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THE LETHBRIDQE HERALD Wednesday, September 27, 1978

All but two Manson followers show signs of rehabilitation

f/ie m m murdarar Charlaa Manaon la llkaly to spend tha rest of hla Ilia In Jail, but It'a a dltiarant ttory for tha "ratomad" members ot hla band of Milan. By WILLIAM SCOBIE London Observer LOS A N G E L E S Massm u r d e r e r C h a r l e s Manson will be eligible for parole later this year. He is unlikely to get it. And while no t e a r s will be shed in California about that, some signs of compassion a r e being shown towards other imprisoned m e m b e r s of the notorious Manson Family, all b u t t w o of w h o m are described as "completely rehabilitated." Onlookers wept in a Los Angeles courtroom recently a s f o r m e r Manson c u l t i s t Leslie Van Houten, 27, w a s c o n v i c t e d of f i r s t - d e g r e e m u r d e r at the end of her third trial. The long-haired, doeeyed Van Houten bowed her head as the verdict was read. It was not easy to see in this pretty, a r t i c u l a t e young woman the freaked-out, shaven-headed zombie who once carved a swastika in her forehead and loudly ridiculed the court and the society that w a s trying her. Nine y e a r s h a v e p a s s e d since the drugged band of Manson followers w e n t on their grisly m u r d e r spree, killing a c t r e s s Sharon T a t e , her four house guests, and police say perhaps as many as 20 other people. And now, one by one, m e m b e r s of a much-changed " F a m i l y " a r e coming due for parole. like trees and I like to be left a l o n e , " he told a newswoman in a r a r e interview this month a t Vacaville Medical Facility, a s t a t e prison near San Francisco. " Y o u ' v e got m o r e rules to live by than m e . I can relax can y o u ? " Manson, now 44, wore a n e a t l y - t r i m m e d b e a r d and m o u s t a c h e . He told Chris Weinstein of the Vacaville R e p o r t e r t h a t Van Houten was " w e a r i n g a snitch; j a c k e t " because she blamed him for the 1969 m a s s a c r e s . But, said Manson, t h e r e would be no retribution: he had sent word out through the prison grapevine. Van Houten, for her part, says she still has nightmares about the killings, but that Manson's domination of her personality is long over. " L S D had a lot to do with it. I ' m e m b a r r a s s e d now tp think that I could believe in him and his 'Helter-Skelter' plan to start a race war."


EDMONTON (CP) - Ben Casson, assistant director of the attorney-general's d e p a r t m e n t , says the complexity of c o m m e r c i a l fraud c a s e s requires Crown prosecutors to be highly experienced a qualification not easy to come by. " T h e Crown prosecution a r e a is often viewed a s a training ground that does not offer a c a r e e r , and if we continue to fail to offer a c a r e e r we will continue to s e e people leaving," Casson said. " I t is t i m e for the g o v e r n m e n t and the public to recognize t h e r e s p o n s i b i l i t y u n d e r t a k e n by t h e Crown prosecutors as an essential p a r t of the criminal justice system and to r e w a r d t h e m accordingly." As head of a special prosecutions section of five lawyers dealing with c o m m e r c i a l fraud c h a r g e s , Casson is keenly a w a r e of the limitations involved in a t t r a c t i n g and keeping experienced solicitors in the civil service. The sensitivity of complex c o m m e r c i a l fraud cases dem a n d s a well-prepared presentation in court. And such presentations often require experienced counsel. " W h e n dealing with r e p u t a b l e b u s i n e s s m e n and businesses, investigators a r e often required to examine sensitive files. This m e a n s dealing with a different kind of criminal element, one with the financial m e a n s to fight the c h a r g e to the limit with the top l a w y e r s . "

Parole In 13 yean
How much m o r e t i m e this child of a well-to-do, middleclass Los Angeles family, now reconciled with her p a r e n t s , will serve is still unclear. T h e m a x i m u m for a " l i f e r " in California before parole can be considered is 13 y e a r s . State legal authorities appear to a g r e e that however often Charles Manson m a y come up for parole consideration, he is likely to r e m a i n in prison for the r e s t of his life.



