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Philemon 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

n Foun ation

Philemon 1
!"#L, " pri$oner %&or the $ake' o& Chri$t (e$u$ )the *e$$iah+, an our brother Timothy, to !hi,emon our ear,y be,o-e $harer .ith u$ in our .ork,
1 2 "n to "pphia our $i$ter an "rchippu$ our &e,,o. $o, ier %in the Chri$tian .ar&are', an to the church %a$$emb,y that meet$' in your hou$e/ 0 1race )$piritua, b,e$$ing an &a-or+ be to a,, o& you an %heart' peace &rom 1o our Father an the Lor (e$u$ Chri$t )the *e$$iah+2 4 5

3 gi-e thank$ to my 1o &or you a,.ay$ .hen 3 mention you in my prayer$,

4ecau$e 3 continue to hear o& your ,o-e an o& your ,oya, &aith .hich you ha-e the Lor (e$u$ an %.hich you $ho.' a,, the $aint$ )1o 5$ con$ecrate peop,e+2
6 %"n 3 pray' that the participation in an $haring o& your &aith may pro uce an promote &u,, recognition an appreciation an un er$tan ing an preci$e kno.,e ge o& e-ery goo %thing' that i$ our$ in %our i enti&ication .ith' Chri$t (e$u$ %an unto 6i$ g,ory'2 7 For 3 ha-e eri-e great 7oy an com&ort an encouragement &rom your ,o-e, becau$e the heart$ o& the $aint$ %.ho are your &e,,o. Chri$tian$' ha-e been cheere an re&re$he through you, %my' brother2 8 There&ore, though 3 ha-e abun ant bo, ne$$ in Chri$t to charge you to o .hat i$ &itting an re8uire an your uty to o,

9et &or ,o-e5$ $ake 3 pre&er to appea, to you 7u$t &or .hat 3 am::3, !au,, an amba$$a or %o& Chri$t (e$u$' an an o, man an no. a pri$oner &or 6i$ $ake a,$o::
9 1; 3 appea, to you &or my %o.n $piritua,' chi, , <ne$imu$ %meaning pro&itab,e', .hom 3 ha-e begotten %in the &aith' .hi,e a capti-e in the$e chain$2 11 12 10

<nce he .a$ unpro&itab,e to you, but no. he i$ in ee pro&itab,e to you a$ .e,, a$ to me2 3 am $en ing him back to you in

hi$ o.n per$on, %an it i$ ,ike $en ing' my -ery heart2 uring

3 .ou, ha-e cho$en to keep him .ith me, in or er that he might mini$ter to my nee $ in your $tea my impri$onment &or the 1o$pe,5$ $ake2

14 4ut it ha$ been my .i$h to o nothing about it .ithout &ir$t con$u,ting you an getting your con$ent, in or er that your bene-o,ence might not $eem to be the re$u,t o& compu,$ion or o& pre$$ure but might be -o,untary %on your part'2 15 !erhap$ it .a$ &or thi$ rea$on that he .a$ $eparate %&rom you' &or a .hi,e, that you might ha-e him back a$ your$ &ore-er, 16 =ot a$ a $,a-e any ,onger but a$ %$omething' more than a $,a-e, a$ a brother %Chri$tian', e$pecia,,y ear to me but ho. much more to you, both in the &,e$h %a$ a $er-ant' an in the Lor %a$ a &e,,o. be,ie-er'2 17 3& then you con$i er me a partner an a %.e,come an recei-e' me2 18 19 %b'

comra e in &e,,o.$hip, .e,come an recei-e him a$ you .ou,

"n i& he ha$ one you any .rong in any .ay or o.e$ anything %to you', charge that to my account2

3, !au,, .rite it .ith my o.n han , 3 promi$e to repay it %in &u,,'::an that i$ to $ay nothing %o& the &act' that you o.e me your -ery $e,&>
2; 21

9e$, brother, ,et me ha-e $ome pro&it &rom you in the Lor 2 Cheer an re&re$h my heart in Chri$t2 3 .rite to you %per&ect,y' con&i ent o& your obe ient comp,iance, that you .i,, o e-en more than 3


22 "t the $ame time prepare a gue$t room %in e?pectation o& e?ten ing your ho$pita,ity' to me, &or 3 am hoping through your prayer$ to be grante %the graciou$ pri-i,ege o& coming' to you2 20 24 25

1reeting$ to you &rom @paphra$, my &e,,o. pri$oner here in %the cau$e o&' Chri$t (e$u$ )the *e$$iah+, "n %&rom' *ark, "ri$tarchu$, Aema$, an Luke, my &e,,o. .orker$2 The grace )b,e$$ing an &a-or+ o& the Lor (e$u$ Chri$t )the *e$$iah+ be .ith your $pirit2 "men )$o be it+2


a. b.

!hi,emon 1/12 *ar-in Bincent, Cor Dtu ie$ in the =e. Te$tament2 !hi,emon 1/17 *ar-in Bincent, Cor Dtu ie$ in the =e. Te$tament2