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Documentary on Victims of Rajiv Assasination - Truth Revealed It is with great pain that we witness the greatest tragedy of our century... (C !NNA" # - To all democratic and humanitarians around the world. The "ndian $edia has %een misleadin& the nation as the ethnic nationals 'Tamils( who are the )art of the country as terrorists and Tamilnadu as a terrorist state. They )ortray to the )eo)le of north india that the Tamils are fi&htin& to release 'Rajiv *illers(+ whilst the truth is not so. ,e have %een framed in that case- and we found that we have not a))rised the world and the indian media
Hangings in India

enou&h with our a&ony and discrimination. ,e unite as a state only %ecause we &et o))ressed on such issues. .lease see the Video for yourselves and *now the truth. "f you continue to hate us after seein& the video it/s- fine. 0ut we certainly %elieve you will not hate us after 'understandin& the truth( The investi&ation of the hi&h )rofile )olitical assassination has %een dealt with lot of flaws which the officials have convicted themselves. The judicial system is so )oor in the nation that it allows the cons)irators to roam freely while innocents are %elieved to %e sca)e&oats. Documentary1 (or watch video %elow#

"t is with the tra&ic assassination of former .rime $inister of "ndia $r. Rajiv 2andhi that the real face of the dee) seated threat to the national security )osed %y lon& term and wider cons)iracy came to lime li&ht. 0ut unfortunately- the re)uted investi&ation a&encies of the nation alon& with judiciary- succum%in& to the acutely mis&uided )u%lic o)inion and shoddily influenced %y a lon& hatched cons)iracy ended u) namin& few innocent individuals as %ein& solely res)onsi%le for an un)recedented event demeanin& national security. This carefully orchestrated e3ercise in the &uise of an investi&ation on the %ehest of the real murderers is tryin& to e3ecute a few innocent civilians to sidetrac* the attention of the entire nation away from the real cons)irators of the murder. The initial actions from judiciary went on with the summary e3ecution of all the 45 accused until it was sto))ed from doin& so %y the Su)reme court of "ndia followin& heavy criticism from le&al e3)erts termin& it as 67udiciary/s 2enocide/. 8et we are not far from a ha9e- %iased and unfair investi&ation climate. "t is with &reat )ain that we witness the &reatest tra&edy of our century that a &reat nation is %ein& deceived that the han&in& of a few innocents will save the nation from the clutches of cold-%looded anti-national cons)irators and *ee) it safe and secure. The :uestion remains- if the civili9ed society will ever wa*e u) to the hard facts which are %ein& hidden from )u%lic view with strenuous effort- only to save the real cons)irators; "f the res)onsi%le and res)ected media of the nation reduce itself to a silent s)ectator- the nation will witness a judicial ni&htmare %y han&in& innocent

civilians and %y savin& real cul)rits- thus lettin& an anti-national cons)iracy &ain momentum )osin& a %i&&er threat to the security of the nation. The society and media will have to re&ret their inaction dee)ly in a day when the real cons)irators &o a%out e3ecutin& their )lan of desta%ili9in& this nation of a %illion )eo)le. ,e sincerely ho)e this does not %ecome the situation. There have %een e3am)les from the )ast for the media ste))in& in to %rin& a de-railed investi&ation %ac* to trac*. 8et a darin& reinvesti&ation %y the media in this issue will %e cele%rated for a&es as an un)recedented achievement %y media in uncoverin& a massive anti-national cons)iracy. ence we sincerely ur&e the re)uted media of this nation to roll u) their sleeves and &et into action %y reinvesti&atin& the %i&&er cons)iracy and save the nation from its tou&hest threat till date %y identifyin& the real cons)irators %ehind the murder. There is no dou%t that the entire nation will stand with the media in every ste) of its attem)t to o)en u) the dee)er cons)iracy s)iralin& the nation Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Unanswered questions & unresolved puzzles: A rou&h !n&lish translation of a story ori&inally written in Tamil in the Tamil $a&a9ine- Tamilan !3)ress in the year <==>. The entire nation is focusin& on the 7ain commission/s re)ort. At the same time- the s)ecial court investi&atin& the Rajiv assassination case has concluded its investi&ations. The jud&e involved has announced that 'the verdict will %e declared on 4?th Au&ust <==?(. All the 45 accused and the citi9ens of the country are awaitin& this jud&ment ea&erly. The o))osition ar&uments in this case ran for over @A days. Tamilan e3)ress has access to many *ey ar&uments from o))osition in this secretly held investi&ations.

