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1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of Project Work 1.2 Identification and Definition of Proble 1.! Objecti"e and #co$e 2 PRO&'CT ()N)*'('NT 2.1 *rou$ organi+ation 2.2 (ajor ta-k di-tribution 2.! *annt/ C0art of ta-k flo1 ! T3'OR4 )ND PROC'DUR' !.1 5iterature re"ie1 !.2 T0eor7 !.2 Procedure 8 (et0adolog7 9 R'#U5T )ND )N)54#I# 9.1 'ngineering anal7-i9.2 Bu-ine-- 8 econo ic anal7-i9.! Conclu-ion9.9 Reco endation 1: 22 2% 2. 2. 2: !6


2 ! %

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16 12 1%

9.9.1 Project e;$antion 9.9.2 Co % R'<'R'NC'# erciali+e $lanning


1.1 Background of Project

5unc0 bo;e- 0a"e been beco e a dail7 tool for

an7 $eo$le in t0e-e da7-. Peo$le fro arket 0a"e

all age-

find lunc0 bo;e- u-eful. T0e lunc0 bo;e- in t0e current ti e $a--e-= t0e7 i $le ent

an7 t7$e- and de-ign-. )-

ore function- on t0e lunc0 bo;e-. T0ere are t0er o fla-k too

10ic0 could 0el$ retain t0e 0eat of t0e food >u-uall7 onl7 for li?uid food@. 3o1e"er= t0e lunc0 bo;e- could not to $ro"ide a aintain t0e 0eat t0u-= 1e figure t0at 1e -0ould furt0er i $ro"e t0e . We 1ant

ore co $lete lunc0 bo; t0at i- -till affordable to all.

T0e $roject title i- # art 5unc0 Bo;. T0e lunc0 bo; 0a- a -i $le circuit $laced under it t0at allo1- t0e electricit7 to flo1 and $ro"ide 0eat to t0e food. T0e ec0aniof t0e $roduct i-

$lugging in a $o1er -ource= -1itc0 it on= t0e current 1ill flo1 t0roug0 t0e circuit and t0en to1ard- t0e 0eating ele ent to 0eat u$ t0e food. We $laced a -econd -1itc0 10ic0 t0e function ito co $lete t0e circuit and it 1ill onl7 be acti"ated 10en t0e alu iniu container >t0e one t0at

1ill be 0olding t0e food@ i- $laced on it. <or t0e 0eating ele ent= 1e c0o-e a nic0ro e coil. It ia co on aterial u-ed for 0eating and toa-ter u-e- t0iaterial too. We 0a"e a $la-tic

container a- t0e outer container. T0e $la-tic could 1it0-tand a 0ig0 te $erature= u$ to 166oC. In-ide= 1e took an alu iniu conductor and a good container a- t0e one to 0old t0e food. )lu iniu i- a good 0eat

aterial to 0old u$ delicate t0ing- -uc0 a- food a- it i- rec7clable= a 0ig0/ on aterial c0o-en to 0old or 1ra$ food >t0ink

elting $oint= and itA- one of t0e co alu iniu foil@.

We "i-ion our $roduct a- one t0at 1ill be able to allo1 t0e u-er to c0oo-e a "ariet7 of $o1er -ource-B batter7= car $o1er ada$ter= ada$ter and U#B $ort-. T0e $o1er re?uired i- 12C and t0i"alue of $o1er i- not 0ard to obtain no1ada7-. We al-o 1i-0 our $roduct de-ign to be attracti"e and u-er friendl7= one t0at could co $ete 1it0 t0e one- in t0e current arket.

We 0o$e our $roduct could ac0ie"e t0e-e fe1 objecti"e- -uc0 a- building a 0ealt07 eating life-t7le= one7/-a"ing culture= and to 0el$ ea-e u$ t0e life of t0i- bu-7 -ociet7.

1. Ident!f!cat!on and Def!n!t!on of Pro"#e$%

F!nanc!a# Con%tra!nt )- 1e are tr7ing to $roduce a $roduct t0at fulfil- t0e -afet7 u-age= $ortable= 1e are finding a 0ard ti e to obtain ini al co-t $roduction= and

aterial- t0at are -uitable for our $roject. (aterial$erfor ance.

-uc0 a- batterie- and 0eating coil can be co-tl7 in order to ac0ie"e t0e o$ti u T0e better ?ualit7 one- u-uall7 co-t ec0ani-

ore. 3ence= 1e could not build a co $lete #5B but t0e

i- -0o1n clearl7 in our $rotot7$e.

