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1 Peter 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

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1 Peter 1

!"T"#, $% apo&t'e (a &pecia' me&&enger) o* +e&u& Chri&t, ,-riting. to the e'ect e/i'e& o* the i&per&ion &cattere (&o-e ) abroa in !ontu&, 0a'atia, Cappa ocia, $&ia, an 1ithynia, 2ho -ere cho&en an *orekno-n by 0o the Father an con&ecrate (&ancti*ie , ma e ho'y) by the 3pirit to be obe ient to +e&u& Chri&t (the 4e&&iah) an to be &prink'e -ith ,5i&. b'oo 6 4ay grace (&piritua' b'e&&ing) an peace be gi7en you in increa&ing abun ance ,that &piritua' peace to be ,a.rea'i8e in an through Chri&t, ,b. *ree om *rom *ear&, agitating pa&&ion&, an mora' con*'ict&.9 !rai&e (honore , b'e&&e ) be the 0o an Father o* our Lor +e&u& Chri&t (the 4e&&iah); 1y 5i& boun 'e&& mercy -e ha7e been born again to an e7er<'i7ing hope through the re&urrection o* +e&u& Chri&t *rom the ea , ,1orn ane-. into an inheritance -hich i& beyon the reach o* change an ,imperi&hab'e., un&u''ie an un*a ing, re&er7e in hea7en *or you,
5 4 : 2


2ho are being guar e (garri&one ) by 0o =& po-er through ,your. *aith ,ti'' you *u''y inherit that ,c.*ina'. &a'7ation that i& rea y to be re7ea'e ,*or you. in the 'a&t time9 ,>ou &hou' . be e/cee ing'y g'a on thi& account, though no- *or a 'itt'e -hi'e you may be i&tre&&e by tria'& an &u**er temptation&, 3o that ,the genuinene&&. o* your *aith may be te&te , ,your *aith. -hich i& in*inite'y more preciou& than the peri&hab'e go' -hich i& te&te an puri*ie by *ire9 ,Thi& pro7ing o* your *aith i& inten e . to re oun to ,your. prai&e an g'ory an honor -hen +e&u& Chri&t (the 4e&&iah, the $nointe ?ne) i& re7ea'e 9 2ithout ha7ing &een 5im, you 'o7e 5im@ though you o not ,e7en. no- &ee 5im, you be'ie7e in 5im an e/u't an thri'' -ith ine/pre&&ib'e an g'oriou& (triumphant, hea7en'y) Aoy9 ,$t the &ame time. you recei7e the re&u't (outcome, con&ummation) o* your *aith, the &a'7ation o* your &ou'&9 The prophet&, -ho prophe&ie o* the grace ( i7ine b'e&&ing) -hich -a& inten e *or you, &earche an inCuire earne&t'y about thi& &a'7ation9 They &ought ,to *in out. to -hom or -hen thi& -a& to come -hich the 3pirit o* Chri&t -orking -ithin them -a& in icating -hen 5e pre icte the &u**ering& o* Chri&t an the g'orie& that &hou' *o''o- ,them.9 Dt -a& then i&c'o&e to them that the &er7ice& they -ere ren ering -ere not meant *or them&e'7e& an their perio o* time, but *or you9 ,Dt i& the&e 7ery. thing& -hich ha7e no- a'rea y been ma e kno-n p'ain'y to you by tho&e -ho preache the goo ne-& (the 0o&pe') to you by the ,&ame. 5o'y 3pirit &ent *rom hea7en9 Dnto the&e thing& ,the 7ery. ange'& 'ong to 'ook; 3o brace up your min &@ be &ober (circum&pect, mora''y a'ert)@ &et your hope -ho''y an unchangeab'y on the grace ( i7ine *a7or) that i& coming to you -hen +e&u& Chri&t (the 4e&&iah) i& re7ea'e 9 ,Li7e. a& chi' ren o* obe ience ,to 0o .@ o not con*orm your&e'7e& to the e7i' e&ire& ,that go7erne you. in your *ormer ignorance ,-hen you i not kno- the reCuirement& o* the 0o&pe'.9
14 1: 12 11 1B 9 8 7 6