Baby tigers loving care

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Van Houten hoped to see her c h a r g e r e d u c e d to m a n s l a u g h t e r by p l e a d i n g "diminished mental c a p a c i t y " , in which case given the eight years she has already served she would probably have been set free. Her first conviction w a s reversed because h e r lawyer died in the middle of the c a s e ; her second trial ended with a jury deadlocked over the "diminished c a p a c i t y " issue. This time around, said one juror later, " w e felt the girl had suffered s o m e loss of control over her mind because of M a n s o n ' s influence and using LSD and dope but not e n o u g h to r e l i e v e h e r of responsibility for m u r d e r . " L e s l i e Van H o u t e n h a s returned to jail for a few m o r e years. What of the other Manson HARBIN, Manchuria (AP) followers? Charles " T e x " Watson, who Manchurian tiger cubs, like babies everywhere, need lots led the bloody raid on the of nourishment and tender home of Mrs. Roman Polanski living c a r e , according to Chao in 1969, has become a "born a g a i n " Christian. As a student Kueilau. * M r s . C h a o , t h e t i g e r c h a p l a i n on t h e p r i s o n breeder of Manchuria, has c h a p l a i n ' s s t a f f a t t h e successfully raised 65 r a r e California Men's Colony, he Manchurian tiger cubs over preaches a monthly sermon. Prison officials say he is a the last 20 y e a r s , and r e p o r t s a survival r a t e of 85 per cent c h a n g e d m a n w h o h a s for all tiger cubs born in the "brought to C h r i s t " a t least one convicted m u r d e r e r . He Harbin zoo. Harbin, a rail centre and the has been baptised in prison second-largest industrial city and has written a book about in northeastern China, is also his past c r i m e s and recent the principal breeding site for conversion. Manchurian tigers, the largest in the world and an en'Found Jesus' dangered species. Zoo director Chang HsuehSusan Atkins has also chen told an interviewer there "found J e s u s " behind bars m a y only be 100 wild Manchuand conducts regular Biblerian tigers still roaming the study classes in her cell-block wooded river banks of Mana t the California Institution churia, with others across the for Women. And she too has borders of neighboring Russia written a book, Child of Satan, and North Korea. Child of God. The proceeds "Where there are tigers a r e going to c h a r i t y , say there a r e no wolves," Chang prison officials. "Atkins is a said, explaining that wolves changed person," reports an a r e a favorite dish of the associate superintendent. tigers, which weigh m o r e than "She d r e a m s of becoming a 600 pounds and live 25 y e a r s . m i n i s t e r and baptising Before 1959, he said, China people." used to export the big beasts It was Susan ("Sadie to foreign zoos in exchange for S a t a n " ) Atkins who held the other animals, but the export' pregnant Sharon T a t e ' s a r m s , was stopped when Chinese while P a t r i c i a K r e n w i n k e l zoos asked for m o r e tigers pinioned her feet as " T e x " than were available. Watson plunged a knife into Chang said that all of the tiher stomach on the night of g e r s in Chinese zoos initially August 8, 1969. Five people c a m e from Harbin. died in that attack, two m o r e He said t h e r e were no poa R o s e m a r y and Leno La chers, adding that the wild tiBianca in a Manson F a m i l y gers, one of two species found " r a i d " the next evening. in C h i n a ( t h e o t h e r s a r e Patricia Krenwinkel has s m a l l e r and not Manchurian) also renounced Manson. She a r e g i v e n t h e s a m e high has not taken the born-againgovernment protection affordChristian path, but officials a t ed China's r a r e pandas. the California Institution for Women, where she is serving her life sentence, describe her as a reformed personality. She works as a m a i n t e n a n c e hand in the prison auditorium, is well-liked by other inmates and sees the past as " a bad dream." The fourth m e m b e r of the band who descended on the Tate-Polanski home that RAMSGATE, England night, Linda Kasabian, turned (CP) A w o m a n ' s large state's evidence against bust was busted because Manson and w a s never tried. of h e r a t t e m p t to She was brought for testis m u g g l e a dog into mony a t Van Houten's retrial Britain. from a. small town in New Customs officers at the Hampshire w h e r e she lives R a m s g a t e Hoverport in quietly u n d e r an a s s u m e d Kent noticed the name. w o m a n ' s chest was heavM a n s o n ' s two r e m a i n i n g ing when she approached loyalists, Lynette " S q u e a k y " the b a r r i e r and a small F r o m m e and Sandra Good, black nose popped out of a r e h e l d t o g e t h e r in a the middle of her bra. maximum-security section of She admitted trying to a West Virginia jail. smuggle a small F r e n c h poodle into Britain a t a t i m e when there a r e Serving lite sentence strict precautions against animal-borne diseases. F r o m m e is serving a life The pup was placed in a sentence for her 1975 a t t e m p t q u a r a n t i n e s t a t i o n for to a s s a s s i n a t e P r e s i d e n t t h r e e m o n t h s and the F o r d ; Sandra Good has a 15woman was let off with a y e a r s e n t e n c e for issuing warning. m u r d e r t h r e a t s against a list "We have to be conof 75 corporation executives. stantly on the lookout for ( M a n s o n c l a i m e d to a ingenious s m u g g l e r s , " a r e p o r t e r in 1976 that he had customs officer said. "A " s e n t out a list of people to be girl filled h e r p a n t i e s m u r d e r e d " . ) ) Both women with hundreds of profess total devotion "You c i g a r e t t e s before coming c a n ' t imagine how strong it ashore. We wouldn't have i s " - to " C h a r l i e " . s p o t t e d t h e m if s o m e As for Manson himself, he hadn't fallen out." claims to be content to spend the r e s t of his life in jail. " I


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