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Hebrews 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

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Hebrews 1
!" #$"% &eparate re'e(ation& ))a*each o+ ,hich &et +orth a portion o+ the Truth* an in i++erent ,ay& -o &poke o+ o( to )our* +ore+ather& in an by the prophet&,
1 2 ).ut* in )b*the (a&t o+ the&e ay& /e ha& &poken to u& in )the per&on o+ a* 0on, 1hom /e appointe /eir an (a,+u( 2,ner o+ a(( thing&, a(&o by an through 1hom /e create the ,or( & an the reache& o+ &pace an the age& o+ time )/e ma e, pro uce , bui(t, operate , an arrange them in or er*3 4 /e i& the &o(e e5pre&&ion o+ the g(ory o+ -o )the Light6being, the )c*out6raying or ra iance o+ the i'ine*, an /e i& the per+ect imprint an 'ery image o+ )-o 7&* nature, upho( ing an maintaining an gui ing an prope((ing the uni'er&e by /i& mighty ,or o+ po,er3 1hen /e ha by o++ering /im&e(+ accomp(i&he our c(ean&ing o+ &in& an ri ance o+ gui(t, /e &at o,n at the right han o+ the i'ine #a8e&ty on high, 4 )Taking a p(ace an rank by ,hich* /e /im&e(+ became a& much &uperior to ange(& a& the g(oriou& "ame 9tit(e: ,hich /e ha& inherite i& i++erent +rom an more e5ce((ent than their&3 5 For to ,hich o+ the ange(& i )-o * e'er &ay, %ou are #y 0on, to ay ! ha'e begotten %ou )e&tab(i&he %ou in an o++icia( 0on&hip re(ation, ,ith king(y ignity*; $n again, ! ,i(( be to /im a Father, an /e ,i(( be to #e a 0on; )!! 0am3 7<14= >&3 2<73* 6 #oreo'er, ,hen /e bring& the +ir&tborn 0on -o ,or&hip /im3 ) *

again into the habitab(e ,or( , /e &ay&, Let a(( the ange(& o+

7 ?e+erring to the ange(& /e &ay&, )-o * 1ho make& /i& ange(& ,in & an /i& mini&tering &er'ant& +(ame& o+ +ire=9$: 8 .ut a& to the 0on, /e &ay& to /im, %our throne, 2 -o , i& +ore'er an e'er 9to the age& o+ the age&:, an the &cepter o+ %our king om i& a &cepter o+ ab&o(ute righteou&ne&& 9o+ 8u&tice an &traight+or,ar ne&&:3 9 %ou ha'e (o'e righteou&ne&& )%ou ha'e e(ighte in integrity, 'irtue, an uprightne&& in purpo&e, thought, an action* an %ou ha'e hate (a,(e&&ne&& 9in8u&tice an ini@uity:3 There+ore -o , )e'en* %our -o 9)e*-o hea :, ha& anointe %ou ,ith the oi( o+ e5u(tant 8oy an g(a ne&& abo'e an beyon %our companion&3 9.: 1A $n )+urther*, %ou, Lor , i (ay the +oun ation o+ the earth in the beginning, an the hea'en& are the ,ork& o+ %our han &3 11 They ,i(( peri&h, but %ou remain an continue permanent(y= they ,i(( a(( gro, o( an ,ear out (ike a garment3 12 Like a mant(e )thro,n about one7& &e(+* %ou ,i(( ro(( them up, an they ,i(( be change an rep(ace by other&3 .ut %ou remain the &ame, an %our year& ,i(( ne'er en nor come to +ai(ure3 9C: 14 .e&i e&, to ,hich o+ the ange(& ha& /e e'er &ai , 0it at #y right han )a&&ociate ,ith #e in #y roya( ignity* ti(( ! make your enemie& a &too( +or your +eet;9B: 14 $re not the ange(& a(( mini&tering &pirit& 9&er'ant&: &ent out in the &er'ice )o+ -o +or the a&&i&tance* o+ tho&e ,ho are to inherit &a('ation;


a. b. c. d. e.

/ebre,& 1<1 #ar'in Cincent, 1or 0tu ie& in the "e, Te&tament3 /ebre,& 1<2 /enry $(+or , The -reek "e, Te&tament, ,ith "ote&3 /ebre,& 1<4 Litera( tran&(ation3 /ebre,& 1<6 /enry $(+or , The -reek "e, Te&tament, ,ith "ote& an 13 ?obert&on "ico((, e 3, The D5po&itor7& -reek "e, Te&tament3 /ebre,& 1<9 $rthur 03 1ay, 1ay7& Dpi&t(e&< The Letter& o+ 0t3 >au( to 0e'en Churche& an Three Frien &3

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B. C. D.

/ebre,& 1<9 < >& 45<6, 7 /ebre,& 1<12 < >& 1A2<25627 /ebre,& 1<14 < >& 11A<1

Hebrews 2 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Hebrews 2
0!"CD $LL thi& i& true, ,e ought to pay much c(o&er attention than e'er to the truth& that ,e ha'e hear , (e&t in any ,ay ,e ri+t pa&t )them* an &(ip a,ay3
1 2 For i+ the me&&age gi'en through ange(& )the La, &poken by them to #o&e&* ,a& authentic an pro'e &ure, an e'ery 'io(ation an i&obe ience recei'e an appropriate 98u&t an a e@uate: pena(ty, 4 /o, &ha(( ,e e&cape )appropriate retribution* i+ ,e neg(ect an re+u&e to pay attention to &uch a great &a('ation )a& i& no, o++ere to u&, (etting it ri+t pa&t u& +ore'er*; For it ,a& ec(are at +ir&t by the Lor )/im&e(+*, an it ,a& con+irme to u& an pro'e to be rea( an genuine by tho&e ,ho per&ona((y hear )/im &peak*3 4 ).e&i e& thi& e'i ence* it ,a& a(&o e&tab(i&he an p(ain(y en or&e by -o , 1ho &ho,e /i& appro'a( o+ it by &ign& an ,on er& an 'ariou& miracu(ou& mani+e&tation& o+ )/i&* po,er an by imparting the gi+t& o+ the /o(y 0pirit )to the be(ie'er&* accor ing to /i& o,n ,i((3 5 6

For it ,a& not to ange(& that -o &ub8ecte the habitab(e ,or( o+ the +uture, o+ ,hich ,e are &peaking3

!t ha& been &o(emn(y an earne&t(y &ai in a certain p(ace, 1hat i& man that %ou are min +u( o+ him, or the &on o+ man that %ou graciou&(y an he(p+u((y care +or an 'i&it an (ook a+ter him;
7 For &ome (itt(e time %ou ha'e ranke him (o,er than an in+erior to the ange(&= %ou ha'e cro,ne him ,ith g(ory an honor an &et him o'er the ,ork& o+ %our han &,9$: 8 For %ou ha'e put e'erything in &ub8ection un er hi& +eet3 "o, in putting e'erything in &ub8ection to man, /e (e+t nothing out&i e )o+ man7&* contro(3 .ut at pre&ent ,e o not yet &ee a(( thing& &ub8ecte to him )man*3 9 .ut ,e are ab(e to &ee Ee&u&, 1ho ,a& ranke (o,er than the ange(& +or a (itt(e ,hi(e, cro,ne ,ith g(ory an honor becau&e o+ /i& ha'ing &u++ere eath, in or er that by the grace 9unmerite +a'or: o+ -o )to u& &inner&* /e might e5perience eath +or e'ery in i'i ua( per&on3 1A For it ,a& an act ,orthy )o+ -o * an +itting )to the i'ine nature* that /e, +or 1ho&e &ake an by 1hom a(( thing& ha'e their e5i&tence, in bringing many &on& into g(ory, &hou( make the >ioneer o+ their &a('ation per+ect )&hou( bring to maturity the human e5perience nece&&ary to be per+ect(y e@uippe +or /i& o++ice a& /igh >rie&t* through &u++ering3 11 For both /e 1ho &ancti+ie& )making men ho(y* an tho&e ,ho are &ancti+ie a(( ha'e one )Father*3 For thi& rea&on /e i& not a&hame to ca(( them brethren= 12 For /e &ay&, ! ,i(( ec(are %our )the Father7&* name to #y brethren= in the mi &t o+ the ),or&hiping* congregation ! ,i(( &ing hymn& o+ prai&e to %ou39.: 14 $n again /e &ay&, #y tru&t an a&&ure re(iance an con+i ent hope &ha(( be +i5e in /im3 $n yet again, /ere ! am, ! an the chi( ren ,hom -o ha& gi'en #e39C: 14 0ince, there+ore, )the&e /i&* chi( ren &hare in +(e&h an b(oo )in the phy&ica( nature o+ human being&*, /e )/im&e(+* in a &imi(ar manner partook o+ the &ame )nature*, that by )going through* eath /e might bring to nought an make o+ no e++ect him ,ho ha the po,er o+ eath66that i&, the e'i(66

$n a(&o that /e might e(i'er an comp(ete(y &et +ree a(( tho&e ,ho through the )haunting* +ear o+ eath ,ere he( in bon age throughout the ,ho(e cour&e o+ their (i'e&3
15 16 For, a& ,e a(( kno,, /e )Chri&t* i not take ho( o+ ange(& ))a*the +a((en ange(&, to gi'e them a he(ping an e(i'ering han *, but /e i take ho( o+ ))b*the +a((en* e&cen ant& o+ $braham )to reach out to them a he(ping an e(i'ering han *39B:

17 0o it i& e'i ent that it ,a& e&&entia( that /e be ma e (ike /i& brethren in e'ery re&pect, in or er that /e might become a merci+u( 9&ympathetic: an +aith+u( /igh >rie&t in the thing& re(ate to -o , to make atonement an propitiation +or the peop(e7& &in&3 18 For becau&e /e /im&e(+ )in /i& humanity* ha& &u++ere in being tempte 9te&te an trie :, /e i& ab(e )imme iate(y* )c*to run to the cry o+ 9a&&i&t, re(ie'e: tho&e ,ho are being tempte an te&te an trie )an ,ho there+ore are being e5po&e to &u++ering*3


a. b. c. A. B. C. D.

