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" #l$% a &'a, e(apa l)#al", AN SCOLAR *+,-'*+,. I% USE O/ EN0LISH1 23+ POINTS4 ,% C5))$e (5e 6a7ian( (5a( be$( $8i($ (5e #)n(e9(1 N)7:)l;' (5e ideal 5)lida< pla< 7)8nd This article is the work of someone born and (1) up in Norfolk. It is not impartial. On the (2) , I m near to bein! a fanatic about the count" and all it has to (#).. . If "ou want to consider other holida" destinations, "ou are best ad$ised to !o (%) . for "our information. &o, wh" am I so incredibl" keen on m" nati$e count"' (irstl", it s clean. This stems from the fact that the population is $er" ()) .* less than half the a$era!e for an +n!lish count". (,) there are fewer people, there are fewer chimne"s, fewer towns and fewer cars. -nd whereas other rural counties ha$e motorwa"s (.) throu!h them, Norfolk* lar!el" bounded b" sea* has $er" (/) throu!h traffic whatsoe$er, and not an inch of motorwa". Norfolk offers a hundred miles of beautiful inland waterwa"s and, in (0) .. , a hundred miles of unspoilt coastal scener". (11) the coast there are nature reser$es (11) .. seals, rare birds and other wildlife thri$e in profusion. 2on! distance footpaths (12) almost the whole of this coast and people wander slowl" alon! them peerin! (1#) binoculars. This is 3uite an amusin! si!ht, thou!h one sometimes (1%) for their safet" near the ed!e of the cliffs4 If "ou re feelin! (1)) , Norfolk is the place for "ou4 ,% *% -% .% 3% =% >% ?% @% ,+% ,,% ,*% ,-% ,.% ,3% A% brou!ht A% opposite A% praise A% elsewhere A% sli!ht A% 6hereas A. dri$in! A% few A% addition -. 6ith A. where A% alon! A% with A% worries A% lowl" B% raised B% whole B% pro$ide B% awa" B% thin B% 7ecause B% runnin! B% little B% fact B% Ne9t B% with B% accompan" B% into B% dreads B% worn

2,3 p)in($4

C% reared C% e$idence C% offer C% off C% low 8. -lthou!h C% leadin! C% sli!ht C% realit" C% 7eside C% that C% follow C% throu!h C% fears C% wear"

5. !rown D% contrar" D% !i$e D% there D% little D% 6hile D% di$idin! D% scarce D% places D% -lon! D% while D% run D% b" D% wonders D% hea$"

*% /ill ea#5 ): (5e n8mbe7ed blan;$ in (5e :)ll)Ain pa$$a e% U$e )nl< )ne A)7d1

2,3 p)in($4

Ma7< (5e mena#e

-s I shot round the corner on m" bic"cle I saw :ar" comin! the other wa". ;nfortunatel", she was (1) . the wron! side of the road and a collision seemed ine$itable. There was a split second in (2) . I saw :ar" s fin!ers mo$e on her handlebars< I suppose she must ha$e been usin! her brakes (#) .. a hopeless effort to stop (%) . time. There was another split second in which I saw her leanin! her bod" outwards, ())..from the point of impact. -nd then it happened. I remember the clan! (,) .. our bic"cles locked in a moment of combat. I don t remember fl"in! (.) the air, thou!h I (/).. remember the moment of take* off, when I suddenl" had (0) saddle beneath me. I also remember the moment of landin! and :ar" s $oice (11) .. , =-re "ou all ri!ht' I was 3uite impressed to hear her e9pressin! concern for me (11).. the $er" moment her bic"cle frame was comin! down o$er her (12) and shoulders. &he looked like a pri>e on a hooplah stall. 6ell, was I all ri!ht' I was an!r" (1#) . ha$in! been knocked off m" bike and deposited in the !utter, but I was humbled too* humbled b" the wa" she put others (1%) .. , e$en in a moment of crisis and pain. =Oh fine, thanks, I (1)) .. . =-re "ou O?' -% Read (5e (e9( bel)A% U$e (5e A)7d i6en in #api(al$ a( (5e end ): $)me line$ () :)7m a A)7d (5a( :i($ in (5e ap in (5e $ame line. 2,+ p)in($) 5ancin! is !ood for "ou In recent decade, in both theatre and cinema, dance shows ha$e become, increasin!l" popular. :eanwhile, the 7ritish -mateur 5ancesport -ssociation estimates that there are now four million people1 in dancin! acti$ities in the countr" e$er" week. 7ut the popularit" of the dancin! is b" no means a recent phenomenon. &ince the dawn of ci$ili>ation, dance has been an important part of life, and dance ..2. stru!!le to identif" the first e$idence of dance as it has alwa"s been an intrinsic part of human# The earliest recorded dances, disco$ered in the 0,111*"ear*old 7himbetka rock paintin!s in India, were used to tell stories and celebrate..%e$ents, whilst ser$in! as a wa" of passin! on information to future !enerations. 7ut wh" has dance, somethin! which can make someone look utterl".)..if done wron!, alwa"s seemed to be natural to our 5N-' +9perts ar!ue that its ps"cholo!ical and ph"siolo!ical benefits are the cause. ...,.studies ha$e disco$ered that dancin! is not onl" an.form of non*$erbal communication, but is not onl" a mood*boostin! cure that can alle$iate/, impro$e interpersonal 0 and cure illnesses. @h"sicall", dancin! makes us happ" because, as with an" repetiti$e e9ercise, it releases endorphins. -lso it s a sociali>in! e$ent, to be ph"sicall" close to people and more emotionall" connected to them.


.% C)mple(e (5e $e#)nd $en(en#e $) (5a( i( 5a$ a $imila7 meanin () (5e :i7$( $en(en#e, 8$in (5e A)7d i6en% D) n)( #5an e (5e A)7d i6en1 23 9 * D ,+ p)in($4

1. =6ould "ou lend me "our camera, @atrick' , asked Aohn. BORROE Aohn 2. If nobod" obBects, toda" s class will be held on the terrace outside. UNLESS Toda" s class will be held outside on the terrace ..obBections. #. 6e assumed that the a!enc" would email us the theatre tickets. 0RANTED 6e..that the a!enc" would email us the theatre tickets. %. -lthou!h the mana!er refused to bu" us a new photocopier, she was still popular. HER The mana!er was still bu" us a new photocopier. ). The launch of the new product is scheduled for the end of -u!ust. DUE The new product .at the end of -u!ust.



Cou ha$e seen this announcement in a newspaperD 6e need "oun! people to li$e in a remote mountain area for three months with onl" each other for support. Their e9periences will be filmed and shown as part of a TE series called F&ur$i$alG. Ha$e "ou !ot the skills to sur$i$e in a hostile en$ironment and work in a team' Tell us wh" "ou should be included in the proBect.

6rite "our letter of application in 211*2%1 words in an appropriate st"le. Cou do not need to include postal addresses.

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