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Martin Joensen 1902-1966 (Translated from Myndir1949) SHA !"#S A$ain and a$ain t%e sea &rea's on t%e &ea(%) A s*ift and and s+dden so+nd, in s-ite of its s*iftness.. %o*e/er. t%ere is a s+$$estion of eternity in t%is -o*erf+l refrain) T%e air is still. 0+ite still) "o so+nd from moor or mo+ntain. only t%e &ea(% and a only tern. *%i(% darts o((asionally into t%e sea) Solid and mot%erly an eider is sailin$ *it% %er yo+n$ on t%e foam-(o/ered *a/es) T%e small. $rey fled$elin$s -oint t%eir talils +- and 'ee- near t%eir mot%er. *at(%f+l 1 s%e seems almost to %a/e a strin$ ro+nd t%e flo(') !f one of t%em %as *andered too far a*ay. it %+rries &a(' to t%e ot%ers *it% ra-id stro'es) 2n t%e &ea(% some (%ildren are r+nnin$ &et*een t%e &rea'ers or &+ildin$ sand(astles, no* and t%en t%e s+rf (omes +- li'e a lon$. foamin$ ton$+e and li('s t%e (astles a*ay. lea/in$ t%e &ea(% tra('less and $rey as a -ie(e of (lot%) 34l J4%annis %as mo/ed %is &en(% o+t of doors in t%is *onderf+l *eat%er and sits -lanin$ an oar) T%e s%a/in$s are &ein$ fla'ed off in lon$ ri&&ons and fall to t%e $ro+nd. *%ere t%ey (+rl +- in -iles) ! *is% !5d %ad one 'r4na for e/ery s%a/in$ !5/e -laned off. %e says to t%e &oy. *%o is *at(%in$ %im *or'in$) !t is a %a&it of 36l J4%annis to *is%) !n %is *is%es %e e7-erien(es %a--iness, t%ey -+t %im in an e(stati( state of mind. and in t%em %e %as t%e &est moments of %is life) 8es. says t%e &oy. *%o ta'es +- as %a/in$ and smells it) Ho* fres% it smells9 T%is stran$e s(ent ma'es yo+r mind fly to some +n'no*n (o+ntry far a*ay) 8o+5d %a/e &een ri(% t%en, *ell. %o* m+(% *o+ld it %a/e &een: He loo's t%o+$%tf+lly at 34l J4%annis and (+rls t%e s%a/in$ ro+nd %is %and) Ho* m+(%: ;et5s see) Ho* m+(% *o+ld it %a/e &een &y no*: 34l J4%annis *onders. -+ttin$ %is %ands &e%ind %is &a(') His fa(e ta'es on a (al(+latin$ e7-ression. as %e (leans a*ay some s%a/in$s from t%e -lane)

<no+$% for a sloo-. ! t%in'. as %e ta'es a t*ist of (%e*in$ to&a((o o+t of %is -o('et. s0+ee=es it *ell to$et%er and -+ts it into %is mo+t%) <no+$% for a sloo- at least. loaded to sin'in$ -oint) >ell. t%at is a*f+lly m+(%. &+t so it m+st &e. for yo+ %a/e -laned off many a s%a/in$. indeed. t%e &oy says. loo'in$ o+t o/er t%e &ay. as if e7-e(tin$ to see t%e sloo- ridin$ at an(%or. o/er t%ere. *it% all t%e money on &oard) And *%at *o+ld yo+ %a/e done *it% all t%e money: %e as's t%o+$%tf+lly *it% t%e same far-off e7-ression) ?one *it% it: Aren5t t%ere al*ays lots of t%in$s to do *it% money: >%o %as $ot too m+(% of t%at 'ind of t%in$: 8o+ *o+ld $et a fe* oyr+ from me. (o+nt on t%at) T%ere *o+ld &e so m+(%@ if yo+ $ot a fe* t%o+sand. it *o+ld ma'e no differen(e) ! *o+ld %a/e an a*f+l lot all t%e same))) ! *o+ld $et a ne* roof on my %o+se. ne* &ir(% &ar' +nder t%e t+rf) ;oo'. %o* &ad