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10/30/2013 1 - DELOITTE WT/Versant/GD/PI GD-Rupee Edge Investment Stock Market FII How do you think

10nov-13 2 - TRIDENT Business Simlation

10/31/2013 3 - DELOITTE-Tax 4 - BERKADIA WT/GD/PI GD-Social Why Finance

Final Interview Capital Budgeting Case-10Crore, On what basis Ratio Analysis ?? What are the factors Do you able to Job Security - why Why govt. Sector ?? Where do you want Mortgage Loan to Value Why not Marketing Will you join What is you SIP-Description Why you prefer Shilt/willingness Tell me about IRR-Pay back

11/5/2013 5 - FACE JAM/GD/PI Significance of Difference b/w Why sales? Internship Role About Internship Tell me about Is sales is imp to an

12/10/2013 6 - Tell me about SIP Why marketing Tell me about our Who is our Who is the market What do you mean

11/20/2013 7-B|Braun (Mktg) WT-Pers.Test/GD/PI 2-Written Question Tell me about SIP Why marketing What is sales Why should i hire Have you visited our What did you Tell me about our What is our

1/22/2014 8-Asian Paints SIP Why marketing What is sales Why should i hire Case study Why paints industry

11/20/2013 10-B|Braun (Fin) WT-Pers.Test/PI Written Test Personality Written GD Details of SIP and Final Interview Relate Your SIP to Make a sales call now. What was your Why did you choose marketing and Are you flexible to What is your family background? Mention 5 qualities a Are you a hard worker or a smart Why did you opt for Why did you choose Marketing over Tell me about your If given a chance will u go for HR or Do you want to tell me about yourself tell about your SIP What are your learnings from your What are your strengths an Sell a mobile to me About your father and college fee How did you get into your SIP .. is it Why are your so passionate about Real situations- tele if you have leadership skills explain SIP-conclusion,recommendation

11/20/2013 9-Naukri WT/GD/PI

12/7/2013 11-Jaro Education PI Interview Why did you leave Why did you choose Family details Why should I hire Relocation-Flexibility I am a pure tell me about When your major is Sell a cloud to me Do you realy want to Do you have

12/9/2013 13-Moving Dneedle Interview Tell me about your Markeitng Concepts Family background SIP SIP description SIP-Clonclusion, SIP Learning B2B concepts B2C concepts Digital MArkting ??


12/9/2013 15-Lera Technologies WT/GD/PI/VP round Written Test GD Aviation Industry Mangalyaan Advertising Corruption is the price Interview Tell me about yourself How often do you read SIP details What do you know Are you flexible to Why do you have low Tell me about your Are you intrested in Favorite subject in given two situations to How would you How do you maintain Your client is an Go through profile Difference between How do you say you Do you think you are fit Learnings from How good are you in Questions about their Questions about Why do you have low Why marketing Why internship in HR If i provide you with a Sell this pen to me Why did you join MBA VP Round Introduce yourself

12/17/2013 16-Green Park PI Tell me about your Family background OB-CONCEPTS PPM CONCEPTS ALL 3-TRIMISTER

1/17/2013 17-S&P CAPITAL WRITTEN PI What is Is it good for a what is a reverse what are the what is beta and What is a Trial What is EPS and What are AGR and Does an Individual


How do you do marketing of a product or a service Relate product mix to lera technologies services Why did you choose Lera Explain about your SIP How confident are you rate on a scale of 5 Tell me about your family

About Hobbies What is your favourite subject What is important for BB sales Any situation in which you promoted anything Any doubts How was your gd why did you choose marketing How can you contribute to the company What were your learnings from interrnship What are your favourite marketing concepts Take a lera product and describe its product lyfe cycle What is cold calling What is your future goal What is lera to you How do you fit in lera technologies what exites you in marketing Why did you take operations as your specilization What is the link you see between btech and MBA How do you motivate american customers to take up questionnaires

12/16/2013 12/18/2013 21-Learn Social 22-INFOR EXTEMPORE WRITTEN Speak about any PI GD-FDI IN RETAIL Tell me about your PI SIP description case study-study SWOT Analysis Why Marketing

12/20/2013 23-QUAD ONE GD ZERO

12/21/2013 24-TVRLS PI Basic Hr concepts difference between Why HR Compensation Training Methods Performance How do you employment laws OD Concepts

1/7/2014 25-Universial hunt Skype Interview

1/10/2014 26-DHFL GD PI Tell me about your Family background WHERE DO YOU WHY MARKETING Why MBA after CASE STUDY DIFFERENCE Give me a real time Why should i select Why shouldn't i How often do you SIP details What do you know Are you flexible to Why do you have

1/11/2014 27-LEARN SOCIAL EXTEMPORE Speak for 4min on Zero selections for

1/9/2014 28-NEULAND WT/GD/PI GD Topics 1)globalization and 2)MNC companies Interview Tell me abt ur self Why supply chain Procurement,logistic What is Do u know excel How you will Ethics are important Summer Project Why you are Why you are not What is Logistics Difference between How you do cost Significance of Why SCM What do you know Skills that a What is process of How would you Steps for LC, PDC, FOB, OC, INCO & Payment What is Strategic

1/9/2014 29- Tech Mahindra GD-1/GD-2/PI Tel/PI-1/Ops (HR) GD-1 Tell me about GD-2 SIP description If you are a CEO of Where do you see Interview Family background Tell me about your Interested topic in Tell me about Why MBA after Give me a real time How do you rate Why should i select What are your Why shouldn't i Why do you think If i dont select you family background what fascinates you which is important tell me about the How do you sell the what made you Case- if you are the If your boss is short have you travelled tell me about your why did you choose



2/3/2014 1/27/2014 32-GLOBAL DATA 33-Indian GD/PI GD Privitization of Interview Where is Red Where is Mountain Where is Mountain SIP SIP conclusion Marketing? Sales? Why Btech with Family Background What is persuative BCG matrix

1/21/2014 34-ICICI


1/29/2014 2/3/2014 36-HOUSING.COM 37-Y Technologies 38-SYSTEL GD/PI GD - 5 groups Can we eradicate how practicalare the Is it necessary that PrivatizationIs India facing really Interview tell me about urself DC motor how do u market a difference between sell a bottle B-Tech project trajectance,simpon's C-Language artificial intelligence favouriate subect newton's law of brand management if you want to launch major project porter's 5 forces passion why are u into this marketing why did you choose why did you choose product quality strategies product market value market strategy Vs market value Vs IT-Industry- sales or SCM stages recquization what knowledge should a marketing executive have after launching a product interview the interviewer internship



10/2/2014 41-GOOGLE 42 Telephonic/PI/Drafting Tell me about your self Why google What is adwords Tell me about your Perishable products What are your hobbies make a sales call Sell this laptop to me The person whoom you Take a picture and use tell me what is supply What kind of TV shows If you have to advertise Summer Internship Why you choosen Why is your btech How do you think that What are the qualities Tell me about your Are you ready to join About hbs. What are your hobbies.

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44-JUST DIAL GD/PI/Final Tell me about the Why marketing Sell a water bottle Make a sales call Sell iphone Tell me about urself tell about the project Why marketing How would u Convince me that u What is supply How oscm related to What would u prefer y hr project why btech and mba your goal How would u How will u sell our What is just dial When would u like When will u buy the