/ebre,& 2<16 #atthe, /enry, Commentary on the /o(y .ib(e3 /ebre,& 2<16 #atthe, /enry, Commentary on the /o(y .ib(e3 /ebre,& 2<18 Fenneth 1ue&t, 1or 0tu ie& in the "e, Te&tament3

Cross references: /ebre,& 2<7 < >& 8<466 /ebre,& 2<12 < >& 22<22 /ebre,& 2<14 < !&a 8<17, 18 /ebre,& 2<16 < !&a 41<8, 9

Hebrews 3 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Hebrews 3
02 T/D", brethren, con&ecrate an &et apart +or -o , ,ho &hare in the hea'en(y ca((ing, )thought+u((y an attenti'e(y* con&i er Ee&u&, the $po&t(e an /igh >rie&t 1hom ,e con+e&&e )a& our& ,hen ,e embrace the Chri&tian +aith*3

)0ee ho,* +aith+u( /e ,a& to /im 1ho appointe /im )$po&t(e an /igh >rie&t*, a& #o&e& ,a& a(&o +aith+u( in the ,ho(e hou&e )o+ -o *39$:
2 4 %et Ee&u& ha& been con&i ere ,orthy o+ much greater honor an g(ory than #o&e&, 8u&t a& the bui( er o+ a hou&e ha& more honor than the hou&e )it&e(+*3 4 For )o+ cour&e* e'ery hou&e i& bui(t an +urni&he by &omeone, but the .ui( er o+ a(( thing& an the Furni&her )o+ the entire e@uipment o+ a(( thing&* i& -o 3 5 $n #o&e& certain(y ,a& +aith+u( in the a mini&tration o+ a(( -o 7& hou&e )but it ,a& on(y* a& a mini&tering &er'ant3 )!n hi& entire mini&try he ,a& but* a te&timony to the thing& ,hich ,ere to be &poken )the re'e(ation& to be gi'en a+ter,ar in Chri&t*39.: 6 .ut Chri&t 9the #e&&iah: ,a& +aith+u( o'er /i& )o,n Father7&* hou&e a& a 0on )an #a&ter o+ it*3 $n it i& ,e ,ho are )no, member&* o+ thi& hou&e, i+ ,e ho( +a&t an +irm to the en our 8oy+u( an e5u(tant con+i ence an &en&e o+ triumph in our hope )in Chri&t*3 7 8

There+ore, a& the /o(y 0pirit &ay&< To ay, i+ you ,i(( hear /i& 'oice,


Bo not har en your heart&, a& )happene * in the rebe((ion )o+ !&rae(* an their pro'ocation an embitterment )o+ #e* in the ay o+ te&ting in the ,i( erne&&,

9 1here your +ather& trie )#y patience* an te&te )#y +orbearance* an &a, #y ,ork& +or +orty year&3

+oun ! &too their te&t, an they

1A $n &o ! ,a& pro'oke 9 i&p(ea&e an &ore(y grie'e : ,ith that generation, an &ai , They a(,ay& err an are (e a&tray in their heart&, an they ha'e not percei'e or recogniGe #y ,ay& an become progre&&i'e(y better an more e5perimenta((y an intimate(y ac@uainte ,ith them3

11 12

$ccor ing(y, ! &,ore in #y ,rath an in ignation, They &ha(( not enter into #y re&t3 9C:

)There+ore be,are* brethren, take care, (e&t there be in any one o+ you a ,icke , unbe(ie'ing heart ),hich re+u&e& to c(ea'e to, tru&t in, an re(y on /im*, (ea ing you to turn a,ay an e&ert or &tan a(oo+ +rom the (i'ing -o 3
14 .ut in&tea ,arn 9a moni&h, urge, an encourage: one another e'ery ay, a& (ong a& it i& ca((e To ay, that none o+ you may be har ene )into &ett(e rebe((ion* by the eceit+u(ne&& o+ &in )by the +rau u(ence, the &tratagem, the trickery ,hich the e(u&i'e g(amor o+ hi& &in may p(ay on him*3 14 For ,e )c*ha'e become +e((o,& ,ith Chri&t 9the #e&&iah: an &hare in a(( /e ha& +or u&, i+ on(y ,e ho( our +ir&t ne,born con+i ence an origina( a&&ure e5pectation )in 'irtue o+ ,hich ,e are be(ie'er&* +irm an un&haken to the en 3 15 Then ,hi(e it i& )&ti((* ca((e To ay, i+ you ,ou( hear /i& 'oice an ,hen you hear it, o not har en your heart& a& in the rebe((ion )in the e&ert, ,hen the peop(e pro'oke an irritate an embittere -o again&t them*39B:

For ,ho ,ere they ,ho hear an yet ,ere rebe((iou& an pro'oke )/im*; 1a& it not a(( tho&e ,ho came out o+ Dgypt (e by #o&e&;
16 17 $n ,ith ,hom ,a& /e irritate an pro'oke an grie'e +or +orty year&; 1a& it not ,ith tho&e ,ho &inne , ,ho&e ) * i&membere bo ie& ,ere &tre,n an (e+t in the e&ert; 18 $n to ,hom i /e &,ear that they &hou( not enter /i& re&t, but to tho&e ,ho i&obeye ),ho ha not (i&tene to /i& ,or an ,ho re+u&e to be comp(iant or be per&ua e *; 19 0o ,e &ee that they ,ere not ab(e to enter )into /i& re&t*, becau&e o+ their un,i((ingne&& to a here to an tru&t in an re(y on -o )unbe(ie+ ha &hut them out*39D:


a. b. c. d. A. B. C. D. E.

/ebre,& 4<8 $(e5an er 0outer, >ocket Le5icon o+ the -reek "e, Te&tament3 /ebre,& 4<9 Char(e& .3 1i((iam&, The "e, Te&tament< $ Tran&(ation in the Language o+ the >eop(e3 /ebre,& 4<14 #ar'in Cincent, 1or 0tu ie&3 /ebre,& 4<17 #ar'in Cincent, 1or 0tu ie&3

Cross references: /ebre,& 4<2 < "um 12<7 /ebre,& 4<5 < "um 12<7 /ebre,& 4<11 < >& 95<7611 /ebre,& 4<15 < >& 95<7, 8 /ebre,& 4<19 < "um 14<1645

Hebrews 4 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Hebrews 4

T/D?DF2?D, 1/!LD the promi&e o+ entering /i& re&t &ti(( ho( & an i& o++ere )to ay*, (et u& be a+rai ) )a*to i&tru&t it*, (e&t any o+ you &hou( )b*think he ha& come too (ate an ha& come &hort o+ )reaching* it3

For in ee ,e ha'e ha the g(a ti ing& )-o&pe( o+ -o * proc(aime to u& 8u&t a& tru(y a& they )the !&rae(ite& o+ o( i ,hen the goo ne,& o+ e(i'erance +rom bon age came to them*= but the me&&age they hear i not bene+it them, becau&e it ,a& not mi5e ,ith +aith 9,ith )c*the (eaning o+ the entire per&ona(ity on -o in ab&o(ute

tru&t an con+i ence in /i& po,er, ,i& om, an goo ne&&: by tho&e ,ho hear it= +aith ,ith the one& )Eo&hua an Ca(eb* ,ho hear 9 i be(ie'e:3

) *

neither ,ere they unite in

4 For ,e ,ho ha'e be(ie'e 9a here to an tru&te in an re(ie on -o : o enter that re&t, )e*in accor ance ,ith /i& ec(aration that tho&e ),ho i not be(ie'e* &hou( not enter ,hen /e &ai , $& ! &,ore in #y ,rath, They &ha(( not enter #y re&t= an thi& /e &ai a(though )/i&* ,ork& ha been comp(ete an prepare )an ,aiting +or a(( ,ho ,ou( be(ie'e* +rom the +oun ation o+ the ,or( 3 9$: 4 For in a certain p(ace /e ha& &ai thi& about the &e'enth ay< $n -o re&te on the &e'enth ay +rom a(( /i& ,ork&39.: 5 6

$n )they +or+eite their part in it, +or* in thi& )pa&&age* /e &ai , They &ha(( not enter #y re&t3 9C:

0eeing then that the promi&e remain& o'er )+rom pa&t time&* +or &ome to enter that re&t, an that tho&e ,ho +ormer(y ,ere gi'en the goo ne,& about it an the opportunity, +ai(e to appropriate it an i not enter becau&e o+ i&obe ience,
7 $gain /e &et& a e+inite ay, )a ne,* To ay, )an gi'e& another opportunity o+ &ecuring that re&t* &aying through Ba'i a+ter &o (ong a time in the ,or & a(rea y @uote , To ay, i+ you ,ou( hear /i& 'oice an ,hen you hear it, o not har en your heart&39B: 8 )Thi& mention o+ a re&t ,a& not a re+erence to their entering into Canaan3* For i+ Eo&hua ha gi'en them re&t, /e )-o * ,ou( not &peak a+ter,ar about another ay3 9

0o then, there i& &ti(( a,aiting a +u(( an comp(ete 0abbath6re&t re&er'e +or the )true* peop(e o+ -o =

For he ,ho ha& once entere )-o 7&* re&t a(&o ha& cea&e +rom )the ,earine&& an pain* o+ human (abor&, 8u&t a& -o re&te +rom tho&e (abor& )+*pecu(iar(y /i& o,n39D:
1A 11 Let u& there+ore be Gea(ou& an e5ert our&e('e& an &tri'e i(igent(y to enter that re&t )o+ -o , to kno, an e5perience it +or our&e('e&*, that no one may +a(( or peri&h by the &ame kin o+ unbe(ie+ an i&obe ience )into ,hich tho&e in the ,i( erne&& +e((*3

For the 1or that -o &peak& i& a(i'e an +u(( o+ po,er )making it acti'e, operati'e, energiGing, an e++ecti'e*= it i& &harper than any t,o6e ge &,or , penetrating to the i'i ing (ine o+ the )g*breath o+ (i+e 9&ou(: an )the immorta(* &pirit, an o+ 8oint& an marro, )o+ the eepe&t part& o+ our nature*, e5po&ing an &i+ting an ana(yGing an 8u ging the 'ery thought& an purpo&e& o+ the heart3
12 14 $n not a creature e5i&t& that i& concea(e +rom /i& &ight, but a(( thing& are open an e5po&e , nake an e+en&e(e&& to the eye& o+ /im ,ith 1hom ,e ha'e to o3 14 !na&much then a& ,e ha'e a great /igh >rie&t 1ho ha& )a(rea y* a&cen e an pa&&e through the hea'en&, Ee&u& the 0on o+ -o , (et u& ho( +a&t our con+e&&ion )o+ +aith in /im*3 15 For ,e o not ha'e a /igh >rie&t 1ho i& unab(e to un er&tan an &ympathiGe an ha'e a &hare +ee(ing ,ith our ,eakne&&e& an in+irmitie& an (iabi(ity to the a&&au(t& o+ temptation, but 2ne 1ho ha& been tempte in e'ery re&pect a& ,e are, yet ,ithout &inning3

Let u& then +ear(e&&(y an con+i ent(y an bo( (y ra, near to the throne o+ grace 9the throne o+ -o 7& unmerite +a'or to u& &inner&:, that ,e may recei'e mercy )+or our +ai(ure&* an +in grace to he(p in goo time +or e'ery nee )appropriate he(p an ,e((6time he(p, coming 8u&t ,hen ,e nee it*3


a. b. c. d. e. f. g. A. B. C.