De%!gn )entioned before= 1e 1ant to ake -ure t0e $roduct i- $ortable a- it i- a lunc0 bo; t0at 1ill ake an effort to ake it in a -uitable -i+e 10ic0 i- lig0t

be carried b7 $eo$le of all age-. #o= 1e

and 7et= -till able to carr7 a rea-onable a ount of food. 3o1e"er= t0e batter7 and 0eating coil 1ill u-e u$ a large -$ace= cau-ing t0e lunc0 bo; to be bigger t0an e;$ected. (oreo"er= a- 1e do not 0a"e t0e ean- to cu-to ade a $la-tic container and an alu iniu container t0at could fit

eac0 ot0er $erfectl7B 1e 0a"e to

ake u-e of t0e read7/ ade one- t0at could fit in but not ake do 1it0 10at 1e can 0a"e.

$erfectl7. 3ence= t0e de-ign i- a little not accurate but 1e

Lack of re%ource% )- t0i- t7$e of $roduct i- not 1idel7 introduced in t0e T0ere are certain $art- in t0e and/error to confir et0odolog7 10ere 1e arket= re-ource- 1ill be difficult to find. ade a--u $tion- and t0en= ake a tr7/

t0e re-ult. We con-ulted lecturer- on t0e aterial- and

atter-. 3o1e"er= 1e could onl7 et0od a- t0i- gi"e-

be -ure on our c0oice- of u- a

et0odolog7 t0roug0 trial/and/error

ore $ro i-ing an-1er.

T!$e con%tra!nt In order to co e u$ 1it0 a good $roduct= it take- ti e and $roject= 1e are lacking of ti e. '"en arranging for grou$ a- t0e grou$ e ber- are fro different $rogra uc0 re-earc0. 3o1e"er= for t0i-

eeting- re?uire- a lot of arrange ent

e and 1e 0a"e different -c0edule-. (oreo"er=

in order to co e 1it0 a good $rotot7$e and co $lete 1it0 detailed -cientific e;$lanation- $lu-olid $roof re?uire a longer ti e. ) -0ort $eriod of ! to 9 out 1it0 a good ?ualit7 $rotot7$e. ont0- i- indeed in-ufficient to co e

1.&O"ject!'e and %co(e


ain objecti"e of t0i- $roject i- to $ro"ide tool for efficient life-t7le a- our countr7 are

going to be a de"elo$ed countr7 in a -0ort $eriod of ti e. #5B i- a ne1 de-ign and ne1 conce$t for $eo$le 10o need a -i $le but 0ealt07 life-t7le. &u-t need -o e $eriod of ti e and le-energ7= #5B gi"e- t0e be-t ?ualit7 of $roduct t0at 0a- a 0uge future and big i $act to t0e countr7. Not ju-t an ordinar7 lunc0 bo;= #5B i- a ne1 $roduct not ju-t for 0eat food= can retain t0e 0eat and al-o to 0el$ $eo$leA- life for e"er7 range of age-.

Peo$le no1 are looking for t0e ea-ie-t t0ing- in t0eir life becau-e 1e are no1 rounded 1it0 a ti e/lacking co unit7. '-$eciall7 $eo$le 10o li"e in t0e big cit7 t0at e;$o-ed to traffic ja

and 1it0 a fa il7 10oA- t0eir $arent- are 1orkingB t0e7 0a"e a li ited ti e for t0e -el"e- and for ot0er-. #o= #5B can ea-e t0eir life b7 $ro"iding ea-7 lunc0 bo; t0at can 0eat food an710ere= an7ti e and an7 $lace-.

<or t0e 7oung age categor7= 1e concern about t0eir cold food for t0eir lunc0 e"er7 da7= e-$eciall7 for $arent- 10o $acking t0e lunc0 and for break. (o-t of t0e c0ildren lo-t t0eir

a$$etite after -eeing t0eir cold food 1it0 a difference ta-te. But= 1it0 t0e 0el$ of #5B= c0ildren can enjo7 t0eir food in 0ot condition and de$end on t0eir fa"orite- 1it0 no 1orrie-. W0en 1e talk about iddle age= it goe- to $eo$le 10o 1ork at t0e office= bu-ine-- an and labor. t0e cafeteria and -tall. But= 1e do not kno1 t0e an7 (#* t0at t0e7 $ut to

ot0er- can di"er-if7 t0eir food for t0eir c0ildren

(o-t of u- toda7 tend to bu7 food fro

cleanline-- of t0e -tall 10eater t0e7 kee$ t0eir $lace clean and 0o1

increa-e t0e ta-te. Wit0 #5B= 1e can $lan our o1n diet and can -a"e i- to $ro ote one7/ -a"ing culture and intelligent con-u er-.

one7 a- our la-t objecti"e


.1 +rou( Organ!,at!on

PRO)ECT *ANA+ER *U-A**AD A*IN BIN )AILANI Job scopes: Conduct the weekly meetings within group members and also, with the supervisor. Making sure that all tasks are completed within the given time. Coordinates the research and progress of each task.

