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Planning Sheet for Single Science Lessons

Lesson Title: Tower Building

Cluster: Three S.L.O: 7-3-03 Identif the centre of gra!it in a "odel structure and de"onstrate that changes in the location of a structure#s centre of gra!it affect its sta$ilit %rade: Se!en
Teacher Reminders Learners Tasks Equipment Required

Learning Outcomes/Goal Focus A. Scientific Inquiry Initiating, Researching & lanning !"#"$e% &reate a 'ritten plan to sol(e a pro)lem* Include materials required, three dimensional sketches, and steps to +ollo'* Implementing, O)ser(ing, -easuring & Recording !"#".e% /emonstrate 'ork ha)its that ensure personal sa+et0, the sa+et0 o+ others, and consideration +or the en(ironment* Include% keeping an uncluttered 'orkspace, putting equipment a'a0 a+ter use, handling glass'are 'ith care, 'earing goggles 'hen required, disposing o+ materials sa+el0 and responsi)l0* !"#".+% Identi+0 12-I3 ha4ard s0m)ols that pro(ide in+ormation on the sa+et0 o+ su)stances 5not applicable6* 7nal04ing & Interpreting

&oncluding & 7ppl0ing

B. STSE Issues/ Design Process/ Decision Making

C. Essential Science Brian Clement


" /ominoes 8 E9plain to 0our class 'e 'ill )e )uilding to'ers* 1e 'ant to )uild them " aper to trace silhouette o+ to'ers tall and 'e 'ant them to )e sta)le* The to'er/structures centre o+ gra(it0 " aper to create plans on 'ill determine ho' tall 0ou can )uild it* : /iscuss 'hat 'e ha(e pre(iousl0 learnt a)out the centre o+ gra(it0 and ho' it a++ects a structure;s sta)ilit0 5the hammer that gra(it0 +orgot Questions to consider in your planning / lesson6* delivery $ Rules% 5'ill )e le+t on the o(erhead +or the duration o+ construction6 1. How long will each phase last? " <ou 'ill )uild 0our to'er in le(els* " The to'er 'ill )e )uilt 'ith dominoes* 2. How am I going to organize working groups? " 7 le(el can onl0 )e as high as one domino;s length* 3. How will I organise and distribute equipment? " <ou ma0 not change a le(el once it is complete " <ou 'ill measure 0our to'er and record the measurement e(er0 time a 4. What speci ic skill and knowledge le(el is complete* de!elopment am I emphasizing? " <ou 'ill trace each le(el on a sheet o+ paper e(er0 time a le(el is ". Is there e!idence o clear instructions and complete* <ou 'ill end up 'ith a silhouette o+ 0our to'er* purpose ul questions? " <ou are done )uilding 'hen 0ou run out o+ dominoes or 0our to'er +alls o(er* #. What must I look or in monitoring student learning? " I+ 0our to'er +alls o(er )e+ore 0ou use all 0our dominoes then design a ne' plan to )uild a higher to'er* $. How can I di!ersi % instruction? . E9plain that I 'ill )reak 0ou into groups and then 0ou 'ill design a plan +or 0our to'er* <our to'er 'ill )e )uilt 'ith dominoes and 0ou must +ollo' 0our plan* Once 0ou are +inished 0our plan, )ring it to me +or appro(al and then 0ou can start )uilding 0our to'er* = >reak the class in to pre"determine groups that I 'ill create )ased on student;s skills and a)ilit0 to 'ork e++ecti(el0 together* ? Instruct the groups to +ollo' all the rules and end up 'ith a silhouette o+ their to'er and a set o+ records o+ its height as it 'as )uilt* ! Once all groups are complete 'e 'ill discuss general o)ser(ations*

Su##ary In this lesson student 'ill )e taught that The centre o+ gra(it0 a++ects the sta)ilit0 o+ a structure, speci+icall0 )uildings* 1ill 0ou assess@ I+ so, 'hat@ <es, understanding o+ the centre o+ gra(it0 and ho' it relates to the to'ers )uilt* 2o' 'ill 0ou assess it@ 7ssign the set o+ questions at the end o+ the Teacher Reminders Learners Tasks that I ha(e created*

A lace all dra'ings )eside each other at the +ront o+ the room* B /iscuss the similarities )et'een the shortest to'ers* 8# /iscuss the similarities )et'een the tallest to'ers* 88 /irect con(ersations to the concept o+ &entre o+ Gra(it0* 8: Cuestions% Cuestion 8 Dno'ledge" La)el 0our silhouette 'ith its centre o+ gra(it0* Cuestion : " &omprehension " 2o' 'ould 0ou change 0our structure to lo'er its centre o+ gra(it0@ Cuestion $ 7pplication " It is important +or a )oat to ha(e a lo' centre o+ gra(it0 so it does not tip* 2o' 'ould 0our )uild a )oat so it has a lo' centre o+ gra(it0@ Cuestion . " 7nal0sis " E9plain the similarities )et'een the tallest to'ers* Cuestion = 30nthesis " 1h0 is the +oundation o+ a )uilding (er0 important@ Cuestion ? E(aluation " 1rite the )ene+its o+ sa(ing mone0 )0 using less material +or the )ase o+ a to'er (ersus the lo'er centre o+ gra(it0 a to'er has 'ith a )ig )ase*

Brian Clement