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Jude 1 (Amplified Bible) Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman

n Foun ation

Jude 1

!"#$, % &er'ant o( !e&u& Chri&t )the *e&&iah+, an brother o( !ame&, ,-rite& thi& .etter/ to tho&e -ho are ca..e )cho&en+, ear.y .o'e by 0o the Father an &eparate )&et apart+ an kept (or !e&u& Chri&t1
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*ay mercy, ,&ou./ peace, an .o'e be to you2

4e.o'e , my -ho.e concern -a& to -rite to you in regar to our common &a.'ation2 ,4ut/ 5 (oun it nece&&ary an -a& impe..e to -rite you an urgent.y appea. to an e6hort ,you/ to conten (or the (aith -hich -a& once (or a.. ,a/han e o-n to the &aint& ,the (aith -hich i& that &um o( Chri&tian -hich -a& e.i'ere ,b/'erba..y to the ho.y peop.e o( 0o /2 For certain men ha'e crept in &tea.thi.y ,,c/gaining entrance &ecret.y by a &i e oor/2 Their oom -a& pre icte .ong ago, ungo .y )impiou&, pro(ane+ per&on& -ho per'ert the grace )the &piritua. b.e&&ing an (a'or+ o( our 0o into .a-.e&&ne&& an -antonne&& an immora.ity, an i&o-n an eny our &o.e *a&ter an Lor , !e&u& Chri&t )the *e&&iah, the %nointe 7ne+2 8o- 5 -ant to remin you, though you -ere (u..y in(orme once (or a.., that though the Lor ,at one time/ e.i'ere a peop.e out o( the .an o( $gypt, 9e &ub&e:uent.y e&troye tho&e ,o( them/ -ho i not'e ,-ho re(u&e to a here to, tru&t in, an re.y upon 9im/2 %n ange.& -ho i not keep )care (or, guar , an ho. to+ their o-n (ir&t p.ace o( po-er but aban one their proper p.ace;;the&e 9e ha& re&er'e in cu&to y in eterna. chain& )bon &+ un er the thick g.oom o( utter arkne&& unti. the <u gment an oom o( the great ay2 ,The -icke are &entence to &u((er/ <u&t a& =o om an 0omorrah an the a <acent to-n&;;-hich .ike-i&e ga'e them&e.'e& o'er to impurity an in in unnatura. 'ice an &en&ua. per'er&ity;;are .ai out ,in p.ain &ight/ a& an e6hibit o( perpetua. puni&hment ,to -arn/ o( e'er.a&ting (ire2)%+ 8e'erthe.e&& in .ike manner, the&e reamer& a.&o corrupt the bo y, &corn an re<ect authority an go'ernment, an re'i.e an .ibe. an &co(( at ,hea'en.y/ g.orie& )the g.oriou& one&+2 4ut -hen ,e'en/ the archange. *ichae., conten ing -ith the e'i., <u icia..y argue ) i&pute + about the bo y o( *o&e&, he are not ,pre&ume to/ bring an abu&i'e con emnation again&t him, but ,&imp.y/ &ai , The Lor rebuke you>)4+ 4ut the&e men re'i.e )&co(( an &neer at+ anything they o not happen to be ac:uainte -ith an o not un er&tan @ an -hate'er they o un er&tan phy&ica..y ,that -hich they kno- by mere in&tinct/, .ike irrationa. bea&t&;;by the&e they corrupt them&e.'e& an are e&troye )peri&h+2 Aoe to them> For they ha'e run riotou&.y in the -ay o( Cain, an ha'e aban one them&e.'e& (or the &ake o( gain ,it o((er& them, (o..o-ing/ the error o( 4a.aam, an ha'e peri&he in rebe..ion ,.ike that/ o( Borah>)C+ The&e are hi en ree(& )e.ement& o( anger+ in your .o'e (ea&t&, -here they bo. .y (ea&t &umptuou&.y ,carou&ing together in your mi &t/, -ithout &crup.e& pro'i ing (or them&e.'e& , They are c.ou & -ithout -ater, &-ept by the -in &@ tree&, -ithout (ruit at the .ate autumn gathering time;;t-ice ) oub.y+ ea , ,.i(e.e&& an / p.ucke up by the root&@