ASSISTANT PRO)ECT *ANA+ER *U-A**AD FAISAL BIN SARI* Job scopes: Lead the meeting when Pro ect Manager is absent. Provide assistance to Pro ect Manager in every other task.

SECRETAR. /AN S0E 1EI Job scopes: !andles the documentation of the whole pro ect throughout the whole period.

"eeps the minutes#of#meeting and progress report updated.

TREASURER *U-A**AD A*IN NI0AR BIN C-E ABD RA0A/ Job scopes: !andle the money. $rrange the budget and ensure the money spent is according to the budget. Collect receipts as proof of purchase.

TEC-NICAL A-*AD -A01AN S.A-*I BIN 1A+INOJob scopes: !andles the design and leads the operation stage. %nsure that the pro ect is done within the time. %nsure that the pro ect is done by using the earlier guidelines found. &verlook the tests that will be performed.

RESEARCROBIATUL ADA1IA- BINTI ARIFFIN Job scopes: Conduct research for the pro ect and also, overlook other research of every members. 'earrange the information from research.

. *ajor Ta%k% D!%tr!"ut!on LE2EL CO**ENCE*ENT TAS/ (aking re-earc0 for idea- for t0e $roject Deciding t0e idea for our $roject 10ic0 i- # art ACTION )ll )ll e bere ber7


5unc0 Bo; >#5B@ <urt0er re-earc0 on t0e decided idea and deciding t0e ec0ani- for #5B T0oroug0 -tud7 of t0e background of t0e ec0ani- and -tructure of #5B <inding t0e -uitable aterial- and deciding on t0e


e ber-

3a+1an <ai-al )ll e ber) in Ni+ar )ll e ber-


re?uired aterial- for #5B (aking a budget for t0e re?uired <inal confir ation on t0e


ec0ani- = de-ign and

aterial- for #5B (aking t0e $urc0a-e according to t0e li-ted I*PLE*ENTIN+ IDEA 3 PROTOT.PIN+. Begin t0e o$eration of de-ign Dualit7 te-ting for #5B <inal adju-t ent- >if needed@ for #5B to en-ure o$ti u $erfor ance and it fulfill t0e $ro$o-ed re?uire ent<inal $rogre-- re$ortB co $leting t0e $rogre-re$ort- t0at 0a- been -tarted -ince Week 2. <inal re$ort -ub i--ion. aking a $rotot7$e of #5B according to t0e infor ation found and t0e decided 4UALIT. CONTROLLIN+ 3 I*PRO2E*ENT. DOCU*ENTATION re?uired aterial- for #5B De-igning t0e ec0ani- = $art- and t0e o"erall of #5B 1it0 -oft1are like )utoC)D or C)TI)

) in Ni+ar 3a+1an <ai-al #+e Wei )ll e ber-

3a+1an )ll e ber-


e ber-

.5 .5 +annt< +annt c=art C=artof ofta%k ta%kf#o> f#o>

1eek Nu$"er Act!'!t!e% )ttending #e inar I >and Briefing@ 5ooking for Idea-. Re-earc0 and Decide on $roject title. )ttending #e inar II #tud7 background of ec0ani- and roug0 -tructure of #5B <ind and gat0er all t0e re?uired aterial #ub itting Project Pro$o-al Dra1 Conce$tual De-ign )ttending #e inar III #ub itting Progre-Re$ort. )ttending #e inar IC Protot7$ing and Te-ting >Product Dualit7 In-$ection@ #ub itting <OR( 6! '"aluation on <abrication Po-ter E De on-trationOral Pre-entation'DF Return of $rotot7$e odel Return of <OR( 6! #ub itting <inal Re$ort and Clai <or

1 2:/ &ul


8 9





:/ )$r

1!/ )ug

1:/ )ug 2/ (ar


22/ #e $

16/ &an 16/ )ug 1!/ Oct 1!/ Oct 2%/ Oct 1./ Oct

9/ No" 9/ No"

