<tempere or gi%en to rink or pugnaciou$ )bra/(ing, %io(ent*9 he mu$t not be gra$ping an gree y &or &i(thy (ucre )&inancia( gain*9 8 =ut he mu$t be ho$pitab(e )(o%ing an a &rien to be(ie%er$, e$pecia((y to $tranger$ an &oreigner$*9 1he mu$t be3 a (o%er o& goo ne$$ 1o& goo peop(e an goo thing$3, $ober<min e )$en$ib(e, i$creet*, upright an &air< min e , a e%out man an re(igiou$(y correct, temperate an keeping him$e(& in han 5 9 7e mu$t ho( &a$t to the $ure an tru$t/orthy 4or o& 'o a$ he /a$ taught it, $o that he may be ab(e both to gi%e $timu(ating in$truction an encouragement in $oun )/ho(e$ome* octrine an to re&ute an con%ict tho$e /ho contra ict an oppo$e it 1$ho/ing the /ay/ar their error35 1> For there are many i$or er(y an unru(y men /ho are i (e )%ain, empty* an mi$(ea ing ta(ker$ an $e(&< ecei%er$ an ecei%er$ o& other$5 1Thi$ i$ true3 e$pecia((y o& tho$e o& the circumci$ion party 1/ho ha%e come o%er &rom +u ai$m35 11 Their mouth$ mu$t be $toppe , &or they are menta((y i$tre$$ing an $ub%erting /ho(e &ami(ie$ by teaching /hat they ought not to teach, &or the purpo$e o& getting ba$e a %antage an i$reputab(e gain5 12 ?ne o& their 1%ery3 number, a prophet o& their o/n, $ai , Cretan$ are a(/ay$ (iar$, hurt&u( bea$t$, i (e an (a0y g(utton$5 16 "n thi$ account o& them i$ 1rea((y3 true5 =ecau$e it i$ 1true3, rebuke them $harp(y 1 ea( $tern(y, e%en $e%ere(y /ith them3, $o that they may be $oun in the &aith an &ree &rom error,

1"n may $ho/ their $oun ne$$ by3 cea$ing to gi%e attention to +e/i$h myth$ an &ab(e$ or to ru(e$ 1(ai o/n3 by 1mere3 men /ho re@ect an turn their back$ on the Truth5
14 15 To the pure 1in heart an con$cience3 a(( thing$ are pure, but to the e&i(e an corrupt an unbe(ie%ing nothing i$ pure9 their %ery min $ an con$cience$ are e&i(e an po((ute 5 16 They pro&e$$ to kno/ 'o 1to recogni0e, percei%e, an be ac.uainte /ith 7im3, but eny an i$o/n an renounce 7im by /hat they o9 they are ete$tab(e an (oath$ome, unbe(ie%ing an i$obe ient an i$(oya( an rebe((iou$, an 1they are3 un&it an /orth(e$$ &or goo /ork ) ee or enterpri$e* o& any kin 5

Titus 2 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Titus 2
=#T 1a$ &or3 you, teach /hat i$ &itting an becoming to $oun )/ho(e$ome* octrine 1the character an right (i%ing that i enti&y true Chri$tian$35
1 2 #rge the o( er men to be temperate, %enerab(e )$eriou$*, $en$ib(e, $e(&<contro((e , an $oun in the &aith, in the (o%e, an in the $tea &a$tne$$ an patience 1o& Chri$t35 6 =i the o( er /omen $imi(ar(y to be re%erent an e%out in their eportment a$ become$ tho$e engage in $acre $er%ice, not $(an erer$ or $(a%e$ to rink5 They are to gi%e goo coun$e( an be teacher$ o& /hat i$ right an nob(e, 4 8o that they /i(( /i$e(y train the young /omen to be (o%e their hu$ban $ an their chi( ren, 1a3

$ane an $ober o& min )temperate, i$cip(ine * an to

5 To be $e(&<contro((e , cha$te, homemaker$, goo <nature )kin hearte *, a apting an $ubor inating them$e(%e$ to their hu$ban $, that the /or o& 'o may not be eApo$e to reproach )b(a$pheme or i$cre ite *5 6 7

;n a $imi(ar /ay, urge the younger men to be $e(&<re$traine an to beha%e pru ent(y 1taking (i&e $eriou$(y35

"n $ho/ your o/n $e(& in a(( re$pect$ to be a pattern an a mo e( o& goo ee $ an /ork$, teaching /hat i$ una u(terate , $ho/ing gra%ity 1ha%ing the $tricte$t regar &or truth an purity o& moti%e3, /ith ignity an $eriou$ne$$5
8 "n (et your in$truction be $oun an &it an /i$e an /ho(e$ome, %igorou$ an 1b3irre&utab(e an abo%e cen$ure, $o that the opponent may be put to $hame, &in ing nothing i$cre iting or e%i( to $ay about u$5