1ut a& the ?ne 2ho ca''e you i& ho'y, you your&e'7e& a'&o be ho'y in a'' your con uct an manner o* 'i7ing9
16 17


For it i& -ritten, >ou &ha'' be ho'y, *or D am ho'y9($)

$n i* you ca'' upon 5im a& ,your. Father 2ho Au ge& each one impartia''y accor ing to -hat he oe&, ,then. you &hou' con uct your&e'7e& -ith true re7erence throughout the time o* your temporary re&i ence ,on the earth, -hether 'ong or &hort.9 >ou mu&t kno- (recogni8e) that you -ere re eeme (ran&ome ) *rom the u&e'e&& (*ruit'e&&) -ay o* 'i7ing inherite by tra ition *rom ,your. *ore*ather&, not -ith corruptib'e thing& ,&uch a&. &i'7er an go' , 1ut ,you -ere purcha&e . -ith the preciou& b'oo o* Chri&t (the 4e&&iah), 'ike that o* a ,&acri*icia'. 'amb -ithout b'emi&h or &pot9 Dt i& true that 5e -a& cho&en an *oreor aine ( e&tine an *orekno-n *or it) be*ore the *oun ation o* the -or' , but 5e -a& brought out to pub'ic 7ie- (ma e mani*e&t) in the&e 'a&t ay& (at the en o* the time&) *or the &ake o* you9 Through 5im you be'ie7e in (a here to, re'y on) 0o , 2ho rai&e 5im up *rom the ea an ga7e 5im honor an g'ory, &o that your *aith an hope are ,centere an re&t. in 0o 9 3ince by your obe ience to the Truth through the ,5o'y . 3pirit you ha7e puri*ie your heart& *or the &incere a**ection o* the brethren, ,&ee that you. 'o7e one another *er7ent'y *rom a pure heart9 >ou ha7e been regenerate (born again), not *rom a morta' , .origin (,e.&ee , &perm), but *rom one that i& immorta' by the e7er 'i7ing an 'a&ting 2or o* 0o 9 For a'' *'e&h (mankin ) i& 'ike gra&&, an a'' it& g'ory (honor) 'ike ,the. *'o-er o* gra&&9 The gra&& -ither& an the *'o-er rop& o**, 1ut the 2or o* the Lor (,*. i7ine in&truction, the 0o&pe') en ure& *ore7er9 $n thi& 2or i& the goo ne-& -hich -a& preache to you9(1) Footnotes:
25 24 2: 22 21 2B 19 18

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1 Peter 2 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Peter 2

3? 1" one -ith e7ery trace o* -icke ne&& ( epra7ity, ma'ignity) an a'' eceit an in&incerity (preten&e, hypocri&y) an gru ge& (en7y, Aea'ou&y) an &'an er an e7i' &peaking o* e7ery kin 9 Like ne-born babie& you &hou' cra7e (thir&t *or, earne&t'y e&ire) the pure (una u'terate ) &piritua' mi'k, that by it you may be nurture an gro- unto ,comp'ete . &a'7ation,
: 4 2

3ince you ha7e ,a'rea y. ta&te the goo ne&& an kin ne&& o* the Lor 9($)

Come to 5im ,then, to that. Li7ing 3tone -hich men -hich i& cho&en ,an . preciou& in 0o =& &ight9(1)

trie an thre- a-ay, but

,Come. an , 'ike 'i7ing &tone&, be your&e'7e& bui't ,into. a &piritua' hou&e, *or a ho'y ( e icate , con&ecrate ) prie&thoo , to o**er up ,tho&e. &piritua' &acri*ice& ,that are. acceptab'e an p'ea&ing to 0o through +e&u& Chri&t9 For thu& it &tan & in 3cripture6 1eho' , D am 'aying in Gion a cho&en ( honore ), preciou& chie* Corner&tone, an he -ho be'ie7e& in 5im ,-ho a here& to, tru&t& in, an re'ie& on 5im. &ha'' ne7er be ,c. i&appointe or put to &hame9(C)
,b. 6