5 T-EOR. AND PROCEDURE 5.1L!terature re'!e>

De%!gn 5ooking at t0e lunc0 bo;e- in t0e arket no1= t0e7 0a"e nice de-ign- and t0e better one- co e

1it0 air/tig0t t0at allo1- food to be ke$t longer 1it0out getting -tale. T0er o- could 0el$ $re-er"e t0e te $erature of t0e food for a li ited ti e. If ke$t too long= t0e food 1ill be cold. Peo$le no1ada7- are -o ru-0ing and tied b7 tig0t -c0edule-= until $ro$er eal- are neglected. We

1ant to 0el$ create a better lunc0 bo; t0at not onl7 can $re-er"e t0e food but al-o 0eat it u$ in-tantl7 before eating t0e eal. We ake -ure t0at it i- $ortable= -afe= and u-er friendl7. T0e-e t0e internet a- our reference to de-ign #5BG

are -o e of t0e $icture t0at 1e take fro

-eat!ng e#e$ent T0e ke7 $oint in our de-ign i- t0e 0eating coil. T0e 0eating coil 1ill u-e $o1er -ource- -uc0 aelectricit7 and batter7 in order to 0eat u$ t0e food. )- our $roject i- t0e fir-t one in t0e countr7= 1e did not 0a"e enoug0 -ource- to get full infor ation about t0e -earc0 t0e internet to kno1 10at are t0e aterial. <or t0i- $roject= 1e

aterial -uitable to t0i- $roject t0at can gi"e full


$erfor ance and 0ig0 ?ualit7 $roduct. Trial and error i- done to deter ine t0e 1orkabilit7 of our $roject.

Ot=er% (o!nt of '!e> We al-o did -earc0 t0e $roble - t0at occur regarding to lunc0 bo; and 10at are $eo$leA- "ie1 about t0iatter. T0i- are t0e co ent-G

?Co elunc0ti e=t0erei-actuall7alinet0efor -att0e icro1a"e.Peo$le?ueuet0eirfoodu$an dactuall7telleac0ot0erH4ourturnI@ASonofGrok

?T0efood-0e$ack-int0eirin-ulatedcontainer-i-nJt0otatlunc0ti e.*u boi-te$id.#$ag0ettii -luke1ar .C0icken-ou$i-cold.I/JanetK.Keeler

5. T=eorB In order to $roduce a good 0eating $o1er lo--e- for ula. In o0 A- la1= Coltage= " K current= I F re-i-tance= r W0ile $o1er lo--e- for ula i-= ec0ani- = 1e ani$ulated t0e o0 A- la1 and al-o

Po1er lo--e- >0eat@ K



t0e-e for ula-= it i- clear to u- t0at 1e can "ar7 t0e re-i-tance of t0e load >0eating

coil@ to increa-e t0e current flo1 in t0e circuit= t0u- t0e $o1er lo--e- or 0eat $roduce 1ill increa-e.

Po1er lo--e>CL2@8r Coltage= " Coil Re-i-tance= r Current= i >iL2@r W W 12.66 12.66 12.66 12.66 12.66 12.66 12.66 12.66 12.66 12.66 1!.66 19.66 1%.66 1,.66 1..66 1:.66 12.66 26.66 1.66 6.22 6.:, 6.:6 6..% 6..1 6.,. 6.,! 6.,6 12.66 11.6: 16.22 2.,6 2.66 :.9. :.66 ..%: ..26 12.66 11.6: 16.22 2.,6 2.66 :.9. :.66 ..%: ..26


t0e table= 1e can -ee t0at t0e 0ig0er t0e re-i-tance= t0e - aller t0e $o1er lo--e-. In a;i u 0eat= 1e -0ould u-e t0e ini u re-i-tance of t0e 0eating coil. But=

order to obtain

note t0at for re-i-tance lo1er t0an 12 o0 = "oltage on t0e coil 1ill dro$ due to -0ort circuit. T0i1ill gi"e bad effect to t0e batter7 or $o1er -ource. T0u- 1e u-ed t0e re-i-tance to get a;i u 0eat and $re-er"e t0e batter7. ini u "alue 12 o0 for


We al-o

ani$ulate re-i-tance for ula= to obtain t0e e;act re-i-tance and to c0oo-e t0e of dia eter and lengt0.

