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Delivered on 06-01-13


In 2011 i said 2012 would be the year of change and thats what exactly happened and last i said this year will be the year of great fruitless critisms because Malawians are going to voice out but there will be no tangible change, it will be fruitless. Firstly i received many emails asking me to speak something on the planned 17 January demos. All i can say is we should not waste our time talking about it as it is unfold in the spirit its not there, so i can say its useless to be talking about it. Secondly i saw a big parting of top leaders resulting in the vice leader having his own party but this was secret and indirect. And there will be vacancy in top positions with no one to be put. Thirdly i saw a period when Malawi was not ruled by the leader because of what happened to the leader. i saw the leader facing almost heaven, i know this prophecy will reach her and she has to meet with me immediately for deliverance prayer to be protected from this danger im seeing coming to her. No no no, she will not bear this danger its too much, because i even saw her resigning because of this but pple close encouraged her not to. If she ignores to consult me, things will be worse with her. And i also saw an MP with three names dying together with his female parent, the last name of that MP was like "Chisale" and one of the two names starts with 'T', if u know this MP tell him has to meet with me with immediate effect i can protect him because this death is not from God. BUT is their hope for Malawi? Yes but according to my vision Malawi will be redeemed from all this after 9 years from now. But as of now what will be happening is what i call 'transpient changes'(short time changes until the ninth year when a now-quite person will lead this nation out of captivity). I also reminded the congregation the prophecies i have been giving before about this nation and how each one of them has accurately come to pass. Remember its my wish to prophesy out of love and redeem my nation Malawi from the hand of evil. Im asking u to join hands with me in praying for Malawi because together in prayer we can bring change. Therefore share or email this prophecy to as many friends as you can and dont try to edit.

For enquiries on how you can get copies of this prophecy call Chisomo or Hilda within working hours on 0111 732 351/ 0211 951 429/ +265 999 317 812. Prophet Austin Liabunya Winning Life Ministries International Lilongwe, Malawi.