/ebre,& 4<1 #ar'in Cincent, 1or 0tu ie&3 /ebre,& 4<1 #ar'in Cincent, 1or 0tu ie&3 /ebre,& 4<2 $(e5an er 0outer, >ocket Le5icon3 /ebre,& 4<2 #any manu&cript& &o rea 3 /ebre,& 4<4 #ar'in Cincent, 1or 0tu ie&3 /ebre,& 4<1A #ar'in Cincent, 1or 0tu ie&3 /ebre,& 4<12 Eo&eph Thayer, $ -reek6Dng(i&h Le5icon o+ the "e, Te&tament3

Cross references: /ebre,& 4<4 < >& 95<11 /ebre,& 4<4 < -en 2<2 /ebre,& 4<5 < >& 95<11

D. E.

/ebre,& 4<7 < >& 95<7, 8 /ebre,& 4<1A < -en 2<2

Hebrews 5 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Hebrews 5
F2? DCD?% high prie&t cho&en +rom among men i& appointe to act on beha(+ o+ men in thing& re(ating to -o , to o++er both gi+t& an &acri+ice& +or &in&3
1 2 /e i& ab(e to e5erci&e gent(ene&& an +orbearance to,ar the ignorant an erring, &ince he him&e(+ a(&o i& (iab(e to mora( ,eakne&& an phy&ica( in+irmity3 4 4

$n becau&e o+ thi& he i& ob(ige to o++er &acri+ice +or hi& o,n &in&, a& ,e(( a& +or tho&e o+ the peop(e3

.e&i e&, one oe& not appropriate +or him&e(+ the honor )o+ being high prie&t*, but he i& ca((e by -o an recei'e& it o+ /im, 8u&t a& $aron i 3
5 0o too Chri&t 9the #e&&iah: i not e5a(t /im&e(+ to be ma e a high prie&t, but ,a& appointe an e5a(te by /im 1ho &ai to /im, %ou are #y 0on= to ay ! ha'e begotten %ou=9$: 6 $& /e &ay& a(&o in another p(ace, %ou are a >rie&t )appointe * +ore'er a+ter the or er 9,ith #e(chiGe ek39.: )a*

the rank: o+

7 !n the ay& o+ /i& +(e&h )Ee&u&* o++ere up e+inite, &pecia( petition& )+or that ,hich /e not on(y ,ante )b*but nee e * an &upp(ication& ,ith &trong crying an tear& to /im 1ho ,a& )a(,ay&* ab(e to &a'e /im )out* +rom eath, an /e ,a& hear becau&e o+ /i& re'erence to,ar -o )/i& go (y +ear, /i& piety, )c* in that /e &hrank +rom the horror& o+ &eparation +rom the bright pre&ence o+ the Father*3 8 9

$(though /e ,a& a 0on, /e (earne )acti'e, &pecia(* obe ience through ,hat /e &u++ere

$n , )/i& comp(ete e5perience* making /im per+ect(y )e@uippe *, /e became the $uthor an 0ource o+ eterna( &a('ation to a(( tho&e ,ho gi'e hee an obey /im, 9C:
1A .eing ) * e&ignate an recogniGe an &a(ute by -o a& /igh >rie&t a+ter the or er 9,ith #e(chiGe ek39B: )e*

the rank: o+

11 Concerning thi& ,e ha'e much to &ay ,hich i& har to e5p(ain, &ince you ha'e become u(( in your )&piritua(* hearing an &(uggi&h )e'en )+*&(oth+u( in achie'ing &piritua( in&ight*3 12 For e'en though by thi& time you ought to be teaching other&, you actua((y nee &omeone to teach you o'er again the 'ery +ir&t princip(e& o+ -o 7& 1or 3 %ou ha'e come to nee mi(k, not &o(i +oo 3 14 For e'eryone ,ho continue& to +ee on mi(k i& ob'iou&(y ine5perience an un&ki((e in the octrine o+ righteou&ne&& 9o+ con+ormity to the i'ine ,i(( in purpo&e, thought, an action:, +or he i& a mere in+ant )not ab(e to ta(k yet*H 14 .ut &o(i +oo i& +or +u((6gro,n men, +or tho&e ,ho&e &en&e& an menta( +acu(tie& are traine by practice to i&criminate an i&tingui&h bet,een ,hat i& mora((y goo an nob(e an ,hat i& e'i( an contrary either to i'ine or human (a,3


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f. A. B. C. D.

/ebre,& 5<11 -3 $bbott60mith, #anua( -reek Le5icon o+ the "e, Te&tament3

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(Amplified Bible)

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

T/D?DF2?D LDT u& go on an get pa&t the e(ementary &tage in the teaching& an octrine o+ Chri&t 9the #e&&iah:, a 'ancing &tea i(y to,ar the comp(etene&& an per+ection that be(ong to &piritua( maturity3 Let u& not again be (aying the +oun ation o+ repentance an aban onment o+ ea ,ork& 9 ea +orma(i&m: an o+ the +aith )by ,hich you turne * to -o ,
1 2 1ith teaching& about puri+ying, the (aying on o+ han &, the re&urrection +rom the ea , an eterna( 8u gment an puni&hment3 )The&e are a(( matter& o+ ,hich you &hou( ha'e been +u((y a,are (ong, (ong ago3* 4 4

!+ in ee -o permit&, ,e ,i(( )no,* procee )to a 'ance teaching*3

For it i& impo&&ib(e )to re&tore an bring again to repentance* tho&e ,ho ha'e been once +or a(( en(ightene , ,ho ha'e con&ciou&(y ta&te the hea'en(y gi+t an ha'e become &harer& o+ the /o(y 0pirit,
5 6

$n ha'e +e(t ho, goo the 1or o+ -o i& an the mighty po,er& o+ the age an ,or( to come,

!+ they then e'iate +rom the +aith an turn a,ay +rom their a((egiance66)it i& impo&&ib(e* to bring them back to repentance, +or 9becau&e, ,hi(e, a& (ong a&: they nai( upon the cro&& the 0on o+ -o a+re&h )a& +ar a& they are concerne * an are ho( ing )/im* up to contempt an &hame an pub(ic i&grace3
7 For the &oi( ,hich ha& runk the rain that repeate (y +a((& upon it an pro uce& 'egetation u&e+u( to tho&e +or ,ho&e bene+it it i& cu(ti'ate partake& o+ a b(e&&ing +rom -o 3 8 .ut i+ )that &ame &oi(* per&i&tent(y bear& thorn& an thi&t(e&, it i& con&i ere ,orth(e&& an near to being cur&e , ,ho&e en i& to be burne 39$:

D'en though ,e &peak thi& ,ay, yet in your ca&e, be(o'e , ,e are no, +irm(y con'ince o+ better thing& that are near to &a('ation an accompany it3
9 1A For -o i& not unrighteou& to +orget or o'er(ook your (abor an the (o'e ,hich you ha'e &ho,n +or /i& name7& &ake in mini&tering to the nee & o+ the &aint& 9/i& o,n con&ecrate peop(e:, a& you &ti(( o3 11 .ut ,e o ))a*&trong(y an earne&t(y* e&ire +or each o+ you to &ho, the &ame i(igence an &incerity )a(( the ,ay through* in rea(iGing an en8oying the +u(( a&&urance an e'e(opment o+ )your* hope unti( the en , 12 !n or er that you may not gro, i&intere&te an become )&piritua(* &(uggar &, but imitator&, beha'ing a& o tho&e ,ho through +aith 9by their (eaning o+ the entire per&ona(ity on -o in Chri&t in ab&o(ute tru&t an con+i ence in /i& po,er, ,i& om, an goo ne&&)b*: an by practice o+ patient en urance an ,aiting are )no,* inheriting the promi&e&3 14 For ,hen -o ma e )/i&* promi&e to $braham, /e &,ore by /im&e(+, &ince /e ha no one greater by ,hom to &,ear, 14

0aying, .(e&&ing ! certain(y ,i(( b(e&& you an mu(tip(ying ! ,i(( mu(tip(y you39.:

15 $n &o it ,a& that he )$braham*, ha'ing ,aite (ong an en ure patient(y, rea(iGe an obtaine )in the birth o+ !&aac a& a p(e ge o+ ,hat ,a& to come* ,hat -o ha promi&e him3 16 #en in ee &,ear by a greater )than them&e('e&*, an ,ith them in a(( i&pute& the oath taken +or con+irmation i& +ina( )en ing &tri+e*3

17 $ccor ing(y -o a(&o, in /i& e&ire to &ho, more con'incing(y an beyon oubt to tho&e ,ho ,ere to inherit the promi&e the unchangeab(ene&& o+ /i& purpo&e an p(an, inter'ene 9me iate : ,ith an oath3 18 Thi& ,a& &o that, by t,o unchangeab(e thing& )/i& promi&e an /i& oath* in ,hich it i& impo&&ib(e +or -o e'er to pro'e +a(&e or ecei'e u&, ,e ,ho ha'e +(e )to /im* +or re+uge might ha'e mighty in ,e((ing &trength an &trong encouragement to gra&p an ho( +a&t the hope appointe +or u& an &et be+ore )u&*3 19 )"o,* ,e ha'e thi& )hope* a& a &ure an &tea +a&t anchor o+ the &ou( )it cannot &(ip an it cannot )c*break o,n un er ,hoe'er &tep& out upon it66a hope* that reache& ) *+arther an enter& into )the 'ery certainty o+ the >re&ence* ,ithin the 'ei(,9C: 2A 1here Ee&u& ha& entere in +or u& )in a 'ance*, a Forerunner ha'ing become a /igh >rie&t +ore'er a+ter the or er 9,ith )e*the rank: o+ #e(chiGe ek39B:


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Hebrews ! (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Hebrews !
F2? T/!0 #e(chiGe ek, king o+ 0a(em )an * prie&t o+ the #o&t /igh -o , met $braham a& he returne +rom the &(aughter o+ the king& an b(e&&e him,
1 2 $n $braham ga'e to him a tenth portion o+ a(( )the &poi(*3 /e i& primari(y, a& hi& name ,hen tran&(ate in icate&, king o+ righteou&ne&&, an then he i& a(&o king o+ 0a(em, ,hich mean& king o+ peace3 4 1ithout )recor o+* +ather or mother or ance&tra( (ine, neither ,ith beginning o+ ay& nor en ing o+ (i+e, but, re&emb(ing the 0on o+ -o , he continue& to be a prie&t ,ithout interruption an ,ithout &ucce&&or3 4 "o, ob&er'e an con&i er ho, great )a per&onage* thi& ,a& to ,hom e'en $braham the patriarch ga'e a tenth )the topmo&t or the pick o+ the heap* o+ the &poi(&3 5 $n it i& true that tho&e e&cen ant& o+ Le'i ,ho are charge ,ith the prie&t(y o++ice are comman e in the La, to take tithe& +rom the peop(e66,hich mean&, +rom their brethren66though the&e ha'e e&cen e +rom $braham3 6 .ut thi& per&on ,ho ha& not their Le'itica( ance&try recei'e tithe& +rom $braham )him&e(+* an b(e&&e him ,ho po&&e&&e the promi&e& )o+ -o *3 7

%et it i& beyon a(( contra iction that it i& the (e&&er per&on ,ho i& b(e&&e by the greater one3

