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2 Peter 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

n Foun ation

2 Peter 1

!"#$% &'T'(, a )er*ant an apo)t+e ,)pecia+ me))enger- o. /e)u) Chri)t, to tho)e 0ho ha*e recei*e ,obtaine an e1ua+ pri*i+ege o.- +ike preciou) .aith 0ith our)e+*e) in an through the righteou)ne)) o. our 2o an !a*ior /e)u) Chri)t3 #ay grace ,2o 4) .a*or- an peace ,0hich i) 5a6per.ect 0e++7being, a++ nece))ary goo , a++ )piritua+ pro)perity, an 5b6.ree om .rom .ear) an agitating pa))ion) an mora+ con.+ict)- be mu+tip+ie to you in 5the .u++, per)ona+, 5c6preci)e, an correct6 kno0+e ge o. 2o an o. /e)u) our Lor 8 For :i) i*ine po0er ha) be)to0e upon u) a++ thing) that 5are re1ui)ite an )uite 6 to +i.e an go +ine)), through the 55 6.u++, per)ona+6 kno0+e ge o. :im ;ho ca++e u) by an to :i) o0n g+ory an e<ce++ence ,*irtue-8 =y mean) o. the)e :e ha) be)to0e on u) :i) preciou) an e<cee ing+y great promi)e), )o that through them you may e)cape 5by .+ight6 .rom the mora+ ecay ,rottenne)) an corruption- that i) in the 0or+ becau)e o. co*etou)ne)) ,+u)t an gree -, an become )harer) ,partaker)- o. the i*ine nature8 For thi) *ery rea)on, 5e6a ing your i+igence 5to the i*ine promi)e)6, emp+oy e*ery e..ort in 5.6e<erci)ing your .aith to e*e+op *irtue ,e<ce++ence, re)o+ution, Chri)tian energy-, an in 5e<erci)ing6 *irtue 5 e*e+op6 kno0+e ge ,inte++igence-, >n in 5e<erci)ing6 kno0+e ge 5 e*e+op6 )e+.7contro+, an in 5e<erci)ing6 )e+.7 contro+ 5 e*e+op6 )tea .a)tne)) ,patience, en urance-, an in 5e<erci)ing6 )tea .a)tne)) 5 e*e+op6 go +ine)) ,piety-, >n in 5e<erci)ing6 go +ine)) 5 e*e+op6 brother+y a..ection, an in 5e<erci)ing6 brother+y a..ection 5 e*e+op6 Chri)tian +o*e8 For a) the)e 1ua+itie) are your) an increa)ing+y aboun in you, they 0i++ keep 5you6 .rom being i +e or un.ruit.u+ unto the 55g6.u++ per)ona+6 kno0+e ge o. our Lor /e)u) Chri)t ,the #e))iah, the >nointe $ne-8 For 0hoe*er +ack) the)e 1ua+itie) i) b+in , 55h6)piritua++y6 )hort)ighte , 5i6)eeing on+y 0hat i) near to him, an ha) become ob+i*iou) 5to the .act6 that he 0a) c+ean)e .rom hi) o+ )in)8 =ecau)e o. thi), brethren, be a++ the more )o+icitou) an eager to make )ure ,to rati.y, to )trengthen, to make )tea .a)t- your ca++ing an e+ection@ .or i. you o thi), you 0i++ ne*er )tumb+e or .a++8 Thu) there 0i++ be rich+y an abun ant+y pro*i e .or you entry into the eterna+ king om o. our Lor an !a*ior /e)u) Chri)t8 !o " inten a+0ay) to remin you about the)e thing), a+though in ee you kno0 them an are .irm in the truth that 5you6 no0 5ho+ 68 " think it right, a) +ong a) " am in thi) tabernac+e ,tent, bo y-, to )tir you up by 0ay o. remembrance, !ince " kno0 that the +aying a)i e o. thi) bo y o. mine 0i++ come )pee i+y, a) our Lor /e)u) Chri)t ma e c+ear to me8 #oreo*er, " 0i++ i+igent+y en ea*or 5to )ee to it6 that 5e*en6 a.ter my eparture , ecea)e- you may be ab+e at a++ time) to ca++ the)e thing) to min 8
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For 0e 0ere not .o++o0ing c+e*er+y e*i)e )torie) 0hen 0e ma e kno0n to you the po0er an coming o. our Lor /e)u) Chri)t ,the #e))iah-, but 0e 0ere eye0itne))e) o. :i) maAe)ty ,gran eur, authority o. )o*ereign po0er-8 For 0hen :e 0a) in*e)te 0ith honor an g+ory .rom 2o the Father an a *oice 0a) borne to :im by the 5)p+en i 6 #aAe)tic 2+ory 5in the bright c+ou that o*er)ha o0e :im, )aying6, Thi) i) #y be+o*e !on in ;hom " am 0e++ p+ea)e an e+ight, ;e 5actua++y6 hear thi) *oice borne out o. hea*en, .or 0e 0ere together 0ith :im on the ho+y mountain8 >n 0e ha*e the prophetic 0or 5ma e6 .irmer )ti++8 Bou 0i++ o 0e++ to pay c+o)e attention to it a) to a +amp )hining in a i)ma+ ,)1ua+i an ark- p+ace, unti+ the ay break) through 5the g+oom6 an the #orning !tar ri)e) ,5A6come) into beingin your heart)8 5Bet6 .ir)t 5you mu)t6 un er)tan thi), that no prophecy o. !cripture i) 5a matter6 o. any per)ona+ or pri*ate or )pecia+ interpretation ,+oo)ening, )o+*ing-8 For no prophecy e*er originate becau)e )ome man 0i++e it 5to o )o77it ne*er came by human impu+)e6, but men )poke .rom 2o 0ho 0ere borne a+ong ,mo*e an impe++e - by the :o+y !pirit8 Footnotes:
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a. 2 &eter 132 #atthe0 :enry, Commentary on the :o+y =ib+e8 b. 2 &eter 132 ;eb)ter4) %e0 "nternationa+ Cictionary thi) a) a e.inition
o. Dpeace8D