be-t 0eating coil in ter

Re-i-tance K

K re-i-tance $er unit lengt0 ; lengt0 of t0e coil

*ra$0 of 0eat $roduce b7 t0e 0eating coil 1it0 different re-i-tance. T0e ne;t $ara eter t0at 1e con-idered in our $roduct i- t0e 0eat conduction of t0e 0eating $ot. 3eat conduction can e obtain b7=


i- t0e rate of 0eat flo1= k i- t0e t0er al conducti"it7= A i- t0e total cro-- -ectional area

of conducting -urface= MT i- te $erature difference= and x i- t0e t0ickne-- of conducting -urface -e$arating t0e 2 te $erature-.


t0e re-earc0 and calculation= alu inu

i- t0e

o-t -uitable

aterial and al-o 0a- "er7 good

0eat conduction.

5.5 Procedure C $et=odo#ogB

In fini-0ing t0i- 'ngineering Tea Project= -o e a$$roac0e- are follo1ed to t0at occur in t0e co ake t0i- $roject a unit7 rig0t no1.

-ucce--ful one. We fir-tl7 co e out 1it0 -e"eral $roble

)fter brain-tor ing t0e idea-= 1e li-t do1n t0e ad"antage- and t0e di-ad"antage- of t0e $rojectt0at 1e -0ortli-ted. )- #5B 0a"e t0e o-t benefit- to t0e co unit7= 1e decide to do our re-earc0

in 0o1 to turn a lunc0 bo; to a # art 5unc0 Bo;. Rig0t after t0e to$ic of intere-t decided= 1e identified and clarified t0e $roble - related to t0e $roject. 3ere= t0e -$ecific $roble - 0ad been 0ig0lig0ted.

T0roug0 anal7-i-= 1e -$ecif7 t0e $roble - on t0ree

ajor area- 10ic0 1ere de-ign= ?ualit7= area-.

-afet7 and $ortabilit7. We $roceed b7 ai ing to -ol"e t0e four targeted $roble

Brain-tor ing 1a- conducted to -7nt0e-i+e t0e -olution for t0e $roble -= 0o1 to i $le ent it and i $ro"e ent in e"er7 de-ign $art-. Preli inar7 re-earc0 1a- carried out "ia internet= book- and inter"ie1- to gat0er all infor ation and data re?uired for t0i- $roject. <ro t0e infor ation collected fro "ariou- kind- of -ource-= a conce$tual de-ign 1a- $ro$o-ed a-

-olution to t0e $roble -. <urt0er re-earc0 about t0e -olution 1a- carried out and $rotot7$e de-ign 1a- con-tructed. T0e de-ign 1a- di"ided into t0ree -tage- 10ic0 1ere t0e ba-ic conce$t of lunc0 bo;= -afet7 and t0e 0eating ele ent. T0en 1e anal7+ed t0e de-ign and carried out $rotot7$e te-ting to -7-te ake -ure all t0e $art- of t0e

1a- functioning. )fter t0e $rotot7$e 1a- te-ted= 1e co e out 1it0 t0e gra$0 to -ee 0o1 our

$roject 1ork- 10eater follo1 10at 1e 0ad $lan or "ice "er-a. We 0ad to ake -ure or #5B can 0eat food and 0a"e a -afet7 ele ent on it. We al-o ca $aign of *o *reen T0e $rotot7$e de-ign 1a- c0ecked and ade -o e c0ange- for furt0er i $ro"e ent. <inal de-ign ake it clearer. T0e ake -ure our co $onent for #5B i- in/line 1it0 t0e

1a- $re-ented t0roug0 docu entation and $rotot7$e i $le entation to $rotot7$e 1a- al-o te-ted to "erif7 t0e u-age of t0e de-ign.



& RESULTS AND ANAL.SIS &.1 Eng!neer!ng Dra>!ng aD5D 'er%!on

a) c) d) b) e)
a@ Inner $ot b@ in-ulator


c@ outer $ot >Tu$$er1are@ d@ batter7 0older

"DFront 2!e> of SLB

a@ U-ual "ie1 fro



b@ Place for -1itc0 and batter7 0older


c@ "eroboard


d@ Nic0ro e 0eating ele ent





6.5D -ard>are and Too#%

Food conta!ner Ba%e >ood Ada(ter 1 2 A#u$!nu$ >ra((er N!c=ro$e 9;C ; -and too#%

U%ed a% t=e $a!n (art of t=e de%!gn U-ed a- in-ulator at t0e botto at t0e #5B

Re$lace ent for batter7 to -u$$l7 12" dc $o1er To reduce t0e 0eat lo-- to t0e -urrounding area 3eating coil T0e-e tool- are u-ed to build t0e odel -uc0 a- -a1= ta$e and 1ire.