To you then -ho be'ie7e (-ho a here to, tru&t in, an re'y on 5im) i& the preciou&ne&&@ but *or tho&e -ho i&be'ie7e ,it i& true., The ,7ery. 3tone -hich the bui' er& reAecte ha& become the main Corner&tone,(E) $n , $ 3tone that -i'' cau&e &tumb'ing an a #ock that -i'' gi7e ,men. o**en&e@ they &tumb'e becau&e they i&obey an i&be'ie7e ,0o =&. 2or , a& tho&e ,-ho reAect 5im. -ere e&tine (appointe ) to o9 1ut you are a cho&en race, a roya' prie&thoo , a e icate nation, ,0o =&. o-n purcha&e , &pecia' peop'e, that you may &et *orth the -on er*u' ee & an i&p'ay the 7irtue& an per*ection& o* 5im 2ho ca''e you out o* arkne&& into 5i& mar7e'ou& 'ight9(")
, . 9 8

?nce you -ere not a peop'e ,at a''., but no- you are 0o =& peop'e@ once you -ere unpitie , but no- you are pitie an ha7e recei7e mercy9 (F) 1e'o7e , D imp'ore you a& a'ien& an &tranger& an e/i'e& ,in thi& -or' . to ab&tain *rom the &en&ua' urge& (the e7i' e&ire&, the pa&&ion& o* the *'e&h, your 'o-er nature) that -age -ar again&t the &ou'9 Con uct your&e'7e& proper'y (honorab'y, righteou&'y) among the 0enti'e&, &o that, a'though they may &'an er you a& e7i' oer&, ,yet. they may by -itne&&ing your goo ee & ,come to. g'ori*y 0o in the ay o* in&pection ,,e.-hen 0o &ha'' 'ook upon you -an erer& a& a pa&tor or &hepher 'ook& o7er hi& *'ock.9 1e &ubmi&&i7e to e7ery human in&titution an authority *or the &ake o* the Lor , -hether it be to the emperor a& &upreme, ?r to go7ernor& a& &ent by him to bring 7engeance (puni&hment, Au&tice) to tho&e -ho o -rong an to encourage tho&e -ho o goo &er7ice9 For it i& 0o =& -i'' an intention that by oing right ,your goo an hone&t 'i7e&. &hou' &i'ence (mu88'e, gag) the ignorant charge& an i''<in*orme critici&m& o* *oo'i&h per&on&9 ,Li7e. a& *ree peop'e, ,yet. -ithout emp'oying your *ree om a& a prete/t *or -icke ne&&@ but ,'i7e at a'' time&. a& &er7ant& o* 0o 9
16 15 14 1: 12 11


3ho- re&pect *or a'' men ,treat them honorab'y.9 Lo7e the brotherhoo (the Chri&tian *raternity o* -hich Chri&t i& the 5ea )9 #e7erence 0o 9 5onor the emperor9 ,>ou -ho are. hou&eho' &er7ant&, be &ubmi&&i7e to your ma&ter& -ith a'' ,proper. re&pect, not on'y to tho&e -ho are kin an con&i erate an rea&onab'e, but a'&o to tho&e -ho are &ur'y (o7erbearing, unAu&t, an crooke )9 For one i& regar e *a7orab'y (i& appro7e , acceptab'e, an thank-orthy) i*, a& in the &ight o* 0o , he en ure& the pain o* unAu&t &u**ering9 ,$*ter a''. -hat ,*.kin o* g'ory ,i& there in it. i*, -hen you o -rong an are puni&he *or it, you take it patient'yH 1ut i* you bear patient'y -ith &u**ering ,-hich re&u't&. -hen you o right an that i& un e&er7e , it i& acceptab'e an p'ea&ing to 0o 9 For e7en to thi& -ere you ca''e ,it i& in&eparab'e *rom your 7ocation.9 For Chri&t a'&o &u**ere *or you, 'ea7ing you ,5i& per&ona'. e/amp'e, &o that you &hou' *o''o- in 5i& *oot&tep&9
22 2: 21 2B 19 18


5e -a& gui'ty o* no &in, neither -a& eceit (gui'e) e7er *oun on 5i& 'ip&9(0)