8 Furthermore, here )in the Le'itica( prie&thoo * tithe& are recei'e by men ,ho are &ub8ect to eath= ,hi(e there )in the ca&e o+ #e(chiGe ek*, they are recei'e by one o+ ,hom it i& te&ti+ie that he (i'e& )perpetua((y*3 9 $ per&on might e'en &ay that Le'i )the +ather o+ the prie&t(y tribe* him&e(+, ,ho recei'e tithe& 9the tenth:, pai tithe& through $braham, 1A 11

For he ,a& &ti(( in the (oin& o+ hi& +ore+ather )$braham* ,hen #e(chiGe ek met him )$braham*3

"o, i+ per+ection 9a per+ect +e((o,&hip bet,een -o an the ,or&hiper: ha been attainab(e by the Le'itica( prie&thoo 66+or un er it the peop(e ,ere gi'en the La,66,hy ,a& it +urther nece&&ary that there &hou( ari&e another an i++erent kin o+ >rie&t, one a+ter the or er o+ #e(chiGe ek, rather than one appointe a+ter the or er an rank o+ $aron;
12 For ,hen there i& a change in the prie&thoo , there i& o+ nece&&ity an a(teration o+ the (a, )concerning the prie&thoo * a& ,e((3 14 For the 2ne o+ 1hom the&e thing& are &ai be(onge )not to the prie&t(y (ine but* to another tribe, no member o+ ,hich ha& o++iciate at the a(tar3 14 For it i& ob'iou& that our Lor &prang +rom the tribe o+ Eu ah, an #o&e& mentione nothing about prie&t& in connection ,ith that tribe3 15 16

$n thi& become& more p(ain(y e'i ent ,hen another >rie&t ari&e& 1ho bear& the (ikene&& o+ #e(chiGe ek, 9$:

1ho ha& been con&titute a >rie&t, not on the ba&i& o+ a bo i(y (ega( re@uirement )an e5terna((y impo&e comman concerning /i& phy&ica( ance&try*, but on the ba&i& o+ the po,er o+ an en (e&& an in e&tructib(e Li+e3
17 18

For it i& ,itne&&e o+ /im, %ou are a >rie&t +ore'er a+ter the or er 9,ith the rank: o+ #e(chiGe ek3 9.:

0o a pre'iou& phy&ica( regu(ation an comman i& cance((e becau&e o+ it& ,eakne&& an ine++ecti'ene&& an u&e(e&&ne&&66
19 For the La, ne'er ma e anything per+ect66but in&tea a better hope i& intro uce through ,hich ,e )no,* come c(o&e to -o 3 2A 21

$n it ,a& not ,ithout the taking o+ an oath )that Chri&t ,a& ma e >rie&t*,

For tho&e ,ho +ormer(y became prie&t& recei'e their o++ice ,ithout it& being con+irme by the taking o+ an oath by -o , but thi& 2ne ,a& e&ignate an a re&&e an &a(ute ,ith an oath, The Lor ha& &,orn an ,i(( not regret it or change /i& min , %ou are a >rie&t +ore'er accor ing to the or er o+ #e(chiGe ek3 9C:
22 !n keeping ,ith )the oath7& greater &trength an +orce*, Ee&u& ha& become the -uarantee o+ a better 9&tronger: agreement )a more e5ce((ent an more a 'antageou& co'enant*3 24 )$gain, the +ormer &ucce&&i'e (ine o+ prie&t&* ,a& ma e up o+ many, becau&e they ,ere each pre'ente by eath +rom continuing )perpetua((y in o++ice*= 24 25

.ut /e ho( & /i& prie&thoo unchangeab(y, becau&e /e (i'e& on +ore'er3

There+ore /e i& ab(e a(&o to &a'e to the uttermo&t 9comp(ete(y, per+ect(y, +ina((y, an +or a(( time an eternity: tho&e ,ho come to -o through /im, &ince /e i& a(,ay& (i'ing to make petition to -o an interce e ,ith /im an inter'ene +or them3
26 )/ere i&* the /igh >rie&t )per+ect(y a apte * to our nee &, a& ,a& +itting66ho(y, b(ame(e&&, un&taine by &in, &eparate +rom &inner&, an e5a(te higher than the hea'en&3 27 /e ha& no ay by ay nece&&ity, a& ) o each o+ the&e other* high prie&t&, to o++er &acri+ice +ir&t o+ a(( +or hi& o,n )per&ona(* &in& an then +or tho&e o+ the peop(e, becau&e /e )met a(( the re@uirement&* once +or a(( ,hen /e brought /im&e(+ )a& a &acri+ice* ,hich /e o++ere up3 28 For the La, &et& up men in their ,eakne&& )+rai(, &in+u(, ying human being&* a& high prie&t&, but the ,or o+ )-o 7&* oath, ,hich ),a& &poken (ater* a+ter the in&titution o+ the La,, )choo&e& an appoint& a& prie&t 2ne 1ho&e appointment i& comp(ete an permanent*, a 0on 1ho ha& been ma e per+ect +ore'er3 9B:

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Hebrews " (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Hebrews "
"21 T/D main point o+ ,hat ,e ha'e to &ay i& thi&< 1e ha'e &uch a /igh >rie&t, 2ne 1ho i& &eate at the right han o+ the ma8e&tic )-o * in hea'en,9$:
1 2 $& o++iciating >rie&t, a #ini&ter in the ho(y p(ace& an in the true tabernac(e ,hich i& erecte not by man but by the Lor 3 4 For e'ery high prie&t i& appointe to o++er up gi+t& an &acri+ice&= &o it i& e&&entia( +or thi& )/igh >rie&t* to ha'e &ome o++ering to make a(&o3 4 !+ then /e ,ere &ti(( (i'ing on earth, /e ,ou( not be a prie&t at a((, +or there are )a(rea y prie&t&* ,ho o++er the gi+t& in accor ance ,ith the La,3 5 ).ut the&e o++er* &er'ice )mere(y* a& a pattern an a& a +ore&ha o,ing o+ ),hat ha& it& true e5i&tence an rea(ity in* the hea'en(y &anctuary3 For ,hen #o&e& ,a& about to erect the tabernac(e, he ,a& ,arne by -o , &aying, 0ee to it that you make it a(( )e5act(y* accor ing to the copy 9the mo e(: ,hich ,a& &ho,n to you on the mountain39.:

.ut a& it no, i&, /e )Chri&t* ha& ac@uire a )prie&t(y* mini&try ,hich i& a& much &uperior an more e5ce((ent )than the o( * a& the co'enant 9the agreement: o+ ,hich /e i& the #e iator 9the $rbiter, $gent: i& &uperior an more e5ce((ent, )becau&e* it i& enacte an re&t& upon more important 9&ub(imer, higher, an nob(er: promi&e&3
6 7 For i+ that +ir&t co'enant ha been ,ithout e+ect, there ,ou( ha'e been no room +or another one or an attempt to in&titute another one3 8 /o,e'er, /e +in & +au(t ,ith them )&ho,ing it& ina e@uacy* ,hen /e &ay&, .eho( , the ay& ,i(( come, &ay& the Lor , ,hen ! ,i(( make an rati+y a ne, co'enant or agreement ,ith the hou&e o+ !&rae( an ,ith the hou&e o+ Eu ah3 9 !t ,i(( not be (ike the co'enant that ! ma e ,ith their +ore+ather& on the ay ,hen ! gra&pe them by the han to he(p an re(ie'e them an to (ea them out +rom the (an o+ Dgypt, +or they i not abi e in #y agreement ,ith them, an &o ! ,ith re, #y +a'or an i&regar e them, &ay& the Lor 3

For thi& i& the co'enant that ! ,i(( make ,ith the hou&e o+ !&rae( a+ter tho&e ay&, &ay& the Lor < ! ,i(( imprint #y (a,& upon their min &, e'en upon their innermo&t thought& an un er&tan ing, an engra'e them upon their heart&= an ! ,i(( be their -o , an they &ha(( be #y peop(e3
1A 11 $n it ,i(( ne'ermore be nece&&ary +or each one to teach hi& neighbor an hi& +e((o, citiGen or each one hi& brother, &aying, Fno, 9percei'e, ha'e kno,(e ge o+, an get ac@uainte by e5perience ,ith: the Lor , +or a(( ,i(( kno, #e, +rom the &ma((e&t to the greate&t o+ them3 12 For ! ,i(( be merci+u( an graciou& to,ar their &in& an ! ,i(( remember their ee & o+ unrighteou&ne&& no more39C: 14 1hen -o &peak& o+ a ne, )co'enant or agreement*, /e make& the +ir&t one ob&o(ete 9out o+ u&e:3 $n ,hat i& ob&o(ete 9out o+ u&e an annu((e becau&e o+ age: i& ripe +or i&appearance an to be i&pen&e ,ith a(together3

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Hebrews # (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Hebrews #
"21 DCD" the +ir&t co'enant ha it& o,n ru(e& an regu(ation& +or i'ine ,or&hip, an it ha a &anctuary )but one* o+ thi& ,or( 39$:
1 2 For a tabernac(e 9tent: ,a& erecte , in the outer i'i&ion or compartment o+ ,hich ,ere the (amp&tan an the tab(e ,ith )it& (oa'e& o+* the &ho,brea &et +orth3 )Thi& portion* i& ca((e the /o(y >(ace3 9.: 4 .ut )in&i e* beyon the &econ curtain or 'ei(, )there &too another* tabernac(e ) i'i&ion* kno,n a& the /o(y o+ /o(ie&39C: 4 !t ha the go( en )a*a(tar o+ incen&e an the ark 9che&t: o+ the co'enant, co'ere o'er ,ith ,rought go( 3 Thi& )ark* containe a go( en 8ar ,hich he( the manna an the ro o+ $aron that &proute an the )t,o &tone* &(ab& o+ the co'enant )bearing the Ten Comman ment&*39B: 5 $bo'e )the ark* an o'er&ha o,ing the mercy &eat ,ere the repre&entation& o+ the cherubim ),inge creature& ,hich ,ere the &ymbo(&* o+ g(ory3 1e cannot no, go into etai( about the&e thing&3 6 The&e arrangement& ha'ing thu& been ma e, the prie&t& enter )habitua((y* into the outer i'i&ion o+ the tabernac(e in per+ormance o+ their ritua( act& o+ ,or&hip3 7 .ut into the &econ ) i'i&ion o+ the tabernac(e* none but the high prie&t goe&, an he on(y once a year, an ne'er ,ithout taking a &acri+ice o+ b(oo ,ith him, ,hich he o++er& +or him&e(+ an +or the error& an &in& o+ ignorance an thought(e&&ne&& ,hich the peop(e ha'e committe 39D:

.y thi& the /o(y 0pirit point& out that the ,ay into the )true /o(y o+* /o(ie& i& not yet thro,n open a& (ong a& the +ormer )the outer portion o+ the* tabernac(e remain& a recogniGe in&titution an i& &ti(( &tan ing,
8 9 0eeing that that +ir&t )outer portion o+ the* tabernac(e ,a& a parab(e 9a 'i&ib(e &ymbo( or type or picture o+ the pre&ent age:3 !n it gi+t& an &acri+ice& are o++ere , an yet are incapab(e o+ per+ecting the con&cience or o+ c(ean&ing an rene,ing the inner man o+ the ,or&hiper3 1A For )the ceremonie&* ea( on(y ,ith c(ean an unc(ean meat& an rink& an i++erent ,a&hing&, )mere* e5terna( ru(e& an regu(ation& +or the bo y impo&e to ti e the ,or&hiper& o'er unti( the time o+ &etting thing& &traight )o+ re+ormation, o+ the comp(ete ne, or er ,hen Chri&t, the #e&&iah, &ha(( e&tab(i&h the rea(ity o+ ,hat the&e thing& +ore&ha o,66a better co'enant*3 11 .ut )that appointe time came* ,hen Chri&t 9the #e&&iah: appeare a& a /igh >rie&t o+ the better thing& that ha'e come an are to come3 )Then* through the greater an more per+ect tabernac(e not ma e ,ith )human* han &, that i&, not a part o+ thi& materia( creation, 12 /e ,ent once +or a(( into the )/o(y o+* /o(ie& )o+ hea'en*, not by 'irtue o+ the b(oo o+ goat& an ca('e& )by ,hich to make reconci(iation bet,een -o an man*, but /i& o,n b(oo , ha'ing +oun an &ecure a comp(ete re emption 9an e'er(a&ting re(ea&e +or u&:3 14 For i+ )the mere* &prink(ing o+ unho(y an e+i(e per&on& ,ith b(oo o+ goat& an bu((& an ,ith the a&he& o+ a burnt hei+er i& &u++icient +or the puri+ication o+ the bo y, 9F:

/o, much more &ure(y &ha(( the b(oo o+ Chri&t, 1ho )b*by 'irtue o+ )/i&* eterna( 0pirit )/i& o,n pree5i&tent i'ine per&ona(ity* ha& o++ere /im&e(+ a& an unb(emi&he &acri+ice to -o , puri+y our con&cience& +rom ea ,ork& an (i+e(e&& ob&er'ance& to &er'e the )e'er* (i'ing -o ;
14 )c* 15 )Chri&t, the #e&&iah* i& there+ore the "egotiator an #e iator o+ an )entire(y* ne, agreement 9te&tament, co'enant:, &o that tho&e ,ho are ca((e an o++ere it may recei'e the +u(+i((ment o+ the promi&e e'er(a&ting inheritance66&ince a eath ha& taken p(ace ,hich re&cue& an e(i'er& an re eem& them +rom the tran&gre&&ion& committe un er the )o( * +ir&t agreement3 16 For ,here there i& a )(a&t* ,i(( an te&tament in'o('e , the eath o+ the one ,ho ma e it mu&t be e&tab(i&he , 17 For a ,i(( an te&tament i& 'a(i an take& e++ect on(y at eath, &ince it ha& no +orce or (ega( po,er a& (ong a& the one ,ho ma e it i& a(i'e3 18


0o e'en the )o( * +ir&t co'enant 9-o 7& ,i((: ,a& not inaugurate an rati+ie an put in +orce ,ithout the ing o+ b(oo 3

For ,hen e'ery comman o+ the La, ha been rea out by #o&e& to a(( the peop(e, he took the b(oo o+ &(ain ca('e& an goat&, together ,ith ,ater an &car(et ,oo( an ,ith a bunch o+ hy&&op, an &prink(e both the .ook 9the ro(( o+ the La, an co'enant: it&e(+ an a(( the peop(e,
2A 0aying the&e ,or &< Thi& i& the b(oo that &ea(& an rati+ie& the agreement 9the te&tament, the co'enant: ,hich -o comman e )me to e(i'er to* you3 9-: 21 $n in the &ame ,ay he &prink(e ,ith the b(oo both the tabernac(e an a(( the )&acre * 'e&&e(& an app(iance& u&e in ) i'ine* ,or&hip3

22 )!n +act* un er the La, a(mo&t e'erything i& puri+ie by mean& o+ b(oo , an ,ithout the &he ing o+ b(oo there i& neither re(ea&e +rom &in an it& gui(t nor the remi&&ion o+ the ue an merite puni&hment +or &in&3 24 .y &uch mean&, there+ore, it ,a& nece&&ary +or the )earth(y* copie& o+ the hea'en(y thing& to be puri+ie , but the actua( hea'en(y thing& them&e('e& )re@uire +ar* better an nob(er &acri+ice& than the&e3 24 For Chri&t 9the #e&&iah: ha& not entere into a &anctuary ma e ,ith )human* han &, on(y a copy an pattern an type o+ the true one, but )/e ha& entere * into hea'en it&e(+, no, to appear in the )'ery* pre&ence o+ -o on our beha(+3 25 "or i /e )enter into the hea'en(y &anctuary to* o++er /im&e(+ regu(ar(y again an again, a& the high prie&t enter& the )/o(y o+* /o(ie& e'ery year ,ith b(oo not hi& o,n3 26 For then ,ou( /e o+ten ha'e ha to &u++er )o'er an o'er again* &ince the +oun ation o+ the ,or( 3 .ut a& it no, i&, /e ha& once +or a(( at the con&ummation an c(o&e o+ the age& appeare to put a,ay an abo(i&h &in by /i& &acri+ice )o+ /im&e(+*3 27 28

$n 8u&t a& it i& appointe +or )a((* men once to ie, an a+ter that the )certain* 8u gment,

D'en &o it i& that Chri&t, ha'ing been o++ere to take upon /im&e(+ an bear a& a bur en the &in& o+ many once an ) *once +or a((, ,i(( appear a &econ time, not to carry any bur en o+ &in nor to ea( ,ith &in, but to bring to +u(( &a('ation tho&e ,ho are )eager(y, con&tant(y, an patient(y* ,aiting +or an e5pecting /im3


a. b. c. d. A. B. C. D. E. F. G.

/ebre,& 9<4 /enry $(+or , The -reek "e, Te&tament, ,ith "ote&< "ot kept permanent(y in the /o(y o+ /o(ie&, but taken in on the Bay o+ $tonement3 /ebre,& 9<14 #ar'in Cincent, 1or 0tu ie&3 /ebre,& 9<14 /enry $(+or , cite by Fenneth 1ue&t, 1or 0tu ie&3 /ebre,& 9<28 -3 $bbott60mith, #anua( -reek Le5icon3

Cross references: /ebre,& 9<1 < D5o 25<1A64A /ebre,& 9<2 < Le' 24<5, 6 /ebre,& 9<4 < D5o 26<41644 /ebre,& 9<4 < D5o 16<42644= 4A<166= "um 17<861A /ebre,& 9<7 < Le' 16<15 /ebre,& 9<14 < Le' 16<6, 16= "um 19<9, 17, 18 /ebre,& 9<2A < D5o 24<668

Hebrews 1$ (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Hebrews 1$
F2? 0!"CD the La, ha& mere(y a ru e out(ine 9+ore&ha o,ing: o+ the goo thing& to come66in&tea o+ +u((y e5pre&&ing tho&e thing&66it can ne'er by o++ering the &ame &acri+ice& continua((y year a+ter year make per+ect tho&e ,ho approach )it& a(tar&*3
1 )a*

For i+ it ,ere other,i&e, ,ou( )the&e &acri+ice&* not ha'e &toppe being o++ere ; 0ince the ,or&hiper& ha once +or a(( been c(ean&e , they ,ou( no (onger ha'e any gui(t or con&ciou&ne&& o+ &in3

4 4 5

.ut )a& it i&* the&e &acri+ice& annua((y bring a +re&h remembrance o+ &in& )to be atone +or*, .ecau&e the b(oo o+ bu((& an goat& i& po,er(e&& to take &in& a,ay3

/ence, ,hen /e )Chri&t* entere into the ,or( , /e &ai , 0acri+ice& an o++ering& %ou ha'e not e&ire , but in&tea %ou ha'e ma e rea y a bo y +or #e )to o++er*=
6 7

!n burnt o++ering& an &in o++ering& %ou ha'e taken no e(ight3

Then ! &ai , .eho( , here ! am, coming to o %our ,i((, 2 -o 66)to +u(+i((* ,hat i& ,ritten o+ #e in the 'o(ume o+ the .ook39$:
8 1hen /e &ai 8u&t be+ore, %ou ha'e neither e&ire , nor ha'e %ou taken e(ight in &acri+ice& an o++ering& an burnt o++ering& an &in o++ering&66a(( o+ ,hich are o++ere accor ing to the La,66 9 /e then ,ent on to &ay, .eho( , )here* ! am, coming to o %our ,i((3 Thu& /e oe& a,ay ,ith an annu(& the +ir&t 9+ormer: or er )a& a mean& o+ e5piating &in* &o that /e might inaugurate an e&tab(i&h the &econ 9(atter: or er39.: 1A $n in accor ance ,ith thi& ,i(( )o+ -o *, ,e ha'e been ma e ho(y 9con&ecrate an &ancti+ie : through the o++ering ma e once +or a(( o+ the bo y o+ Ee&u& Chri&t 9the $nointe 2ne:3

Furthermore, e'ery )human* prie&t &tan & )at hi& a(tar o+ &er'ice* mini&tering ai(y, o++ering the &ame &acri+ice& o'er an o'er again, ,hich ne'er are ab(e to &trip )+rom e'ery &i e o+ u&* the &in& )that en'e(op u&* an take them a,ay66
11 12 1herea& thi& 2ne )Chri&t*, a+ter /e ha o++ere a &ing(e &acri+ice +or our &in& )that &ha(( a'ai(* +or a(( time, &at o,n at the right han o+ -o , 14

Then to ,ait unti( /i& enemie& &hou( be ma e a &too( beneath /i& +eet39C:

14 For by a &ing(e o++ering /e ha& +ore'er comp(ete(y c(ean&e an per+ecte tho&e ,ho are con&ecrate an ma e ho(y3 15 16

$n a(&o the /o(y 0pirit a

& /i& te&timony to u& )in con+irmation o+ thi&*3 For ha'ing &ai ,

Thi& i& the agreement 9te&tament, co'enant: that ! ,i(( &et up an conc(u e ,ith them a+ter tho&e ay&, &ay& the Lor < ! ,i(( imprint #y (a,& upon their heart&, an ! ,i(( in&cribe them on their min & 9on their inmo&t thought& an un er&tan ing:,

/e then goe& on to &ay, $n their &in& an their (a,breaking ! ,i(( remember no more3 9B:

18 "o, ,here there i& ab&o(ute remi&&ion 9+orgi'ene&& an cance((ation o+ the pena(ty: o+ the&e )&in& an (a,breaking*, there i& no (onger any o++ering ma e to atone +or &in3 19 There+ore, brethren, &ince ,e ha'e +u(( +ree om an con+i ence to enter into the )/o(y o+* /o(ie& )by the po,er an 'irtue* in the b(oo o+ Ee&u&, 2A .y thi& +re&h 9ne,: an (i'ing ,ay ,hich /e initiate an curtain 9'ei( o+ the /o(y o+ /o(ie&:, that i&, through /i& +(e&h, 21 22

e icate an opene +or u& through the &eparating

$n &ince ,e ha'e )&uch* a great an ,on er+u( an nob(e >rie&t )1ho ru(e&* o'er the hou&e o+ -o ,