1Te((3 bon $er%ant$ to be $ubmi$$i%e to their ma$ter$, to be p(ea$ing an gi%e $ati$&action in e%ery /ay5 14arn them3 not to ta(k back or contra ict,
9 1> Bor to $tea( by taking thing$ o& $ma(( %a(ue, but to pro%e them$e(%e$ tru(y (oya( an entire(y re(iab(e an &aith&u( throughout, $o that in e%erything they may be an ornament an o cre it to the teaching 1/hich i$3 &rom an about 'o our 8a%ior5 11 For the grace o& 'o )7i$ unmerite &a%or an b(e$$ing* ha$ come &or/ar )appeare * &or the e(i%erance &rom $in an the eterna( $a(%ation &or a(( mankin 5 12 ;t ha$ traine u$ to re@ect an renounce a(( ungo (ine$$ )irre(igion* an /or( (y )pa$$ionate* e$ire$, to (i%e i$creet )temperate, $e(&<contro((e *, upright, e%out )$piritua((y /ho(e* (i%e$ in thi$ pre$ent /or( , 16 "/aiting an (ooking &or the 1&u(&i((ment, the rea(i0ation o& our3 b(e$$e hope, e%en the g(oriou$ appearing o& our great 'o an 8a%ior Chri$t +e$u$ )the ,e$$iah, the "nointe ?ne*, 14 4ho ga%e 7im$e(& on our beha(& that 7e might re eem u$ )purcha$e our &ree om* &rom a(( ini.uity an puri&y &or 7im$e(& a peop(e 1to be pecu(iar(y 7i$ o/n, peop(e /ho are3 eager an enthu$ia$tic about 1(i%ing a (i&e that i$ goo an &i((e /ith3 bene&icia( ee $5)"* 15 Te(( 1them a((3 the$e thing$5 #rge )a %i$e, encourage, /arn* an rebuke /ith &u(( authority5 Let no one e$pi$e or i$regar or think (itt(e o& you 1con uct your$e(& an your teaching $o a$ to comman re$pect35


a. b. A.

Titu$ 2:4 ,ar%in Cincent, 4or 8tu ie$ in the Be/ Te$tament: The 'reek %erb here tran$(ate DtrainD mean$ Dto make $ane or $ober o& min , to mo erate, to i$cip(ine5D Titu$ 2:8 "rthur 85 4ay, 4ay-$ Epi$t(e$: The Letter$ o& 8t5 !au( to 8e%en Churche$ an Three Frien $5

Cross references: Titu$ 2:14 : Feut 14:29 !$ 16>:89 E0ek 67:26

Titus 3 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Titus 3
2E,;BF !E?!LE to be $ubmi$$i%e to 1their3 magi$trate$ an authoritie$, to be obe ient, to be prepare an /i((ing to o any upright an honorab(e /ork,
1 2 To $(an er or abu$e or $peak e%i( o& no one, to a%oi being contentiou$, to be &orbearing )yie( ing, gent(e, an conci(iatory*, an to $ho/ courte$y to/ar e%erybo y5 6 For /e a($o /ere once thought(e$$ an $en$e(e$$, ob$tinate an i$obe ient, e(u e an mi$(e 9 1/e too /ere once3 $(a%e$ to a(( $ort$ o& cra%ing$ an p(ea$ure$, /a$ting our ay$ in ma(ice an @ea(ou$y an en%y, hate&u( )hate , ete$tab(e* an hating one another5 4 5

=ut /hen the goo ne$$ an (o%ing<kin ne$$ o& 'o our 8a%ior to man 1a$ man3 appeare ,

7e $a%e u$, not becau$e o& any /ork$ o& righteou$ne$$ that /e ha one, but becau$e o& 7i$ o/n pity an mercy, by 1the3 c(ean$ing 1bath3 o& the ne/ birth )regeneration* an rene/ing o& the 7o(y 8pirit,
6 7

4hich 7e poure out 1$o3 rich(y upon u$ through +e$u$ Chri$t our 8a%ior5

1"n 7e i it in or er3 that /e might be @u$ti&ie by 7i$ grace )by 7i$ &a%or, /ho((y un e$er%e *, 1that /e might be ackno/(e ge an counte a$ con&orme to the i%ine /i(( in purpo$e, thought, an action3, an that /e might become heir$ o& eterna( (i&e accor ing to 1our3 hope5
8 Thi$ me$$age i$ mo$t tru$t/orthy, an concerning the$e thing$ ; /ant you to in$i$t $tea &a$t(y, $o that tho$e /ho ha%e be(ie%e in )tru$te in, re(ie on* 'o may be care&u( to app(y them$e(%e$ to honorab(e occupation$ an to oing goo , &or $uch thing$ are 1not on(y3 eAce((ent an right 1in them$e(%e$3, but 1they are3 goo an pro&itab(e &or the peop(e5

=ut a%oi $tupi an &oo(i$h contro%er$ie$ an genea(ogie$ an they are unpro&itab(e an &uti(e5

i$$en$ion$ an /rang(ing about the La/, &or

1> 1"$ &or3 a man /ho i$ &actiou$ 1a heretica( $ectarian an cau$e o& i%i$ion$3, a&ter a moni$hing him a &ir$t an $econ time, re@ect 1him &rom your &e((o/$hip an ha%e nothing more to o /ith him3, 11 4e(( a/are that $uch a per$on ha$ utter(y change )i$ per%erte an corrupte *9 he goe$ on $inning 1though he3 i$ con%icte o& gui(t an $e(&<con emne 5 12 4hen ; $en "rtema$ or 1perhap$3 Tychicu$ to you, (o$e no time but make e%ery e&&ort to come to me at Bicopo(i$, &or ; ha%e eci e to $pen the /inter there5 16 14

Fo your utmo$t to $pee Gena$ the (a/yer an "po((o$ on their /ay9 $ee that they /ant &or )(ack* nothing5

"n (et our o/n 1peop(e rea((y3 (earn to app(y them$e(%e$ to goo ee $ )to hone$t (abor an honorab(e emp(oyment*, $o that they may be ab(e to meet nece$$ary eman $ 1a3/hene%er the occa$ion may re.uire an not be (i%ing i (e an uncu(ti%ate an un&ruit&u( (i%e$5
15 "(( /ho are /ith me /i$h to be remembere to you5 'reet tho$e /ho (o%e u$ in the &aith5 'race )'o -$ &a%or an b(e$$ing* be /ith you a((5 "men )$o be it*5



Titu$ 6:14 ,ar%in Cincent, 4or 8tu ie$5