it is in -la(es) !t lea'ed ri$%t do*n into my eyes t%e last time it rained))) And stron$ (offee. &la(' as *it(%(raft and not%in$ in it 1 ! li'e it &est t%at *ay 1 and -lenty of $ood to&a((o) >ell. says t%e &oy. *%o %as some ot%er ideas a&o+t t%e list of *is%es *%i(% 34l J4%annis %as made +-) T%at5s all /ery *ell))) &+t ! t%in' !5d %a/e done somet%in$))) $ot a &i$ s%i- and $one to sea. far a*ay) 2r. an airs%i-. *%i(% fle* and fle* and *ent far +- in t%e air) He stares at t%e (lo+ds. *%i(% are li$%t and t%in. and lie li'e stro'es of -aint on t%e &l+e s'y) Ha/en5t yo+ seen -i(t+res of t%ose &i$ airs%i-s: T%ey loo' A+st li'e (i$ars) "o ans*er (omes from 34l J4%annis. for A+st t%en. someone &e%ind %im as's for a fe* s%a/in$s) !t is a *oman *it% a $rey s%a*l ro+nd %er s%o+lders) T%e s%a*l is tied in s+(% a *ay t%at it (o/ers %er %ead and mo+t%) Her fa(e (an &e seen only as a narro* stri-. and t%at is -ale. yello*is%) T%e fire %as $one o+t. s%e says) Her /oi(e s0+eals and so+nds as if it is (omin$ from some*%ere &e%ind %er) ! (o+ldn5t &ear to stay indoors. so ! *ent o+t. and *%en ! $ot &a('. t%e %eart% *as (old))) He dri/es me mad. mar' my *ords. 34l J4%annis. ! (an5t stand it any lon$er) Her tal' drifts from t%e fire t%at %as $one o+t. and t%e story s%e tells no* seems to &e *%at is a(t+ally on %er mind. for %er /oi(e &e(omes %ars%. and. as if loosin$ %er -atien(e. s%e -+lls t%e

s%a*l from %er mo+t% *it% %er ri$%t %and. so t%at more of %er fa(e &e(omes /isi&le) He %as $one stran$e and ne/er lea/es t%e %o+se) He is li'e a t%in$ in a ni$%tmare. *at(%es e/eryt%in$ ! do. so ! am +na&le to do anyt%in$) He tal's a&o+t t%e dead man *%o is %a+ntin$ %im and *%om %e (an5t $et rid of) S%e starts (olle(tin$ t%e s%a/in$s *it% one %and. %oldin$ t%e s%a*l ti$%t to$et%er ro+nd %er (%est *it% t%e ot%er) And *%ile s%e is s*ee-in$ to$et%er t%e s%a/in$s))) 34l J4%annis %as allo*ed %er to ta'e as many as s%e *ants))) s%e 'ee-s on tal'in$. it seems more to %erself. for s%e does not loo' at t%ose *%o listen) T%e story is &ein$ told in s+(% a *ay t%at it does not (all for an ans*er) And no* %e %as for(ed %im on me) ! sa* im 0+ite (learly last ni$%t) He *as %an$in$ in a ro-e o/er me. and only t%e +--er -art of %is &ody *as t%ere. all t%e rest of %im *as $one. s%e $ets to %er feet. and it is e/ident t%at t%e a--arition is still &efore %er eyes) He s*+n$ in t%e ro-e. and ! t%o+$%t %e *o+ld all do*n on me) He as'ed me not to dri/e %im a*ay. *%ate/er ! did) 3lease. *%ate/er ! did))) 8es. so %e said) ! remem&er it so (learly. and ! sa* %im as ! see yo+ no*)) He %ad &een %ere for so many years. %e said. and %e *o+ld $et no -ea(e in %is $ra/e. if %e *as dri/en a*ay from %ere) So ! %ad to allo* %im to stay *it% me and let %im &e %ere in -ea(e))) 8es. %o* (learly ! sa* %im. a sto+t man *it% dar' %air and a