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Resolution – 1

The Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal views recent developments along Bharat-Tibet (China occupied) border with grave concern. Several news reports, which have subsequently been confirmed by responsible sections in our security establishment, have highlighted relentless campaign by the expansionist China to encroach upon our territory. These reports confirm that there were 270 Line of Control violations and 2,285 instances of “aggressive border patrolling” by the People's Liberation Army of China last year alone. It is a sad commentary on our political dispensation that instead of cautioning the countrymen over the evil designs of our adversary there were efforts to gag the voices of caution by trying to take action against the media and blatantly trying to underplay the looming danger. It is disheartening and demoralising to see our leaders making defeatist statements about our preparedness against the Chinese’ aggressive maneuvers. It is unfortunate that our response to the bullying tactics of the countries around us has always been lackluster. Except for the historic decision of providing asylum to HH the Dalai Lama our handling of the Tibetan question has all along been a series of blunders ending up in practically endorsing Chinese annexation of that sovereign and independent country. China went on to occupy Aksai Chin region of Ladakh in the 50s. The Chinese’ designs for further annexation of our territory have resulted in humiliating compromises from our side on Sumdorong Chu Valley in 1987. Emboldened by our timidity the Chinese have now started making claims over entire Arunachal Pradesh. The ABKM views Bharat’s response to these acts of aggression grossly inadequate and calls upon the Government to take immediate steps to strengthen our borders on Bharat-Tibet side as well as other borders like the maritime border, Bharat-Pak and Bharat-Bangladesh border. It is necessary to enhance the response capability of our forces on the Bharat-Tibet border in the face of the huge military build up and infrastructure building by China on the other side. The Chinese have deployed three Es – Engagement, Encirclement and Encouragement of our enemies – as their tactical weapons to harass Bharat. They have developed

Coco Islands Listening Post in South Myanmar into a full-fledged military base. They are building a commercial port in Sri Lanka while the Gwadar military port in the Sindh Province of Pakistan built by them is ready for operations. They are using Bharat-Tibet border for military provocations while the Bharat-Myanmar border is being used by them to support the terrorist and anti-national elements in the North-East. They even started talking about dismemberment of Bharat. The ABKM regrets that the pussyfooting of our Government is resulting in not only the setbacks on territory front but also on the diplomatic front. China has succeeded in raking up Arunachal Pradesh issue in the Asian Development Bank with a view to scuttle our efforts to secure loans for developmental activity in that state. It unsuccessfully tried to prevent the Nuclear Supplier Group countries from lifting sanctions against our country. The ABKM wants to remind the Government that it must proceed in the spirit of the 14 November 1962 unanimous resolution of our Parliament in which it was categorically stated that the territory annexed by China must be brought back. Our Government should tell the counterparts in China that they must vacate the land annexed in the western sector and make no claims over the remaining sectors. It should be asked to honour the McMahon Line as Bharat’s international border in the same manner as it has accepted it as the border between Myanmar and itself. It is shocking to hear that the Chinese have been issuing paper Visas to our citizens from Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir. Through this provocative act they want to show that they don’t recognize Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir as integral parts of Bharat. The ABKM demands that the Government issue orders to the immigration authorities forthwith banning the use of such Visas for leaving our country. Such stern steps, coupled with aggressive diplomacy, will only yield favourable results with China. The ABKM wants to underscore similar concerns on Bharat-Pak front also. Especially of great shock to the nation is the joint statement of the Prime Ministers of Bharat and Pakistan at Sharm-el-Sheik on 9 July 2009. Many experts and leaders from across the political spectrum have pointed out the huge diplomatic goof-up in that statement by way of the inclusion of Baluchisthan issue and our readiness to resume talks with Pakistan in spite of it continuing to indulge in cross-border terror. The ABKM demands that on Pakistan too our Government should follow the spirit of the 22 February 1994 unanimous resolution of our Parliament that the only outstanding issue is the return of the PoK to Bharat. The ABKM registers its appreciation for our soldiers and officers for their valiant efforts to secure our borders and calls upon the countrymen to be ever-vigilant to ensure that the Government does everything possible to safeguard our territorial integrity and self-respect. &&&&&

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