2hen 5e -a& re7i'e an in&u'te , 5e i not re7i'e or o**er in&u't in return@ ,-hen. 5e -a& abu&e an &u**ere , 5e ma e no threat& ,o* 7engeance.@ but he tru&te ,5im&e'* an e7erything. to 5im 2ho Au ge& *air'y9 5e per&ona''y bore our &in& in 5i& ,o-n. bo y on the tree ,g.,a& on an a'tar an o**ere 5im&e'* on it., that -e might ie (cea&e to e/i&t) to &in an 'i7e to righteou&ne&&9 1y 5i& -oun & you ha7e been hea'e 9 For you -ere going a&tray 'ike ,&o many. &heep, but no- you ha7e come back to the 3hepher an 0uar ian (,h.the 1i&hop) o* your &ou'&9(5) Footnotes:
25 24

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1 Peter 3 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Peter 3

D% LDJ" manner, you marrie -omen, be &ubmi&&i7e to your o-n hu&ban & ,&ubor inate your&e'7e& a& being &econ ary to an epen ent on them, an a apt your&e'7e& to them., &o that e7en i* any o not obey the 2or ,o* 0o ., they may be -on o7er not by i&cu&&ion but by the ,go 'y. 'i7e& o* their -i7e&, 2hen they ob&er7e the pure an mo e&t -ay in -hich you con uct your&e'7e&, together -ith your ,a. re7erence ,*or your hu&ban @ you are to *ee' *or him a'' that re7erence inc'u e&6 to re&pect, e*er to, re7ere him<<to honor, e&teem, appreciate, pri8e, an , in the human &en&e, to a ore him, that i&, to a mire, prai&e, be e7ote to, eep'y 'o7e, an enAoy your hu&ban .9 Let not your& be the ,mere'y. e/terna' a orning -ith ,e'aborate. ,b. inter-ea7ing an knotting o* the hair, the -earing o* Ae-e'ry, or change& o* c'othe&@ 1ut 'et it be the in-ar a orning an beauty o* the hi en per&on o* the heart, -ith the incorruptib'e an un*a ing charm o* a gent'e an peace*u' &pirit, -hich ,i& not an/iou& or -rought up, but. i& 7ery preciou& in the &ight o* 0o 9 For it -a& thu& that the piou& -omen o* o' -ho hope in 0o -ere ,accu&tome . to beauti*y them&e'7e& an -ere &ubmi&&i7e to their hu&ban & ,a apting them&e'7e& to them a& them&e'7e& &econ ary an epen ent upon them.9 Dt -a& thu& that 3arah obeye $braham ,*o''o-ing hi& gui ance an ackno-'e ging hi& hea &hip o7er her by. ca''ing him 'or (ma&ter, 'ea er, authority)9 $n you are no- her true aughter& i* you o right an 'et nothing terri*y you ,not gi7ing -ay to hy&terica' *ear& or 'etting an/ietie& unner7e you.9 Dn the &ame -ay you marrie men &hou' 'i7e con&i erate'y -ith ,your -i7e&., -ith an ,c.inte''igent recognition ,o* the marriage re'ation., honoring the -oman a& ,phy&ica''y. the -eaker, but ,rea'i8ing that you. are Aoint heir& o* the grace (0o =& unmerite *a7or) o* 'i*e, in or er that your prayer& may not be hin ere an cut o**9 ,?ther-i&e you cannot pray e**ecti7e'y9. Fina''y, a'' ,o* you. &hou' be o* one an the &ame min (unite in &pirit), &ympathi8ing ,-ith one another., 'o7ing ,each other. a& brethren ,o* one hou&eho' ., compa&&ionate an courteou& (ten erhearte an humb'e)9 %e7er return e7i' *or e7i' or in&u't *or in&u't (&co' ing, tongue<'a&hing, berating), but on the contrary b'e&&ing ,praying *or their -e'*are, happine&&, an protection, an tru'y pitying an 'o7ing them.9 For kno- that to thi& you ha7e been ca''e , that you may your&e'7e& inherit a b'e&&ing ,*rom 0o <<that you may obtain a b'e&&ing a& heir&, bringing -e'*are an happine&& an protection.9 For 'et him -ho -ant& to enAoy 'i*e an &ee goo ay& ,goo <<-hether apparent or not. keep hi& tongue *ree *rom e7i' an hi& 'ip& *rom gui'e (treachery, eceit)9 Let him turn a-ay *rom -icke ne&& an &hun it, an 'et him o right9 Let him &earch *or peace (harmony@ un i&turbe ne&& *rom *ear&, agitating pa&&ion&, an mora' con*'ict&) an &eek it eager'y9 ,Eo not mere'y e&ire peace*u' re'ation& -ith 0o , -ith your *e''o-men, an -ith your&e'*, but pur&ue, go a*ter them;.
11 1B 9 8 7 6 5 4 : 2