Let u& a(( come +or,ar an ra, near ,ith true 9hone&t an &incere: heart& in un@ua(i+ie a&&urance an ab&o(ute con'iction engen ere by +aith 9by )b*that (eaning o+ the entire human per&ona(ity on -o in ab&o(ute tru&t an con+i ence in /i& po,er, ,i& om, an goo ne&&:, ha'ing our heart& &prink(e an puri+ie +rom a gui(ty 9e'i(: con&cience an our bo ie& c(ean&e ,ith pure ,ater3
24 0o (et u& &eiGe an ho( +a&t an retain ,ithout ,a'ering the )c*hope ,e cheri&h an con+e&& an our ackno,(e gement o+ it, +or /e 1ho promi&e i& re(iab(e 9&ure: an +aith+u( to /i& ,or 3 24 $n (et u& con&i er an gi'e ) *attenti'e, continuou& care to ,atching o'er one another, &tu ying ho, ,e may &tir up 9&timu(ate an incite: to (o'e an he(p+u( ee & an nob(e acti'itie&, 25 "ot +or&aking or neg(ecting to a&&emb(e together )a& be(ie'er&*, a& i& the habit o+ &ome peop(e, but a moni&hing 9,arning, urging, an encouraging: one another, an a(( the more +aith+u((y a& you &ee the ay approaching3 26 For i+ ,e go on e(iberate(y an ,i((ing(y &inning a+ter once ac@uiring the kno,(e ge o+ the Truth, there i& no (onger any &acri+ice (e+t to atone +or )our* &in& )no +urther o++ering to ,hich to (ook +or,ar *3 27 )There i& nothing (e+t +or u& then* but a kin o+ a,+u( an +ear+u( pro&pect an e5pectation o+ i'ine 8u gment an the +ury o+ burning ,rath an in ignation ,hich ,i(( con&ume tho&e ,ho put them&e('e& in oppo&ition )to -o *39D: 28 $ny per&on ,ho ha& 'io(ate an )thu&* re8ecte an &et at naught the La, o+ #o&e& i& put to eath ,ithout pity or mercy on the e'i ence o+ t,o or three ,itne&&e&39F: 29 /o, much ,or&e 9&terner an hea'ier: puni&hment o you &uppo&e he ,i(( be 8u ge to e&er'e ,ho ha& &purne an )thu&* tramp(e un er+oot the 0on o+ -o , an ,ho ha& con&i ere the co'enant b(oo by ,hich he ,a& con&ecrate common an unha((o,e , thu& pro+aning it an in&u(ting an outraging the )/o(y* 0pirit )1ho impart&* grace 9the unmerite +a'or an b(e&&ing o+ -o :;9-:

4A For ,e kno, /im 1ho &ai , Cengeance i& #ine )retribution an the meting out o+ +u(( 8u&tice re&t ,ith #e*= ! ,i(( repay )! ,i(( e5act the compen&ation*, &ay& the Lor 3 $n again, The Lor ,i(( 8u ge an etermine an &o('e an &ett(e the cau&e an the ca&e& o+ /i& peop(e39/: 41 !t i& a +ear+u( 9+ormi ab(e an terrib(e: thing to incur the i'ine pena(tie& an be ca&t into the han & o+ the (i'ing -o H 42 .ut be e'er min +u( o+ the ay& gone by in ,hich, a+ter you ,ere +ir&t &piritua((y en(ightene , you en ure a great an pain+u( &trugg(e, 44 0ometime& being your&e('e& a gaGing&tock, pub(ic(y e5po&e to in&u(t& an abu&e an i&tre&&, an &ometime& c(aiming +e((o,&hip an making common cau&e ,ith other& ,ho ,ere &o treate 3 44 For you i &ympathiGe an &u++er a(ong ,ith tho&e ,ho ,ere impri&one , an you bore cheer+u((y the p(un ering o+ your be(onging& an the con+i&cation o+ your property, in the kno,(e ge an con&ciou&ne&& that you your&e('e& ha a better an (a&ting po&&e&&ion3 45 Bo not, there+ore, +(ing a,ay your +ear(e&& con+i ence, +or it carrie& a great an g(oriou& compen&ation o+ re,ar 3 46 For you ha'e nee o+ &tea +a&t patience an en urance, &o that you may per+orm an +u((y accomp(i&h the ,i(( o+ -o , an thu& recei'e an )e*carry a,ay )an en8oy to the +u((* ,hat i& promi&e 3 47 48

For &ti(( a (itt(e ,hi(e 9a 'ery (itt(e ,hi(e:, an the Coming 2ne ,i(( come an /e ,i(( not e(ay3

.ut the 8u&t &ha(( (i'e by +aith )#y righteou& &er'ant &ha(( (i'e )+*by hi& con'iction re&pecting man7& re(ation&hip to -o an i'ine thing&, an ho(y +er'or born o+ +aith an con8oine ,ith it*= an i+ he ra,& back an &hrink& in +ear, #y &ou( ha& no e(ight or p(ea&ure in him39!:
49 .ut our ,ay i& not that o+ tho&e ,ho ra, back to eterna( mi&ery 9per ition: an are utter(y e&troye , but ,e are o+ tho&e ,ho be(ie'e ),ho c(ea'e to an tru&t in an re(y on -o through Ee&u& Chri&t, the #e&&iah* an by +aith pre&er'e the &ou(3


a. b. c. d. e. f. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I.

/ebre,& 1A<2 -3 $bbott60mith, #anua( -reek Le5icon3 /ebre,& 1A<22 $(e5an er 0outer, >ocket Le5icon3 /ebre,& 1A<24 1i((iam Tyn a(e, The Tyn a(e .ib(e, #i(e& Co'er a(e, The Co'er a(e .ib(e, an other&3 /ebre,& 1A<24 #ar'in Cincent, 1or 0tu ie&3 /ebre,& 1A<46 #ar'in Cincent, 1or 0tu ie&3 /ebre,& 1A<48 Eo&eph Thayer, $ -reek6Dng(i&h Le5icon3

Cross references: /ebre,& 1A<7 < >& 4A<668 /ebre,& 1A<9 < >& 4A<668 /ebre,& 1A<14 < >& 11A<1 /ebre,& 1A<17 < Eer 41<44, 44 /ebre,& 1A<27 < !&a 26<11 /ebre,& 1A<28 < Beut 17<266 /ebre,& 1A<29 < D5o 24<8 /ebre,& 1A<4A < Beut 42<45, 46 /ebre,& 1A<48 < /ab 2<4, 4

Hebrews 11 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Hebrews 11
"21 F$!T/ i& the a&&urance 9the con+irmation, )a*the tit(e ee : o+ the thing& ),e* hope +or, being the proo+ o+ thing& ),e* o not &ee an the con'iction o+ their rea(ity )+aith percei'ing a& rea( +act ,hat i& not re'ea(e to the &en&e&*3
1 2 For by )+aith66)b*tru&t an ho(y +er'or born o+ +aith* the men o+ o( ha obtaine a goo report3

i'ine te&timony borne to them an

4 .y +aith ,e un er&tan that the ,or( & ) uring the &ucce&&i'e age&* ,ere +rame 9+a&hione , put in or er, an e@uippe +or their inten e purpo&e: by the ,or o+ -o , &o that ,hat ,e &ee ,a& not ma e out o+ thing& ,hich are 'i&ib(e3 4 )>rompte , actuate * by +aith $be( brought -o a better an more acceptab(e &acri+ice than Cain, becau&e o+ ,hich it ,a& te&ti+ie o+ him that he ,a& righteou& )that he ,a& upright an in right &tan ing ,ith -o *, an -o bore ,itne&& by accepting an ackno,(e ging hi& gi+t&3 $n though he ie , yet )through the inci ent* he i& &ti(( &peaking39$: 5 .ecau&e o+ +aith Dnoch ,a& caught up an tran&+erre to hea'en, &o that he i not ha'e a g(imp&e o+ eath= an he ,a& not +oun , becau&e -o ha tran&(ate him3 For e'en be+ore he ,a& taken to hea'en, he recei'e te&timony )&ti(( on recor * that he ha p(ea&e an been &ati&+actory to -o 39.: 6 .ut ,ithout +aith it i& impo&&ib(e to p(ea&e an be &ati&+actory to /im3 For ,hoe'er ,ou( come near to -o mu&t )nece&&ari(y* be(ie'e that -o e5i&t& an that /e i& the re,ar er o+ tho&e ,ho earne&t(y an i(igent(y &eek /im )out*3 7 )>rompte * by +aith "oah, being +ore,arne by -o concerning e'ent& o+ ,hich a& yet there ,a& no 'i&ib(e &ign, took hee an i(igent(y an re'erent(y con&tructe an prepare an ark +or the e(i'erance o+ hi& o,n +ami(y3 .y thi& )hi& +aith ,hich re(ie on -o * he pa&&e 8u gment an &entence on the ,or( 7& unbe(ie+ an became an heir an po&&e&&or o+ righteou&ne&& 9)c*that re(ation o+ being right into ,hich -o put& the per&on ,ho ha& +aith:39C: 8 )Irge on* by +aith $braham, ,hen he ,a& ca((e , obeye an ,ent +orth to a p(ace ,hich he ,a& e&tine to recei'e a& an inheritance= an he ,ent, a(though he i not kno, or troub(e hi& min about ,here he ,a& to go3 9 )>rompte * by +aith he ,e(t a& a temporary re&i ent in the (an ,hich ,a& e&ignate in the promi&e )o+ -o , though he ,a& (ike a &tranger* in a &trange country, (i'ing in tent& ,ith !&aac an Eacob, +e((o, heir& ,ith him o+ the &ame promi&e39B: 1A For he ,a& ),aiting e5pectant(y an con+i ent(y* (ooking +or,ar to the city ,hich ha& +i5e an +irm +oun ation&, ,ho&e $rchitect an .ui( er i& -o 3 11 .ecau&e o+ +aith a(&o 0arah her&e(+ recei'e phy&ica( po,er to concei'e a chi( , e'en ,hen &he ,a& (ong pa&t the age +or it, becau&e &he con&i ere )-o * 1ho ha gi'en her the promi&e to be re(iab(e an tru&t,orthy an true to /i& ,or 39D: 12 0o +rom one man, though he ,a& phy&ica((y a& goo a& ea , there ha'e &prung e&cen ant& ,ho&e number i& a& the &tar& o+ hea'en an a& count(e&& a& the innumerab(e &an & on the &ea&hore39F:

The&e peop(e a(( ie contro((e an &u&taine by their +aith, but not ha'ing recei'e the tangib(e +u(+i((ment o+ )-o 7&* promi&e&, on(y ha'ing &een it an greete it +rom a great i&tance by +aith, an a(( the ,hi(e ackno,(e ging an con+e&&ing that they ,ere &tranger& an temporary re&i ent& an e5i(e& upon the earth3 9-:
14 14 "o, tho&e peop(e ,ho ta(k a& they i &ho, p(ain(y that they are in &earch o+ a +ather(an 9their o,n country:3 15 !+ they ha been thinking ,ith )home&ick* remembrance o+ that country +rom ,hich they ,ere emigrant&, they ,ou( ha'e +oun con&tant opportunity to return to it3 16 .ut the truth i& that they ,ere yearning +or an a&piring to a better an more e&irab(e country, that i&, a hea'en(y )one*3 For that rea&on -o i& not a&hame to be ca((e their -o )e'en to be &urname their -o 66the -o o+ $braham, !&aac, an Eacob*, +or /e ha& prepare a city +or them39/: 17 .y +aith $braham, ,hen he ,a& put to the te&t ),hi(e the te&ting o+ hi& +aith ,a& ) *&ti(( in progre&&*, )e*ha a(rea y brought !&aac +or an o++ering= he ,ho ha g(a (y recei'e an ,e(come )-o 7&* promi&e& ,a& rea y to &acri+ice hi& on(y &on,9!: 18

2+ ,hom it ,a& &ai , Through !&aac &ha(( your e&cen ant& be reckone 39E:

19 For he rea&one that -o ,a& ab(e to rai&e )him* up e'en +rom among the ea 3 !n ee in the &en&e that !&aac ,a& +igurati'e(y ea )potentia((y &acri+ice *, he i )actua((y* recei'e him back +rom the ea 3

2A 21

)1ith eye& o+* +aith !&aac, (ooking +ar into the +uture, in'oke b(e&&ing& upon Eacob an D&au3 9F:

)>rompte * by +aith Eacob, ,hen he ,a& ying, b(e&&e each o+ Eo&eph7& &on& an bo,e in prayer o'er the top o+ hi& &ta++39L:
22 )$ctuate * by +aith Eo&eph, ,hen nearing the en o+ hi& (i+e, re+erre to )the promi&e o+ -o +or* the eparture o+ the !&rae(ite& out o+ Dgypt an ga'e in&truction& concerning the buria( o+ hi& o,n bone&3 9#: 24 )>rompte * by +aith #o&e&, a+ter hi& birth, ,a& kept concea(e +or three month& by hi& parent&, becau&e they &a, ho, come(y the chi( ,a&= an they ,ere not o'era,e an terri+ie by the king7& ecree3 9": 24 )$rou&e * by +aith #o&e&, ,hen he ha gro,n to maturity an o+ >haraoh7& aughter,92: )+*

become great, re+u&e to be ca((e the &on

25 .ecau&e he pre+erre to &hare the oppre&&ion )&u++er the har &hip&* an bear the &hame o+ the peop(e o+ -o rather than to ha'e the +(eeting en8oyment o+ a &in+u( (i+e3 26 /e con&i ere the contempt an abu&e an &hame )borne +or* the Chri&t 9the #e&&iah 1ho ,a& to come: to be greater ,ea(th than a(( the trea&ure& o+ Dgypt, +or he (ooke +or,ar an a,ay to the re,ar 9recompen&e:3 27 )#oti'ate * by +aith he (e+t Dgypt behin him, being una,e an un i&maye by the ,rath o+ the king= +or he ne'er +(inche but he( &taunch(y to hi& purpo&e an en ure &tea +a&t(y a& one ,ho gaGe on /im 1ho i& in'i&ib(e39>: 28 .y +aith 9&imp(e tru&t an con+i ence in -o : he in&titute an carrie out the >a&&o'er an the &prink(ing o+ the b(oo )on the oorpo&t&*, &o that the e&troyer o+ the +ir&tborn 9the ange(: might not touch tho&e )o+ the chi( ren o+ !&rae(*39J: 29 )Irge on* by +aith the peop(e cro&&e the ?e 0ea a& )though* on ry (an , but ,hen the Dgyptian& trie to o the &ame thing they ,ere &,a((o,e up )by the &ea*39?: 4A .ecau&e o+ +aith the ,a((& o+ Eericho +e(( o,n a+ter they ha been encompa&&e +or &e'en ay& )by the !&rae(ite&*390: 41 )>rompte * by +aith ?ahab the pro&titute ,a& not e&troye a(ong ,ith tho&e ,ho re+u&e to be(ie'e an obey, becau&e &he ha recei'e the &pie& in peace ),ithout enmity*3 9T: 42 $n ,hat &ha(( ! &ay +urther; For time ,ou( +ai( me to te(( o+ -i eon, .arak, 0am&on, Eephthah, o+ Ba'i an 0amue( an the prophet&,9I: 44 1ho by )the he(p o+* +aith &ub ue king om&, a mini&tere 8u&tice, obtaine promi&e b(e&&ing&, c(o&e the mouth& o+ (ion&,9C: 44 D5tingui&he the po,er o+ raging +ire, e&cape the e'ouring& o+ the &,or , out o+ +rai(ty an ,eakne&& ,on &trength an became &ta(,art, e'en mighty an re&i&t(e&& in batt(e, routing a(ien ho&t&3 91: 45 )0ome* ,omen recei'e again their ea by a re&urrection3 2ther& ,ere torture )g*to eath ,ith c(ub&, re+u&ing to accept re(ea&e )o++ere on the term& o+ enying their +aith*, &o that they might be re&urrecte to a better (i+e3 )! Fing& 17<17624= !! Fing& 4<256473* 46 47

2ther& ha to &u++er the tria( o+ mocking an &courging an e'en chain& an impri&onment3

They ,ere &tone to eath= they ,ere (ure ,ith tempting o++er& )to renounce their +aith*= they ,ere &a,n a&un er= they ,ere &(aughtere by the &,or = ),hi(e they ,ere a(i'e* they ha to go about ,rappe in the &kin& o+ &heep an goat&, utter(y e&titute, oppre&&e , crue((y treate 66
48 )#en* o+ ,hom the ,or( ,a& not ,orthy66roaming o'er the e&o(ate p(ace& an the mountain&, an )(i'ing* in ca'e& an ca'ern& an ho(e& o+ the earth3 49 $n a(( o+ the&e, though they ,on i'ine appro'a( by )mean& o+* their +aith, i not recei'e the +u(+i((ment o+ ,hat ,a& promi&e , 4A .ecau&e -o ha u& in min an ha &omething better an greater in 'ie, +or u&, &o that they )the&e heroe& an heroine& o+ +aith* &hou( not come to per+ection apart +rom u& )be+ore ,e cou( 8oin them*3


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Hebrews 12 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Hebrews 12
T/D?DF2?D T/D", &ince ,e are &urroun e by &o great a c(ou o+ ,itne&&e& ),ho ha'e borne te&timony to the Truth*, (et u& &trip o++ an thro, a&i e e'ery encumbrance 9unnece&&ary ,eight: an that &in ,hich &o rea i(y 9 e+t(y an c(e'er(y: c(ing& to an entang(e& u&, an (et u& run ,ith patient en urance an &tea y an acti'e per&i&tence the appointe cour&e o+ the race that i& &et be+ore u&,

2 Looking a,ay )+rom a(( that ,i(( i&tract* to Ee&u&, 1ho i& the Lea er an the 0ource o+ our +aith )gi'ing the +ir&t incenti'e +or our be(ie+* an i& a(&o it& Fini&her )bringing it to maturity an per+ection*3 /e, +or the 8oy )o+ obtaining the priGe* that ,a& &et be+ore /im, en ure the cro&&, e&pi&ing an ignoring the &hame, an i& no, &eate at the right han o+ the throne o+ -o 39$: 4 Eu&t think o+ /im 1ho en ure +rom &inner& &uch grie'ou& oppo&ition an bitter ho&ti(ity again&t /im&e(+ )reckon up an con&i er it a(( in compari&on ,ith your tria(&*, &o that you may not gro, ,eary or e5hau&te , (o&ing heart an re(a5ing an +ainting in your min &3 4 %ou ha'e not yet &trugg(e an +ought agoniGing(y again&t &in, nor ha'e you yet re&i&te an ,ith&too to the point o+ pouring out your )o,n* b(oo 3 5 $n ha'e you )comp(ete(y* +orgotten the i'ine ,or o+ appea( an encouragement in ,hich you are rea&one ,ith an a re&&e a& &on&; #y &on, o not think (ight(y or &corn to &ubmit to the correction an i&cip(ine o+ the Lor , nor (o&e courage an gi'e up an +aint ,hen you are repro'e or correcte by /im= 6 For the Lor correct& an i&cip(ine& e'eryone ,hom /e (o'e&, an /e puni&he&, e'en &courge&, e'ery &on ,hom /e accept& an ,e(come& to /i& heart an cheri&he&3 7 %ou mu&t &ubmit to an en ure )correction* +or i&cip(ine= -o i& ea(ing ,ith you a& ,ith &on&3 For ,hat &on i& there ,hom hi& +ather oe& not )thu&* train an correct an i&cip(ine; 8 "o, i+ you are e5empt +rom correction an (e+t ,ithout i&cip(ine in ,hich a(( )o+ -o 7& chi( ren* &hare, then you are i((egitimate o++&pring an not true &on& )at a((*39.: 9 #oreo'er, ,e ha'e ha earth(y +ather& ,ho i&cip(ine u& an ,e yie( e )to them* an re&pecte )them +or training u&*3 0ha(( ,e not much more cheer+u((y &ubmit to the Father o+ &pirit& an &o )tru(y* (i'e; 1A For )our earth(y +ather&* i&cip(ine u& +or on(y a &hort perio o+ time an cha&ti&e u& a& &eeme proper an goo to them= but /e i&cip(ine& u& +or our certain goo , that ,e may become &harer& in /i& o,n ho(ine&&3 11 For the time being no i&cip(ine bring& 8oy, but &eem& grie'ou& an pain+u(= but a+ter,ar & it yie( & a peaceab(e +ruit o+ righteou&ne&& to tho&e ,ho ha'e been traine by it )a har'e&t o+ +ruit ,hich con&i&t& in righteou&ne&&66in con+ormity to -o 7& ,i(( in purpo&e, thought, an action, re&u(ting in right (i'ing an right &tan ing ,ith -o *3 12 0o then, brace up an rein'igorate an &et right your &(ackene an ,eakene an &trengthen your +eeb(e an pa(&ie an tottering knee&,9C:

rooping han & an

14 $n cut through an make +irm an p(ain an &mooth, &traight path& +or your +eet )ye&, make them &a+e an upright an happy path& that go in the right irection*, &o that the (ame an ha(ting )(imb&* may not be put out o+ 8oint, but rather may be cure 3 14 0tri'e to (i'e in peace ,ith e'erybo y an pur&ue that con&ecration an ho(ine&& ,ithout ,hich no one ,i(( )e'er* &ee the Lor 3 15 D5erci&e +ore&ight an be on the ,atch to (ook )a+ter one another*, to &ee that no one +a((& back +rom an +ai(& to &ecure -o 7& grace 9/i& unmerite +a'or an &piritua( b(e&&ing:, in or er that no root o+ re&entment 9rancor, bitterne&&, or hatre : &hoot& +orth an cau&e& troub(e an bitter torment, an the many become contaminate an e+i(e by it66 16 That no one may become gui(ty o+ &e5ua( 'ice, or become a pro+ane 9go (e&& an &acri(egiou&: per&on a& D&au i , ,ho &o( hi& o,n birthright +or a &ing(e mea(39B: 17 For you un er&tan that (ater on, ,hen he ,ante )to regain tit(e to* hi& inheritance o+ the b(e&&ing, he ,a& re8ecte 9 i&@ua(i+ie an &et a&i e:, +or he cou( +in no opportunity to repair by repentance ),hat he ha one, no chance to reca(( the choice he ha ma e*, a(though he &ought +or it care+u((y ,ith )bitter* tear&39D: 18 For you ha'e not come )a& i the !&rae(ite& in the ,i( erne&&* to a )materia(* mountain that can be touche , )a mountain* that i& ab(aGe ,ith +ire, an to g(oom an arkne&& an a raging &torm, 19 $n to the b(a&t o+ a trumpet an a 'oice ,ho&e ,or & make the (i&tener& beg that nothing more be &ai to them39F: 2A For they cou( not bear the comman that ,a& gi'en< !+ e'en a ,i( anima( touche& the mountain, it &ha(( be &tone to eath39-: 21 !n +act, &o a,+u( an terri+ying ,a& the )phenomena(* &ight that #o&e& &ai , ! am terri+ie 9agha&t an tremb(ing ,ith +ear:39/: 22 .ut rather, you ha'e come to #ount Kion, e'en to the city o+ the (i'ing -o , the hea'en(y Eeru&a(em, an to count(e&& mu(titu e& o+ ange(& in +e&ta( gathering, 24 $n to the church 9a&&emb(y: o+ the Fir&tborn ,ho are regi&tere )a& citiGen&* in hea'en, an to the -o 1ho i& Eu ge o+ a((, an to the &pirit& o+ the righteou& 9the re eeme in hea'en: ,ho ha'e been ma e per+ect, 24 $n to Ee&u&, the #e iator 9-o6bet,een, $gent: o+ a ne, co'enant, an to the &prink(e b(oo ,hich &peak& )o+ mercy*, a better an nob(er an more graciou& me&&age than the b(oo o+ $be( ),hich crie out +or 'engeance*39!:

25 0o &ee to it that you o not re8ect /im or re+u&e to (i&ten to an hee /im 1ho i& &peaking )to you no,*3 For i+ they )the !&rae(ite&* i not e&cape ,hen they re+u&e to (i&ten an hee /im 1ho ,arne an i'ine(y in&tructe them )here* on earth )re'ea(ing ,ith hea'en(y ,arning& /i& ,i((*, ho, much (e&& &ha(( ,e e&cape i+ ,e re8ect an turn our back& on /im 1ho caution& an a moni&he& )u&* +rom hea'en; 26 Then )at #ount 0inai* /i& 'oice &hook the earth, but no, /e ha& gi'en a promi&e< %et once more ! ,i(( &hake an make tremb(e not on(y the earth but a(&o the )&tarry* hea'en&3 9E: 27 "o, thi& e5pre&&ion, %et once more, in icate& the +ina( remo'a( an tran&+ormation o+ a(( )that can be* &haken66that i&, o+ that ,hich ha& been create 66in or er that ,hat cannot be &haken may remain an continue3 9F: 28 Let u& there+ore, recei'ing a king om that i& +irm an &tab(e an cannot be &haken, o++er to -o p(ea&ing &er'ice an acceptab(e ,or&hip, ,ith mo e&ty an piou& care an go (y +ear an a,e= 29

For our -o )i& in ee * a con&uming +ire39L:

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Hebrews 13 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

Hebrews 13

LDT L2CD +or your +e((o, be(ie'er& continue an be a +i5e practice ,ith you )ne'er (et it +ai(*3

Bo not +orget or neg(ect or re+u&e to e5ten ho&pita(ity to &tranger& )in the brotherhoo 66being +rien (y, cor ia(, an graciou&, &haring the com+ort& o+ your home an oing your part generou&(y*, +or through it &ome ha'e entertaine ange(& ,ithout kno,ing it39$:
4 ?emember tho&e ,ho are in pri&on a& i+ you ,ere their +e((o, pri&oner, an tho&e ,ho are i((6treate , &ince you a(&o are (iab(e to bo i(y &u++ering&3 4 Let marriage be he( in honor 9e&teeme ,orthy, preciou&, o+ great price, an e&pecia((y ear: in a(( thing&3 $n thu& (et the marriage be be un e+i(e 9kept un i&honore := +or -o ,i(( 8u ge an puni&h the uncha&te )a(( gui(ty o+ &e5ua( 'ice* an a u(terou&3

5 Let your )a*character or mora( i&po&ition be +ree +rom (o'e o+ money )inc(u ing gree , a'arice, (u&t, an cra'ing +or earth(y po&&e&&ion&* an be &ati&+ie ,ith your pre&ent )circum&tance& an ,ith ,hat you ha'e*= +or /e )-o * )b*/im&e(+ ha& &ai , ! ,i(( not in any ,ay +ai( you nor )c*gi'e you up nor (ea'e you ,ithout &upport3 )! ,i((* not, ) *)! ,i((* not, )! ,i((* not in any egree (ea'e you he(p(e&& nor +or&ake nor )e*(et )you* o,n 9)+*re(a5 #y ho( on you:H ))g*$&&ure (y notH*9.: 6 0o ,e take com+ort an are encourage an con+i ent(y an bo( (y &ay, The Lor i& my /e(per= ! ,i(( not be &eiGe ,ith a(arm )! ,i(( not +ear or rea or be terri+ie *3 1hat can man o to me; 9C: 7 ?emember your (ea er& an &uperior& in authority )+or it ,a& they* ,ho brought to you the 1or o+ -o 3 2b&er'e attenti'e(y an con&i er their manner o+ (i'ing 9the outcome o+ their ,e((6&pent (i'e&: an imitate their +aith 9)h*their con'iction that -o e5i&t& an i& the Creator an ?u(er o+ a(( thing&, the >ro'i er an .e&to,er o+ eterna( &a('ation through Chri&t, an their )i*(eaning o+ the entire human per&ona(ity on -o in ab&o(ute tru&t an con+i ence in /i& po,er, ,i& om, an goo ne&&:3 8 9

Ee&u& Chri&t 9the #e&&iah: i& )a(,ay&* the &ame, ye&ter ay, to ay, )ye&* an +ore'er 9to the age&:3

Bo not be carrie about by i++erent an 'arie an a(ien teaching&= +or it i& goo +or the heart to be e&tab(i&he an ennob(e an &trengthene by mean& o+ grace 9-o 7& +a'or an &piritua( b(e&&ing: an not )to be e'ote to* +oo & )ru(e& o+ iet an ritua(i&tic mea(&*, ,hich bring no )&piritua(* bene+it or pro+it to tho&e ,ho ob&er'e them3
1A 11

1e ha'e an a(tar +rom ,hich tho&e ,ho &er'e an


,or&hip in the tabernac(e ha'e no right to eat3

For ,hen the b(oo o+ anima(& i& brought into the &anctuary by the high prie&t a& a &acri+ice +or &in, the 'ictim&7 bo ie& are burne out&i e the (imit& o+ the camp39B:
12 There+ore Ee&u& a(&o &u++ere an ie out&i e the )city7&* gate in or er that /e might puri+y an con&ecrate the peop(e through )the &he ing o+* /i& o,n b(oo an &et them apart a& ho(y )+or -o *3 14 Let u& then go +orth )+rom a(( that ,ou( pre'ent u&* to /im out&i e the camp )at Ca('ary*, bearing the contempt an abu&e an &hame ,ith /im39D: 14 15

For here ,e ha'e no permanent city, but ,e are (ooking +or the one ,hich i& to come3

Through /im, there+ore, (et u& con&tant(y an at a(( time& o++er up to -o a &acri+ice o+ prai&e, ,hich i& the +ruit o+ (ip& that thank+u((y ackno,(e ge an con+e&& an g(ori+y /i& name39F:
16 Bo not +orget or neg(ect to o kin ne&& an goo , to be generou& an i&tribute an contribute to the nee y )o+ the church )k*a& embo iment an proo+ o+ +e((o,&hip*, +or &uch &acri+ice& are p(ea&ing to -o 3 17 2bey your &piritua( (ea er& an &ubmit to them )continua((y recogniGing their authority o'er you*, +or they are con&tant(y keeping ,atch o'er your &ou(& an guar ing your &piritua( ,e(+are, a& men ,ho ,i(( ha'e to ren er an account )o+ their tru&t*3 )Bo your part to* (et them o thi& ,ith g(a ne&& an not ,ith &ighing an groaning, +or that ,ou( not be pro+itab(e to you )either*3 18 Feep praying +or u&, +or ,e are con'ince that ,e ha'e a goo 9c(ear: con&cience, that ,e ,ant to ,a(k upright(y an (i'e a nob(e (i+e, acting honorab(y an in comp(ete hone&ty in a(( thing&3 19 2A

$n ! beg o+ you )to pray +or u&* the more earne&t(y, in or er that ! may be re&tore to you the &ooner3

"o, may the -o o+ peace )1ho i& the $uthor an the -i'er o+ peace*, 1ho brought again +rom among the ea our Lor Ee&u&, that great 0hepher o+ the &heep, by the b(oo )that &ea(e , rati+ie * the e'er(a&ting agreement 9co'enant, te&tament:,9-:
21 0trengthen 9comp(ete, per+ect: an make you ,hat you ought to be an e@uip you ,ith e'erything goo that you may carry out /i& ,i((= ),hi(e /e /im&e(+* ,ork& in you an accomp(i&he& that ,hich i& p(ea&ing in /i& &ight, through Ee&u& Chri&t 9the #e&&iah:= to 1hom be the g(ory +ore'er an e'er 9to the age& o+ the age&:3 $men 9&o be it:3 22 ! ca(( on you, brethren, to (i&ten patient(y an bear ,ith thi& me&&age o+ e5hortation an a monition an encouragement, +or ! ha'e ,ritten to you brie+(y3 24 "otice that our brother Timothy ha& been re(ea&e )+rom pri&on*3 !+ he come& here &oon, ! ,i(( &ee you a(ong ,ith him3 24 -i'e our greeting& to a(( o+ your &piritua( (ea er& an to a(( o+ the &aint& 9-o 7& con&ecrate be(ie'er&:3 The !ta(ian Chri&tian& &en you their greeting& )a(&o*3 25

-race 9-o 7& +a'or an &piritua( b(e&&ing: be ,ith you a((3 $men 9&o be it:3


a. b. c. d.

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