ere we attem)t to o)en u) many of those untold stories. The o))osition ar&uments were deli%erated with the )resence of the officers from the S)ecial "nvesti&ation Team and the .u%lic )rosecutors while the Tamilnadu .olice stood &uard for the )roceedin&s. "n the hearin&s from the year <==B- this case ran for @A months with 4?? witnesses- BAAA documents from the .u%lic )rosecutor and <AAA documents su))ortin& the o))osition were )resented in the court. $any of the :uestions raised durin& the o))osition/s ar&uments remained unanswered. The way in which the investi&ation was done %y the S"T leads to a sus)icion that the investi&ation has %een carefully mended to a))ease those in )ower. Rajiv/s death is not just the murder of a V". %ut is a %itter cons)iracy that shattered the nation. "t is the clear sym)tom of the dee)er )lans from the international )owers which try to dominate the )olity of this nation. That is )recisely why these shoc*in& events and the shortcomin&s in the investi&ation are very im)ortant and need to %e analy9ed. The o))osition ar&uments in this case were initiated %y senior lawyer $r. Duraisamy. e- in his initial ar&ument- re)ortedly %lew u) all the 6coo*ed u) stories/ of the S"T %efore a intently listenin& court room. "n a similar fashion- $r. Ramadass in his << day o))osition ar&ument- %rou&ht to li&ht many of the 6made u) stories/ in the S"T/s investi&ation re)ort. owever the clima3 of the o))osition ar&ument came from the harsh elicitations from $r. Chandrase*ar. e- with hi&hly convincin& evidences e went on and with a fully emotional flow of statements- %lamed the S"T for havin& coo*ed the re)ort to fit their )reconceived ideas and notions. even to challen&e the S"T that- '"f the S"T can )rove the evidences a&ainst my :uestions- all my accused )arty men will acce)t all the claims made a&ainst them(. Thus the @A day o))osition ar&ument has raised so many


ere are those unanswered :uestions...

There are few major cate&ories which need to %e considered to analy9e the various stran&e ha))enin&s around the time of Rajiv/s murder.

1. The









%riperumbudur meetin pops up as the &irst 'uestion. a. !a"i# started his propa anda &rom (elhi and reached )hennai throu h *rissa and +ndhra Pradesh. ,et the 'uestion remains as to why !a"i# would a ree to attend the %riperumbudur meetin which was not at all in the a enda o& Tamilnadu )on ress Partyb. .hile other senior leaders o& Tamilnadu )on ress like /a0happadi !amamurthy and 1.2.3ooppanaar showed no interest in brin in !a"i# &or propa anda in %riperumbudur4 what made 3ara adham )handrasekar to tra#el to (elhi to in#ite him- (id she &all prey to a lar er conspiracy4 unknowin ly-

5. The second was with his security uard o& the time and the so6called reporters who seemed to keep themsel#es at a sa&e distance &rom !a"i# durin %riperumbudur #isit. a. .hen !a"i# was makin his propa anda rounds in 7hu#aneshwar and /ishakapattinam4 it was his %ecurity o&&icer *.P.%a ar who stood uard. .hy did not he turn up &or )hennaib. %ome tele#ision reports &rom 7ul aria accompanied !a"i# in his propa anda. Their primary "ob was to make #ideo recordin s o& !a"i#$s propa anda. Thou h they participated in the initial propa anda rounds o& !a"i# in *rissa and +ndhra4 they chose to skip all o& his public meetin s. 8nstead they stayed back in their luxury hotel with the pilot o& their special &li ht in /ishakapattinam. .hat could be the purpose o& their #isit i& they are not co#erin his public meetin s4 which is supposed to be their key his