)ll t0e 0ard1are a- -tated abo"e i- u-ed in order to fabricate #5B $roduct. We 0a"e en0ance t0e -afet7 feature on t0at #5B b7 $ut -econd -1itc0 t0at onl7 1ill clo-ed t0e circuit 10en t0e $ot iattac0 at t0e 0eating ele ent. B7 u-ing t0at ec0ani- = it 1ill gi"e ore -afet7 to con-u er.

L!%t of Soft>are U%ed

CATIA and AutoCAD *!cro%oft Off!ce Ado"e P=oto%=o( PS(!ce

To do t=e de%!gn $ode# of t=e SLB U-ed to 1rite t0e $ro$o-al= $rogre-- re$ort and final re$ort To de-ign and edit t0e $o-ter for $re-entation U-ed to te-t t0e circuit de-ign before a--e bling

-eat!ng $ec=an!%$ )ctuall7 our $roduct i- u-ing nic0ro e 1ire a- our ob-er"ation and re-earc0 about ain ele ent to 0eat t0e #5B. <ro our

aterial needed all t0e c0aracteri-tic of nicro e -uit 1it0 our aintain - aller $o1er lo--e-. In order to obtain re-i-tance of t0e 0eating coil. But= note t0at for

concern. #o 1e need 0ig0er re-i-tance= to a;i u 0eat= 1e -0ould u-e t0e ini u

re-i-tance lo1er t0an 12 o0 = "oltage on t0e coil 1ill dro$ due to -0ort circuit. T0i- 1ill gi"e bad effect to t0e batter7 or $o1er -ource. T0u- 1e u-ed t0e re-i-tance to get We al-o a;i u 0eat and $re-er"e t0e batter7. ini u "alue 12 o0 for

ani$ulate re-i-tance for ula= to obtain t0e e;act re-i-tance and to c0oo-e t0e of dia eter and lengt0.

be-t 0eating coil in ter

Re-i-tance K

K re-i-tance $er unit lengt0 ; lengt0 of t0e coil

SafetB Feature


In order to $ro"e our $roduct i- be-t and -afe to con-u er= 1e 0a"e added t0e -afet7 feature. <ir-t= our $roduct i- u-ing lo1 "oltage to 0eat t0e food. t0i- 1ill not gi"e 0ar ful to con-u er if t0e7 0ad touc0ed t0e #5B. W0en 1e u-ed lo1 "oltage= it 1ill cau-e lo1 te $erature generated. #o= our $roduct 1ill not go 0ig0er t0an 26 degree Cel-iu-. #econdl7= 1e 0a"e de-igned -econd -1itc0 at #5B. T0e circuit onl7 1ill connected 10en t0e -econd -1itc0 i- clo-ed. To clo-e t0e -1itc0= 1e need to touc0 t0e $ot to t0e 0eating ele ent. Onl7 b7 t0at et0od= t0e #5B 1ill

function. T0i- 1ill $re"ent c0ildren to touc0 t0e 0eating ele ent 10en it -till in 0ot condition. T0ird= 1e $laced t0e ba-e 1ood bet1een our 0eating ele ent and out-ide Tu$$er1are. T0e ba-e 1ood 1ill function a- in-ulator to a"oid 0eat fro Tu$$er1are to elt do1n. -$reading to Tu$$er1are t0at 1ill cau-e t0e

&. Bu%!ne%% C Econo$!c ana#B%!% Ca(!ta# Co%t No 1 5 & 6 7 Tota# Ite$% 5unc0 bo; )lu iniu Pan Co $re--ed Wood 3eating 'le ent On8off -1itc0 Bag 4uant!tB 1 1 1 1 1 1 Pr!ce ER*D ,.%6 11.%6 1.%6 %.%6 2.66 1%.%6 & .6;


t0e table abo"e= 1e can -ee t0at t0e total co-t for #5B i- R(2..66 10ic0 i-

rea-onable for it- kind of lunc0 bo;. T0e addition of a bag 1ould add u$ t0e total co-t to be R(92.%6. T0e current co-t -$end- for te-ting t0e $rotot7$e of - art lunc0 bo; i- "er7 c0ea$ a22

1e are con-idering

aking t0e $rotot7$e to be a- c0ea$ a- $o--ible. )fter t0e te-t 0o1e"er it ore fund- -0ould be erciali+ed=