For the eye& o* the Lor are upon the righteou& (tho&e -ho are upright an in right &tan ing -ith 0o ), an 5i& ear& are attenti7e to their prayer9 1ut the *ace o* the Lor i& again&t tho&e -ho practice e7i' ,to oppo&e them, to *ru&trate, an e*eat them.9($) %o- -ho i& there to hurt you i* you are goo H
14 1: , .


8ea'ou& *o''o-er& o* that -hich i&

1ut e7en in ca&e you &hou' &u**er *or the &ake o* righteou&ne&&, ,you are. b'e&&e (happy, to be en7ie )9 Eo not rea or be a*rai o* their threat&, nor be i&turbe ,by their oppo&ition.9 1ut in your heart& &et Chri&t apart a& ho'y ,an ackno-'e ge 5im. a& Lor 9 $'-ay& be rea y to gi7e a 'ogica' e*en&e to anyone -ho a&k& you to account *or the hope that i& in you, but o it courteou&'y an re&pect*u''y9(1) ,$n &ee to it that. your con&cience i& entire'y c'ear (,e.unimpaire ), &o that, -hen you are *a'&e'y accu&e a& e7i' oer&, tho&e -ho threaten you abu&i7e'y an re7i'e your right beha7ior in Chri&t may come to be a&hame ,o* &'an ering your goo 'i7e&.9 For ,it i&. better to &u**er ,unAu&t'y. *or oing right, i* that &hou' be 0o =& -i'', than to &u**er ,Au&t'y. *or oing -rong9 For Chri&t ,the 4e&&iah 5im&e'*. ie *or &in& once ,*.*or a'', the #ighteou& *or the unrighteou& (the +u&t *or the unAu&t, the Dnnocent *or the gui'ty), that 5e might bring u& to 0o 9 Dn 5i& human bo y 5e -a& put to eath, but 5e -a& ma e a'i7e in the &pirit,
19 2B 18 17 16 15

Dn -hich 5e -ent an preache to the &pirit& in pri&on,

,The &ou'& o* tho&e. -ho 'ong be*ore in the ay& o* %oah ha been i&obe ient, -hen 0o =& patience -aite uring the bui' ing o* the ark in -hich a *e- ,peop'e., actua''y eight in number, -ere &a7e through -ater9(C) $n bapti&m, -hich i& a *igure ,o* their e'i7erance., oe& no- a'&o &a7e you ,*rom in-ar Cue&tioning& an *ear&., not by the remo7ing o* out-ar bo y *i'th ,bathing., but by ,pro7i ing you -ith. the an&-er o* a goo an c'ear con&cience (in-ar c'eanne&& an peace) be*ore 0o ,becau&e you are emon&trating -hat you be'ie7e to be your&. through the re&urrection o* +e&u& Chri&t9 ,$n 5e. ha& no- entere into hea7en an i& at the right han o* 0o , -ith ,a''. ange'& an authoritie& an po-er& ma e &ub&er7ient to 5im9 Footnotes:
22 21

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1 Peter 4 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Peter 4