c. 2 &eter 132 /o)eph Thayer, > 2reek7'ng+i)h Le<icon o. the %e0 Te)tament8 d. 2 &eter 139 #ar*in Eincent, ;or !tu ie) in the %e0 Te)tament8 e. 2 &eter 135 #ar*in Eincent, ;or !tu ie) in the %e0 Te)tament8 f. 2 &eter 135 #ar*in Eincent, ;or !tu ie)8 g. 2 &eter 138 #ar*in Eincent, ;or !tu ie)8 h. 2 &eter 139 #ar*in Eincent, ;or !tu ie) in the %e0 Te)tament8 i. 2 &eter 139 /o)eph &8 (otherham, The 'mpha)iFe =ib+e8 j. 2 &eter 1319 28 >bbott7!mith, #anua+ 2reek Le<icon o. the %e0 Te)tament8

2 Peter 2 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

2 Peter 2

=GT >L!$ 5in tho)e ay)6 there aro)e .a+)e prophet) among the peop+e, Au)t a) there 0i++ be .a+)e teacher) among your)e+*e), 0ho 0i++ )ubt+y an )tea+thi+y intro uce heretica+ octrine) , e)tructi*e here)ie)-, e*en enying an i)o0ning the #a)ter ;ho bought them, bringing upon them)e+*e) )0i.t e)truction8

