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Westfalia Separator ViscoBoosterUnits

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Efficient operation of ship and power station diesel engines necessitates optimum fuel supply. This key condition is accomplished by the Westfalia Separator ViscoBoosterUnits developed for fuel treatment. This unit consists of a treatment system that meets the fuel requirements, in terms of the required injection viscosity and temperature, between the clean oil tank and injection system for the main and auxiliary engines. The purpose-built booster pumps provide for the necessary system pressure. The modules are designed to the different engine con s umption levels depending on their power ratings, as well as the injection viscosity (approx. 10 24 cSt) and corres ponding injection temperatures (approx. 120 150 C).
Westfalia Separator ViscoBoosterUnit

2 GEA Westfalia Separator

Fulfills all requirements

Depending on the engine manufacturer, different variants are required for the inte g ration of Westfalia Separator ViscoBoosterUnits. GEA Westfalia Separator has res pon ded by offering a variety of system solutions. Whether with or without stand-by function for feeder pumps, booster pumps and heavy fuel oil preheaters, or for one or more engines you will always find a solution that meets your needs and expectations. Naturally, all systems are compact, lightweight, reliable, easy to install and simple to maintain with all main components operating at optimum performance.

Approved by all major classification societies

3 GEA Westfalia Separator

Full Speed Ahead!

Marine units

Standardized units
Type Dimensions & Weight Engine output Length Width Height Weight 3500 kW 2500 mm 1300 mm 2000 mm 1800 kg 5000 kW 2500 mm 1300 mm 2000 mm 1800 kg 7000 kW 2600 mm 1300 mm 2000 mm 1900 kg 9500 kW 12,500 kW 16,500 kW 21,000 kW 2800 mm 3000 mm 3250 mm 3350 mm 1500 mm 1500 mm 1650 mm 1650 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm 2200 kg 2400 kg 2700 kg 3100 kg VBU 3.5/25 VBU 5.0/32 VBU 7.0/40 VBU 9.5/50 VBU 12.5/50 VBU 16.5/65 VBU 21.0/65

Efficient and reliable compact modules are required for supplying HFO to the main and auxiliary engines onboard ships. GEA Westfalia Separator marine units satisfy these requirements in full. They comprise all important main components (pumps, preheaters) as stand-by units as well as further elementary functions like automatic product filtration by compressed air-assisted cleaning, fuel consumption and viscosity measurement. An optimum arrangement on a base frame enables a compact construction while at the same time ensuring good operability. Split add-on modules (feeder/booster component) for adaptation to the respective installation conditions are available if required.
Change over valve HFO MDO Change over valve Strainer Feeder pump Change over valve Stand-by Stand-by Feeder pump module

Adjustment to all available motor sizes Standard modules available Shell and tube preheater as standard Central monitoring system

Pressure control valve

4 GEA Westfalia Separator

Optimally harmonized modules guarantee reliable functionality

Degassing valve Stand-by

Viscosity sensor

Fuel to day tank Fuel from engine



Fuel to engine

Booster pump Flow meter

Automatic backflushing filter

Regulating valve Mixing/Degassing tank Steam or thermal oil Steam trap

Condensate or thermal oil

5 GEA Westfalia Separator

Westfalia Separator pumpstation was developed in cooperation with a leading pump manufacturer. The completely new design of these stations allows GEA Westfalia Separator to offer the most compact booster modules and improve our position as market leader in quality. More functions less space requirement. The modular stations incorporate multiple useful functions for all applications with two pumps. Compared to single components you save up to 50 percent space.

Double stations are used, if a second standby pump is required for safety. Westfalia Separator pumpstation has been designed to be highly modular and with many useful options.

Your advantages
More functions More safety with two pumps 50 percent less space requirement Simple installation Available with magnetic coupling

6 GEA Westfalia Separator

Less Space Required, More Functions and Lower in Costs

Conventional structure
Complex module structure Individual components More space requirement

The new Westfalia Separator pumpstation

All functions and pipework are implemented in one compact station block Reliability through a stand-by pump which is always available Significantly lower in cost

7 GEA Westfalia Separator

Technical Features of Westfalia Separator pumpstation


7 3 15

12 1 2 5 4 8

10 6

9 1 14 13

8 GEA Westfalia Separator

1 Extremely easy connection Via the suction connection and pressure flange, which are easily accessible, the pipelines are connected to the front. 2 Different liquids The 3/2-way valve is used to switch between two liquids. 3 Reversing valve This valve is used to disconnect one pump from the operating system. 4 Safety valves To prevent unacceptably high internal pressure being caused by thermal expansion when the pump is heated, there are two small safety valves in the cylinder of the changeover valve. Suction strainer To prevent damages at the screw spindle pumps a basket strainer for each pump is fitted.