3?, 3D%C" Chri&t &u**ere in the *'e&h ,a.*or u&, *or you, arm your&e'7e& -ith the &ame thought an ,b.purpo&e ,patient'y to &u**er rather than *ai' to p'ea&e 0o .9 For -hoe7er ha& &u**ere in the *'e&h ,ha7ing ,c.the min o* Chri&t. i& one -ith ,intentiona'. &in ,ha& &toppe p'ea&ing him&e'* an the -or' , an p'ea&e& 0o ., 3o that he can no 'onger &pen the re&t o* hi& natura' 'i*e 'i7ing by ,hi&. human appetite& an e&ire&, but ,he 'i7e&. *or -hat 0o -i''&9 For the time that i& pa&t a'rea y &u**ice& *or oing -hat the 0enti'e& 'ike to o<< 'i7ing ,a& you ha7e one. in &hame'e&&, in&o'ent -antonne&&, in 'u&t*u' e&ire&, runkenne&&, re7e'ing, rinking bout& an abominab'e, 'a-'e&& i o'atrie&9 They are a&toni&he an think it 7ery Cueer that you o not no- run han in han -ith them in the &ame e/ce&&e& o* i&&ipation, an they abu&e ,you.9 1ut they -i'' ha7e to gi7e an account to 5im 2ho i& rea y to Au ge an pa&& &entence on the 'i7ing an the ea 9 For thi& i& -hy the goo ne-& (the 0o&pe') -a& preache ,, .in their 'i*etime. e7en to the ea , that though Au ge in *'e&h'y bo ie& a& men are, they might 'i7e in the &pirit a& 0o oe&9 1ut the en an cu'mination o* a'' thing& ha& no- come near@ keep &oun min e an &e'*<re&traine an a'ert there*ore *or ,the practice o*. prayer9 $bo7e a'' thing& ha7e inten&e an un*ai'ing 'o7e *or one another, *or 'o7e co7er& a mu'titu e o* &in& ,*orgi7e& an ,e. i&regar & the o**en&e& o* other&.9($) !ractice ho&pita'ity to one another (tho&e o* the hou&eho' o* *aith)9 ,1e ho&pitab'e, be a 'o7er o* &tranger&, -ith brother'y a**ection *or the unkno-n gue&t&, the *oreigner&, the poor, an a'' other& -ho come your -ay -ho are o* Chri&t=& bo y9. $n ,in each in&tance. o it ungru ging'y (cor ia''y an graciou&'y, -ithout comp'aining but a& repre&enting 5im)9 $& each o* you ha& recei7e a gi*t (a particu'ar &piritua' ta'ent, a graciou& i7ine en o-ment), emp'oy it *or one another a& ,be*it&. goo tru&tee& o* 0o =& many< &i e grace ,*aith*u' &te-ar & o* the ,*.e/treme'y i7er&e po-er& an gi*t& grante to Chri&tian& by unmerite *a7or.9 2hoe7er &peak&, ,'et him o it a& one -ho utter&. orac'e& o* 0o @ -hoe7er ren er& &er7ice, ,'et him o it. a& -ith the &trength -hich 0o *urni&he& ,g. abun ant'y, &o that in a'' thing& 0o may be g'ori*ie through +e&u& Chri&t (the 4e&&iah)9 To 5im be the g'ory an ominion *ore7er an e7er (through en 'e&& age&)9 $men (&o be it)9 1e'o7e , o not be ama8e an be-i' ere at the *iery or ea' -hich i& taking p'ace to te&t your Cua'ity, a& though &omething &trange (unu&ua' an a'ien to you an your po&ition) -ere be*a''ing you9 1ut in&o*ar a& you are &haring Chri&t=& &u**ering&, reAoice, &o that -hen 5i& g'ory ,*u'' o* ra iance an &p'en or. i& re7ea'e , you may a'&o reAoice -ith triumph ,e/u'tant'y.9
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D* you are cen&ure an &u**er abu&e ,becau&e you bear. the name o* Chri&t, b'e&&e ,are you<<happy, *ortunate, , be en7ie , ,i.-ith 'i*e<Aoy, an &ati&*action in 0o =& *a7or an &a'7ation, regar 'e&& o* your out-ar con ition., becau&e the 3pirit o* g'ory, the 3pirit o* 0o , i& re&ting upon you9 ?n their part 5e i& b'a&pheme , but on your part 5e i& g'ori*ie 9(1) 1ut 'et none o* you &u**er a& a mur erer or a thie* or any &ort o* crimina', or a& a mi&chie*<maker (a me 'er) in the a**air& o* other& ,in*ringing on their right&.9 1ut i* ,one i& i''<treate an &u**er&. a& a Chri&tian ,-hich he i& contemptuou&'y ca''e ., 'et him not be a&hame , but gi7e g'ory to 0o that he i& , eeme -orthy to &u**er. in thi& name9 For the time ,ha& arri7e . *or Au gment to begin -ith the hou&eho' o* 0o @ an i* it begin& -ith u&, -hat -i'' ,be. the en o* tho&e -ho o not re&pect or be'ie7e or obey the goo ne-& (the 0o&pe') o* 0o H $n i* the righteou& are bare'y &a7e , -hat -i'' become o* the go 'e&& an -icke H(C) There*ore, tho&e -ho are i''<treate an &u**er in accor ance -ith 0o =& -i'' mu&t o right an commit their &ou'& ,in charge a& a epo&it. to the ?ne 2ho create ,them. an -i'' ne7er *ai' ,them.9 Footnotes:
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a. 1 !eter 461 3ome ancient manu&cript& rea F*or u&,F -hi'e &ome F*or you9F b. 1 !eter 461 09 $bbott<3mith, 4anua' 0reek Le/icon9 c. 1 !eter 461 The Cambri ge 1ib'e *or 3choo'& an Co''ege&9 d. 1 !eter 466 4o&t commentator& interpret thi& preaching to be a pa&t e7ent,
one not a*ter the&e peop'e ha ie , but -hi'e they -ere &ti'' a'i7e9