>n many 0i++ .o++o0 their immora+ 0ay) an +a)ci*iou) oing)@ becau)e o. them the true ;ay 0i++ be ma+igne an e.ame 8 >n in their co*etou)ne)) ,+u)t, gree - they 0i++ e<p+oit you 0ith .a+)e ,cunningargument)8 From o. o+ the )entence 5o. con emnation6 .or them ha) not been i +e@ their e)truction ,eterna+ mi)ery- ha) not been a)+eep8 For 2o i not 5e*en6 )pare ange+) that )inne , but ca)t them into he++, e+i*ering them to be kept there in pit) o. g+oom ti++ the Au gment an their oom8 >n :e )pare not the ancient 0or+ , but pre)er*e %oah, a preacher o. righteou)ne)), 0ith )e*en other per)on), 0hen :e brought a .+oo upon the 0or+ o. ungo +y 5peop+e68,>>n :e con emne to ruin an e<tinction the citie) o. !o om an 2omorrah, re ucing them to a)he) 5an thu)6 )et them .orth a) an e<amp+e to tho)e 0ho 0ou+ be ungo +y@,=>n :e re)cue righteou) Lot, great+y 0orn out an 0ay) o. the ungo +y an +a0+e))77,C8 7 6 5 4 9

i)tre))e by the 0anton

For that Au)t man, +i*ing 5there6 among them, torture hi) righteou) )ou+ e*ery ay 0ith 0hat he )a0 an hear o. 5their6 un+a0.u+ an 0icke ee )77 %o0 i. 5a++ the)e thing) are true, then be )ure6 the Lor kno0) ho0 to re)cue the go +y out o. temptation) an tria+), an ho0 to keep the ungo +y un er cha)ti)ement unti+ the ay o. Au gment an oom, >n particu+ar+y tho)e 0ho 0a+k a.ter the .+e)h an in u+ge in the +u)t o. po++uting pa))ion an )corn an e)pi)e authority8 &re)umptuou) 5an 6 aring 5)e+.7 0i++e an )e+.7+o*ing creature)6H They )co.. at an re*i+e ignitarie) ,g+oriou) one)0ithout tremb+ing, ;herea) 5e*en6 ange+), though )uperior in might an po0er, o not bring a e.aming charge again)t them be.ore the Lor 8 =ut the)e 5peop+e6H Like unrea)oning bea)t), mere creature) o. in)tinct, born 5on+y6 to be capture an e)troye , rai+ing at thing) o. 0hich they are ignorant, they )ha++ utter+y peri)h in their 5o0n6 corruption 5in their e)troying they )ha++ )ure+y be e)troye 6, =eing e)tine to recei*e 5puni)hment a)6 the re0ar o. 5their6 unrighteou)ne)) 5)u..ering 0rong a) the hire .or their 0rong oing68 They count it a e+ight to re*e+ in the aytime 5+i*ing +u<uriou)+y an e+icate+y68 They are b+ot) an b+emi)he), re*e+ing in their 5a6 eception) an carou)ing together 5e*en6 a) they .ea)t 0ith you8 They ha*e eye) .u++ o. har+otry, in)atiab+e .or )in8 They begui+e an bait an +ure a0ay un)tab+e )ou+)8 Their heart) are traine in co*etou)ne)) ,+u)t, gree -, 5they are6 chi+ ren o. a cur)e 55b6e<po)e to cur)ing6H For)aking the )traight roa they ha*e gone a)tray@ they ha*e .o++o0e the 0ay o. =a+aam 5the )on6 o. =eor, 0ho +o*e the re0ar o. 0icke ne))8,C=ut he 0a) rebuke .or hi) o0n tran)gre))ion 0hen a umb bea)t o. bur en )poke 0ith human *oice an checke the prophet4) ma ne))8,'The)e are )pring) 0ithout 0ater an mi)t) ri*en a+ong be.ore a tempe)t, .or 0hom i) re)er*e .ore*er the g+oom o. arkne))8 For uttering +ou boa)t) o. .o++y, they begui+e an +ure 0ith +u)t.u+ e)ire) o. the .+e)h tho)e 0ho are bare+y e)caping .rom them 0ho are 0rong oer)8 They promi)e them +iberty, 0hen they them)e+*e) are the )+a*e) o. epra*ity an e.i+ement77.or by 0hate*er anyone i) ma e in.erior or 0or)e or i) o*ercome, to that 5per)on or thing6 he i) en)+a*e 8
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For i., a.ter they ha*e e)cape the po++ution) o. the 0or+ through 5the .u++, per)ona+6 kno0+e ge o. our Lor an !a*ior /e)u) Chri)t, they again become entang+e in them an are o*ercome, their +a)t con ition i) 0or)e 5.or them6 than the .ir)t8 For ne*er to ha*e obtaine a 5.u++, per)ona+6 kno0+e ge o. the 0ay o. righteou)ne)) 0ou+ ha*e been better .or them than, ha*ing obtaine 5)uch kno0+e ge6, to turn back .rom the ho+y comman ment 0hich 0a) 5*erba++y6 e+i*ere to them8 There ha) be.a++en them the thing )poken o. in the true pro*erb, The og turn) back to hi) o0n *omit, an , The )o0 i) 0a)he on+y to 0a++o0 again in the mire8 ,FFootnotes:
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a. 2 &eter 2319 !ome ancient manu)cript) rea D+o*e .ea)t)8D b. 2 &eter 2314 /o)eph Thayer, > 2reek7'ng+i)h Le<icon8
Cross references:

A. 2 &eter 235 3 2en 678@ " &eter 932? B. 2 &eter 236 3 2en 19324 C. 2 &eter 237 3 2en 19316, 29 D. 2 &eter 2315 3 %um 2235, 7 E. 2 &eter 2316 3 %um 22321791 F. 2 &eter 2322 3 &ro* 26311

2 Peter 3 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foun ation

2 Peter 3

='L$E'C, " am no0 0riting you thi) )econ +etter8 "n 5both o.6 them " ha*e )tirre up your un)u++ie ,)incere- min by 0ay o. remembrance, That you )hou+ reca++ the pre iction) o. the ho+y ,con)ecrate , e icate prophet) an the comman ment o. the Lor an !a*ior 5gi*en6 through your apo)t+e) ,:i) )pecia+ me))enger)-8 To begin 0ith, you mu)t kno0 an un er)tan thi), that ) ,mocker)- 0i++ come in the +a)t ay) 0ith ), 5peop+e 0ho6 0a+k a.ter their o0n .+e)h+y e)ire) >n )ay, ;here i) the promi)e o. :i) comingI For )ince the .ore.ather) .e++ a)+eep, a++ thing) ha*e continue e<act+y a) they i .rom the beginning o. creation8 For they 0i++.u++y o*er+ook an .orget thi) 5.act6, that the hea*en) 5came into6 e<i)tence +ong ago by the 0or o. 2o , an the earth a+)o 0hich 0a) .orme out o. 0ater an by mean) o. 0ater, Through 0hich the 0or+ that then 5e<i)te 6 0a) e+uge 0ith 0ater an peri)he 8,>6 5 4 9 2