"obc. 8n /i0a 4 !a"i# had to turn back to his )ircuit 9ouse due to a technical sna in his &li ht. !a"i# returned to the &li ht a&ter recei#in the news throu h the then +ndhra Pradesh )hie& 3inister /i"aya 7askara !eddy that the problem has been sol#ed. 8n the midst o& this mess4 the two 7ul arian reporters reached the airport #ery late alon with !a"i#$s %ecurity *&&icer *.P.%a ar and conse'uentially missed the &li ht. Thus the security o&&icer did not &ly with !a"i#. .hat circumstances led an experienced o&&icer like %a ar to miss the &li ht with !a"i#d. 3eanwhile !a"i# reached )hennai with out his security o&&icer. The security o&&icer who takes char e in )hennai P.).1upta who was waitin to recei#e !a"i# could not recei#e the Pistol &rom *.P.%a ar as the later did not come in that &li ht. +s a result4 1upta tra#eled alon with !a"i# with out the pistol. (oes this not raise 'uestions o& a conspiracye. +&ter !a"i# le&t the )hennai 3eenabakkam airport in his motorcade two so6called women "ournalists boarded !a"i#$s car near !ama#aram. .hether their identity was e#er #eri&ied by %8T is still a 'uestion. .hy they were not sub"ected to any kind o& in#esti ation is a bi did they o a&ter the incidenter 'uestion. &. .here are the 7ul arians- .ho are the two &orei n "ournalists and where

:. 9ow Pirabaharan and ;TT< were linked to this case with out any acceptable e#idencea. <xcept &or the &act that (hanu4 %ubha and %i#arasan all hail &rom ,alpanam4 what made the %8T belie#e that they acted only on the behest o& ;TT<. .hy they couldn$t ha#e been hired by any other &orei n power &or this assassination- .hy the %8T in#esti ation around them was concluded only by linkin possibilityb. The %8T$s claim &or ha#in o#erheard a radio con#ersation between them with ;TT< and excludin any other

Pirabaharan and %i#arasan seems to be an ima inary story built to sustain their stand. .hat is the proo& &or this claimc. .ho is this Pottu +mman- (id anyone e#er exist with that name- ;TT< ha#e clari&ied earlier that +mman is an elder operati#e who has died in action in the past and who remains now is only Pottu. 9ow come an in#esti ation a ency names a non6existent person as the second accusedd. There are many &acts that can be deri#ed by comparin !a"i#$s murder with that o& Padhmanaba. .hile the latter$s murder was in#esti ated by the Tamilnadu = branch police4 the %8T in#esti ated !a"i#$s murder. 7oth the teams point the place o& ori in o& the conspiracy to ,alpanam. .hile %i#arasan was a prime accused in both the cases4 Pirabaharan was not an accused at all in Padhmanaba$s murder. 8t only leads us to a conclusion that the inclusion o& Pirabahran$s name in !a"i#$s murder is not a conse'uence o& any &indin s o& in#esti ation rather it seems to be truly politically moti#ated. The inclusion was done only with a cruel intention to add >li&e$ to this case. e. Poet 2asi +nandhan met !a"i# in airport. .hat was the messa e that he brou ht by him &rom Pirabaharan- 8& Pirabaharan has re'uested !a"i#$s help &or <elam liberation4 where is the need to kill !a"i#&. 8ndia and especially Tamilnadu are well known #ocal supporters and sympathi0ers o& the liberation stru le o& Tamils. 1i#en this ob#ious &act4 it will be a historical blunder to kill !a"i# in Tamilnadu and et themsel#es kicked out o& 8ndia and &ace a le al ban4 i& e#er they had such an intention. .ill Pirabaharan4 the leader o& a liberation stru enou h to take such a decision. 9ow come an old photo raph where Pirabaharan posed alon side %i#arasan is the only solid e#idence to pro#e that Pirabaharan had a hand in this murderh. <#en i& (hanu4 %ubha and %i#arasan had been with the ;TT< earlier. le o& its stature be stupid