9 Temperature indicator For monitoring the temperature of the pumped medium, two thermometers are optionally supplied. 10 Pressure indicator For monitoring the suction pressure two vacuum meters for each pump are fitted in the station. 11 Pressure indicator For monitoring the feed pressure, a manometer is fitted centrally in the station. 12 Pressure control valve The pressure control valve ensures constant feed pressure even if the demand for liquid varies. 13 Cooling fins For cooling the return flow. 14 Pressure switch A pressure switch is used for automatic switch over to stand-by pump. 15 Heating system Electrical or fluid heating system for preheating highly viscous liquids. Flow measurement A flow meter can be optionally fitted. A volumeter make measurement of the flow rate possible. Differential pressure monitoring For monitoring the strainer polution, an optical differential pressure indicator can be used. A differential pressure indicator with electrical output signal is also available.

6 Pump variants The pump stations are fitted with spindle pumps up to 16 bar or up to 40 bar. 7 Sealing variants For the shaft seal, many seal options are available. The hermetically sealed magnetic coupling provides particularly high reliability. 8 Non-return valve When the pump has been switched off, no liquid flows back out of the station.

Technical data DKC. At 0 bar, 75 mm/s Qth (1450 min-1, 50 Hz) Qth (1750 min-1, 60 Hz) Qth (2900 min-1, 50 Hz) Qth (3460 min-1, 60 Hz) Max. press. pressure flange Temperature With standard mechanical seal With hard material mechanical seal ata With magnetic coupling Viscosity Min. Dimensions and weights DNs / DNd kg

240 2400 (KFT 5 KFT 20) 5 20 l/min 6 25 l/min 10 41 l/min 12 49 l/min 16 bar 150 C 180 C 250 C 2 mm/s

1600 5000 (KFT 32 KFT 42) 32 42 l/min 38 52 l/min 64 86 l/min 76 102 l/min 16 bar 150 C 180 C 250 C 2 mm/s

3000 9000 (KFT 55 KFT 85) 58 83 l/min 70 101 l/min 117 167 l/min 139 199 l/min 16 bar 150 C 180 C 250 C 2 mm/s SAE 2 3.000 PSI 475 kg

5500 13000 (KFT 105 KFT 118) 100 118 l/min 121 144 l/min 200 238 l/min 240 284 l/min 16 bar 150 C 180 C 250 C 2 mm/s SAE 2 3.000 PSI 475 kg

SAE 1 1/2 3.000 PSI SAE 1 1/2 3.000 PSI 170 kg 215 kg

Capacities are valid for the operation of one pump.

9 GEA Westfalia Separator

Power to the People


Power station units

Automatic backflushing filter

To be able to ensure a high plant availability and to achieve the high plant capacities, several diesel generators are frequently installed in power stations. We recommend splitting the classical Marine Unit into a Feeder Unit and, depending on the number of engines, into several Booster Units.
HFO Strainer

Feeder pump

Easy adjustment to the engines in operation Higher availability of the complete insta lla tion Simple switch-over to HFO/DO for each engine Easy adjustment if the system is later upgraded GEA Westfalia Separator has de v e l oped the right systems for this task. The flow chart shown in figure 1 represents one possible solution. The available sizes are set out in the adjacent tables.

Return to day tank Pressure control valve DO pump

Strainer DO

Degassingvalve Stand-by/ Option Fuel to day tank Fuel from engine Preheater Booster pump Flowmeter

Viscosity sensor

Stand-by/ Option

Fuel to engine


DO Regulating valve Mixing/Degassing tank Steam or thermal oil Steam trap Condensate or thermal oil

Degassingvalve Stand-by/ Option Fuel to day tank Fuel from engine Preheater Booster pump Flowmeter

Viscosity sensor

Stand-by/ Option

Fuel to engine


DO Regulating valve Mixing/Degassing tank Steam or thermal oil Steam trap Condensate or thermal oil

Feeder Unit:
Sizes Flow rate

Booster Unit(s):
Sizes Flow rate

The split into feeder and booster unit guarantees high capacities in power stations

10,000 kW 3.5 m3/h 20,000 kW 7.0 m /h

3 3 3 3 3

3500 5000 kW 2.2 to 3.2 m3/h 5000 7000 kW 3.2 to 4.7 m3/h 7000 9500 kW 4.7 to 5.6 m3/h 9500 12,500 kW 5.6 to 7.9 m3/h 12,500 16,500 kW 7.9 to 10.4 m3/h 16,500 21,000 kW 10.4 to 13.3 m3/h

