No one shoulu sit out the 2u14 miuteim elections, peiiou. Piioiities 0SA Action,
which was founueu to pieseive, piotect anu uefenu the 0bama Piesiuency, was not
boin with an eye towaiu congiessional iaces. Bowevei, the upcoming miuteim
elections aie so ciitical foi oui futuie anu the ability of the next Piesiuent to govein
that we must engage. The fiist battlegiounu of the 2u16 piesiuential campaign is the
2u14 miu-teim elections. That is why foi ovei a yeai we have hau iegulai
communication anu cooiuination with the folks iunning the Bemociatic Supei PACs
focuseu on the 2u14 Bouse anu Senate iaces.

Theie has been iecent piess iepoits that we aie "sitting out" this cycle. That's not
tiue. Piioiities is playing a vital iole in suppoiting Bemociats in the 2u14 elections,

• We uonateu $2Su,uuu to Najoiity PAC, making us one of the majoi
contiibutois to the Supei PAC that is taking the leau in piotecting oui Senate
• We also uonateu $2Su,uuu to Bouse Najoiity PAC, putting us in the top tiei of
uonois to the effoit to ieclaim the Bouse;
• In a cooiuinateu stiategy with Bemociatic Supei PACs focuseu on the 2u14
election, we have stiongly encouiageu uonois to suppoit miuteim effoits
anu won't aggiessively iaise foi 2u16 until aftei the miuteim cycle;
• 0ui boaiu membeis, staff anu auviseis aie volunteeiing countless houis,
iaising money, offeiing auvice, signing emails, etc. foi impoitant miuteim
iaces. They have tiaveleu to Alaska, Belawaie, Texas, ueoigia anu othei
ciitical states to campaign with, anu iaise money foi Bemociats;
• In the coming months, we will be suppoiting anu funuing othei key piojects
anu initiatives that will have a uiiect impact on the 2u14 cycle

Beie's wheie you come in. !" $%" $&'()* $++ ,-% &.%,)*"&. &-//,%."%& ., 0, $++
1,- 2$) ., 3"+/ 3,+0 .3" 4")$." $)0 5() .3" 6,-&"7 We know fiom oui fiienus at
the othei Supei PACs that many of oui most committeu suppoiteis have alieauy
weigheu in. The cioss-pollination between Piioiities 0SA Action uonois anu uonois
to the Bouse anu Senate Supei PACs is impiessive. So if you have given, thank
you. If you have yet to give, please unueistanu how high the stakes aie anu
uonate. The next Bemociatic Piesiuent will have a much easiei time if she - oi he -
has a Bemociatic Bouse anu Senate.

Almost as impoitant as what we aie uoing is what we aie not uoing. We aie not
competing with the Bouse anu Senate Supei PACs. We aie not ie-inventing the
wheel. We aie not uuplicating effoits. We aie not spenuing oui uonois' money on
polls anu focus gioups anu taigeting anu auveitising when all of that has alieauy
been uone - anu uone well - by the Bouse anu Senate Supei PACs. Ali Lapp, who
iuns Bouse Najoiity PAC, anu Susan NcCue anu Rebecca Lambe, who co-chaii the
Senate Najoiity PAC, aie talenteu piofessionals. They have oui 1uu% tiust anu
confiuence. We will not big-foot them oi siphon iesouices fiom them. Insteau, we
will uo all we can to help anu suppoit them.

We aie asking you, oui key uonois, to uo the same anu contiibute to the Bemociatic
Supei PACs, who aie woiking tiieless on these ciitical miu-teim effoits.

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