-0o1- t0at to ac0ie"e t0i- $rojectA- objecti"e-= furt0er re-earc0 and

included in re-earc0 and de"elo$ ent. If t0i- $roduct i- furt0er de"elo$ed to be co

1e belie"e t0at t0e co-t for a #5B 1ould be le--er t0an t0e current co-t. T0i- i- becau-e= to co ra1 erciali+e t0e $roduct and -ell it in t0e arket= t0e $roducer 1ill need to bu7 a 0uge ore eant ore di-count. T0en= a-- of a--

aterial-. T0i- can reduce co-t -ince bu7ing

$roduction in t0e factor7 1ould al-o 0el$ to furt0er reduce t0e co-t. It i- $o--ible if 1e e-ti ate t0e end $roduct co-t 1ill be about R(26.66.

5unc0 bo; are co lunc0 bo; in t0e

on ite

10ic0 e;i-t a long ti e ago. #o ba-icall7 t0ere are alread7 e;i-ting

arket. T0e onl7 difference- bet1een t0e-e lunc0 bo;e- are t0eir t7$e- and a7 be durable= -o e a7be 1ater tig0t and -o e a7

feature-. <or e;a $le= -o e lunc0 bo;

tra$- t0e 0eat- for a long $eriod of ti e. #o 0o1 co $etent i- #5B co $are to t0e current lunc0 bo;e- t0at e;i-t in t0e t7$e- of t0e lunc0 bo;e-. TB(e Nor$a# (#a%t!c A!rC>ater t!g=t T=er$a# Lo>er -!g=er arketN T0e table belo1 -0o1- t0e co $ari-on of $rice- bet1een t0e

T0e table abo"e -0o1- t0at in ter

of rea-onabilit7= t0e #5B i- bot0 rea-onable and 0a"e


feature- rat0er t0an ju-t a nor al $la-tic container. In addition= t0ere are -o e i--ue- t0at could ri-e u$ t0e co erciali+ation of #5B. <ir-tl7= o-t $arent- no1ada7- reali+e t0e i $ortance of

$ro"iding $acked lunc0 for t0eir c0ildren. T0i- i- due to 07gienic cau-e= 0ealt0 $ur$o-e- and to


one7. #econdl7 i- to be in line 1it0 $re-er"ing t0e en"iron ent. T0i- i- done b7 re$lacing

$acked lunc0 -tored in di-$o-able $la-tic container and -1itc0 to u-e #5B 10ic0 i- reu-able. T0irdl7= i- becau-e of t0e culture for e;a $le like in &a$an 10ere t0e7 are $o$ular 1it0 HBentoI and odern culture 10ere ore $eo$le concern about taking 0ealt07 food.

S!$!#ar Co$(ar!%on C *arket Co$(et!tor% T0e $icture on t0e left -0o1- a -i ilar $roduct 10ic0 ai - to re0eat t0e food but u-e- a different a$$roac0. T0i- $roduct co-t O!6 eac0. T0e $roduct on t0e rig0t -0o1- a nearl7 -i ilar $roduct but co-t D!%cu%%!on of re%u#t Te $erature )fter fabrication $roce-- of t0e #5B i- co $lete= 1e run t0e te $erature te-ting u-ing electronic t0er o eter. T0e data obtain t0en anal7+e to -ee t0e $erfor ance of our $roduct. )nal7-i- of t0e 0eating coil te $erature T!$eF $!nute% ; 1 Te$(eratureF Gc !6.6 !,.! 96.1 5 & 6 7 8 9!.6 9%.2 9..% 92.9 %1.9

ore t0an #5B 10ic0 i- O92.2%.

9 : 1; ; Te $erature of t0e 0eating coil

%2.% %9.1 %%.% ,6.6

Te $erature of t0e 0eating coil "-. ti e )- 1e can -ee fro t0e gra$0= t0e te $erature of t0e #5B i- increa-ing until it beco e ea-uring t0e te $erature

con-tant at around ,6 degree Cel-iu-. 3o1e"er t0i- gra$0 i- obtain b7

1it0out an7 food in-ide t0e #5B. T0u- t0e actual te $erature of t0e food in-ide t0e #5B -0ould be lo1er b7 fe1 degree- Cel-iu-.


