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2 John 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

n Foun ation

2 John 1

T!" "L#"$L% e& er 'o( the church a re))e) thi) &etter* to the e&ect +cho)en, &a y +Cyria, an her chi& ren, -hom . tru&y &o/e00an not on&y . but a&)o a&& -ho are 'progre))i/e&y* &earning to recogni1e an kno- an un er)tan the Truth00 2ecau)e o( the Truth -hich &i/e) an )tay) on in our heart) an -i&& be -ith u) (ore/er3 5race +)piritua& b&e))ing,, mercy, an ')ou&* peace -i&& be -ith u), (rom 5o the Father an (rom 6e)u) Chri)t +the 7e))iah,, the Father8) 9on, in a&& )incerity +truth, an &o/e: . -a) great&y e&ighte to (in )ome o( your chi& ren -a&king +&i/ing, in 'the* Truth, ;u)t a) -e ha/e been comman e by the Father '!im)e&(*: <n no- . beg you, &a y +Cyria,, not a) i( . -ere i))uing a ne- charge +in;unction or comman ,, but ')imp&y reca&&ing to your min * the one -e ha/e ha (rom the beginning, that -e &o/e one another: <n -hat thi) &o/e con)i)t) in i) thi)3 that -e &i/e an -a&k in accor ance -ith an gui e by !i) comman ment) +!i) or er), or inance), precept), teaching,: Thi) i) the comman ment, a) you ha/e hear (rom the beginning, that you continue to -a&k in &o/e 'gui e by it an (o&&o-ing it*: For many impo)ter) +)e ucer), ecei/er), an (a&)e &ea er), ha/e gone out into the -or& , men -ho -i&& not ackno-&e ge +con(e)), a mit, the coming o( 6e)u) Chri)t +the 7e))iah, in bo i&y (orm: 9uch a one i) the impo)ter +the )e ucer, the ecei/er, the (a&)e &ea er, the antagoni)t o( Chri)t, an the antichri)t: Look to your)e&/e) +take care, that you may not &o)e +thro- a-ay or e)troy, a&& that -e an you ha/e &abore (or, but that you may 'per)e/ere unti& you* -in an recei/e back a per(ect re-ar 'in (u&&*: <nyone -ho run) on ahea 'o( 5o * an oe) not abi e in the octrine o( Chri)t '-ho i) not content -ith -hat !e taught* oe) not ha/e 5o = but he -ho continue) to &i/e in the octrine +teaching, o( Chri)t ' oe) ha/e 5o *, he ha) both the Father an the 9on: .( anyone come) to you an oe) not bring thi) octrine 'i) i)&oya& to -hat 6e)u) Chri)t taught*, o not recei/e him ' o not accept him, o not -e&come or a mit him* into 'your* hou)e or bi him 5o )pee or gi/e him any encouragement: For he -ho -i)he) him )ucce)) '-ho encourage) him, -i)hing him 5o )pee * i) a partaker in hi) e/i& oing): . ha/e many thing) to -rite to you, but . pre(er not to o )o -ith paper an ink= . hope to come to )ee you an ta&k -ith you (ace to (ace, )o that our ;oy may be comp&ete: The chi& ren o( your e&ect +cho)en, )i)ter -i)h to be remembere to you: <men +)o be it,:
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