lon$. t%in nose) ! didn5t re(o$ni=e %is fa(e. %e *as +n'no*n to me))) "o. ! (an5t &ear it) ! do %o-e "i(las *ill &e &a(' soon) S%e *ra-s +- t%e s%a/in$s in %er a-ron. (o/ers %er mo+t% a$ain and $oes a*ay *it%o+t a so+nd li'e a lon$. t%in s%ado*. snea'in$ alon$ a $a&le-*all) T%e &oy %as stood listenin$ to t%is stran$e story. *%i(% *as so in(o%erent t%at no&ody (o+ld (at(% its *%ole meanin$) He as's no 0+estions. nor did 34l J4%annis interr+-t %er. *%ile s%e *as tal'in$. &+t after 34l J4%annis starts -lanin$ a$ain. t%e &oy $ets %old of a fe* fra$ments. *%i(% %e re-eats to %imself@ A fo*ler5s ro-e. (+t off &y a stone))) and to ta'e (are of t%e remains))) one *%o %ad al*ays &een li'e a troll. im-ossi&le to %a/e in one5s %o+se))) &een e/ery*%ere. -layin$ dirty tri('s all %is life))) and a *oman *%o m+st %a/e &een &e*it(%ed to mo/e into t%at %o+se)))

Bra$ments. fra$ments. &+t t%ey t+rn %is mind from t%e ri(%ness in store to*ards ot%er stran$e -at%s) !m-ossi&le to $et a firm %old of anyt%in$ today) 3eo-le (ome to /isit 34l J4%annis. and t%ere is no -ea(e for %im to *is% or di$ do*n into stran$e fates) "o *ind today. t%e ne* /isitor says. a s%ort man in a narro* (oat *%i(% %as s+(% a s%a-e t%at yo+ (o+ld &elie/e t%e man %ad $ro*n o+t of it) !t is &+ttoned ri$%t +- to %is (%in. and %e loo's li'e a -i-e sto/e in it) He %as almost a (lair/oyant e7-ression . -resses %is (%in and &eard a$ainst %is (%est and nods li'e a -ro-%et (on/eyin$ (on(ealed and im-ortant tr+t%s) His eyes are almost s%+t. &+t no* and t%en t%ey o-en s+ddenly as if t%ey are s%+tters t%ro+$% *%i(% ideas (ome and $o) T%ere *ill &e no *ind today. %e re-eats. and for a se(ond %is eyes are /isi&le +nder t%e lids. ?idn5t yo+ see t%at &i$ %alo ro+nd t%e s+n some min+tes a$o: 1 &ot% of t%em stare +- in t%e s'y 1 a &i$ %alo. *%i(% s-anned t%e firmament))) "o. no rain *ill (ome yet, ! (an5t remem&er a year . *%en so little %as (ome +- &y Mids+mmer) T%e (attle %as (eased to yield mil'. not%in$ *ill li/e. e/eryt%in$ *ill die)T%e $rass *ill &e e7(e-tionally -oor. t%e -otato stal's %a/e &e(ome 0+ite -ale d+rin$ t%is last (old -eriod. %e sei=es t%e oar. *%i(% 34l J4%annis %as laid do*n. and loo's at it) T%e oar mi$%t $i/e %im some ot%er idea) T%e &oat said t%ey sa* a meteor some time a$o) !t *ent do*n &e%ind "e('5s <nd, t%at means somet%in$) A meteor t%at disa--ears &e%ind a mo+ntain &odes e/il. %e +tters t%ese *ords -ro-%eti(ally and *it% $reat em-%asis) T%e on/ersation &et*een t%e &oy and 34l J4%annis a&o+t *%at *ill &e done. if t%e *is%es (ome tr+e. %as e&&ed a*ay) T%e ne* to-i(s ma'e t%e dreams of Ameri(a &oats and airs%i-s fade a*ay) T%eir minds are filled *i% dead men t%at %a+nt t%e /illa$e. and meteors *it% lon$. &+rnin$ tails t%at fly t%ro+$% t%e air. messen$ers from %idden -at%s t%at (a+se -eo-le to foretell disasters and (at(%es) A fe* days later. 