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Local Rules of Court San Francisco Superior Court Rule 7

Rule 7 - Jury Panels

7.0 Jury Fees. Jury fees required by law must be deposited with the clerk of the Court by
the party or parties demanding the jury. At no time may the members of the jury be
informed which party is paying fees or other costs. During trial, daily fees must be
deposited with the clerk of the department in which the matter is being tried, prior to the
start of the trial that day.

7.1 Confidentiality of Prospective Trial and Grand Juror Declarations. Declarations

submitted to the Court by prospective trial and grand jurors are confidential to the extent
permitted by law.

7.3 Additional Grand Jury. The Presiding Judge determines whether there is one
additional Grand Jury, which must be selected pursuant to Penal Code § 904.6.

7.4 Civil Grand Jury.

A. In order to assure that civil grand jurors constitute a representative cross-section
of the community, the pool from which the members of the Civil Grand Jury are
selected must be composed of 30 persons, at least 50% of whom must be
nominees of the judges, and the remainder of whom must be persons who have
volunteered as prospective civil grand jurors. All prospective grand jurors must
possess the qualifications required by Penal Code § 893 and must complete a
questionnaire on their qualifications for service. The questionnaire must be in a
form approved by the Court.
B. Nomination by judges. On or before the first Court day in March of each year,
each judge of this Court may nominate and transmit to the Presiding Judge the
name of one person to be placed upon a list, from which at least 15 persons must
be selected for the Civil Grand Jury pool for the ensuing fiscal year. The persons
so nominated must qualify under the provisions of part 2, title 4, chapter 2,
Articles 1 and 2 of the Penal Code, and the provisions of the Code of Civil
Procedure referred to there. The nominations must be in writing and must state
the name, approximate age, residence address, and occupation of each person
nominated. In exercising nominations, each judge must acquaint himself or
herself with the qualifications of eligible jurors in order to assure that the Grand
Jury constitutes a representative cross-section of the community.
C. The Court accepts volunteers for Civil Grand Jury service. On or before the
first Court day of March each year, the chief executive officer must place an
announcement to that effect in a newspaper of general circulation in the City and
County of San Francisco, as defined by Government Code §§ 6000 and 6008.
Those who apply will receive a formal questionnaire from the chief executive
officer, which must be returned no later than March 20th.
D. List of Nominees, Distribution. The Presiding Judge must promptly have the list
of nominees reproduced showing which Judge nominated each of the nominees.
The list will then be provided to each Judge.
E. Grand Jury Committee. The Presiding Judge must appoint a standing Grand
Jury Committee which reviews all of the questionnaires submitted by volunteers
and then interviews the volunteers deemed most qualified by the Committee,
Local Rules of Court San Francisco Superior Court Rule 7

unless the Chairperson in his or her judgment believes the efforts of the Court are
required to complete the task. The Committee must also review the
questionnaires submitted by the nominees of the judges and conduct such
interviews as may be deemed necessary. The Grand Jury Committee also serves
as an advisory body to the Court on matters concerning the Grand Jury.
F. Report of Grand Jury Committee. On or before May 31st, the Grand Jury
Committee must recommend to the Presiding Judge a list of thirty (30) nominees
and volunteers selected for the Civil Grand Jury pool. At least 50% of the names
submitted by the committee must be the nominees of the Judges. The Grand Jury
Committee must endeavor to select for Civil Grand Jury Service persons
representative of the community.
G. Selection of Civil Grand Jury. From the Civil Grand Jury pool, the Presiding
Judge in accordance with the provisions of the Penal Code, must select a
sufficient number of persons and they will constitute the Civil Grand Jury, which
will have the sole responsibility for the civil investigative duties outlined in the
Penal Code. Such jury will serve for a period of one fiscal year commencing July
1st, unless earlier discharged by the Presiding Judge.

Rule 7 amended effective July 1, 2006; adopted July 1, 1998; amended effective January
1, 2005.