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Leaderless Organization (LO) Survey Questionnaire Definition: Leaderless Organization (LO) includes any locally-based collective, project, or initiative

going by the label of Anti- acist Action, !ritical "ass, #arth $irst%, or $ood &ot 'o(bs) Instructions Please answer the following questions as honestly, completely, and specifically as possible. If at all possible, do not idealize or exaggerate your experiences, as this will be confusing and misleading. Please forward this request and questionnaire to any former leaderless organization! "#$% participants who were instrumental in establishing an #$. &ll responses will be stripped of any association to your name "i.e. your identifiable responses will not be revealed to other #$ participants, authority figures, or the general public%. 'a(e as much space as needed to answer the questions. )eturn this survey to!. Please inquire if you have any questions. *uestions Overview of starting the organization
*ame of local #$ "e.g. Smallville +ood *ot ,ombs! or -est .oast /arth +irst0!%1 -ere you active in this local #$ when it was founded2started1 If you were not around when it was founded, are you aware "heard stories, seen documentation, etc.% of how it was founded1 3ive details. "&lso, please forward this survey to anyone you (now who was active in founding this #$% -hen was the local #$ founded1 -hy was the local #$ founded1 3ive as much detail as you can. -hy was the local #$ not named something else1 -hy did the founders not use another organizing model1

How the organization was started

4ow was the local #$ started "how were new members attracted, how did the group promote itself, etc.%1 -here did the specific ideas for the internal structure of the local #$ come from1 -here did founders hear about other local #$s from1 If there were such discussions, what was said1 -here did the founders get the specific ideas for the internal structure "i.e. the #$5s purpose, what it would do% of the local #$1 -here did the founders get the specific ideas for the decision6ma(ing strategies of the local #$1 -here did the specific ideas for the positions, officers, and roles "if there are any% of the local #$ come from1 4ow were meetings run or structured1

&narchists "incl. &utonomists, anti6 authoritarians% Sub6culturalists Students "e.g. hippies, "high school, pun(s% college% $ther political orientations "e.g. 3reens, communists, progressives, liberals, $thers libertarians% )eligious "specify%

.hec( any that may apply In order to get a sense of who was active early on in the #$, what (inds of people originally helped to form the local group1 -hat (inds of people have participated in the local #$ over time1

8escribe the general characteristics of the people who had the idea to start the local #$. "Individual5s names not wanted%

Select one of the following options for each question 8id the organization:s founders participate in other #$s elsewhere or in the same town1 If yes, what other #$s and where1 -ere most2all of the founders familiar with the #$ prior to forming theirs1 "4ad they heard about it, nationally, internationally, etc.1% 8id the local #$ initially pull members from a local anarchist community1 4ave there been individuals active in the local #$ who consider themselves to be anarchists1

8efinitely yes 9es


8efinitely 8on5t no (now

Select one of the following options for each question 4as this local #$ run uninterrupted since it began in your area2city "i.e. has the local #$ had a continuous existence%1 If there were active anarchists, were there any discussions about anarchism early on in the local #$1 4as the local organization ever been in contact with other organizations of the same name "e.g. sister! organizations%, either regionally, nationally, or internationally1 "If so, which local #$1% If yes; -hat type of communication too( place between the local organization and other li(e organizations1 If yes; 8id these other organizations inspire2influence any of the local organization:s activities, tactics, or methods1



8on5t (now

Final uestions
-hat advice would you give to new #$s that are starting to organize right now1 &nything else that you thin( is important to (now about these matters that you would li(e to share "with the researchers or other activists%1 Is it o(ay to contact you again with follow6up questions1 "*o advertisements, spam2tofu, harassment0% < = I am o(ay with being contacted again < = I do not wish to be contacted again