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3 John 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

n Foun ation

3 John 1

T!" "L#"$L% e& er 'o( the church a .aiu), /hom 0 tru&y &o+e1

re))e) thi) &etter* to the be&o+e ,e)teeme -

2e&o+e , 0 pray that you may pro)per in e+ery /ay an 'that your bo y* may keep /e&&, e+en a) '0 kno/* your )ou& keep) /e&& an pro)per)1 0n (act, 0 great&y re4oice /hen ')ome o(* the brethren (rom time to time arri+e an )poke ')o high&y* o( the )incerity an (i e&ity o( your &i(e, a) in ee you o &i+e in the Truth 'the /ho&e .o)pe& pre)ent)*1 0 ha+e no greater 4oy than thi), to hear that my ')piritua&* chi& ren are &i+ing their &i+e) in the Truth1 2e&o+e , it i) a (ine an (aith(u& /ork that you are oing /hen you gi+e any )er+ice to the 'Chri)tian* brethren, an 'e)pecia&&y /hen they are* )tranger)1 They ha+e te)ti(ie be(ore the church o( your &o+e an (rien )hip1 %ou /i&& o /e&& to (or/ar them on their 4ourney 'an you /i&& p&ea)e o )o* in a /ay /orthy o( .o 5) ')er+ice*1 For the)e 'tra+e&ing mi))ionarie)* ha+e gone out (or the 6ame5) )ake ,(or !i) )ake- an are accepting nothing (rom the .enti&e) ,the heathen, the non7 0)rae&ite)-1 8o /e our)e&+e) ought to )upport )uch peop&e 'to /e&come an pro+i e (or them*, in or er that /e may be (e&&o/ /orker) in the Truth ,the /ho&e .o)pe&- an cooperate /ith it) teacher)1 0 ha+e /ritten brie(&y to the church9 but #iotrephe), /ho &ike) to take the &ea among them an put him)e&( (ir)t, oe) not ackno/&e ge my authority an re(u)e) to accept my )ugge)tion) or to &i)ten to me1 8o /hen 0 arri+e, 0 /i&& ca&& attention to /hat he i) oing, hi) boi&ing o+er an ca)ting ma&iciou) re(&ection) upon u) /ith in)inuating &anguage1 ;n not )ati)(ie /ith that, he re(u)e) to recei+e an /e&come the 'mi))ionary* brethren him)e&(, an a&)o inter(ere) /ith an (orbi ) tho)e /ho /ou& /e&come them, an trie) to e<pe& ,e<communicate- them (rom the church1 2e&o+e , o not imitate e+i&, but imitate goo 1 !e /ho oe) goo i) o( .o 9 he /ho oe) e+i& ha) not )een , i)cerne or e<perience - .o 'ha) en4oye no +i)ion o( !im an oe) not kno/ !im at a&&*1 #emetriu) ha) /arm commen ation (rom e+eryone77an (rom the Truth it)e&(9 /e a our te)timony a&)o, an you kno/ that our te)timony i) true1 0 ha much 'to )ay to you /hen 0 began* to /rite, but 0 pre(er not to put it o/n /ith pen ,a ree - an ink9
14 15 13 12 11 1: 9 8 7 6 5 4 3

0 hope to )ee you )oon, an /e /i&& ta&k together (ace to (ace1

=eace be to you> ,.oo 7bye>- The (rien ) here )en you greeting)1 $emember me to the (rien ) there 'to e+ery one o( them per)ona&&y* by name1

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