.hat pro#es that they were associated with the ;TT< at the time o& assassination- .hy they can$t ha#e mo#ed out o& ;TT< and acted as paid6assassins &or any other .estern4 <uropean or 8ndian ma&ia?. The most important 'uestion is with the stran est circumstances under which )on ress leaders and their &amily members cleared all the security hurdles and lead the assassins and their aides ain such a close proximity with a &ormer Prime 3inister and the runnin Prime 3inisterial candidate !a"i#. @8n &act (hanu was only at arm$s reach when the bomb explodedA. This won$t ha#e been possible e#en &or lon time )on ress workers. This is accompanied by the unnatural silence maintained by )on ress leaders about the 'uestions lin erin around the circumstances o& the murder a. The two so6called women &orei n "ournalists inter#iewed !a"i# in the car but Tha.Pandian and 3arakatham )handrasekar who accompanied !a"i# in his car declined to comment statin in#esti ationb. 3ara adham )handrasekar came to the #enue o& the %riperumbudur Public meetin . 9er dau hter ;atha Priyakumar came &rom +rakkonam alon with her husband ;awyer 3a endiran. 9er son ;alith )handrasekar came to the #enue with his wi&e /inothini. 7ut they ne#er re#ealed where they started &rom. 1i#en the &act that /inothini is the #ery dau hter o& Julius Jayewardene4 why she was ne#er interro ated- .hen the entire &amily was at the #enue4 why no one was e#er interro atedc. %i#arasan$s mother and /inothini$s &ather are %inhalese. 7oth o& them were at the murder site4 why they can$t ha#e act on the behest o& %rilankan %upremo Premadasa who has an apparent apprehension a ainst !a"i# &or ha#in sent the 8P2B to %rilanka. d. !a"i# was intercepted on his was to the podium was interrupted &or a while by ;atha 2annan who read out a poem. 8t this time&rame4 that was utili0ed by the assassin (hanu to tri er the bomb. .hy she was ne#er included that they did not know anythin about the discussion. .hy this stran e beha#ior was not put to any

in the list o& accused- (hanu entered the security rin and ot so close to !a"i# only usin ;atha 2annan. 8& 9aribabu could be accused4 why not ;atha 2annan- .hy should the %8T show such a blatantly kind attitude towards people who had a )on ress connectione. /a0happadi !amamurthy4 who accompanied !a"i# to the sta e in the two street6corner meetin s "ust precedin the %riperumudur meetin 4 was too &ar &rom !a"i# in this meetin alone. .hy is that&. 3any innocent ci#ilians and security personnel died alon side !a"i# but it is too stran e to obser#e that not e#en a sin le )on ress worked died or e#en had a minor in"ury in this incident. 8t was considered that ;atha Priyakumar brou ht (hanu4 %ubha and %i#arasan to %riperumbudur. 3ore importantly ;atha Priyakumar brou ht them to the .omen$s section and asked ;atha 2annan to help them. .hy she was ne#er interro ated as to the purpose o& lettin them ha#e access to &ormer P3h. !en anathan testi&ied that he rented the house out to %i#arasan only at the instance o& 3ar aret +lwa. 9ow was she related to %i#arasan- .as the #alidity o& this claim e#er #eri&ied by %8T5. 7ased on #arious statements by notable leaders4 e#idences and pre#alent circumstances there are many possible conspirators. 8t is #ery stran e that the )on ress who should ha#e had the bi alternati#esest interest in unco#erin this conspiracy ne#er 'uestioned the %8T &or not considerin those more probable

a. Chandraswamy,

SubramanianSwamy @both

accused by the Jain

commissionA and arms dealer 2asoki were all possible candidates &or interro ation. .as any in#esti ation done considerin themb. (urin the 1ul& war4 8ndia under leadership o& 3r.)handrasekar supplied &uel to the +merican &i hter cra&ts. !a"i# hea#ily critici0ed this and there is e#ery reason &or +merica to be an ry at !a"i#. .hy there is no