e. 1 !eter 468 +o&eph Thayer, $ 0reek<"ng'i&h Le/icon9 f. 1 !eter 461B +o&eph Thayer, $ 0reek<"ng'i&h Le/icon9 g. 1 !eter 4611 +o&eph Thayer, $ 0reek<"ng'i&h Le/icon9 h. 1 !eter 4614 $'e/an er 3outer, !ocket Le/icon o* the 0reek %e- Te&tament9 i. 1 !eter 4614 5ermann Cremer, 1ib'ico<Theo'ogica' Le/icon9
Cross references:

A. 1 !eter 468 6 !ro7 1B612 B. 1 !eter 4614 6 D&a 1162 C. 1 !eter 4618 6 !ro7 116:1

1 Peter 5 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

1 Peter 5

D 2$#% an coun&e' the e' er& among you (the pa&tor& an &piritua' gui e& o* the church) a& a *e''o- e' er an a& an eye-itne&& ,ca''e to te&ti*y. o* the &u**ering& o* Chri&t, a& -e'' a& a &harer in the g'ory (the honor an &p'en or) that i& to be re7ea'e ( i&c'o&e , un*o' e )6 Ten (nurture, guar , gui e, an *o' ) the *'ock o* 0o that i& ,your re&pon&ibi'ity., not by coercion or con&traint, but -i''ing'y@ not i&honorab'y moti7ate by the a 7antage& an pro*it& ,be'onging to the o**ice., but eager'y an cheer*u''y@ %ot omineering ,a& arrogant, ictatoria', an o7erbearing per&on&. o7er tho&e in your charge, but being e/amp'e& (pattern& an mo e'& o* Chri&tian 'i7ing) to the *'ock (the congregation)9 $n ,then. -hen the Chie* 3hepher i& re7ea'e , you -i'' -in the cro-n o* g'ory9
5 4 ,a. : 2