34l J4%annis is sittin$ o+tside %is (otta$e a$ain *it% t%e oar. and no* %e is fastenin$ t%e s%eat%in$s) A$ain. today t%e &oy is at %is side. standin$ *it% %is %ands &e%ind %is &a('. *at(%in$ %o* t%e nails $lide into t%e s%eat%in$s and fasten t%em se(+rely to t%e oar) ! *is% to #od !5d one oyra for e/ery &lo* !5/e %ammered. says 34l J4%annis. lettin$ %is t%o+$%ts set o+t on t%eir +s+al -at% of *is%es)

T%en yo+5d %a/e %ad fairly m+(%. t%e &oy says. sits do*n on t%e end of t%e &en(% and &e$ins to follo* 34l J4%annis on %is Ao+rney to t%ose lands. *%ere e/eryt%in$ is attaina&le. and not%in$ im-ossi&le) Bairly m+(%. t%e old man re-eats. at sends t%e %ammer do*n /iolently on a (roo'ed ri/et %ead) "one of +s *o+ld %a/e &een a&le to meas+re or (o+nt t%at -ile) T%e 3+ffin *o+ld not %a/e floated *it% it. and *e (o+ld %a/e settled do*n as 'in$s t%is /ery moment 1 &o+$%t all t%e Baroes. &ot% stone and $ro+nd) 1 Made an em&an'ment ro+nd t%e *%ole &ay. so s%i-s (o+ld lie %ere as in a &asin) !n %is mind5s eye t%e &oy sees a lon$ line of sails and f+nnels 1 seet%in$ a(ti/ity of e/ery 'ind) Today. neit%er remem&ers e7a(tly. *%at *as in %is mind on t%e day t%e oar *as -laned and *%at %e *as *is%in$ for t%en) 34l J4%annis5s *is%es are al*ays (%an$in$) He is li'e a man *%o sets o+t on a e7-edition and dis(o/ers more and more interestin$ t%in$s e/ery day) T%is little *illa$e mi$%t $ro* into a &i$ to*n. yes. a &i$ to*n. %e -ro-%esies. t%e &i$$est -la(e in t%e (o+ntry) A$ain an ima$inary -ros-e(t a--ears to t%e &oy 1 s%i-s and -iers. s%o-s and -eo-le) ! *o+ld5nt dri/e in a nail anymore. no. (ertainly not. 1 an o&stinate ri/et %ead $ets a &lo* so it sin's into t%e *ood *it% a &an$) >o+ld li/e li'e a $entleman for t%e rest of my life))) T%ey %ear -eo-le *al'in$ on t%e road. and t%ey see t%at t%ey are (arryin$ somet%in$ li'e a (%est or a &ed &et*een t%em) 2t%ers follo* &e%ind) >ell. t%ere t%ey $o. says 34l J4%annis. on(e more torn o+t of t%e *orld of %id *is%es) !t5s only *%at yo+ (o+ld e7-e(t. t%at s%e *o+ld end li'e t%at) S%e *on5t e/er (ome &a(' from *%ere s%e is $oin$ no*))) T%ey *illl %a/e t%e tidal (+rrent *it% t%em $oin$ nort%) He %as finis%ed fastenin$ t%e s%eat%in$s and lays t%e %ammer do*n) T%e &oy. li'e t%e old man. is &a(' a$ain in t%e real *orld. and $ets +- from t%e &en(%) He r+ns after t%e ot%er (%ildren. *%o are follo*in$ t%e $ro+-. and old J4%annis $oes in to $et some (offee)

"o eiders are to &e seen on t%e sea today. no (%ildren are r+nnin$ &et*een t%e &rea'ers or &+ildin$ sand(astles) 2nly a tern (ries an$rily o/er t%e &ay) 3er%a-s s%e %as %ad &ad l+(' *it% t%e (at(%) T%e %alo (arried a messa$e. and t%e rain -o+rs do*n. $ently and -ersistently from t%e $rey s'y) C+t t%e *arnin$ of t%e meteor still lies in *ait) !n@ Faroe Isles Review ol+me 2. "o 2. 19DD