THE ADVENTURES OF ALADDIN Scene 1 Once upon a time . . .

a widow had an only son whose name was Aladdin. They were very poor and lived from hand to mouth, though Aladdin did what he could to earn some pennies, by picking bananas in faraway places. One day, as he was looking for wild figs in a grove some way from the town, Aladdin met a mysterious stranger. This smartly dressed dark-eyed man with a trim black beard and a splendid sapphire in his turban asked Aladdin an unusual question. Stranger: Come here, boy, how would you like to earn a silver penny? Aladdin: A silver penny! Sir, I'd do anything for that kind of payment. Stranger: I'm not going to ask you to do much. Just go down that manhole. I'm much too big to squeeze through myself. If you do as I ask, you'll have your reward. The stranger helped Aladdin lift the manhole cover, for it was very heavy. Slim and agile as he was, the boy easily went down. Aladdin: Oh dear, this is a large chamber and there is an old oil lamp sparkling. Owh! Look at that! Trees dripping with glittering jewels, pots of gold and caskets full of priceless gems, thousands of precious objects lay scattered about and it is a treasure trove! Unable to believe his eyes, Aladdin was standing dazed when he heard a shout behind him. Stranger: The lamp! Put out the flame and bring me the lamp! Aladdin: why is he concerned about the lamp? For why should a stranger, out of all such a treasure want only an old lamp? Perhaps he was a wizard. Stranger: Give me the lamp. Hand it over! Aladdin: "Let me out first . . ." Stranger: Too bad for you! You won’t be able get out of here forever! I will shut this manhole and you will stuck here from now onwards.

Aladdin: Who the hell are you? Anyway who cares I want to go home!" huaaaa Genie: As though I care who I am…Don’t worry sir. in a cloud of smoke. he twisted it round and round. Mother: oh my boy…what are we going to eat today? I have no idea how am I supposed to feed you. though the door way tightly shut. One day. kfc bucket with large cheesy wedges. let's hope it works. bring us . Now. . Aladdin grew into a tall handsome young man and his mother felt that he ought to find himself a wife. The widow began to rub the lamp. Genie: At your command. mother! I'm so sorry. Well. . I will get you there in a second. In a flash he was back in his own home. a ring slid off his finger. . after centuries! I was a prisoner in the lamp. Tell me your wishes mother. sir.Slamming down the manhole cover. the widow and her son had everything they could wish for food. I'm your obedient servant. It's so dirty . domino’s pizza and tutties fruity. Scene 2 Mother: Aladdin. as he left the market. . never noticing that. Suddenly the room was flooded with a rosy light and a great genie with clasped hands appeared on a cloud. for the genie of the lamp granted them everything they asked him. Aladdin happened to see the Sultan's daughter Halima in her sedan chair being carried through the streets. Terrified Aladdin aimlessly put it on his finger. sooner or later. why are you playing around? When did you come in? Where's the silver coin? Aladdin: Oh. . From that day on. Genie: Oh wow!! You've set me free. clothes and a fine home. . I'm here at your command. waiting to be freed by someone rubbing it. This is all I've got. Suddenly out shot another genie. Anything you like!" Aladdin: Bring us . . as he did so. Tell me what you want.

Halima: Well. rubbed it harder) Genie: Oh it’s you again. Aladdin told his mother and she quickly said: Mother: I'll ask the Sultan for his daughter's hand. My son is interested to marry your daughter. Wait and see!" In palace Mother: my lord. hello who doesn’t want me in this world? You have to meet my father to get me. Aladdin: Don’t worry mother.. one day.. (clapx3) Forty slaves magically appeared. And forty Arab warriors must escort the treasure.Scene 3 Aladdin: Oh my goodness what a beautiful lady you are…I wish I could have you right by my side. Aladdin's mother went sadly home and told him about what happened.News of Aladdin's sudden fortune and wealth spread like wildfire. Every slave must bring a box of precious stones. He'll never be able to refuse. . Sultan: Your son must bring proof of his power and riches. a strange merchant stopped beneath the palace window. The obstacles had been overcome. (He picked up the lamp. Don’t worry I will do anything for you. he must send me forty slaves tomorrow. If Aladdin wants to marry Halima. Master I have heard all that has been happening. until. I have brought casket full of big diamonds. carrying the gemstones... together with their escort of forty Arab warriors. The wedding took place with great celebrations and the Sultan was especially happy at finding such a rich and powerful son-in-law. I will settle this..

and the genie was now at the service of the wizard who had got his magic lamp back. Aladdin twisted it round and round. Take this powder and put it into his tea. The merchant quickly began to rub it . he saw the wizard and the princess.! Aladdin: Sssh." Genie: At your command. and peeping from behind a curtain. Nobody knew what had happened. In a flash. I'm glad to see you again. but it was nowere to be seen. .Scene 4 Merchant: Old lamps for new!! Halima: I shall surprise my hubby with new lamp. . It’s old and ugly. he remembered the genie of the ring from the wizard's finger. I should exchange that old lamp . Wizard: Hahaha! Take away all the possions of Aladdin and his wife too. Aladdin: The lamp! At last. Aladdin: Take me to the place where the wizard has hidden my wife. . Slipping the ring on his finger." Genie: Welcome back. don’t let him hear you. and gave it to the merchant in exchange for a new one. But as he wept over the lost genie of the lamp. Master! Why did you leave me at another's service for so long? Aladdin: Welcome.Psst! Psst! Genie: Aladdin! It's you. Aladdin:. Trust me. he found himself inside his own palace. She fetched the old oil lamp she had seen Aladdin tuck away. Aladdin hunted for the lamp high and low. The powder quickly took effect and the wizard fell into a deep sleep. I've certainly missed you! It's just as well I have you by me again. Only Aladdin knew it had something to do with the magic lamp. now his servant.

put this wicked wizard in chains and take him far away where he'll never be found again. forever. Everything went back to normal and the happy pair hugged each other tenderly. nodded his head.Aladdin: First. as he told his wife the whole story of how he had met the wizard and found the magic lamp that had enabled him to marry her." The genie grinned with pleasure. Aladdin reassured her. Halima: Can we return to our own kingdom? Aladdin: The magic that brought you here will take you back. but with me at your side. . and the wizard vanished. everything is all right. Halima clutched Aladdin in fear: Halima: What's going on? Who is that genie?" Aladdin: Don't worry.

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