Like-i&e, you -ho are younger an o* 'e&&er rank, be &ubAect to the e' er& (the mini&ter& an &piritua' gui e& o* the church)<<,gi7ing them ue re&pect an yie' ing to their coun&e'.9 C'othe (apron) your&e'7e&, a'' o* you, -ith humi'ity ,a& the garb o* a &er7ant, ,b.&o that it& co7ering cannot po&&ib'y be &trippe *rom you, -ith *ree om *rom pri e an arrogance. to-ar one another9 For 0o &et& 5im&e'* again&t the prou (the in&o'ent, the o7erbearing, the i& ain*u', the pre&umptuou&, the boa&t*u')<<,an 5e oppo&e&, *ru&trate&, an e*eat& them., but gi7e& grace (*a7or, b'e&&ing) to the humb'e9($) There*ore humb'e your&e'7e& , emote, 'o-er your&e'7e& in your o-n e&timation. un er the mighty han o* 0o , that in ue time 5e may e/a't you, Ca&ting the ,c.-ho'e o* your care ,a'' your an/ietie&, a'' your -orrie&, a'' your concern&, , .once an *or a''. on 5im, *or 5e care& *or you a**ectionate'y an care& about you ,e.-atch*u''y9(1) 1e -e'' ba'ance (temperate, &ober o* min ), be 7igi'ant an cautiou& at a'' time&@ *or that enemy o* your&, the e7i', roam& aroun 'ike a 'ion roaring ,,*.in *ierce hunger., &eeking &omeone to &ei8e upon an e7our9 2ith&tan him@ be *irm in *aith ,again&t hi& on&et<<roote , e&tab'i&he , &trong, immo7ab'e, an etermine ., kno-ing that the &ame (,g.i entica') &u**ering& are appointe to your brotherhoo (the -ho'e bo y o* Chri&tian&) throughout the -or' 9 $n a*ter you ha7e &u**ere a 'itt'e -hi'e, the 0o o* a'' grace ,2ho impart& a'' b'e&&ing an *a7or., 2ho ha& ca''e you to 5i& ,o-n. eterna' g'ory in Chri&t +e&u&, -i'' 5im&e'* comp'ete an make you -hat you ought to be, e&tab'i&h an groun you &ecure'y, an &trengthen, an &ett'e you9
11 1B 9 8 7 6

To 5im be the ominion (po-er, authority, ru'e) *ore7er an e7er9 $men (&o be

it)9 1y 3i'7anu&, a true ('oya', con&i&tent, incorruptib'e) brother, a& D con&i er him, D ha7e -ritten brie*'y to you, to coun&e' an urge an &timu'ate ,you. an to ec'are ,to you. that thi& i& the true ,account o* the. grace (the un e&er7e *a7or) o* 0o 9 1e &tea *a&t an per&e7ere in it9 3he ,your &i&ter church here. in 1aby'on, ,-ho i&. e'ect (cho&en) -ith ,your&e'7e&., &en & you greeting&, an ,&o oe&. my &on ( i&cip'e) 4ark9 3a'ute one another -ith a ki&& o* 'o7e ,the &ymbo' o* mutua' a**ection.9 To a'' o* you that are in Chri&t +e&u& (the 4e&&iah), may there be peace (,h.e7ery kin o* peace an b'e&&ing, e&pecia''y peace -ith 0o , an ,i.*ree om *rom *ear&, agitating pa&&ion&, an mora' con*'ict&)9 $men (&o be it)9 Footnotes:
14 1: 12

a. 1 !eter 564 4ar7in Iincent, 2or 3tu ie&6 2hen !au' u&e& the -or

tran&'ate Fcro-n,F he typica''y ha& the conCueror=& cro-n in min , u&ing the imagery o* the -inner o* an ath'etic conte&t (&ee D Cor9 9625)9 !eter &eem& to ha7e thi& &ame imagery in min a& a &ymbo' o* the hea7en'y re-ar 9

b. 1 !eter 565 +ohann 1enge', 0nomon %o7i Te&tamenti9 c. 1 !eter 567 4ar7in Iincent, 2or 3tu ie&9 d. 1 !eter 567 4ar7in Iincent, 2or 3tu ie&9 e. 1 !eter 567 4ar7in Iincent, 2or 3tu ie&9 f. 1 !eter 568 4ar7in Iincent, 2or 3tu ie&9 g. 1 !eter 569 4ar7in Iincent, 2or 3tu ie&9 h. 1 !eter 5614 +o&eph Thayer, $ 0reek<"ng'i&h Le/icon9 i. 1 !eter 5614 2eb&ter=& %e- Dnternationa' Eictionary o**er& thi& a& a
e*inition o* Fpeace9F Cross references:

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