=ut by the )ame 0or the pre)ent hea*en) an earth ha*e been )tore up ,re)er*e - .or .ire, being kept unti+ the ay o. Au gment an e)truction o. the ungo +y peop+e8 %e*erthe+e)), o not +et thi) one .act e)cape you, be+o*e , that 0ith the Lor one ay i) a) a thou)an year) an a thou)an year) a) one ay8,=The Lor oe) not e+ay an i) not tar y or )+o0 about 0hat :e promi)e), accor ing to )ome peop+e4) conception o. )+o0ne)), but :e i) +ong7)u..ering ,e<traor inari+y patient- to0ar you, not e)iring that any )hou+ peri)h, but that a++ )hou+ turn to repentance8 =ut the ay o. the Lor 0i++ come +ike a thie., an then the hea*en) 0i++ *ani)h ,pa)) a0ay- 0ith a thun erou) cra)h, an the 55a6materia+6 e+ement) 5o. the uni*er)e6 0i++ be i))o+*e 0ith .ire, an the earth an the 0ork) that are upon it 0i++ be burne up8 !ince a++ the)e thing) are thu) 5b6in the proce)) o. being i))o+*e , 0hat kin o. per)on ought 5each o.6 you to be 5in the mean0hi+e6 in con)ecrate an ho+y beha*ior an e*out an go +y 1ua+itie), ;hi+e you 0ait an earne)t+y +ong .or ,e<pect an ha)ten- the coming o. the ay o. 2o by rea)on o. 0hich the .+aming hea*en) 0i++ be i))o+*e , an the 55c6materia+6 e+ement) 5o. the uni*er)e6 0i++ .+are an me+t 0ith .ireI,C=ut 0e +ook .or ne0 hea*en) an a ne0 earth accor ing to :i) promi)e, in 0hich righteou)ne)) ,uprightne)), .ree om .rom )in, an right )tan ing 0ith 2o i) to abi e8,C!o, be+o*e , )ince you are e<pecting the)e thing), be eager to be .oun by :im 5at :i) coming6 0ithout )pot or b+emi)h an at peace 5in )erene con.i ence, 5 6.ree .rom .ear) an agitating pa))ion) an mora+ con.+ict)68 >n con)i er that the +ong7)u..ering o. our Lor 55e6:i) )+o0ne)) in a*enging 0rong) an Au ging the 0or+ 6 i) )a+*ation ,5.6that 0hich i) con uci*e to the )ou+4) )a.ety-, e*en a) our be+o*e brother &au+ a+)o 0rote to you accor ing to the )piritua+ in)ight gi*en him, !peaking o. thi) a) he oe) in a++ o. hi) +etter)8 There are )ome thing) in tho)e 5epi)t+e) o. &au+6 that are to un er)tan , 0hich the ignorant an un)tab+e t0i)t an mi)con)true to their o0n 5g6utter e)truction, Au)t a) 5they i)tort an mi)interpret6 the re)t o. the !cripture)8 Let me 0arn you there.ore, be+o*e , that kno0ing the)e thing) be.orehan , you )hou+ be on your guar , +e)t you be carrie a0ay by the error o. +a0+e)) an 0icke 5per)on) an 6 .a++ .rom your o0n 5pre)ent6 .irm con ition 5your o0n )tea .a)tne)) o. min 68 =ut gro0 in grace ,un e)er*e .a*or, )piritua+ )trength- an 5h6recognition an kno0+e ge an un er)tan ing o. our Lor an !a*ior /e)u) Chri)t ,the #e))iah-8 To :im 5be6 g+ory ,honor, maAe)ty, an )p+en or- both no0 an to the ay o. eternity8 >men ,)o be it-H Footnotes:
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a. 2 &eter 931? 28 >bbott7!mith, #anua+ 2reek Le<icon8 b. 2 &eter 9311 #ar*in Eincent, ;or !tu ie)8 c. 2 &eter 9312 28 >bbott7!mith, #anua+ 2reek Le<icon8 d. 2 &eter 9314 ;eb)ter4) %e0 "nternationa+ Cictionary thi) a) a
e.inition o. Dpeace8D

e. 2 &eter 9315 /o)eph Thayer, > 2reek7'ng+i)h Le<icon8 f. 2 &eter 9315 /o)eph Thayer, > 2reek7'ng+i)h Le<icon8

g. 2 &eter 9316 /o)eph Thayer, > 2reek7'ng+i)h Le<icon8 h. 2 &eter 9318 :ermann Cremer, =ib+ico7Theo+ogica+ Le<icon o. %e0 Te)tament
2reek8 Cross references:

A. 2 &eter 936 3 2en 13678@ 7311 B. 2 &eter 938 3 &) 9?34 C. 2 &eter 9312 3 ")a 9434 D. 2 &eter 9319 3 ")a 65317@ 66322

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