&.5 Conc#u%!on
)fter co bining all t0e co $onent- toget0er= a$$l7ing tea 1ork= $ouring in e"er7 $iece of

kno1ledge e"er7one 0a- in t0e grou$= 1e are finall7 able to o$erate t0i- $roject 1it0 "er7 0ig0 efficienc7= )ll t0e tea Ae ber- 0a"e gi"en a tre endou- effort in ake -ure t0at all $lan- are

done 1it0in t0e -c0edule. In t0e beginning of &ul7= t0i- tea brain-tor ing for idea i-

i- a--e bled and -o e

ade. )fter t0at= 1e di-cu--ed about t0e conce$t and de-ign of our ec0ani- = -o e electrical t0eor7 and al-o 0eat

$roduct. We took t0e $rinci$le of 0eating tran-fer ec0ani-

to co $lete t0i- $roject. W0ile 1orking in t0e conce$t= 1e -earc0ed for t0e

o-t -uitable

aterial- and found alu inu = 0eat re-i-ti"e $la-tic and co $re-- 1ood a- ba-ic ont0 of fabrication= 1e 0ad co $leted t0e #5B and it 1ork-

aterial for our $roduct. )fter fe1 $erfectl7.


&.& Reco$$ondat!on 1@ )- 1e kno1= ti er ba-ed 0eater iore con"enient to be u-ed. T0erefore= 1e -ugge-t t0e

ne;t in"ention could be connected 1it0 t0e ti er t0at could control t0e ti e of 0eating $roce--. 2@ In our $roject= alu iniu a- t0e 0eating $ot. <or furt0er e;$an-ion= 1e aterial a- t0e 0eating $ot to ake it ig0t 1ant to

con-ider u-ing Teflon coated

ore u-er- friendl7.

!@ We -ugge-t for ne;t in"ention= 1e can $roduce a -ingle 0eating unit t0at can be $laced in an7 food container. T0i- 1ill ake it ore $ortable and c0ea$er.

9@ <or -afet7 rea-on= 1e al-o $lanned to $lace a t0er o-tat in-ide t0e #5B to a"oid o"er0eating= e-$eciall7 10en t0ere are no food- in-ide t0e container. %@ In concern 1it0 $o1er -ource for our $roduct= 1e are al-o con-idering to u-e anot0er 12" $o1er -ource rat0er t0an 12" ac to dc ada$ter. Ot0er o$tion- for $o1er -ource are 12" batter7= car $o1er -ocket= and al-o -olar $anel.

&.1 Project eH(ant!on Tec=n!ca# I$(ro'e$ent


T0e $rotot7$ing are

odel of our #5B can be

arketed to global cu-to er once -o e


ade. T0e $ur$o-e of i $ro"e ent i- not ju-t to increa-e t0e "alue of #5B

arketabilit7= but

for ot0er rea-on- a- belo1G (ake #5B ore $ortable= $ractical and u-er/friendl7.

O$ti i+e t0e functionalit7. #uitable for an7 u-er >uni"er-al@. endation- can be a$$lied in furt0er e;$an-ion of #5B.

Tec0nicall7= belo1 are -o e reco A%(ect% of I$(ro'e$ent Po>er Source Deta!#% i.

Uni"er-al #erial Bu- >U#B@ % "olt. 2 $ort- needed to reac0 o$ti u current for 0eating $roce--. Beneficial for office 1orker- and co $uter u-er. Rec0argeable batter7. 12 "olt. Batter7 $o1er la-t for 0eating #5B. U-eful for $icnic.


ore t0an ! ti e u-e for


Car Po1er )da$ter. 12 "olt. Cer7 -uitable for tra"eller= bu-ine-10o 0a"e car.

an and an7one

Un!'er%a# -eat!ng Un!t

#ingle 0eating unit t0at can be u-ed in an7 food container. Benefit- G i. 5o1er co-t. ii. (ore uni"er-al. iii. 3ig0 "alue of arketabilit7

Conta!ner C Pan E!n%!de SLBD

U-e Teflon >$ol7tetrafluoroet0alene@ i. ii. Cer7 good 0eat conductor. Non/-tick cook1are.



&.&. Co$$erc!a#!,e P#ann!ng

Draft of (#ann!ng.

Contact with Ministry of Science,

Register our team in Technology Park

Attend interview for project grant.

Get the grant for innovation project.

Prototyping and Testing.

Assessment on product.

Get license for patent.

Mass production.

Commerciali e and go into mar!et.

REFERENCES 1) c!"s"ne #!m/ 2) http://www.tampa$!res/foo%/cook"ng/homema%e school l!nches %eman% the r"ght thermos to keep foo% p"p"ng hot/111&'()


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