Conveyor speed calculator Motor speed Inverter frequency Motor shaft pulley diameter Gear box Input-shaft pulley diameter Gear box ratio Gear box output sprocket number of teeth Driven sprocket number of teeth Second stage drive sprocket number of teeth Second stage driven sprocket number of teeth Conveyor chain sprocket number of teeth Conveyor chain pitch Conveyor length shaft to shaft Link per scraper bar Effective width of conveyor Number of deck Results Final shaft speed Linear speed Linear speed Retention time Throughput FFB 1450 rpm 63 hz 6 unit 13 unit 230 16 T 45 T 16 T 45 T 34 T 55 mm 43 m 16 link 1.7 m 1 0.46 rpm 0.87 m/min 0.01 m/sec 42.84 min 20.29 mt/hr

160 160 160 160

FFB con

CFB con

CS con

SFB con

Note Bulk Density of FFB 0.50mt/m3 Bulk Density of CFB 0.60mt/m3 Bulk Density of CSFB 0.60mt/m3 Bulk Density of SFB 0.70mt/m3 Bulk Density of MPD 0.65 mt/m3
Motor rp... Freque... Motor Pulley ... Gearbox Pulley ... Gearbo x Ratio

Gearbo x spr...

Driven sprock...

2nd Drive ...

2nd Driven ...

Con chain s...

Con l...

con width

con de... chain pi... þÿ

Dia SFB con MPD con


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