Genesis Chapter 25

Death of Abraham, Descendants of Ishmael, & the Birth of Jacob & Esau I. Death of Abraham A. After Sarah’s death, Abraham took another wife, Keturah, and she bore him 6 children: (v. 1-4) • Zimran • Jokshan, father of… • Sheba • Dedan, whose descendants were the… • Asshurites • Letushites • Leummites • Medan • Midian, whose sons were… • Ephah • Epher • Hanoch • Abida • Eldaah • Ishbak • Shuah B. Before he died, Abraham gave gifts to the sons of his concubines and sent them East, away from Isaac (v. 6) C. Abraham was 175 yrs old when he died at “a good old age” (v. 8), just as God promised in Gen. 15:15, and was gathered to his people (v. 8) D. Left all his possessions (except for what he gave to other sons in v. 6) to Isaac (v. 5)—[MATERIAL INHERITANCE] E. God blessed Isaac after Abraham’s death—[SPIRITUAL INHERITANCE] (v. 11) F. Isaac and Ishmael buried Abraham in the Cave of Machpelah, the same place Abraham had buried Sarah (v. 9)

II. Descendants of Ishmael (v. 13-15)
A. Names 1. Nebaioth (firstborn)—Esau later marries Nebaioth’s daughter (Gen 28:9) and sister (Gen 36:3) 2. Kedar—several references in OT, noted as hostile people (Ps. 120:5; destruction, Isaiah 21:16, Jer. 49:28) 3. Adbeel 4. Mibsam 5. Mishma 6. Dumah 7. Massa 8. Hadad 9. Tema 10. Jetur 11. Naphish 12. Kedemah B. Ishmael’s sons became 12 rulers (v. 16), which fulfilled God’s promise to Abraham in Gen 17:20, and “lived in hostility toward all their brothers (v. 18), which fulfilled God’s word to Hagar in Gen 16:12 C. Ishmael lived 137 years, died, and was gathered to his people (like Abraham in v. 8), approx. 48 yrs after Abraham died. III. Birth of Jacob & Esau A. Rebekah was barren for approx. 20 years after Isaac married her, so Isaac prays and God answers with pregnancy (v. 21) B. Turmoil in the womb and Rebekah asks God, who replies with prophecy: • Two nations, two peoples will be separated, one will be stronger, older will serve the younger (v. 23) • Foreshadows the struggle between Esau’s descendants (Edomites) and Jacob’s descendants (Israelites) [Ryrie] C. Rebekah gives birth to twins (v. 24-28) 1. Esau: Firstborn, “Red,” hairy, became skillful hunter, liked the outdoors, became Isaac’s favorite 2. Jacob: born immediately second, grasping Esau’s heel; grew into quiet man, stayed near tents; Rebekah’s favorite D. Esau barters his birthright for a meal (v. 29-34) Questions & Applications 1. What, if anything, does “gathered to his people” in v.8 tell us about their beliefs at the time Genesis was written? 2. What, if anything, does the fact that both Isaac and Ishmael were present to bury Abraham tell us? 3. What can we learn from the story of Esau trading his birthright for a meal?

4. Looking back: What have we learned/can we learn from the life of Abraham?

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