Genesis Chapter 27-28a

Jacob Receives Blessing by Deception
I. Observation A. Who are the major players? What do we know about them? 1. Isaac: nearing end of life, nearly blind, favored Esau 2. 3. 4. Esau: Outdoorsman, hunter, hairy, married to 2 Canaanite women, sold birthright to Jacob Rebekah: favored Jacob, sly & clever in deception Jacob: tended flocks, meek, not outdoorsman, not hairy/smooth skin, went along with deception

B. When does this passage occur? Not specified, but at least 40 years after Esau & Jacob were born C. Where does this passage occur? As best as we can tell, still outside Gerar, near Beersheeba D. What events take place? (Summary of Events) 1. Isaac sends Esau on a hunt to prepare meal in preparation for passing the blessing to him. (v. 2-4) 2. Rebekah overhears, and conspires with Jacob to deceive Isaac. (v. 5-10) 3. Jacob protests, but eventually goes along with the deception, dressing and acting the part. (v. 11-14)
4. Isaac, although blind, senses that something isn’t right (v. 22-23, voice of Jacob, hands of Esau)

5. Isaac asks directly if he is Esau; Jacob lies and says “yes.” (v. 24) 6. Jacob gives food to Isaac and Isaac eats. (v. 25) 7. Isaac asks Jacob to kiss him; Isaac smells Esau’s clothes. (v. 26-27)
a. 9. The kiss, meant as exchange of love b/w father and son, was really an act of deception.

8. Isaac recognizes Esau’s scent from the clothes Jacob was wearing and blesses him. (v. 27)
The Blessing (v. 27-29) • Prosperity: “abundance of grain and new wine” • Power: “may nations serve you and people bow down…” • Authority: “be lord over your brothers…” • Protection: “those who curse you be cursed…” 10. Esau returns from the hunt with food for Isaac and is ready to receive the blessing. (v. 30-31) 11. Isaac & Esau realize the deception and lament. (v. 32-34) 12. Esau begs for blessing, but Isaac realizes that he has already legally given away the blessing. (v. 34-37) 13. Isaac blesses Esau with “lesser blessing.” (v. 39-40) 14. Esau plots his revenge to kill Jacob. (v. 41) 15. Rebekah hears of Esau’s plans and tells Jacob. (v. 42) 16. Rebekah plans to have Isaac send Jacob away to Haran to find a wife, and thus spare him from Esau’s wrath. (v. 43-45) 17. Isaac sends Jacob to Paddan Aram, to Rebekah’s father, Bethuel, to find a wife. (28:1) 18. Isaac blesses Jacob and sends him away. (v.3-5) 19. Esau learns that Jacob had been sent away and of Jacob’s instructions not to marry a Canaanite. (v. 6-7) 20. Esau, trying to please his parents, takes a Hebrew wife. (v. 8-9) Interpretation/Questions for Thought A. MacArthur: God had said to Rebekah of her sons in 25:23 that the older would serve the younger. Was Isaac acting to the contrary when he prepared to pass the blessing on to Esau, the oldest, instead of Jacob? Was that statement prophetic, a statement of God’s will, or both?


B. What the theme or main principle(s) illustrated in this passage?

III. Application A. It is not God’s desire that man would sin; however, God, in his sovereign wisdom is able to work all things together for good.

B. Sin is not without consequence; although Jacob becomes the one through which God would continue the Covenant with Abraham, his life was plagued with stress and conflict. This affirms God’s justice in all things.

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