in#esti ation done considerin assassinationc. 7e&ore bein

the possibility o& a )8+ hand behind the

killed4 !a"i# told that the )8+ is responsible &or the

assassination o& then Pakistani Prime 3inister Cia6Dl69u'. .hat &orced him make such a statement- (id he suspect a similar attempt at his li&e as well by )8+d. 8n the a&termath durin July 1EE1 the then 9ome 3inister %.P.)ha#an opined that there are other &orei n roups and powers which are behind !a"i#$s assassination. .as any in#esti ation done to assess the reason behind the 9ome 3inister$s statemente. )8+4 notorious &or its interest in the departures o& many o& the third world leaders was ne#er considered a possible conspirator. .hy was that&. The leader o& Palestinian liberation stru le ,asar +ra&at warned the then P3 3r.)handrasekar that there is a threat to !a"i#$s li&e. .hat was the source o& this warnin - .as there any in#esti ation done in that direction- )onsiderin the &act that the possibility o& ,asar +ra&at recei#in any intelli ence is possible only i& the conspiracy was hatched in the 3iddle <ast or the .estern <urope4 did the %8T in#esti ate such a possibility. 8& there is one thin that the %rilankan o#ernment would share with the ;TT<4 it is the hatred towards !a"i# &or messin up their li#es in %rilanka by sendin the 8P2B. )onsiderin this &act4 the opposition lawyer )handrasekar challen ed the %8T that his party would accept all the claims a ainst them i& the %8T could pro#e that /inothini and her &amily are innocent and they did not ha#e anythin to do in the murder. The %8T sa&ely chose to skip this #ery important challen e &rom opposition and hence no one &rom that &amily was e#er interro ated h. The %rilankan o#ernment would ha#e ob#iously been threatened by !a"i#$s statement that 8P2B will make another #isit to %rilanka i& he came back to power. .hy the possibility that they had an interest in his death4

was ne#er consideredi. Premadasa was popularly blamed &or the assassination o& many o& the political leaders o& his time includin considerin this possibility". Politicians with #ested interest or e#en his party leaders who may &ind him as a hurdle in their political career could ha#e used assassins to execute !a"i# out o& political enmity. .hy this an le was ne#er consideredk. !a"i# as a Prime 3inister had close links with so many international weapon dealers. .hy they couldn$t ha#e had a hand in this assassinationl. Dtili0in the %rilankan Tamil$s stron a&&inity to 9induism4 why can$t the the Bather o& the 7JP or !%% had their archri#al !a"i# executed by hirin (hanu4 %ubha and %i#arasan- !%% is known e#en today &or killin nation4 3ahathma 1andhi. ,e don/t need re)uted a&encies li*e the C0" or S"T to conduct the investi&ation if the end result is only to file a re)ort %lamin& a few individuals with out considerin& any of the o%vious )ossi%ilities. The results of this case are e3)ected soon. !s)ecially the 7ain commission/s interim re)ort has increased the e3)ectation amon& le&al e3)erts. 0ut such numerous :uestions rise a&ainst the S"T Thou&h we all a&ree that 'not every :uestion turns out to %e a fact( 0ut if these stron& sus)icious circumstances are not investi&ated there is every chance that the real cons)irators )rotected %y )owerful &rou)s &et away easily. Those real cul)rits who &o uncau&ht will turn out to %e a true threat to the safety of the leaders of this nation. !very "ndian has the ri&ht to *now the answer to this %illion dollar :uestion1 2amini Thissanayaka4 +dhulath 3udhali and /ikrama %in he. .hy there was no in#esti ation done

Did the SIT ever perform an investigation or did they just prepare a report based on mere assumptions? Courtesy1 Tamilan !3)res 1. The possible alternate conspirator boils down to %ubramanya swami. The Jain commission report has raised stron suspicion that %ubramanian swami has a de&inite role in !a"i#$s assassination4 citin the suspicious and unexplained &orei n tra#els alon with )handraswami. %ubramanian swami is also alle ed to ha#e made phone calls to key media person all o#er the nation askin i& there has been any important news @a while be&ore !a"i#$s murderA. The suspicion a ainst %ubramanian swami reached a peak considerin the &act that he has been a #ocal and ardent ad#ocate to han the accused without conductin any &urther trial. 5. The other key conspirator who should also be in#esti ated is tantric )handraswami$s close associate %ubramanian swami who has been hea#ily critici0ed by Jain commission report. The commission cites the stron apprehension that )handra swami had a ainst !a"i# which has been recorded throu h multiple eye witnesses. )handraswami has reportedly #owed to kill !a"i# FGG3ain usko khatam kar doon a @8Hll &inish him o&&A4HH GGJaise uski maain ki maut huie4 #aise he !a"i# 1andhi ko marun a @!a"i# 1andhi will be killed the same way his mother wasIJ. 9owe#er second and more concrete e#idence was pro#ided by the )entral 7oard o& (irect Taxes which sei0ed ori inal payment dra&ts made totalin 11 million D%( in &a#or o& arms dealer +dnan 2hasho &rom )handraswami ashram. )onsiderin all the abo#e unanswered pu00les and 'uestion4 we re'uest you to do an ob"ecti#e analysis on these said points4 in the interest o& the mankind S)ecial than*s to the $ay <>th $ovement i

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