CASB Required Courses

General Business - 3 required Economics Ethics Marketing Business Law Human Resource Management Strategic Planning/Policy Statistics Introductory Accounting
(See note1) (See note1) -BOTH-BOTHnd

Courses Available Through DAP
ECON 101 + 102* PHIL 230* BUSI 465: Marketing Management BUSI 393: Commercial Law DIPLOMA BUSI 329: Principles of Organizational Behaviour BUSI 493: Strategic Management in Business BUSI 290: Introduction to Quantitative Decision Making BUSI 291: Application of Statistics in Business

BUSI 293: Introduction to Financial Accounting DIPLOMA BUSI 294: Introduction to Managerial Accounting DIPLOMA

Assurance - 1 required Introductory Finance - 2 required Introductory Intermediate Information Systems & Technology - 1 required Introductory Performance Measurement - 4 required Intermediate Assets and Equities (2 courses) Intermediate Mngrl/Cost Accounting (1 course)
Plus choice of:

BUSI 455: Principles of Auditing DIPLOMA BUSI 370: Finance DIPLOMA BUSI 470: Financial Management

BUSI 335: Management Information Systems DIPLOMA

BUSI 353: Intermediate Financial Accounting I DIPLOMA BUSI 450: Intermediate Accounting II DIPLOMA BUSI 354: Cost Accounting DIPLOMA

Advanced Financial Accounting (1 course) Advanced Mngrl/Cost Accounting (1 course) Taxation - 1 required Introductory

BUSI 453: Advanced Financial Accounting DIPLOMA BUSI 454: Accounting for Management Control and Incentives BUSI 355: Introduction to Income Tax DIPLOMA

Required for graduation from the Diploma in Accounting Program. Other BUSI courses listed here are DAP electives. Non-DAP course: taken by permission/subject to availability. Introductory level courses are not counted towards CASB minimum course requirements and are not included in the overall GPA calculation for entrance into CASB. BUSI 293 and 294 satisfy DAP prerequisites for intermediate courses. A 2 Intermediate course is highly recommended. Software application and similar introductory level courses are not counted toward CASB minimum course requirements and are not included in overall GPA. Appropriate courses are available through DAP; please contact a DAP advisor for more information.



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The DAP Advantage: Why UBC DAP is the right choice for entry into CASB
Flexibility At DAP you can achieve your CA School of Business goal, whether you need to complete all required courses or just a select few. DAP offers individual course registration as well as the full diploma program, and knowledgeable staff are on hand to help plan the right route for you. DAP offers courses throughout the year, on a timetable that fits your busy life. Many courses are offered in the evenings to accommodate working students and you can choose between part-time or full-time participation. Interaction As a UBC DAP student, you'll have the advantage of face-to-face instruction from top-calibre, inspiring faculty, most with professional experience. The classroom setting encourages active participation, dynamic learning and peer support. Guidance Whether you're a prospective student researching your options, or currently enrolled, help is at hand. Contact a DAP student advisor today at UBC Credential Since 1915, The University of British Columbia has earned a far-reaching reputation for academic excellence and innovation. The university, Canada's third largest, attracts top-calibre students and faculty from around the world. As one of the world's leading business faculties, Sauder School of Business represents the future of management thinking. Combining award-winning research, an outstanding faculty, and unmatched global partnerships, Sauder School of Business generates new business knowledge, fuels organizations with innovative ideas, and graduates tomorrow's business leaders. The Faculty has more than 1,750 students in Bachelor's, Masters and PhD programs and boasts 23,000 alumni in 60 countries. Build a Foundation for the Future For aspiring accountants, the UBC Diploma in Accounting Program is the bridge between an undergraduate degree and professional accounting designation. To achieve your goals and succeed in today’s competitive market, you’ll need a broad base of knowledge and proficiency in finance, accounting, law, information systems and more. To strengthen your foundations for the future, you’ll need the UBC Diploma in Accounting Program.

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