40,000 kW 14.0 m /h 60,000 kW 21.0 m /h 80,000 kW 28.0 m /h 100,000 kW 35.0 m /h

11 GEA Westfalia Separator

Everything under Control

System control

1 Operator panel (graphic / colour) 2 Flow indicator 3 Pilot lamp Voltage supply to control cabinet 4 Pilot lamp Fault trace heating 5 Pilot lamp Trace heating in operation 6 Selector switch Stand-by feed pump 1/2 7 Selector switch Stand-by booster pumps 1/2

10 11 12 13 14

20 21 22 23 24





8 Selector switch Trace heating ON/OFF 9 Button Emergency - Off 10 Pilot lamp Feed pump 1 fault





11 Pilot lamp Feed pump 1 in operation 12 Pilot lamp Voltage supply 1 13 Pilot lamp Booster pump 1 fault 14 Pilot lamp Booster pump 1 in operation 15 Selector switch Feed pump ON-MANUAL-AUTOMATIC-OFF 16 Selector switch

Booster pump ON-MANUAL-AUTOMATIC-OFF 17 Button Emergency off pump control 1 18 Main switch Pump control 1

20 Pilot lamp Feed pump 2 in operation 21 Pilot lamp Feed pump 2 in operation 22 Pilot lamp Voltage supply 2 23 Pilot lamp Booster pump 2 fault 24 Pilot lamp Booster pump 2 in operation 25 Selector switch Feed pump ON-MANUAL-AUTOMATIC-OFF 26 Selector switch Booster pump ON-MANUAL-AUTOMATIC-OFF

8 6 7

27 Button Emergency off pump control 2 28 Main switch Pump control 2

Control Panel with PLC

The control system as a compact, space-optimized control cabinet in 3-piece design for a redundant feeder system. Reliable hardware-based switch-over in case of loss of a feeder with constant operating reliability. The complete operation and visualizaton is via a user-friendly touch panel. All parameters and functions can be controlled from this panel and can be adapted to suit the application and needs
12 GEA Westfalia Separator

of the operator. Switch-over from viscosity regulation to temperature regulation is possible at any time. All necessary information can be read off at a glance on the operator side. Operation of the plant in the event of failure of the PLC is assured by a manual level.


A focus on the essentials

Compact, robust design Good operability Automatic viscosity control Automated control system via common control cabinet with redundant power supply Automatic, compressed-air controlled filter system for particle separation Low weight Easy installation Low maintenance costs

13 GEA Westfalia Separator

Westfalia Separator capitalcare Maximum Process Efficiency, Installation Availability and Budget Security
Westfalia Separator capitalcare combines decades of service experience for mechanical separation technology.

Wherever separating technology tasks have to be carried out, Westfalia Separator capitalcare assures comprehensive services right from the very beginning. In close cooperation with the customer, solutions are identified to meet their needs. The partners benefit not only from traditional services such as inspection, maintenance, original spare parts and repair work provided by the original manufacturer; they also benefit from pro-active solutions which avoid risk, e.g. online and offline monitoring with Westfalia Separator wewatch. Accompanying modernisation or upgrading to stateof-the-art technology also offer the option of boosting performance as required.

Training provided on site or in the modern training centre of GEA Westfalia Separator ensures that the customers employees receive training in the proper handling of the high-tech installations. This provides additional safety.

Authorized workshops worldwide

And if problems occasionally occur or if a spare part is required at short notice, the specialists are able to attend to the customer quickly. This is ensured by a global network with more than 50 sales and service companies as well as 60 further sales partners. Authorized workshops are able to service every location in the world at short notice.

14 GEA Westfalia Separator

Maximum availability
Westfalia Separator capitalcare accordingly makes for maximum process efficiency and installation availability as well as budget security. And these benefits are provided throughout the entire life cycle of the entire installation.

Absolute budget reliability Permanent efficiency

Service from the original manufacturer:

Service engineers quickly on site Extensive service network Risk avoided by service provided by the original manufacturer Pro-active solutions which avoid risk Upgrading to boost performance Staff training
In addition to traditional services such as maintenance or repair, Westfalia Separator capitalcare also provides solutions which avoid risk and with which the installation availability can be pro-actively assured.

15 GEA Westfalia Separator

Beverage Technology

Dairy Technology

Renewable Resources

Chemical/Pharmaceutical Technology


Energy Oil, Gas & Industrial Fluids Fluids&Water Engineering Second Hand Machinery Original Manufacturer Service

The information contained in this brochure merely serves as a non-binding description of our products and is without guarantee. Binding information, in particular relating to capacity data and suitability for specific applications, can only be provided within the framework of concrete inquiries.
Westfalia, Westfalia Separator and wewatch are registered trademarks of GEA Westfalia Separator GmbH.

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