Ruth’s Report

October 2007

Will You Help to Pass on the Baton?


f we fail to pass on the baton of our faith and leadership to the next generation, the church is one generation from extinction.

The baton is not being passed in church. The number of adults who do not attend church in America has nearly doubled since 1991, and only 51% of Protestant pastors and just 8% of Protestant parishioners possess a biblical worldview. According to researcher George Barna, “Fewer than 5% of churched households ever worship God outside of a church service or have any regular Bible study or devotional time together during a typical week." The current generation of leaders will retire between 2011 and 2025. Sounding the alarm, Barna asks, “Who are the successors we are preparing to stand on our shoulders and build on the foundations we have laid? . . . It’s not happening.” America is rapidly losing her influence as a beacon of Christian love, economic freedom, and democracy. Can the death of the West be far behind? Europe’s spiritual decline is even more drastic than America’s. Nature cannot tolerate a vacuum, so as the church dies in Europe, Satan moves in to fill the vacuum. Experts predict that Islam will dominate Europe if current trends continue. The drop in church attendance and denominational infighting about homosexuality -- coupled with increases and revivals in the Muslim communities and the higher Muslim fertility rates -- show a swing in overall religious affiliation to Islam.

My Disciples: Passing on the Baton


’ve poured out my life to reach the lost and to train leaders. David Waijunamai, for example, wrote in March that “Hundreds of people are in the Lord's ministry doing wonderful things for the Lord through your great help. Today I am in this position as president of the Chil Chil Asian Mission Society (CHAMS) because you supported me while I studied in ACTS in Korea and in America. “And now, I am admitted to Dallas Theologi-cal Seminary to study for the D.Min. degree through your recommendation. Your help is not only for me but also for our seminary in India so it can keep its accreditation and for our mission as well.

CHAMS missionaries, sent from Manipur, India, to unevangelized parts of India and to Nepa, have baptized dozens of new believers like these in Nepal.

“Dear Dr. Ruth, I want to tell you honestly that my ministry is your fruit. I want to support your 3 schools in N. E. India, too, with all my heart. Thanks a lot once again.”

What Can You Do?


ou can encourage Christian schools. Chaplain E. Ray Moore of Exodus Mandate, whose goal is to "encourage and assist Christian families to leave Pharoah's (public) school system," said Christians must take the biblical command to "train up your children in the way they should go," to include education. "Based on statistics, there is a 70-to-80% chance that a [Christian] child will abandon the church and their faith in a public school career," Moore says. Christian parents need to lobby their pastors, pastors need to lobby their denominations, and their denominations need to start programs creating and operating Christian schools. If American Christianity is culturally relevant way, we repent of our unfaithfulness children. But there are the horizon. Christian 5% a year and home rates up to 15%. In fact, my Dustin and Terra, are home —but some are too young yet.

Ashamed of the Gospel?
Of the highly religious people in America, 48% say it’s sufficient to live the best possible personal life based on their religious beliefs and principles without having to share their faith. But Jesus and all the New Testament evangelists shared their faith in both words and deeds. Our obedience also demands both.

to survive in any are going to have to in the education of our some changes brightening schools are growing up to schooling is growing at nephew and his wife, schooling their 5 children to take formal classes,


ou can encourage adoption or foster care -- not just out of biblical calling -- but also to answer criticism that we, while condemning abortion and same-sex adoption, don’t do enough for orphans. The effort to promote "orphan care" among the nation's estimated 65 million evangelicals could drastically reduce foster care rolls if successful. Evangelicals should think about children in their own communities who are seeking "forever families." More than 500,000 children are in the U.S. foster care system. About 115,000 were awaiting adoption. Churches should follow the example of Denver-based Project (James) 1.27 which looks “after orphans . . . in their distress." In obedience to the Bible’s mandate, my nephew, Dr. Steve Eshenaur, and his wife have adopted 4 children, just as our heavenly Father has adopted us.

You Can Pray for This Vital Ministry: Christian Schools in India and Korea
1. Praise God that 25 of our students at All Nations Christian Academy prayed to receive Christ as their Savior recently. This is the fruit of our sacrificial investment in their lives and many hours of teaching. 2. God has answered prayer for committed evangelical teachers with bachelor’s degrees to serve here. Pastor Kampu, who directs our three schools in India, didn’t visit churches in America in 2006 because few churches invited him. But his wife and I will come, the Lord willing, 2008 with a mission challenge for Korea and India--which at the current rate will soon have the largest population in the world. If you or your church would like to invite us to come in April, May or June, please book a meeting with Timothy Roach (304-882-2819) or email him at My email is reshenaur@hotmail. com. (By Ruth Eshenaur under the auspices of Go Ye Fellowship, P.O. Box 40039, Pasadena, CA 91114-7039.) 3. Pray that the Lord will provide a car for us to get to the churches. 4. Pray that the Lord will use us to raise up prayer and financial support to evangelize unreached peoples.