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Ai. -a'e& o( the &ea, (.inging up the (oam o( their o-n &hame an i&grace@ -an ering &tar&, (or -hom the g.oom o( eterna. arkne&& ha& been re&er'e (ore'er2 5t -a& o( the&e peop.e, moreo'er, that $noch in the &e'enth ,generation/ (rom % am prophe&ie -hen he &ai , 4eho. , the Lor come& -ith 9i& myria & o( ho.y one& )ten thou&an & o( 9i& &aint&+ To e6ecute <u gment upon a.. an to con'ict a.. the impiou& )unho.y one&+ o( a.. their ungo .y ee & -hich they ha'e committe ,in &uch an/ ungo .y ,-ay/, an o( a.. the &e'ere )abu&i'e, <arring+ thing& -hich ungo .y &inner& ha'e &poken again&t 9im2 The&e are in'eterate murmurer& ) -ho comp.ain ,o( their .ot in .i(e/, going a(ter their o-n e&ire& ,contro..e by their pa&&ion&/@ their ta.k i& boa&t(u. an arrogant, ,an they c.aim to/ a mire menC& per&on& an pay peop.e (.attering comp.iment& to gain a 'antage2 4ut you mu&t remember, be.o'e , the pre iction& -hich -ere ma e by the apo&t.e& )the &pecia. me&&enger&+ o( our Lor !e&u& Chri&t )the *e&&iah, the %nointe 7ne+2 They to. you be(orehan , 5n the .a&t ay& )in the en time+ there -i.. be &co((er& ,-ho &eek to grati(y their o-n unho.y e&ire&/, (o..o-ing a(ter their o-n ungo .y pa&&ion&2 5t i& the&e -ho are ,agitator&/ &etting up i&tinction& an cau&ing i'i&ion&;; mere.y &en&ua. ,creature&, carna., -or. .y;min e peop.e/, e'oi o( the ,9o.y/ =pirit an e&titute o( any higher &piritua. .i(e2 4ut you, be.o'e , bui. your&e.'e& up ,(oun e / on your mo&t ho.y (aith , make progre&&, ri&e .ike an e i(ice higher an higher/, praying in the 9o.y =pirit@
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0uar an keep your&e.'e& in the .o'e o( 0o @ e6pect an patient.y -ait (or the mercy o( our Lor !e&u& Chri&t )the *e&&iah+;;,-hich -i.. bring you/ unto .i(e eterna.2 %n re(ute ,&o a& to/ con'ict &ome -ho i&pute -ith you, an on &ome ha'e mercy -ho -a'er an oubt2 ,=tri'e to/ &a'e other&, &natching ,them/ out o( ,the/ (ire@ on other& take pity ,but/ -ith (ear, .oathing e'en the garment &potte by the (.e&h an po..ute by their &en&ua.ity2)#+ 8o- to 9im Aho i& ab.e to keep you -ithout & or &.ipping or (, an to pre&ent ,you/ unb.emi&he )b.ame.e&& an (au.t.e&&+ be(ore the pre&ence o( 9i& g.ory in triumphant <oy an e6u.tation ,-ith un&peakab.e, ec&tatic e.ight/;; To the one on.y 0o , our =a'ior through !e&u& Chri&t our Lor , be g.ory )&p.en or+, ma<e&ty, might an ominion, an po-er an authority, be(ore a.. time an no- an (ore'er )unto a.. the age& o( eternity+2 %men )&o be it+2 Footnotes:
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a. !u e 113 02 %bbott;=mith, *anua. 0reek Le6icon o( the 8e- Te&tament2 b. !u e 113 02 %bbott;=mith, *anua. 0reek Le6icon o( the 8e- Te&tament2 c. !u e 114 The u&e o( thi& 'erb paint& thi& kin o( picture2 d. !u e 112? !o&eph Thayer, % 0reek;$ng.i&h Le6icon o( the 8e- Te&tament2
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